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Date Posted:10/13/2005 12:32:16Copy HTML

Will be staying in Sanibel end of November. Will we be able to find somwhere to thong or less without problems? If not where should we go? We will be driving in from Ontario.
JM_Runs #1

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/26/2004 03:58:54Copy HTML

Sanibel and Captiva were very hard it by the huricane. Report back what beach conditions you found.

Sanibel is more built up. Captiva is very layed back, except for the modern development on the North end.

Captiva should be thong friendly but you won't be able to go nude.

The north end of Bowman's Beach, at the island's north end, was unofficially clothing-optional until the 1980s, when local police began arresting even topless toddlers. Sanibel Naturist Aleta Adam tells me her group uses a stretch of Sanibel Beach "where we're not hassled too much," but wouldn't pinpoint it. "When you start publishing this information, it brings out the nut cases," she said.

One of the quitest bits I have found was on the north end of Sanibel. There is a cut between the islands with a bridge over it. We parked on the north side of the bridge and walked south over the bridge. Then hiked south along the shore. First we hiked for a quater mile over the biggest bank of shells you have ever seen. Beond this is we found a very secluded secton of soft sand beach.
This is the north end of the beach associated with the N J Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Most of the refuge is on the sound side but there is 2.5 miles of beach on the gulf side, running south from the bridge. You may get a vist by a ranger but they are mainly just checking that there is no 'inaproprate gay behavior" taking place. You may want to write to them and ask, "I know that you don't alow nudity but do you alow thong swim suits on the refuge's beach?" 1 Wild Life Drive, Sanible, FL 33957 DingDarling@fws.gov

The local nudist club >> http://www.sanibelnaturists.com/
This book may be of help. >> http://www.seashells.com/sanibelcaptivaguide.htm
also .. http://www.onlinehotels.com/frommers/default.aspx?Adults=1&Rooms=1&Country=1&State=1&City=171

Tanned Bum #2

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/30/2004 09:25:37Copy HTML

JM,  Unbelievable amount of shells you see on that part of the beach,  I've watched people shel pick for hours there.

I've never had a problem in Sanibel or Captiva beaches, the water is nice and the views are great. I enjoy fishing and tanning out at those beaches.  Sanibel has a few beaches that are not crowded. During the busy season you may want to get there by 10-11 am because parking is limited.

sailor250 #3

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:02/20/2005 10:27:58Copy HTML

Recently got to go to Bowman's Beach on Sanibel, went north away from the crowds and one day walked up past where the beach got washed into the woods.  I wore  gstrings without a problem, just a few gawers.   I saw one other guy in a g string beyond those trees.  Otherwise I was the only thonger out there for a few days.

I had a variation on what's happened before on South Beach.  A family, a mother and dad in their 40's with their  20'sdaughter or son and their GF/BF ( or wife/husband) walking down the beach.  They apparently spotted me on my stomach.  The young couple say they want their picture taken by the older couple then they stop and stand near me, so I'm in the picture off to the side with them posing arm in arm.

sailor250 #4

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/13/2005 09:51:42Copy HTML

Have worn a thong or g string at Bowman's Beach at the north end of  Sannibel several times.  Didn't have the nerve to try it on more crowded beaches closer to the old town, but probably wouldn't be a problem.
bareone #5

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/14/2005 10:31:10Copy HTML

What can women get away with close to town? Topless? thong? G?
sailor250 #6

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/02/2005 10:05:18Copy HTML

From what I've seen the times I've been there thongs aren't a problem, topless might go if discreet back on the beach near a home.  I haven't seen a g string away from Bowman's but what's the difference?  I see them as a little more bare, but I don't think there's  much difference on a woman.

I've collected a few large oyster and clam shells from some Atlantic beaches and have thought of trying to fashion a suit out of some.  I would be amazing to see a woman on a shelling beach like Sannibel wearing three shells on  a g string!

ithongit #7

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:05/22/2006 05:24:48Copy HTML

Summer 2006 is coming and most posts on this item are at least a year old now.  Does anyone have an update on how friendly the Sanibel area is to thongs?  I will be going with my BF this June and we have heard rumors that county laws have been changed to make thonging illegal in the Sanibel area.  Both me and my BF enjoy thonging when we can, and sometimes I go topfree too if it's okay.  Usually we visit North Carolina Outer Banks, but the trip to Florida is being paid for by his work, so who's to complain?  We just have to pay for extra nights and local transportation for days in excess of the conference.  The cottages we will be staying at basically said that thongs are okay in their pool, as long as they didn't get complaints, which my BF and I can live with.  We don't parade around or make a big fuss.  If other people are their or more come by, we play it cool and usually nobody says a thing negative.  We usually can tell if they are bothered, and ask if they want us to cover up, and even when they are bothered, they usually don't cause issues if we ask them if they want us to cover up more.


sunami #8

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:05/28/2006 06:35:33Copy HTML

hi i plan on going to sanibel in two weeks.my girlfreind and i wore are g-string bikinis last time we were there but that was like two years ago.never had a problem and saw many people male and females in thongs.is it still thong freindly or did it get more uptight like someplaces.which beach would be best to wear our g-strings
ithongit #9

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:05/31/2006 03:59:26Copy HTML

Hi --

I just got the following e-mail back from the Sanibel Chamber of Commerace in response to my asking about thonging at Sabibel Island:

There is no law against wearing thong bathing suits however, they are
not seen that often.  You may want to go to Bowmans Beach which is a
little less populated. Thank you.

Sounds like there is no reason not to wear thongs this season.  I thing Bowman's beach is the one that used to be clothing optional, but I am not sure.


sailor250 #10

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:05/31/2006 07:21:57Copy HTML

Yes you're right, it's a county park.  I was there a little over a year ago and wore  a Very low Thong several times without a problem both near the main beach and down to the right (north) where nude used to work.  The hurricanes have caused lots of damage to the woods.  One day I had a bald eagle fly over me about  close, what a sight.
ithongit #11

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/24/2006 07:09:16Copy HTML

Our trip to Sanibel was great.  Our place was about 1 mile from the light house (according to mile markers placed along the beach) and we thonged there with no issues whatsoever.  We also walked up to the lighthouse where there is one of the only public parking areas along the beach.  We assumed that the parking area might draw a different crowd, but we actually found the people around the light house to be friendlier than those further down the beach.  We didn't try anything extreme as far as our thongs went, but nobody seemed to mind our swimsuits, we didn't notice anybody staring, nobody was sneaking pictures, etc.  It didn't phase the older crowd or the young people with kids.  The area swimwear shops almost all sold men's thongs and some had women's thongs too.

It was in a couple of ways unlike other beaches we have visited.  First at least half the people are running around staring at the gorund looking for the perfect shell (Sanibel is supose to have some of the best shell collecting in the USA) and secondly, we found people down right unfriendly.  They were not rude or chase you around with guns or anything, they just minded their own business more than any place else we have ever gone.  In North Carolina's outer banks where we usually sun our buns, everyone says 'hi' when they pass on the beach.  It is very rare that an exchange of  hi's does not occur.  On Sanibel, nobody ever said 'hi' to us or to anyone else.  We layed out in a spot for hours and not a single passer said hi either to us or each other, and after walking miles and miles, nobody ever said hi to us.  If we said 'hi' to others, we almost never got a response.  Twice in a weeks visit did someone actually responded to our 'hi'.  Most people gave us this look like 'huh -- whats wrong with them'.  We were talking to a waiter at dinner who was from NJ and comes down during summer break to make some money and enjoy the sun, and he said he had always found the people the same.  So into themselves and their shell collecting.

Our accomodations were clean and the motel pool cool enough to be quite enjoyable compared to the warm water in the Gulf of Mexico.  The motel pool was pretty well isolated from outside by high plantings and the only people who could see the pool were people either sitting around it or people looking out of their rooms.  You would not have even known there was a pool unless you were staying there.  There was a family at the motel from French Quebec and when they saw me and Randy in our thongs, the teen-aged boy started wearing one at the pool the next day, but he never wore less than a Speedo to the beach.  At the motel pool, Randy got away with wearing his more risque suits, including a fishnet thong and one suit with a hole in the front that he fished his equipment out of.  When nobody said anything about this, he started skinny dipping and laying out around the pool in the buff the rest of the time we were there.  I started going topfree around the pool too, and again there were no objections, even when the manager came around and I pulled a towel over to cover up and Randy's laying next to me in the buff and the manager says something like 'don't cover up on my account'.  The other people at the motel didn't seem to mind the skin show we were putting on either.

From the information from the Chamber of Commerece, I would have expected less tollerance to thonging in the area where we were staying, near the historical lighthouse.  They had recomended the formerly nude beach at Bowmans beach as a place where thonging would be more acceptable.  When we ask around at stores and stuff, everyone said Bowmans was still unofficially nude, but that it was impossible to police it constantly and that people still skinny dipped there frequently.  Well this is the place we got the strangest and somewhat scariest response we have ever had to our thonging.  A couple with 7 children between babies and about 14 were laying out on the Bowman's beach.  The kids were totally un-supervised and throwing sand and shells at each other, hitting each other with sticks, and some were 'playing' in the water.  It appeared that the water game they were playing was hold your siblings head under the water until they came up coughing and gaging.  At one point the oldest boy pulled down his shorts and took a whiz right there in front of everyone -- even though there were public restrooms available or he could have stepped into the surf for a minute or two.   Randy used the words 'mean spirited' to describe them, and I must agree that these kids seemed to have no idea of how dangerous and mean  the things they were doing to each other were.

Anyway, Randy and I approached the group and we were in conservative (even for us) thongs that day (I wore a Yellow Venus and Randy a Toto flag print.)  The husband was drinking beers and had about 5 empty cans laying around and the woman was reading the New York Times Sunday and I was looking for shells and as we approached I turned my back to the group as I showed something to Randy and this guy whistles and calls out really loud so I can hear him something about me having a nice 'butt' and his wife had an ugly butt and it was nice to see a good one after all this time.  Well the wife didn't even react to his comment, and as we kept getting closer he kept saying how he'd like to rub suntan lotion on my butt and stuff like that and while I have occationally gotten that type of comment from very young men before, I have never had it from someone in their mid to late thirties before.  Anyway Randy's about ready to give this guy a piece of his mind and I tell Randy to let it go and we go a little out of our way going around to keep some distance from them and when we are past them, the guy sees that Randy has bare buns too and calls all the kids back to be with the mother and he makes them sit directly on the sand and wrap their heads in their towels so they can't see Randy's buns and he starts bad-mouthing Randy for what he is exposing and tells his wife and kids to keep the towels over their heads until Randy has left the area and when we walked back he had them cover up their heads again until we were a long distance away.  The whole time he's spouting off about protecting the little girls (why did the boys have to cover their heads too?) from the gay man.  At the same time, he's like constantly staring at Randy's buns and when the unbrela got in the way, he moves so he can see around it and not loose sight of Randy's bare ass.

Now I wonder who in their right mind would go to Florida, let his kids practically kill each other, go hog wild when they see a woman in a thong and then do a 180 and make his whole family hide from the sight of a man's bare bottom.  Randy thinks maybe this guy was homophobic but at the same time discovered that he really liked looking at men's asses.  The homophobic side of him told him not to look but he couldn't stop, so he made everyone else not look.  This somehow made things okay.  At least they didn't see him learing at Randy.  This would also explain the large family (proving his masculinity) and the cat calls about me and my thong (again proving how masculine he was).  Whatever was wrong with him, his New York TImes reading wife was probably too wimpy to fight him, and the many scars and bruises covering her body may have been from abuse (again showing who the man is at home).  In any event, the only danger he saw was a man in a thong.  It's idiots like this that make me think sometimes that everyone should have to take a parenting test before they can have kids.  If the man had been overly protective of his kids all the time and acted like he truely didn't like seeing my boyfriend's bare ass, I might have sympathized with him. 


ctmonline #12

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/24/2006 07:30:50Copy HTML


It sounds like you had a great trip to Sanibel with the exception of the moron on beach, we've been to Sanibel on day trips but never overnight, what motel exactly did you stay at that allowed such freedom at the pool?

jn9195 #13

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/25/2006 03:07:35Copy HTML

And it is usually the kids that aren't phased at all about someone in a thong... they don't usually seemed to notice or care. Personally, I've never enjoyed visiting any of the west coast of Florida. Tried it again earlier this month, hated it once again.
sailor250 #14

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/25/2006 07:24:54Copy HTML

Their experience at the small motel echos what I've seen.  You only have to get a few people to agree on a dress code at the pool or hot tub.

I've never had such an experience at Bowman's!  Just a few stares and some giggling preteens.

ithongit #15

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/26/2006 05:47:36Copy HTML

Hi Everyone --

Sailor 250 is righr.  The place we stayed was the Sunshine Island Inn and it was very small and cozy.  It had only 5 or 6 rooms (depending on if two are rented together) and they all open with sliding glass doors onto a small pool area.  I don't want to be put into the position of  people thinking that the motel automatically endorses nude pool use.  I want my fellow thongers to look at it as a thong friendly motel where we got away with wearing less because the circumstances were right.

As I mentioned earlier, the pool area can not be seen from any ajoining property.  This of course is a major plus.  This wouldn't stop Randy from skinny dipping in its self but he would never lay out in the public unless it was at least an unofficial nude area.  One of his favorite motels in Louisville KY is a big chain place with an outdoor pool, and next door to a busy reastaurant.  People parking for the restaurant walk by the pool, but that doesn't stop him from skinny dipping in the pool during the day or night.  As they walk by few even bother to look, and if they do, they see that someone with long hair is in the pool, but that's about all.  Is it a man or woman?  How much are they wearing?  Nobody asks these questions, they just assume everything is okay and go about their business.  This is the way Randy approaches the times when he slips out of his thong, as times and places where people either won't notice or simply won't care if he's wearing a swimsuit.

The progression from completely covered and "street legal" through "borderline indecent" to totally nude took about two days and went through seveal stages including a G-string, a sheer when wet suit, a G-string with a fishnet pouch.  The fact that other guests did not object was his main way of feeling out how far he could go.  Several times at other places, he has been "caught" by a motel employee, but they usually say something like "I personally don't mind you skinny dipping, but if someone complains, I will have to ask you to put your swimsuit back on" or something like that.  The unusual freedom we found at Sanibel was due to an unusual set of circumstances (tiny motel, no management most of the time, thong friendly guests who didn't react negatively to more exposure, etc.) and everything worked out in Randy's favor.  The same motel with different guests or the other manager person may have been less tollerant, so while I'm happy to mention the motel's name (I would reccomend it even if we couldn't have skinny dipped), I don't want to come off like they always except nudity, etc.

The management of the motel consists of a single employee who does everything -- checks in new people, cleans the pool, cleans the room, washes the sheets and towels, etc.  There also is a landscape service that was there one day, but this guy was too busy looking at me and the other women to be bothered by what Randy was doing.  While we were there, two different women served in the position of manager.

The employee/manager shows up aroiund 9:00 AM and disappears at 3:00 PM.  If you don't check in by 3:00 they just leave the room unlocked and a key in the room.  They do not clean the rooms daily or make beds, etc.  They leave this to you.  They do exchange towels however, and there is an endless supply of pool and beach towels available to the guests.  During the weekend, the place was hopping, and every room was in use, but during the week, many people left.  In fact, one night we were the only couple there.  Randy said it was sort of like some Steven King novel, but of course, the scariest thing for an Ohio girl like me was the lizards and huge insects we saw.

Randy spent some time talking to both manager/attendants while wearing just his thongs, and while neither seemed offended by the thongs, you could tell one was a little more accepting and comfortable.  I guess it would be hard for them to get too upset.  Thongs are acceptable and legal on the beach, and how can you stop someone from wearing legal beach attire around the motel?  (A warning, the beach is across the street and accessed by a sand and gravel walk about 100 yards long which is between two condo buildings.   We didn't have an issue with not being right on the beach, but some people would.) 

An example of the way the thong friendlier person reacted to Randy was when he ask her about the pool hours.  The official posted rules said the pool closes at 9:00 PM but with no body resident to manage the rule, the thong-friendlier woman said "nobody's here to tell you when you can or can't use the pool".  She even suggested that if the pool was too well lit for after hours use, we could loosen the light bulbs in the porch lights at every room's glass door to make it more "romantic".  This woman is the one who stumbled upon us when Randy was laying on his back, sunning in the buff and I was topfree.  I don't know if she was expecting to see Randy's bare body, but I did notice that she stared at his equipment every time she walked by.  In reality, she only invaded our privacy three times in five minutes and we never saw her again that day.

We have posted elsewhere on this board about how almost 100 percent of motels and hotels accept us wearing thongs, and like Sailor250 says, it really depends on the other guests.  Very few smaller places would risk offending customers or hurting repeat business by making a big deal about thongs or in the case of tiny motels, skinny dipping.  Randy has the balls to skinny dip many places, and often will do this at motel pools if nobody else is around, or if the others around seem comfortable with the idea, and so far has never even been ask to cover up.  This motel while not cheap, is not as expensive as most.  Still, it does not have the advantage of being a big name chain motel, being right on the beach, or being new.  It went under new management in 2004 and if the week we were there is any indication, they could use a lot more customers at least in the summer, so offending or alienating customers is certainly not in their best interest.


sailor250 #16

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/27/2006 07:05:08Copy HTML

You were lucky.  I've experienced good tolerance of g strings and thongs at such places and have been able to skinny dip at night when few are around, but to be able to lay out nude is exceptional. 

It was great you were given license to lower the lights .  Skinny dipping is more exposing when there are pool lights on at night.  I like to swim in the dark water anyway, and without much other light you can look up at the stars.

I hope no one takes too much advantage of the situation so that the management restricts the dress code.

JM_Runs #17

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/27/2006 08:14:37Copy HTML

I think the reason why Traci found the Sanibel hotel and guests were tolerant of her, and her husband, because they were a couple. My experience is that single men in thongs or nude are often regarded with suspicion but obvious couples are not. When I'm accompanied by my girlfriend or any other women, it's like having diplomatic immunity, no one ever says anything.

That's why I suggest single men who are going to lay out, look round and ask any un-attached women thongers if they mind them laying out along side, "Because I get less flack for my swimsuit if I am with a women". 

Also, Sanibel is a layed back little place.

ithongit #18

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/27/2006 09:17:56Copy HTML

Hi Everyone --

First Sailor250 has expressed my concern -- not to push the nudity thing or minimal swimwear thing too hard at the motel where we stayed, or make specific references to their management about the times or employees who let us do it.  I would hate for her to get fired or in trouble.  If any guest were ever to complain to the management or even worse, call Sanibel police and make a complaint, the motel management would almost certainly have to step up restrictions and the opportunities for future extreme swimsuit or nude pool use would be jepordized.  One of the managers told Randy that the posted 9:00 pool use rule was in response to people who partied way too loudly long into the night and kept other guests awake.  The posting of the rule give the management a way to enforce -- through police actions if needed -- the simple concept of respecting others rights to get some rest.

We have seen the rights to thong taken away a few years ago at the Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia Canada.  Randy and I were thonging and keeping it pretty conservative.  There were probably at least 100 people in the pools, including familys and foreigners, and we didn't want to offend anyone.  Two men who were there the first day we stayed and had come over and chatted with us, and eventually talked to us about our thongs, came back the next day in extreme exposure swimsuits which exposed portions of their male anatomy.  This was inappropriate at a family resort and while people at the pools were trying to keep cool about what they were seeing, a woman in the ajoining restaurant  with a table with a view overlooking the pools complained and when Randy and I left the pool that evening, the towel girls who check your passes and hand out the towels very sympathetically explained that a new pool rule had just been created -- no thong or g-string style bikinis on men or women.  The management offered to refund an additional day's stay we had reserved if we wanted to leave early, but we stayed anyway and they gave Randy a Speedo type suit and some swim shorts and me a bikini and shorts so we could stay and still be within the limits of the new rules.  Anyway, these two guys pushed the window too far and while their management had always been tollerent of conservative thong swimwear in the past, the extreme swimsuits which exposed too much flesh caused them to ban thongs all together.

JM Runs is so right about  couples being hastled less.  I see it all the time here in Ohio at the beaches and everywhere else we go.  Single thongers have more issues than couples.  (I'm going to address just issues when thonging, not skinny dipping here.)  Single men thongers are frequently seen as being gay, and there is the whole gay-bashing, homophobic issues they need to deal with.  But single women have problems too.  They are assumed to be 'easy' and get hit on a lot.  There have been days even at Ohio's Ceaser's Creek (which is one of the most thong tollerant places in the mid-west) when I've gone alone for swimming and laying out and littereally dozens of men have come along and tried to pick me up.  I guess there is some type of perception right now that a woman in a thong MUST be single and looking for a man.  The proposals have run from men who ask if they can get you a drink, put suntan lotion on your back (which means rub your ass), and lay out with you to actual invitations to go out for dinner.  I think most of these guys are thinking sex but being polite and at least trying to act somewhat civilized.  Then there are the more direct comments, come up to my car and we can ....,  etc.  If I go with my sister, who also thongs and usually goes topfree too, we get a lot fewer inappropriate comments.

I did find a non-thonging buddy a year or so ago to lay out with.  He frequently was at the beach and after I had seen him around for a few other visits, he came around and introduced himself, complimented me on having a nice body and swimsuit, explained that he was single but accepted the fact I was married and respected my husband, and ask if he could lay out near me.   When I accepted, he came over and we chatted and nothing else happened,  Yes we would go swimming together or throw a frisbee from time to time, but there was no coming on to each other.  The minute he came over 90 percent of the hasles stopped.  He wasn't a beautiful man by any means.  He's at least 30 pounds over weight, can't get a decent tan no matter how long he tries, and had thinning hair, but he's honest and we have each other's phone numbers and if one of us is going to the beach we call the other and sometimes meet up.  Randy accepts him and likes him quite a bit.  We have teased him a little about wearing thongs, but he isn't interested.  He has admitted that just laying out with a thonging woman has done wonders for his self esteme.

My BF/husband Randy is a well proportioned guy who exercises daily and looks like he could be tough.  He's strong, but not a muscle man, there is little fat, but no extreme muscle bulging.  He's got long hair and usually keeps it tied back at the beach.  Occationally, if he's laying out on his stomach and has his head in a book or is sleeping, someone will mistake him for a woman from a distance.  The thing is that people who hastle usually shut up the minute he stands.  He (for lack of a better word) puffs himself up and puts on his best tough guy look and most people who are bothering us will leave really quickly.  But even with Ned (the overweight companion) people are a lot kinder.

Any group will help the acceptance levels -- even if the others in the group do not thong.

The second thing about Randy is that he's so comfortable in a thong and even in the buff.  He had worked as a male model when in college, both at the university and for a strip-o-gram place, and became very comfortable with being seen in just a thong or less.  He always acts so cool and natural and there is never any hesitation or second thoughts to make him look nervous.  A person who's thonging and keeps covering up whenever anyone gets near or is constantly patrolling the area like a military guard is noticed and an easy mark to be bothered.  While we don't normally wear our thongs outside a appropriate pool, beach, boating, or backyard situation, we do wear them without hesitation any place other swimwear would be appropriate.  This includes to and from the car, at the refreshment stands, in lines at water parks, etc.  Last year we went to Acton Lake in Houston Woods State park in Ohio.  We were thonging and when it was time to leave, Randy anounced he was going to take a shower up at the bath house.  Three college girls from a nearby college had set up near us and had been eyeing Randy the whole time, and when he went up to take his shower and change, he left me to to take the cooler to the car.  Well when he left, the girls left right behind him and even though I was watching, I could see them slip into the men's change house shortly after Randy entered.  A few seconds later, one of them came running out with Randy's cloths, swimsuit, and towel while the others stayed inside.  Randy later admitted that these girls went right to the shower and stood there and watched him take his bath.  This didn't phase him but he did admire their muxi.  Anyway when he was done one of the girls told him that they had taken his stuff back down to the beach, so he just walked back to the beach to get them.  He didn't try to cover anything and wasn't the least bit ashamed about being nude.  Everyone on the beach had seen what had happened, the girls going into the shower and leaving with his cloths, and nobody seemed the least bit bothered by his nudity, but he was so cool and calm and when he got to the girls he got his cloths back and put them on and he did this all without any timidness.


redraider55 #19

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/27/2006 11:42:09Copy HTML

I'd like to compliment Traci (ithongit) on her descriptive stories and observations while thonging in various places. It adds lots of value to this board when thongers describe their experiences. Please continue!
beachfolks #20

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/28/2006 08:00:36Copy HTML

sailor250 #21

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/28/2006 07:21:40Copy HTML

Yes I've found discretion is the word when dealing with nudity at these non nude inns.  Remember that an expectation of privacy to be nude has it's limits.  I've got to say that I've had more fun at the nonnude inns than the rare place that's nude or clothing optional.

If you want to avoid tanlines with some nude sun time pick places that havee private porches or balconies too.  I've been unable to wear a thong at the pool of some places but spend hours nude on the balcony.  So I scope out the places I intend to stay on travel sites staying.

View the ability to wear a minimal g string, exposure suit, or topless/nude as an earned privilege.

sailor250 #22

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/13/2006 02:01:58Copy HTML

Has anyone else stayed at the Sunshine Island Inn on Sanibel?  Anyone stayed at other motel/hotel or BandB where thonging was possible?  Any other beach reports from Sanibel or Captiva?
sailor250 #23

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:02/19/2007 03:24:16Copy HTML

Well I'd like to report back that the Sunshine Island Inn is a thong friendly place to stay I found out earlier this year.

I had to go to Sanibel for business one week and was able to get most afternoons free.  The Inn is a small one story almost house like place in a U shape with the pool in the middle.  The place only has about 7 rooms.  There were only 2-4 people there when I was there so I had the place to myself sometimes.

Afternoons with others and the manager around I was able to wear micro thongs and G strings with no one saying anything.  One afternoon I had the place to my self after the manager left  for the afternoon and the others were away I was able to lay out nude by the pool the whole afternoon.  The pool is very private no one outside can see it and all the rooms open on to the pool with sliding doors.   Evenings and mornings everyone has their drapes closed so I wouldn't even bother slipping into a thong to go for a dip.   The lighting around the pool isn't real bright so you can swim and see the stars.  The warm heated pool doesn't have lighting inside (not turned on) so if someone looked outside while you're skinny dipping they can't see you well anyway.

I know when I get a home in Fla. I'll get a private pool like that-- just roll out of bed in the morning walk out the door and jump in the pool--no clothes needed for whatever you want to do inside or outside.


The beach which is across the street was nice, had a lot of seaweed starting to collect which they say they weren't going to remove.  There no one paid much mind to laying out in a thong.  I didn't walk up and down the beach however.

At Bowman's Beach at the north end of the island I layed out a couple of afternoons.  At the far north end I remember many years ago was a nude beach.  This time I saw one guy nude in a chair, but no women around.  The whole time I was on Sanibel I only saw a couple of women or girls in bikinis.  The average age of people there must be 65 +, but not too many 85+ or infirmed.  Bowman's is no problem with a thong anywhere it didnt' seem 

Just like on the rest of Sanibel don't look for company of anyone else in a thong.


This is not South Beach but it's laid back and peaceful still.

So if you want to go pack your G's and thongs and maybe you won't need them sometimes!

ithongit #24

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/17/2008 02:11:23Copy HTML

Happy Birthday!

I hope I will still be thonging when I turn 60.  It is still a long way off, but I know it is coming fast, as my parents are almost there.  My dad shares my love of thonging and has been wearing them a long long time.  He actually got started in High School, so he's been wearing them for close to 40 years now.

Randy and I visited Sanibel a couple of years ago, and while we did visit the beaches you mention, we found that people on the main beach were just as accepting -- if not more accepting of us in our thongs as at the  "family" oriented beaches that were suggested by the Chamber of Commerace.

Please check out the earlier postings on Sanibel by me and others.  You don't have to go to a more adult oriented beach here, but might be perfectly accepted at the beach near your hotel or rental.
swflaguy #25

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/17/2008 09:58:38Copy HTML

 Thanks Traci....  I've been going to Sanibel for years - we live in Cape Coral so it's only about 40 minutes away. Lovers Key at Ft Myers Beach and Casperson at Venice are also close by. I'm sure you'll be thonging for a long time to come. Like your Dad, I started a long time ago and gradually got more comfortable with nudity. Nowadays, however, it's a lot easier to find a place where I can thong than go nude. And besides, I kind of like the cool tan line I get across the top of my butt.

I had a great birthday - I'm working hard again to get back my skill at the guitar - and I dang near have Pinball Wizzard down.
swflaguy #26

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/18/2008 02:11:31Copy HTML

 I'm just catching up on the Sanibel Island threads and I'm pleased to hear some have great experiences on the Island but troubled to hear others have had 'encounters'.

My wife and I  went to Sanibel yesterday and enjoyed a nice day of thonging....at least I did...she's on the shy side...but supportive of my exhibitionist tendencies. We went to the Blind Pass beach...which was formerly a nude beach area. However recent crackdowns have made nude sunbathing a little more risky. There is a small parking lot just before you pass onto Captiva Island across the street from the Lazy Flamingo Restaurant. Parking there is free but very limited. Otherwise you have to go to the pay lot just up the street.

We walked east up the beach and it was very quiet. I packed my shorts in my backpack and walked up the beach en thong. There were few people on the beach - although I frequently see people in thongs and gstrings...but not today. A number of walkers passed by our spot...and were friendly and spoke as they walked by...not seeming to notice or care about the fact that I was wearing a thong. Saw a few gawkers as we walked through a more populated area but you can expect that since Sanibel is a big draw for tourists and when you're from Kansas a man in a thong is a pretty shocking sight, I'm sure. You women are lucky in that way...seeing a woman in a thong or gstring makes the day for most. A guy, however....is a horse of a different ... er... whatever.

SW Florida is an interesting place in that we have lots of visitors - many from Europe with quite different views - some from the Midwest with 'quite different views' and a good many from the Northeast coast of our country. We've been permanent residents here for several years and before that we were annual visitors for many years.  If you're here on vacation go find your spot on the beach and hopefully you'll find some like minded folks.

Most of the visitors to our part of Florida are very 'open minded' and have a tendency to be very friendly and accepting. We have another group  = primarily what we refer to as the Nor'easters that come here with huge attitudes, nasty dispositions, negative everything and just plain Redneck ignorant views. There...I've said it. I apologize for these people but there here...they move here, they vacation here and that's it. But...nuff said.. there are plenty of places for us all - when you run into some of these folks, move on....forgetaboutit .... and let it go.  We run into them all of the time. Keep a smile on your face, keep on thongin and 'don't let the ba$$tards' get you down. Or if all else fails, have a a drink at the Mucky Duck, give me a call and we'll chilll.

jn9195 #27

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/04/2008 07:58:41Copy HTML

It seems that all of those little lodges around Sanibel do not like and do not accept thongs.

We've asked several of them prior to making reservations and they respond by saying something like, "NO!  We are a family establishment!"  We didn't find any that said they were OK.

My girlfriend ended up arguing with a couple of them on the phone saying that being a family establishment had nothing to do with thongs being legal and accepted or not.  Some of these owners and managers seemed more closed minded that people in the midwest.

We were very disappointed and stayed farther away, at a much cheaper hotel...  and thonged without asking.  We got "caught" too, but nothing was said. 

tbck1000 #28

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/05/2008 04:18:05Copy HTML

My advice is to find out what style is legal where you are going then simply wear it.  Don't ask the hotel first.  When they see that you are a nice, well-behaved person who  does not want to molest any children, you will be accepted in your thong.
sailor250 #29

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/05/2008 08:48:18Copy HTML

Yeh I've never asked at a hotel- their answer will always be NO because:
1. you've put them on the spot- have to give an answer now they and their boss/guests will have to live with later
2. they don't know if there will be a wholesale flaunting of thongs- in otherwords several parties doing it at the same time- possibly drawing complaints
3. the person you're asking may not have authority to say
4. they don't know you and might fear the worst if they have prejudice against thongs or think only swingers and strippers wear them- thus the "family establishment" issue
5. It's easier to say no to a potential guest than have to handle complaints from several paying guests later.

Just pay attention and if it looks like no one will be offended behave and try it-
DavyJ #30

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/06/2008 01:03:05Copy HTML

I am going to disagree with the above.  I often ask, and usually have good luck doing so.  I think it is far easier for the desk clerk (usually young and part-time help, who surely doesn't give a damn) to say yes, perhaps without thinking too hard, than to say no.  And it certainly increases your confidence a lot to have "permission".  Besides, you can use this "permission" later on if any problems occur.  Now, you surely want to ask at a weird time, like 10 AM, not 8 PM, because that is morelikely to get a "yes" response.  And if you are with a woman, then by all means have her ask, rather than you.
bajaflyer #31

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/21/2008 01:49:18Copy HTML

It's good to hear that the hotels and beaches are thong tolerant, even if some of the "guests" to the area are not. My wife and I are planning on going to Sanibel this November and plan on staying at one of the chain resorts. I just sent an email to one of them asking if thier pool and beach areas are thong tolerant.  I will post thier reply if and when I get it.
  I hope to go, and maybe see one of you guys, and gals, there.
JM_Runs #32

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/21/2008 04:48:49Copy HTML

 i'm going down there in october, be sure to check things out.. i have a feeling it should be good

bajaflyer #33

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/23/2008 09:24:44Copy HTML

I just got a response from one of the large chain hotel/resorts. This is what they said,""There are no rules, however, nudity would be unacceptable.  Enjoy your time with us!", this is The Song of the Sea hotel.
Well, short and to the point, but acceptable. 
funtom22 #34

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/10/2008 10:28:51Copy HTML

 hi bajaflyers it would be nice to join you there in saibel in nov just let me know
JM_Runs #35

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:02/26/2009 08:25:24Copy HTML

 I will be headed to Sanibel Island this Summer (June/July) and wanted to get some tips on the best beaches to wear a thong without any trouble? I've read the previous postings, but I was hoping for some information a little more current and up-to-date. 
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
swflaguy #36

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:02/26/2009 09:40:39Copy HTML

 You don't see thongs much on Sanibel these days albeit there are a number of foreign tourists who do. On the main beaches you don't generally even see Speedos or bikini suits on men these days. The best place to go is on the upper end of Sanibel on Bowman's Beach. I generally park on the north end of it just before you cross on to Captiva Island. Then walk down the beach and you'll find fewer people. The area around Clam Bayou is where the nude beach used to be - now that's the best and most private place to go thong. Be sure to head up to the Mucky Duck on Captiva while your there for a couple of cool ones on the beach.
JM_Runs #37

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/15/2009 06:22:29Copy HTML

We (my wife, daughter and myself) are headed to Sanibel Island this Saturday and I was looking for some tips on what to bring along to "get-along" with the local bug population. I've heard that flies and mosquitoes are the usual culprits for issues. Anything that you "regulars" use that you could pass onto me would be valuable information to have. I've never been to Florida so this is unknown territory for me. We'll be there for a week.
beachfolks #38

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/15/2009 07:06:13Copy HTML

 Joseph-We always take a spray can of bug repellant and a spray can of the dreaded "Off" or "Cutters" personal repellant. If you happen to hit a bad week, be prepared to do something else or go to another beach.

The bugs seem to hatch out different times on different beaches. There are public beaches at the south end of Sanibel, big open Bowman's beach is nearly up to Captiva, then lots of beaches farther North on Captiva.
JM_Runs #39

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/16/2009 03:00:07Copy HTML

I'm planning on going to Sanibel Island within the next couple of weeks and "thonging" for the first time.  I've always been a thong enthusiast and wanted to wear one to the beach, but never had the nerve until now.  I don't mind sporting a speedo, but am anxious about moving on to a thong.  I'm heading down to Bowman's Beach.  Any words of wisdom for a first-timer?
beachfolks #40

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/16/2009 03:17:42Copy HTML

 Go North
JM_Runs #41

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/20/2009 02:34:30Copy HTML

 Thanks beachfolks.  I went down to Bowman's Beach (north end) yesterday.  It was my first time wearing a thong at on the beach.  I  figured I would be nervous the first time, especially when it came time to take off the cover-up shorts.  However, I'd never felt so comfortable and natural at the beach.  I didn't see anyone else in a thong, or speedo, but displayed mine proudly anyway.  Several people walked by during the time I was laying out and not one made a negative comment.  One guy and his wife smiled and said they liked my thong and they were going start wearing thongs at the beach.  It was a great experience.

After a couple of hours, I decided to drive up the Gulfside Park, about middle of the island to "test" the waters there.  I slipped into a bikini with a rio back since I figured it was a little more conservative area.  When I took of the cover-up shorts there, one man and woman actually got up and moved.  After about an hour of being looked at, I figured I'd had enough sun.  Before I put my shorts back on one lady said, "I can't belive how much of his ass he's showing.  What's this world coming to?"  I purposely put my shorts in my beach bag and walked passed her in just my bikini, smiled and said "you should have seen me earlier."  I proceeded to walk out to the shower then to my car in just the bikini.   Two elderly ladies smiled at me in the parking lot and said they wish more men would wear bikinis.

All in all, it was a great day for thonging for the first time.  I did get kinda lonesome though.  If anyone ever wants to meet down at Sanibel, just drop me a line.  I may go back one day next week.
swflaguy #42

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/20/2009 09:33:02Copy HTML

I go there from time to time - I'm in Cape Coral. Shoot me an email.

JM_Runs #43

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/21/2009 04:55:55Copy HTML

You said "One guy and his wife smiled and said they liked my thong and they were going start wearing thongs at the beach.  It was a great experience."

It is always good when you get positive feedback, either in smiles or words, but it's even better when your courage has the affect of giving others the courage to follow suit and wear thongs too.  Well done.
JM_Runs #44

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/22/2009 07:55:09Copy HTML

 Thanks (formerly "Guest").  I was proud of the positive feedback too, especially with it being my first time wearing a thong in public.  At one point I decided to go walking down the beach (opposite direction from the crowd) and passed a few people walking.  None of them made any negative comments or even stared.

 I'm probably heading back down to Sanibel again this Thursday or Friday.
JM_Runs #45

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/28/2009 02:16:29Copy HTML

 The Sanibel Naturists, (A nudist group with a nude beach on an off shore island that is only reachable by boat), are inviting people to participate in their part of the world wide attempt to break the World Record Skinny dip record on July 11, 2009

"Our club has decided to participate in this World Record challenge and we are looking for as many people as possible to visit our beach on this day". 
Any non-members wishing to join us at our Gulf beach for this world record attempt, and to learn more about our club, you can e-mail nude@sanibelnaturists.com or call local; 239-433-NUDE (6833) or Toll-Free 888-995-NUDE (6833)
JM_Runs #46

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/30/2009 07:08:09Copy HTML

I thought I'd add a bit more information for anyone who might be headed to Sanibel Island..

I just returned from Sanibel Island and had a fantastic visit. The weather was almost perfect (a couple of storms...lost one afternoon of sun : (  that's about all). I didn't thong as much as I would have liked but not for any other reason that I had already started a very strong "rio" tanline so I thought I'd just commit to that. I did wear my thong for a few swims in the early morning after my runs. That was fun. The few people who were out got an eyeful.

As far as peoples comments/looks/attitudes go...I was almost exclusively wearing a rio bikini the entire week, either in the resort pool or down at the beach. I didn't bother covering up or making a big deal out of what I was wearing. The rest of the crowd was 100% boardshorts and some even wore those "rash guard" shirts while they swam. Not sure why that was, since who knows where the nearest surfboard was...and that's the real reason to wear one of those.

I did get tons of looks and people taking curious routes while they were walking on the beach to take a look. I also had a couple of teenage girls very intently taking pictures. I waved and smiled. I'd love to see the pics. Plus the two older women at the hotel pool seemed very happy to sit and stare while I was tanning. I think they appreciated my swimsuits the most...especially the yellow one is almost entirely sheer when wet. I'll admit it...I put on a show for them on purpose while getting out of the pool.

All in all, Sanibel was fantastic. I don't see any reason why a thong would be a subject of contention on any of the beaches I visited. Peoples attitudes seemed very..."live and let live" People are too busy shelling or playing with their kids to pay much attention to what some guy is wearing.

Next time I'll start my thong tanline earlier and commit to that when I'm in Sanibel. Can't wait.
funtom22 #47

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:07/01/2009 06:08:04Copy HTML

 glad to see this  in sanibel.  im going to try to get there this comein week to thong and enjoy the sun .hope it goes well . hope  to see some people wearing thongs out there when i goo.
funtom22 #48

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/11/2009 04:01:32Copy HTML

 this is a nice place to go an enjoy wearing thongs an tanning the butt cant wait to get back out there
funtom22 #49

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/27/2009 04:16:17Copy HTML

 i went there friday had a great time  tannin in my thong. Only had 2 to 3 people walk by while there they didn't seem to care about the thong . i was wearing a Joe snyder thong navy
funtom22 #50

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/04/2009 06:51:25Copy HTML

 I went there today for about 2hrs it was a nice sunny day i saw one other person wearing a thong it was an older lady too an a skimpy thongs suit too . I was in my Joe Snyder bulge thong red . Walked a few times but not too far no one seemed to care about the thong .
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