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funtom22 #51

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/13/2009 02:18:06Copy HTML

 Heading out to bowmans beach in sanibel tomorrow hope its a nice sunny day to tan in my joe snyder bulge thong, 
funtom22 #52

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/31/2009 04:12:50Copy HTML

 i was out at bowmans on thurs afternoon for lik 3 hours it was a very nice sunny day to relaz an get some sun . I wear my skinz g-string red m55 i thk they call it very small had no one complain an saw 1 other guy in a thong . overall was a nice day an got some good sun on the rear lol .
ENB #53

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/07/2009 01:55:58Copy HTML

I think on Sanibel the key is to find a motel or condo complex that has a lot of Europeans and Canadians as guests.  We go to Sanibel every year. 

It really makes a difference if you pick the right place where the guests are comfortable and majority European and the management is equally comfortable.  It is sort of a self selecting because at a place like the condo where we stay if you are not comfortable with thongs, speedos etc. you ain't staying there again.  As a result thongs are much more common among all age groups than some place filled with families and older people from the mid-west, who would be all in boardies, rash guards etc. 

The same is true of Sanibel beaches. Bowmans beach is great if you go far enough down and find the European section...there you will see everyone age 2 to 95 male and female in speedos, thongs, g-strings etc.  A little effort and you can find a place that accepts you and your thong.

My wife, the kids and I love where we stay. We all want to keep going back for years to come.  It is a really nice family tradition.  It is a smaller condo complex.   with my wife, 2 sons (10 & 13) and my daughter 8.  My wife and kids don't thong there but I have worn thongs for tanning and swimming ever since I met my wife and my kids are totally used to seeing me in a thong, even the boys.

Where we stay we have families from Sweden, Ontario Canada, Germany, France etc. and so thongs are not an issue at all.  While you rarely see teenage boys wearing thong suits this past winter break there were probably eight families all with one or more boys in the tween to early teen age wearing thongs at the pool.

It is really funny the way my kids are at this place.  We have raised all three of them as naturists from the time they were born.  Every summer we all spend 2 weeks at a naturist resort in Europe.  We alternate between Croatian seaside, Corsica (La Chippa resort) or Le Jenny Resort in France.  All of these are real family friendly naturist resorts, lots of families with kids of all ages which is great for our crew. We have been summering at these places for years and as soon as we get to the resort my kids are shucking off their traveling clothes as fast as they possibly can. In Europe, by the time we arrive at our cottage the kids are all nude and off to find their friends, to the pool, the shops, the beach, the game room etc. no hesitation what so ever.

Yet when we go to seashells in Florida I cant even get them out of boardies and into speedos let along thongs.  Strange but interesting. This last year it was worth the price of the whole trip to see the looks on my sons faces when we went to the pool and they were the only guys in board shorts, every other boy their age (and girls too) were in Speedo bikinis or thongs.

I was surprised to see that the Canadian families were really the most relaxed.  There were 4-5 families form Ontario with kids and all of them had husbands and teen sons and teen daughters & wives too who wore G-string thongs, that really rocked my kids world and I think that was a GOOD thing.

By the end of our stay (2 weeks) the various kids from different families were totally comfortable with hanging out at the pool with kids in their age range who wore thongs.  My guys were actually bringing their new friends into our condo and these European kids were comfortable in just their thongs, but my guys were still wearing there boardies. 

My sons, who can go nude, but when wearing swimsuits they wear board shorts, and were a bit uncomfortable with the idea of thongs. It was hilarious to hear the European boys and my guys rib each other.  The Europeans and Canadians never tired of ragging on my sons for not wearing thongs, my guys gave it right back but in the end, when we left and the kids had to say see you next year the "ribbing sessions" seemed to have at least changed my older sons mind.  He told me on the plane on the way home that maybe NEXT year (this year) he would try a thong BUT JUST AT THE CONDO POOL DAD (I had to laugh because his reasoning was that his boardies made him feel "out of place" with his friends!!)
swflaguy #54

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/07/2009 02:23:56Copy HTML

 Great story - I've been going there for years and I love the place. My wife and I first started going there when it was a nude beach at Bowmans.

ENB I'd be very interested in knowing what resort you were staying at.....I'll recommend it for friends. Sounds like a cool place to be.

We live close by so don't often stay unless we take our sailboat to one of the marinas at either Tween Waters or South Seas Plantation.
lindros #55

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/08/2009 02:04:45Copy HTML

ENB:  I'm sure everyone would like to know the resort you stay at each year. It sounds like an excellent place. Thanks.
DavyJ #56

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/09/2009 02:46:05Copy HTML

ENB:  I'll agree with everybody else.  We all should do our best to publicize places like this.  And, the next time you are there, you can then make a point of complimenting the management and telling them you have recommended their place to all your friends.  I think this is important, as the management has undoubtedly gotten some flak for their tolerance over the years, and it is important for us to offer compliments when deserved.
ithongit #57

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/09/2009 04:02:09Copy HTML

We have found Canadians -- especially those from Ontario, Quebec, and the maratime provences to be more likely to wear speedos or thongs many of the places we visit, including North Carolina, Florida, and even Ohio.  Remember that most places in Canada are totally okay with thong wearers, regardless of where they are located in the country, and I am sure this has something to do with the acceptance.  As I mentioned in the post in this thread in the summer of 2006, we stayed at a small motel, and a family for Quebec was also staying there.  The teen age boy was totally comfortable wearing thongs at the motel pool after he saw Randy wear his there, but didn't wear them on the beach.  I guess he wanted to "blend in" with the Americans on the beach...
sailor250 #58

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/10/2009 01:25:06Copy HTML

As interested as everyone is to know what hotel, etc you can wear thongs---as many places as I've mentioned I don't know of anyone going there and reporting back here --- so even in popular vacation spots I don't know if I've turned anyone on to a place.
funtom22 #59

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/22/2009 08:43:37Copy HTML

 i was here at bowmans sat afternoon for 2 hours was a nice sunny quite day only saw one other male in a thong no women. had a few walk by women walk by an had no problem with me in my gstring from skinz
ENB #60

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/02/2009 05:44:54Copy HTML

Sorry...you can tell who makes the reservations in our family...not me! It is Sea Shells apartments on West Gulf.
DavyJ #61

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/07/2009 02:18:43Copy HTML

Thanks for the info, ENB.  I will check it out the next time I am in the area. 

AND, as I noted a month ago, if any of you go to Sea Shells, be sure and compliment the management and make them aware that their tolerant policy is the major reason you chose their hotel.
swflaguy #62

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/08/2009 10:48:28Copy HTML

 ENB - is Sea Shells both thong and nude friendly? I wasn't clear on this but took your post to indicate you'all were able to go nude there. If that's the case I will be checking it out soon - it's not far from me.
sailor250 #63

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/09/2009 02:03:17Copy HTML

No he's talking about nude in France, thongs on Sanibel 
ENB #64

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/09/2009 04:57:31Copy HTML

That is correct. Sea Shells has been good for thongs NOT FOR NUDE.  As far a being nude since we are naturist  family and since we like our kids to be able to be with other kids, which is unfortunatley hard to do here in the US.  Outisde of a very few spots and of course our own home there are just so few true family naturist resorts that have real families withparents and kids of all ages), we take 2 weeks eaxh summer at one of the resorts I posted about before.  Europeans really do TRUE family naturism right and are particularly good at attracting kids of all ages to vacation at these resorts WITH their parents in a no hangups atmosphere.  In the US there is just so much preoccupation with the nude body that it is hard to relax even at the best US resorts.  In Europe there is no pressure and no problem, kids, parnets young old and every age in between can get together in the nude and relax and vacation with no hangups what so ever.  Wish we could do that here but I guess we are jsut not here yet!

In othe rnews I just ordered a bunch of new Joe Snyder g-strings for our winter excursion to Sanibel.  Hoep to see some of oyu there!
funtom22 #65

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/10/2009 03:50:59Copy HTML

 hi ENB when do u plan on going to sanibel i could join you i leave here in ft myers ?
ENB #66

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/12/2009 05:22:36Copy HTML

will be there in mid march with wife and 3 kids.  We have to settle on dates that allow for kids vacations form school. 
funtom22 #67

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/12/2009 02:56:09Copy HTML

 that's sounds cool march shouldn't be too cold to thong an get some sun . just let me know if u would like another thonger to join you .
JM_Runs #68

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:12/15/2009 02:01:39Copy HTML

sailor250 #69

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:01/03/2010 02:27:24Copy HTML

Recently was flying somewhere on I think Airtran airlines and saw an article about Sanibel in the inflight magazine.  They had some beaches listed.  Bowman's Beach said something like "lots of Europeans , lately the rangers have been doing a better job of keeping them in their speedos"
ENB #70

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:01/06/2010 05:41:30Copy HTML

too bad.  from my perspective it would be better world if the rangers did a better job making sure everyone could wear what they want to wear to the beach. Nude, thong, speedos its all good.  Too many body hangups in this country of ours.
beachfolks #71

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:01/06/2010 06:51:18Copy HTML

 Repeating JM-Thiongs and G's are legal on Sanibel and thongs are seen frequently, just dependant on the day and the location. Bowman is OK, just often the thongers are at the remote ends of the very long beach.
JM_Runs #72

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:01/06/2010 10:27:40Copy HTML

 I would tend to thong out in the open, like you were a regular person with nothing to hide, near the regular people, not hidden miles away down the end of Bowman's beach, like you were up to no good. 

The rangers take a hard look at the activites going on at the North end of the beach, simply becuase thoes people who are engauged in behaviour they know is inaproprate tend to hide up that end.
beachfolks #73

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:01/06/2010 11:50:45Copy HTML

 Yes, JM, but the majority of the thongers are not professionals like us so that's where you will find them, also don't like to be among the families with kids.  The North end used to be nude (and likely still is at times).
We used to frequent Bowman, but now get to Bowman beach about once each year.
ENB #74

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:01/07/2010 02:57:09Copy HTML

 We have kids, we are naturists and I thong.  We are a regular family and frankly our kids like to hang out with other kids their age and we like to hang out with other parents with kids in the same age range BIG SURPRISE!

Like I said for the naturist part of our lives we just go the European route because the Europeans know how to do real family naturism correctly period. My kids spend almost a month every summer in Europe at a naturist resort where they are nude for the ENTIRE VACATION.  They don't think twice about seeing adults, kids, older people, handicapped people whoever nude or in thongs.   They are  great well adjusted loving kids. 

As I have written here we have had good luck thonging at our place in Sanibel.  It just gets me going that ordinary regular people like all of us who, when you get to know us, are by and large really a very likable bunch, but are not accepted as part of the regular american beach scene.  Sorry to go off like this but sometimes it just gets me that in this country we have so many hangups about our bodies. 

I absolutely agree that if there is inappropriate behaviour going on it should stop, I don't want to see that and I don't want my kids to see it either,   but what I object to is the american notion that thongs and/or nudity ALWAYS = SEX.  I guess I have to accept the fact that for the vast majority of  Americans that is what they believe. 

When you have a great family like mine, one that stands at the polar opposite of the nude=sex stereotype,  one which is all naturist and pro thong sometimes, it just gets a little discouraging to think we have to slink off to some corner like a social outcast just because of what we are, or are not wearing. 

In my humble opinion it is that sort of discrimination that leads to the type of body shame that is at the root of so many of the body image and sexual obsession problems that our adult, tween and adolescent populations have.
funtom22 #75

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:01/17/2010 05:28:24Copy HTML

 yea if its warm i can head out tht way to sanibel been awhile need to work on my thong tan maybe see ya out there tbacksmon

OKthonging #76

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:02/13/2010 07:43:14Copy HTML

I'll be looking foward to checking out Sanibel this summer.

From what I here it is a pretty short trip from where we are going to be staying in Cape Coral.

funtom22 #77

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:02/24/2010 03:46:39Copy HTML

I was out at Bowmans beach yesterday for a few hours. It was a very nice day I wore my skinz gstring.
It was nice a sunny.  Nice to finally get back out there an tan the butt for I was starting to lose the tan.
SusanaM #78

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/05/2010 06:39:42Copy HTML

After having stumbled across this site I'm amazed at how the experiences others tell about thong wearing at Sanibel and Captiva beaches so closely mirrors our experience. My husband and I first went to Sanibel and Captiva back in November of 2008 and the islands were so fantastic that we've gone back a few more times. I am the thong wearer in our family, my husband will wear speedos at times but he's more of a water person with regular swim trunks than a lay on the beach guy. I wear g-strings and the larger t-back thongs and I can be daring at times as far as where I wear them. For the most part we both don't like crowded beaches so isolated to low crowd beaches is what we really look for.
On that first trip like the other two trips we stayed in Fort Myers and drove into Sanibel. And we really think that is why the lighthouse area beaches on Sanibel have more beach goers and which is why we only go walk and enjoy the people seeing but I have never broken out the thongs there.
On Captiva I've thong without a problem at all at the northern point. I've combed for shells there in thongs but I will usually put on a short short especially when I'm g-stringing. People are somewhat friendly there saying Hi and we've even gotten young couples who have struck up short conversations but its never about the thongs.
On Sanibel our favorite spot has become Bowmans Beach since we've never had a problem parking. There of course as you head in from the paid parking to the beach you will see the No Nude Sunbathing sign. I can tell you that because as sparse as the crowd are when we go, we've never had a problem with my thongs on the beach. We've seen several times small male groups who lay out away from the water in the are with vegetation who are obviously nude sunbathing and obviously gay ;-) but they always have one of them sit guard for any sign of approaching trouble. There on Bowmans I've laid out topless, I have taken off the bottoms and washed them in the surf and I have changed g-strings on the beach but all that is possible because most people on the beach are combing for shells and don't look up and those who are sunbathing are usually not bothered by me laying with my oiled up cheeks several yards away but quite a distance out.
I've seen some gawkers off in the distance squinting to see if I'm really wearing a top that only covers the nipples and a g-string but they aren't bothered. Mostly they are older couples and one will notice and tell the other and then they both shrug it off. I've had gay couples pass and give me thumbs up approval. I've had an older man on Bowmans who was there with his wife taking pics with a telephoto lens of the wildlife sneak a few snapshots in my direction. My husband thought that was funny.
The atmosphere overall at that north point of Sanibel is very easy going and so I'm very comfortable enjoying the beach with my micro bikinis. The most friendly people I've seen are europeans and I find them the most tolerant of skimpiness. One group I recall was a german family with older parents and younger couple in their 30s, the younger woman was wanting to go topless. She arrived with a tank top and very perky nipples. I guess seeing me keep my tiny top on she figured topless was not ok. I didn't realize this until later but she did put on a tri top and gathered up her bottom into a thong and joined me a few yards away. That's the most solidarity I've had when thong going on Sanibel or Captiva. Actually its my husband who might wish more than I do that more woman were out there on these island beaches in thongs so I wouldn't have to go at it alone so if any ladies are planning on being out there this 2010 let us know and we can try to get those female buns out from under the nylon/elastane.
I hope I haven't worn out your ears and I hope to read all responses, :-)
426576 #79

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/05/2010 11:50:12Copy HTML

SusanM Welcome to the thongboard. The acceptance of thongs in general, on both male and female is best when there are numbers of couples, or singles that enjoy sunning the buns. I wish more locations, would be acceptable, as I travel to Clearwater, and the best beach in regards to sand and activities is Clearwater Beach, but thongs are not allowed, so you have to go to Sand Key, Treasure Island, Honeymoon , stpete not many there, and out to the fort de soto. 
JM_Runs #80

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:04/21/2010 08:13:28Copy HTML

I've been going to Sanibel for years and love Bowman's beach.  I'm heading out to Sanibel the first of next week.  If any one wants to meet up for a thong day, send me a message.
dfwsandman #81

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:04/22/2010 03:47:23Copy HTML

Sunseeker, we hope you tell us afterwards how much fun you had on Bowmans. And hope there's more than just you out there thonging.
funtom22 #82

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:04/27/2010 02:43:50Copy HTML

 ever time i go out here there is always atleast one other thonger or up too 3 others great place to thong
JM_Runs #83

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:05/08/2010 11:23:44Copy HTML

My wife and I were just on Sanibel for a few days. We'd planned to take a trip to FL for our anniversary and I did some searching to find a thong friendly place and found the forum here. I must say it's great. We've been all over the state of FL and have worn thongs on most of the beaches but it's getting harder to find places not so crowded with families and kids that we feel comfortable wearing a thong. We've been thongers for a long time and wear them pretty much all the time around the pool at home. The neighbors have seemed to enjoy it as well. My wife is a size 3 and I love when she wears the wicked weasel suits and the neighbors enjoy looking also. We've never had any complaints from either the men or the women and when we throw the occasional pool party we even get a few other thongers as well. I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home 2 to 3 days a week and can often tan nude because the others are all at work. It's still quite cool in MO where we live but are looking forward to the warm summer months ahead.  I've posted a couple pics of the wife on our trip to Aruba and 1 of me at the pool at home. Looking forward to reading more of the forum posts now that we're back home.
Am having trouble getting 1 of the pics to load but as soon as I can get it on I will. Will post more pics when I get a better idea whats allowed and whats not, some of the pics we are in see through suits and want to make sure it's allowed.
dfwsandman #84

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:05/09/2010 05:08:20Copy HTML

3dguy, did you visit the Lighthouse area or Bowman's?  Or both? 
JM_Runs #85

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:05/09/2010 02:40:47Copy HTML

 We were at Bowmans. No other thongers there that we saw that day but there weren't a lot of people and we walked away from what few there were stacked up in the area right off the walkway. The police even drove by in the little golf cart thing and just waved at us. There were the typical shell hunters and beach walkers but mostly older people.
JM_Runs #86

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/07/2010 08:27:42Copy HTML

 Anyone going to be in the Sanibel area in a couple of weeks?  I'm headed down that way soon and would like to meet other beachgoers with the same interest as myself.  I also would like some feedback from folks about g-strings at Bowmans.  I've got a new camou one I'm wanting to try out on a beach.
JM_Runs #87

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/07/2010 09:28:08Copy HTML

Go for it! We just recently went, wife wore a small purple thong/g and I wore a black wavy mesh skinz string thong. No problems at all. 
dfwsandman #88

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/08/2010 12:40:01Copy HTML

g-strings for both sexes are just fine at Bowman's. 3dguy's experience is right on with our's. Now, public nudity is another matter and the sign right near the main path from the restrooms to the beach points out... nudity is not allowed.

But g-string to your hearts content. There's plenty of beach to lay out away from any crowd in the sheerest and tiniest of strings. Susana did!
jtanguy #89

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/08/2010 03:30:14Copy HTML

I agree - there is a huge stretch of beach to walk in your thong on this beach (Bowmans). 
I was just there this past Sunday and the water was great. Everyone is fearing the worst with the Oil tragedy in the Gulf right now for good reason.
Nobody (as far as beach patrol/police) drove by me on the Northern area of the beach all day when I was there.
There were about 5 guys laying out nude and a husband and wife nude as well fishing.
As for the no nudity sign - I'm not sure ( I didn't see it) - but just be safe - wear your thong.
Enjoy Bowmans.
bareone #90

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:07/25/2010 02:06:19Copy HTML

Hi everyone
 Well we are heading back to Sanibel In Sept. We don't have a place to stay yet. Any suggestions? Don't have to be on the beach. Got hassled last time we were there for our large thongs (not by authorities, other beach goers)can't imagine the grief we will get this year with our micro's!  Have been looking at house rentals. Trying to find one that would allow us some private sunning so we don't have to hit the beach all the time .Hubby says it would preferable to be able to go nude around it but I would settle for thong/g or topfree. Any suggestions??
Ps Email if you would rather not tell everyone, we can be very discreet!
JM_Runs #91

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/07/2010 05:03:49Copy HTML

 Just out of curiosity, how far north is the north end of Bowman's?  I've been there several times, but always go past the crowd about 1000 feet.  ...should I keep going father north? 

  Last time I was there a man and woman walked by and both complimented me in my thong.  It wasn't long before they both came back with their chairs and beach stuff and asked if they could lay out beside me.  The man told me that I inspired him, as he pulled off his board shorts to reveal a white g-string.  His wife stayed in her regular suit.  I then changed from a conservative thong into a g-string after that.  We hung out the rest of the day and had a great time!
jtanguy #92

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/07/2010 03:01:33Copy HTML

The walk to the area of Bowmans beach where it's best to Thong is a bit of a walk. My estimate would be about 20 minutes or more to get to an area you may feel comfortable once you walk on to the beach. When walking out to the beach steer to the Right and walk about 20 minutes or so. Be sure to take plenty of water with you and any other snacks you may want as there are no snack facilities in the area - including near the parking lot. Enjoy the beach.
bareone #93

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/10/2010 03:44:53Copy HTML

Just got back form Sanibel.
Weather was great and beaches were better. Spent most of the time on Bowman's. Went north, after 5 min walk and no one in sight we changed to our g's. Came across another couple  he was in a thong she was in a Side tie little bikini , topless, but rolled on to her tummy when they saw us out of modesty even though we were very close. We asked them if they knew if there were others up the beach and they didn't think so. I told her she didn't need to cover up on our part and if it was ok with them I would like to take my top off also. They said it was ok and I took my top off and she turned over and sat up as we chatted. They stood to talk with us and I noticed she had to tie her bottoms up. I asked if they had been sunning nude. She said not at first, she had just untied her bottoms to get the string out of the way and her hubby had unclipped his thong and that they were planning on sunning nude untill they seen us approaching. I told them that they should go ahead as we wanted to do the same if they didn't mind. We left them and went on our way. When I looked back he was naked and she had untied and folded her suit onto her pubes. As we walked away I untied my g and pulled it off. We walked for another 10 mins and deicided to trun around and head back. Hubby then took his g off. Now we could see anyone coming towards and could get dressed if needed.We stopped about halway back to where we met the other couple and swam and played in the water and laid in the sand for several hours. We noticed a couple comming towards us and decided to stay in the water till they passed. As they got closer we recognized them as the couple we chatted with earlier. He was in his thong and she was topless carrying her top. We came out of the water to talk to them again....this time naked. They never batted an eye but it only took about 10 secinds for the wife to have her bottoms off. We spent the rest of the day naked with them and stayed till the sun set. We ended up walking back most of the way nakedbut got dresed when we got close to the walkways where we saw a few "flashlights" on the beach. That was our only time to get naked as the other days there were too many people, but we were fine in our thongs.
..That was my first experience with social nudity. I have been to many nude beaches but never socialized with anyone like that before, I really like it!

All in all another very good sanibel trip
wetbikini2 #94

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/10/2010 06:19:23Copy HTML

I did a search and nothing came up, went thru about 5 pages in this section and still nothing.  
If there is a thread here please direct me to it.  I am looking to go south in late Jan or Feb.  A friend recommended Captiva Island/ Englewood area.  He said it is kind of laid back.  I do not want a Myrtle Beach type area.  

Does anyone know about thonging there and how the weather is at that time?   Or if you have any other suggestions that would be great too.
JM_Runs #95

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

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That place is south of Tampa / St. Pete, where we were last year about this time.  For the most part, the weather in that area was good, except on the last day, there was a cold front that came through the area and made it cloudy, lots of wind, and a day where it probably did not get above 70ºF for very long.  Best advice is look at the averages, which should be pretty nice there this time of year.  As far as thong-legal / illegal areas there, I've never been to Captiva, so I don't know the specifics, besides don't wear thongs in state parks (all of Florida).
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Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

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 Bowmans was a nude beach for a while I thonged there couple years ago its a wonderfull place.
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Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

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 Captiva island is a very cool place kinda a long drive from the mainland but well worth it. I like it when the snowbirds are not around and when its hot march thru late november.  If you want to thong just go to the end of the island there is a small parking area. Just walk to the far end of the beach to the north and wearing a thong should be no problem. I have been there many time on many seperate vavations to southwest florida and its a laid back place never even seen a police officer or ranger. Go to the mucky duck for a nice surf and turf before you leave to.
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Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

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for those who don't know Captiva Island is the island just north of sanibel and accessible by car only by a bridge from sanibel.  I've never been in a thong on captiva beaches but plenty on sanibel.  Captiva seems to be wall to wall expensive houses along the beaches.  BTW the big white house on the canal/bite to the right of the bridge as you enter Captiva belongs to Brooke Shields.

this is about as far as you can get from Myrtle Beach type area.  There is no "public beach area" though there are some places you can get out on the beach, there's no honky tonk just houses $3-25M
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Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

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At the end of Captiva Drive is a tiny parking lot where you pay to park. There you have access to the public beach. We saw no other thongers the days we were there in November and the crowds we light. I thonged without a problem and I think men would be able to thong too without a problem. The light crowd was very mixed, older folk and younger couples, people waving hello at me as they walked by while I was face down and obviously thonging. I really enjoyed Captiva and I do plan on being back and gstringing next time.
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Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

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To elaborate yes there are a lot of very opulant residances on captiva but they are covered by jungle and private driveways. The end of captiva is a private golf country club that has a gated entrance. I found no problem wearing a thong on the beach it was sparsely polulated.
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