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Gboy69 #151

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/19/2015 01:45:55Copy HTML

All it takes is one to make the beach off limits for us thongers. Well said Jtanguy, well said. Haulover is a great beach for going nude, so kept it there.
JM_Runs #152

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/19/2015 03:57:30Copy HTML

In part I agree, in part I disagree.  If the law says no nudity then wear a thong.  You can get very brief thongs and still be legal. 

However I disagree when you suggest that people should not appear "in front of a lot of people" in a thong. Thong wearers should not be hiding in the dunes or lurking at the far end of a beach, as if they were doing something untoward.  

If properly covered by a thong, one that is not transparent, you are legal and should integrate into the general beach population. Thongers should behave just like all the other people on the beach.

When you say "The main beach at Bowman's is NOT a common place to thong, so you shouldn't have been thronging there to begin with." I have to heartily disagree. Just because thongs are not common does not mean you should not were them.  

On most beaches thongs are not common. On my beach men in thongs is uncommon, but I still wear them, as do a few other brave men.  Until a few men are prepare to bravely wear thongs, even though it is uncommon, others will not have the courage. 

So if you want to stay out of trouble, don't go nude when the law does not allow it, just wear a thong. Now that you are wearing a thong and are legally covered, feel free to confidently mingle with the madding crowd.  
SlidingG #153

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2015 12:50:22Copy HTML

Hear, hear!  Well said, JM.  Just as I try to behave on my neighborhood beach, where I'm usually the only bare-butt person in sight.  Though that's happily changing a bit, with lovely cheek becoming more common this year as female fashion pushes ever closer to true thongs.  
thong_jock #154

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2015 02:01:00Copy HTML

 JM is a wise man. If you are confident enough to wear a thong around others in public you should just wear them and wear them with pride. I was recently on vacation in puerto vallarta and I didn't see one other male thonger the whole trip. And I hung out at a gay beach, but walked the beach several times in my muscleskins thongs. I like to think I might have planted the seed in some other guys' heads that if 'he can do it, I can do it' and maybe influenced others to thong in the future. I've personally met several younger men through forums like this and have ended up meeting them in person for their first beach thonging experience and now they are avid, confident thongers who wear swim thongs as much as I do.
SteveandCandy #155

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:04/18/2015 10:39:06Copy HTML

We went to Bowman's today (Sat) for a couple of hours, beautiful breezy sunny day, Gulf was choppy but warm, tons of people out. Candy and I walked about a mile north to the 1st big shell pile, and then I walked another 1/2 mile or so north and then back. One male thonger walking north ahead of me and a few umbrellas out further north. Didn't choose to thong amongst the textiles, way different vibe than our regular beach. Awesome shelling, but not awesome thonging.
Steve and Candy
Gboy69 #156

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:04/20/2015 01:31:05Copy HTML

Just returned from a 3 day stay on Sanibel Island. We stayed at a small cottage motel on Sanibel just a mile east of Bowman's Beach. Arrived on Friday around 2 and hit the beach. The sun was just starting to appear as we arrived. We stayed on the beach until 7 and enjoyed the shelling as we walked south. Only had to be 15 people on the entire section of beach. Saturday we got up early went to Bailey's for our supplies for the day and by 9:30 we were already sitting in our chairs on the beach. Setup just west of our cottage behind some very large homes. The only other couple near us was a man and lady he in a black thong she in a modest suit. They were at least 250 yards away. Every once in a while a walker would go by but it could be one every 1/2 hour if that. We had the beach to ourselves. We could see the crowd at Bowman's. The surf and wind was up and the water temp was perfect. We got cooked on Saturday.

Sunday we checked out of the cottage and headed up to Bowman's after a quick stop at Bailey's market for supplies. Gotta have the rum!
We got to Bowman's at 9:15 and the parking lot was not very crowded just yet. I paid for parking which cost $28 for the day.
We had an awesome time at Bowman's and will do it again!
chester_nimitz #157

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:06/16/2015 04:34:59Copy HTML

In a few weeks we will be staying at Tween Waters Inn on Captiva for my wife's birthday.  Does anyone know if the beach across from the Inn is OK for thong use?
JM_Runs #158

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/14/2015 02:02:21Copy HTML

I just returned from Captiva.  While we were there, there was four days worth of tropical storms that significantly eroded the beaches away, including Bowmans Beach.  There was only 10 or 20 yards of beach MAX at Bowmans Beach before you hit the protected dunes.  I did not venture all the way north however.

I was able to lay out with my family for one of the days, and found that the beaches along the road that Tween Waters Inn is on were very sparsely populated.   I assume you've already been and found the same.  Very rarely did any one look at me, and of the few that did, I only got one double take.  The only negative reaction was that of my wife and mother-in-law.  I should mention that I wore rather conservative, double lined, JM Skins thong.  I should also mention that my mother-in-law is the one I am certain turned me into Child Protective Services.  She hasn't spoken to us since.  Win/Win? :)

There are no life guards.  Only a park ranger/conservationist that rides the beach first thing in the morning to check on the loggerhead turtle nests.  Other then that, no activity from anyone of official capacity all day. 

For anyone interested in Captiva, there is virtually NO parking anywhere on the island, unless you are staying at one of the local homes/inns.  It's not a place you can go to easily to day trip.

hunnger #159

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:08/18/2015 04:34:27Copy HTML

Spent a wonderful day last week at the North end of Bowman's beach wearing a custom Jovana 4D (see photo added to profile images). There was very little traffic at all at the "old tree", which by the way, has a motion-sensing camera mounted on it and pointing at a turtle nest. Beach patrol passed me twice on a quad, a younger couple sauntered by with no problems. However, later in the day a couple came over the dunes from the forest path with their two teenage kids and appeared rather shocked as they just caught me emerging from a swim right in front of them. They stayed for 15 minutes then left the way they came.
The weather was absolutely great. I saw two pods of dolphins and a manatee also swam right by me. It truly is a magical spot. Can't wait to go back.
JM_Runs #160

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/04/2015 09:23:15Copy HTML

 Finally made move to Fl. Spent a couple of hours today at Bowman beach. I wore a short square cut from parking lot to beach. As soon as I was 50 yards down the beach stripped down to thong. Walked quite a ways north only one other thonged. A lot of people shell hunting. It was hot but a great day. Wore thong all the way back to crowded area and put on square cut. Nice day to work on tan line.
jtanguy #161

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/05/2015 05:02:33Copy HTML

Heading out to Bowmans Beach with another Thong friend this Sunday. Hopefully there will be some good weather and other thongers out to enjoy the long holiday weekend. Strength in numbers :)
JM_Runs #162

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/07/2015 10:24:56Copy HTML

 Being new to SW Florida I want to be respective. On Bowmans beach can one wear a transparent thong? I have several but again respect as I am new
JM_Runs #163

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/07/2015 10:32:30Copy HTML

 Let me clarify down the beach away from the crowds
JM_Runs #164

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/07/2015 10:34:22Copy HTML

 If there are locals that can teach me about fishing the NW  up by Matlache I would appreciate it. I am dong the boat shopping learning right now
jtanguy #165

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/08/2015 02:53:50Copy HTML

 Cutthroat69 - I would suggest you wear a suit that shows some color and is visible. There is a beach patrol officer who does travel the beach on a 4 wheeler and they will drive close up to you. Often times they will keep a distance and will look down the beach via a binoculars to see if anyone is laying out or walking around nude. Play it safe and wear a good visible thong so you don't get ejected from the beach is my advice.
miamifred50 #166

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/08/2015 07:42:32Copy HTML

 I suggest you contact Sanibel Naturists. This group, of once I was a member years ago to have the membership to get into Paradise Lakes, has nude events ON THE BEACH. So thong, hello! Go for it. Early mornings will be the shellers. After that, you own the beach, and the cops are quite aware of the Sanibel Naturists. One of the crowd will blow on a very loud whistle -- that means, cover up. But the cover up is a G-string. So, fine. http://www.sanibelnaturists.com/Have fun. You are, um, ahem, covered.
JM_Runs #167

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/12/2015 01:12:09Copy HTML

Heading out tomorrow to work on tan line if weather permits. 
jtanguy #168

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/12/2015 02:39:38Copy HTML

Looks like most of the day will be nice.... so I'll be heading out to Bowmans as well. 
JM_Runs #169

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:09/12/2015 08:32:57Copy HTML

 I was out for a couple of hours. Hit and miss storms but not bad. Are there any women out there near Sanibel that would enjoy thonging? It's a beautiful beach and if more people would thong closer to the main part I would think the stereo type of thongers would slowly dissipate 
mgut #170

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:11/05/2015 01:14:26Copy HTML

 I have a great stay un south seas resort, wearing a olaf beanz thong in the beach ..far away like 500 ft from the chairs area...and in the pool.No problems .
JM_Runs #171

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/04/2016 11:41:19Copy HTML

 Spent a couple of hours ar Bowmans beach today. Great weather. A lot of people searching for shells. Since it is the "season" mostly Midwestern, North East people by their type of clothing. Snickers by the men , 2nd look by the women.
jtanguy #172

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:10/17/2016 02:35:00Copy HTML

Beach update on Bowmans Beach on Sanibel Island as of this Sunday, October 16, 2016 - Beach erosion. 
For those who have been to the Northern most section of Bowmans Beach, there "was" a tall bare tree that had no leaves on it for years that many thongers would lay out near. If you were to go just past that tree you would be able to continue to walk towards Captiva.  As of my most recent visit on Sunday, this tree is now completely submerged into the Gulf along with many other trees. It is basically impossible to walk around to get towards Captiva now. You literally have to swim in the water to get around it (which I did not do) to get to the other side. 
There's some pros and cons to this. The Pros are.... you will not have the walkers from the Northern end walking down in that area anymore. It may also keep those from the Southern part of Bowmans to walk that far up to the Thongers area. The cons are you can no longer park and walk up to that parking area if that's where you previously parked before (By The Lazy Flamingo) . You can only get to the thongers area now if you go to the "Bowmans Beach" parking lot that now charges $4.00 an hour to park. Keep in mind that the walk from the parking lot to the Northern thong beach area takes 30 minutes. 
There were about 5 other thongers out on Sunday and the weather was great.
Suner #173

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/11/2018 12:11:18Copy HTML

 Me and my wife went out to where the thonger go and there was nobody around.
Does anybody go there any more ?
jtanguy #174

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/12/2018 03:29:26Copy HTML

Some of the local thongers in Southwest Florida may not be out at Bowmans due to some of the inconsistent weather we have been having. There's usually a good amount on Saturday's, but more on a Sunday when the weather is nicer.
Those who do travel over, need to pay the $6.00 bridge toll, plus beach hourly parking at the meter (if there are spaces once you get there). The month of March being a peak season with TONS of traffic (and snowbirds), some of the locals wait for April & later when there's less traffic and parking is easier.
ctmonline #175

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/17/2019 10:32:12Copy HTML

Can you still get to Bowmans Beach from the north (Blind Pass) by walking down the beach? I heard the erosion had made it inaccessible in the past, we're staying by the bridge to Captiva for a week this summer....looking for good spot.
jtanguy #176

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2019 02:38:52Copy HTML

@ ctmonline - Yes, you can still get to Bowmans Beach from the north (Blind Pass) by walking down the beach, but it may take a bit of maneuvering by actually going in the water from time to time. If you are carrying things expect to hold them above your waistline to avoid getting your items wet. Sometimes it may be easy to pass through depending on the height of the tide. There's been some new paths that have attempted to be created, but mother nature is doing her thing with the beach erosion. Enjoy your summer trip to Captiva and maybe see you out there at Bowmans!
islandguy #177

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/28/2019 04:00:52Copy HTML

There’s no need to go to Bowman’s Beach if you want to wear a thong swimsuit on Sanibel. I wore one for a week on the beach in front of the resorts much farther south of Bowman’s Beach. My wife and I stayed at the Song of the Sea resort on E. Gulf Drive just south of the causeway. The resort consists of three 2-story buildings housing a total of 30 units overlooking a pool, hot tub, and the beach. Our room had a kitchenette. A complimentary buffet hot breakfast was available in the club house. The guests were mostly of retirement age, and there were no children when we were there. In fact, during extensive walks along the beach, I saw children only in an area in front of a building that appeared to house apartments or condos. Otherwise, 90% of the people were, like us, 55+. Swimsuit styles were conservative. During my walks, I saw only a handful of women wearing cheeky bikinis, along with one man wearing a speedo. I didn't see anyone wearing a thong swimsuit. Nevertheless, I felt very comfortable wearing a thong (Skinz M77) on the beach and at the pool and hot tub. No one ever mentioned my attire, either when talking with me or behind my back (as far as I could tell). Conversely, I did not receive any compliments. People just took things in stride. My wife can't tolerate the hot sun, so I was alone at the beach for much of the day. I’m at a point in life where I feel comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need validation from others either verbally or by virtue of being near other people wearing thong swimsuits. It seems that acting normally – neither furtively nor suggestively – and being friendly leads others to act with equanimity. The entire scene on Sanibel was laid-back and slow-paced. It’s certainly not for everyone, but anyone with a certain sensibility who wants to wear a thong swimsuit can have an enjoyable time there.
ithongit #178

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:03/29/2019 05:58:47Copy HTML

I have to agree with ISLANDGUY. I have been to Sanibel several times. I have never worn more than a thong and my male friends and husband also wore thongs exclusively at the beach, at the motel pool, and on the pathways between the motel and beach. We stay to the South, usually between 1 and 2 miles from the lighthouse. We have walked and gone swimming and sunning on this beach almost daily. As ISLANDGUY says, the crowd is generally older retired looking people. They do not bother thongers or people who wear other small swimwear. We did on one trip encounter a group of teens, but they were tolerant. They all had us take pictures with them to send friends. They were in typical teen beachwear, boredshorts and sometimes rash shirts on the guys and bikinis on the girls, sometimes with a skimpy pair of cut-offs and/or T-shirt as a cover up. On another trip, we ran into a family from Canada, and everyone wore thongs on the beach but all but the 16 year old son wore board shorts around the motel except when they used the pool. The young boy never seemed to have on more than a thong, even when he was just hanging around the motel. We have always stayed across the road from the beach which saves a lot of money. These motels are older -- some look like they might date back to the 1950's. Your views of the water and beach are blocked since there are large condos and hotels immediately on the beach front. Still, we always had easy access to the beach by walkways every half-block or so between the tall buildings. I think these are required by zoning laws when properties on the beachfront are "improved". The motels we have stayed have 8 to 20 rooms which are arranged around a courtyard area where the pool is. The pools are nice since you often have the entire pool and lounger area to yourselves. Most of the motel rooms have doors which open directly to the pool area. This gives the feeling that the pool is part of the motel room, rather than a stand-alone facility. Because these places are small to start with, there are also fewer people at their pools than you find at many larger motels in the area. The only thing that is bad is that the pools are almost all totally outside, so you are not protected from the weather. We have not found this to be an issue since the almost daily rains are warm, and who cares if you get wet when you have a room 15 feet away? Many of these older places have real, full kitchens. They have dishes, pots and pans, a real stove, refrigerator, etc. Still, you have to be careful and look at pictures of the kitchen in the unit you are getting. Some have college dorm size refrigerators, a hot plate and maybe a microwave oven large enough for a cheese sandwich. Yes, you can cook some things at a place like that, but a true kitchen lets you save more money because you can make almost any meal in your room. As far as Bowman's beach goes -- it was an unofficial nudist beach, but from what I hear, the police/rangers in the now crack down on nudity. Wearing less than a string can get you in trouble if you are caught. The local Chamber of Commerce or tourist bureau will tell you thonging is okay elsewhere, but then will suggests that you might be more comfortable at Bowman's beach. Of course, they really are saying "I/We don't really want you on our beach in a thong. Please go to another place to show your buns. The last few trips, I have also gone topfree, but only on the beach or a the motel. A few of the beach stores in the area, including the Beaches store near the causeway on the mainland side sell thongs, including men's thongs! They were one of the last selling Speedo thongs, then went through a period of selling Toto brand thongs. I am not familiar with the brand they sell now, but it is not a major brand of swimwear, at least in this country. There also were at least two thong-selling beach stores on the road North towards Bowman's beach.
jtanguy #179

Re:Sanibel & Captiva Islands - Bowmans beach - Florida

Date Posted:04/01/2019 07:43:19Copy HTML

Nice beach day on Sunday at Bowmans Beach with a handful of other Thongers out in the Northern section of the beach. This was my first visit back in a while and I was told within the past three weeks there has been tremendous beach erosion. It was the WORSE I have ever seen Bowmans Beach. Much of where the thongers area has been for years is now part of where the brush and some trees were. This has created pockets of areas to lay out, but you need to maneuver around to find a spot you are comfortable with. Since it's now less easy to walk to this area, I believe it has deterred some of the regular people who would randomly walk up that far to walk or look for shells as they have in the past. That's the good news! The water temps were okay, but a bit too chilly for a Floridian to completely go in yet in my opinion. Wore a few of my new Koala suits I was able to try on...
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