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Date Posted:02/14/2007 07:50:07Copy HTML

Ex-Congressman charged with indecent exposure on Sanabel beachSANIBEL, Florida (AP) ? A former Pennsylvania congressman was accused today of exposing himself to two women at a beach resort.Former U.S. Representative Joseph M. McDade must appear in Lee County court to face a charge of exposure of sexual organs.The misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. A date for the court appearance has not been set.Sanibel Police Chief William Tomlinson said two women identified McDade as a man who exposed himself.McDade served in Congress from 1963 to 1999. He did not seek re-election. He's 75 now.
ithongit #1

Re:Sanibel beach in Florida, may be a good place to thong, but not to go nude.

Date Posted:02/20/2007 10:42:30Copy HTML

I beleive this incident could hurt thongers in Florida if the media continues to make this a "nudity" issue.  Sanabel used to have tollerance for nudity on a secluded beach, but conservatives got the police to start cracking down there and word got out that nudity would no longer be accepted.  Thonging is still tollerated in most Sanabel areas, but some want that stopped to (as was done in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina).  This incident is high enough profile to stir up emotions.  What is bad is that most accounts only mention this man is accused of being "nude" or of exposure -- but there seems to be more to the story, as the quotations below taken from citizensvoice.com explains:

One of the witnesses in the indecent exposure case against Joseph M. McDade told police she thought the former U.S. congressman from Lackawanna County was a "mental patient" because he was openly masturbating on the beach and near a pool at a Florida hotel, according to a police report.

In addition to the woman near the pool, a married couple told police they had seen McDade openly masturbating on a nearby beach. When the wife got up from her beach chair, McDade followed her to a boardwalk that leads to the hotel and masturbated while he watched her wash her feet under a shower, she told police, according to their report.

If this account is correct, this man is indead guilty of a lot more than simple "nudity".  Unfortunately, the media is making this an issue of nudity instead of what it really is -- the case of a sexual pervert. 

Had the stories said "Former Congressman Caught Masterbating on the Beach" people would have gotten a true sense of what happened.  I seriously doubt if this man was even nude.  None of the news reports I have found indicate any more than he exposed himself.  He probably was clothed and pulled his meat out to pleasure himself.  But the media has decided to address this as a nudity issue, and some will use it to defend their objections to thongs and other minimal swimwear.

This incident has nothing to do with nudity or the wearing of minimal swimwear, but some will try to twist it into tighter swimwear regulations.

A link to the full article is below.


sailor250 #2

Re:Sanibel beach in Florida, may be a good place to thong, but not to go nude.

Date Posted:12/22/2018 05:13:07Copy HTML

A couple was arrested for nudity and "having sex" on the Sanibel beach. Don't know which beach this was- but there appear to have been many people around. The children around angle may just be fake news. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6433679/Married-couple-caught-having-sex-Florida-beach-children.html
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