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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:06/08/2005 04:51:58Copy HTML

Are there any good beaches to thong at around Santa Barbara?Roger
socalthongman #1

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:06/10/2005 11:01:32Copy HTML

There were previous posts long ago about where to thong in Santa Barbara.  There are a number of nude beachs (i.e., Summerland being one).  I believe I remember a public beach called East (or West?) beach.  I do remember that it was near the Cabrillo bathhouse area. 

I have always wanted to wear skimpy swimwear in Santa Barbara because it is such a beautiful area.  Please report back if you visit or get additional information. 

rogerp #2

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:06/13/2005 12:17:53Copy HTML

From what I understand, it's not a good idea to go naked at Summerland and such, unless you want to get arrested.
speedoman05 #3

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:07/25/2007 03:00:31Copy HTML

Anyone been thonging in Santa Barbara lately? Any recommended areas?
swoontogo #4

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:07/26/2007 01:11:29Copy HTML

during the week of the 4th of july, i spent 2 days at more mesa beach. the north section of this beach is clothing optional. i had never been there before so the first day i brought a thong. there was no need for it, very mellow and private beach - very nice friendly and mixed crowd. took lots of long walks and enjoyed the water. would be a great place to enjoy a thong - or not. you can find a description and directions with a simple google search. used to frequest bates beach in the days when it still had a clothing optional section, but haven't been since they cracked down on nudity. would be interested to hear anyone elses beach reports of more mesa and/or santabarbara.
outdoorbuyer #5

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:05/19/2009 02:26:13Copy HTML

This is a pretty old thread but I will be in the Santa Barbara/Carpinteria area and wondered if there were any accepted places for thonging and nude sunbathing. Thanks!
thongs4jab #6

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:05/25/2009 02:43:05Copy HTML

I've thonged at Summerland, and the girl I was with even went topless. Not sure if there are any legal clothing optional beaches in the area, but Summerland was very nice and not crowded at all.
shoyupoke #7

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:09/28/2009 05:05:28Copy HTML

 I have a few hours to kill at SBA airport.  Does anyone know if I should even consider thonging at Goleta State Park?  It's right next to the airport.  Thanks!
shoyupoke #8

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:10/09/2009 04:39:20Copy HTML

Getting to Goleta Beach was easier than I thought.  From SBA you walk towards the Car Rental area and follow the road past General Aviation to a bridge.  The sign there will lead you (go straight) to the the Beach.  If you want to take a shortcut across Hwy 1 you can hop the trampled fence.
The beach was nice with a few people around.  I set up thonging near the northern side and didn't get any comments or stares thoughout my afternoon there.  At one point I saw a woman walk from the pier all the way up to the northern end of the beach topless and in a thong.  
The only downside was that the wind was blowing so much I ended up with tons of sand in my hair.  Otherwise it was a very therapeutic thonging experience.
tarzanbuns #9

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:01/04/2011 12:08:25Copy HTML

Summerland is no longer a nude beach.  At least not legally.  But, it is a great place for minimal swimwear for both men and women.  I go there often, and never feel out of place in my thong or mimimal swimwear.  It's not too difficult to meet others there also.  Pretty litte beach!  Go to the south end of the beach, or access it from the parking lot at Padaro Lane.  I hope to see some of you there.
swoontogo #10

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:03/30/2012 10:28:22Copy HTML

 Any new updates for the Santa barbara area? Just moved up here and am looking forward to the sun and beach this spring and summer. Any beach updates or recommendations would be appreciated.
swoontogo #11

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:05/18/2012 04:14:04Copy HTML

 I made it back out to More Mesa yesterday for the first time since moving to the area. What a gorgeous day - not a cloud in the sky and very warm. I didn't bother with a thong because nudity is tolerated on the north section of the beach and everyone else there was sans suit. It felt great to ditch the briefs and get some quality sun on my entire body. Spent about three hours there, took a couple of dips in the water and enjoyed a Thursday away from the computer. There were maybe twelve guys out and four women - and surprisingly, everyone out there seemed pretty fit and attractive. One very attractive woman was heading up the beach as I was leaving. It would have been great to see her enjoying the sun au naturale. Looking forward to many more days like this in the coming months. 
swoontogo #12

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:01/31/2013 06:33:37Copy HTML

 I was out at east beach yesterday to walk the dog and was about 50 yards behind this very attractive woman walking down by the water at low tide. She was pretty tall and fit and was wearing a lovely black thong. I was behind her for about 1.5 miles on my walk and I can tell you that every single guy who passed her turned around to watch her walk down the beach - it was kinda funny. She then proceeded to walk up past the volleyball courts and to her car. She was confident for sure. Wish I could have been just a little closer to have a slightly better view. Not bad for a sunny cool day, I hope this is a sign of things to come for this spring and summer. :)
BeachLover007 #13

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:03/02/2013 02:43:10Copy HTML

 I'm staying in Goleta for a couple days. Gonna try to lay out in my thong tomorrow at Goleta State Beach.
swoontogo #14

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:03/02/2013 07:14:25Copy HTML

 Enjoy. Let me know if you feel like a beach buddy. Should be nice and warm tomorrow. :)
swoontogo #15

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:03/03/2013 02:00:20Copy HTML

 Another nice day at the beach today. Tons of ass out there. Women's suits are definitely skimpier this year. Seemed like half of the women at east beach were in the "almost thong" wedged suits - and looking good. Going to be a great spring and summer. :)
JM_Runs #16

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:03/03/2013 05:28:42Copy HTML

Swoontogo... Tons of ass out there eh? I'm sure that included your spectacular caboose.
Long time no chat.
swoontogo #17

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:04/20/2013 12:47:20Copy HTML

 Going to out at More Mesa beach all afternoon tomorrow. Any other locals going to be out there? Should be a great weekend. TGIF.
ValleyGuy #18

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:05/04/2013 04:24:01Copy HTML

Yesterday was unseasonably hot in Los Angeles so I drove up to Summerland/Loon Point to go thonging.  Beautiful day, beautiful beach.  No other thongers about that I could see, just some attractive young women in wedged bikinis.  No hassles from anyone; no one even seemed surprised to see a man in a thong.
swoontogo #19

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:10/04/2013 04:07:59Copy HTML

 I made it out to summerland beach this last Monday for a little sun on my buns. Met a fellow thong buddy out there. The skies were clear and the weather was very warm and the beach was pretty quite considering the weather. Did not see any other minimal swimwear from my spot but there are usually a few others in skimpy gear - usually women. Hoping to make it back out there this weekend and beginning of next week. 
swoontogo #20

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:01/20/2014 07:05:10Copy HTML

The weather in southern California has been amazing. my friend is calling this month julyuary. i am happy to say that i have been getting some sun time in at the local beaches. last wednesday i spent the whole afternoon sunbathing. i was only in my bikini, but i saw two fit guys in minimal swimwear - one in a nice thong and another in a skimpy g-string. on saturday, i spend the afternoon at the local clothing optional beach. there were several topless women in thongs and one very fit guy in a super skimpy black g-string. he spent a lot of time standing ankle-deep in the water while ready the paper - made for a nice show. i hope the weather sticks around a little longer because i would love to get back out for some more sun. anyone else here been out to the local beaches or heading out soon?
RobinWalker #21

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:05/08/2017 12:04:09Copy HTML

 Has anyone been to Guadalupe Dunes park?  It seems like a great place to thong.
20897 #22

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:02/12/2018 11:01:05Copy HTML

 Can someone give an update on Summerland Beach, More Mesa Beach, and or East Beach in the Santa Barbara. We will be in the area for a couple of days this weekend. Thanks.
swoontogo #23

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:02/13/2018 12:19:33Copy HTML

Santa Barbara is very thong friendly. Most women are showing some cheek and no one will be shocked by a thong. Different story for men. Most guys are in board shorts. Some tourists in speedos. And I will see the occasional guy in a thong. That being said, you can wear whatever you like, as long as you are comfortable.

More Mesa is a lovely beach that is clothing optional. It can be a hassle to get there, but I don’t mind and it is totally worth it if the weather is great. I usually go nude there but will thong with my thong buddies. Feel free to wear whatever you like there.

Summerland is also thong friendly. Wear what you like but do not expect other men in thongs - sometimes you may see them.  No problem for women at all.

East Beach can get a ton of tourists, so easy to blend in as one and wear what you like. The beach south east of East Beach volleyball courts can be quiet and nice for thonging. I wear my thongs there for sunning occasionally. I wear my bikinis regularly on all the beaches.

Enjoy and provide a beach report. :)
swoontogo #24

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:07/06/2018 06:19:38Copy HTML

 It is going to be sunny and hot all weekend here. I am planning on spending the entire day Saturday at More Mesa beach. Anyone else planning on hitting the beach in SB this weekend?
swoontogo #25

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:08/08/2018 04:56:58Copy HTML

Great day out at More Mesa clothing optional beach this past Saturday. Met a thong buddy out there and spent the entire afternoon soaking up the warm sun and swimming. Saw one other guy in a thong out there. He showed up in a nice black lace thong and walked the length of the beach to set up his spot. When he was leaving, he was sporting a red gstring. My buddy was in a blue N2N thong and I was nude. Always some ladies out there topless and in thongs. I am planning on being back out there all day Thursday and Saturday and potentially Friday as well. Any other SB beachgoers out there?
m2mfun #26

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:08/10/2018 03:51:07Copy HTML

I'm going to join you guys one day this summer!
swoontogo #27

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:08/11/2018 02:21:14Copy HTML

i will be out there again all day tomorrow. always nice to have company. :)
swoontogo #28

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:10/10/2018 07:14:58Copy HTML

I made it back out to Summerland beach on Monday. I thought it might be too cool to sunbathe, but i was wrong - happily. It was sunny and warm and there was an awesome low tide. I set up camp and enjoyed a few hours of sunbathing in my gray muscleskins. slipped a bikini on and took a long walk with the dog. At one point a guy walked by wearing a black, long-sleeved rash guard with a bright orange, high-cut tong. He walked the full length of the beach a couple of times. At another point, a guy walking the beach with his dog, dropped his shorts about 50 yards from me and took a swim. He returned to his stuff, dried off, put his shorts back on and left. Very few people out on the beach, especially for such a lovely day. Glad I made it out. The weather looks nice all of next week, so hoping to hit More Mesa and/or Summerland at least twice. :)
swoontogo #29

Re:Santa Barbara

Date Posted:10/15/2018 03:53:55Copy HTML

I will be back out at summerland today for a few hours starting around noon. Weather should be sunny and warm! 😀
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