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Date Posted:07/26/2012 05:01:29Copy HTML

The sun has made a reappearance here in Seattle this week.  For those who want to get a great tan the best places to lay out and swim on Lake Washington are Denny-Blaine and Secret Beach.

Denny-Blaine has its usual diverse mix of people.  Small bikinis or thongs on boys or girls are usually in evidence when the sun is out and topfree remains an option that is chosen daily and usually without comment.  I haven't seen anyone sunning nude so far this summer but one women was fairly close when she went topfree with a sheer bottom.  Again this year there have been no apparent problems at D-B for those choosing to sun or swim in very little.  If we get a stretch warmer weather I wouldn't be surprised to see several women going topfree and even a few nudies mixed in with the mostly clothed crowd.

Secret beach has become the place for serious sun lovers.  If the sun is out but the temp is only in the 70s little Secret Beach will usually have more people using it then the much larger Denny-Blaine.  Today was about 80 and typical of a good mid-week crowd.  A few people stayed clothed, mostly picnicking back away from the waters edge in the shade and often with less clothed friends.  There were a few women using the beach topfree in full bottoms.  One of the guys that regularly cycles down was thonging.  A 30 something mom was t-n-t as was the girl in a super cute young couple down for the first time.    They both had full cut bikini bottom tan lines that they spent the day trying to get rid of.  And about 50 people went nude.  It was a wonderfully laid back day at the beach and typical of recent summers.

The east facing beaches on the Seattle side of the lake do lose the sun late in the afternoon and flip flops are nice for wading.  The water is getting pleasantly warm for swimming and the views of the mountains are spectacular.  When the sun is out Seattle is a wonderful place to be.

I hope everyone here living in or visiting Seattle gets a chance to visit these fantastic little beaches.
tanline #1


Date Posted:07/27/2012 07:36:29Copy HTML

Is the  "Secret Beach" you refer to Howell Park just south of Denny-Blaine? Or is it some other location?
thong_jock #2


Date Posted:07/29/2012 05:57:38Copy HTML

 I'll have to check out Denny-Blaine. I've been to Howell a few times and see other thongers every now and then. I usually to the gay beach at the Arboretum, where there are always other male thongers but would prefer a place to thong that isn't so cruisy. I find at the Arboretum I get these fully-clothed dudes setting up near me and just staring while rubbing their pants. It's not a big deal and I guess I should take it as a compliment. :-)
jackk #3


Date Posted:09/23/2012 12:40:27Copy HTML

Now that the weather is cooling off, are there any indoor places people go to thong or be nude?
thong_jock #4


Date Posted:09/23/2012 02:28:55Copy HTML

 Only place I could think of would be the bath houses, like Steamworks. As a rule I don't go to these places in my home town. I have worked out in a thong and cruised around in one in bath houses when out of town though.
jackk #5


Date Posted:09/28/2012 06:10:50Copy HTML

 I'm not really into the gay scene. I did find a couple of korean spas in the area. Bella Luna (http://bellalunaspa.com/) and Palace Spa (http://www.enjoypalacespa.com/). They're nude mandatory in the gender segregated areas. Anyone been to either before?
thong_jock #6


Date Posted:05/06/2013 02:10:10Copy HTML

The weather was awesome this weekend. Went out to the Arboretum and there were 3 other guys in thongs - so 4 total. I wore my maroon Muscleskins poser thong and got the first faint hint of skimpy tanlines. 
poonster #7


Date Posted:07/02/2013 06:19:14Copy HTML

 I was out at Denny-Blaine this past Sunday for an hour or so while having my lunch. It was quite crowded and I was the only guy in a thong (too bad). One girl topless and another in a conservative black thong. The Lake Washington water is so warm =)
tback_78 #8


Date Posted:08/07/2013 06:55:27Copy HTML

 Seattle has had great weather this summer.  Denny-Blaine has been super.  If you want to wear a small bottom or go topfree you will likely have company.  :)
jackk #9


Date Posted:08/07/2013 09:21:49Copy HTML

I came across a local nudist group while browsing meetup. They're planning to get together at Denny Blaine this Saturday, August 10, from 12-3PM. Might be a good time to break out a thong or less in like-minded company.

tback_78 #10


Date Posted:07/01/2014 07:17:30Copy HTML

 D-B has been great this summer.  Topfree is an everyday thing this year and most days there will be a few nudie boys and girls.
tanline #11


Date Posted:09/06/2014 12:29:32Copy HTML

I've managed to get to D-B a few times this year. Each time was just a bit different. One time a few girls completely nude, some topless, one guy nude. Other times there were a few topless girls. Each time did have one thing in common- I was the only guy in a thong. At least as far as I know. There are three levels to this beach. I usually lay on the middle level. The lowest level may have more activity going on that I don't see. Anyway, if you're up for a decent experience, go to D-B. There are quite a few girls with asymmetrical haircuts, little dogs (some on leashes), and a general " I really don't care what you do" type of attitude. There are a few skeevy loser guys, but, eh, whatever. It's still a cool little beach.
tanline #12


Date Posted:09/28/2014 01:01:32Copy HTML

So, I went to D-B for probably the last time this year. There were a couple guys nude on the lower north beach section. A few other groups wandered in and out during the 1 1/2 hours during my visit. I was sunning in my Joe Snyder bulge thong in the middle section. I wonder if anyone could explain what was up with the 50+YO dude who kept strolling around nude. He constantly did "laps" around the lower and middle sections. About every 5 minutes or so he'd walk the length of the middle section, sit on the stairs on the south end of the wall, get up and walk back down to the lower north end. Really? Kinda creeped me out. So instead of moving to keep the sun on me, I went home puzzled by his odd behavior. What was he doing?

thong_jock #13


Date Posted:06/18/2015 01:54:39Copy HTML

 I've been to Denny Blaine Beach a couple times this year, both times wearing a 1/2"  muscleskins classic thong. The vibe here is great and swimming very nice. Second time there was another guy in a thong...looked like thong underwear.  This is a little beach that epitomizes Seattle's diverse and chill population. Even when 3 young guys set up right next to me and they looked like the rowdy college types they didn't say boo...they looked but kept to themselves. I go there earlier in the day and stay until the beach fills up, laying on the lower level right next to the water. This is definitely my new favorite beach to thong at in seattle and I love how great the swimming is too. Mix of nude, shorts, speedos, thongs, gays, straights and lesbians. It's awesome.
tback_78 #14


Date Posted:07/29/2015 01:54:55Copy HTML

This summer has brought us spectacular weather and Denny Blaine has been a wonderful place to enjoy it.  Count on a big mostly clothed crowd on warm weekends.  Mixed in with the bikinis, one pieces and board shorts you will find beach goers in speedos, brazilians, thongs, Gs, many topfree and nudes.  All enjoy the sun and water together without conflict.  Mid week generally quiet with fewer people at the beach and fewer swimsuits in evidence.  Topfree and nude use predominate on many weekdays, especially in the morning and early afternoon.
NWGirl #15


Date Posted:09/20/2016 10:15:44Copy HTML

 Any good places to wear thongs in the Seattle area as the weather gets cooler? Hoping I don't have to hang up my thong for the winter. :-(
jprob50 #16


Date Posted:09/22/2016 12:14:40Copy HTML

 NWGirl, you can wear one to Neighbors, Noc Noc, Mercury and C.C. Attle's....
thong_jock #17


Date Posted:09/22/2016 02:19:55Copy HTML

 I wear thongs to the local underwear nights at thr eagle. Its a gay thing though. Wish i knew of some thong friendly indoor pools or spas in the area. I just know of korean spas which i think are nude only. Lmk if u hear of anything! 
jackk #18


Date Posted:06/07/2017 02:20:40Copy HTML

Seattle area's been great for thongs this year. Spent Memorial Day along the east side of Lake Washington with some friends. Must've seen at least 6 women wearing thongs. Huge change considering I saw 2 all of last summer.
jackk #19


Date Posted:06/20/2017 01:56:38Copy HTML

Hope everyone had a nice time at the Solstice Parade. Weather was a little cold, but it was as fun as always.

I took a couple of friends who'd never done the naked ride before. They had an awesome time painting and riding. Her parents were visiting for father's day and watched their son while we rode. She started in a thong, but took it off once we started painting and saw how comfortable everyone was.
NWGirl #20


Date Posted:06/23/2017 02:06:28Copy HTML

Took some friends who were visiting to the sculpture park this afternoon. We walked through Myrtle Edward Park after. On our way back, we walked down to the little beach near the sculpture park.

As we'd been walking, I'd been telling them how nudity is often acceptable at the local beaches. Sure enough, two guys and one woman were sunning sans clothing. I'll have to come back here and wear a thong or go nude next time.
spandexluva #21


Date Posted:07/10/2017 06:49:11Copy HTML

With summer upon us, I was curious if anyone would be up for an informal gathering at a thong friendly Seattle beach? A group of like minded thongers may encourage more to try it!

Despite the nice weather I have yet to make it out in a thong this year, I hope to change that this week!
NWGirl #22


Date Posted:06/24/2018 01:02:21Copy HTML

We've had a bit of warm weather this year. Has anyone been out to any of the beaches?
MNluvthongs #23


Date Posted:07/07/2018 03:07:13Copy HTML

 I have heard nude is OK in all Seattle parks. Is that true?
thong_jock #24


Date Posted:07/07/2018 03:34:07Copy HTML

 I've been thonging at Denny Blaine, Howell, and a couple of Seattle parks. Planning a trip out to Point Wells on Sunday. Looks like it will be a perfect day for working on my thong tanline!
PalmtrePalmtree #25


Date Posted:07/23/2018 09:44:16Copy HTML

 Does anyone know of any beaches or parks that are thong friendly in Bellingham?
Cyberluc #26


Date Posted:01/17/2019 05:54:14Copy HTML

I found a hidden gem on my recent trip to Seattle:  Sacred Rain Healing Center.  It's just north of freemont and it has an outdoor full-nude sun deck and sauna!  Best part is, it's only $20 for the whole day to use (massages are extra).  They are also putting in a 12 person hot tub that should be installed by the end of January.  The inside, non-nude, areas are quaint but sparse (it's a new establishment, I think they're just getting setup) but the outside is very well done.  About 15 lounge chairs and a comfortable Sauna.  I spent about 2 hours at the center, mainly alternating between the sauna, the outside deck and inside.  The outside temp was about 48F, so fairly chilly - I could watch the steam come off my body and only take it for about 5 minutes before I had to go back in.  But the "cold plunge" felt amazing when full nude.  I plan to go back for work in the summer, and looking forward to spending a day in the warm summer sun.  I didn't specifically ask, but judging by the attitude of the management (very relaxed/non-judgemental, I talked to two of the workers) I don't see how a thong/G-string would be an issue.  As with all nude establishments, you have to keep it civil/non-sexual, so as long as you do that, wear what you want.
Thonged4Life #27


Date Posted:03/12/2019 06:52:36Copy HTML

While I do have a swim thong (Speedo Solar) I do have a bunch of regular Speedo style suits. I recently moved out here to the PNW. Looks like I finally may have found a few places where I can wear them on a public beach and not be worried about getting ridiculed or worse. I see DB and Howell on here and will be keeping my eyes open for other suggestions of smaller to now swimwear friendly places to go. As most of my underwear are thongs, if I these places are a thong friendly as they say, I may need to pick up some more for swimming.
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