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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:10/23/2018 02:35:34Copy HTML

I'm heading to Secrets Maroma, a few miles north of Playa Del Carmen, over Thanksgiving. I know thongs are allowed, even though I might be the only male wearing one. I'm wondering what might be too extreme though. I have some new g-strings, and a few thongs that don't leave much to the imagination - one is printed but still sheer if you're really looking, and one is a single color and definitely sheer. Too much? It's my first time in Mexico and I'm not sure what the attitude will be.

Comfythong1 #1

Re:Secrets Maroma - Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:10/23/2018 02:54:26Copy HTML

As far as I know Secrets is adult only, so you could get away with a more risqué suit. I wear thongs in Mexico and never had issues, but my suits are not sheer at all, although I travel with family. I’d say g-string is fine as long as not too sheer. IMO if you can see your privates, it’s a bit too much if you’re planning on staying by the pool and beach area next to resort. If you find a more secluded spot, I think you should be ok.
Blackthong23 #2

Re:Secrets Maroma - Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:10/24/2018 04:04:34Copy HTML

I was south of Playa del Carmen earlier this year at a resort there and I wore thongs at the beach pretty much every day. I found was there were zero other men in thongs but I’d say about 10-20% of the guys had speedo’s, squarecuts. This wasn’t a adults only resort which might be the reason for the low amount of non dork shorts.

I played it somewhat conservative by wearing my JS bikini as a cover to walk around the resort, bar, bathroom, beach walking or at the pool. I wore my skinz thong and JS thong while laying out at the beach.

I found that nobody batted an eye at my thongs. I’m sure if I walked around in my thongs it would have been a different story but over all the people there were very chill and minding their own business.

I’m was pleased to see the number of thongs on women. I’d honestly say 40-50% were wearing some sort of thong!  To be honest, sheer ones might be a bit too much, but get a feel for it and wear what you want. After a couple days I got really comfortable and didn’t care as much.

Around the pool areas I just mostly wore my bikinis, but one day my wife and I were relaxing my the main pool and I was wearing my skinz thong. About 5 beautiful Brazilians girls in thongs sat in the chairs next to us. It was awesome because they didn’t seem to care I was wearing my thong. :)  I think you will be fine though especially since your not in Cancun. There it seems to be very American tourists, and speedos are rare.

abczyxabczyx #3

Re:Secrets Maroma - Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:10/31/2018 04:28:49Copy HTML

I have been to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen numerous times. I have worn g-strings and thongs in both places. I did scuba diving and snorkeling in a g-string. I walked up and down the beaches in both g-string and thong. I swam in the resort pools in both g-string and thong. Never had a problem anywhere.
Endo_Rowe #4

Re:Secrets Maroma - Playa Del Carmen

Date Posted:11/26/2018 06:47:48Copy HTML

Just got back from 4 nights at Secrets Maroma. I wore a Skinzwear thong the first day and then a Daniel Alexander g-string the rest of the time. Walked up and down the beach and hung out with a few other couples at the swimup bar. The water there was just below waist height, so there was no question what I was wearing. The g-string was white and a bit sheer when wet, but no one seemed to care. I saw a few other men in briefs, but it definitely catered more to American men in post-knee boardshorts, but again, no problems at all.
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