<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/04/2010 02:00:21Copy HTML

Here's a place for photos or videos of places you've worn a thong or seen thongs worn.  Keep it concise to a specific area of a beach or a pool, not just a town or a hotel.  Let others see what the facilities , scenery, and surroundings are like.  A thonger's eye view would be great.  (thongs probably won't be visible on the video- this is about the place not the suits or the people)

You can't be there right now so on your smallest thong and take a look.

Strand OceanDrive Hotel Miami Beach, FL  great rooftop pool mentioned by several people-I've been there


The Standard Hotel Miami Beach- from the jacuzzi!

The Sanctuary Hotel Miami Beach rooftop pool  From experience I'll say a great spot on a hot day.
sailor250 #1

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:02/04/2010 02:33:51Copy HTML

Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel Beach 25 club- a topless pool


Flamingo  Hotel Go Pool in Las Vegas

sailor250 #2

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:02/12/2010 01:37:06Copy HTML

Here's Haulover (nude) Beach in Miami on a fairly busy day- hundreds in the water and on the beach

Here's Baker's (nude) Beach in San Francisco
a thongwearer there
sailor250 #3

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:01/03/2011 02:31:12Copy HTML

Rooftop pool The Strand hotel , now Congress Hotel, southbeach Miam
National Hotel south beach there's a g now
oh two more
Sanctuary Hotel south beach rooftop pool
National Hotel southbeach pool
Venus Pool Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Main St Inn Hilton Head SC
Lemon Tree Inn  Na ples, FL
sailor250 #4

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:01/18/2011 02:55:13Copy HTML

here's a new one Scott sdale Resort and Conference Center- who'd a thought   TNG  topless n g string
sailor250 #5

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:03/27/2011 12:59:27Copy HTML

Looking at some old WMC videos and ran across Lady Gaga playing on the penthouse deck at the Raleigh on southbeach.  In the background is the Shelborne,and since I've spent many days in one of those rooms with the gold rails over her shoulder I can say I've seen more than a few thong and topless and nude sunbathers and parties out there.
sailor250 #6

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:04/29/2011 01:15:38Copy HTML

here's Wet Republic in Las Vegas!  (don't need a mirror for a rearview)
sailor250 #7

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:09/17/2011 03:59:47Copy HTML

Never thought you'd see a Paris rooftop as a G string sunning spot
sailor250 #8

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:08/12/2015 01:51:54Copy HTML

 This thread was for seeing where some of us have worn thongs--- well this is/was a favorite of mine!  The pool is at the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach- many thong stories about that place!!  Here thongs in a music video!!  So this place is ass-ociated with thongs forever!  Pitbull Mr Dade County knows his way around some thongs.http://www.vevo.com/watch/pitbull/Como-Yo-Le-Doy/USNPW1400168
sailor250 #9

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:03/13/2016 12:10:47Copy HTML

 The swimming pool shots here are from "The Hotel", 5th and Collins in SouthBeach!  TNT! sheer!            
sailor250 #10

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:03/19/2016 10:51:23Copy HTML

 Bondi beach G string wearer in the ??news
John Howard #11

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:03/19/2016 01:38:55Copy HTML

 The guy is wearing a g string not a mankini.He seems to be minding his own business going for a jog and then cooling off in the surf then comes back to pick up his belongings to leave.
However it seems that othrs on the beach frown upon him.
Would the news have any negative connotations if it was a woman not a man?
Doubt it.   Sexisn and double standards.

sailor250 #12

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:07/23/2016 03:52:35Copy HTML

 TNG at the roof top pool at "The Hotel" on southbeach
sailor250 #13

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:08/19/2016 11:19:20Copy HTML

 Here's a documentary on Cap d Agde in France where a thong is over dressing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmnsySVK1ko
sailor250 #14

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:12/19/2017 02:30:30Copy HTML

 Here's Elle Macpherson at Haulover---well she's standing on the Bal Harbor side of the Haulover inlet, look behind her there's Haulover Beach- nude section in the distance--- now we just have to get her to go over there and enjoy herself!http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5187793/Elle-Macpherson-showcases-incredible-physique.html
sailor250 #15

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:03/29/2018 01:24:16Copy HTML

 This thread is for posts where pictures of thongwearers match where you've worn a thong!  So if you see a photo taken at a place where you've also worn a thong- let's see it!  ( SouthBeach sands shouldn't count--I mean there are hundreds or thousands of thongs each day year round- that's a thong capital by definition)
If we can't be there at the same time- well we'll share the view
Here's Sanibel Island, FL, I've walked down the beach to the lighthouse in a thong a few years ago- she's looking good in the sheer thong!  great body!!
sailor250 #16

Re:See Thong Venues

Date Posted:05/09/2018 01:17:29Copy HTML

 CamCon is at the end of the month on Southbeach- not going to make  it this year.  Thongs are a "uniform" for some attendees.  Hopefully someone will put together some trips to Haulover.  A Haulover Takeover/StripOff would be cool!  
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