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Date Posted:01/24/2013 05:41:32Copy HTML

Hi All,I've been noticing more and more that girls these days are wearing thin summer dresses. It isn't overly obvious but a lot of the time, these dresses are subtly see through and you can make out their thong underwear.

I am just wondering from the female population when you are putting on a thong and a see throughish dress, is it something you are conscious of and don't care/enjoy the attention or is it something that just happens unknowingly?

When wearing a white summer dress do you sometimes choose to wear a white thong instead of a nude coloured one?
thonger2005 #1

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/24/2013 05:18:27Copy HTML

Yeah, the girls know their dresses are see thru but there are times when they try not to make it obvious.
Dr S #2

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/25/2013 12:56:09Copy HTML

My wife often wears summer dresses you can see her underwear through and I love it. She does know but doesn't care: I suspect she quite likes the slight exhibitionism of it as long as its not too blatant. She caught my admiring glances at a younger woman in a very see through dress and very obvious white thong. I commented that it was a little out there, but my wifes response was that if she had a body like hers she'd wear the same!

She does have tight, dark brown wrap-around dress she sometimes wears for work that is quite transparent if the light catches it just right (nothing left to the imagination) and I'm sure she doesn't realise it's quite so see-through. I haven't enlightened her!
sailor250 #3

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/25/2013 07:38:57Copy HTML

here last night Rihanna went out in a nearly shear dress with only a black thong on underneath- you know she loves to show off those nipple bars!

stanpuppy #4

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/25/2013 09:35:40Copy HTML

My wife is fairly conscious of this.  She always checks her lines before we go out.  FUnny thing is...her response is very different depending on the venue.  If it is a serious, or family affair, she will make sure she has on something that does not show at all.  If we are going out to a club, dancing or something else that is just the two of us, she is perfectly fine with her G line showing.  Truthfully, alot of times when she wears either skirts of dresses, she does not wear underwear, so it is a moot point.  The other item of note is that 99% of the time, Michelle wears G's not thongs, so they are far less inclined to show under anything.
thinthong #5

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/25/2013 09:51:51Copy HTML

I can see that we're really capturing the female perspective on this one...LOL
kmackhard #6

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/26/2013 03:04:27Copy HTML

My wife in her day wore many a see through dress when we went out dining and dancing. She had two dresses that were very seethrough around the boobs and she would wear nothing in the way of bra.  So those lovely 38D breasts and her big pink nipples were there for everyone to see and admire. She got even more daring when vacationing in Mexico, wearing completely see through dresse with nothing underneath and some 6" stiletto pumps showing off everything. Also a very tiny little 8" pink miniskirt with a tiny micro pink lace bikini top that didn;t even cover her nipples. Of course the miniskirt which didn;t quite cover her  ass had no underwear underneath it and again wearing some skyhigh stiletto pumps with this sexy little outfit. She absolutely enjoyed and got very turned on by all the looks and comments. Oh I miss those days
Blakmagic #7

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/26/2013 10:43:35Copy HTML

Haha not many female opinions but great to hear the other side also. I think I shows a lot of confidence and there is something very sexy about a woman showing off her body/lingerie for another man to view/enjoy. I have a fee friends that do it and I am unsure of whether they know or not. Anyone have any pics of their wives?
ThongersAngels #8

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/26/2013 11:50:28Copy HTML

 We are very aware of our thongs seeing through our dresses. It is our soul purpose when wearing a dress, but as others have stated in here, we monitor it with regards to where we are going or who we will be around.

I saw a net dress on a woman a few years ago in Charleston but she also had on a white dress thing on under it. I couldnt make out a thong but I have been trying to find such a dress for some time now. The dress she had on, I am fairly certain I could get away with just the dress without a slip or underneath dress with it. I just need to find one where the roping is fairly tight.
bbyrne78 #9

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/28/2013 01:12:45Copy HTML

I always check my lines before going out. It doesn't matter whether I am wearing pants, dresses or even my workout gear. Have I purposely chosen or worn a dress which shows that I am wearing a thong or g-string? No.

I have a couple of backless dresses by Leiluna which are dangerously low in the back and sit about mid thigh, there are not a lot of options for underwear for those dresses - regular seamless underwear sits too high on the hips and the very low hipsters often show.

I have some beautiful string bodysuits by Wolford  when teamed with low-rise jeans definitely shows that I am wearing a thong with the leg holes a good three inches above the "waistband" of the jeans. I have worn them out with short jacket, where I live this did not create any fuss, but there were the times I wore this combination in Sydney and the South Coast, where I did attract a lot of unwanted attention.  

AndreaDK #10

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/28/2013 09:10:58Copy HTML

 For me and many girls I know, having a thong visible is not very embarrassing, but we either wear white under white or a pretty colour, not black.
What is for us very embarrassing would be wearing big knickers and people knowing we are, but I think less embarrassing nowadays when I am in England as thongs seem less often.
WHen I work in Romania and Bulgaria, there it is totally embarrassing for a girl to have big pants.
And VPL is a no no!
tanlines2thin #11

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/28/2013 11:36:28Copy HTML

i totally concur.......the eastern euro gals are the most provocative and foxi of dressers......i was dating a whackie hungarian gal who wore her biz slacks skintight to show off her G-line.........very cool gal
ThongersAngels #12

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/28/2013 03:02:29Copy HTML

 That dress I saw on a woman in Charleston was a crochet dress. There are varying styles and designes to choose from regarding just how see through they are.
stanpuppy #13

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:01/29/2013 03:13:54Copy HTML

Personally, I think a visible thong less is much less inappropriate than a visible bikini panty line.  With the VTL, it show that at least you are cognizant of the fact that you are trying to hide the lines.  A full VPL basically says (to me)...I dont care
Blakmagic #14

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:02/02/2013 08:24:33Copy HTML

 Agreed with the visible panty line. I've heard that eastern European countries wear see through dresses and thongs all of the time. ThongersAngel, any websites you can link us to regarding that dress?
dobbybeach #15

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:08/31/2013 11:28:14Copy HTML

I was working w. 3 other guys when a hot mother of 2 pushing a stroller walked by with a big smile. checkeing out her backside we realized the skin tight white dress clearly showed half her butt(other half had flowered panties). this was in a very conservative town too. yesterday lovers lane called to tell me of a 1/2off sale. i went after work and bought 2 mesh/see thru white thongs. i think that Good looking mother influenced me.
iloveum #16

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:09/02/2013 12:44:10Copy HTML

 MY wife wear linen dresses and pant when the weather is hot. The white dress reveal all!
LoveMyThongs #17

Re:See through dresses and thong

Date Posted:09/16/2018 09:18:51Copy HTML

My wife does it when she goes out with friends or me...you can see her thong and she’ll wear a dark color. Her thoughts are that women wear them anyway so who’s really going to fret. Tho on Easter she had a white dress and her blue thong was fully visible and as we walked to breakfast her mom said jokingly “nice Shade of blue”
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