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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/30/2005 11:43:58Copy HTML

The last few weeks have been sunny here and work has been quiet, so I've been making the most of my local beach. Maybe its my imagination but it seems that the number of topless and thongers have increased over this time, and I wondered if by taking the lead I had set the trend.

I'd like to think that once a few had seen me (although I was not the only one at first), wearing very little they had plucked-up more courage.

Yesterday at least half were topless there and probably one in four in thongs too. In the afternoon an older couple had sat quite close to me and I thought they had said something like 'Oh good we'll be able to strip off here', before they both got in to their thongs.

It would be wonderful if eventually it became known as a 'thongs only' beach.  Has anyone else experienced similar?
wr1944 #1

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:09/05/2003 03:22:31Copy HTML

On a few occasions I think I have brought girls to thonging, directly or indirectly. Do you have similar experiences.
A year ago I was on a beach in the north of France, close to the Belgium border. It was at the end of the summer season.
Some older people and families with children were visiting the beach. Everybody was wearing very conservative swimsuits, no girl went even topless. To avoid disapproving looks, I went to the beach in a small tanga and headed for a quiet part of the beach. Around eleven two girls arrived and were were placing themselves at a distance of 25 meter from me. Both were in very old-fashioned bikin's.
When I walked past them I could almost feel their eyes in my back. I had by far the smallest suit of the beach.
After lunch I went back to the same spot, this time with a rather large thon. Some time later the same girls arrived, this time both in a smaller bikini, almost a tanga model.
When walking past them, I greeted the girls and again I could feel them looking.
Next day the same performance. I started in the morning with a Low Cut Dore thong, The girls in the same bikini but topless. When they noticed my thong they started looking at me and were chatting rather exited. They pulled the backs of the bottoms together to look like thongs.
That afternoon I had a Very Low Cut Dore string and the girls still the same bikini. After an hour the girls left the beach.
Next morning I had a Low Double Ring string from Dore and was waitng for the girls. After some time they showed up, carrying a plastic bag from department store. After some fiddling under a towel and some giggling they finally revealed their secret. Both were wearing medium sized strings. They were lying on their backs and seems a little terrified. After a while the looked at me and I gave them a thumbs-up sign and both were smiling with some relief.
Later they turned on their bellies and seemed relaxed as nobody done more than just looking.
Because of the revealing suits, the girls and I did not dare to walk the beach.
This year I was on the beach near St Tropez, France, in my Dore thong. To Dutch girls of about 16-17 years approached me to ask if they could lie next to me. I found this rather strange but they explained it.
At school the girls in their class had made a dare. Every girl should wear a string in public and should show some prove of it after holiday.
The girls had seen the licenseplate of my motorbike and being Dutch, almost 60 years and wearing thong they asked me for help.
They had bought some strings but they did not have the nerve to put the strings on.
Because of my example found courage to change into strings.
After some nervous moments on ther backs they turned over and because nobody around showed any interest they became even a little disappointed. After an hour I invited the ladies for a walk and after some hesitation we went off.
We walked to the famous beaches of St Tropez jet-set. Most women wore strings or thongs. So the girls feeled quite comfortable. I took a lot of pictures of the girls to prove their daring.
JM_Runs #2

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/31/2005 01:53:13Copy HTML

Good for you lauren. Glad to hear you are spreading the good word so to speak
UKBernie #3

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/31/2005 06:42:40Copy HTML

A thong-only beach ? Sounds interesting :-)

Actually your experience isn't massively different to what we had this Summer in Greece. There was a mixed group of us ( men, women and kids ) holidaying together and we tended to be the first on the beach ( sun starved Northern Europeans that we are ! ) - so we stripped off , and most people that came along did the same. Both our experiences should tell us that ( in general ) our worries about what people might think about us are just that - our worries, no-one elses, and really most people are quite open minded about thonging and nudity.


lauren1 #4

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/31/2005 03:00:05Copy HTML

Yes, it makes me wonder if there are some closet thongers out there that take their thongs to the beach beach but will only wear them if they feel others are doing the same. I guess we'll all just have to get to the beach first to set that trend!



Ex_Member #5

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/31/2005 03:32:41Copy HTML

I quite agree. I think there's always going to be people who feel more comfortable thonging only when they can actually see others doing so. I know I did when I first started thonging many years ago. Lauren's right - just get down the beach early!
wr1944 #6

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:09/01/2005 12:16:45Copy HTML

I have seen similar developments on beaches and hotelpools. I used to go at the start of the holiday-season and most women are wearing rather conservative bikini's at the first few days. Then somebody shows up with a smaller model and from there the trend is to smaller suits until the level of g-string is reached. The speed of conversion, the size of the string-population and the final size of the string-bottoms depend on the sort of public, young/old/singles/couples/families/cityfolks etc. I have observed this at a lot of searesorts. Helas, this observation was made with women, I have not yet found a beach in easy reach from Holland, where it is common for men to be in string. I have yet to explore the Greek islands, the Baleares and the Canary islands.

I tried to set a trend on my local beach but without any visible result. The beach is quite family oriented, so I did not expect much from my efforts. I have even seen just a few women in thong or g-string. So I am afraid I will be one of the happy few to enjoy the comfort and freedom of g-strings.

Dr S #7

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:09/22/2005 08:57:55Copy HTML

I'm sure you're right Lauren. I noticed a similar trend in Antigua a couple of years ago. There was only one woman in a thong for the first few days and I was certainly the only bloke, but by the time we left there were at least half a dozen women and 3 men regularly sunning in thongs. When you consider how many thong swimsuits are available in the shops and online, compared to their rarity on the beach; there must be loads of people who take them away on hols. and simply don't dare because no-one else will!
thongbutt1 #8

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/01/2005 11:13:39Copy HTML

I start laying out in the front yard this year in a g-string.  Like i said earlier, the morning sun doesn't hit my backyard! So I'm just laying out, being as subtle as possible, and of course the inevitable car or jogger or whatever will pass by and wave or slow down.

There's this one lady that's like super hot, she's a little older, but she looks like she was a 80's supermodel in a rock video.  I notice she waving and slowing down a little too often! Next time I'm driving back down the street to go home, guess what! she's in a black thong in the front yard getting ready to go to the beach with her family!  She waves and smiles, of course, and we continue our little game throughout the remainder of the summer.

Then there's another girl in the 'hood that's straight out of aerobics class. She keeps running by in her little crop top and super tight shorts with a body that's completely out of here..... I'm driving out of the subdivision one day, and guess what, she's laying out in front of her car in the driveway on her stomach totally topless with a thong on! She's trying to be subtle but it's just not working... Do you think I've started a trend?

It goes to show, if you're the first one more will follow...  I know some of you guys think all this is a bunch of b.s. but it really happened to me in Forida!

clubthongs #9

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/20/2005 11:18:31Copy HTML

Summer is still in Southern California and my partner and I just experienced a great weekend of thonging.  We live in San Diego and had been invited to a Black Tie Optional Event in Palm Springs on Saturday night.  We arrived in the desert shortly after noon and spent several hours in thongs by the pool at the Palm Springs Wyndham.  The only reaction to us in our thongs was that one other gentleman who was in board shorts for quite some time, noticed us and removed his shorts to reveal a thong which he wore for the rest of the day at the pool.  After leaving the pool we donned our tuxes (thongs underneath of course) and attended the event. 

We again spent several hours by the pool on Sunday morning and again noticed the gentleman from the day prior who was again sporting a thong (no board shorts this time).  There was also an attractive young woman in a thong as well. 

After a few hours by the pool we became bored and decided to drive back home to the coast for an afternoon of sailing on our boat.  With Santa Ana winds it was a delightful sail in thongs with 85 degree temperatures.


stringpe #10

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/22/2005 12:44:04Copy HTML

I have always tried to be the trend setter.  I belong to a private pool where I go to swim laps.  I've seen a total of 10 other men in bikinis at the pool in about 10 years.  The most I wear is a one inch speedo to swim laps.  This past summer I decided to wear a black brazilian bikini with 3/4 back coverage.  I didn't have any problem with this suit, so I tried a black rio-bikini with 1/2 back coverage.  I received lots of smiles from other women, but this year no other men in bikinis.  I have been to the beach at various Army Corps of Engineers Lakes in the midwest and I am the only person in a thong. I never seen another women on the beach in a thong.   I never see other man in a bikini let alone a thong.  Over the years I seen a total of 3 women in thongs at these lakes, all were on boats.   Where I keep my boat in the summer I am the only person in a thong.  I have never seen another man in a bikini.  I've been trying to be the trend setter for over 25 years, but the mentality in the midwest is cover up and shut up.    
wr1944 #11

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/22/2005 07:36:19Copy HTML

To Stringpe

You are not alone in this. I try the same in Holland, on my local beach, South of The Hague. I have walked the beach for miles during the summer-season but with exactly the same result as you had. During the season a few sightings of men and women in thong or string. And in every occasion I had by far the smallest string or thong. As wearing strings is mostly for my own pleasure, I will go on and I hope you will do the same. In early spring next year, I will try Spain or Greece to find beaches with more stringers so I will not be the only one in skimpy stuff. And in summer I will go on with my mission on the local beaches.
Stringers of the world: Unite!!
stringpe #12

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/28/2005 12:34:01Copy HTML

I have lived in the midwest around St. Louis my entire life.  Over the past 30 years of wearing bikinis, string bikinis and thongs, I have received mostly positive reactions from women.  I have had at least 35 women tell me that they loved my bikini or I look good in a bikini or thong.  I know of 10 married men that said I looked good in a bikini and that my body is in great shape.  I also counted another 65 women that smiled or were comfortable enough with my bikini, to come over to me and start a conversation.  Over 30 years I counted just 6 women who voiced their opinons that they cannot stand men in bikinis, including me.  Some of the married women I have talked to at a local private pool said they loved seeing men in bikinis if they are in shape.  They also said some men should never wear a bikini, just as some women should never wear a bikini.  They said they know what men's bodies look like and that if you are in shape, go ahead and show off great legs, a good butt and flat stomach.  There are many more women that like mens bodies in bikinis then the other way around.   If only 6 women out of the 116 reactions were positive, I see no problem with wearing my choice of swimwear.  Its far easier to wear a micro bikini or thong when you are on vacation.  Nobody cares what a stranger thinks.  Its unfortunate that we cannot be as open with our bodies with people we know in every day life.  To date I counted at least 60 people that have seen me in my bikini, string bikini or thong.  Wearing a bikini or thong is my reward for keeping my body in shape.
abczyxabczyx #13

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/28/2005 11:30:36Copy HTML

I just moved into a new house and started wearing thongs and g-strings in my back yard.  My neighbors have seen me in them and don't care.  No one has vocalized a comment either way.
sailhoopsbare #14

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/28/2005 11:37:07Copy HTML

Stringpe, you sure make a convincing arguement.  What I wonder though is how in shape do you have to be.  Does a guy have to have washboard abs, or muscular legs.  I'm in decent shape, always need to lose to 10 or 15 pounds, but I'm definately not fat.  I work out regularly and have pretty good muscle tone, but I'm definately not ripped.  The one time I wore a g string on a public beach my wife said I looked "cute" which coming from her is pretty encouraging, I didn't hear any comments from passersby though.  Although, I could tell they were commenting aomngst themselves, from the looks they made. 


JM_Runs #15

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2005 12:25:00Copy HTML

You ask "Does a guy have to have washboard abs, or muscular legs?"     No.  I don't have washboard abs.  

It does help that I am slim and sort of in shape.  I could be 10 pounds lighter.  I could use the excercise machine for somting other than drying clothes.  I do run and my legs are ok for a 47 year old guy. 

Ran a 5K race last weekend, first in.... about forever.   Talked into it by my friend who was going to run.  She had open hart surgery only 11 weeks before.  Second time in her life.  They replaced a valve with a dead one from another person.   So if she can run a 5K, only 11 weeks after the operation....  well I was shamed into getting out the running shoes.  It was cool and dry, perfect wether.  Had a good first mile, 6:10, but my race went down hill from there on.   Running slow, in bare feet, on the sand, is not how to train for running fast, in shoes, on the road.   We had a good time.  We both would have liked to finish better but, after all, we were both happy to finish. 

Same idea with thonging.  You may not look like the men in a prevail-sport catalog, but don't let that stop you thonging.  Just do do it. 

If you don't like your look then, just like running, do somthing about it so that the next preformance is better.   Don't look for startling ganes, don't expect to be the winner, just have fun and enjoy the ride.  Be happy with small inprovements.  If you don't do it now, take up some excersise.  My mother, after THREE hip repalcements, is still walking over mountans.  If she can do it, you can too.




stringpe #16

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2005 03:29:42Copy HTML

Sailhoopsbare, you do have to look like a male model to wear a micro bikini or thong.  You do not need to have a wash board set of abs either.  I have a 2 pack, I'm short 4 bottles right now.  I am defined in the abs but could tone up a little more.  Many normal bodied women wear a bikini or a thong, and do not look like models in magazines.  Personally I do no really care what someone wears as long as its legal and they are happy.  I preach tolerance, life's too short.  To me, wearing a sexy bikini or thong and having fun at the beach, lake, yard, pool, etc. is living life to the fullest.  Wearing a bikini or thong is fun for me.  I will keep my body in shape because I want to look fit when wearing so little.  To me there are less rude comments from other people when you are fit..  Every person must access their own bodies.  It a certain body part needs work then work on it.  Some people run, lift weights or just do sits ups or crunches. I vary my exercise routine depending on the time of year.  I could probably loose around 3 pounds myself, all in the lower ab area.  I tell myself every spring, for every pound I can loose I get to wear a smaller bikini.  It keeps me motivated.  If you want to wear that thong, the weight will come off.  It's my reward for working out and taking care of myself.  Wearing a bikini or a thong is alot about attitude.  Many heavier women that wear bikinis pull this off quite well.  Comments do not come easy when you are a guy.  To me, 110 positive comments over 30 years works out to less than 4 per year.  As I get older the comments are actually comming in more frequently than when I was younger.  Most of the positive comments come from middle aged women who appreciate men who take care of themselves.  Work out and show off that body in a bikini or thong!

tinythong #17

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/03/2005 08:36:45Copy HTML

It seems to me that there must be a lot of shy thongers out there. I was on holiday on a beautiful carribean beach this year. There was not a single person in a thong and I felt a bit inhibited so on the first day I wore my ordinary speedos. Got back to hotel and I just didnt like the big tan line that the speedos made on me as I already had a previous thong tan line from earlier trips. I thought of this messageboard and so the next day I wore my blue g string and I was the only one but didnt care about that too much.

The next day I wore my tendenze skimpy white string which is very small and very thin. This day I was not alone. Another young man with a great body was laying in the area where I had been the day before in his yellow thong which which my experienced eye could tell was a Y string push up narrow front Dore creation. After a bit he came over and chatted and said he had seen me the day before and was encouraged to wear his thong as he had seen me laying out in mine the day before.

After 2 more days there were 4 men and 3 women in our corner of the beach all thonging all day and we all comapred tan lines daily.

I think if I hadnt taken the plunge on my 2nd day everybodys thongs would have stayed in their suitcases the whole vacation and thats just silly.

Really, nothing bad can happen to you in this life by just wearing a thong on a beach or for that matter at a hotel pool so I recomend we all just go ahead and others will follow - I promise.

thongbutt1 #18

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/03/2005 11:21:42Copy HTML

yeah, being the first to wear a thong never fails to attract others in thongs.  if people see a guy in a thong, they're much more likely to wear their thongs, particularly women. i remember one time at an apartment pool, i'm laying out in a thong, and it's not very busy, and these two hot girls walked in the pool area and sat down next to me and immediately stripped down to their thongs.  i mean, there must have been 100 other chairs to pick from!  the guys, on the other hand, are a little slower, they may pull their shorts up into a "bikini" for more sun, or might pull up the rear into sort of a bizarre rio sort of thing. you're correct when you say that it sometimes takes a couple of days for this to happen on vacation! you can see them "working it out" by wearing shorts the first day, then a speedo, then maybe a thong. people, by and large, are full of baloney. they're really inhibited, and dorky about minimal swimwear. they want to do it, but incorrrectly think they're going to get into trouble or whatever. just let it loose!
John Howard #19

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/08/2006 07:54:11Copy HTML

Yes,I think I have somehow encouraged other people to wear their thongs in public after they spotted me acting confident and naturally on the beach.

It happened again a few days ago.  I arrived early to my spot of sand on the beach, a quiet area without a lot of people at South Melbourne beach,  only a couple of young girls wearing bikinis 10 metres away from me.   While sunbaking and reading a book, a couple arrived, they placed their towels 8metres away from where I was, and then she stripped to a black thong, the guy wore board shorts.   They stayed there sunbaking, and after a few minutes I got up to go for a swim.   Then I realised that this blond beauty had got up too to have a swim with her boyfriend,  but she was wearing a pair of shorts on top of her black thong.

I said to myself, this is going to be interesting.  Obviously this girl was confident enough to wear her thong onthe sand, but chickened out to walk to the water only in her thong (and toplesss by the way).

I walked as I usually do towards the water, straight,  shoulders back, looking around like if I'm the owner of that piece of beach, feeling so confident to be male, look masculine and still wear a thong that outlines those hard gained muscles at the gym.    As I enter the water,  this girl and her mate noticed me coming in, and suddenly she decides to strip to her thong again: she keeps her shorts in one of her hands, and she is only wearing this tiny piece of spandex next to her boyfriend. 

I felt good about it, obviously there was something about me walking confidently  wearing my thong to the water, that pushed this gorgeous girl to do the same.   I helped to give her more confidence to wear her thong,  but couldn't help to feel jealous of her bastard board-short wearer boyfriend, lucky guy, me and not him deserved to hang around with a beauty like that.   If she wasn't with the boyfriend, I would have approached her and said hello, welcome to the thongers' club, you look great on them.....

But who knows, maybe one day I go back and find her alone.

John Howard

DavyJ #20

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/11/2006 12:55:49Copy HTML

I have frequently thonged on beaches where I was the only one, or nearly the only one.  I am not sure I have ever noticed more people thonging as the week went on, but maybe I simply need to be more observant.  Occasionally I have had bad experiences, but, overall, they have been positive the majority of the time.

The only way thonging will become more acceptable (that is our major concern here in the US) is for more people to do it.  So everybody out there, don't hesitate to wear your thongs even if no one else is.  Somebody has to go first, and it might as well be you.  It does take a bit of courage, especially if the beach is crowded, but you will enjoy it once you take the first step.

JM_Runs #21

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/26/2008 07:45:03Copy HTML

I got a message from one of the board members.  In part he said:

"I always wear thong, not only on beaches here in San Francisco but also in public park too.  I notice that if I start wearing thongs, most other guys will wear them too or change their shorts to skimpier swimsuits."

I think this is true. In thonging out in the open, within the general population, you not only cary the flag for thonging but,in the same way that the mass of a planet bends the gravity and time around it, you affect the people near by.  By wearing a thong you show them that they too can be more liberal. 

Posibily one of the best ways to spread thonging is not to seek out other thongers and hide together in a more remote part of a remote beach, where the only people you influence are other thongers, but to thong in public with the rest of the population.  

People are encouraged to thong both by the support on this board, and by seeing others thonging as if it is the most perfectly normal thing to do.

Thong often, thong openly and see if you cause gravity waves.  JM

hotjohn #22

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/27/2008 10:01:59Copy HTML

A person definitely can encourage more persons to thong by being open about it. A number of years ago I went for a run in Durban, south Africa wearing a small speedo with an even smaller rio thong underneath. Enroute  I past these 2 ultra hot teenagers and they eyeballed me as I did them, being about 20 years their senior; on my return I noticed them on the beach and I deliberatey went over to them and asked if they would keep an eye on my things while I went for a swim. They were wearing small bikini's, I made a bit of a show stripping off my speedo, and placing it neatly on the sand and sat down to remove my shoes. They loved the show, and the braver one removed her top revealing no tan lines; on my return from the water the other girl was also topless, although not as flashy about it as her friend.
itanng #23

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/28/2008 12:36:33Copy HTML

I started wearing a bikini, then a thong, and for the past 3 seasons, just a g-string at DeGray Lake, Arkansas.  The Highway 7 public use area (Army Corps of Engineers) is just 3 miles north of the Taco Bell where a guy was arrested for wearing a thong a few years ago.  I was definitely the first guy in a thong or g-string. Yes, I hear a few giggles and OhMyGods.  The college kids (one state university, one private Baptist university) are very tollerant and don't mind talking with me for a few minutes.  Some of the male exchange students were bikinis and the female exchange students' suits are always smaller-cut than their US counterparts.  Women alone at the beach, or perhaps with their kids, will always return conversation.  Older guys with their wifes may complain about the guy in the thong to the park attendent, but Bob will tell them it's OK, they can wear their thong too!  His uncle and aunt will tell them "as long as he's wearing something".   A few other guys wear thongs or strings when they come to the beach.  I haven't seen any women in thongs the past 3 or 4 years, but the gatekeepers tell me there are a few women thongers.  And this is in Bible-belt Arkansas!  I decided I'd always park (right in front of the beach), get out of my car wearing only my suit for the day, and walk onto the beach with the mindset that my suit IS the "uniform" of the beach.
DavyJ #24

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/21/2008 12:04:47Copy HTML

I was at a resort in Mexico a month or so ago, and the first couple of days it seemed like I was the only one (male or female) wearing a thong.  But by the end of the week, there definitely were more thongs, and many more topless ladies as well.  I even overheard one lady remark to her husband as they arrived, "well if he can wear that then I certainly don't need my top!".  That was the first time I had noticed a change in the environment as the week progressed; I like to think I was at least partly responsible.
nadathing #25

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/27/2008 12:05:07Copy HTML

As I've indicated under the "Outdone" thread, I seem to have the briefest swimwear at my local pool where I swim laps.  No other guys wearing anything less than a Speedo style with about 3 in wide sides, and few of them.  Even women and girls in bikinis are wearing bigger bottoms than my suits. 

But recently, I've had a couple of signs of hope for company.  One guy was wearing a suit like I've never seen.  The bulk of the suit was a gray spandex sort of fabric and was about 1 in wide at the sides with a full back.  But it also had a white waist band that was about 1.5 in wide.  Kind of looked like underwear, but I don't think it was.  Still it was briefer than anything else I've seen other guys wearing.

Then today, there was a guy wearing a navy blue speedo style that appeared to have only about 2 in wide sides.  Not as brief as my Speedo Solar 1 in wide suits, which are the most conservative style I own.  He looked good in it.

I still haven't been matched even with the Speedo Solar suits, but maybe other guys will start to wear some briefer suits.  I wouldn't call that a trend yet, though.
thong_jock #26

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:01/05/2010 06:26:18Copy HTML

I've also noticed that when I go to a certain beach day after day, more and more guys each day showing up in skimpy suits.

I've even noticed the same guy coming to a certain beach with a woman and wearing long short, then coming back the next day, setting up near me, and stripping to a skimpy bikini. SO HOT!
sexmex82 #27

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/25/2010 05:07:05Copy HTML

Another time, I'm at the beach thonging, when a woman came up to me and asked: "Can I take my top off here?"  I said "Sure". She went a few feet away and, voila, she's topless and in a thong.  See how one thing begets another. Or is it one thong....?
12 wheels #28

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/28/2010 03:10:16Copy HTML

For thongers, it seems to be a "safety in numbers" thing. I see a lot of posts like sexmex's above where one person thonging on a beach tends to encourage others to set up in the same area and thong too. It's a more comfortable feeling thonging with other like-minded people, than to be the lone thonger in the midst of dork shorts & conservative suits on a family beach.

It would be nice to have portions of some beaches - or better yet, whole beaches - set aside for thongers. Same goes for nudists - as popular as nude sunbathing is, you'd think that there'd be more nude beaches. But it seems that in the good ol' USA, our elected officials are on a crusade to totally eliminate nude beaches. So many beaches are "family" beaches already - a few nude or thong beaches away from the family beaches won't hurt anybody.
JM_Runs #29

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/28/2010 06:45:24Copy HTML

 We don't need sections "set aside for thongers" we just need thongers with the courrage to thong openly in the public sections of the beach. 

We should not encourage anything that would relegate thong wearers to a thong ghetto. That would be an admission that thongs should be kept separate from 'normal' people and families, on the assumption that thongs are deviant. 

You just have to be out there doing it, visibly, where other people can see. They may not gain the courage to join you right then and there on the spot, but next time they come to the beach they may be prepared.

I often have people who are wearing less than the standard knee length shorts wave, smile or give a thumbs up as I go by. Sometimes I see them later or on another day wearing less than before. Sometimes it takes months before they figure I am not being arrested so they can try the waters too.

As I run by I call out cheery good morning, or wave or give a thumbs up to any body in a thong, and even some men in speedos, to show I in turn approve of their choice.  If I enjoy positive feedback I need to give it to others too. That's how the world turns, and that's how others get encouraged.  I do not know if the word encourage comes from giving courage but that is what we do when we are out there acting like wearing a thong is totally normal. 

Yes kids will give you a second glance, but kids look at anything that is unusual. They look at everything around them  Something as simple as a seagull landing by them is going to intrest them more than some adult in a thong. Don't worry about families and ignore the red-necks.  Just go out and publicly set a good example. If you are waiting for someone else to go first, the safety in numbers thing' you could be waiting a long time. You have to have the courage to be a leader. The army of one.

thong_jock #30

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/28/2010 08:58:17Copy HTML

 It's about wearing them out, whenever possible, being as fit as you can, being well behaved and not overtly exhibitionistic on beaches where you might offend someone, and simply wearing them with confidence. If I am on a beach I always lay out near other thongers, particularly male thongers, as I like the eye candy and there's always a chance you can strike up a conversation and meet a fellow thong enthusiast to share beach time with.
JM_Runs #31

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:09/01/2010 05:56:39Copy HTML

  I currently have a friend staying with me from out of town, for a couple of weeks.  With my house being considered a bachelor pad, I typically walk around my house either naked or in a thong in the mornings before work and then after the shower in the evenings.  Like most guys we don't have a problem running around in our underwear.  While my guest was here I decided to be somewhat conservative and wear my bikini brief underwear around the house.  My friend wears boxers.  Last night, I decided to "test the waters" and wear a Joe Boxer thong, as usual.  While standing in the kitchen, he walked in and asked, "what the heck have you got on?" and chuckled.  I told him that if it offended him that I would change (to be nice).  He told me to keep it on that he's always wanted to try a thong, but always to embarrassed to buy them.  Then he started asking questions about what kind I had and all of that, so I told him to check out my underwear drawer and try one.  He went in there, looking and found my gstrings and thong swimwear and said "you wear these to the beach? ...these are cool!"  I got a phone call and a little bit later he came out wearing a Joe Boxer thong and loved it.  I took him to KMart today to buy a pack for him.  He said it would be a long time before he would wear one in public though.
GymThongGuy #32

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:09/01/2010 07:52:09Copy HTML

Sunthong has a great example of breaking the ice on the topic and with the best possible outcome. I am convinced more guys would try them if they were given the green light by someone else. I have remarked in other posts that I have had more than one guy want to try one of mine on when he sees mine as we get intimate. It would be interesting to do a legitimate study asking guys what they would try for underwear and swimwear if given the chance in a nonjudgemental setting. I have a friend I struck up the conversation with years ago and who followed my lead right away and now every once in awhile we have a conversation about what new stuff we've gotten. It's great. It seems acting like there's nothing special about wearing one, being confident, and taking any comments in stride will diffuse most situations.

I still say that with all the thong manufacturer's out there somebody's buying them or they wouldn't be selling them. Period.
hotbunz1969 #33

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/01/2011 04:54:22Copy HTML

I was in Cape Town and without doubt my ex wife and I encouraged one couple to strip down to there thongs. 

He was on the beach in board shorts,  her in a full bikini when we arrived. No sooner had he seen me in my short shorts his long shorts came off to a much smaller pair.

This was the first time I had been to this particular beach, so not knowing what was acceptable for a guy, I had a small speedo style under my shorts and once we had set up I stripped to that.  Again when he saw me in the speedos he lost his shorter shorts and changed down to a speedo style.

My (then) wife went straight down to a thong bikini and within minuets I joined her in my thong,  Again this guy stripped, this time revealing a thong and his GF/SO did the same!!

I 99.9% sure we encouraged there behaviour, but 4 layers !??! I totally agree with JM, stand by your convictions and go straight to the thong. I know I do now. I never have the speedo layer any more.  I suss the area and if I can get away with it, it's straight to the thong!! Some pretty small ones at that!

Never be afraid to be the first, if you are, you never know, others my join you. 
hotbunz1969 #34

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/11/2012 11:44:49Copy HTML

Here in London I favour 2 parks to tan in, one is a small open area just off Barnes Common the other is the much larger Richmond Park. 
In the small park I tend to set up in a quiet corner so that I cause the least disturbance with my smaller, or some might say extreme suits. The park is open to the road along one edge and from where ever you enter it and from the road you can see I'm tanning in a thong, (I know this by the fact that when I've been beaten to my spot I can see whatever that person is wearing!) that said, the park is large enough for a good amount of space between people that want to tan, now I always  try to get an early start if the sun is out and am often there at 10.00 and the first to set up, it is often the case that guys, girls or couples will set up very close to me even thought there is plenty of room through the rest of the park, I don't know if this is human nature of people wanting to be close to one another, sort of safety in numbers, or the fact my little suits attract their attention and they want a closer look. If it was the latter I would of thought they would have come over, had a look and moved on, I know some do, but most of the time they will set up within 20 foot of me even thought they have the rest of the park to choose from.  I don't have a problem with this, I am out to catch some rays! I will always say "hi" and if this leads to a conversation, so be it, if not, I just carry on reading and tanning! 
The larger park I go to, I carried out a little experiment last summer. One hot afternoon I set up just off one of the walk ways through the long grass, I wore square cut boxer style shorts for the first hour and a half, not one person that walked by looking for a spot to enjoy the sun (easy to spot as they usually carry a towel/blanket)  took the blindest bit of notice of me, I then stripped to one of my one-sided thongs and I have to say was quite amazed by peoples reaction, within an hour I had 2 young ladies, one in a thong one in a very small brazilian cut suit, and a couple, him in a speedo her in a g-string set up within 30 foot of me, now Richmond Park is huge, they could have chosen anywhere! I put it down to safety in thonging numbers!!I have to admit I used to do exactly that in a slightly more crowed situation, you see another person in a thong and you set up close by, I tend not to these days coz as I have got older my confidence has grown and I'm not as concerned about being the first to sport a thong...... My reasoning is...... If you start, others will follow...... It seldom fails, some people just need the push of seeing others not afraid to wear a thong! 
SlidingG #35

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/11/2012 01:29:31Copy HTML

Hotbunz, I'll bet even at Barnes Common, other tanners who're not thongers set up nearby simply because you're a fellow tanner, and there's strength in numbers for those wanting to tan.  

My experience stringing in Hampstead Heath last summer doesn't test your observations, though, as I arrived later in the day, about lunchtime.  I chose a grassy hillside where other tanners were spread out, however, rather than the more closely packed area near the men's bathing pond, as I prefer a normal cross-section of folks over a concentration of men.  My stringing didn't seem to change anyone's behavior, and though many noticed, none objected.  Love the British, very tolerant and non-judgmental.   
Superchicken23 #36

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/15/2012 03:44:02Copy HTML

 Hotbunz - nice to hear Richmond Park is being used for thonging. We lived in Richmond about six years ago at a time when I was only just beginning to tan in thongs - I'd never have had the guts to do so in the park at the time but now realise what a missed opportunity it was. While we were living there I once made a bet with my wife that, had I lost it, would have resulted in me running the 7.5 mile perimeter in a g-string. I won that bet so didn't do the forfeit, but nowadays would probably lose it on purpose - or just don a g and run anyway...
sailor250 #37

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/03/2012 09:47:22Copy HTML

I've had many occasions lately where girls in small Brazilian back bikinis, you know almost Rios will pull them up into "impthongs" (improvised) thongs.  This is increasingly possible as that style is so popular.  It seems they act like they got the idea seeing me, but really only I gave them courage to do it right then and there- from lack of tanlines I know they've done it before!

Sometime I think I'd like to buy a dozen female plain G strings ( even just nylon panties) on ebay, keep them in little packages in my beach bag so it's obvious they're brand new.  When a chick is staring at me in a G string or impthonging, I'd like to just go over to her, drop the little packet and say something like "I think you'd look good in this - it's yours- go put it on and get some sun" and walk away.  I think in some places I'd get over half of them back out there wearing it- of course they'd probably wear there own bikini top- unless it was a very lucky day on southbeach and they'd show up TNG with a smile on their face.  Maybe 10% would throw it back at me!  In New York that'd probably be 50% even with my good instincts choosing them.
JM_Runs #38

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/03/2012 11:43:48Copy HTML

I think that once a women has decided what to wear that day on the beach, you are unlikely to get her to change into a thong without her first being able to checkout how she looks in a mirror.  You may want to suggest she tries it out next time she comes to the beach, that gives her time to contemplate.

I have found that women are generally resistant to being told what to wear.  Note the number of men on this board complaining of the difficulty in getting their girlfriends or wives to wear a thong, and they can present the suit before the trip to the beach, and have a relationship as leverage, yet still find it difficult.

I think you are going to give people confidence in thonging by your own confidence, and your complements on their smiles.  By thonging confidently, publicly, where lots of people can see you, you may not change one mind completely, but change a lot of minds a bit.  If lots of people seeing you thonging confidently, without the sky falling, the few who might have thonged, who previously considered they might thong, may break out a thong if they brought one with them or thong next time they come.

I think it is better to lead by example than to try telling people what to do. As Steve Jobs said:  

“Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
mack_back #39

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/04/2012 03:50:46Copy HTML

All that is said about this topic true, well and good -  but some people don't like change. They want to feel comfortable that nobody is looking at them, that they are not sticking out like sore thumb.

I can wear skimpy bikini at my gym pool but years later I find doing so has not changed the responses or reactions.  Yet I still hope wearing small bikini briefs at my pool will give another person excuse or confidence to wear one themselves. I think, when most people are relaxing at the beach or pool they just don't want the anxiety produced by wearing something different.  I hope I'm wrong, and by setting an example things change for the better. 
Mary0826 #40

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/04/2012 01:10:39Copy HTML

 I was a "closet thonger" and waited almost and entire summer for another thonger to show up as encouragement.  Then I was in the closet about going topfree.  Some people may want to do it (like I did) and not have the guts to do it without others around who are also exposing their buns.  The others make you feel like you are not the only one or give you knowledge that thongs (or topfree beach use) is acceptable and someone else will share in being stared at and being harassed if that happens. 

Now, I am the one who sometimes "leads the pack".  Women (and some men) seem to be more willing to wear skimpier swimwear after seeing me in only a thong or g-string.  Some people I see visit after visit are wearing skimpier swimwear.   A few, like a young man who just graduated from high school, have also switched to thongs, and he told me I was his inspiration.  I too have had women bunch up their bikini bottoms when they see me in my thong, creating the impthong look Mr. SAILOR250 has created the great word to describe.  I seriously doubt that these women do this that often, since they seem to expose very untanned areas when they go impthong.  I have had women do this or come back another day wearing a thong with tanned buns, but they admit to using suntan booths and/or sunning nude or in a thong in a private setting. 

It is a big step for most people to make to bare their buns in public the first time.  I hope that all thongers on this board behave in a way that encourages those who are closet thongers to try the look in public.
beachlion #41

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/04/2012 05:33:10Copy HTML

You are right. To a lot of people it is a big step to leave the pack. It takes a lot of guts to start thinking for yourself and make up your own standards. But it is freeing your personality. Especially in the land of the free, a lot of people seems to feel the urge to conformity.
Free yourself of the norm and do what you like to do as long as you stay inside the law.
hk_gstring #42

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/08/2012 06:14:21Copy HTML

 My experience has been that, particularly if you wear your own thong or g-string with confidence, others will follow.  However, if you act uncomfortable, you won't give as much confidence to others.  There's no need to be in anyone's face - just act like you would act if you weren't in a thong or g-string.  Nowadays, I'll walk right to the middle of the beach and lie face down right at water's edge.  Often enough, I'll look up later to see women nearby having improvised a thong. 
bbyrne78 #43

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/09/2012 08:05:19Copy HTML

I've never considered myself a trend setter or hipster.

But there will be times getting changed at the pool where a woman will make a comment like "I wish I had the body to wear something like that" or "I'd like to lose a few more kilos before I try something like that". More often than not, we women are our worst critics and if it is not us, then it is probably our peer group!

Three weeks ago, I was in the change rooms after a pool session and as I was getting out of the showers, a woman about my age with a fit build and obvious musculature noticed my tanlines (quickly fading due to the winter) and commented on my bravery for wearing a g-string swimsuit and how she couldn't because she didn't have the body.

I complimented her on her hard work to achieve her body and asked her why she didn't think she could pull it off. Her response was along the lines of fear from her peer group and that they were pretty harsh on other girls who they felt were not dressing their age and that she had no friends who wore g-string or thong swimsuits. I mentioned that she could pull off the look and that I am sure that if she asked her partner whether they would like to see her wearing something like that, they would probably say yes.

I could tell she wasn't convinced but was hopeful. I gave her my card and said that if she still wasn't sure that she had the body, then I could help her.

I honestly don't think I can do anything more than give her some positive reinforcement and support, because she had a striking physique and had obviously worked very hard to get that way. 
John Howard #44

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/10/2012 01:19:10Copy HTML

great story, you inspired this woman with your confidence and lets hope she becomes strong and puts aside the peer pressure of her friends about wearing 'something like that' in public.

It was very sweet from you to offer her positive reinforcement and support.  It's sad to see women (and men) with striking physiques who hide their bodies in baggy clothes to avoid criticism from their peers.   I knew men fell for this, but as your story says, women do too.

kohler1977 #45

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/10/2012 10:29:11Copy HTML

I always set the trend, but where are the female thongers in the  Tampa area?  Very dissapointed
IronManWannaBe #46

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/23/2012 01:46:22Copy HTML

Just last May, in a pool party in the DC area, there were two Russian women who were in skimpy bikinis. One had a thong bottom with a mesh sarong around it. She was sitting down. A few minutes after I passed her, wearing a thong myself, and complimented of the one in the thong, she removed her sarong. Her friend was initially wearing a skimpy, non-thong bottom. Around the same time, she went to the bathroom and changed to a thong bottom.
Both told me that they were a little insecure about whether or not they were allowed at the pool party. Obviously, I showed them the correct answer. :)
JM_Runs #47

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/01/2012 12:48:24Copy HTML

i saw a guy walking out to the beach super confident as i was getting my bike to leave the beach.  I wore a bikini that day and it i felt like i was walking around in a diaper.  I watched that guy as he found a spot close to a lifeguard chair and many people.  He inspired me to go back the next time showing 3/4 of butt.  Next time i won't hesitate to wear a thong.  i know i'd pull my shorts off w a g-string to sunbathe, but i don't think i'd walk around w. it. 
I hope i inspire others, especially women!, to lose their diapers! :)

p.s.  I'm talking about kathy osterman, Chicago,  and I try to stay away from kids/families
JM_Runs #48

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/01/2012 06:19:14Copy HTML

 I think it's easier to break away from the norm in Europe and North America, where individuality is greatly appreciated. Whilst living in Canada, I have never seen anyone getting criticized for being different.
However, in Asian countries, where societies are very structured and communal, it is just difficult to break away from the pack. If you do break away, you'll be considered as a pariah or an outcast. I don't wanna criticize Asian people, but you always see the same type of Asians. Most Asians have that smart and 'nerdy' image, and you rarely see a black sheep in the pack.
Thongs are definitely a no-no in Asia, as they don't fit into the social criteria.They are not considered as 'another' type of underwear/swimwear. They are more or less considered as underwear worn by hookers.

I guess this may sound out of the blue, but I'm trying to say that you have to consider the culture when you're trying to set a trend.
hk_gstring #49

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/23/2012 03:47:19Copy HTML

I am not intending in any way to be dismissive of the views expressed but, fortunately for me, my experience in Asia has been very different from what bootyfulasian has described.  I'm a guy and I've been in thong or gstring swimsuits around Asia including Thailand (Phuket and Koh Samui), Indonesia (Bali), Singapore and, of course, my home, Hong Kong.  You can say that the Thailand and Indonesian locations are aberrations from the Asian norm since they are resort locations where there are a lot of tourists wearing skimpy swimsuits.  However, even in Hong Kong, I've never felt like an outcast or a pariah.  I've been at the public pool, at the public beach and at pools in private residential clubhouses and even though I am at one of these places almost 3-5 days each week on average, only once in probably about 15 years have I had a snide comment.  I certainly do get a reaction sometimes.  In groups, younger Chinese girls may raise their voice excitedly, walk close to get a better look or come alongside for a shower beachside.  I would describe them as curious, surprised perhaps and appreciative.  Individually, they may be quiet and reserved but hardly what I would describe as giving me a dirty look (in the bad sense) or signalling I am weird.  Younger Chinese guys don't say much but naturally, out of curiousity, they are often keen to have a look.  More mature Chinese people seem receptive - at the beach I frequent, I will chat with the elderly beach-going population and they will chat with me.

When I am getting a massage at the local sauna, the local Chinese girls will often comment on my gstring tan line.  They will almost invariably say it is sexy (and this isn't that type of massage) and ask me where I go to suntan.  When I tell them I go to the beach and the pool, they will always say that the young girls must love it.

Now, granted, I am in good shape.  I have a 31 inch waist and a 40-41 inch chest, flat abs, hairless body and good muscle definition.  Granted also I am good looking and have, in my time, had my fair share of comments about being a movie star.  But I don't think I'm God's gift and I think these factors would only go to how girls would react rather than guys and, as I said, I don't really get negative comments from Chinese guys.

I would also say that I've seen some Chinese guys at the beach in gstrings and thongs and lots of Chinese guys in Speedo style swim briefs (the norm for swimming here).   The lifeguards at the pool and the beach have never commented negatively (or at all), whether at peak times or a the quietest of times.  I bought my HOM gstring swimsuit and thong swimsuit at the department store in Hong Kong (though sadly, they no longer seem to stock gstring swimwear).

I've never seen a Chinese girl in a gstring or thong in Hong Kong but I've seen a fair share of Caucasian girls in gstrings and thongs and I can only say that the Chinese men are appreciative and trying hard to be discreet about it.

So, all in all, and this is perhaps just because I am used to it, I'd feel more comfortable in a gstring swimsuit here than I would in the U.S. or Canada.  I hope that you have a better experience in the future in Asia should you have the opportunity to and opt to try.
Grabeach #50

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2012 05:21:59Copy HTML

On another thread, JM commented; "Often if you show that the sky does not fall, others may follow your trend, either by scrunching up the rear of their swimsuits, pealing off to a smaller one underneath, or just being brave enough to change down sizes next time they come."

I've definitely come across the 'scrunching' response to what I wear and probably the 'down sizing' (I will need to be more observant from one visit to the next!). I've of course seen women remove their tops because others have, but can't recall ever seeing anyone else pealing off to a smaller suit in response to what someone else is wearing. Does this actually happen?  
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