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beachthong34 #51

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2012 08:59:06Copy HTML

Hi Grabeach.

I experienced what you are mentioning on a beach once. Although I wasn't in a thong that day, I was wearing very small, very tight shorts that didn't leave a lot to the imagination!

A girl and her boyfriend passed by as I walked along the beach and I saw them both checking out what I was weearing. As I looked back over my shoulder I noticed that the girl had then removed her boy shorts bikini to reveal a very skimpy thong so I guess she was just waiting to see someone else in more revealing swimwear before she took the plunge.

SlidingG #52

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2012 12:33:19Copy HTML

Too bad her boyfriend didn't strip to the speedo he had on under his board shorts.  Of course I don't know that he had a speedo on underneath, but I often do.  That or a thong/string underneath that I frequently strip to.
itanng #53

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2012 12:35:42Copy HTML

Grabeach:  On several occasions, I've seen guys on the beach take off their "bored" shorts to show a Speedo-style suit after they saw me wearing a thong or g-string.
bikinicouple #54

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2012 01:43:44Copy HTML

 When my wife and I go to a party at the neighborhood pool we'll pack extra suits suits (speedos for me, g's for her).  inevitably, when people start imbibing on the alcohol they start telling us how they wish they could wear out type of swimwear too.  then we'll pull out those extra suits and before you know it, its a huge skimpy swimwear party!  (we usually pass out suits we no longer want to wear or decided we didn't like and just let them keep them. - by the end of last summer, there were at least 6 speedo, and 4 g-string regulars at our pool!)
beachlion #55

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2012 02:57:15Copy HTML

I had a similar experience last summer in Holland. I was packing my stuff for a move to the USA and when it was too warm to work, I hit my local beach. This year I was wearing a lot of light coloured strings that became see-through when wet. Two girls were on the beach besides a lot of families, one of about 20 near the water and the other, about 30, near the dunes. Both had rather large bikinis but the older one was topless. When she walked to the water, she had a towel around her neck to cover her boobies. She left the towel at the water edge when swimming. When she walked to the water she was pulling her rear of the bikini bottom down to cover more skin. After my first dip in the water the older girl went to the water with the fabric of the rear pulled up and no towel around her neck. The younger girl had changed into a much smaller bikini. With the next dip the older girl had changed into a rather large thong but again she pulled the fabric up. The younger girl did the same and I'm sure they would have put on smaller suits if they had them. Maybe the next time.With my see-through suits I had quite some attention from other ladies at the beach.
mack_back #56

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:11/29/2012 03:34:16Copy HTML

Funny story maybe embarrassing for me to tell. 10 years ago i was wearing black one inch side 3/4 cut back bikini laying on my stomach. Having my head buried in my towel and covered with my arms not aware who or whats going on around me. Time to time i lifted my head up to get some air at this family oriented beach. Looked up noticed one couple setup to my two o'clock then another couple at ten and twelve, after few more minutes i was surrounded with three others at five and seven. All of them came seperately and men wore dork shorts but the women slowly took there tops off looking lean in bikini swimwear which were all about 30 years of age. Looked odd why all these couples decided to surround me and setup nearby while lot of the beach was empty further away. Never had i seen this many or any topless females on this local beach. Thought it was domino effect other couples noticed one female topless decided to setup near them. In reality it may have been me all along. Most couples seeing me being well tanned, lean, bikini bottom mistakenly thinking i'm female. All the while laying on my stomach not noticing  i have no bikini top thinking i was a female sunbathing topless.....lol.... What do you think?

All the time i had my head buried wrapped around my arms i heard murmuring saying, her arms, shoulders are to big its a guy, its to late now". While i look up the female is already topless. Talking to her boyfriend should she put on her bikini top on now mistakenly thinking i was female topless. Then before you know it i was surrounded within minutes of topless females with there boyfriends. 
Grabeach #57

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/19/2012 09:15:27Copy HTML

Two days ago I had a classic experience of the thread title.

I was at a suburban Olympic pool sunning in a g-string as usual. Sunny day, good book and plenty of room. Even a group of mid to late teen boys who were partly utilzing a shade shelter nearby were behaving themselves. Can it get any better?

Yes! Four ladies on completing their swim, picked up their bags from the benches, and although having a large area available, chose to lay out their towels on the grass only about 3m from me. All were fairly big women and wore rather conservative one piece suits. The one closest to me then proceeded to roll the bottom of her suit up as far as she could, exposing virtually all of her bum, which for a big girl, hell for any girl, was a great shape. One of the rare occasions when I was glad I was face down!

It was clear she had never tanned like this before. It was obviously a case of, "If this guy can, I can too". I felt really good that my example had given her the confidence to go beyond her usual limits.
Grabeach #58

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/21/2013 10:05:14Copy HTML

Same pool, one year later. Summer school holidays, so in addition to the warm weather influx of parent and pre-schoolers, there were also a number of mid teen girls on their own or in pairs. One of a pair about 5m from where I’d left my bag was sunning in a conventional cut bikini bottom and the other a briefer Rio? cut. Both were facing away from me and face down. At this point it is relevant to mention that this pool, in addition to the usual lifeguards, has employed a specialised security guide for the holidays. Never come across this before, but I had a short chat with him and he seemed a reasonable sort of guy. Anyway, after swimming my laps I returned to my spot, stripped to my g-string and started reading a book. After a while, 'Rio’ girl turned over, obviously saw me and said something like OMG. Didn’t sound negative, or positive for that matter (I ‘m probably 3.5x her age!); just surprised.

Several minutes later, the security guard came by on his rounds. He looked at me, then at the girls. The girls looked at him, then at me, then at him again. He seemed to say something to the girls and continued on his way. I went for another swim. On returning I did my best to appear to not be looking at both the conventional bikini which was now rolled up towards a thong and the Rio which now had the strings untied and the front minimised to be showing a lot of previously untanned skin. The security guy did another circuit, lifeguards, kids and parents all wandered by basically minding their own business. Perfect.

Bit early to say that it's the start of a trend, but it was certainly a positive response.
SlidingG #59

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/22/2013 01:44:52Copy HTML

Excellent report, Grabeach.  Hoping for the same here in sunny south Florida, where my wife and I recently started our 4-month stay in our new condo.  Conservative town, family beach, just a few blocks down the street from our place, but no hassles as I lay out in my string every day, families often setting up close by.  I'm the only bare-butt male in sight, would love to see others do the rollup, following my example, guys and gals alike.  Maybe it'll happen as I become a real fixture, seen as a normal guy, just happeb to like briefer swimwear than most.  Love it when my wife joins me -- fully dressed, avoiding the sun -- then I feel really normal.    
navythong #60

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/22/2013 02:42:33Copy HTML

That is a very nice and positive reaction of those ladies!
I wished such reactions happened more often!
I my opinion it means that they like to sunbathe in minimal swimwear but didn't want to be first to do so.
As soon as they saw you in your thong they felt they had companion, and were not reserved anymore.

Very nice experience!
mack_back #61

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/22/2013 04:45:02Copy HTML

Suppose it's natural seeing someone else wear a thong that a female maybe re-thinking their choice of attire at the beach.. When i'm seen in a thong at the beach a young couple laying nearby didn't make a fuss nor stared at me.. The boyfriend was in dork shorts seamed to look and ask his girlfriend why she is not wearing a thong.. After little while i looked over seeing the female, hike up wedging the bikini bottom into a large thong.. Once she got up to walk into the water she began to adjust her bikini bottom  back to full coverage...
Find myself angry time to time wearing a full cut bikini and seeing someone else wear a skimpy rio knowing while i choose to be far too conservative at that location.. Hiking up my bikini sometimes works but the uneven tan lines look stupid from the material bunching up.. Also know it looks like i'm following someone elses lead which is obvious to them.. So to is when i'm in a thong and women wedge their bikini bottoms I know they regret not wearing something less, if a man can wear a thong over their why not a women.. This is so true when reactions of my thong wearing are benign none cares or makes a scene to mock or shame me.. Women then ponder that wearing a thong isn't that big of a deal or be asked to wear something more...

Grabeach #62

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/22/2013 10:23:48Copy HTML

As you say navythong, the ones we are likely to most influence, are those who are that way inclined anyway. The "didn't want to be first" is probably the main influence on a beach. The permission factor comes more into play at public pools, where virtually everyone wrongly thinks (if they think about it at all) that thong swimwear is totally banned. Hence I suspect the girls required ‘approval’ from the security guy. I respect them for seizing the opportunity that my presence supplied.

SlidingG, I think your regular appearance at the local beach could result in some of the females wearing thongs. I doubt however that any of the males are anywhere near being “that way inclined”, especially in what you say is a conservative town, so sorry to say I doubt you will have any influence on them. I hope I’m wrong.

Mac back, I can’t remember the last time I came across someone wearing less than me, as I tend to err on the non-conservative side. However I agree completely that it would be really frustrating. If I’m somewhere where I’m confined to my 25mm side briefs, I won’t even bother to lie in the sun. It just feels wrong!
OS777 #63

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/23/2013 08:24:26Copy HTML

I live in San Antonio, Texas. Recently LA Fitness opened a new sports club/gym near where I live. I purchased a membership prior to the club opening. In the first week I came in to work out and noticed that there was an "Aqua Fit" class that was offered on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. I decided to try out the class to help round out my weight training workouts. On the first morning that I was to attend the Aqua Fit class I brought my new red AussieBum speedo swimsuit. I hurried onto class and went into the men's change room. As I opened up the AussieBum package I discovered it was made of nylon (great for swimming in chlorine swimming pools and much more durable for serious pool activities). Then I went to slip into the suit. As you might know Australian swim teams and Lifesavers (lifeguards) wear speedo type suits while on post at the beach or rowing during competitions as well as life saving. My suit has a conspicuous white ink "AussieBum" printed on the bum! This is a very low cut suit with 1 inch sides. This suit was purchased online from China quite some time ago. As I went to slip on the suit I discovered it to be quite small and tight fitting. The cut of the suit was low cut both in front and in back. I had no other option but to wear it to participate in the Aqua Fit exercise class. Neither the young woman instructor or the 3 women and 1 male participants made any comment. I learned my lesson. Buying online from China requires possibly buying one size up to get a proper fit. Either way I continue to wear that suit. By the way I still have about 12 other new AussieBum suits that have never made it out of their shipping packages. Soon I will wear my white AussieBum as well as my navy blue AussieBum speedos to that AquaFit class.
JM_Runs #64

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/19/2014 04:08:04Copy HTML

briankay #65

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/19/2014 09:11:49Copy HTML

Cool video.
johny_b #66

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:02/20/2014 05:11:42Copy HTML

 iill be thonging Erieau and Rondeau beaches till i can't thong no more.
sailor250 #67

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/16/2014 12:18:34Copy HTML

 I've seen some influence on others around the pool on some recent outings.

At one pool I'm the only one in a thong but this group of three chicks come out and notice me right away sit down not far away.  I heard them talking about my thong.  One chick snapped a selfie over her shoulder of my tanning ass in the background.  She's talking with her friends then I hear her raise her voice to her farthest friend who's on her stomach and said "I think I'll go topless"  They giggled but she didn't really strip off.

Another time a couple of chicks show up across the pool in small bikinis.  They are staring and pointing at me and smiling.  One of them turns over on her stomach unhooks her top then pulls her suit way up in her ass  IMPING!  Improvising a thong!
mack_back #68

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/18/2014 03:48:23Copy HTML

Really sounds like a good vibe at the pool, nice time...  When i first started wearing tight mid thigh boxer briefs to the pool women also pointed me out smiling, laughing as i hiked up my boxer brief legs... I thought i was really provocative wearing such tame swimwear compared to what i wear now...
Had similar situation. A girl on the beach noticed my g-string.. She was laying out on her stomach and once seen me without inhibitions walking around in a g-string she scrunched her bikini bottom to a thong as well..Suppose anytime someone wears provocative clothes without problems then others wish it too....

It also can backfire by women who feel their bodies or bum isn't up to par compared to a toned well defined male... Noticed some women hide their bodies or parts of it for example,  towel around hips, jacket tied around waist all to cover-up flaws or not be compared too a fit male like myself.... Sometimes women want to ignore me or stay further away then normal not to be compared.... Often notice these women's behaviour seemingly not caring how they look initially, then recognize what i'm wearing, then hide for cover embarrassed of their body... Often i thought they were disgusted with the way i attired myself but further observation noticed they stay far away but also make sure their covered up uncomfortable just because of my presence, yet stare upon my body glancing at opportune moments... Doubt women come to outdoor pool to lay down in a towel with her friends, while timing it taking it off only when taking a dip in the pool or when my eyes are not upon them.... Before they noticed my presence they had no troubles walking around in swimwear only after they notice my body they feel more coverage is necessary... 
Often see this behaviour at the gym or pool once i have been noticed and it is difficult for any women not to stare.... 

ARThongLover #69

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/19/2014 04:36:45Copy HTML

I had just arrived in Fort Lauderdale and hit the beach after pulling on a narrow, string-side thong. I settled in buns-side up and had only been there a few minutes when an older couple walking down the shoreline approached my location. I could hear the lady talking about the guy in a thong and turned slightly to see her pointing me out before they walked back the other direction. She was in a very modest bikini and the man wore board shorts. A few minutes later I saw them walking my way again, but this time he was in a brief and she was in a very revealing thong bikini. I waved as they passed and received two very large grins in return. I saw them multiple other times that week and they were always wearing the smaller suits. It made me smile to know that seeing me gave them the incentive to be free. :)
JM_Runs #70

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/19/2014 08:28:43Copy HTML

That's the way to do it.  Have confidence, smile at everyone, let them see you are able to openly thong without repercussions and - maybe - they will follow suit. When they do it makes me happy.

I don't know how many people I inspire, if any.  But if just a few change down a size, slip off a top, or think next time I can wear a smaller suit it is a win for the day.

Going out of ones way to give a friendly smile and good-morning to anyone else who is in a speedo, thong or topless also reinforces others choice of minimal swimsuits. Which leads to more thongers overall. The key is not to come off like you are hitting on them, just showing support.  I find giving other thongers a thumbs-up as I pass does the trick.

32189 #71

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/21/2014 02:29:03Copy HTML

That's cool Arthonglover.  I cannot say that I have ever had that kind of influence over others but it is okay.  I am not out there to persuade anyone (and I know you are not either) but just to have a good time.  It is awesome that others felt comfortable enough to go to skimpier swimwear since you were wearing your thong.  I like to think that I inspire others but I do not know how that is working out since I do not often see the same people twice at the beach.  There are some regulars that I see often and there are some men that wear speedos and a few that wear thongs.  However I get the feeling they were doing that before I was.  But maybe they were not.  I would not have any way to really know. 
hotbunz1969 #72

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/21/2014 05:16:50Copy HTML

 I remember my first experience of this many years back while on holiday in Tenerife. I went there with my then GF. She was a thong bikini wearer and positively adored me in one too. She was the reason I started wearing them!

We slept in the first morning after arriving very late the night before. My GF picked out my suit for that day, a black kiniki thing with narrow string sides.
The pool area was fairly quiet, as it was still early in the season,  maybe 20-25 couples around the large pool. We picked our spot and set about tanning our buns.

I noticed we were getting a fair amount of attention from a couple a few loungers away. She was already in a thong her husband/ bf in a speedo style trunk.  After pointing me out her OH disappeared only to return 5 minuets later,  but this time he removed his shorts to reveal a thong. They spent the rest of the day with us in thongs. 
Without doubt my thong wearing influenced his wife's choice for him to go and change. It's by no means the only occasion my thong wearing has influenced others but I think it was the first and most memorable. 

Cheers Paul 
Sybok #73

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/21/2014 06:07:15Copy HTML

 Thanks for sharing this with us! It cheered me up.
mack_back #74

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/14/2015 04:54:55Copy HTML

I had an interesting experience when wearing a skinny side skinz rio at the pool.  I got out of the water and showered on the pool deck, then waked back towards my lounger.  There were ten woman chatting together in a gazebo beside the pool. I don't think they realized what I had on until I got out of the pool.  Once the ladies noticed me they stopped talking. They were smiling and looking over the vegetation around the gazebo. One even came onto the pool deck to watch. Funny that such mature woman behaved like school girls as I was flaunting around the pool.

While i was laying face down I covered my head with towels and hat. Young couples began setting up next to me. I woke up and low and behold found myself surrounded on all sides by four couples. Each woman was topless. They were the only women I saw topless at this family beach. Another couple setup nearby. I heard the male say it's a guy. Then the woman said "So What?" and took her top off.

I Realized maybe the other couples had mistakenly assumed I was a female. So the other women kind of joined in thinking if I could do it they can too.  I wonder if they were later surprised to find out I was just a guy, in a tiny female like bikini bottom. After the first couple everyone took the lead. Kinda funny experience, maybe being mistaken for a topless woman.
JM_Runs #75

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/26/2015 10:23:06Copy HTML

I was at the beach again today.  Bike ride followed by late drinking last night, so got up late and did not hit the beach until lunch time.
Ran, stretched, got coffee and then walked back to the spring break crowds.   
This week the crowed is generally younger. The collage kids have had spring break for the last two weeks, but this week the collage kids tapered off dramatically, to be replaced with the local high-school kids. Local schools have the week off. 
Local school girls tend to have better tans, less expensive swim suits, but sport more thongs. 

Spent a couple of hours hanging out with the crowed in front of Beach Place. Spending time chatting with various groups, laying out with some local women and generally walking around to show men wear thongs here too. I was wearing a neon orange thong with neon yellow side bands so a bit difficult to miss.
When I ran through earlier there were many groups of girls face up on the towels. As the afternoon progressed far more flipped over to show their thongs, or got up and stood around. By mid afternoon there were thongs all over the place, and the other girls and women were hiking their bikini bottoms up to make thongs.  I am sure I did not start the trend of people getting off their bums and walking around to show off their thongs, but I hope I helped.  
Happy_Thonger #76

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/27/2015 01:05:53Copy HTML

I think everyone on this topic has made excellent suggestions and observations. Lead by example and other definitely will follow.  Bravo. I agree 100%. 
ozarkG #77

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:04/05/2015 02:33:23Copy HTML

  I've only recently gotten the courage to be seen or to not care who see's me wearing or in just a thong. I live in the mid-west so it's pretty conservative. I've been wearing thongs regularly as underwear for the past 13-14years now, but have only ventured to swim in a thong the last 5 or 6 years now. Only in my back yard.

There are plenty of lakes and rivers around me, but I ha e not been able to visit them much. Much less enjoy the water, in only a thong. My wife isn't all that supportive of me wearing only a thong to swim in, even in our own back yard. I don't exactly have a thongers body, but as shown here in this group wearing thongs is a state of mind, not a state of body. Non the less, I'm the only one in our group of friends and family with the self confidence and indifference to peoples opinion to be seen in a thong.    

When I started wearing a thong to swim in it wasnt in an effort to make a statement, it was more of taking advantage of a situation. We had a neighbor and her kids over bbqing and swimming. I had just finished mowing the back yard and wanted to get in the pool. We had made good friends with the neighbor, she knew I wore thongs as underwear, and was somewhat supportive of it. I decided to just drop my shorts and get in the pool in the thong I was wearing. My wife was shocked but the neighbor was encouraging.

My attitude changed after that first afternoon.  Since then I have only worn a thong to swim in in our pool.

Jump to a couple years later, one of my older daughters friends was over with her mother and little brother. Some how the topic of my choice of swim wear came up. The mother knew I wore thongs to swim in, bit had not seen me in one. She had mentioned the thought of her wearing one, and I said something like there is no better time to start then now. She said she didnt have one. I just so happened to have one that would fit her and convinced her to try it on.
No one was more shocked than her daughter.  I told her there was no shame in it. She said her husband would thank me. She had/has a descent body, told her no to worry about showing it off. (I got a picture of her in it. Its in my profile.)

By he way, she was completely comfortable with me wearing a thong in front of her daughter. Who made no comment about me wearing a thong. Her daughter made a fuss over her wearing a thong, not about me. 

It made me feel good that I was able to get someone to get over their fear of exposure. She also asked me to get her a flashier thong suit to wear for her husband.
Eyowell1968 #78

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:04/17/2015 05:17:18Copy HTML

I want to share a little story, hope you like it. My GF had the starring role, not I. My GF and I went to San Andrés and stayed at a hotel with a  natural pool besides the sea. Women's thonging is common all around the island, men's is not seen at anyplace. During our stay at the hotel there was a young woman that also used the pool very often, but we never had a word nor there nor at the hotel's restaurant. It was pretty clear that she was not a thong user. One of the last days we used the pool, my GF wore a beautiful pink thong (G-string style) and I wore a green speedo; of course she looked gorgeous and attractive. It happened to be that this hotel's guest I mentioned above was tanning just besides us and she wasn't aware of our presence there. When she noticed us and our attires (specially my GF's), she seemed more enthusiastic and made a self wedgie right in front of everybody while she stared at us. She remained wearing her perma wedgie until we left. The thong fashion seems to be contagious.  
ThonginMN #79

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:05/08/2015 03:03:30Copy HTML

 I have been in numerous trend setting situations.

Before it got developed I found a nice little beach where mostly cool people would come.  I layed out once and dozed off and some chick and her boyfriend had jumped out of their truck and gone over the hills and she was in a thong.

I have also seen bold women at the beach. A few years ago I saw a bold woman wear a g-string at the beach by a busy road. Not only that but she had her cheeks spread to the traffic and had to have been there for several hours...
JM_Runs #80

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/22/2015 07:13:46Copy HTML

 Because I can't run, I don't have to be out before the sand gets too hot to run on.
So I have been going late and hanging out in the afternoons. 

I don't like to lay out, unless it is with an interesting friend: Too herbetudinous for me. 

Instead I like to walk. When the sand is HOT that means walking along the damp sand along the waters edge.  While doing this I pickup any trash or plastic. Many people thank me for doing so.

I don't normally go to the beach two days in a row, and previously have avoided the larger weekend crowds. 
But since I can't run right now, I consider it my duty to fly the flag and publicly make sure the afternoon weekend crowed knows thongs are ok.  

I have taken to starting out by walking at least a mile North. Along the way I pick up trash and talk to people I meet.  
Then walk back South doing the same.

Next I go for coffee and do a couple of slower shorter walks, up through the main strip up to around the jet ski rental back.
I do this shorter walk at least twice, with a coffee refill between the two walks.  

That means I walk through the main crowed at least 6 times, but quite often more times than that. 
I walk along the shore, but also walk or run up from the water line to the trash cans at the back of the beach,
to throw away the trash and plastic I have picked up and to get wet under the fresh water showers.
So if anyone missed me walk by the first time their friend probably pointed me out the second or third time I passed by. 

As more and more 'afternoon' people see me on a semi regular basis I notice more men having the courage to wear speedos, or less.
The girls give me smiles, complements, waves and thumbs up, and quite a number of the guys in the straight section do too.

Interestingly the gay guys in the gay section normally don't say anything, but I do notice that after a few weeks they are also changing down in swimsuit sizes, and I don't think it is just because of the influx of European tourists during the summer.  
Where once the average suit on the gay section was short loose shorts, it is now smaller bun hugging square cuts or a Speedos. 
Some are even wearing suits I recognize from the ebay underwear section. 

I have also noticed the gay guys are growing in social confidence. More of them are now walking out of the gay section and along the main busy section of the beach in there speedos, although often in pairs, maybe for moral support. 

The comments are normally positive an supportive, but if by chance some teenage boy thinks thongs are gay and says so, I gladly take the flack. Better they blow of steam at me, for I don't give a toss about their opinion, than they say it to someone who is more sensitive.  
As I become a regular part of the weekend landscape, the odd random stupid comment has become a lot less common, and the number of people who smile, wave or offer me a beer has gone up.

Sometimes I say "Nice thong there" to women in thongs. After seeing that I am wearing a thong too they don't take it as an unsolicited rude remark, but smile and say thanks, or "I like your thong too".

So go walk, smile, pickup trash, mingle, make friends. Show people that men in thongs are not perverts hiding in the dunes but ordinary friendly people they might like to know. 

odiekyle #81

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/23/2015 01:36:40Copy HTML

 2 thumbs up JM!!
SlidingG #82

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:06/24/2015 01:39:37Copy HTML

I do the same in Naples, though usually in a Speedo thong.  Y'know, 'if it's a Speedo, it must be okay.'  No hassles, I think rednecks give Naples a pass.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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As always, great advice from JM! More of that attitude and behaviour and we really will change the common perception. Its now a very cold winter here in Perth, Western Australia. We are having lots of sun but its not swimming or sun tanning temperatures anymore, so no beach thonging for me right now. Im jealous of you guys n gals in the Northern Hemisphere! :) 
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 JM, What happened? Why no running?
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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Twisted an ankle while building new fence and gates at my house. Think I tore up some ligaments.
Not healing very well. Each time I go run on it I regret it later. 
So after giving it a week here and a week there, decided I had better just not run or bike hard for a bit. 
As we get older it seems to take longer to heal.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 Instead of starting a whole new thread, I thought I'd just contribute to this one since my story sort of relates.

Maybe not so much starting a trend but, definitely setting an example. I have been wearing a thong to my local public pool since last year. I have been going to this pool for probably 7-8 years but last year was the first one where I got the courage to wear a thong. I have always worn bikinis, each year getting more and more brief. My thong of choice is a 1" Muscleskins classic or modified poser. Definitely far more revealing than 99% of the suits out there but still not as crazy as a gstring or stuff along those lines.

This is a large pool complex near Kansas City. It has multiple pools, one is dedicated solely to swimming laps. It's an olympic sized pool and they hold swim meets there regularly. The reason I bring that up is because I'm not swimming with a bunch of kids and their moms while I'm doing this. There might be a few teenagers or pre-teens in the pool but it's usually a pretty small number. Mostly adults.

I wear a squarecut to and from the pool, I just slip off the square cut when I'm in the water. I swim my mile in just my thong. I'm sharing the lane most of the time and it's always pretty busy so it's definitely not a situation where I'm nearly alone. Not to mention the 4 lifeguard stations that border the pool. So, I'm definitely being seen and not hiding anything. The reason for wearing a squarecut to and from the water is just my own sense of being courteous. The pool is visible from all over the complex. Walking around in just a thong is a bit much in my eyes, a little to "out there" and brash. Definitely would raise more eyebrows than not. I want to be able to keep doing this as long as I want. This small act of covering up I think has allowed me to wear what I want when I'm in the adult areas of the pool. Again, it's all about considering where you are at and who is around you.

Let me just say, in the year and half of wearing a thong I have never received a negative comment from anyone that mattered. It's been nearly all positive. A great experience. I did have one old lady complain to the manager the first day the pool was open this year. I had swam with this woman all last year and several years before that. My suits have always been tiny. Don't know why she fussed about me this year but she did.

The manager came and talked to me about my suits, he was very nice and apologetic. I told him I'd wear more something with more coverage. I was talking to some of the other ladies I swim with. They are regulars, probably in their 60-70's and are very nice. I told them about the complaint and they just went off. They told me to ignore it and keep wearing my tiny thongs. They insisted. They just said the lady who complained complains about everything, they didn't have any kinds words for her. They even went to the manager and told him to leave me alone because I have never been a problem. I am respectful and try and not flaunt what I'm wearing.

The next day they practically ran up to me and begged to see if I was wearing a thong. I was. These are also the two ladies who wanted me to go down the slides with them in just my thong. Again, these are 60-70 year old ladies. They are a lot of fun.
So, I have continued to wear a thong exclusively so far this year. Again, no problems at all. I even swam laps with the lady who complained. No complaints from her either. Very funny.

Of course, you're going to get a few strange looks and teenagers will always smirk or laugh. They don't know any better and if a person is looking for their approval, that's never going to happen. It's also not even disapproval, it's just immaturity and lack of their own self confidence.
I was laying out after my laps yesterday in my thong when two teenage girls walked by. They were smiling, a little giggling, I'm okay with that. I'm sure I ended up on their phones at some point. 

The purpose of my story is just to let people know that if you wear a thong with confidence, don't make a show of it and keep in mind your surroundings (not a lot of kids, etc.) then 99% of the time, people will not say a word and sometimes, even come to your defense if somebody else does say something. 

I've had a great experience, received some great compliments and it's been the best way to swim and enjoy the sun. It certainly takes a large amount of courage to slip off your shorts or whatever and only wear a thong. Especially when you know you are the only one doing it! It's not easy and every now and then, I still get apprehensive. That doesn't stop me though and hopefully this story will give somebody else the courage to do it to.

I will say, wearing a bikini now to swim feels very strange. It's amazing how quickly the body gets used to something. I've worn a thong so much now that anything more than that feels heavy and bulky.

As far as inspiring, I haven't seen anyone else be brave enough to wear a thong. I've seen a few men in tiny bikinis but definitely not a trend. 
Check out my pics in my profile so you get a good idea of what I look like. It helps finish the story up if there is a visual to relate to. I'm in decent shape and try and represent the thong community the best I can. 
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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Superset:   What a wonderful and inspiring post!   You definitely are a great ambassador for the thong community.   With you living in the very heart of America, no where near an ocean or a beach, your post should inspire all of us.   Congratulations to you for wearing your thong at a public pool, and paving the way for others to do the same.  Good for you!
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 Yes, being discrete is likely to reduce complaints, minimize discomfort of others and the likelihood of  complaints and reprimands (or worse - bans etc) from pool/security/administration etc staff... SuperSet41's approach does help and I have deployed towels and cover-up suits myself to get to/from a pool/beach. These don't stop those in the pool from seeing what you are wearing, or people walking the pool edge or lifeguards from getting an eye full... Your preferred suit with the 1 inch sides likely helps clarify that you are not naked (while swimming head down). Keeping your thonging in a nearly adults only pool helps - if you can find one or time it for when few kids are about.

A few weeks ago I was swimming in a friends condo pool with my wife later in the evening (noting it closes at midnight and I like to swim after 10pm). As I have done about once every few weeks over the last two years, I wait until I have the pool to myself and slip off my square cut and swim in a thong. When I am just with my wife I strip down into the thong a little earlier. There are no lifeguards, but 3 security cameras give security staff in an adjacent building a view along with at least a dozen other cameras they monitor... The screen at the main security desk, typically displays about 20 tiny images at a time from the different cameras. The pool is adjacent to a common meeting area at one end (separated by a long glass wall) and occasionally people sit there reading books from the small lending library or go to the adjacent fitness room or snooker room. Others sometimes cross through the area on the way to/from an adjacent building. Well, perhaps I was a little too adventurous in my thong while my wife was in the pool and walked to/from the hot tub next to the pool, plus once around the perimeter of the pool. I suspect someone spotted me and complained to the security staff, After my wife left the pool early for her lengthy hair wash, I continued swimming laps. A younger couple showed up and -perhaps- seeing me in the pool jumped in the hot tub. A minute or two later while swimming, I heard the public address system come on and a very garbled/distorted message came out. It didn't help that I was making noise swimming and don't localize sound well having a hearing deficiency in one ear. So I suspect the announcement was a request for me to wear something or perhaps they thought I was nude - but can't really be sure what was said. Being pretty much at the end of my swim, I got out of the pool and walked over to the table next to the hot tub with my towel on it, wrapped up and headed out for my shower. The young woman in the hot tub had a big smile on her face, when I walked by in my thong. I ignored the guy altogether. I doubt the young woman called to complain. Perhaps someone in the public area behind the glass wall did... Oh well... Now I am not sure how comfortable I will be thonging in this pool again. I suppose I may need to talk to some administration staff in the facility to clarify their policy... but I don't relish the process of finding out who does 'manage' this sort of thing. 
My venues for -comfortable- thonging seem to be whittling down this year...

These are my experiences with people's reactions, noting I prefer suits with smaller fronts that cover everything but in a fairly obvious -he is a guy- way (I hate the suits with a flat front). Yeah, I might be classified as a 'bulge' kinda guy.My experience with other men while thonging, is that most are very cool about my suits and I can't recall too many/any? expressing much approval. A small fraction of younger women have smiles (yes!) and perhaps a slightly larger fraction of older women seem pretty keen. I suspect many men assume you are gay if you are wearing a thong and suspect you might hit on them  - so they purposely put on very somber, almost disapproving expressions.There is nothing like a woman with a grin on her face while you walk by - the men as stated, I try to completely ignore... as far as I'm concerned, they have the hangup about their sexuality... as today's society has imprinted on them.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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I have a slightly different tack on pool usage than Superset41 and Widenet. I commenced using Olympic pools a few years back purely to improve my swimming. I wore a 25mm side ‘Brazil’ back brief as this was what I always wore body surfing at the beach. At that stage if I wanted to sun it would be at the beach in a g-string as I had done for decades. I would not bother with sunning in anything that had a ‘back’ (including thongs!).

As my pool schedule involved swimming some laps, having a long break, then swimming more laps before having a shower and leaving, I soon figured it would be really convenient to sun in my break. Although I was convinced that a g-string would not be allowed, I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a go. At this and subsequent visits to that pool nobody said a thing.

Despite this positive response, I guess I really knew that I was pushing the envelope and that if somebody seriously complained I would likely be asked to cover up. As my aim was to sun all my bum and I having no particular desire to swim in a thong of any description, it was in my interest to minimise the chances of there being a complaint. To this end I only wear the g-string sunning and wear the briefs for swimming and going to and from the change rooms and kiosk. I guess that at some of the pools I frequent I would be able to swim in a thong, but for me finding out would be a nothing to gain, everything to lose situation.

With regards to what part of the pool area I will sun, I tend to avoid out of the way spots, as someone may think I’m hiding from the authority. Best to be out in the open. I will keep away from large numbers of school age kids only because they are too noisy. Never had a problem with mums and pre-schoolers. Would probably avoid a group containing teenage or early 20s boys because we all know the maturity level of many of these.

With regard to the topic, there have been several occasions when women have rolled bikini bottoms into thongs (and three took their tops off) after seeing what I was wearing, but all these were a one-off sort of thing. A couple of times guys have told me they will wear a g-string “next time”, but never did. Although I’ve sunned in a g-string at a few individual pools over 50 times each, I’ve yet to start a discernible ‘trend’.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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Funny how people at the c/o beach try to copy my appearance coincidence or not. While spending time at the beach as a regular many people seen me be them regular nudist or occasional beach visitors. 
While I'm difficult not be seen walking, standing on the beach rather hiding laying on my towel. People seen me over the summer in c-g-rings and poser neon colored thongs well fitted. Overheard few couples talking about wearing rings the men at the beach. Low and behold just last week some males began to wear c-rings that would never done so without seeing me first. Take last summer for example no males wore rings to the beach except for my late last season Gland bead ring. 

As for thongs do notice more females wearing them. Even seen a female settling down nearby wearing orange g-string same color as mine. My reaction was amusement when she took her denim shorts off to expose the string from the front. While I watched her she stared back upon me knowing I wear one at times at the c/o beach. No surprise when later in the afternoon I stood back towards her in my orange neon poser MS thong. Her reaction wasn't surprise because she seen me on the beach before. 

Even a young East Indian female in a jet ski wore a red thong visiting the beach. She was all dolled up fakes eyelasess and makeup. She felt none would be wearing a thong that well as her. Once she noticed me walking along the shoreline her attention was focused what I was wearing my poser MS string orange thong.Even when I backtracked coming towards her as she prepared to leave in her jet ski she couldn't help give me a glance as I walked passed shoulder to hip next to in the ankle shallow waters edge.

Find a amusing coincidence that three of the nine woman who wore thongs or g-strings at the beach setup no more then twenty feet away from my towel. While the other thongers I seen before I initially setup to find real estate to lay down my towel were a lot further away. 
Only couple weeks back hard pressed to see any woman wearing a thong. Only two woman coming seperately or strippers  wearing g-strings at the beach which looked identical to one another with their boyfriends. Yet none copied their style looking as they did large tattoo's, deep tan, red G-strings. 

Be it coincidence or not seeing me wear a thong at the beach maybe the catylst started a larger thong beach trend, even though it's mostly woman. Always find it amusing that suddenly I see three groups of people settling above me and each woman are wearing thongs looking over me. Could be the great sand or position I choose earlier at the beach that draws others near me. Don't know for sure but not complaining either. 
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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Setting a good example of self-confidence for the next generation:

Miley Cyrus at VMA.

Now we hope she takes that to the beach !
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 My Wife and I were vacationing in Hawaii. We stayed at one of the resorts in Waikiki. We went down to the pool to spend the afternoon suntanning by the pool. My wife and I were sitting out on the lounge chairs enjoying the tropical sun. I was wearing a Y back g-string from Skinzwear. My wife was wearing a full bottom bikini due to getting a burn on our bottom the day before. Anyways the there were two lounge chairs vacant beside me. I was lying on my stomach and fell a sleep for a bit. I woke up to a women telling her girlfriend to check me out. I looked over and they were taking pictures on their iPhone of me. I didn't mind. Anyways when they laid back down they hiked up wedging their bikini bottom into a thong. I guess I set a trend that day.
After that we began to chat and they said they wish more men were confident enough to wear thongs and g-strings.

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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 Last week I went to Gatineau Park in Quebec. I got to the North West end of Lac Phillipe about 2:45 pm and hiked the snowshoe trail around the north side to the Lac Mouseau end (on which lake, the Prime Minister of Canada has his summer residence). Brought several pairs of thongs and no cover ups. (No, I didn't get any where near the PM's 'cottage').I met no one for the first 4 odd kilometers on the snowshoe trail (no snow at 27 centigrade!) Got to the far end of the lake to the first beach where there were three groups of people. Surprised the first older group when I walked out of the bush, then a family of four and finally a younger couple.A young boy yelled 'Hey Mama, Hey Papa' then something in french which was likely a comment on my bare backside. The next 2 kms were along a hiking/biking trail typically used to access Lusk Cave (worth a visit,) which I have done in the past (in a thong). Crossed paths with two Asian woman who did a superb job ignoring my attire. At the next beach I walked along the sand past 4-5 small groups and was in general ignored (or at least didn't hear any comments). The third beach was busier and I was likely seen by another 40 odd people. A group of young men playing beach volley ball were laughing a bit, immediately after I passed them, likely as a result of catching sight of my back side. Crossed paths with at least two pairs of mothers with children in tow, some with big smiles on their faces. Another little boy asked if I knew I was wearing my underwear. Didn't bother trying to convince him I was wearing a swimsuit - given there isn't really a big difference. Finally just before reaching my car, I passed the largest beach with the most people, and went straight through the middle of most of them, then along the water. One young woman in the water said to her friend 'Oh my gosh, look at what that man is wearing'... I just waved at her and didn't hear anything else.
So about five or six miles (8-9 kms,) four beaches and seen by maybe 100 people in a bright orange N2N Power G on a beautiful late summer day.
Is this something I would repeat again anytime soon? I doubt it. Just too conservative an area for me to really feel comfortable.
I think parking at a beach and getting some sun interspersed with a bit of periodic swimming is more enjoyable then surprising large groups by walking through their midst. I suppose if I saw young woman with skimpier bottoms in this area more often I might feel more at ease.The only time I saw a man in less then dork shorts, I immediately thought he looked out of place and my first question being - is he gay? My neighbour even commented on my thong, suggesting it was the gayest suit he ever saw... but he's originally from a very conservative/redneck part of Ontario. Although I still like the fit/style of the suit and suspect most woman are not distressed by it, most men likely find it 'too out there', and most of those that don't have other ideas in their minds... which I would not entertain.
I really don't think one guy alone is going to 'lead the way'... in this area.

JM_Runs #94

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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Yesterday there was a good looking couple, a man in a brightly colored square-cut swimsuit and a women in a very small white thong bikini. I noticed her first when our paths crossed, as she came out of the water looking fabulous.  A little later I walked passed the couple on the way to the trash can. They were standing up toweling off.  Both gave me a big smile and thumbs up, which I returned.

Maybe seeing me in a thong give her a little more courage, because on the way back from the trash can I noticed she had doffed her top, and was standing in the middle of the beach crowed, in nothing but the tiny wet white bottom. I grinned widely and they gave another friendly wave as I passed.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 Now here's a thread I never thought I would contribute to... This is my third summer wearing thong swimwear, and frankly I never thought I could have an effect on what other people wear at the beach. Last Sunday I was at my favourite beach with my girlfriend. We were both wearing regular, low-rise thongs, black in colour, and she was topless. We were having our regular beach day (tanning, swimming, relaxing), but at a certain point we saw that a woman who came to the beach with her husband (a 40-year old couple, I'd say) had changed her bikini bottom after seeing my girlfriend and I going for a swim. She had been wearing a conservative tie-side bikini bottom before, but now she was sporting a thong bottom! It wasn't an "impthong" scrunched-up bikini bottom, but a proper thong. This means she changed her swimsuit after seeing us, and maybe because of us; strength and overcoming embarassment through numbers. She even took her top off, choosing to stay topless too - it must be said that there were many, many topless women on that section of the beach.
So there you go: a simple story in which a thonging couple indirectly influenced another woman to thong. Who knows if we'll ever be able to influence another couple, or a guy!
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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I had dinner last Sunday at my parent's place. We usually retire to the hot tub in the evening. I've been wearing my thong most of the summer, so they're used to seeing me in one. What I wasn't expecting, however, was to see my mom come out onto the deck in a thong. She hasn't worn anything smaller than a modest bikini in my entire life. My dad bought it for her. She looked really good, although my brother was a little embarrassed by the amount of flesh on display.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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The other evening I changed out of my Andrew Christian thong underwear out in the open  to go to the pool and after changed back into them after swimming. This was in a very busy public mens change room it felt nice that no one said or bothered about anything. They are easier to wear with skinny jeans and super comfortable to wear.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 Well, while its not swimwear, I've been making a point to not hide my thong while changing at the gym lately.  Its hardly as bold as some folks hear who are wearing thongs at the beach, but its a start.    We'll have to wait and see if anybody else decides to do the same.
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 About two weeks ago I was at Sandy Hook, NJ, at the bayside of the north tip. For hours I was the only person at the beach. Halfway the afternoon a guy came up, walking along shore line. He had a sturdy build, around 30 and wore a board shorts and a T-shirt. At the end of the stretch of beach, he returned and at a certain moment we were on the same course with about 10 yards in between. I guess he was more or less inspired by my G-string because while walking he pulled off his shirt and dropped his shorts. Then he walked on in a thong. 
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Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

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 Recently in South Beach with my girlfriend, we setup behind the hotels on 15th. She was excited to wear her new g-string. She looked around, saw a couple kids with their parents, and questioned whether she should take her top off. I told her "Listen, if those parents are OK with bringing their kids to South Beach, they should be OK with knowing that their children may see some skin." I pointed out there was a woman with her husband or boyfriend a couple chairs down, topless. She shrugged said "OK" and took off her top. She laid out for the whole day with the top off, going to and from the water with me, no issues.

After a couple hours or so, we got up and I pointed out that there were now maybe 4-5 women who previously had tops on that now did not. It's refreshing but sad at the same time. People should feel free to dress as they please and not have to wait for others to lead the way. 
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