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Low_Strap #101

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:12/02/2016 01:19:37Copy HTML

  I saw this happen a few summmers ago when I was still in New Orleans.  Thonged pretty regularly at small park on Lake Pontchartrain.  Never got any hassle from anyone and never saw another thonger.  But as the summer progressed, I saw more guys out in speedos swimming or laying out.  I'm surmising I was the impetus because I didn't see any such thing at the beginning of the summer. 

And I've been influenced myself before.  Where my dad keeps his sail boat in Pensacola Beach there's a small lagoon with a huge sand bar out in the center.  A lot of folks bring their boats in and anchor out over a weekend.  One time one of the sail boats at anchor was crewed by a couple (whom a later learned were also from New Orleans) and the lady on board wore a black g-string with a fedora, which was a great complement, I thought.  They were going around visiting other boats and I saw her getting in and out of the dinghy.  I had been wanting paddle board around the lagoon in a thong for a while but never quite had the courage to try it there.  Thong paddle boarding is great, but you're definitely on display and the shoreline of the lagoon is lined with houses.  The day after they left, along with a lot of the other boats at anchor, I did it.  I just kept thinking to myself, "well son of gun, if she can pull it off then I can too."  Paddled laps around that lagoon.  It was fantastic!
JM_Runs #102

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:03/18/2017 05:32:25Copy HTML

My local community pool is for the townhouse complex I live in.  There are two.  The one with 18& older age restrictions is smaller and in a location that doesn't provide much privacy because it's near a sidewalk, parking lot and off an entry street.  The one that is All Ages has more space, is more secluded, and surrounded by shrubbery on 2 sides, the complex management office on one side, and 4 townhouses on the other.  The All Ages pool is where I go weekdays to thong because all the kids are at school.  This past week, while I was there, a couple in their mid-20s came down.  The girl stripped down to her suit which was a two piece with a scrunch but bottom.  The guy wore board shorts but at least they weren't below the knee.  I had not seen them there prior so I assumed they were guests of a resident.  Since I have been thonging here mid-week for a couple years now, I have learned that most of my neighbors are cool with it.  So I didn't cover up, continued to tan all sides, and hopped in for a dip when I needed to cool off.  Eventually, we crossed paths for some casual chatting.  Eventually, the guy asked me where I got my suit.  Later, I heard him telling the lady he was totally gonna go get one and they could have a tanning contest this summer.  When they left, they walked into one of the townhouses with a pool-view so I'm not sure if I have a new neighbor to thong with.  Keep you posted!
WagersThrone #103

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:05/24/2017 06:42:56Copy HTML

 I haven't been able to start a trend, but I have helped my family to answer questions about my thong-wearing. Examples: strippers aren't the only people to wear thongs, Thongs can be great for everyday support and comfort, wearing a thong does not control my sexual orientation, etc. Luckily, my family respects me, in the same way that I respect them, so everyone at the house accepts who I am.
Reznor7 #104

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/29/2017 05:00:27Copy HTML

 I have been wearing thongs at my townhome pool and my girlfriend bought a stringy little thong. A couple days later one of the cute little neighbors had a thong on. We went out after she did and sat right next to her. I have also been wearing thong underwear and try to let it peek out of whatever clothing I'm wearing so everyone can see without being too obvious.  I want to create awareness that men wear thongs. That good looking young straight men wear them. If I am with my GF, she's super hot, I will let my thong hang out with confidence .

Reznor7 #105

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/29/2017 05:10:27Copy HTML

 First one naked - are they new neighbors ? What part of the country are you in?
RapidBlue #106

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:08/29/2017 06:59:54Copy HTML

 I've been to a few places where I was the one starting the trend sort of speak. I have been to a couple of beaches where I stripped down to my thong and then saw a few other women go change to a thong bikini. When I was in Las Vegas this past summer I had a friend see me and tell me she was happy to see a thing was ok. She immediately changed in to a G-string bikini and joined me. Often I think people are just looking for someone to set the standard so they don't feel alone.
JM_Runs #107

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:09/03/2017 07:33:11Copy HTML

 Reznor, turned out to be house-sitting for some family friends.  I did later speak to the lady of the townhouse they were sitting for.  She said they mentioned that they found her neighbors to be more progressive than they had thought they would find in a fairly conservative part of Southern California.  I guess even conservative California is fairly liberal in comparison to where the kids were from.  I saw them again later and the board shorts had only been reduced to Speedo swim briefs but we struck up a conversation just as before and they both complemented my tan and suit.
JM_Runs #108

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:09/03/2017 07:39:40Copy HTML

 I cannot say I have started a trend as I still have not experienced another male thonger in my residential townhouse complex pool.  I can say, fortunately, that there are more Speedos than ever and the female bikini bottoms are smaller than ever.  Perhaps this is why they tolerate and accept my thongs.  It's just as much as the ladies wear.  
JM_Runs #109

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/17/2018 11:41:48Copy HTML

Setting an example: How are you all doing in being the first on a beach to boldly wear a thong? 
The more visible you are the more you allow others to change down to their thongs too.

I see many people posting about looking around to see if others are wearing a thong, before stripping down.  Every day is a new day and so every day someone must stand up to be first.  

It seems a lot of people are reporting a sea-change in public reactions. This year we are getting a lot more reports of being pleasantly surprised at the amount of positive support for thonging. 

Are you being bold, thonging boldy and publicly?  Are you trying out being the first one in a thong?  Everyday is a new day and everyday somebody has to be first that day.
DarkThong #110

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/17/2018 04:53:16Copy HTML

 I can say that me and my wife have definitely set the example. We wore our thongs on the beach and at first people looked a little like *huh* especially at me cause a man in a thong... yeah that is something. I just ignored that and enjoyed the time with my wife.

Next day when we were back at the hotel beach some more women in thongs, unfortunately no man except for myself but at least more women. Some women who did not bring a thong pulled their bikini into a thong and at least exposed their butt to the sun.

All in all I think it was great that we got to see that change this year. Hopefully it will pull through and more and more women and men adopt the thong to get it more shown and as such accepted.
thongalactic #111

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/18/2018 12:17:52Copy HTML

I'm actually hopeful that someday there will be a minimal swimwear trend for guys in the U.S. All it will take is a couple of young, good-looking, heterosexual guys to start wearing form-fitting swimwear. And wear it when hanging out at the beach with girls who are similarly young and good-looking. And document it on Instagram. Like most swimwear trends of this decade, if it'll happen anywhere it'll happen first in Hawaii or SoCal. It probably won't be thongs; I'm thinking something more like what men wear in Brazil. That would be great!
pkthong #112

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/18/2018 02:51:21Copy HTML

 Hey y’all!!
Just returned from family vacation in Punta Cana. Stayed at Occidental PC, formerly the Grand Flamenco. We first stayed there 10 years ago and loved it. I wore a Skinz M54U in rave tanthru. I always wore a Skinz stuffit g string underneath ostensibly for keeping my tan lines. It worked well and although I got a few looks it was great. After the first couple of days I noticed more guys breaking out their “Speedos” but I had the smallest suit of all the guys. My wife was really apprehensive at first but when the sky didn’t fall ( right JM) she chilled out. My two teenage daughters also were more comfortable after the first day. 
There was a definite increase in thongs and cheeky bikinis in general on women! Those of you who are more daring will be very comfortable!
John Howard #113

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/18/2018 03:19:00Copy HTML

 @thongalactic,  I wouldn't hold my breath about the day minimal swimwear would be a trend.
The huge rise in obesity in both men and women is the first hurdle.   Minimal swimwear doesn't blend well with unfit bodies.  Most people would prefer to wear a pair of board shorts to cover those flaws.   Technology doesn't help;  now you can order your fast food menu from the comfort of your couch and an Uber driver will deliver it for you.  My youngest is currently working as a casual at a fast food store, and he told me of how many young men customers frequent the store, for fast food menu, both tradies and business men.
Even the cultural environment that we are currently experiencing would go against this possibility.A movie showing young heterosexual guys could be branded as toxic masculine;  hang on, and you say that these movies would also show young good looking and probably fit girls.... no way jose,  won't happen.   The movie would be very likely to be trashed as 'fat shaming' and wouldn't even make it to the cinemas.

The eighties are long way gone;   that was the golden era for minimal swimwear in my opinion.   Identity politics and technology are in charge now.  

I believe in working on your own thong wearing, without any expectation of its popularity rising at all.    Yeah I understand that for some, minimal swimwear becoming a trend would make them feel more comfortable and less odd.   But exactly that's the issue.   To enjoy being different, to set a good example by not hiding from people as if wearing a thong was something bad.  Not wearing a missile baggie or torpedo would help a lot.  Physically, eating well, drinking plenty of water, sleeping enough and training as hard as you can at the gym;  the thong is only the icing on the cake.    Psychologically, to be prepared to be frowned upon, told silly remarks, even being told that you are gay (which in this time and age shouldn't bother anyone at all).  what else, to be told the usual 'hey mate put on some clothes cause there are kids here'   and being able to give a perfect answer.   In other words to shrug it off.   Or 'assertive thong wearing'.Wearing a thong and pull it off should be the treat for having a good health.

newtoothongs #114

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/18/2018 10:57:26Copy HTML

This is my first summer tanning out in public.  I moved to a really big apartment complex with a central outdoor swimming pool. The pool usual has 1 to 3 people, mostly females of various ages. 

Most of the summer I've been tanning in a pikante swimming thong, (in the green and the orange). I wear a sarong going down to the pool. As I unwarp, with my back to everyone, I can hear the other tanners stop mid sentences as the sudden amount of skin catches them by surprise.

Thonging is a new thing around here ( Grand Forks, ND). I've seen some cheeky swimsuits but never any straight up thongs. Until yesterday. A really good looking couple came down and laid out in the chairs. The blonde when face down in the chair with her very nice rear up for the best amount sun. She had her beefy boyfriend rub her down in lotion and she laid out like that till I left for work.

The day before she just had a cheeky bikini on when they both came out, when I was tanning face down. So I'd like to think I'm setting the trend of thongs at my community pool.
tobias5711 #115

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/18/2018 03:17:09Copy HTML

 There are two of us guys who wear g-strings to same park at the local lake. The other guy usually covers up to and from his car- and I do also depending on the crowd. But lately, I have driven to and from the lake in a g-string. Seems silly to put on shorts to walk the 8 minutes to the cove I like to go to so lately I just wear a tiny thong or g-string for the walk. 
Many people see me every time I go to the lake. Some recent high school graduates stop and talk to me and introduce me to their friends.

I prefer a quieter area away from all the noise. I always wave and say hello to people who notice me. Last week I waved to guys on two jet skis who pulled into the cove and stayed for 30 minutes. None of them cared I was in a nude thong. I had not realized how transparent it was becoming, but the leader of the group, said he was glad I was so comfortable out on the lake.

At home I wear a thong or g-string on my front porch this summer. All of my neighbors can see how little I have on and all wave and talk. I even go over to a few of their yards to talk to them in a g-string. All have said it is hot, I should be comfortable. One woman neighbor saw me and drove up into my driveway and came to porch and talked for 30 minutes. She said she could care less that I had on only a g-string. Wish I had been brave enough to wear thongs and g-strings around the house before. 

Several salesman have come by, after the initial gasp , they have talked to me and one even came indoors to cool off and have ice water while he made his pitch. Funny thing for 30 minutes we talked about him, his college, his gf and nudity and thongs and g-strings. Funny story, his family are extremely wealthy, in the millions and have a yacht on the lake, even need a driver to take it out it is so big. The plan is for him to take over the family business one day. His dad thought he needed to work as a salesman this summer.  I wanted to buy what he was selling but had no need. 

His buddy came back down the street three days later, was on porch and went to street to talk to him for 5 minutes. I hope people will see me and realize it can be normal to wear minimal swimwear in public and very few people care if you do these days. I think the younger high school and college kids don't want to be politically incorrect and the older crowd doesn't really care, after all they are the Woodstock generation. At the lake, there are lots of Spanish and Russian immigrants, neither group has a problem with g-strings.
Comfythong1 #116

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/18/2018 03:36:13Copy HTML

 So I’ve been wearing my Rufskin thong pretty much the entire summer at the pool, both by myself, and with family. No issues. I go to Lifetime Fitness, and they have an outside pool with lanes and water slides. And haven’t had issues at all. It’s hard to say whether my swimwear choice has any effect on what others decide to wear. However, I did notice more guys wearing briefer suits, and more women wearing cheekier suits. Occasionally some women will wear thongs but not a lot.  I’ve also been wearing a thong to swim laps in, a desmiit thong with drawstring. And again, no issues. 
tobias5711 #117

Re:Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others

Date Posted:07/22/2018 01:00:48Copy HTML

 Hi. I had two firsts today when out at Lake Lanier (outside Atlanta). The first happened as I was floating offshore. Like normal I always wave and say hello to anyone in a boat, kayak, canoe, jet ski or somebody who happens to walk up on me on land. 
I was wearing the navy D/A protruding thong that I have been wearing around the house lately. A guy on a jet ski came close so I called out hello and it was such a nice day to be out on the lake. He pulled up beside me. This is not unusual, I 've had this happened many times. I mentioned I just had to get out in my thong and be in the sun. He replied, I have a thong on under my pants. I told him it is legal to wear a thong anywhere on the lake. I told him if he felt like it he should take off his pants and be comfortable.

After a few minutes he dropped his pants to reveal a jock-brief, the briefs with the butt exposed. He got back on his jet ski and a few minutes later he pulled his pants back up. He said he was very nervous. I told him it takes some people a little time to adjust and relax. 

He soon took off and passed by me several times each time waving. This was the first time I had a guy strip down to what he called a thong. Hope he will relax and wear a thong in the future.
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