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Date Posted:06/12/2010 08:47:15Copy HTML

So I have been looking at different underwear sites and have noticed a style called shape enhancer. Basically it is a waistband with a loop in the front for the package. What i want to know is Does anyone know of places to get them cheap? Are they worth getting? Feel free to add your own questions as well!
maozer2003 #1

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/13/2010 08:02:25Copy HTML

 I've seen these advertised but I don't see the point of the waistband. A c-ring will give you the same effect under your underwear/swimwear, without having a double waistband.CheersPhil
thonglife #2

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/15/2010 03:50:23Copy HTML

I got the new style one from Undergear and LOVE it. I've worn it under a JS thong and a couple Ergowear JASZ bikinis - the added boost is awesome and way more comfy to wear than a c-ring. I wear it all day and its very nice.
jrr #3

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/15/2010 05:13:19Copy HTML

 I tried the CK brief and boxer brief shape enhancing underwear. It wasn't very effective and didn't provide any comfort. It wasn't super annoying, but wasn't real supportive, nor stimulating in any way. Just a strangely shaped piece of elastic in the way whether you were "in it" or not.
aregularjoe #4

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/16/2010 05:17:56Copy HTML

 thonglife, the undergear style you talked about. Is that the one that has the thong back? could you post a link! thanks :)
thonglife #5

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/16/2010 11:44:52Copy HTML

Yeah, its the one that looks like a g-string


I got a Bunn-G once which was the same premise but it was painful to wear. This UG one is very comfortable.
bee-gee #6

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/18/2010 04:13:53Copy HTML

Check out eBay seller bee-gee1


Sells hand made Shape/Bulge enhancers. Handcrafted in U.S.A.  Has a wide and narrow version.
thonglife #7

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:07/29/2010 07:55:03Copy HTML

I was really enjoying wearing my Undergear Shape Enhancer but seem to have missplaced it in the wash or at least that is where I hope I lost it. haha. Ordered myself two more since it fits so well under my swimwear or with nothing else on. Anyone else tried one yet?
Ex_Member #8

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:07/31/2010 09:18:03Copy HTML

I've got a gold one from Manstore. There is an open triangular thong back,  the string sides dip and cross over to form a ring for the equipment. It's reasonably comfortable and holds me out up front.
thonglife #9

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:09/03/2010 03:11:23Copy HTML

I've been wearing my Undergear Enhancer Strings sometimes since I got them this summer and posted some profile pics of myself in one.. Great enhancement and more comfortable than a c-ring.
sailor250 #10

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:10/24/2010 01:31:26Copy HTML

Anyone tried this WildManT ball lifter or the Protruder?  The Protruder would give a Mushroom package I call it when the base is narrow and your ballz at pushed way out.
SlidingG #11

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:01/24/2011 07:02:41Copy HTML

Thonglife, the Enhancer String you're wearing in your profile pic is attractive, the way the waist straps cross over to form the ring.  Reviews on the Undergear site make me wary about ordering the right size -- some say it's too tight.  Since you're very satisfied, what advice would you give on size?  I'm a 34"waist, and tend to wear my thongs low on the hips, often cutting a piece out of the backstrap and reattaching the two ends.  Thanks.   
thonglife #12

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:01/27/2011 04:39:51Copy HTML

Hey SG, I am a 35" waist and I ordered Larges. They fit perfect and have a little room to spare. You could probably email or call Undergear and ask them to get an opinion as well.
SlidingG #13

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:01/27/2011 09:21:18Copy HTML

Thanks Thonglife.  Based on your info, I think I'll just take a chance and order a Medium, they're only ten bucks.  Something like that I think I'd prefer it be a bit snug.  Good time to pick up a new jock and another cotton sock jock, too, the old ones are wearing out.
7423080 #14

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:01/27/2011 10:59:21Copy HTML

I always wear a XXX strap around the boys and unit when wearing my tiny suits.  I usually wear a glans ring unless the material is so thin that it is readily seeable when dry.  Are you suggesting that one should wear an enhancer in addition to a XXX ring or XXX strap.  I would think an enhancer would show thru most any tiny swimwear and look too bulky.
justhomdotcom #15

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:01/28/2011 07:44:28Copy HTML

 Joe Snyder do one as well called the MAN UP 23 , seem to be pretty popular, as soon as we get them couple of weeks later we are sold out (ordering 50 of each this time around)
Ex_Member #16

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:03/09/2011 12:01:18Copy HTML

I usually wear a custom-made 1-inch-wide stainless-steel c-ring with 3D-pouch thongs and g-strings. I think it creates a much more aesthetically pleasing profile, and the added lift is actually more comfortable. The only style of thong I don't wear a ring with is the upright style, such as Tendenze's Jörg (see https://www.tendenze-shop.de/v2.0/products.detail.php?show=id&value=792).
J_R_365 #17

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/25/2017 04:32:35Copy HTML

One thing about wearing thongs and strings to the beach that I've often found bothersome is that out in the hot sun, I get "loose" down there, and the spandex in the pouch shmooshes everything together, losing the nice contoured fit. I thought if there were a separate compartment for shaft and scrotum that would help, but that would require modifying all the suits where this happens. I'd want this to be "inside" the suit, not like those "three-bagger" things like Koala sell.

I'd seen SWIC's "Strapless Ball-hugger", but didn't like the idea of an extra layer of swimwear fabric. Well, on Val's other website, Rubber Tree Latex, she has them in a nylon stocking material [ http://www.rubbertreelatex.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Mbhugstock ]. I ordered a few, and received them the other day. I haven't had the chance to actually wear them to the beach yet, but trying them on with some of my suits looks like they will do exactly what I want. Plus, they look darn sexy on their own!

tombaldwin #18

Re:Shape Enhancers?

Date Posted:06/27/2017 12:03:33Copy HTML

Came across this page the other day and have been having trouble finding any reviews for their products specifically. I tried contacting them but haven't heard anything. Thought maybe someone here had heard of or purchased from them as a product to wear under your suit or just everyday wear I suppose. Their site is thebulgecup.com I didn't want to hyperlink it since I'm new here and know some forums have rules about that sort of thing.
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