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Date Posted:10/15/2016 08:52:07Copy HTML

Are you comfortable sharing vacation photos with family and friends that show you in a thong (or less)? If so, how do they react?

My husband wants to share some of our honeymoon photos with some of our friends and family. He's shown them to his parents and mine of have seen them too, but that's it. He's always been really comfortable with his family, so it's not a big deal to him. I'm a little more reluctant.

There are probably 4-5 shots of me in a Wicked Weasel thong. I made him promise not to share the pics of me nude from behind, though he already sent them to his parents. 

On the one hand, I'm mortified that they'll see me wearing so little. On the other, it might be an easy way for them to find out I wear thongs. Then it would be less of a big deal when I wear them next summer.
RapidBlue #1

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/16/2016 02:17:23Copy HTML

 Sharing photos of me on the beach in a thing with family - never! My family is extremely conservative and would never accept or understand. Sharing photos with friends - not a problem! I have shared many photos with friends. Some of my women friend have asked to have a copy forwarded to them. The men are either indifferent or tell me I am daring. All my friend s know I push the boundaries a bit and that the most I wear on a beach or at a pool is a Rio cut suit (except at the gym where there are other requirements). 
beachlion #2

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/18/2016 10:52:24Copy HTML

 I have no problem sharing photos of me in a thong. I'm retired now but when I worked, few people knew of my swimgear choices. I don't care of my family will se the pictures. They know I was always a little bit off. ;)I went to local nude beaches when I lived in Holland. One time I met a colleague with his wife. For a few minutes they were perplexed but then we started to talk and everything seemed to be normal.
32189 #3

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/23/2016 04:00:13Copy HTML

I have not shared pics with my family.  I have shared them with a couple of friends but that is about it.  I do not feel comfortable sharing them with my family.  And I am cautious about which friends I show them too. 
tnline #4

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/24/2016 11:18:51Copy HTML

 I don't think you should worry about sharing vacation photos with friends and family.  We have a few albums from vacations that include photos in thongs on the beach and it has never been a big deal with friends and it's an easy way to let them know what you like to wear to the beach.
NWGirl #5

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:11/05/2016 08:22:34Copy HTML

I thought about it for a while and finally decided that life's too short to spend it hiding. I told my husband he could post whatever he wanted.

Of course, he posted everything...unfiltered. I had a moment of regret when I saw the pictures of me in a thong as well as nude from the back. My husband's extremely comfortable with his body, and included a few full frontals of himself.

I waited for the comments. At first there was nothing, but then I started getting a few emails. To my surprise, they were 100% positive! Everyone applauded us for being so open and was complementary.

I'm glad all that worry was for nothing. :-)
Nuwalket #6

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:12/01/2016 05:12:30Copy HTML

 An old friend from way back had come into town to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family.  She had graduated from high school with my wife but being a small school we knew each other back then. Long story short she mentioned the pictures on Facebook of our stay in Florida last winter. So without thinking I set up a sideshow on the computer so we could give her a run down of our activities. She mentioned what she thought was a Speedo I was wearing until the picture of me at Fort DeSoto (profile picture) showed up. Shocked maybe, but when we began to talk about minimal swimwear, how few people care what you wear and as my better half put it "at least he was wearing something!". And there was a picture of the nudity prohibited sign! So I was outed as a thong wearer plus being a naturist. 
Overall, there are more people accepting than we realize. It only takes one person to complain I know; but how many would just let us go about either not caring or enjoying the view?//Did I make a convert? who knows but next time she's at a beach maybe she'll try something more minimal. And as NW Girl put it, "I'm glad all that worry was for nothing." Although honestly, I didn't even remember that picture as still being there but now I sure will not remove it!
NWGirl #7

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/10/2017 03:20:55Copy HTML

It's hard to imagine I asked this question only a year ago. This summer I've grown so comfortable with myself that it almost seems ridiculous that I was apprehensive about friends and family seeing me in a thong.

As I mentioned in another post about a hiking trip, my dad's been getting into photography since he retired. My husband and I had dinner with my parents a few weeks ago, and he showed us the studio he'd built in their basement. He's mostly done nature photography, but wants to experiment with portraits. I suggested that the next time we were over, maybe we could come a bit early and I'd pose for him.

They invited us to dinner this past weekend along with some old family friends (R & V), also retired. Like my dad, R's been getting interested in photography. I posed for them at R&V's place when we stayed there this summer.

We all went downstairs. V and my mom chatted while the guys took photos. After they'd warmed up for a bit with some basic portrait shots, I suggested we have a little fun. My husband and I posed nude last summer for my dad and R, and I'd had so much fun that I wanted to repeat the experience.

The guys didn't need much convincing. V and my mom found it quite amusing. They chimed in with suggestions. We continued until I got down to my thong panties and bra. My husband, who never misses and opportunity to take off his clothes, got naked and posed with me much to the ladies' delight. I took off my bra and did a few shots with my husband's button down shirt on before going topless.

It wasn't long before I was nude too. It felt so freeing, posing with my husband while they clicked away. Eventually things started to wind down. My husband sat off to the side while they took a few of me solo. I wasn't quite ready to be done, so I asked V and my mom to come pose with me. They laughed and said no, but finally came over and stood beside me.

After a few shots of them laughing beside me, my husband suggested they join the fun. The ladies laughed harder, but the guys eyes lit up. "No one wants to see us old farts naked," said my mom. The guys said they thought the opposite.

They laughed and posed while I went and sat next to my husband. My mom teasingly undid the top two buttons on her blouse. V did the same. Eventually the laughing stopped, and they started getting into it. It wasn't long until they were down to their underwear. "Why'd you stop?" asked R. The ladies looked at each other. "We're not getting naked until you do," replied V.

I've never seen anyone strip more quickly. They set down their cameras and practically ripped off their clothes. The ladies were true to their word and removed their underwear as the guys took pictures. I eventually rejoined them and the three of us posed together.

Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves. We'd nearly forgotten we'd come over to have dinner. Finally the guys started to slow down. They went to back up the shots they'd taken while the rest of us chatted.

They came back and suggested we head up to eat. I figured the fun was over, but no one went for their clothes as we went back upstairs. V and my mom put the finishing touches on dinner and we all sat down. We had a lovely meal in our birthday suits.

Everyone was reluctant to end the evening, but it started getting late. V & R said they should go. My husband and I had had a few too many and asked my parents if we could stay. They, of course, didn't mind. We helped them clean up and went upstairs to the guest bedroom.

The next morning we didn't bother getting dressed before coming down to breakfast. I was pleased to see my parents hadn't either. We had a light breakfast. While we were eating, I got a text from V thanking me for helping them to lose their inhibitions.

Finally we got dressed at hit the road, but it was one of the best weekends ever.
NWGirl #8

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/11/2018 02:50:47Copy HTML

I got my mom a Wicked Weasel bikini for her birthday a few weeks ago. She and my dad are on vacation now, so it seemed timely. I was looking at Facebook and saw that my mom had posted an album from the last few days of their trip. I was happy (and a little surprised) to see that she'd posted a few pics of herself in the thong bikini I'd bought her. It reminded me of my own vacation photos. I texted her to say that she looked great and hoped they were having fun on their trip. She said she'd been really nervous about wearing it in public, but that it felt really good. They're staying a few more days. Apparently there's a nude beach nearby they might try before they come home. Can't wait to see the pics (lol).
ithongit #9

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/13/2018 03:17:18Copy HTML

I don't make a distinction between thong and non thong pictures when showing them to friends and family. After all, thongs are just another type of swimwear. If the neighbor or family member happened to wander past me when I was dressed like this at the beach or pool (it has happened) I don't try to cover up, so why should I cover my pictures up? Total nudity is something I give a warning about before showing those pictures. When this has happened, the people seeing the pictures usually say something positive or at least not negative. Often these comments are in the form of "I wish I was as comfortable nude as you are" or "I thought you were kidding about having vacation pictures in the buff.
CKWonderer #10

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:10/15/2018 02:20:53Copy HTML

I just reviewed “a Lot” of self portrait pictures at the beach in several suits. I usually put my iPhone on a 1 second interval shoot and pose for the camera! I am a photo nerd an try to get the most dramatic sun and body combo for great definition. I will post more photos when that capability is back. I don’t really share the photos with anyone but my wife At least for now. My 80+ year old step mom is wanting to see them though. She knows I where thongs and has seen me in small bikinis so I told her I would show her.
stringueur #11

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:11/01/2018 04:16:53Copy HTML

Today, we have offered a new smartphone to my mother in law. I helped her to migrate her data (phone-numbers and photos) from her old phone to the new one. I discovered on the memory of her phone, a video (last summer) where i was wih my thong on the beach. This video was filmed by my oldest daughter because, on the video, my mother in law is sitting just beside me (i tanned on my stomach, buns up). It is funny to think that my mother in law have video and photo where i am with my thong.
CKWonderer #12

Re:Sharing Vacation Photos With Friend And Family

Date Posted:11/02/2018 02:52:18Copy HTML

I have no parents alive as of the last few years and my wife’s parents have also passed. My step-mother for a long time is all my parental family and I have left. She knows I wear thongs and have been with me wearing my bikinis at the beach. For Christmas she gave me a gift certificate for Skinz to get another one which I did. She shared my pict with other family members of me in my bikini and she is wanting a pict of me in a thong. I don’t mind showing her but haven’t sent her one. Bye the way, she’s 80...
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