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Date Posted:09/13/2003 07:43:38Copy HTML

I can say that shaven, or waxed pubes seem to be more common now than ever. Recent trips to some nude beaches in different parts of the US led me to notice that at least half of the men and women are clean shaven. At some places most all the women are. It goes also along with men trimming or shaving as a grooming trend. Women can no longer have a "treasure trail" of hair below the navel, as they may have 20 years ago.As a trend I think that women and young girls are shaving or trimming as bikini bathing suits and thong underwear gets smaller.Being observant, I used to notice in my younger days that many a young lady had a "poof" of contour to the front of their bikinis. Now if you notice this sort of thing you'll find more "camel toe" appearance, which I guess means that the pubes are clean.
thongfreak #1

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/13/2003 10:16:45Copy HTML

In my opinion, pubic hair sux now that I've been bald for 3 years or more.
Microron #2

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/25/2003 03:51:10Copy HTML

Reply to : thongfreak

In my opinion, pubic hair sux now that I've been bald for 3 years or more.

I'M NOT QUITE BALD, BUT I CERTAINLEY APPRECIATE A "LESS IS MORE APPEARANCE..." This summer has seen a resurgence in youg girls wearing bikinis... unfortunately the guys seem to think that only board shorts and Jo Boxer type waist bands showing above them are really cool.  I must continue to remain the "Odd Man" out in my wearing of thongs and  having myself  'pruned' for the beach. On one occasion after setling in with a bunch of thirty and younger folks, when I walked back from my swim in the sea, my wife  said " Ron, you look pretty good after all...! "

After some thirty odd years being married to this woman...; she is staring to realize that my beachwear preferences are not too shabby !


Let's give it up for the old guy...! 

Ex_Member #3

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/28/2003 03:27:33Copy HTML

i can say i'm not fully shaven but pretty clean shaven from the navel down to my balls.my crotch is shaventoo. it's just i want to wax my balls because i always am afraid to shave down there. does waxing hurt more?

Beachlover492000 #4

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/28/2003 12:25:06Copy HTML

Shaving as a trend? Times have really changed since the 1970s and '80s!

Back then shaving all or parts of a man's body was limited to gay men or the submissive partner in an S&M relationship. Being "forced" to shave was viewed as a sexy but embarrassing "punishment" that brought humiliation and shame to the "victim." One would read about it magazines like Penthouse Forum and Variations.

Once back in the late '70s a former girl friend spread her bottle of Neet over my entire body and left me hairless at the beginning of a weekend together. Going through the process and the sex afterwards were wild. But when she insisted that I had to go to the beach the next day with her wearing my string bikini, I felt like digging a hole in the sand to hide. People were pointing, staring and making comments about me, and I felt like every eye was on my shaved legs, chest and groin.

Contrast that with the stories about major league baseball players are shaving their chests, and it's obvious that times have changed!


BiSmoothy #5

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/01/2003 07:47:06Copy HTML

I have been shaving/waxing my body for forty years...since I was in high school and dated a young woman who suffered from alopecia [the complete absence of hair]. I thought she was terrifically sexy, very exotic, but the other kids teased her for being "bald." I started shaving out of sympathy with her condition, but once we'd had sex we found out just how stimulating being hairless could be. That was how it all began.

In 1996 I went online with a how-to web site, "The Shaving Mavin' '" that explained in easy to follow steps the proper way to shave one's pubes and gave some of the history of body shaving. Unfortunately my service provider [a big university] found my web site and dropped it. Hope to have it up and running again sometime in the near future. I've tried all the methods of getting rid of body hair and find shaving the easiest since I do it every day in the shower. Luckily I'm not very hairy to begin with. If I looked like Robin Williams don't know what I'd do.

kernow34 #6

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/01/2003 10:06:35Copy HTML

For a couple of months or so, I've taken to shaving the triangle including my cock and balls, using an ordinary wet "safety" razor. The trouble I find, is two-fold. I get a rash very easily, causing inflamed bumps which are in danger of being cut the next day, whatever I try to treat the area with afterwards, And of course, whilst the lower part of my stomach is smooth, as are the sides of my cock, It is very different when it comes to balls! They are as rough, ridged, creased and bumpy as its possible for anything to be, and this makes for very difficult shaving - if I want to retain them in sound uncut condition afterwards!

I've tried a cream twice, whcih DID remove "some" of the hair but not all, but as I'm still dark haired it still showed after the process. I am reluctant to try waxing or sugaring, and cannot afford laser treatment, as used by an acquaintence, being quite shocked to learn of the sums he spent on having his whole body treated that way.

Has anyone any suggestions for improving the business, as I like the smooth look in the "bikini" region, but this scraping with a razor is a job I gave up on my face and neck over 50 years ago, because of the very same rash trouble, and have been happily and comfortably bearded ever since..


JM_Runs #7

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/01/2003 01:11:38Copy HTML

Your read bumps are caused by two things.  One the end of the hair being cut so short it iritates the sides of the hair folicue it sits in and two, infection.

I have given up shaving for the same ression.  What I do is trim using a Wahl beard  trimer.  It cuts the hair just above the folicule so that it sticks out very slightly and does not irritate the folicue walls.  It takes some getting adapted to it.  You have to keep the base plate or heal flat so that the cutting head skims over the skin and does not dig in.  Cut against the grain.

It also comes with a set of guards so you can addjust the lenth of hair left.  For most of the job having no guard is best.  For zones you want short but are difficult to cut becuse of tender or corrigated skin use one of the guards.  The result will be a little longer but you dont run the risk of catching your self. 

You can also use the guards to fether the edges of the zones so there is a less abrupt line between the cut and uncut.

sailor250 #8

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/04/2003 08:11:19Copy HTML

Anyway, back on track,   Has anyone else noticed that shaved genitals, or pubic areas are a growing trend?  Anyone out there in the business of waxing that would know?  Anyone, oh, in the tailoring or medical profession who would know?  How about the view from the showers in men's and women's health clubs?

Ex_Member #9

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/04/2003 09:09:27Copy HTML


I think there is a noticable trend in more men doing more grooming in general. Cosmetics, hair products, and indeed hair removal products are targeted directly at us at quite a high level in Australia now, especially in about the last two years.

The media-adopted term (and don't we love them!) for men getting into cosmetics & grooming here is "Metro-sexual"

I'm having some success with hair creams, especially the heavier duty ones marketed as being for men. VEET spray on foam is also good, but only if you're doing all over jobs because it can get messy!


nakedotter #10

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/04/2003 11:44:01Copy HTML

Whoa! No posting about electrolysis or laser hair removal? Look around. Every where you go there are salons offering laser hair removal - the great successor to electrolysis. And for both men and women. I didn't have a lot of body hair, but really like being smooth; and when I came out as gay I figured, if I can be out as a gay man, I can also be out as a smooth person. It took a while to find an electrolysist who would work on genital areas, but found a great gal who has become a wonderful gal/pal who has removed all the hair on my body up to my neck. She's recently gotten laser equipment and as the price comes down, that definately the way to go. It takes about three or four passes either way to remove all the hair, but once it's gone, it's gone forever. I like it so well, I'm just about to get rid of the facial hair as well. I hate shaving every day and don't want a beard. But with the lasers, the permenant smooth look is definately becoming "the look."

kernow34 #11

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/13/2003 09:13:40Copy HTML

Reply to : JM_Runs

Your red bumps are caused by two things. One the end of the hair being cut so short it iritates the sides of the hair folicue it sits in and two, infection.I have given up shaving for the same ression. What I do is trim using aWahl beard trimer. It cuts thehair just above the folicule so that it sticks out very slightly and does not irritate the folicue walls.

Even when I get a really close shave, just sliding my fingers across the shaved area feels like running my hand over a wire brush! With a less close shave, my lower stomach feels really rough. If I miss a day, by the next one, my thongs are getting really rough treatment from the bristle, as is any adjacent piece of anatomy  -  e.g. legs against balls etc. Being dark haired - in the bikini region if no longer anywhere else(!), any shaven area looks like dark points on a pale ground (we don't see much sun in Britain). And of course, the rash spots/bumps show up as red amongst the black cut off hairs!

By the next day, since the skin seals over the cut hairs, several red sites will have developed white bumps, ready to be ploughed off in the next shave, unless lucky!

Its a helluva life, said the Queen of Spain..............


Beachlover492000 #12

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/14/2003 10:16:41Copy HTML

Yes, shaving is becoming more of a trend. I recent issues there have been ads in Playboy for hair removal devices that work for women AND men. When copy like that makes it to Playboy, you know that attitudes toward shaving have changed.
himandherthonger #13

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/17/2003 12:12:58Copy HTML

Reply to : thong247

i can say i'm not fully shaven but pretty clean shaven from the navel down to my balls.my crotch is shaventoo. it's just i want to wax my balls because i always am afraid to shave down there. does waxing hurt more?

Well, I give my wife a Brazillian and she does my undercarriage. It isn't as painful as you would envision, but you must do small strips at a time. Don't try to use a 2" wide cloth, do 1/4 inch stips and make sure the skin is held very tight.

It also helps if you have a martini or two before.

capethong #14

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/06/2004 07:50:13Copy HTML

If you are having trouble with red bumps, maybe try a facial exfoliant. Nivea makes a good one for men and it works really good on my upper thighs, one of my trouble areas.
rastus #15

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/23/2004 10:43:12Copy HTML

Hi all:  it has been my limited exp[erience that most men on nude/C/o beaches are at least trimmed if not shorn (i.e. shaved balls, or shaved alltogether.  As for myself, I am shaved from the top of the equipment down.

howill #16

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/22/2004 01:08:27Copy HTML

Have shaved my  body since being a school boy.  Then I was a swimmer and a cyclist, so legs and pubes were kept cleanly shaved. It was accepted at school with the other boys that this was OK because it was for sport.But that was years ago, and I still shave these areas, because I just couldn't tolerate hair, particularly in the crotch area.

howill #17

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/22/2004 01:10:51Copy HTML

Follow on from last message. Should explain that the method I use today is the method I have used since being 15 at school.  A dry disposable safety razor, after bathing and a very light talc powder of the areas to be done.  Have tried other methods, but they don't work as well for me.
trapking #18

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/14/2004 03:53:29Copy HTML

I wish I could say it was a mainstream trend so I could get my wife to do it but so far no luck.  I have been shaving my pubic hair on and off since I was 18. (20 years)  For the past two years I have been shaving regularly.

At the health club  I have seen one other guy although most are private when they shower and dress and I try not to gawk.   For some reason the women don't let me in.

At Mazomanie nude beach by Madison, WI I would say 70% of the women and 25% of the men shave.  I have the opinion that over half the men who shave are gay but that's just the impression I get from their actions, conversations, partners.  (not that there is anything wrong with that)

John Howard #19

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/14/2004 07:57:46Copy HTML

I think that unfortunately, this is not a trend, yet.  

However I agree with sailor250, that on the nudist beach, there are plenty of men but especially women who shave their pubic hair.  But I also think that nudists are a minority, and therefore that doesn't mean that to shave the pubic hair could become a trend.

But I have to say something:  I do not understand how especially women, who are supossed to be more "body conscious" than men, at least traditionally, do not shave their pubic hair, but they shave their underarms instead (ok, it's true, there are plenty of women out there, who can not even bother to shave their underarms!!)....

I'm very hairy, but I shave my whole body twice a week;   and I can tell by my own experience, that body hair + sweat =  bacteria and = bad odour.    The pubic area sweats a lot, so what is supossed to happen to the females who don't shave down there?   How are we, hot horny males, supossed to be happy to stick our mouths and noses on places that are as bushy as the Amazon jungle?  Ok, doesn't matter, they have a bald underarm, and their underarms smell of deodorant.    Obviously, some women got their priorities wrong.

I can't understand either, how some men suppossed to be "trendy" by the clothes they wear, they exhibit proudly a bushy back, hair everywhere, and also long white hair coming out from their ears and noses!!  Might they be so "trendy" that nobody dares to tell them to trim at least their nose and ear hair??   Would they really believe that having hair on their back like a gorilla, or coming out from the neck of their business shirts,  looks good??

Perhaps that teaches me a lesson:  it men and women like these "believe" they look good, and are confident enough to show it, then people who thong and take care of their bodies and body hair should be TWICE confident to do and wear what they like where they want to.

John Howard


Ryan Booth #20

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/15/2004 01:32:45Copy HTML

Well I don't think shaving is a trend yet but certainly trimming your pubic hair is. I'm in the 16-24 age bracket and most people I know trim their pubic hair. Funnily enough most guys I talk to shave the hair on the shaft as it makes it look bigger and then trim the hair above on the groin. All of my female friends have the bikini line waxed and the rest is trimmed. The fact that bikinis are getting narrower on the front means that there is gradually less hair to trim. Maybe in the next few years pubic hair will be regarded as unclean, I mean it's not like we really need it. So perhaps attitudes could persuade most people to start shaving it all off.
redraider55 #21

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/31/2005 05:27:06Copy HTML

Two weeks ago, I started shaving my armpits because I'm thinking of removing my body hair. My wife noticed and became alarmed. She asked me not to shave my legs, I think she feels this is gay. My question is: how many men out there shave their armpits, or body as well?  I've noticed quite a few guys at the gym with smooth pits.

I actually enjoy the smooth feel under my arms and plan on keeping it that way.

JM_Runs #22

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/31/2005 08:32:46Copy HTML

My wife actually suggested I try it a few years ago & I did and I really like the cleaner feeling under my arms. I don't really shave the whole armpit because it's an awkward spot, but I'll zap the growth with an electric trimmer every few weeks to keep it short and then touch up a bit around the edges with a razor to contain it. Like some other places on the body, once you get used to it, it's hard to go back to having a full crop of shubbery there.
John Howard #23

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/31/2005 06:58:29Copy HTML


The only part of my body that I don't shave twice a week is the hair on my scalp.

I remember some of my girlfriends in the past were a bit "surprised" about my shaving practices,  one of them (the one with the best looking  body and face, but  who always criticised my swimwear (rio bikinis at that time), this girl used to say that I was crazy. 

Fortunately my wife likes me completely shaved, she even helps me shaving my back.

My advice:  just do it, and let her get used to it.

John Howard

othellomn #24

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/31/2005 07:22:36Copy HTML

I started shaving my legs as part of triathlon training.  I had played with shaving my pubic hair on and off for awhile.   But, once i shaved my legs i can't stand to let it grow back.  I use the Schick Intuition women's shaver, it is as good as they get.  You can actually scrub back and forth for those stubborn hairs and not irratate the skin.  Finally, shaving just got fun and I started shaving my armpits.  Men take note, my scent when working out has totally changed.  We all look for the best deodorant, well shave your pits and you'll notice a 70-85% reduction in body odor. 


And, the girls love it.  Smooth legs, and a crouch they can go down on and not get a nose full of hair.  Plus, there nothing better than a blowjpb after sex, and your lady freinds will be much more likely to help you in this department when you are clean and not all sticky.

Beachlover492000 #25

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/01/2005 09:51:58Copy HTML

Hi redraider55!

I started to remove all of my body hair, except my arms, at the beginning of February. I had wanted to do it for years, but could not get the courage because of social pressure. Finally after reading a number of posts on this board, I decided that I was not that weird after all and decided to just do it. I had been shaving "down there" for a number of years because of the thongs that I wear, and shaving completely became the logical next step. All of the men who model thongs are shaved. Why shouldn't I do the same thing?

My wife was a bit upset when she realized what I had done. Her comment was, "You look like a girl!" when she really looked at my legs for the first time. Now she has come to accept it, especially after my "new body" has started to spice up our love life.

I'd say that you should explain your feelings to your wife. There is a chance that she will accept your proposal and perhaps come to like it.

redraider55 #26

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/01/2005 10:37:58Copy HTML

Thanks for the advice Beachlover492000.  I'll bring up the topic with her again in the near future.
sailor250 #27

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/04/2005 07:40:38Copy HTML

I recently read in Esquire Magazine in the US a column which is usually about sex questions.  This reader asked about shaving his privates and the editor said that many women didn't like their men smooth as "porn stars".  But he goes on to say that many women don't care and just dont clog her sink when you shave!
txnudist #28

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/25/2005 09:24:38Copy HTML

As a male and a nudist I get a chuckle reading about whether to shave or not to shave. I think every person has to decide for thenselves. Just for the record, my wife and I have both been shaved smooth for over 15 yrs. As a nudist, I have be able to witness the growth in popularity of shaving over the years.  From what I have observed, I would guess about 80% of nudist ladies are either closely trimmed or shaved smooth. As for the guys, the number of shavers is increasing. For years, I was the only shaved male at many nudist events. Now, smooth shavers are still the minority but the numbers are growing. I would venture a guess that about half of nudist guys under the age of 60 are either shaved smooth, or shave the penis and scrotum and closely trim the pubic area.  Just a few results from my very unscientific polls.
mirco #29

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/25/2005 04:26:31Copy HTML

I go bald its the only way
John Howard #30

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:02/08/2006 07:26:43Copy HTML

I think shaving will become a trend not only becayse of  the fashion or "looks", but also because of its benefits for your skin.

I have been shaving my whole body for years now, and my skin feels and looks great.   I shave my upper body every second day, and my lower body every 3 to 4 days.  After shaving I use a self tanning lotion to keep my tan, and the days I don't shave I just use a body moisturiser to keep my skin moistured. 

Thanks to my continuous shaving, me and my wife can spot any little frickle or mark on my skin and therefore monitor any potential problem with skin cancer which is so common here Down Under.    I have also noticed that the self tanning lotions always advise to use the product after exfoliating your skin.   And shaving becomes a magnificent tool to exfiliate your skin, as you can very clearly see when you rinse the razor, not just body hair, but also dead skin cells.

John Howard 

abczyxabczyx #31

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:02/08/2006 10:44:08Copy HTML

I had been shaving for some time and loved the feeling.  However, it takes a long time for me to shave my entire body.  Therefore, I have been getting electrolysis on my entire body.  This is permanent so I will never have to shave again.
sailor250 #32

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/04/2006 08:31:02Copy HTML

Anyone see when Borat asked the car salesman i've forgotten how he put it but something like "What car can get me woman who shaves down there"   He says "That'd be the Corvette"
sailor250 #33

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/17/2006 09:53:00Copy HTML

This weekend on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update newscast they had a bit:


"Sales of Barbie dolls are up this year.  It may have to do with America's new obsession with hairless vaginas"

barenow #34

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/20/2006 10:20:25Copy HTML

Who knew Barbie was such a trend setter years ago and today?
ss4me #35

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/28/2006 04:29:22Copy HTML

I'm new to the forum so, to begin with, I would like to say hello to all, and I'm thrilled to find it!

I started shaving a few years ago because I just dont like a lot of hair! One of my best friends is one of those poor souls who looks like he is wearing a sweater all the time, and I didnt want to be like that.  

After I did it, I found several distinct advantages. After a hard day of work in hot weather..........I just don't smell as bad........period. A friend of mine years ago told me his dad kept his armpits shaved because of this and it worked for me.

I have been complimented many times for my legs and I think they look even better shaved, it makes the muscle definition stand out even more. ( bodybuilders have known this for years)  I was amazed, to me anyway, how much cooler it felt in the summer. (Which for me is a huge plus!)  The feeling of everything is different, from the way my clothes feel against my skin, to the way water feels  running over my body in the shower. It's awesome, and as far as water,  it even looks different!  And finally, my girlfriend loves it!

easy-goes #36

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/03/2007 05:38:50Copy HTML

Reply to : txnudist

I'm not "officialy" a nudist but looking through some recent (last couple of years) nudist magazines I have counted the  proportion of shaved (totally or substantially) versus unshaved photographed males to be close to 50/50 out of approx 200 photos that could be clearly catergorised and were not advertisments. My recent experience at French nudist beaches (approx 100 males) more or less confirmed this ratio.  If  "shavers" are exhibitionists it could mean they are over represented in photographs but my French "real life" counts are consistent with the nudist magazines. My interest in this subject came from the realisation that after my French nudist beach experience I'm now shaved and I don't really know why - but I love it!  

kawasaki #37

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/04/2007 12:59:58Copy HTML

I have to agree with you.

On nudist beaches in Europe, even more as 50% of men are shaved. For women: 65 to 70% is the rule and still increasing.

My neighbour and myself are also shaved. On our next trip to Germany, we will shave the pubes of our women :-)

Keep shaving......



mrever_ready #38

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/04/2007 01:56:54Copy HTML

Sounds like a pretty close knit neighbourhood ... wish I lived in that neighbourhood.
sailor250 #39

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/22/2007 11:36:17Copy HTML

Saturday Night Live TV show---another cultural barometer had a gag about shaved pubes again.

They had these sketches making fun of "McGyver" that TV character that used to get out of deadly situations with inventions made of objects around him--paper clips and gum, etc.

They had three characters two guys and a girl locked in a room with a bomb seconds from going off when McGyver asked for a couple of items from them-- then said "Randy(0r  whatever his name was) I need some pubic hair"  He said "what" then McG said "I don't have any I'm a shaver"  She ( Maya Rudolph) said "I'm a shaver too" Then before the guy could grab some pubic hair the bomb goes off!

wackymac #40

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/28/2007 11:50:53Copy HTML

I've come to the conclusion that whole body shaving is the coming trend, and you know who is doing the most to promote it?  The clothing and department stores.  Have you ever seen an manikin that is not clean shaven?
sailor250 #41

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/01/2007 08:58:45Copy HTML

Brazilians seem to be a trend alright!  Nice article explaining the meanings!



sailor250 #42

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/11/2007 08:31:37Copy HTML

Check out the third question asked and answered


sailor250 #43

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/12/2007 11:31:51Copy HTML

Read this about the trend---love that cartoon, the beaver chewing off the chair leg.



hwb #44

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/24/2007 03:05:25Copy HTML

I can't imagine what it was like to have hairy pubes.  Ugh!
modelnude4u #45

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/25/2007 08:30:45Copy HTML

Once I shaved, I fell in love with the smooth feel.
I've trimmed the bush on top for years, but only recently took a razor to the balls and it is so nice to touch. I find I keep gradually reducing the amount of hair left on my body, which is fighting natures trend to keep adding more hair.
ezampese #46

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/26/2007 12:22:16Copy HTML

A few weeks ago I had shaved all my body, I'm not a athletic shape, but my girlfrind likes it so much.
Is quite different be shaved, but I appretiate so much a smooth skin and be more higenic.
I just have the problem that need to shave each 2 days to be really smooth skin.
stanpuppy #47

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/30/2007 07:17:32Copy HTML

I cant ever imagine letting my hair grow back.  My wife has had laser hair removal of the pubic region, so hers is permanantly bare.
sailor250 #48

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/08/2008 04:53:41Copy HTML

I heard this and thought it was hilarious-

On the new VH1 reality show "that's amore" where the italian guy is pursued by the american girls on the first episode they had a lot of the cat fighting that will go on.

Some of the girls didn't like this one girl and started talking about her.  They were all in bikinis and one of the girls says to the one they didn't like "You don't even shave your vagina- what you want to stand out more"  I guess they could tell from her bikini front (?the 1970's poof appearance)

I guess this exchange may be some proof that young women find shaving the norm?

BTW this show may have some thongage in the future- the "Shot at Love" show that spawned it sure did!
TDStorm #49

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/10/2008 03:39:35Copy HTML

Yes I would say most girls find shaving the norm. I've heard girls complain about others having a 'bush'.
Beachlover492000 #50

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/13/2008 01:20:54Copy HTML

Here's an interesting bit of information that appeared in this month's (April) Playboy (magazine) Advisor. A reader wrote in to say that he was tired of the current shaving trend among the ladies. The response was among the models that Playboy photographs 85% were fully shaved, 10% have a landing strip and only 5% were natural. The response went on to say that "Many women and men say going bare improves sexual response because usually hidden skin under the pubic hair is so sensitive."
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