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rickl454 #51

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/15/2008 01:59:06Copy HTML

We go to nudist camps around home and to a nude beach in the Caribbean - the number for women fully shaved (85%) seems a little high and the number for trimmed (10%) is definitely low for the population we see naked but the incidence of trimming and total shaving have been growing over the past decade or so.  5% natural is about right, though.  For men the trend is also toward shaving and trimming, though nowhere near where it is for women. 
sailor250 #52

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/02/2008 02:07:06Copy HTML

Here's a good article on the shaving trend

JM_Runs #53

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/09/2008 07:49:54Copy HTML

I have been shaving all over for a few years now and I love it. I like the feel of smooth, hairless skin and my girlfriend likes it as well. And of all the women I've dated not one has ever had a negative response to my shaving. In fact almost all of them have commented that more men should take a razor to their pubic hair. Women shave to look good for us and make oral sex more pleasurable so I feel men should do the same. Also I find it just always looks better when I'm gonna wear a tiny thong to the pool and I'm all shaved and smooth. You don't want pubic hair sticking outta your thong!
sailor250 #54

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/03/2008 03:22:41Copy HTML

Did you know that in Missouri by law they require parental consent for brazilian wax below age 18?  makes some sense in days of sexual assault issues- but indicates it's that popular


In Australia they've called them "Manzilians" for men!
heeledmarc #55

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/13/2008 08:37:14Copy HTML

I am fully waxed and I love it. Will not go back with hair.
stanpuppy #56

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/14/2008 12:48:05Copy HTML

Totally waxed downstairs and never plan on going back.  Cant stand hair down there, on men or women.  Wife had laser hair removal so she is permanently smooth.  I wax about once a month
20897 #57

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/02/2008 10:33:16Copy HTML

 It has been about 8 months since my last laser hair removal session so I have been shaving at the gym shower once a week. I shave all of my pubic hair. I have noticed that more men are removing some or all of their pubic hair.
stanpuppy #58

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/03/2008 04:28:54Copy HTML

I believe amongst younger women it is very very common.  Amongst the over 40 crowd, I would suggest not so much.
Sharon73 #59

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/05/2008 11:25:42Copy HTML

I agree that it is more common with the yonger set, but I do se a lot of over 40 women and men who are shaved now
stanpuppy #60

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/05/2008 03:10:53Copy HTML

Where do you see them sharon?  nude beach, locker room, what part of the country.  I believe that amongst those who go to nude beaches, shaving is becomming alot more common with men and women regardless of age.  Not so sure about the soccer moms though..  Maybe I am wrong, would like to know the origin of your observations...it may change my opinion
JM_Runs #61

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/05/2008 04:10:50Copy HTML

I sometimes note in the locker room men who shave that I'd never have suspected by their outward appearances, just a normal cross-section of downtown corporate workers. 
JM_Runs #62

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/20/2008 08:37:58Copy HTML

yeah, for being so common, it is amazing how there is so much "controversy". But it is the same with ant deviant from the norm behavior, though it is so normal, so what the heck is going on?

  There is some kind of underlying current of belief, that the practical must be at the core, while the aesthetic is only seen as a by product. Some kind of pseudo-vanity, anti-narcissistic elements of allowance. Nvermind that one can surf, swim, and be less succeptible to sea lice by wearing less in the water. Nor that by shaving, one can feel and find ticks, skin ailments and other such benefits. Plus sex feels better, skin on skin, from skin. There is the effeminate reaction to men shaving, as well as the pre-pubescent female attachment (i.e. child abuse) that must be addressed that references shaving. But if the reality of the action of shaving behaviorially and beneficially is embraced by all involved, there is the reality of it is what one wants to make of it.
  I shave for all these purposes and also for my own reasons and beliefs of aesthetics. My wife (now ex) could never accept it, and it became the rallying issue to evade other real issues. It was funny, that in all her new relationships with "real men", they all shaved too. Poor thing.
  Even in summertime Atlanta, an everywhere you look, but you have to look, many men can be noticed that shave their legs. i would tend to think that anyone that addressed their body in particular ways would also be more hygenic in similar ways.

  Much ado about nothing. I  just want to see if anyone is out there?
Sharon73 #63

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:01/01/2009 11:59:43Copy HTML

I see them a lot at the nude beaches I go too - I notice them as I am shaved too.  I have seen a few in the locker room and shower in my health club - they notice I am shaved too and it's easy to start a conversation about it (how often, how appealing it is, how the guys like it, etc).  I see a lot more of them trimmed rather than shaved though - it's necessary to trim when wearing a bikini even. I think I see more shaved guys at beaches than females though - esp. in the gay section of the beach, that almost all nude beaches seem to have
stanpuppy #64

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:02/23/2009 09:40:05Copy HTML

I have recently become alot more comfortable with my hairlessness and readily walk around the locker room at my gym in full view of others.  Do date, no one has said a word or even given an indication that they notice.  I got this confidence when i saw another gentlemen walk from the shower to his locker in this manner.  He was hairless downstairs and did not care at all if anyone saw him or not.  He was the first guy i have seen (in either of the two gyms i go to) who was hairless.  I guess you can say he inspired me not to care.  
Shazam #65

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/04/2009 03:39:53Copy HTML

 I've started going to the gym in the morning, and have been very surprised by the sheer number of shaved guys in the locker room.  This is a gym that I used to go to years ago, and back then I'd usually be the only totally shaved person there.  Yesterday almost everyone was shaved or trimmed.  I acutally stopped shaving (got a little self concious), but I'm going to remove all next time I get a chance.
skinzthong #66

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/04/2009 05:07:34Copy HTML

I would say the trend with the men has followed the trend with the women, and is related also to the continued and even increased popularity of oral sex.  Women know men much preferr them to be trimmed or shaved, and now visa versa.  Its also reflected in popular pornography, where shaving is expected of the 'actors', so shaving or hair removal has been eroticized that way also.

Final thought, in Muslim cultures, shaving and trimming has long been approved, even desired.  Its officially based on relative sense of 'cleanliness', but the dominant reason may be erotic, vanity or sensual elements.  The Muslim sex life is very active, although largely marriage based, even if polygamous.
I would say also with the Muslim world there is a pain element, as 'plucking' is the preferred method.
sinfulcin #67

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/17/2009 06:48:48Copy HTML

 I love to be shaved.  For me its a big turn on.  When my partners ask to shave me I say yes.  I have to have a shaven partner.  No matter the age they like to be shaved. I'm over 40 I have it shaved or waxed.
tanga #68

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/17/2009 03:08:15Copy HTML

I recently trimmed back all of the public hair (I wasn't brave enough to use a razor though) and I haven't looked back.  I love the smoother feeling and thongs and other underwear look much sexier without strays popping out the sides.  I have found that it has increased my sensitivity too which was a definite bonus (not that I needed it), that helps in general but I also feel that my penis looks bigger as a result of it too!

My wife loves the smoother look and feel too and has commented on the apparent increase in penis size.  I think it's just created a more confident feel!

My wife is totally shaven and I love this look on her.
bajaflyer #69

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/18/2009 01:37:10Copy HTML

  I have been shaving for a number of years. From the waist down.  I like the look better, the feel, and the increase in sensation.  And while it has not been a huge topic of conversation there are a few other guys here that shave.  I'm not sure how it came up, but the other guys were quite open about it, and willing to admit it when asked.  Ane that is here in the mid-west, Missouri specifically. 
JM_Runs #70

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/11/2009 06:59:13Copy HTML

 I shave completely, not much hair anyways and I like the smooth look in a string or micro thong. I have had a few comments in locker rooms but for the most part only positive comments.

sailor250 #71

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/14/2009 02:00:42Copy HTML

Saw an ad in a US magazine for a schick women's razor that has a "bikini trimmer" on the end- the ad is rather suggestive - has a topiary plant in a triangle like a trimmed bush!
tnline #72

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/15/2009 04:20:00Copy HTML

Humorous ad for the Schick bikini trimmer

T_for_2 #73

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/16/2009 12:19:27Copy HTML

During a recent week's vacation at Club Orient, a clothing optional resort on St. Martin, my wife and I conducted our own informal shaving survey of people passing by on the beach. First observing thirty women and then later, thirty men, we counted the number of folks who had completely, or almost completely shaved pubic hair. (Note that the number thirty is the minimum sample size that will provide a statistically significant result.)As it turned out, 3/4 of the women were fully shaved except for a few with a small 'landing strip," and 2/3 of the men were totally shaved. I was at first surprised by the women outnumbering the men, but perhaps with women being somewhat more concerned about grooming and/or men being concerned that being bare somehow was not macho, maybe this makes sense. Once again, this is a clothing optional resort where probably 98% or more of the people are nude, and I strongly suspect that these results do not come anywhere close to reflecting the shaving habits of the general population. In fact, at my gym, I would say that only about 5% of the men are fully shaved although a much higher percentage do appear to be trimmed to one degree or another. We did not try to judge shaving of other male body areas such as legs, chest, buttocks, etc. as this simply was too much work while being on vacation and lounging on the beach!In any event, I am not sure what conclusions might be drawn from this, but I thought it was interesting.
redraider55 #74

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/16/2009 07:48:20Copy HTML

 I've seen quite a few guys completely shaved while sitting the steam room at my local Gold's Gym. I've been completely shaved for over 8 years, so I didn't count myself.
JM_Runs #75

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/16/2009 10:09:20Copy HTML

 it's very conservative down here.  only 5% of the guys even shower after working out, so who knows?   chests seem to be smooth though
JM_Runs #76

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/17/2009 03:16:44Copy HTML

 I have not seen that many guys completely shaved but trimmed often. People quickly notice a completely smooth guy and it is a thrill to see the looks.
chris0721 #77

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/18/2009 10:42:35Copy HTML

I have been shaving or waxing for the past 5 years but I don't see many guys at the gym or YMCA who are likewise.  We were at Grand Lido Braco on the nude side last year and it was about 50% shaved trim vs not.
nautirogue #78

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/16/2009 11:38:57Copy HTML

I shave, trim, or wax everything.  I work out regularly, and I've never once received comments or even noticed any unusual looks my way in the gym's locker room.  Honestly, I haven't seen many other shaved men around the locker room, but it's very prevalent at nude beaches.

Here's an interesting survey on male body grooming:

Male Body Grooming Survey:  http://malebodygrooming.questionpro.com/
Male Body Grooming Survey Results:  http://www.questionpro.com/akira/ShowResults?id=1145713&mode=data
Male Body Grooming Survey Comments:  http://www.questionpro.com/akira/ShowResults?id=1145713&mode=text
tthong #79

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/16/2009 12:32:55Copy HTML

 nautirogue, that's a fascincagting survery.  thanks for sharing.
T_for_2 #80

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/25/2009 02:10:59Copy HTML

I read with interest the comments section of the survey mentioned by nautirogue. It was both amusing and a little unsettling to read the reply of apparently one particular respondent who wrote "I'm not gay" in every one of the survey's categories. This individual almost certainly is a young - late teens, early twenties - male who has never travelled outside of his own country, is insecure in his sexuality, and is afraid to do anything that he feels might cause his peers to question his masculinity. He obviously considers anything beyond facial shaving to be gay, and I think it would be safe to assume that he would similarly consider the wearing of swimwear smaller than "dork shorts" also to fall into the gay category. Hopefully someday this kid will grow up.

JM_Runs #81

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/27/2009 12:20:52Copy HTML

 has anyone ever solved the cunundrum of bikini bumps?
JM_Runs #82

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/27/2009 01:29:15Copy HTML

 Yes,  solved by using the Philips BodyGroom.  Cuts short but not so short you get ingrown hairs and red bumps.
trapking #83

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/29/2009 10:45:35Copy HTML

The bikini bumps may be the result of skin conditions but I shave every three or four days and don't have any bumps, itching or ingrowns.  I do use bikinizone shave lotion and lotion up after I get out of the shower.

I don't have any bumps on my face either so maybe it goes hand in hand.

I wish I would see more shavers or at least trimmers at the gym, but other than one guy I am the only one.  A few trim, but shaving has not hit middle Wisconsin yet!

The old guys have stopped staring, but you can see newbies eyes widen when they see me the first time.
johnbar5251 #84

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/21/2009 08:29:16Copy HTML

Well shaving is certainly a trend in comparision with 60s/70s.

In an interview with the producers of recent 60's film they had to ask the female "actors" to let their pubes grow to make the nude scenes more authentic.
splicet67 #85

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/22/2009 08:01:34Copy HTML

yes without a doubt shaving has become more popular from what i can see. and i use a product called bump patrol works great
stanpuppy #86

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/23/2009 12:21:53Copy HTML

There is no doubt in my mind that shaving is more popular now than ever.  What little porn i do watch now has most of the men shaved to some degree or another.  That never used to be the case.  I actually read a playboy poll what showed that about half of women under 25 were completely hairless downstairs, as another 25% were trimmed (leaving only 25% "natural".).   I am convinced the number is not as high for older women, but i am still pretty certain that the female number is pretty high.
gulfscuba #87

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/10/2009 02:21:20Copy HTML

An interesting read on waxing/shaving from a UK newspaper.


stanpuppy #88

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/13/2009 02:12:17Copy HTML

I have come to really hate hair down there.  I need to find a better way to remove it from the underside of my penis and in the scrotal area.  I shave everyday, but that is not enough.  that particular area is hard to wax, and dipliatories are too harsh.  Maybe laser is the answer.....
John Howard #89

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/13/2009 04:07:20Copy HTML

Find a good beautician and wax it...
You would never go back to shaving.
perhaps not a bad idea,if you can afford it.
beachboi65 #90

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/13/2009 01:28:44Copy HTML

 I have been shaving for close to 20 years - old girlfriend in college got be started as she did it for me the first few times - talk about trust. As I have been wearing micro suits, g-strings and such since then I have continued to shave. Just thinking, I don't recall what it would feel like with a bushy clump of hair. I have not yet tried waxing as just shaving with a good sharp Mach 3 and some good lather works. I noticed the hair does not grow nearly as fast once I have built up a good tan all over.
rosemke #91

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/13/2009 05:49:55Copy HTML

Have had 5 Laser sessions to do Bikini area shaft and scrotum .
There is some PAIN on the scrotum but most other areas is like getting snapped with an elastic band.
Your technician will use ice on the area  which is a good thing. The skin Must Not be Tanned  as the Laser works on heating dark areas.
Gray,White and other Light colored hair do not respond to Laser treatment. Not cheap but worth the effort and cost. Now I just trim the remaining white hair on a regular basis .
stanpuppy #92

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:12/14/2009 12:49:46Copy HTML

Am thinking i am going to give laser a shot. Wife has it...she loves it (me too).  Getting tired of shaving
sailor250 #93

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/09/2010 01:21:30Copy HTML

Here's where the trend is going too far!!  Here's a lady driving her car in the Fla. Keys.- I guess a convertible/drophead Thunderbird I heard somewhere- and all the while triming her pubic hair when--CRASH- she's neglected her driving!!  Bet that hurt worse than waxing!!!  Hard to hit the brake pedal with a razor between your legs.

If she was driving a Toyota they could have blamed the car!!  Instead they may just blame it on the "Goose"

OS777 #94

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/15/2010 05:26:30Copy HTML

 My visit to a huge nude beach on the Moscow river during summer in 1999.  Well over 5000 nude and partially people at the city beach.  Men during summer in Russia do shave their armpits!  For hygienic purposes of course!  Hair is a great place for bacteria to breed and summer heat in Russia and humidity lead Russians to shave.  I got turned on to shaving my 'pits' after my two visits to that beach in NW Moscow.  The crowds where huge and the exit from the Metro station was a short walking distance from the park (free) entrance.
OS777 #95

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/15/2010 05:29:39Copy HTML

 Shaving is in fact a state of mind.  Once one is free to pursue their personal desires then doing what they have feared to do (due to perceived societal pressure) then freedom is achieved.  Fear is the thing that keeps people from being/becoming happy.  I love the close shaves I have had for many years!
thongornude #96

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/15/2010 10:58:11Copy HTML

I shave my pits in the summer and keep them trimmed short the rest of the year.  It feels a lot cleaner during the hot humid summer months in Florida.  My wife actually told me once she didn't know why men didn't do it and that prompted me to try it.
Jeffthong #97

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/15/2010 08:09:40Copy HTML

I've been shaving smooth all over for the last 10 -12 years and shaved my underarms for the first time last summer.  It feels cleaner and drier even in warmer weather and now seems completely natural.  I don't give a lot of thought to what may or may not be trendy or fashionable.  I couldn't imagine going back to big tangles of sweaty hair or the previous big bush down below. Now, it's just second nature to be clean and smooth and I haven't heard any negative comments so far.
JM_Runs #98

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:05/11/2010 04:05:24Copy HTML

 I believe being well shaven shows better detail of the body unlike having excessive hair.  Even if the pubes have a small amount of hair. 
JM_Runs #99

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2010 12:50:39Copy HTML

i have been shaving everywhere neck down i mean everywhere, still having my chest hair laser removed, 5 sessions and it still is growing back not as thick but i would say i will have to have 4 or 5 more i will go thru with it costly but worth it if it saves time. i wish they would come up with a machine to just slide u in and do ur whole body, i would sure do it. once u shave everywhere it just feels to good, i look back when i had hair and look at other men with body hair and it looks awful and uncomfortable to me.
ardvarken #100

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2010 02:10:23Copy HTML

Best wishes CR!  I finished getting full body laser a few years back, took about three years to complete it.   It took about 15-20 sessions per area (had everything except top of head done).   Yes, I wished they could have come up with something a little less time consuming, painful and expensive.  I do think that it was all worth it in the end.   When I first signed up they thought it might take 8-10 visits per area, well, even after that there was still quite a bit remaining and I didn't start with all that much to begin with.  I was the first guy that they had sign up for everything so they w weren't quite sure how long it might take.    They came up with a price quote that would cover all of my visits until I was satisfied.   Perhaps once a month I'll shave off the few stray hairs that come up, I think I've had the same razor for the past few years since it gets used so rarely.  I cannot ever imagine going back to being hairy, not that I have a choice anymore!  

At the start of my treatments I had hopes for quicker removal and over time I just wanted it to be done with and thought of stopping but figured I needed to finish what I had started.

If I had to pick the most painful areas for getting lasered, in order they would be:  inner thighs, the mustache, between butt cheeks, crotch, the rest was pretty easy to tolerate but those areas were the source of tears at times.

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