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BEACHMAN999 #101

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/13/2010 10:46:00Copy HTML

Shaving or going bald is becoming more and more common.Don,t know if will ever become the norm but what was once a porn industry thing is defintly mainstream. My daughter says 8 out of 10 girls are bald or just a small landing strip. I am an avid camper & health club person so I see more guys than the average person in the shower and I would say at least 10-15 % are bald where years ago I would see maybe 1 or 2 all summer. I am 53 and my wife is 51 and she too is still totally shaven. She started when she was like 25 after they shaved her at my daughters birth, she found that she liked it. It is said that totally bald women will be as comon as shaving arm pits, and probably 25-35% of guys willl be bald. This follows the trend of less and less being worn orn the beaches. Seeing topless women or guys in thongs barely gets noticed.  
Snookie1 #102

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/14/2010 12:30:22Copy HTML

 I started shaving more and more as my suits became smaller, usually leaving a landing strip.  I started having issues and thought I had an infection, however, when I went to my ob/gyn, she told me when that problem happened (and it did to a lot of her patients) that most women shaved completely or had brazilians.  This was two years ago.  I started shaving it all and had no problems, except bumps - bought Bikini Zone and the bumps disappeared.  My husband brought up the waxing idea, so we found a reputable salon and I have been getting waxed for a year. 

It seems to me, when looking on-line, especially at pictures of regular (not models) women in sheer suits, they have a tiny landing strip or are hairless.  I definitely like the look and feel of being bare and my husband doesn't mind either.  In fact, he really liked it so much he wanted to begin trimming or shaving.  Now he is bald.  We both love the look and extra benefits from these types of hair removal.
JM_Runs #103

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/20/2010 08:56:28Copy HTML

I wouldn't even call it a trend anymore, with the nudist or minimal swimwear types.  I would say it is the norm. We recently went to a nude resort get away for the weekend, and I would say 80% or more were shaved smooth.  The few who were not were trimmed to landing strips, and then you had abour 3 or 4 with no grooming at all and actually stood out more than the smoothies.
SusanaM #104

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/28/2010 03:20:27Copy HTML

My usual is a tiny v or a tiny heart shape. But have gone completely shaved numerous times but he likes a heart or v shaped island and with sheer bottoms, it adds a hint of sly upkeep. ;)
Thong Kong #105

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/31/2010 03:06:25Copy HTML

My wife doesn't shave and she doesn't wax. She doesn't epilate or use creams, and she hasn't had laser treatment. But she is totally bald.

How does she do it?

Tweezers. I'm not kidding.

We both help. It's erotic and intimate, takes one to two hours, depending on how long it's been since the last time, and the results are fantastic. Once you're doing it often enough there's no pain at all.
mack_back #106

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/03/2010 02:12:09Copy HTML

Now i just trim  half, a very low shaven pubic region because i don't want to show hair coming out of my low rise swimsuits at the pool.
 At the nude beach years ago i tried a runway strip trimmed but find people react shocked when they look at it. At the beach today many react surprised when they see now i'm pretty well groomed with a bit more hair with a triangle shape with edges pretty short.  Shave my legs two times a week for years like to know if getting it all with a  laser would be worth it?
SusanaM #107

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:09/03/2010 05:12:14Copy HTML

@mack, you might want to consider this which I've posted on a different but related thread...


here's a very positive review of the tria delivered in 6 parts as the reviewer shares the results after several stages of using the product ...


2xist #108

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/21/2012 03:03:52Copy HTML

I have been shaving for over 25 years.  As a guy who lives in south Florida, it is very common to see most of the population at the beach, pool, gym or yoga class smooth, shaven or trimmed...
I'm thinking about getting my first wax, including everything underneath my micro thing from MS done.  Am I nuts or should I just grow a pair and take the pain of it all???! LOL
gocal #109

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/21/2012 09:52:47Copy HTML

 Go for the waxing 2xist.  I have been waxed clean for the past two years and would never want any hair again!  The first time was nerve wracking but it is not that painful if you go to an experienced aesthetician and you relax.  Now, after two years, it is not painful at all, just a slight discomfort, and the result of being hair free for a couple of weeks is worth it.
big daddy thong #110

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2012 12:06:04Copy HTML

I have been bald downstairs for about 10 years and my wife loves it.  Over the years my suits have been getting smaller in coverage, so it looks better to be hairless.  I have been waxing  as well.  I prefer waxing to shaving from a dialy maintenance point of view.  Shaving is at least every other day for me as opposed to waxing which last at least 2-3 weeks.  I also have fewer in grown hairs and bumps when I get waxed.  2xist, Go for it and you will love the results and the way it looks after.
2xist #111

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2012 01:15:31Copy HTML

 gocal and big Daddy Thong-I've been looking in what you would think is gay Mecca of the SE United States (Miami, Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale Florida)for a male waxing studio.  I found one I Wilton Manors and emailed the owner.  Have not heard back .  I think I would believe comfortable with a male tech waxing me.  I would be nervous enough there as it is.
I brought a box of male waxing strips at Wholefoods a while back.  The box and I are having a stare down lol!I gave the box to my bf... He looked at it and at me and started to salvate! Lol
I'm actually waiting for the hair to grow out a bit more.  I ride bike so I'm constantly shaving everywhere...
gocal #112

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2012 02:59:26Copy HTML

 I would not try waxing with a non-professional.  Way too risky.  I would be afraid of infections or pulling out patches of skin.  When dealing with that part of my anatomy, I feel it is worth the extra money to have it done safely and professionally.   
2xist #113

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2012 03:03:41Copy HTML

 gocal-Think your right.  I'm already circumcised! Lol
ondefense #114

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2012 08:05:19Copy HTML

Try Beauty of Wax in Hollywood.  Got a brazilian there last week.  The lady did a good job and it was not painful at all.
2xist #115

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/22/2012 09:37:54Copy HTML

 Ondefense-Funny I drove by there yesterday morning and it looked like it had closed down.  Couldn't get there website to work :(
ondefense #116

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/24/2012 11:42:07Copy HTML

The Beauty of Wax in Miami did close and the one in Hollywood moved recently.  They are at 2029 Tyler St now.  Check out http://beautyofwax.com

2xist #117

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/24/2012 11:48:16Copy HTML

 On defense-Thanks! If the guy in Wilton manors doesn't contact me by weeks end, I will check out your suggestion.:)
smoothones #118

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:06/25/2012 11:49:10Copy HTML

 I think shaving is great. If you have lots of time on your hands. I think it is fine to shave to see if you like it smooth. Waxing is better. Getting sugared is much better! Heaven, if she wipes you with the hot moist towell. I have graduated to electrolysis. Going for a brazilian. One hair at a time. Smooth rocks. Getting zapped for 2 years now. getting pretty bald. I go get sugared to clean up stray hairs when on the road.I do get my ass, back and chest/stomach waxed.  By the way when I started shaving my genitals I looked good in a thong. Now I am 6ft 4 and 300 and I still wear a thong. Might be fat, but I'm not hairy. my unit is not overweight. I think is looks better smooth. It sure feels better.
big daddy thong #119

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:03/28/2013 02:46:16Copy HTML

My recent conversation with my urology doctor went like this:
I had a visit to the urology doctor yesterday for  prostate check and other age related medical issues for a man of 55 years old.    I had a new doctor in the practice for my appointment, he was an older gentlemen who was very personable, great beadside manner and all around good guy.
  During the exam I stripped down naked below the waist and he made mention of me being hairless.  He was curious of the trend of men shaving and or waxing their pubic region, since he has been seeing more guys bald.  He asked me about my reasons for grooming my private parts.  I told him I shave or wax a lot of different areas not just my groin region.  I shave my head and armpits as well.  I told him I like the look and feel of being hairless.  I told him I like the feel of skin to skin intercourse with my wife for one thing and the other is I like to wear thongs and g-strings to the beach, so being hair free enchances the way I look.  He said that was sound reasoning and suggested that I made sure that I use a new disposable razor each time and make sure that I use an lotion to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs to prevent any cuts or infections of the skin.
pkthong #120

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/10/2013 04:52:44Copy HTML

 Saw a commercial(advert for those where it applies) for a new Gilette body shaver.
The dude is at a party where he talks to 3 different hot chicks with3 different ideas of  how much body hair a dude should have.
There were varying levels of being shaved, with the final hottie saying she liked 'em totally shaved.

Extrapolate this to  bikinis and thongs on men and it seems that the small subpopulation of females who like ; well , US; is not strange but different, maybe I had too much time on my hands to think of this tnite , I throw it out there for consideration.
itanng #121

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:04/10/2013 11:37:17Copy HTML

I think this is the video to which you are referring:

Gillette has lots of videos on their page:

sailor250 #122

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/04/2014 07:36:59Copy HTML

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SgvzptlU9wHere's a video about making a cool design in her pubic hair- very time consuming!
whitebull #123

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/13/2014 05:08:01Copy HTML

 What made each of you want to shave. For me I was deployed to the middle east.   It made me cooler just keep it up when I came back.
pikeman #124

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/13/2014 05:34:33Copy HTML

 I don't think the shaving trend is slacking. I just got back from two weeks in Mexico at Hidden Beach and can conclusively say that bare outnumbered hairy. And that's for both sexes. The unshaved also tended to be pretty unkempt. I find it unusual to see a nude woman with a heavy pubic bush, and even with the "bear" guys, they usually "manscape".There wasn't a single "smooth" guy without his equipment smooth as well.
Shazam #125

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/21/2015 03:45:30Copy HTML

 Seeing a lot more totally shaved guys at the gym these days.  I don't feel so self conscious walking around nude in the locker room anymore.
sailor250 #126

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/22/2015 04:47:57Copy HTML

 here's an article about ?going back to hairy   But look she's now self conscious on a nude beach with a bush.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sandra-lamorgese-phd/growing-back-my-bush_b_8003022.html
bbjuk #127

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/12/2015 05:15:58Copy HTML

 I trim all my pubic hair off with a shaver / small scissors about once a week.  I'd love to have it completely smooth (crack too) but every time I've tried it with a razor the area has wound up looking like a butcher's slab!  Sooo painful and itchy :-(Would love to get it all waxed off but gf wouldn't like the idea of someone else handling my @@@@@@ & balls, so trimming it is!
kmackhard #128

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/12/2015 05:55:12Copy HTML

 Hey bbjuk I have found out by experience, if you shave every day in the shower with a good shave gel and a sharp razor, You will have success . It takes about 5 minutes everyday and I can tell you I am as smooth as a babys bum for 24 hours. You must how ever finish it up after you dry off with a good medicated talc powder. That will keep the shave bumps down. Also there are creams like (bikini zone) which helps in eliminating shave bumps and irritation. Hope this helps. If you check out my pictures you can see how smooth I am.cheers Kmack
JM_Runs #129

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/13/2015 01:47:18Copy HTML

I am going to say this again: 
After years of experiments with various tools and methods, what works for me is a combination of two tools:  A professional grade 110v WAHL brand 1" trimmer and a rechargeable Philips Bodygroom combo trimmer/shaver.

The 1" WAHL looks like, and probably is, the trimmer used by the barber to trim up the back of your neck after a hair cut. I use it without any depth guard to trim the pubic hair. 
Then clip on the plastic adjustable depth guard to feather in the surrounding so there is no abrupt transition. I also use the WAHL to remove underarm hair and to keep the hairs on the chest from growing too long. The adjustable depth guard makes it a useful too for several tasks.

The Bodygroom is used for the more sensitive parts. You quickly lean to be careful and not hurried. Odd tool in that it has both trimmer edges and a center foil shaver.  They are waterproof and many people prefer to use them when wet, but I generally use it dry, because I am standing in the bathroom doing other trimming at the same time with the other tool too.

The advantage of both tools is they DO NOT get your skin smooth as a baby's bum, they don't cut quite that short, which means I don't get red bumps or irritation as the top of the cut hairs irritate the sides of the follicles, or when they grow back through the top of the skin. At least for me, the secret to a smooth surface but no bumps is trimming down to a fraction above the level of the skin, but no shorter. 
You know the razor advertisements where they show the first blade pulling up the hair and the second blade cutting it even shorter, so the hair is trimmed shorter than the skin?  This is fine for your face, and helps prevent stubble for longer, but is too short for the slow growing pubic hair, or other parts of the body.  Really, for most of the body the 1" WAHL trimmer is perfect: Except for the family jewels, where there is a serious risk of painful nicks if using the WAHL 1" trimmer, and where the Bodygroom does a better job in handling the round surfaces without nicks (Watch the angle you are holding it at and don't nick the center ridge with the edge trimmers.) 

I do not use the Bodygroom on the rest of the body because the center foil it cuts a little too short, and the edge trimmers are not half as good at mowing down hair compared with the professional grade clippers on the WAHL trimmer.

The secret with the 1" WAHL trimmer is to keep the HEAL of the cutting plate pressed down on the skin, so the other end, the front cutting blades glide over the surface. Do not attack by putting pressure on the skin from the teeth of the trimmer end, otherwise you will end up sticking he sharp teeth of the trimmer into your skin.
odie77301 #130

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/13/2015 08:29:53Copy HTML

 Well said JM and company, I have always used and liked the results of my Gillette razor, but absolutely hate those dreaded in grown hairs. Usually if not always resulted in some sort of scar. Not until I started my swimming regiment I started using my Peanut razor that came in a package I bought with a regular machine razor. I now use that alone with a number 1 guard around my scrotum. Best move I could of done. Some people are just fine using a razor and not getting any bumps, but for me I will be sticking to my Wahl Peanut,
Maxtlatl #131

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/13/2015 09:39:03Copy HTML

 By the way, in case folks are interested, the reason both footwear and swimwear are called "thongs" is that a thong is "a narrow strip of leather or other material, used especially as a fastening".

So, for flip-flops, the "thong" refers to the strip between the big toe and the next toe. And for thong swimwear, it refers to the strip between the buttocks.
nautirogue #132

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:11/06/2015 04:24:41Copy HTML

I either shave, trim, or wax everything.  I trim my chest, legs, arms, head, ass, and goatee.  I have my back waxed once in a while and my wife trims it in between waxes.  I shave my pits, anus, and balls, and I shaved my pubes for years, but lately I've left a very well-maintained patch. 
I got a Brazilian wax one time when I was out of town on a business trip.  It was the real-deal with full ass, anus, balls, and pubes waxed.  (This was at a time when I was fully shaved down there.)  The experience was not unpleasant, as I already knew what to expect from waxing since I'd had my back waxed many times before.  I liked the extremely smooth results, and I'll do it again for an appropriate special occasion like a Hedo trip or something like that.



sailor250 #133

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/07/2016 01:53:15Copy HTML

 Saw an article on NYT website, now on Forbes---of all places about survey about pubic grooming--it's almost everyone now! http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2016/07/04/should-you-care-about-pubic-hair/#4e8c448e45e4 http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/06/29/most-women-prefer-to-go-bare-citing-hygiene-and-baffling-doctors/?_r=0
sxmthonger #134

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/15/2016 12:53:53Copy HTML

 I can say based on my observations on Orient Beach last week that at least 90 percent of men were either shaved completely or closely trimmed. I saw almost no one with a full bush. 
NudeNArizona #135

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/16/2016 04:35:59Copy HTML

 My opinion is that back 25 yrs ago shaving was a trend because very few people shaved completely, and most women shaved what poked out from their bikini bottoms, when MOST swimwear was lined and opaque.  But as swimwear evolved and people started wearing more unlined and sheer materials most people didn't want the pubic hair showing thru the fabric so shaving it all off became more common. I know personally this was my experience. Actually the first time I wore a thong I shaved everything off after the first time I went swimming in it.  I had bought a White Venus G-string for my girlfriend and she bought me a Sheer while thong that we wore together on Panama City beach together in 1988. We went to the beach and tanned for a bit and after we got warm we colled off in the water and when we were walking back to our towel I noticed how dark the hair was showing thru the fabric. So I mentioned to her that she should just shave it off and it wouldn't show thru, and she said she would if I would!  So we went back to the hotel room and shaved it all off and were back on the beach within an hour. When we were on the beach tanning some friends came upto us to talk and we all decided to go back into the water for a while to swim and that was the first time they had realized we were both wearing G-strings which was no big issue, but when we went back to our towel and our bathing suit were still wet and sheer they had make a few comments about us being almost naked and that our suit didn't leave much to the imagination.
JM_Runs #136

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/17/2016 11:39:17Copy HTML

I wonder how many men shave?  I have been to nude beaches and see a lot of shaved people.  Most People on Thong Board will shave because we are all into wearing small bikinis.  A vast majority of men are not going to nude beaches or wearing small bikinis.  Most all men wear board shorts to the beach.  I use hotel gyms when I travel.  I have never seen a shaved man in the shower.  Not many men use the public shower at the hotel so I don't see many nude men.  I have a home gym so I don't go to the public gym.  I have a question for those of you who use public showers like at a gym.  What percentage of men shave most of it off?  I am guessing not many.  I am completely bare down there (laser).  
JM_Runs #137

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/17/2016 11:46:22Copy HTML

 One person in this thread says 
it is very common to see most of the population at the beach, pool, gym or yoga class smooth, shaven or trimmed...
Another says 10% - 15%
Maybe depends on where you are
hotbunz1969 #138

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/17/2016 05:23:27Copy HTML

 I have been in locations, gym locker rooms, public changing areas etc where shaving/trimming prevalent, I have also been in the same situations in different locations where it is not. 

Example....... Back in England in the leafy suburbs of my local gym, a small privately run affair, I was almost certainly the only one to sport a totally shaved body, I never saw another guy that was trimmed let alone shaved!!!. Most certainly I was the only one sporting a  thong tanline.

On holiday in Coz I saw a guy showering at the beach shower in a minuscule g-string, there was no way he wasn't shaved bald, nor was his GF in her transparent white micro!!!

Here in Brazil, manscaping/shaving appears to be the norm among the gym going community....... Although sadly I'm no longer a regular gym goer, on the occasions I have made it to my 'local' gym (47km away) I have yet to see a guy sporting a full bush in the locker room..... On my last but one visit I even saw a very buff guy showing himself off in the locker room fully shaved wearing a narrow chrome c-ring and prominent thong tanline!!!! 

So yes, it depends where you are and what conditions you are in as to wether the majority of guys shave/trim or not.
Latex_Fan #139

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/18/2016 04:02:11Copy HTML

 @Jack68...I think you  could be right.  Here in Germany it's very common. In fact I would say it's quite unusual to find someone with pubic hair.  When I co to the Sauna, Gym or FKK Beach it seems like everyone is completely shaved.  I've been shaving completely for over 30 years now. 
NudeNArizona #140

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/19/2016 11:18:52Copy HTML

 I know my wife has told me that when she goes to the gym and in the ladies locker-room almost all of the women are shaved completely except for a few of the much older ladies 70+
pikeman #141

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:07/22/2016 08:08:46Copy HTML

 I'm still shaving the C&B smooth and buzzing the hair above. But this season I'm letting it grow more dense in a point toward my navel. It looks more interesting, and I've had some pleasant conversation about it. The wife is as bald as a cue ball from waxing and appreciates a coconut oil massage that gets her going. 
gstrings #142

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/10/2016 06:00:13Copy HTML

 I have been waxing for 10 years and wish I had done it years before. Apart from eyebrows and head there is not a hair on me and the feeling is great especially just after it is done every 6-8 weeks. Over the years the hair has diminished and what grows is finer now. I go to a men only salon and judging how difficult it is to get an appointment there are plenty of other guys being waxed. The salon is run by a great girl who is very good at waxing. Virtually no in growns and eaach wax seems to last weeks. In sheer suits it is the only way to go, I think. There more it is done the less it hurts. I tried IPL with some success and Laura says the next Brazillian will be IPL for a longer lasting result. I am a huge Gear Essentials C Ring fan and they all looks heaps sexier with out hair. Try it and you will be thrilled with the look! Cheers
John Howard #143

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/10/2016 07:25:09Copy HTML

 you beat me by 2 years, I started full body waxing 8 years ago.I agree a hundred per cent with what you say about hair regrowth, finer hair, and it has become almost painless..

Interesting you tried IPL,  it'exactly the brazilian area the one that grows a bit faster than anything else.

I'm also a fan of GE;   the looks of a waxed area with a G and C Ring is second to none.   Got compliments at the c/o beach a few times.  (also a few frowns upon me from some nudist-nazis!  go figure)...  

My hair growth is now so minimal that I can get away with 11 weeks in between sessions in winter.
mack_back #144

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:08/11/2016 02:27:24Copy HTML

After starting shaving everything off many years ago I received laughter from c/o beach nudist visitors. Chuckle laughter look at him while woman and men a like found it amusing. Now i notice more males shave entirely smooth becoming almost the norm at c/o beach. Reaction towards me about my smooth shave appearance isn't a issue anymore. Suppose people focus on my g-c rings and extreme exposed g-strings I wear on the c/o beach. Never had I had a compliment about my smooth shaved body. Although people focus on other things I flaunt on the beach and yes the reactions are all good. 
Visiting the c/o beach recently I noticed two females topless one in a pink thong another in black string cheeky bottom giggling, laughing upon me while I stood up walking in or out of the water etc.. These girls were further away maybe 100 feet. When it was time to leave the beach I walked passed them in my extreme open front g-string and glan c- ring. One girl stopped me asking where I bought the g-string. While other saying we both were admiring you all afternoon. Doubt I believed them found it was more of being entertainment for them to laugh at my expense. I thanked them politely went on my way just as they were start a nude volleyball game with couple guys which were hitting on them all afternoon. 
sailor250 #145

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/22/2016 01:47:20Copy HTML

 What?? more bush league talk about wild jungle come back !
SixDelta #146

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/22/2016 06:21:44Copy HTML

I've been shaving since sometime around the year 2000 or maybe the late late 90's. It pretty much became a necessity as my choice of swimwear and underwear gradually became skimpier and skimpier. When I started shaving I found that the look and feel was amazing and I also was no longer ever feeling damp or sweaty down there which just made me feel cleaner, so I've had no reason to stop shaving ever since and can't imagine ever stopping now. I use a Gillette razor to shave the balls and pubic region every morning in the shower to keep it smooth. I just leave a rectangle above the shaft, about the width of two fingers, the rest of it comes off. I never had much chest or stomach hair to begin with but I also shave that every morning anyway. I use electric clippers to keep the armpit hair short, about once every month or two.
PnJ #147

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:02/23/2017 03:37:02Copy HTML

Everyone has their own preference And I just gave up the razor here about a month ago and I'm loving it. Stayed shaven down below and trimmed chest since early 90's but just got tired of it. Wife trims bikini line. I'm still gonna wear my thongs no matter if hair is sticking out. 
PnJ #148

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/07/2017 07:02:44Copy HTML

 My wife and I both have shaved in the past but now have let things happen "naturally".  She still shaves underarms and legs but rocks a sexy bush,  I only shave my shaft and scrotum. We both still wear thongs on the beach. 
Mineralguy #149

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/07/2017 07:21:37Copy HTML

 Pnj you are right, whatever you feel most comfortable is what you should do. Nothing is wrong with it either way
leo40 #150

Re:Shaving as a trend

Date Posted:10/21/2017 11:48:28Copy HTML

Most of the bushes seen at my nudist club are first-timers who shave for the next.
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