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Date Posted:10/22/2005 12:44:52Copy HTML

How of you who wear thongs as swimwear or underwear also wear revealing shorts in public?
What kind of shorts do you wear?
Travis001 #1

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/12/2005 11:33:11Copy HTML

sorry for the double post here!

Regarding flnkdguy's post on the soark running shorts - thanks!  I've been looking for some shorts like that!  And, they're a good price!

Beachlover492000 #2

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/22/2005 05:13:04Copy HTML

When I go to the beach I wear short-shorts with split seams on both sides. The shorts just cover my butt.

Years ago I wore shorts by Frederick's of Hollywood that had no side seams. The sides of my butt were flashed with every step. I heard of comments, but it didn't both me. The only thing that I could wear under those shorts was a g-string. Anything else would have showed on the sides.

Ex_Member #3

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/22/2005 11:39:08Copy HTML

The most revealing I get in terms of shorts is wet look lycra workout shorts that are about 6" in length.
dayne #4

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/22/2005 06:24:52Copy HTML

Years ago, I was in Tucson and saw a guy wearing the type of shorts beachlover describes.  He had the build for them and just being seeing him at Subway was an entirely erotic experience.  Wish they would come back.
thongbutt1 #5

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/22/2005 10:54:09Copy HTML

yeah, i usually wear short running shorts when i go out. i also wear short squarecut swimsuits/running shorts that have the liner cut out. Since i live in a beach community, it's not that unusual, but it's definitely alot of fun! i also have some older Ralph Lauren shorts that i wear all the time.  i like to wear  soft comfortable shorts without any underwear.  i guess what i was wondering about was if guys are wearing thongs on the beach, do they also wear sexy stuff in public? i think i definitely tend toward the racy side. i wear small thin tight tshirts with lowrise jeans, go out in shorts without a shirt, and lean toward the edge even in street clothes.  am i weird???
Ex_Member #6

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/23/2005 02:34:56Copy HTML

I like to run in short length running shorts as well. When I went looking for running shorts, I found the shortest ones I could find that still had a full side (Jury's still out on getting the split side shorts). I cut out the lining, and always wear a thong underneath. The shorts fall about 2" below my cheeks, which means it's the closest feeling to running in a thong you can get! I usually wear a mesh shirt or something, but I have gone out with just the shorts and thong before. One time I went running and it was very hot out (I live in Florida afterall) and I noticed my lining-less shorts were sticking to my cheeks...I think you could tell I was wearing a thong underneath. I'm wondering at what point did it become taboo for men to show their quad muscles? I mean, look around at men's fashion. Normal shorts fall somewhere around the knee, beach shorts are even worse! Workout gear are all long basketball shorts. I'm proud of my quads, it's the only major muscle that I've been satisfied with after my workouts. I legpress and squat the hell out of them...sometimes to the point I can barely walk - and who get's to see them? Virtually no one.

As for wearing more racy clothes, I do like to wear low rise jeans with my thongs, but I put on a belt. I've been looking for some men's shirts that aren't dresses. It seems no matter where I look, all the shirts fall 3 or more inches below my belt...what's the point of wearing low rise jeans if no one can tell? I'm not saying I want to wear a belly shirt...but something that only goes to down to the belt but no further would be nice.
thongbutt1 #7

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/23/2005 03:59:19Copy HTML

Ralph Lauren makes a "custom fit" polo series that 's a little shorter and fits more tightly thru the stomach area. Jockey makes a new tshirt that's more performance oriented like the underarmour brand.  i bought some regular jockey t-shirts and cut them off.   they're microfiber or something, super thin and tight, and fit like a glove. i've been working out alot, and could care less what anybody else thinks, so i don't mind the tummy showing!
Jazz Skirt #8

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/24/2005 03:41:32Copy HTML

Long ago, before I discovered thongs, I had several pair of very short shorts, meaning they had almost no fabric connecting the front half to the back through the crotch.  Also, to this day, I have a very nice feeling pair of net shorts that are see-through and stretchy, which got me in trouble when I wore them to the supermarket with a thong underneath.  I also still have a pair of "cheeky" shorts and a pair of transparent shorts that appear to be made of a lingerie material.  All are great to wear, but there aren't too many places where I can wear them.  But yes, I still enjoy sexy shorts a lot!
magnus67t #9

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/24/2005 06:14:32Copy HTML

  In the early eighties I used to go to the beach and walk around with shorts split all the way up the side.  On vacation I use them to walk all up and down the Venice beach boardwalk .  The next day I walked around the fence at Malibu beach and hiked along the shoreline of the private part of Malibu wearing only my side splitting shorts.  I have a pair of Speedo Volleyball trunks that I bought 10 years ago that are split up the side.  The split goes to 4" from the waist line.  I have lost 40 lbs., when I lose another 15 to 20 lbs. I will start wearing them again.  

      Viva la butt cheeks and quads.

nicthong #10

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/25/2005 08:30:27Copy HTML

It depends what the context is at to what I wear. Here in the UK we don't really get the weather to wear the skimpy stuff so it's usually if I'm on vacation or working out at home that I wear the short shorts. I have a selection of tight lycra ones that are solid, woven mesh (semi-transparent), or sheer and a couple of pairs of extra short running shorts with split sides. None of them have liners of any kind. Typically, this is what I'd wear to the beach or when walking around resorts on vacation. Back in the UK my day to day clothing centres around ultra low, stretch jeans and fitted tops.

p.s. I'm always on the look out for briefer shorts, so if anyone knows of any ultra low waist shorts that only just cover the butt or maybe even show a bit of cheek, please let me know!

Spr String #11

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/30/2005 09:16:53Copy HTML

while id like to own some short shorts when it gets hot, i dont actually own any.

instead i wear knee length cargo shorts, and other baggy pants.

ill have to go out and buy some running shorts so i can wear them this summer.
Gstringing #12

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/01/2005 01:07:07Copy HTML

I sometimes wear some butt shorts that are way skimpier than womens shorts.  I have some from undergear and prevail sport.  These shorts are side split to the top with no lining.  butt cheeks just barely covered, and if they ride up, oh well. one is dark blue with tiny holes.  I bought this pair size s even though i notmally wear a size m.  ussually will wear a revealing deep cut tank top with them.  While outside at the park, and even in south beach!! have heard some "gay" remarks, but I never let it bother me.  In the summertime I wear as little (revealing) as possible, and always in a superduper micro gstring at the pool.
shaved_thong_lover #13

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/01/2005 11:08:57Copy HTML

I wear short shorts with 1" inseam to the gym to workout, almost everyday in the summer. During the winter at the gym I wear workout tights with boot cut legs that are very tight in the thighs and butt . 

I wear these short "hot pants" to the pool / beach as cover ups, also sometimes wear them to dance clubs, awesome.

stringpe #14

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/09/2005 02:43:51Copy HTML

I have a pair of light gray cotten, split running shorts from Parr of Arizona that is cut right at the cheek.  They are the smallest shorts I have ener owned.  My size 30 inch pair of shorts has the split at 4 inches from the waist and a overall length of 6 inches.  As long as you standing they cover your cheeks.  If you bend over your cheeks will certainly show.  I use the split shorts as a cover up over my thong swimsuit.  The shorts are also thin enough to show the outline of my thong.  I never had a bad remark concerning my shorts, but I usually do not wear them out in public, only at the beach.

thongbutt1 #15

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/09/2005 04:40:46Copy HTML

my favorite shorts are my old ralph lauren cotton/ terry cloth shorts.  they're about the same thickness as a winter sweatshirt, so they're pretty thin as shorts go. while they're not see thru, you can definitely see the outline of your "head" when you wear them. they're pretty short as well, so i get alot of looks. my wife hates them, i love them. she says they're obscene, but i wear them everywhere...  but there again, she's nuts....
howill2 #16

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/21/2005 07:53:55Copy HTML

Onion skin shorts are ideal as coverups over thongs and swimwear generally.
tinythong #17

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/03/2005 06:53:01Copy HTML

I do not usually mind walking to and from beach in my thong or g string but If I have to leave the beach and go somewher where even i need to cover up a little I will pull on my rather short and tight white lycra shorts over my g string. The string still shows through but I am at least covered to be in the more public areas.  The good thing about the tight lycra shorts is that the butt still looks good with the lycar pulling into the ass and the lump up front pleases too. 

azcraig #18

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/03/2005 11:22:26Copy HTML

All of my shorts are pretty shorts for mens standards. I spend a lot of time out and about and the longest shorts I own have a 3 " in seam. Most are 2" and I have some that are 1".  I have got a few pair that are low rise girls stretch denim shorts with a one inch inseam that I find very comfortable and wear a lot. Some of my oder shorts that are denim cut offs that have unravelled from time in the wash machine almost have no inseam anymore. Wearing shorts that re down to the knee makes me wonder "whats the point?" 
Gstringing #19

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/04/2005 03:21:46Copy HTML

I posted this message in another category, but ill post it here too: Does anyone have any experiences wearing the Skinz hotpants? (I think its the M19?) I just ordered one today, thought it would make some great butt-shorts.  Probably wont swim in them, but use as a cover for a g string, or to work out in or bike in.  I think they could be almost as small as women's butt shorts are, and thats why I ordered them.
Charlie03 #20

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/06/2005 11:56:53Copy HTML

Hi there

I have gott a pair of those men's hot pants from Skinz. Are nice, used them as cover up on vacation. Should have bought a large in place of medium (waring a 33 normally). Unfortunately the material is quite thick.

Have fun with them!


teeback269 #21

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/07/2005 05:26:18Copy HTML

I have three types of short ...

The ones with the three inch in seam are the ones I wear to work. Here in North Queensland eveybody wear shorts to work, most people wear very long one, some almost down to the knees, with socks going up to the knees - go figure, they may as well wearing long pants. I wear mine with ankle socks.

The ones with one inch in seam I wear to go shopping to town, no socks, sandals only

The ones with zero inch in seam (i.e. very very short) I hardly wear them at all as I am in my bikini all the time, but I keep them if I have visitors.

That sums it up. I will not wear shorts longer than three inches

Cheers and Merry Xmas to all


thongbutt1 #22

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/09/2005 04:50:31Copy HTML

back in the 80's i wore some terry cloth shorts all the time. they were pretty thin, and you could see the outline of my package pretty well.   i used to get whistles and comments wearing them all the time. it was before i started wearing thongs, so i wasn't used to anybody saying much about me. i remember when my wife's best friend came to visit.  for some reason, i decided to wear these shorts out without any underwear and without a shirt. so, as soon as i popped out of the bedroom, there she was and commented," wow, those are some very revealing shorts!" i guess it was the first time i had experienced a direct compliment on my choice of clothing, and i'll have to admit, it got me pretty turned on....pretty tame by the types of experiences i have now, but at the time i thought it was fairly risque......
HotBuns #23

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/09/2005 06:19:55Copy HTML

I used to wear the Undergear sock hot shorts to the gym all the time with a tank top.  Once, I was in a surf shop in St. Petes back in '94 wearing a black tank top and a pair of dark purple undergear sock hot shorts.  I was working out a lot at the time and in decent shape, plus I'd been thonging on the beach for about a week so I had a decent tan too.  I guy walked up to me in the shop and asked if the shop was selling what I was wearing. Unfortunately for him, the answer was no!



Mike1879 #24

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/09/2005 02:57:10Copy HTML

nicthong, 10/26/2005: "p.s. I'm always on the look out for briefer shorts, so if anyone  knows of any ultra low waist shorts that only just cover the butt or maybe even show a  bit of cheek, please let me know!"

I really like shorts that almost - but not quite - cover the butt, so that when you brush your hands over them at the back (as if you're scratching an itch or smoothing them out) your fingers run off the material to feel a quarter-inch of butt before you reach your leg.  Those sort of shorts look to others as if they do cover the butt - just - because the viewer is looking down from above and the material will gap away from the skin ever so slightly.

 The Intersparta Champion fits the bill nicely: http://www.swimstrings.com/shorts.htm  It's unlined
Also try Record Sports of Cornwall (if they're still going).  I had a catalogue from them five years ago and their shorts really are butt-revealingly short.   Google throws up only this reference: http://members.aol.com/rg1004/lycra.faq.html   About two-thirds down the very long single page (or try edit/find "Record") is the following:

"Record Sports,   Downs Lane,   West Looe Hill,   Looe,   Cornwall   PL13 2HX
 Phone: 01503 262675.
Send an SAE for a catalogue (only line drawings)   They custom make Lycra bike shorts, leggings, bib shorts and full skin   suit (legs and arms, no feet or gloves). The skin suit isn't cheap at  49-50GBP but it is fully custom made. Their main business is athletic   shorts, which they do in 'normal', 'extra brief' and 'micro' design   (with no liners)."

JM_Runs #25

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/10/2005 02:09:01Copy HTML

Suggest "OnionSkins" running shorts from InternationalMale
nicthong #26

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/14/2005 12:39:10Copy HTML

Mike - thanks for the info about Intersparta and Records Sports. I've actually dealt with Record Sports before (indirectly through Gregory Webb) and have a pair of their 'extra brief' shorts. I always wear styles low on the waist so typically I wear these and roll the waist down. I may well get back in touch with them to see if they can do me a custom order though... so thanks for the reminder!
thongbutt1 #27

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/14/2005 02:44:44Copy HTML

yeah, i've tried the onionskins, they're ok but i like sticking with the nike drifit shorts- super cool in the summertime. my wife gets mad because i wear them all the time, but who cares?  sometimes i'll wear some of the nastier ones just to p*ss her off.....last summer after i had been working out alot and tanning,we went into a store together, this unbelievable looking young girl exclaimed, " o my god, did you see that!??"  the problem was she didn't she us come into the store together so she approached me and wanted to know my workout  and tanning habits, etc. my wife shot her a look that would kill. it really p*ssed her off, it was great......
nicksthong #28

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/19/2005 10:19:52Copy HTML

I regularly (4-5 times a week) run in a public park that over looks downtown Pittsburgh wearing a shirt or two and soccer-type shorts with a two and a half (or there about) inch inseam.  Gotta be careful when I wear the white ones, no matter what color my thong is, it still shows through (you shoud see the red one!).
00716 #29

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/27/2006 08:03:47Copy HTML

Reply to above posters on short shorts I wear and butt revealing shorts.

Undergear Split Onionskins are short and revealing especially during athletic activities and working out,  especially if you wear one size too small.

The regular Sock Shorts from Undergear are more revealing than the Split Onionskins above during running, sitting, working out/vigorous activities.  You must wear a thong underneath because the built in "sock" does nothing to keep "it" from flapping around and being exposed to the world during vigorous activities.

The Sock Hot Shorts (as well as the Sock bike shorts and Sock tights) from Undergear is formfitting.  The white color is transparant to some degree in the rear and very explicitly X-rated in the front with the front "sock" pouch which is really a super "package enhancing" XXX  showcase--be sure you are surronded by women and not men when you wear these.  The Sock Hot Shorts are also extremely short.

The Havana shorts from Prevail Sport is form fitting and will reveal some of the lower butt cheek if you have a muscular rear and you order one size smaller than normal.

The Prevail Sport box cuts and square cuts in white are transparant to some degree in both front and rear and very short.

The pouch shorts from www.abcunderwear.com are small and form fitting to both the front and rear of your anatomy.  It only covers your butt and nothing more in the rear.  I bought the grey and olive color.  The pouch for the gray was formfitting--recommended. The pouch for the olive wasn't formfitting and was loose--not recommended.

I've received a lot of good positive inquisitive looks of ahh, delight and arousal from the opposite sex while wearing all the above shorts. 

Jazz Skirt #30

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/29/2006 05:44:49Copy HTML

Everyone (guys and gals) who love to show skin in brief shorts ought to do what I did:  I bought a pair of very nice-quality tennis shorts, white cotton with fly and everything.  I bought them too small, and I had a seamstress cut them apart at the side seams and install metal eyelets there.  Then I installed white shoe laces, and the resulting peek-a-boo sides got more admiring responses than anything I've ever worn publicly.  I've had women who were complete strangers come up to me and insert their fingers through the laces, and tell me they wish they had brought a pair of scissors!
Ex_Member #31

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/29/2006 08:20:41Copy HTML

I have several pairs of women's stretch denim short-shorts I bought for around $10 a pair in discount shops.  The pair with a lace-up fly pouch was very popular when I marched in a gay pride parade, and the shortest pair is made by Regal Wear Jeans, 11" long, 1 1/2" inseam.  These all look and fit like men's jeans so I can wear them anywhere, but much sexier.  I even wore a pair to my 40th High School reunion (an all-boys high school) just to show off my nice legs, and got a nice round of applause when I spoke in front of the auditorium about my lifestyle.  (I had to switch to a suit for the evening banquet.)



Ex_Member #32

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/29/2006 04:49:31Copy HTML

I have worn a very skimpy pair of purple nylon shorts, slashed to the waist, on a hot day in town. I wore a thong underneath to keep everything in place. I got a few strange looks so have kept these for the beach in future.
howill #33

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/30/2006 05:36:02Copy HTML

Have just discovered Joe Snyder running shorts.  They are split sided, very short, and in a very lightweight material, yet cane be worn with nothing underneath and still remain discreet.  Very sexy.  Try them.
Ex_Member #34

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/24/2006 10:02:16Copy HTML

As a fairly conservative, mature guy, it's regular bermudas around town and travelling; out running, when not in spandex, I prefer short running shorts with deep side splits, liner removed, and a thong or g underneath -- so airy and comfortable.  A jock would be in poor taste, as the straps would readily show, but a little cheek in windy weather I have no problem with.    

thonginthesun #35

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/11/2006 07:17:55Copy HTML

I've taken to wearing some levi cutoff shorts when I go the beach for thonging. They're just some old jeans that were one size too large so they ride rather low. Then I cut off the legs just at the crotch line, so they are about 4-5 inch shorts. They cover the thong for days when thonging seems not quite appropriate (lots of families, kids, around, etc.) but still feel pretty "brief." And, if thonging seems appropriate, they slip off easily.

mrever_ready #36

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/11/2006 05:03:45Copy HTML

This past summer, my wife and I have really gotten into rollerblading.   I always wear lycra shorts that are VERY short, I think about an inch inseam, might be two inches, not sure.    I usually wore my black pair with nothing underneath but lately I've started wearing my white spandex shorts and I've noticed the ladies noticing, lol.    They clearly show off everything, but of course at my speed, I'm a blurr to their eyes, lol.    So they turn and check out my butt, which you can bounce quarters off of.    We've found rollerblading to be an incredible aerobic exercise, and it's fun.    Plus you get to check out the hotties on the bike paths.    And they get to check me out.     I think I bought those lycra short shorts at a discount store, not sure which one.    All I know is they are not for the shy type, which luckily I am not.    Not much is left to the imagination and I love the way they look on me.    All I have to find now is a short shirt that goes just to the top of these lycra shorts.     It's very clear that I am wearing a thong underneath my white lycra shorts, but unfortunately my shirts all cover up the top of my shorts,    So if I could find a real short shirt to wear while rollerblading, not only would they see my tight buns, they'd also see my thong outline underneath.   
Ex_Member #37

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/13/2006 02:13:13Copy HTML

I have some short supplex shorts that I wear for jogging, they are split about 2/3 the way up and I have the liner removed because I wear a thong underneath. They're very comfortable in the hot weather, not see-thru, and cover about what needs to be covered. My wife has noticed women gawking a bit when we're out exercising though, but I'm guessing it's just the novelty of someone not wearing shorts down to their ankles.

Like the last poster, I also love to rollerblade and spandex shorts feel the best because there's no baggy shorts fabric flapping in the breeze. I wear a thong underneath and it is possible to tell if one is looking. I don't like the look of spandex shorts with a long t-shirt hanging down on a guy, it always looks like he forgot to put his short on or something. I found some sleeveless shirts that I wear that come to just past the waistband of my shorts and fit well...it looks better that way. And yes, it doesn't hide the thong line, but that's not why I wear them.
mrever_ready #38

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/13/2006 02:26:43Copy HTML

It's not why I wear spandex shorts while rollerblading either, but it sure is fun knowing that your thong outline is showing.    And with my white shorts you can easily tell the pattern or color of thong I am wearing.    I'm not the most observant guy in the world, but I've noticed that women do take a second look.    And that my friend, is a good thing !
Ex_Member #39

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/13/2006 07:04:18Copy HTML

Getting a smile from a pretty woman definitely helps keep up your motivation level while exercising, even if you're happily married. There's some bike-riding "little old ladies" on my route and they always smile and make a positive comment which is good for a giggle.
JM_Runs #40

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/13/2006 11:26:18Copy HTML

In my humble opinion, while spandex shorts can look very good, white spandex shorts are not flattering.  A bit like going to the beach in white underwear.  There are better color options.  Black, blue, and red spandex shorts are much more flattering to the figure, and tend to show of the natural contours of the body.   The cut of spandex shorts, or bike shorts also has a big influence on the look.  (No they are not all the same)

Living in a Florida beach town means I get to see a lot of people in all sorts of shorts.  Near where I live is a very popular exercise route.  When sitting under an umbrella at the coffee shop we get to watch the continuous parade of men and women both jogging and biking. The parade is often the subject of conversation and form, speed, style, boobs, hair, equipment, attitude, expression and cloths are all talked about.  We get to see it all.  There is the guy who runs carrying a pizza box, the guy in all over green, the women with fake DD's, the runners with dual baby joggers, the two towering German Rollerblade girls who always wear micro shorts and incredibly long legs.  You name it, we see it. 

We do occasionally see someone in white spandex shorts, but the universal opinion is that they would look better in any other color.  White is good for tops. It's a classic color for jog bras and running singlets, but it just does not work for spandex shorts.  The only time short white spandex shorts looked good on someone was when they were worn by a tall, dark  black man. 

I don't know exactly why no white person looks good in white spandex shorts, it's just so.  It's one of those completely doofus looks.  Even the light heather gray, which looks good as a shirt color looks doofus as spandex shorts.

There are many ways to showoff without going to tacky white spandex.  There are bike shorts that have interesting curves cut into the seams, like upper end Giordana brand shorts and bibs.  The fabric on a well worn, well washed pair of black bike shorts sometimes gets a little thin.  You don't notice it looking down at your self but when you bend, other people start to notice that the black is not as opaque as a new pair.  I had a girlfriend who people liked to follow in the pace line.

If you want a pair of shorts that shows your thong then try the International Male brand of OnionSkin running shorts.  Once the liner has been removed they are very good.  A somewhat light and airy, semi-transparent cover for a thong.  If you wear the same color thong as the shorts, I.E. blue and blue or red and red, the effect will be subtle and evocative.  Just stay away from the white or yellow shorts.

Its a funny thing, but black can be more transparent to the eye than white.  Notice that when looking out of a window with a mosquito screen made of black mesh you don't see the screen, you notice the lighter objects beyond.  The same optical illusion works with railings, if a designer wants a railing to be the focus of the eye, then they are painted white, where as if the designer wants the railings to disappear and the view beyond to be the focus, then they are painted black.   This is because the eye is sensitive to light.   The reverse is true when a designer is trying to hide objects that are behind a mesh.  Notice that tan-through suits normally have a bright vibrant print to camouflage the fact that the plain mesh is transparent. 

Ex_Member #41

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/15/2006 02:11:57Copy HTML

Following on what JM has written, I recently bought the Undergear Onion Skins in blue, cut out the liner, and wore them, topless, out running in my neighborhood with a blue Skinz mesh g-string underneath.  Short yes, the shortest and lightest weight I own, but covers quite adequately, as proved by no adverse comments from my wife!   I'm not aware that there was any see-thru effect -- will have to check that out. 

That said, a dark mesh on its own, whether blue or black, is quite see-thru, as I've found out thru experience, though at the beach I save those strings for when I'm away from the regular folks.  By contrast, a bright color, specifically orange, I've found is see-thru only up very close, and I do wear those strings among the regular folks without any problem.  Still, most of the time I wear a pattern, whether in my favorite g-string, or in my 2" racer, speedo-style suits when thongs won't do. 

Which reminds me, a mesh coverup pair of shorts I have from Lifestylesdirect is very see-thru, despite its pattern.  I'm okay naked underneath, but any thong/g-string will be very prominently displayed.  I've never worn it at the beach, but maybe I will this next Monday if I manage to get down to East Beach for a season finale.  Weather promises to be fantastic. 

We're hitting the CT coast this Sunday, where thongs are not allowed, though I'm thinking of trying my black Nu-Parr U-kini if there aren't too many people around.  The wife hasn't seen that one yet, but  I thinkshould find it quite acceptable.  It's the one I'm planning to do morning laps in at the hotel pools on our upcoming trip to Greece -- Crete and Santorini.  Looking forward to sunshine and the mid-70's.   

JM_Runs #42

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/15/2006 05:23:19Copy HTML

SlidingG said "mesh coverup pair of shorts I have from Lifestylesdirect is very see-thou"    I noticed that too.  I have a couple of their tan through shorts that fit close, like square cuts, and they are not very see-through.  So when I saw the running shorts cut of the "coverup" shorts I got a pair.  Like you, I was disappointed with the fact that they don't cover anything.  The fabric is not mesh but more of a loose net that covers or hides nothing.  Not only that, the waist band, that is not tan-thou,  is unnecessarily wide. 

I wear the Lifestyles tan-through shorts when I am at pools where a thong would cause un-necessary attention, or when I am with one of the teens and she has friends who may be uncomfortable.   The "coverup" shorts have never been used because if I can wear a thong I generally do, and if not then they don't provide any cover, none at all.

Regarding the Undergear OnionSkin running shorts.  They come in a couple of colors and cuts. (Round or squared off corners).  As I said above, forget the white or yellow, just two transparent.   Red, blue and black are good.  They are somewhat transparent, and very much more so when wet or sweaty.  Because stock liner it's always white, and not the color of the shorts, it shows through and looks tacky.  Makes it look like cellophane over Y-fronts.  Therefore I have removed the liner and when I wear them to go running I wear a thong of matching color under neath.   I find the best look is if the waist band on the thong is the same hight as the waist band on the shorts, that way the two superimpose.  With a narrow front thong, (almost teardrop) you don't notice it at all from the side or back and from the front, because it is the same color as the shorts, it looks almost like it's part of the shorts. 

I also have two pairs of running shorts, from two diffrent vendors, that had built in thong liners.  Not an easy to find item.  Both of them work well.

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Re:Short Shorts

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That's one of the great things about this board, we can all express our views, knowing that no one will be rediculed or put down.    Despite JR's observations, I'll continue to wear my white spandex shorts as long as the ladies passing by smile and look.    The guys can smile and look too, I'm pretty open.    And I still find it really cool that my wife wants to rollerblade behind me sometimes, just to check me out, lol.
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I have a pair of Dolphin brand (similar to onion skins) jet black shorts that I cut the liner out.  My wife hates it when I wear them out front mowing the lawn.  If I bend over at all my cheeks are visable and if I crouch something usually falls out.

There is a little show off in all of us.  (At least I hope)

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I've just taken to wearing short shorts for running and also wearing down to the beach until i can strip off to my thong.

I like the Origin footy shorts from www.aussiebums.com
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Are the Onion Skin shorts from Undergear still available? I have browsed their site to no avail; also googled them to try and find another vendor but couldn't. Could someone post a link?
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My god, you're right!  I just checked my latest catalog, and they're not there, then browsed the website, and not there.  If I were you, I'd send them an email inquiring about their status.  I love mine -- they're so brief, yet so decent.  Will probably take them on our trip to Greece next month for hotel workouts.  We have to pack real light.  Good luck!
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Re:Short Shorts

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I've contacted Undergear regarding the Onion Skin shorts and will post their response when it comes.

I'm also looking for some cycling shorts. Most of the ones I've seen for sale have a fairly long inseam (6"-8"), but I'd really like to get some "short" shorts, with an inseam around 3". I have a pair of boxer briefs made out of a spandex-like material that I have worn cycling around my neighborhood; they are black, from Jockey, and could be passed off as very short bike shorts. Noticed one woman checking me out in her rear view mirror as she drove by.

Does anyone have suggestions for short sexy cycling shorts?
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Re:Short Shorts

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Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, item onion skin shorts have been discontinued and will
not be reordered at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Toni Kerns
International Male Customer Service
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