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BaltoBob #601

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/25/2018 09:18:02Copy HTML

 Saw these in my Wal-mart yesterday. Real mens shorts "Above the knee" on the tag. Inseam 5 inches.                        https://www.walmart.com/ip/George-Men-s-Shorter-Length-Flat-Front-Twill-Shorts/685499223
modelnude4u #602

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/25/2018 09:57:51Copy HTML

I had some time, and some decent weather, so I took a walk through a local mall today.  Stopped into American Eagle, & they had several styles of pretty darn short denim shorts.  I got there right after open, and there was only 1 employee, and she was super helpful.  She really seemed to perk up when I said the shorts were for me.  She took me around to different spots, & asked if I wanted to try one on to get an idea of size.  She went back & forth with a few, and we finally ended up with the "Shorties".  Super stretchy material, short & low rise.  Since she was waiting on me so well, I came out with each pair that fit at all, and showed them/me to her.  I was bulging pretty bad by the last pair, but she didn't seem to mind at all.  While discussing low rise vs normal or high rise, I slid the low rise pair I had on down a bit (super simple because of the stretch), to show her the thong I had on, and said that I liked them low, so I could show off the thong some times.  I didn't actually buy them today, but I will keep an eye out for sales, and try to get her next time as well~!
ithongit #603

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/26/2018 02:13:19Copy HTML

Some guys wear short cutoffs.  Here is a YouTube about a guy who wore incredibly short cutoffs at the mall, and the reactions he got:


I don't know if the people who made the video are pro-short shorts or anti-short shorts, and some of their comments seem to swing either way.  What I can tell you is that the video speaks for itself.  While some of the people have double-take type reactions, most walk past him and don't seem to care what he is wearing.  A few places, they zoom in on "witnesses" but it really isn't clear if those people are looking at him or someone else.  My husband has worn equally short (but more distressed) Levis shorts at the mall, and even skimpier ones at Walmart.  It seems that you can get away with virtually anything at Walmart!  He gets the same type reactions from some of the people at the mall, but the Walmart shoppers usually don't even give him a second glance.  Someone I know suggested that the reason extremely revealing cloths are accepted at Walmart is that shoppers here often are trying to hide (from themselves).   By drawing attention from their faces, people wind up looking at other parts of their bodies and this makes them more comfortable.  Other people just speculate that people come as they are to Walmart and the way they dress there is the same way they dress at home or wherever they came from.  If this is the case, then a lot of people are out there hanging around in short shorts, see-thru outfits, and other provocative clothing.

modelnude4u #604

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/26/2018 02:29:19Copy HTML

 I had actually seen that video before.  The Dora t-shirt & backpack make it harder to gauge "normal" reactions to the shorts, since he's got a whole outfit going on, but still, most folks don't even notice.  I've felt that before, when you're trying to show off, and no one will even look up from their phones to see you.  The shorts I tried on yesterday are in the range of what that kid was wearing as well.
gw32 #605

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/26/2018 04:27:23Copy HTML

 Well, I don't even think that outfit is all that extreme. He's fully covered and, to be honest, looks pretty good in those shorts (except for the tan, lol). They are covering more than the split leg New Balance running shorts that I wear whenever I run.  Thing is, girls and women wear something like that ALL THE TIME. I've seen quite a bit shorter, where the bottom curve of butt is revealed, pretty frequently. It is ONLY a big deal because of the ridiculous disparity in how revealing common female clothing is and how loose, baggy, and long men's clothing is.
azcraig #606

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/26/2018 04:50:29Copy HTML

 I usually wear shorter shorts than that. Sometimes I get comments both positive and negative. Positives include Nice shorts, If I had legs like yours I would wear booty shorts too, nice cheeks, I like your shorts, and at least you are dressed for the hot weather. Negative comments include:

"I think you forgot your pants" or  "Are those your daughter or your wife's shorts?" to which I reply "They are mine."
"Why are your shorts so short?" -  "That's why they call them shorts"
"You are wearing girls shorts" -  "No, they are mine"
"Put on some clothes dude" - "I have 'some' clothes on thanks."

You can see some photos that were taken of me at stores in short shorts in my images profile. This is how I dress all summer here in Arizona
NcknameInUse #607

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/26/2018 09:23:40Copy HTML

Due to a change in circumstances we don't get away these days so much public thonging. Isn't the weather here for sunning. So I spend a lot of time out running round the neighborhood wearing stuff I like. In winter I wear bright leggings in summer usually lycra shorts.

My exhibitionist streak recently urged me to explore extreme shorts, and I mean extreme!   I've seen theses advertised on some Japanese sites as for men: https://www.dhgate.com/product/wholesale-djgrster-sexy-vintage-mini-short/407243760.html   Exactly the same item.   

These are really just a conservative thong with little room up-front for a man.  Anyway, I found an ebay shop that stocked these in the UK so I ordered them and they arrived yesterday.  I've tried them on and find that I need to wear one of my jovana micro g's to hold things in at the front. They are very low cut but surprisingly comfortable and wearable. I will get a nice bright belt to wear with them to make them look less like beach wear and more like casual and plan to wear them out and about in the summer. Perhaps a bit too extreme, even for me! 
JM_Runs #608

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/27/2018 12:35:54Copy HTML

 modelnude4u, You are right. When buying low cut short shorts they are far more comfortable when stretchy.  In addition to general fit, the amount of spandex in the denim and functional pockets are now a deciding factors for me. 
I have lots of short shorts, but find I wear the ones with stretch fabrics more often, because they are just more comfortable.
aussiesf86 #609

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/27/2018 03:33:07Copy HTML

 I’m short so short shorts are the only way to go.  Anything else emphasizes how short I am.  Have too many since my current schedule means I’ve only got Saturday and Sunday each week to wear them and that’s only if it’s relatively warm out.  Always commando unless it’s as a cover over my thong if going to a spot that I plan to lay out in my thong
Also don’t wear them every warm Saturday and Sunday as I’m an urban nudist and if it’s nice in SF’s castro but foggy at the beach I spend my time in the neighborhood just wearing a strapless pouch and flip flops so my shorts don’t get much use on those days. 
For my upcoming trip to Fort Lauderdale Memorial Day weekend my short shorts will be about all I’m going to wear besides my thongs.  Not sure I’ll even wear jeans to go out dancing.  Going to pack all my favorites including all my mesh and thin nylon ones from N2N.   Fingers crossed for great weather that
JM_Runs #610

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/27/2018 06:31:21Copy HTML

aussiesf86 Don't worry about short shorts in Fort Lauderdale.  
Most beach side venues are accustomed to women in swimsuits, and men too. I wear very short shorts about everywhere, including the supermarket, post office, home depot, local bar, etc. 

As to after hours activities, I am not familiar with much dancing around here.
A few Fort Lauderdale bars and restaurants have a dress code.  
They tend to be the snooty joints, like the pretentious bars downtown on East Las Olas Blvd, a mile inland from the beach.
However most of the bars on West side of the tracks, West Las Olas / 2nd Street don't care what you wear. 

The first proper bar you come to on East Las Olas, (after going over the intercostal bride and a mile inland is called "Two&".
Unlike the rest of the East Las Olas bard it is VERY short shorts friendly, especially if proprietor Zoe is working. 
You can't miss her: Little short girl in short shorts. Only 5'16". 

Short shorts anywhere around the Wilton Manors district will get you smiles and compliments. 

Where you can wear your short shorts is more a factor of your own courage and bulletproof attitude, rather than actual dress code. 
Some people may make comments, but so long as you shrug the negative ones off with a funny comeback and warm smile there is no problem.

In recent years I can't remember being asked to cover up. But then I don't go real fancy places. Last time I can remember being asked to change was many years ago when I had to wear a jacket and tie at a rather fancy Steak House, that is now out of business. 

Just be aware that special weekends, like 4th of July beach fireworks, and Memorial Day weekend when you are intending to visit, tend to be Red-Neck day-out-at-the-beach days.
aussiesf86 #611

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/27/2018 07:52:13Copy HTML

 Hi JM.   Not concerned at all about my short shorts in Fort Lauderdale and the red necks can take a flying leap. If they’re dumb enough to say something or will be completely ignored or I’ll make an appropriate smart ass retort.  
Or I’ll ask something like if they believe in equality of the sexes.... and they sure as hell can’t say no.... and I’ll remind them  that’s a two way street
Martylouie #612

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/28/2018 11:40:52Copy HTML

 JM, Would you please clarify Zoe's height?  As written you have 5'16"  To me that works out to be six feet four inches.Thanks

JM_EDIT : 5'16" = 6'4"
goodyrthonger #613

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/03/2018 12:54:12Copy HTML

 I recently purchased womens shorts from goodwill.  White with pockets, no need to hem. Haven't worn to much in public other than to places where I will be nude, like el dorado hot springs, Shangi la ranch.  Did wear into a convenience store 
modelnude4u #614

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/05/2018 02:24:29Copy HTML

 I stopped in my closest Goodwill the other day, and they had tons of short denim shorts, along with others.  I actually found another pair of Soffee teeny tinys as well!
azcraig #615

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/25/2018 12:10:29Copy HTML

 People of WalMart:  One of my friends just told me that I made People of Walmart. I didn't even know what that was until he explained it to me. Well I went to the site and looked and sure enough there I am at the check out wearing a pair of very short cut off jeans as usual. The caption says I am in Daisy Dukes. Okay
I am surprised this is the first time I was told about POW. Those shorts are typical of what I wear in public. Some are even shorter. Who ever took that photo as sent it to POW substantiates my enjoying the Arizona sun posts on this site.The stories are true.  I also found another photo of me like back on page 5 wearing blue nylon shorts and a blue shirt taken at Walmart by someone.(I was not aware they were that revealing)
The photos look very popular and are getting high marks. If you go there give me 10 stars by clicking on the star farthest tot he right. I don't know how to do the comments so you will have to figure that out.
Maybe we should plan nationally to have a short shorts day at all the Walmarts across the country?
Maxtlatl #616

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/25/2018 01:15:48Copy HTML

Here's the link: http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/do-a-dollop-of-daisy/
Yes, those are very short.
csnipwb #617

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/25/2018 01:37:22Copy HTML

I agree, they are short!
tanandtaut #618

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/25/2018 03:29:15Copy HTML

Hey, Craig, I saw that posting on POW, but did not recognize you. You have brass balls to wear those little shorts in public. Bet you get a lot of attention. How are you with going shirtfree in public? 
The Swan #619

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/25/2018 08:26:20Copy HTML

 AZCraig, I saw that photo on POW this past weekend and thought, "I wonder if that was AZCraig?".
tobias5711 #620

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/26/2018 01:58:04Copy HTML

 Not really short shorts, but shorter mens shorts and swimsuits. 6 or 7 inches or more above the knee.  Yesterday at Lake Lanier, I saw around 15young guys, high school age and more than half had on swimsuits or shorts that were at least 6 inches above the knee. Also when I was floating on my float, A young college age couple, male and female, both very attractive watched me- I talked to the guy and told him I was at the best spot of swimming away from the crowded beach area on the other side of peninsula and they were welcome to join me if they didn't mind I was wearing a thong. He said I looked very comfortable. A few minutes later another young man joined the pair. The three swam and played frisbee ten feet from me for over an hour. I wanted to turn on my stomach to tan my ass and asked them if they minded since I was in a thong and my ass would be exposed. The last guy to join the couple laughed and said he forgot his thong at home. He said just do what makes you comfortable, we don't care. I told him I had another thong if he wanted to wear it.
Forty-five minutes later the last guy got out and i soon followed. I went over to ask him about his nylon hammock. We talked for 10 minutes. I told him thanks for being cool about me being in a thong. He laughed and said he was used to wearing a speedo because he was on the swim team and liked smaller swimsuits, but only had his shorts with him. I hope to see him again and would love if he wears a speedo or wear a thong.  Each year seems that young people are more comfortable seeing me in a thong.  I also talked to 3 fishermen, the one I thought would be upset, made sure to wave and say goodbye when he left. 
JM_Runs #621

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/02/2018 08:30:32Copy HTML

Some of my short shorts were cut for sale to women, some are just short mens shorts. Then there are shorts marketed as mens underwear which will do as short shorts. 

The newer 'seamless' briefs in a solid black look just like very short bike shorts. They are made of a similar shiny fabric and similar seams. Although they are marketed as seamless they still have two vertical seams either side of the front pocket, and bonded seams around the waist and legs. 

They are of thin elastic cloth and a LOT shorter than regular bike shorts. They have a bit of a pocket in the front which makes them a bit more comfortable than many bike shorts.

I sometimes wear these on group bike rides or just around town. People just assume they are very short exercise shorts. 

They are lightweight and probably won't hold up for years, but then again I am not spending a fortune on them. to preserve thongs and light shorts like this I hand wash them with shampoo when I wash myself in the shower. 


P.S. Padding belongs on the saddle, not in your diapers. 
Blackphantom5 #622

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/03/2018 01:30:21Copy HTML

 I wore black soffe shorts down to our local beach for sunset (if that’s what you want to call a rocky shore on Lake Ontario) and everyone was staring at me. The weather is in the 90’s and all I was thinking is “I’m the last sane person that everyone thinks is crazy.”  One dude was wearing jeans and other dude was wearing those shorts that aren’t shorts but they’re too short to be pants. Ya know, they fall between the ankle and knee.  They’re pointless.   But really, I’m the weird one here? ITS 90°!!   Can only imagine the belly aching I’d have to listen too if I wore a thong or bodyaware shorts. I’m done venting. Can’t wait to move...
koenig3456 #623

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/03/2018 11:31:23Copy HTML

 JM - What can you tell us about the sizing of these shorts?
J_R_365 #624

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/04/2018 02:04:51Copy HTML

 In my neighborhood, there is a store/gallery that sells things from local artisans. One of the sellers has shorts, skirts, and some other items he and his wife get on annual trips to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have two of the shorts. They have a three inch inseam , and are made of a fabric that is colorful, and sort of thick, but not heavy, and very comfortable. The way they're cut, they hug my cheeks nicely while still being loose overall. I have to be careful sitting down in them if I'm commando, though.

So, I'm wearing them at the local Container Store recently [not commando]. When the next register opened up, the woman behind me said to her friend and/or twelve year old son (who was going of to summer camp), "Oh, wait. She's next." Meaning me.

Okay, I'm proud of my butt and proud of my legs, and like to show them off. But while I keep my legs trimmed short, they are by no means smooth. It was like it was inconceivable that a man might want to show off his body, rather than wear the monochrome, below-the-knee cargo shorts all the millenials wear.

Sybok #625

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/04/2018 04:40:29Copy HTML

I'm a millennial and I do wear cargo shorts, but not because it's "in". Just because I like the convenience of the extra pockets lol.
J_R_365 #626

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/04/2018 10:18:07Copy HTML

 For me, about ten years ago, I lost a lot of weight, and had to buy new clothes, to show things off. I found that carrying things in my pockets totally ruined the sleek lines I was going for. I started carrying a shoulder bag, and haven't looked back since. I can carry more stuff than I ever could in my pockets AND show off my butt. A Win-Win solution.
JM_Runs #627

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/05/2018 12:54:35Copy HTML

4th of July we road 40 miles before breakfast, Boca and Back.  For biking I often wear womens black short shorts that have side pockets for phone or money.  

A pair in all black that looks like: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Summer-Fashion-Women-s-Casual-Printed-Cool-Women-Sport-Short-Fitness-Running-Shorts-B2C-Shop/32663674292.html

They come with various color bands.  The shorts were in all black. Warning: All the shorts in this style run ridiculously small, and sizing from different vendors, apparently selling the same thing, is very variable.

Then one of the riders invited us back to her place to swim in the pool and have some beers. So I just used the same shorts for swimming. 

As volunteers at last weeks Freedom 5K race we got a red singlets (tank tops), with a white and blue print of the running clubs name. Singlets of the old style, about an inch longer in the back than the front, with a small side split at the bottom. I like these because if the rear falls near the bottom of the bum they make good, mostly covered, coverup for thongs.

In the afternoon I ended up helping out at neighbors BBQ. I wore the new red white and blue singlet with a pair of mesh shorts that have a solid shiny star spangled print on the waistband and pouch. A pair of these: 


(Chinese sizing, so you need to size up at least two sizes, so slimer guys will need an XL, and will not fit larger guys)

The singlet was just long enough that you could tell I was wearing short shorts, but not what they were unless you looked close, or I sat down, bent over or I raised a hand up over my head. 
The afternoon BBQ ended up with Ubers to the beach to join the 'Rubber Ducky' party on the 5th floor balcony of the Hilton, ostensibly to watch the fireworks once it got dark. Mostly it was just late afternoon and evening drinking and dancing with a DJ.

I was a large DJ party and there were some wild women, I danced with a few. The more adventurous women's outfits ranged from stars and stripes thong bikinis, to bodypaint tops, to nightclub wild - SOBE style. 

My shorts were a hit. Both with the women and quite a few guys. Danced, drank, high fived a lot. Kissed by a few of the women, and groped by some others. I had a good time. I am sure there now some embarrassing video of wild women dancing with this drunk. Made some new facebook friends. 

One guy came over while dancing.  We were right near the speakers so it was not easy to talk, but I figured out he was asking if I was the guy who used to run in a thong on the beach. When I said yes he replied that I am why he moved to Fort Lauderdale, because that looked like freedom. 

I have not been running lately because of a bad ankle. The dancing was ok and I managed to walk all the way home, but this morning the dancing and walk home have left my ankle swollen and painful. Can't walk on it today. No regrets, was a good day.
MBareAs #628

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/05/2018 09:12:03Copy HTML

 JM_Runs linked to a pair of briefs he wore. When I go down the link I find the price with shipping (to Canada) to be a little high.Perhaps most people on this site live in the US and don't pay shipping for most of their aliexpress purchases... Perhaps JM will comment on whether or not he needs to pay shipping (to the US?) for this product or not.
With some 'intelligent' searching I came across a slightly cheaper pair, with no extra shipping charge (at least not to Canada where I live):https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sexy-Breathable-Boxers-Foil-Stamping-Star-Sexy-Men-Faux-Leather-Underwear-Boxers-Shorts-U-Convex-Bag/32888499587.html  
Hope this was of some benefit to the many? viewers out there!?
It is also possible that aliexpress is using your computer's ID to give you time dependant discounts from when you first review each product you find... So some of you may get different prices at different times then I or everyone else does.This could explain why posts that include product prices don't correlate with your own experiences. I am pretty sure assorted on-line websites/retailers use this type of behaviour to promote purchases....
I suppose if you have multiple computers and aliexpress accounts someone could check this theory out...

JM_Runs #629

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/05/2018 10:40:05Copy HTML

To me they appear to be $4.59 with $2.33 shipping, in US dollars.

Same shorts available from a number of vendors. Don't remember which one I used. But just went back and found some at with free shipping.


$4.49 USD with free shipping to the US.

The Swan #630

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/19/2018 02:42:41Copy HTML

 I'm at the gas station in line to pay for fuel down in the bad part of Cincinnati (It is the highest murder rate of Cincinnati right now), I'm wearing cut-offs 2-1/2" inseam. I'm the only gringo in the place, it's all baggie basketball trunks for rest of the men. Just as the guy in front of me leaves the counter, a dreadlocked young man sporting the colors of his favorite gang comes up and says to me. "Did you cut those off yourself?" I said, "Yes I did and the women love them." He gives me a high five. I turn to the the clerk, a tattooed princess with some guy's name on her neck and  ask, "Am I right?" she blushes, I say,"Look at you checking out an old man." She turns her head still blushing. And I get another high five from dreadlocks."Man." I say speaking to dreadlocks, "You got to do it, get you some cutoffs and go commando, the chicks will be begging you to come over." Another high five, young dreadlocks and I are now cracking up laughing. "Twenty on pump three." to the princess clerk and I'm out the door. One block from where I live.

Old and young, black and white, folks it's a movement, "Can I get an Amen?"
undercover20 #631

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/19/2018 01:29:10Copy HTML

 Improving hood relations on short shorts, that’s dope lmfao 
Tyr1957 #632

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/23/2018 10:00:24Copy HTML

In the northern part of Europe we are having unusual high temperatures this summer. Forests are burning in Sweden, but I'm taking advantage of this meteorological fact by using it as a legitimate excuse for wearing short shorts (Prevail sport) and a short tank top, when I'm biking to a supermarket. 
It's interesting to see women in the cars doing double takes, whereas men tend to look away and thereby avoiding the awful sight of a man's upper legs. 
I think I have quite nice legs, so why not show them to the world? We see a lot of nudity on our screens, but too little real, public nudity. Partial nudity can be very erotic and that is why I thong, whereas complete nudity often is unerotic. I know, that I'm making an (over) simplification here, but I hope you get, what I mean.

To James: there is no way a thong to the supermarket would fly in my part of the world. After all - this is not Miami Beach. I guess there is a reason, why you moved to Miami. :-). I should perhaps also move over the pond. That is an entirely different story and I could start out by attending the upcoming thonger gathering. Next year, maybe.
The Swan #633

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/12/2018 03:29:06Copy HTML

As my dress pants start to become threadbare at the cuffs. I have them cut off and hemmed at a little over mid thigh when standing. I wear these to the office wear I work. I call them dress shorts. Currently I am in HR and we recently hired two women who identify as women. (My favorite type.) One about my age and one about half that age. While on boarding them and wearing a pair of these dress shorts. I had them come in one at a time to go over paperwork with them and sign their work agreements. My desk is pushed up against a wall so I always push the documents to them to sign as they stand beside my desk and roll back my chair away from them providing them lotsa elbow room. Except for a handshake, I do not want any kind of physical contact with the new employees. So I kind of have my legs spread as I'm sitting down, but I am initially two feet or so away from them. Both of them went and stepped over between my legs to sign the documents. The young one placing the backs of her bare legs against my inner thigh. To quote Darth Vader "I sense a presence I haven't felt since..." Anyway I blame the short dress shorts.
sailor250 #634

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/07/2018 01:07:29Copy HTML

These are Daisy Duke shorts you can buy- well before they were sold out! https://www.teenvogue.com/story/denim-thongs
teeback269 #635

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/07/2018 09:31:42Copy HTML

If they have legs they are not shorts but short pants. I have a few with no legs at all and I wear them daily. BTW I am male and 75.
JM_Runs #636

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/22/2018 02:56:47Copy HTML

Some of the new mens underwear is shiny like the spandex of bike shorts. When worn under a t-shirt or running singlet they just look like short exercise shorts, very short exercise shorts. Since most shirts hang down to the middle of my bum, only the bottom of the shorts are showing. I sometimes get some curious looks, but mostly positive smiles from the ladies, and some of the men. For example, the black shorts on this link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/underwear-men-Boxer-shorts-Ice-silk-Seamless-summer-Slim-design-very-soft-sexy-kilot-male-men/32864960304.html I wear them like I would any short shorts, including going to Home Depot or Publix for food shopping. The only disadvantage is no pockets, so when getting out of the car I tuck a debit card into the waistband. In the store I clip my keys to the handbag loop at the top center of the shopping cart. The key, as with anything that fits close, is to make sure they are not too tight, but fit right. When ordering Chinese sises this means going two to three sizes larger than normal. If the waist or leg bands are any tighter than the rest of the shorts size up next time.
DavidFreeman #637

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/27/2018 07:33:25Copy HTML

I've picked up four pairs of a Chinese brand (Wang Jiang) short shorts, although they were purchased under the Zehui name.  They are quite low rise and have a 2" inseam, and end up covering only about 1" of my upper back thigh.  They came with a built in jockstrap, which is serviceable for me but a bit small.  On a couple of them, I've removed the jock so I can use the shorts with a thong or another jock.

Some mornings, while still dark, I've been daring myself to wear these while running through our neighborhood.  This morning, I slipped on a red Tulio power pouch thong and shoved myself into an elastic c-ring.  I do like that grippy tightness of the c-ring as I run.  As these typically arouse me anyways, it was a bit difficult to arrange everything in the short shorts before heading out for the run, ha.  Figured it would subside as I ran as it usually does.  

Well as soon as I head out the door and up the block, the combination of the c-ring and pouch refused to be constrained, poking out the left leg.  I tuck it back in and keep going, but to no avail.  Try back and forth a few times and just realize it's not gonna work.

With that in mind, I just enjoy the cool morning breeze on my exposed thighs and the exposed bulge as I did my workout.  Tucked it back in as I came upon a woman (from behind) walking, but other than that it was fun and eventful, though I probably won't be using that same combination again.

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