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Mike1879 #51

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/05/2006 11:08:37Copy HTML

Ebay lists a lot of shorts.  Sample searches: "short shorts" "hi cut shorts" "adidas shorts" "retro shorts" "lycra shorts" "sprinter shorts".  The last-mentioned is a particular style of short shorts where the sides are split half-way up to the waist (so allowing maximum comfort when bending or sitting), but the material overlaps at the sides (so mainatining relative modesty).  Add "cotton" to your search if your don't want a shiny nylon pair.
JM_Runs #52

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/14/2006 05:12:17Copy HTML

If not comfortable with my thong on the beach I always have a pair of short, about 6 inches, microfiber or lyca black shorts that I wear.
NoVAThonger #53

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/15/2006 06:07:34Copy HTML

I bought a pair of Skinz NFS shorts (A12-1307). They have a 2" inseam. I wear them biking around the neighborhood. My fiancee loves them and enjoyed the view when we took a ride yesterday. I wear a thong underneath to keep my package in place. I have found that wearing a spandex exercise shirt will sometimes expose my waistline, and a little bit of the thong if it rides up. It certainly gets the dog-walkers looking!
Ex_Member #54

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/23/2006 10:25:23Copy HTML

Those Skinz A12 shorts are very nice...thanks for the tip. They fit great, the waist does not go up too high, and they work well with a thong underneath. I'd think you'd pretty much have to wear a thong underneath to keep things decent anyway.
Pithecanthropus #55

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/25/2006 09:24:44Copy HTML

American Apparel (http://www.americanapparel.net) is now marketing some retro "gym" shorts kind of like what you probably wore in high school P.E. if you graduated before 1980.   I think they market the same cut to men and women, but under different names.   For males it's called "the P.E. short"; and the inseam is about 2 1/2 inches with a mostly straight bottom (i.e. no cutaway or "flyaway" vents like the old running shorts).   At that length I wouldn't call them risque or anything like that.   But for any guy who's been searching for some shorter shorts to wear to the gym they should be a godsend. 
thong_beach_bum #56

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/31/2006 08:08:29Copy HTML

When wearing a thong is not an appropriate thing to do, I wear my N2N Ultra Square cut. It sits extremly low on the waist and is not lined. When they are wet, white fabric parts are almost see-through. They feel really good and look very sexy. I have never had any negative comments.
mrever_ready #57

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/31/2006 03:13:12Copy HTML

I believe you Beach Bum, because I too own a pair of white spandex shorts ... and I love them.    And judging from the looks of people passing by me, they love them too, lol.     I don't know if all spandex is the same, but let's just say, these shorts don't leave much to the imagination.   
ithongit #58

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/31/2006 09:25:31Copy HTML

There seems to be two things men can wear that get my head to turn -- First is any type of skin tight short -- spandex or whatever.  A pair of tight bike shorts or bike pants is great, as are men's leggings.   "Jammer" swimwear if nice and tight can be worn as shorts and can be just as nice.  The second thing is well-worn cut-offf jeans.  The shorter and more faded and frayed the better.  Unevenly cut off legs, torn out seams, a few rips and worn through areas where the wear has reduced them to a web of threads make them even better.  Cut offs should only be worn if the bottoms of the pockets in front dangle down in the front below the frayed edges.  Skimpy cut-offs this small almost always need some sort of underwear, and a thong is perfect since it keeps the family jewelry under wraps, but lets skin peak out through split out legs and worn through bottoms.  My sister says the cut-offs are too 70's and the spandex too 80's, but when a good looking man walks by in either, she turns her head too.  There is nothing wrong with wearing something out of vogue if it makes you look nice.



Ex_Member #59

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/31/2006 11:22:23Copy HTML

Hey Traci, your description sounds like several pairs of cut offs I own! Mine are very worn-out and I don't wear them everywhere, usually to the beach with g-string underneath or camping.
thonginthesun #60

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/01/2006 12:17:07Copy HTML

When I wear levi cutoffs to the beach, I shorten the pockets (just fold over and pin) so they don't hang below the shorts and I still have pockets to use. I also slit the side seam a bit on both sides. I also think they're sort of "70's", but that's not so bad--short shorts were in then. I still have some corduroy (sp?) shorts that levi made back then. They are quite short by today's standards. Nice to hear that short shorts turn your head, Traci.

ithongit #61

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/03/2006 03:42:58Copy HTML

My mom and dad were hippies in the late 1960's and early 1970's and the slides they took back then often showed super short cut-offs on both guys and girls, just like thonginthesun said.  (Nikli and I have been transfering slides to the computer as a Xmas gift for everyone in the family.)  In those days, it looks like they just left the front pockets dangle, buldging if something was in them.  Dad still wears his shorts this way -- to the home center and mall as well as around the yard and too the beach.

Mom has pointed out that period movies often show both the men and women in their micro cut-offs.  The other night we watched the original "Bad News Bears" with Walter Mathaeu and Tatum O'neil and in some of the crowd shots, kids, teens and 20 somethings are running around with the dangling pocket and split ouside seam look.  Modern pictures which supposedly show life in the 70's often show women in the look, but men's cut-offs are practically to the knee.  While there were longer and shorter shorts to be sure, it would have been unusual for all the guys to wear cut-offs this long.

Mom say the next thing that came along was sports shorts -- not much different than gym shorts or running shorts, which were also very skimpy and often featured the split side, and then her personnal favorite spandex leggings and the bike pants look.  She says that this look was only popular a single summer in the 1980's midwest, but it was a summer she will never forget.  I remember dating (puppy dates with puppy love?) guys who wore them and was always impressed that they were not afraid to let their developing manhoods show.  Before this time, a lot of the guys wore Speedo's and showed almost as much at the beach, but when the look suddenly died, hardly any young man was brave enough to wear something so tight.  I remember that some of the older men we saw (20's and 30's) were not the least bit bashfull.  I remember Mom and I had this running joke whenever one of us spoted a man with a nice display we would say "Don't look at the guy in his bike pants".  This was when I learned that men and women could enjoy looking at each other's bodies without being unfaithfull to their spouses or girl-friends or boy-friends, and without feeling guilty about enjoying the view.  This was an important lesson I needed to learn before I felt comfortable in wearing thongs and later going topfree.

Randy my BF who became my husband grew up in Iowa and the most well worn hand-me-down and second-hand store Levis they wore for school became their entire summer wardrobe -- no shirts were expcected or worn except on trips to the "Big City" (Des Moines) or to church.  Cut-offs were equally appropriate as swimwear (when skinny dipping wasn't possible), farm-hand clothing, something to wear on dates to the Tastee Freeze, etc.  They were not quite as short as what my Dad wore in the 70's, but Randy has come around to wearing them shorter than he did in High School.  Today, it sometimes seems that Randy and my Dad are having a contest to see who can wear the skimpiest cut-offs.

Dennis at Thong Beach #62

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/06/2006 04:36:27Copy HTML

Really enjoyed your post, ithongit, about the short cut-offs.  Yes, they were definitely "in" in the late '60's and '70's.  I've still hung on to ones I've had for years, just waiting for the style to come back.  When I wear out a pair of jeans now, I seldom throw them away.  Instead I make them into cut-offs, the shorter the better.  Unfortunately, they're just not in style right now, so I seldom get a chance to wear them.  I try to cut them as short as possible, to still cover the rear, with only a slight bit of material to spare, to allow for fraying.  As far as I'm concerned, they have to be long enough to cover the butt, while standing straight up.  All bets are off on coverage though, when in regular use.  My preference is for an inch or less inseam, so, obviously, underwear is necessary....preferrably thongs.   I'm sure my cutoffs put me in the running with Randy and your dad for the shortest and best.  They're not alone in loving those old, beat-up, frayed, getting ever shorter with wear,  Levi cut-offs.  Come on fashion gurus.....give us a chance to put them to good use again!

wr1944 #63

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/06/2006 05:51:03Copy HTML

Why wait for your fashion guru's to start wearing jeans cut-offs? I suppose you are wearing thongs and strings at the beach and they are also not in fashion these days. Decide for yourself what you will be wearing. Go for it and maybe you will start a "new" trend.
When I go to my local beach (near The Hague, Holland) on the bicycle I often wear a cut-off. Also on my recent holiday to Kos, Greece, I walked or cycled to the beach in a cut-off. And that are real cut-offs with an inseam of about 3 centimeter. When cycling I have to be careful about my movements. Now and then I have to readjust the short to stay decent. Even at 62 I like it, not an inch too much fabric, just like my strings. And I do not care if these cut-offs are fashionable or not. I have no intention to let other people dictate me how to dress. If they are paying the bill, then we have another situation. Until then I am my own boss.
abczyxabczyx #64

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/06/2006 09:23:08Copy HTML

I started wearing short shorts this summer and found that people like the look.  I think that it is the right time for the trend to pick up momentum.
Ex_Member #65

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/07/2006 01:52:29Copy HTML

I wear shorts and cutoffs when possible, and my wife encourages me to do so...I have good muscular legs, why hide them? I think "shorts" that go down to your knees or worse are just silly. I think it's partially a general phobia of seeing the male figure as well as people being out of shape and hiding themselves away that are combining to keep this "long shorts" thing alive.
Dennis at Thong Beach #66

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:11/07/2006 05:06:17Copy HTML

Hey guys, you don't have to convince me about how great super short cut-offs are.  And I agree, a person can get away with wearing them to the beach.  However, there just aren't many other opportunities.  There was a time when you could wear them just about anywhere, everywhere, every day.  That time will come again...and I'll be ready.  I may even try to do my part to hasten it along.

I also agree that one of the reasons I like wearing them is because I think my legs are in great shape.  I've never been able to develop upper body muscles well, but I was genetically blessed with easy to develop leg muscles.  A lot of guys are just the opposite:  they can develop the chest muscles easily, but not the legs, so they show off their chests.  I'll show off the legs.  That's why I'll always prefer short cut-offs to those lousy, long shorts (which aren't even short) in vogue today. 

I still remember one day, years ago, I was getting something out of the trunk of my car, and overheard some guy saying "I've never seen shorts that short on a guy before". 

Hey, if your legs are your best attribute, let the world know.  Most women like muscular legs on a guy, and they readily admit it.

Pithecanthropus #67

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:02/22/2007 08:37:20Copy HTML

About 10 years ago I routinely wore jean shorts that I had made from ordinary jeans by  having the legs professionally hemmed to an inseam length of about 1 1/2 - 3 inches.   One hot summer day, I needed to take some stuff that I was storing out to Public Storage, and I was wearing my shortest pair that day.   For some reason I felt like pushing the envelope that day, so I rolled them up to make them even shorter.   They were already too short to actually roll the hems,  but I turned them up  one fold as as far as possible, so that the hems were now above the bottom of the back pockets.   I stepped in my sandals and tucked in a T-shirt and I was good to go.      Underwear was out of the question as the jean shorts were now way too short to conceal it, so there was only one thing to do.   Ditch the underwear!    Imagine going out in a pair of shorts considerably more revealing than your basic Jockey shorts.    They were long enough to cover about 2/3 of my butt, then gave up the struggle.    Amazingly, I heard not one snicker,hoot, or catcall throughout the entire experience of driving to the storage site, checking in at the front desk, and crossing a busy parking lot multiple times back and forth.

 I'm not blind to the culture I live in and feel sure that people must have said things to one another out of my hearing, but still, it was a memorable experience.

timbo2050 #68

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:02/23/2007 01:49:13Copy HTML

For a more fitted short at the beach I wear the Nike Jammer - ok its a hell of a lot more coerage but the lycra feels great and is really shape enhancing. I've got 3 pairs now and they are excellent. Here is a link : http://www.swimshop.co.uk/recno/5/product-Nike-XLA-Jammer-XLAJAMMER.htm

Can anyone else suggest some good jammers?

JM_Runs #69

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/26/2007 07:53:34Copy HTML

Earlier in this thread we were talking about the Skinz lycra shorts, which are nice but kind of expensive. If you're not uptight about ordering a women's short, the 4" low-rider lycra short from America Is Making It is affordable ($12.75!) and comes in lots of colors. http://www.americaismakingit.com/4lowridershort.html The "low rider" fits a guys waist properly, I think the regular ones would come up too high. I have a flat stomach and wear size 34 jeans and the XL size from them is just about perfect. I wish they made them specifically in a men's pattern, but they work quite well as-is. Maybe if enough people ask, they will offer it. They're great for in-line skating.

For shorts with a liner, I've gotten addicted to Aussiebum running and training shorts they look great and are comfortable. I haven't had the nerve to cut the liner out yet like I usually do.
Rover109 #70

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/26/2007 10:17:46Copy HTML

At the moment my most used pair of shorts is grey cotton, knit, probably, because it is quite stretchy. They are also very full or wide, so that they can easily be slipped on if I'm wearing boots. They do have some risk of "fall-out" if you sit or stoop but otherwise are modest enough to wear to Home Depot, sort of, even without anything beneath. Only they don't have pockets, which is a minor problem. One can always wear one of those fanny packs. I haven't actually had a pair of split-side nylon running shorts, the kind that you always remove the liner from, but perhaps this summer I'll pick up another pair. I find cotton to be somewhat more practical than nylon, particularly stretchy cotton. There are all sorts of fabrics but nothing much in the way of short shorts for men.

I really only wear those when the weather gets hot.

bahamutknightzero #71

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/28/2007 06:50:00Copy HTML

Need a little help here, been thinking of getting some short shorts/female shorts in general, but I'm a little unsure about it. Would be kind if someone could help me out.
beachfolks #72

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/28/2007 07:14:37Copy HTML

I've found "Gosoftwear" shorts to be comfortable and brief, but reasonable coverage. No pockets though.
bahamutknightzero #73

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/28/2007 10:29:06Copy HTML

What about the kind you usually see at sporting goods stores? Any of them good? (I went to a store earlier in the day, had trouble finding something I could like without some info/help since I didn't want to overpay for shorts).
beachfolks #74

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/28/2007 11:45:04Copy HTML

I have short legs. Everything in the sporting goods stores comes down to my knee.
Mostly I wear 1-2in cutoff jeans. I have difficulty to get reasonably tight legs though.
bahamutknightzero #75

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/28/2007 11:49:49Copy HTML

Well my legs aren't short, so that isn't much of a problem. But no other helpful info? (Do note of the kind of shorts I was looking for that I mentioned earlier)
beachfolks #76

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/29/2007 09:26:17Copy HTML

Look online at the gosoftware shorts-You'll like them.
tester1032 #77

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/29/2007 02:32:07Copy HTML

Guess short shorts are kind of out of the question in Jackson, TN.  Was out cycling the other day wearing ordinary spandex cycling shorts and while I was at an intersection waiting to go accross a cop pulled up and told me that I needed to wear ordinary shorts because anything tight fitting on a male in Tennessee was illegal in public if you could see any buldge in the front of the shorts or if it fit tight on the buttocks.  Said if he saw me again he would issue a citation.  Does anyone know if this is true for Tennessee? 
Maxtlatl #78

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/29/2007 02:59:01Copy HTML

The trouble is, it doesn't matter whether it is true for Tennessee. As long as the cop thinks it's true, he'll ticket or arrest you. And unless you're willing to fight it, he's got you by the b***s, almost literally.

Here's the definition from the Tennessee Code, 39-13-511, that the cop probably thinks applies:

"Nudity" or "state of nudity" means the showing of the bare human male or female genitals or pubic area with less than a fully opaque covering, the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of the areola, or the showing of the covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.

He probably doesn't know what "turgid" means.
darksmooth #79

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/30/2007 03:32:13Copy HTML

Most of the posts on this thread talk about wearing short shorts at the beach.  I have few chances to get to the beach, so I wear short shorts with a thong underneath whenever I get the chance to.  I agree with ithongit's post from awhile back.  The shorter the cut-offs the better.  I lift weights regularly, yet don't gain a lot of muscle mass, so my legs are toned.  I lay out in my thong, so my legs and butt are tanned.  My wife wanted me to start shaving my chest a couple years back, and so I also started shaving my legs.  I love the look of smooth dark legs in short cut-offs. 

I know that it isn't "normal" to see guys in short shorts with clean shaven legs.  But I've had several chances to go into convenience stores and Lowe's/Home Depot, etc. wearing cut-offs with 1"-2" inseams.  I've had a couple of comments from women such as "great legs", and one comment from a guy "nice legs".  I haven't received one negative comment.  The closest negative I've noticed was two young couples giggling under their breaths once in a restaurant.  My wife and I were on vacation for a few days recently and I was wearing some 2" inseam cut-offs.  She'd prefer for me to wear the more in-style cargo shorts in public, but accepts when I don't.  When we got back home, she said she noticed many people taking glances at my legs while we were out and about.  She said "I think they can tell you work out or do something athletic".  I think it is primarily because they aren't used to seeing a guy dressed like this. 

My point in all this is that I believe that many people enjoy seeing other people in short shorts, especially if the person wearing the shorts has made some effort to stay in shape.  When I wear my short cut-offs, I do it confidently.  If I let myself go to the point that I can't wear them confidently, I'll probably stop.  I don't understand why our society thinks it is o.k. for overweight women to wear short shorts in public, while men who work hard to stay in shape are expected to show nothing more than from their ankles to their knees.

I also enjoy wearing super short cut-offs at home and sometimes when I travel or go to the car wash.  These shorts will reveal anywhere from the bottom of my butt cheeks to up to about 2 1/2 inches.  We live on five acres, so I wear these a lot.  I've interaced with some of our neighbors recently while wearing a pair that just covered my cheeks.  They both glanced at my shorts and legs several times while we visited.  I'll even walk down to the mailbox or ride my bike with the shorts that show the bottom of my cheeks.  I far as I'm concerned, the more people that see me, the better.



darksmooth #80

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/23/2007 12:30:43Copy HTML

I was curious how many of you like wearing short shorts in public, with a thong underneath.  I'm referring to shorts that are less than 2" inseams.  I shave, workout and have tanned legs and love going places in really short cut-offs.  I've even gone into stores late at night with cut-offs that barely cover my buns.  I always wear a thong underneath to keep everything where it should be.  Does anyone else agree that if a guy has nice legs and works out, he should wear short shorts to show them off?
nicthong #81

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/23/2007 04:45:52Copy HTML

I  want to answer your last question... 

"Does anyone else agree that if a guy has nice legs and works out, he should wear short shorts to show them off?"

Should a guy wear short shorts because he has nice legs and works out? No. Should he have the freedom to? Yes.

I suspect this latter phrase is really what you were getting at but there is a subtle difference we should be careful about: as soon as we start saying people should do this and shouldn't do that, we're no better than those who say a guy in a thong should cover up (or, at the extreme, be put in jail!) or those who simply say guys shouldn't wear anything less than board shorts.

For the majority of people on this board, all we're really looking for is the freedom to be ourselves and that means accepting that people of different ages and body types should have the freedom to wear what they're comfortable with, while letting other people wear what they're comfortable with.

By the way, I love short shorts too.

abczyxabczyx #82

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/23/2007 09:45:01Copy HTML

Do whatever you like.  If you want to wear short shorts in public, go for it.  I have done this and enjoyed every moment of it.
darksmooth #83

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/25/2007 10:09:45Copy HTML

A few days ago, I had another great experience while wearing a pair of blue cut-offs that just cover my buns.  I was standing in a convenience store waiting in line when a cute brunette (who happened to be with a guy) got in line behind me and said "I like those shorts".  I said thank you.  She said that my legs look a lot better than hers because mine are tanned.  She then asked if I lay out.  We visited some more about tanning.  When I left I told her thank you again for the compliment.  As I was standing facing my truck, I heard "Bye, sexy shorts on you!" as she walked by.  I turned and smiled.  I proceeded to Home Depot to do some shopping in the same full leg revealing shorts.  As usual, I received numerous glances.

I told my wife about it and she said "Wow, you get comments like that everytime you wear those.  I guess women really aren't used to seeing guys in short shorts". 

True, and apparently some women really enjoy seeing guys in short shorts, too.  The compliments can be addictive.



JM_Runs #84

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/25/2007 10:32:52Copy HTML

Darksmooth, where do you live? I'd love to wear mine even more, but they are so worn out and theadbare that they aren't the most appropriate for Home Depot!
darksmooth #85

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/26/2007 03:41:43Copy HTML

HDMichael 2003, I'm in the northern Al area, about 2 hours from Nashville and 2.5 hours from Memphis.  The weather is still nice and hot here.  Great for wearing short shorts.
JM_Runs #86

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/26/2007 06:02:35Copy HTML

Lucky you! The weather is still nice here, but if I make it south this winter, the shorts and g-strings will be packed!
wackymac #87

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/27/2007 10:58:57Copy HTML

These aren't really short-short-short shorts but I bought several pair of women's Levi's white 545 shorts at Macy's and had 3 of them shortened from a 5" inseam to a 2.5" inseam in their alterations department.
darksmooth #88

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/23/2008 01:04:25Copy HTML

I'm so glad to have the warm weather back.  There's nothing better than wearing short shorts with a thong underneath (except for straight thonging, of course).  I had to drive on business two weeks ago, so I slipped on some 3/4" inseam denim cut-offs with frayed edges.  During a stop for fuel, the cashier asked me if I run or lift weights.  I said, "yes, I lift weights".  She said she could tell because "you're in great shape".  She then started talking about how she is trying to start working out more and how seeing someone else who takes care of their body makes her more determined to get in shape.  Until then, I hadn't really thought about the way I dress possibly being an encouragement for someone. 

This past weekend, my wife and I walked down to the front of our property to do some yard work.  I had on some small cotton shorts from the Junior's dept. at Wal-Mart with zipper sides and pretty much no inseam.  She had on similar length shorts but a different style.  We visited with one of our neighbors for a while after working.  Then on Monday, I was mowing along the roadway and driveway (on a riding mower) in a pair of Junior's shorts that reveal the bottom of my cheeks when I stand.  I was wearing my Muscleskins thong underneath.  I hit a soft spot in the yard and got stuck.  Our neighbor saw this and came around the fence to help me.  He watched me mow for a while longer.  Later that day, I asked him if he minded they way I sometimes dress (thong only, short shorts).  He said that his uncle talks about me sometimes but that I should keep doing what I'm doing and not worry about it. 

I haven't worked the front part of the yard or the driveway in a thong yet.  But I've been giving it some thought.  I might try to do some work some evening down front as the sun sets just for starters.  In the meantime, I'll keep wearing the short shorts.
JM_Runs #89

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/23/2008 04:39:56Copy HTML

Good for you darksmooth. I haven't been brave enough to wear the g-string in the front yard yet either. But often do when working in the back. Still not sure if the neighbors have seen a peek of me, but they seem pretty laid back.  Now that we have a pool even more g-stringing to come!!  I agree with you, so glad the warm weather is back!!
darksmooth #90

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/02/2008 10:38:23Copy HTML

I had an all night driving trip this week, so I decided to wear the same shorts I had worn mowing last week instead of my cutoffs.  These are the ones that show the very bottom of the cheeks and are nicely tapered up around the sides.  On my first stop as I was checking out, I told the cashier that I wasn't planning on stopping again, so I hope she didn't mind my shorts (just to break the ice).  She said "Oh that's why you seemed so cautious.  I actually think those look kinda spiffy on you".  I thanked her and then decided to buy a snack, too.  She said "take your time looking around", so I did.

On my next stop, I opened the conversation with the cashier the same way.  She said "You look comfy.  I don't wear mine that short, but my legs don't tan like yours either."  I told her that I just enjoy wearing short shorts.  She said "Well, you're just different that way, that's o.k.".  When I turned, she said "I can see your butt cheek".  I told her if it wasn't for the thong, she wouldn't be able to.  I told her that next time I came in, I'd be wearing my short shorts.  She laughed.  She was a great sport.
JM_Runs #91

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/02/2008 11:25:00Copy HTML

That reminds me of several yrs ago when I stopped at a gas station. Had my cutoffs and a tank top on. As I'm filling up the tank, I overheard some young girl telling her mother to control herself...she was checking me out in my shorts!! Always nice to get a compliment, even when not directly told to you. Sounds like the cashiers would love to see you come in wearing only a thong. Keep us posted.
darksmooth #92

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/05/2008 10:29:43Copy HTML

HDMichael, you're right, the compliments are great.  What makes it better is when you get into a coversation with someone who really is fascinated by either what you are wearing or either have the courage to wear.  The second girl was very engaging about discussing what I was wearing.  As I said, we laughed and had a great time as she was checking me out.  I plan on keeping my word and letting her see my "short shorts" when I travel to that area again.  I'll let you know if she mentions the thong this time.
Pagan-Egyptian #93

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/09/2008 05:22:51Copy HTML

 I just bought a pair of Lance Armstrong womens running shorts. They are the shortest the sporting goods store had. They are super comfortable and cover about 1/4 of the leg, knee being the length of the legs...lol.  Got to get running again... FLL is calling in less than one month. Gotta love the nice weather that finally arrived.
darksmooth #94

Re:Short Shorts

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I ended up stopping by the first of the two convenience stores mentioned in my previous post, last week.  I was wearing denim cutoffs that reveal about 1/2" of my cheeks.  The same girl who said that my other shorts were spiffy the last time was there.  She said "there you are in those cute little shorts again" when I walked in.  I asked if she liked the cutoffs or the regular shorts better.  She said "I kind of like the cutoffs".  I told her that I had shorter ones than that in the car.  She said "I'd like to see those on you".  So I went and slipped on my pair that are cut across the pockets and reveal about 2-2.5" of my cheeks.  She loved them!  She said "you look gorgeous in those" and "I can tell that you workout by your thighs" and "my husband would be jealous of you because he'd love to be able to wear those and look like that" (smooth and tan I guess).  I was there for about 20 minutes and she stared at me the entire time.  She even came over and watched me while I sat and had a cup of coffee.  When I left, she said that she looked forward to my next visit.  She definitely has encouraged me to keep on wearing my short shorts!
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Re:Short Shorts

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Sometimes we don't need much encouragement to wear very little do we!! Just give me an excuse...and warm weather.
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Re:Short Shorts

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 A couple months ago I picked up a pair of Undergear black spandex shorts, women's size small.  I think 4" inseam.  I usually wear a 32 waist, so they are pretty tight.  I wear them jogging and also cycling.   Very sexy and highly recommended.

I also bought a pair of shorts from America Is Making It like flnkdguy mentioned above.  Red, 90% cotton/10% spandex, women's size medium, the "Low Rider" style.  They seem to be quite well made and fit pretty well, although there is a seam in the front which has a splitting effect.  Kudos to the Skinz shorts I bought previously did not have a seam in front.  Unfortunately after shipping the Skinz ones are almost 3x the cost.
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Re:Short Shorts

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 I've enjoyed wearing my white California Muscle Euro Boxer swimsuit when not wearing my thongs or bikinis.  They have the c-ring front and no lining.  They show a little cheek at the bottom, and just barely cover the crack at the top.  Very exciting to wear when swimming.  Last year, after a run and swim on the beach, I rinsed off under the fresh water shower and a woman who was finishing up actually sat down on a bench and watched me shower.  I made that shower last a good 20 minutes.

I also have the Cal Muscle Komodo Boxer underwear in a teal color. Same cut as the Euro Boxer but thinner material.  Also unlined with C-ring front.  These pass for swimwear, until you get wet.  Tissue paper would probably be more modest than these shorts when wet.
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Re:Short Shorts

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I have a collection of nylon shorts made by Record Sports ( see above) - the disadvantage being that the guy who runs it does not have an website or even a fax machine. All the same he supplies abroad and the details posted above are correct. I have never found other shorts so short and light as the extra-brief and the micro style that he makes. With a little persuasion he will make them with material not quite meeting at waist band, so the whole of the side is free, another variation is a cut where the back panel and front panel are the same cut. This leads to an extremely short butt-exposing short. Anyhow you can telephone the guy and consult him on your special needs, he´s into minimalist stuff in a big way.

I use these shorts for running every day, and make sure I`m going fast enough to avoid the stupid comments and stares that I sometimes get. Times have been however when I´ve been stopped and asked where I bought them. Those are the sort of guys i like to connect with.

Anyone know at the moment where ONIONshorts can be bought ? ( US supplier ?)

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Re:Short Shorts

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I'm not sure about onion skin shorts, but I just purchased a pair of Sized-to-fit shorts from Bodyaware.  They look like they might be similar to the ones you are talking about from Record Sports.  I can't wait to try them out.
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Re:Short Shorts

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I like be nude but you need to be able to cover up quickly sometimes, but fortunately not often. I'm still using  gray knit gym shorts for whenever I want something easy to put on over, well, bare skin mostly. I never did get around to buying another pair of split-side nylon running shorts. I guess I didn't think there was any point. Still, I'll have to keep them in mind, being such a minimalist.

Cut-off blue jeans used to be all I ever wore in the summer. That was before I tried to not wear anything at all whenever I could and it was also before thongs became generally available. Sometimes I tried to wear them especially short and tight but mostly I was very casual about everything about them, though I often wore them with no underwear. That's about as casual as you can get. These days you don't see guys wearing cut-offs and rarely even girls, though short-shorts are still common. I find it interesting to see pairs of girls walking down the street in the early spring on an especially nice day, dressed the same and showing lots of skin in short-shorts and tank tops.

That's probably six or seven months away, isn't it?
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