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JM_Runs #151

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/15/2009 02:09:20Copy HTML

If I am wearing sweat pants, shorts or something without pockets I stick my wallet in the back of my waist band.
This is easy for me because I have a small slim wallet that is light weight.
It has room for the dollar bills, driving license and one credit and debit card, but remains slim and small without extra frou-frou.

Finding small wallet that is slim but still large enough for bills and cards, but is still only 3 1/2" by 4" is difficult.
A slim wallet like this works well in jean pockets and the pockets of small shorts.

Most American wallets tend to be larger or fatter than needed with all sorts of compartments,
some even folding over three times to make the wallet a lump that would hurt you if you sat on it.

I have always had a problem finding wallets I like, often passing over large displays of hundreds of wallets because they are either larger than needed or thicker than needed.  Finding the perfect wallet is harder than finding the perfect thong.

I would not be caught dead using a bum bag for my money at the shops.  The only time I will wear one is at the Laundromat when doing loads of washing. (Then you don't care what you look like but do care about carrying around $40 of quarters).  

I will have my wallet tucked into my waist band, or money in my hand, or if in a thong or beach kit maybe in one of the tubular beach money holders like this: http://www.amtmarketing.com/itemfull/beach-money-holder-165.jpg

The other perfectly acceptable carrier for people in running shorts or spandex as a water bottle or fuel belt. (with in use bottles). Most bottle belts have money pockets, and it LOOKS the part.

SlidingG #152

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/15/2009 05:12:20Copy HTML

Not as short as Max's, but men and women at our local Whole Foods often appear in their workout gear, including spandex of various sorts, since it's an upscale suburban community with many athletically active adults.  With biking shorts and a biking jersey, problem solved -- those rear pockets work well for carrying around anything you need.  Though JM's small wallet tucked in his waistband sounds ideal.   
JM_Runs #153

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/15/2009 05:43:02Copy HTML

Yes, most Tri singlets do have pockets. I have several of them, but they don't get much use in public except for races. Tri singlets are normaly cut short,  too short to wear a the beach with a thong. When on the bike doing road work I tend to wear bike jersies with sholders on them, both for the potential protection should I do an endover and because the sun is so bad down here. Bike jersies have pockets too and most times more of them.

Tri tops are good when wearing short running shorts, bike or tri shorts. I guess would make exclent gym gear too, but I don't go to the gym.

I do notice that a lot of bike shorts are longer than I like, and this trend is driven by the long shorts worn by the teams in comercial events like the Tour de France.  The team sponsors like long shorts because the leg is the only place they get to put their name and logo that is clearly visible during the race !!  Personaly I like to reace in short tri shorts, like the DSS (De Soto Sports) shorter shorts.  I also have some DSS tri tops with pockets, the older ones with the bright color strip down the middle of the back.
koenig3456 #154

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/15/2009 11:37:06Copy HTML

Max - After reading your post, I decided to give it a try.
I have several pairs of short shorts, but I've never worn them shopping. This afternoon, I put on a pair of khaki cotton twill shorts that have slightly less than 2 inch inseam. The side seam is just 10 inches, so they just barely cover everything. They also feature two front pockets, which make them great for shopping. I found a tee shirt from Cocoa Beach, which just covered the top of my shorts. Finding a tee shirt that isn't too long is almost as hard as finding short shorts. I went to Lowes to buy paint, and had to wait at the paint counter in the front of the store for about 15 minutes for my turn to get the paint mixed. It was a very positive experience. I heard no comments, and saw no negative facial expressions. The sales associates and other customers were all very friendly.
JM_Runs #155

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 12:24:50Copy HTML

 koenig, where did you find "khaki cotton twill shorts that have slightly less than 2 inch inseam" ?
SlidingG #156

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 02:00:53Copy HTML

Sport shorts, so called, were popular in the late 70's, and my snug fitting cotton ones had less than an inch of inseam.  It's what I wore at her apartment complex pool when my would-be wife and I first began dating.  Smart looking and trim, but showed no cheek, as I recall.  Wore them all over, but then, one's mid-30's are a different scene than one's mid-60's, so now I'd wear such shorts only in sporting contexts.  I'm basically conservative, just like to 'express' myself now and then when I feel bold and daring and it won't look too weird.I second JM's choice of short DeSoto tri shorts.  Always wear them spinning, occasionally in triathlons, though I prefer bikinis when racing.  Never a tri top -- bare breasted is cooler for both biking and running in the summer New England humidity.        
JM_Runs #157

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 01:32:16Copy HTML

Yep when I was racing local tri's it was in a bikini/peedo or smaller suit.  The short version of the DeSoto Sports tri shorts are good for biking but lack the padding for anything over a metric century (the DSS women's shorter shorts fit me well). The tri tops I tended to use for long runs and marathon type distances because the pocket was good for carying gells and my hat if I got to hot and had to take it off.
JM_Runs #158

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 02:18:46Copy HTML

Mostly the good "khaki cotton twill shorts with less than 2 inch inseam" will appear in the collections aimed at teenagers or young women, although there are some gay focused stores that do good short shorts they are not normally khaki.

I have lots of shorts around the 2" inseam length, most of my general around town shorts are that short. Yes occasionally someone makes a comment but it is almost always positive. Normally a women will comment but not directly about the shorts, they will comment on my legs, something like "you must be a runner".  Once in a while some teen age boys will snicker if I am out west at the big malls.

Having been a yard sale fan for years, and having several girlfriends and friends who's have teen age girls I have become quite an amateur expert on buying cheep men's and women's shorts (and most everything else).  I frequently purchase cloths at yard sales and if they don't fit one person they fit the next. I often find good women's kaki and other shorts that fit me, or P, or her kids, or some other friends kids. I keep a freebie rack inside my front door and several bins of cloths in the back.

I have been doing this for several years since a couple of my friends were broke, they did not have extra money to spend on their teenagers, and the teens were caught steeling cloths from the mall. The plan was to make sure they always had lots of cloths and did not feel a need to steal them. For the most part the plan worked very well. It helps that I live in a prosperous part of town where the houses are expensive for the size, so people almost give away very good stuff just to make room to purchase more stuff.

One of my friends teenage kids takes exactly the same size as I do, although she needs a bit more booty room, the next is just a fraction smaller, so shorts I have grown out of fit her fine. She was just over last week and took two kaki shorts from my bin marked "Too Small for Me" to pack as walking shorts for her summer holiday in Europe. (Don't we all have the bins for wishful thinking, that we will wear if we are ever that size again?)  I had to bite my tong for I wanted to tell her that her her mother has the identical shorts in the same size, that I gave her two years ago, but was careful not to mention it otherwise she would not have been seen dead in them! 

I find that most women's shorts fit fine, but it sure helps if your waist is smaller than your bottom. I must admit that once when I found a really good pair of khaki shorts in a brand that were reliable in sizing but very expensive, I then purchase several more that were just the same as they appeared on ebay.

So I may purchase a pair of shorts for 50c or $1 at a yard sale, (after doing the neck test to check for waist sizing), and if when I get home I don't love them then they go on the rack, or in the bin, and there is a high probability that someone will get use out of them.

If you don't have abundant yard sales around you, try going to marshals or one of the end lots stores where there are racks and racks of shorts, and no one cares which racks you are browsing or what you take up to the checkout.
If purchasing them in a regular reatail store at retail pricing TRY THEM ON BEFORE PARTING WITH YOUR CASH.  When they are only 50c at a yard sale, and they pass the neck test, and there are five or six people who might wear them if I don't then the investment is not serious, but I would never purchase shorts at a retail store without making sure they realy fit and I can sit down comfortably in them.
JM_Runs #159

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 03:27:54Copy HTML

Another option would be the classic Navy "SEAL" or UDT training shorts.


Look to have about a 1"- 2" inseam.

Maxtlatl #160

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 09:31:40Copy HTML

I recently got some shorts from Prevail Sport that I really like: their Seville Shorts, here


Numbers 6, 7, 9, and 10 have a very open weave. The holes are about a 1/4 inch.

I've mentioned before that I do a lot of hiking wearing just a thong. It sure is a lot cooler that way. However, for times that the trails are more crowded I am not comfortable doing so. Well, these shorts still allow a lot of air flow (still wearing a thong) but don't look anywhere as naked as a thong. One has to get pretty close to even notice that the light colored spots are skin (and the thong keeps you legal).

Oh, and the sides, as you can see from the pictures, are quite short.

Folks might try them out.
koenig3456 #161

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 10:08:51Copy HTML

JamieTG - After trying unsuccessfully to find them. I decided to make my own.
I carefully measured a very old pair of short that fit me just right and made my own sewing pattern. It took a few tries to get the pattern perfected. Now when I lust for some new shorts, I visit the local fabric stores and ebay for fabric that appeals to me.

JM - It never occurred to me to look for short shorts at yard sales. I'll give it a try. Just recently, I bought some used Abercrombie & Fitch shorts (3" inseam) from a seller on bonanzle (an internet auction site).

JM_Runs #162

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/16/2009 11:12:24Copy HTML

 bill, I'm not that good with needle & thread... :P     anyway, i found some 5" inseam khaki cargo shorts and bought those online.  i can get them shortened (nice korean lady) if need be.  Thanks.  j
JM_Runs #163

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/17/2009 12:32:00Copy HTML

Some people asked what 'The Neck Trick' was. 

Take a couple of pairs of shorts that you like, do up the front button, hold them by each side and wrap the waist around your neck. 

You should get reasonable consistency with the small amount of overlap in the back between diffrent pairs of shorts that fit you in the same way.  Try it on several so you get a good idea of the variation and what the difference is between your tight or lose shorts and jeans. 

Knowing how much the overlap should feel like, (I don't have eyes in the back of my head), I can now evaluate shorts and jeans at yard sales to see if the fit is close, without carrying a measuring tape or trying them on.

As your waist expands your neck follows suit, normally at a little under 1/2 the rate of your waist.  So event when you put on two inches your neck gauge for doubled over shorts or pants stays in sync.
JM_Runs #164

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/22/2009 09:08:58Copy HTML

 Well, I wore the same top and shorts to the same grocery store again, but this time
went in at 11pm. As you might guess, there were not many people in the store. Mainly
stocking personnel restocking the shelves, but did run across several people without
any issues. The most interesting part was when I was checking out. I've talked to this
checkout woman before late at night. I always try to be nice to people, especially shift
workers as I've worked all shifts myself and know how hard it can be. This time she
seemed to be especially chatty though. She kept talking to me as I bagged my items
(this was a self-bagging store) and I stood off to the side of the bagging area so she
could get a good full-length view of what I was wearing. She didn't make any obvious
gawks down to the lower half of my body while I was making eye contact with her, but
she could've easily done that when I was glancing at my bag when inserting my groceries.
The funny thing was even though there was another customer loading up the conveyer
belt, she kept talking to me until I started walking away with my bag of groceries.
In an earlier post it was suggested that I wear a biking jersey with pockets in the back
to carry my wallet and keys. That may work and cover less of my "assets" than a waist
pack or fanny pack, but I would not feel comfortable with my wallet in a prime pick
-pocket location. Until I find a better solution I'll carry my wallet in-hand.
I'll have to say that, in addition to the extra attention of the cashier, I really enjoyed the
feeling of being in public wearing only two relatively brief articles of clothing (other
than my shoes and socks): a tank top and shorts. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since
this parallels my enjoyment of wearing the least possible at the beach. I'm looking for-
ward to more trips to the grocery thusly attired. I'm adjusting to this more quickly than
I thought I would.

JM_Runs #165

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/10/2009 08:10:07Copy HTML

The Swan #166

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/11/2009 12:21:53Copy HTML

When I'm wearing exercise shorts out and about I keep my wallet, celly and stuff in a Camelback pack or a Timbuk2 Designs satchel. It just looks normal, like you've ben excercising and stopped off at the store on the way home. Which by the way, is the only time I wear exercise shorts.
JM_Runs #167

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/12/2009 05:34:06Copy HTML

 I've worn my black Tyr triathalon suit/shorts and a tank top to the
grocery store  a couple more times. About the worst I've experienced
is a couple of double-takes. It's been hot here, and I really like going
out in the heat wearing as little as possible. The heat actually kind of
accentuates the feeling of being bare.
JM_Runs #168

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/21/2009 06:18:19Copy HTML

Michelle Obama and the Shorts Heard Round the World

From Yhaoo News: 
There's been a big fuss this week because Michelle Obama wore shorts. She's worn shorts before - to walk the dog, do stuff around the White House. But the photos of her wearing them in that iconic descending-from-Air-Force-One-onto-the-tarmac setting proved too much for the media. Obamas? Check. Summer news doldrums? Check. Controversy? Close enough. It was a story.

And people reacted. The Today Show's poll on whether she should have shown that much thigh got one of the show's biggest responses ever, with 83% pro-shorts. Local papers found "experts" to discuss the implications of the shorts for the Obama White House, international papers analyzed what it said about American culture, the blogosphere took up every angle from what this said about the objectification of women to the taxonomy of the shorts: Hot pants? Cutoffs? Booty Shorts?

Then, just as vehemently, there was a big fuss over the big fuss. Many people were given to observe that there were more important things to talk about. Several commentators pointed out that, in fact, the conflict was fake; nobody had come out, on the record, as being against the shorts.

Mrs. Obama was elevated to fashion-icon status way before last November. She has gone along with it, appearing on the cover of magazines and dressing up for big occasions. But it's not in her personal or political interest to hew too closely to that image. It's too limiting. It's exhausting. And, most of all, it separates her from the bulk of American womanhood, who do not have the wherewithal or energy to put it together perfectly every day. It's contraindicated with the just-folks charm that is the core of the Obamas appeal.

If we needed any more proof that looking good has its limits, it comes later this month - Aug. 28, to be exact - from an unlikely source: Vogue. In a new documentary, The September Issue, about the creation of the magazine's bumper September issue, the biggest revelation is that the women who have the most important jobs there, apart from editor Anna Wintour, do not look all that glamorous. They don't wear much makeup. Their outfits are unremarkable. They work really hard and get pretty scruffy doing it; the magazine's chief creative genius, 68-year-old Grace Coddington, spends most of the movie whipping up images that drip with luxury and beauty while her own hair looks like it was groomed with a rake.

For women, Michelle's shorts were long on significance. They give accomplished, glamorous people license to do what the power brokers at Vogue do, and that is to wear whatever the hell they like sometimes. So, ladies, get out your least flattering outfits - your terry shorts, your oversize T-shirt, those extra comfortable arch-supporting shoes - and wear them with pride. All the fashionable women are doing it.

Pithecanthropus #169

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/17/2009 12:53:00Copy HTML

 I just got a pair of Speedo Endurance swimming trunks which are intended for mainly swimming, but could be worn as short shorts too.  Only, there are naturally no pockets so you would have to bring something along like a backpack if you need to have money or anything else you normally carry in your pockets.   Also, you pretty much have to wear them commando to avoid visible lines, unless you wear thong-type underwear.   They are designed for swimming after all.   But depending on how you wear them that's not usually a problem.   As ordinarily worn they do not show off your male anatomy too much since the bottoms of the legs are designed not to ride up and hold their position very well.   The inseam length is about three inches and they are like your basic Speedo material so they are VERY short and VERY tight by mainstream male standards.   At the same time they are not so revealing that your cheeks hang out, or that anatomy is clearly outlined in front.   I'm actually very pleased with them because I can wear a T-shirt over them and not have it look like I'm not wearing any pants at all, and hit the apartment complex gym so attired.   Similarly it's nice to be able to wear a shirt over them down to the pool.
Pithecanthropus #170

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/17/2009 12:57:26Copy HTML

 ETA: on review the shorts I'm talking about sound a lot like the Tyr shorts described in post #152.
stanpuppy #171

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/19/2009 02:46:01Copy HTML

I just won a pair of super short onionskin style shorts on eBay.  I dont know the brand name as the tag was removed, but they are a very light, white short very much like the old onionskins style.  They are completely translucent.  I bought them to wear as a "coverup" when we go to south beach, although my thong will be clearly visible through it.  I guess I am getting a bit more risque as I age.
JM_Runs #172

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/11/2009 03:34:34Copy HTML

i have a number of pairs of denim short shorts - 1-2" inseam with a very low 6" rise with a tiny 2" zip. My preference is to get pairs of girls shorts in stretch denim - look for about 2% lycra in the cotton. - size 9 for me.  Sorry - yes, i do wear girl shorts ( they fit tighter and look better on a trim fit guy). So far nothing but good comments if any.
SlidingG #173

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/12/2009 12:57:20Copy HTML

 NoVAThonger, for short, sexy cycling shorts, check out triathlon gear.  I've got a pair of DeSoto tri shorts I wear for racing and for spinning.  Lightweight and fairly short, comfortable as hell, never wear anything underneath, I feel great in them.  Some guys' shorts are shorter, I note, so there's some choice out there.
Just as I feared on Onion Skins.  I'll be very careful to preserve my one pair, which are still in great shape.  They're fantastic to carry as a coverup, rolled up tight in the palm of the hand, when racing in a thong (or nothing at all).  That happens only at Bay-to-Breakers 12k in San Francisco; other times it feels like running in nothing at all.       
chris0721 #174

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/12/2009 06:37:04Copy HTML

I have several pair of the Onion Skin shorts in different colors but they all have a white liner inside.  So I cut the liner out and just wear one on my thongs under the Onion Skins.  Sometime I will wear to the grocery store or bank with no problem or comment.  Sometimes I even get some approving smiles.  What fun!!
DowneMixedBoi #175

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/12/2009 06:55:53Copy HTML

 Chris.. post some pictures!!
darksmooth #176

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/23/2009 09:17:05Copy HTML

I've started wearing my Nike split-side running shorts to the gym to lift and workout.  These stop just past the cheek line.  Of course, I wear a thong underneath, and roll the inside liner into a thong as well.  As I do lunges, squats, etc. the full leg and thighs are exposed up to the waist line.  During various machine exercises or free-weight routines where I'm required to bend forward, the lower 1/2 inch or so of my cheeks show.  They are completely tanned so it might be hard to distinguish from a distance.  Of course, I can see everyone checking me out, especially when they don't know I'm seeing them via mirrors on the walls.  Also, I was the only guy not wearing dork shorts a couple nights ago.  But a couple of others kept watching me fairly consistently as they worked out.  I'm still convinced some guys would like to wear the same style, but are just too worried about what others might "think".  Oh well, their loss.  I plan to start wearing these shorts to the gym during daytime hours when the gym is more crowded.  I'm proud to represent the thong and short shorts wearing community.
Thongsc #177

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/23/2009 11:36:14Copy HTML

So you're flashing your ass around the gym?  Really, do you think people at your gym really want to see your ass when you work out?  Really?   I believe people are looking at you when you are doing this, but I doubt they are thinking what you are thinking they are thinking, they're probably thinking something along the lines of "I can't believe the freak over there is flashing his ass, doesn't he realize this is a gym?"

PS - I hope you're wiping down the equipment after getting your ass all over it...
stanpuppy #178

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 02:03:02Copy HTML

Oh...i dont know about that thongsc.  I know at my gym, we all fight for the equipment that the ass flashing sweaty guy get off.  In fact, we have weekly contests to see who wears the butt-showyest shorts.  I wore my 5 ft tall 102 lb wifes wicked weasel hot shorts one week......i finished third.
darksmooth #179

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 02:28:57Copy HTML

Thongsc, I'm sorry that my post and comments shocked you so badly.  My point was not all "ass" focused, as you took it.  It was simply an observation I had while working out in my normal, guys' running shorts.  As a matter of fact, I make it a point to be respectful and avoid any bending type activities that might offend if I'm in close proximity to others.  Thus the comment that "it might be hard to distinguish from a distance".  Also, I wasn't implying that people were watching me to see my "ass", but out of curiosity about my style of shorts.  Finally, the guys and gals I work out with are always polite and respectful, regardless of which pair of shorts I decide to wear.  Thanks again for the self-righteous, smart "assed" comments.  It's nice having some input from someone as pure in character as you are.
mack_back #180

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 06:02:42Copy HTML

Oh...i dont know about that thongsc.  I know at my gym, we all fight for the equipment that the ass flashing sweaty guy get off.  In fact, we have weekly contests to see who wears the butt-showyest shorts.  I wore my 5 ft tall 102 lb wifes wicked weasel hot shorts one week......i finished third.

Can't believe you would wear to the gym WW hot shorts toweling.. Seen picture of them they are tiny to workout at the gym with. 

I get grief and chuckles from women at the gym for wearing compression shorts and short tops and this from women who see me over six months wearing them...
darksmooth #181

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 07:29:23Copy HTML

I got home about an hour ago from working out in my Nike runners.  A nice young man about half my age and his wife stopped and we visited for awhile.  He asked what type sports I was involved in "because your in great shape".  When I told him I just lift and workout as a hobby, and how old I was, he said "man your looking lean.  I can't believe you're in that kind of shape".  I thanked him and told him that staying physically fit will help you stay mentally fit as you get older.  He approached me later as they were leaving and said "keep up the good work".  Wearing my short Nike's didn't scare anybody out of the gym that I know of.  If anything, wearing them might have helped inspire a younger person to stay fit and healthy.  
Thongsc #182

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 06:10:06Copy HTML

You're welcome DS, But you are perving at the gym, you're flashing your ass, tanned or not tanned your still flashing it, and watching for peoples reactions to your ass/shorts in the mirrors...

Mack - I think Stan was being sarcastic about the WW shorts...
stanpuppy #183

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 09:27:10Copy HTML

awwww.........why did you have to go and ruin it for poor mack, thongsc..   The prospect of a 6 foot, 175 lb man in a pair of hot pink wicked weasel hot shorts in a size "xs" is something that every gym in the country should aspire to.  Forget the fact that those things barely cover my 100 lb wife.
Thongsc #184

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 09:48:54Copy HTML

Sorry bout that StanP, it is a visual... but sadly my original post was modified by our fearless moderator..
stanpuppy #185

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/25/2009 12:24:08Copy HTML

I have heard rumours that tends to happen........
stanpuppy #186

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/25/2009 09:17:21Copy HTML

I tried on an outfit that I will probably wear on my next trip to south beach.  I think it will fly ....

darksmooth #187

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/27/2009 03:36:06Copy HTML

ThongSc, fair enough.  I'm big enough to accept honest criticism.  Just with a little less sarcasm.  I can see where my original post could have led you to your conclusions.  Believe it or not, I do respect your opinion, and others on this board.  I still think if you'd check out the Nike runners at Academy, you'd realize that these are normal shorts that ride on the body differently than your typical gym shorts.  These are the same type shorts I wore as a teen in the mid 80s.  In the meantime, have a great New Year. 
stanpuppy #188

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/27/2009 04:28:05Copy HTML

funny darksmooth...i was just recalling some things with my brother who is visiting for the holidays.  I was thinking to myself how common short shorts, speedo swimsuits and tank tops were back then.   Funny how things were much less conservative back then.  I used to wear a speedo suit to the health club that i belonged to and nobody every said boo about it.   I had (probably) the same shorts you did and they were pretty commonplace back then.  I miss the 80's
darksmooth #189

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/28/2009 02:35:16Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, you're right.  Commonplace things for one generation can certainly seem strange to the next generation.  Whether it's clothing styles or music, for example.  My problem with the shorts issue is simple.  I was so worried about what others thought about me, and so self-conscious about my body in the 80's, that I rarely wore those type shorts in public.  Or if I had to wear them for some reason, felt embarrassed.  I've gotten to the point that I just don't care if my style doesn't fit the generation.  I took a lot of bashing for being a thin, non-athletic, pale skinned wimp.  I guess now that I'm in shape and a bit more proud than I used to be, I've hit my rebellious stage, about 20 years later than most.  I think the shorter shorts styles are gradually coming back.  I miss the 80's too, especially since I "missed" them in a sense the first time around.
stanpuppy #190

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/28/2009 02:48:25Copy HTML

wow....you sound just like me darksmooth.  I had legs the size of toothpicks...i never wore shorts until about 10 years ago.  Funny thing....I started squatting in the gym and now my legs are ok (still not "good"....but ok).  I am buying a bunch of short shorts in anticipation of summer, when i am hoping my legs will be "good"
luvnmythong #191

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:12/28/2009 05:20:28Copy HTML

Dark Smooth and Stanpuppy:  You got me to thinking about short shorts again.  I used to love wearing them and would love to wear them again.  In my search for some short shorts I came across something you guys might like.  I think they are pretty darn sexy.  See what you think.  Go to Undergear.com.  Click on Activewear and then shorts.  Look at the two pair of shorts on page 2 of Shorts.  Sauvage Tacktel Lace up short and Sauvage Tacktel zip up short.  They are on sale, marked down from $48 to $24.99.  Perhaps some of you have another great site to buy short shorts.  I would love to know about them. I  am in the market for buying some. 
stanpuppy #192

Re:Short Shorts

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great call luvnmythong.  I went to the site to check it out.  Not so crazy about the zipper short...but the lace up one is hot.  I am going to get one in white and black
darksmooth #193

Re:Short Shorts

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Not bad luvmythong.  Also check out the Bodyaware.com site.  I have all three pair of the Vintage Gym Shorts.  I'm thinking about trying a pair of the Game Shorts in black.  You have to scroll through quite a few others to find these, but I think you'll like them, if not some of the other choices.
stanpuppy #194

Re:Short Shorts

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There is also a model by Pistol Pete on the undergear site that looks pretty hot.  Lots of good choices out there!!!
gradstudch #195

Re:Short Shorts

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If you guys are looking for short shorts, I have found that Aussiebum training shorts are really nice. I usually cut out the liners and wear thongs underneath. The blue ones are especially nice. They are not like bodywear or sauvages. Meaning, not skin tight. Personally, I don't like to wear skin tight gym shorts to the gym. But these are more snug fit than skin tight. So they are really nice. Also, I have been thinking about getting the Rufskin Hans terry shorts, white or navy blue. They look really hot. Anyone has them?
muscleinathong #196

Re:Short Shorts

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I have the Rufskin Hans shorts... Very hot. Very comfortable, not super tight, just right. Highly recommended!
stanpuppy #197

Re:Short Shorts

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I also just ordered a pair of short shorts online from a company called nyjox.com.  They are stretch cotton, but not super snug ball huggers.  I can easily wear these in public without an "extreme" reaction
IotaTheta #198

Re:Short Shorts

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I found these today at Kohls.  I found them in the underwear section but when I got them home and put them on I realized how nice these would be for my walk to and from the beach.

stanpuppy #199

Re:Short Shorts

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I have a pair of Gregg Homme underwear that could very easily pass for shorts.  They are black ultrafine mesh with a pronounced pouch.  I have teetered with the idea of wearing them as a cover up on the beach, which they would easily suffice for.  May give it a shot when the weather picks up
modelnude4u #200

Re:Short Shorts

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 The Soffe website has free shipping on all orders until Jan 8, due to system upgrades.
Teeny Tiny mesh shorts included!
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