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goodyrthonger #201

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/21/2010 11:52:51Copy HTML

Still a little daring I wash my SUV wearing short shorts.  Then I pulled the car into the garage with the door opened.  Underneath I was wearing a Dore AZ Rio, quite skimpy.  I believe it was a Sunday.  I was at the side of the car drying the top and notice a car with two woman passing by.  Maybe realtors.  Well the passed by at least two more times.  I am sure they could see me.
Aiden18 #202

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:01/21/2010 06:06:32Copy HTML

 I wear white onionskins from undergear, size small, when I run in the morning before school.  They're super super duper thin and light weight so even when dry they're almost see-thru if you wear something bright underneath them.  When wet...haha....you might as well be naked LOL.  I love them, they're my favorite.  :)
SlidingG #203

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/01/2010 09:54:13Copy HTML

 I have an old pair of royal blue onionskins from Undergear, love 'em, wish they still sold them.  I notice The Parasail Short from BodyAware is even briefer, and notched to the waist, yet look decent enough for general use.  On sale now for $17.50, available in red, white, black and blue.  I plan to get a pair, and will report back how they work out. http://www.bodyaware.com/MZ-showdetail?itemid=S109&setmenu=MA-0&cid=9D2E.07Z2&dtind=40238.6142182755
Charlie03 #204

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/06/2010 08:38:40Copy HTML

 I got a pair of those recently. Wore them on the gym on my holidays. Nice feeling. They have a liner inside and weare very conftable. Got also other items of bodyaware as the Booty Shorts and the Soft Cotton Terry Short which I use as sleep weare. The parasail stuff wears as wearing nothing... enjoy!

SlidingG #205

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/06/2010 11:10:09Copy HTML

 Good to hear you like the parasail shorts.  Mine came a couple of days ago.  Definitely briefer than my Undergear onionskins, which are almost mainstream, yet I they'll be fine for special occasions, like running Bay-to-Breakers.  Not for my gym or running around the neighborhood, though.  They look good, and have a brazilian liner I'll leave in, even though I usually cut the liners out of my running shorts and wear a thong or g-string instead.  I can see what you mean like it's wearing nothing.
XChip #206

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/07/2010 12:41:24Copy HTML

 Looks as if the parasail shorts would be great on the bike path--comments?
floboy #207

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/13/2010 04:50:10Copy HTML

You talk about shorter shorts, do you remember Stubbies? They were great and good and short. Have a couple of pair the elastic is about gone but so has my waist.
shaved_thong_lover #208

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/18/2010 10:18:52Copy HTML

My new favorites to work out in are the Men's Aussie Brief/Boxer Swimsuit from Skinzwear.  Super short and tight, great work out wear.
dbear333 #209

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/18/2010 04:40:57Copy HTML

Also now exclusively wear the Skinzwear Aussie Brief and Seamless Boxers to the gym, with an N2N thong underneath. Some of the fabrics (metallic silver, black and blue powerstretch) are semi-sheer, so the fact that I am wearing a thong is quite apparent. Ultra short and tight, and feels great.
modelnude4u #210

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/25/2010 11:46:57Copy HTML

 I've worn Soffee cheer shorts for years to the gym, and for running.  They may officially be womens/juniors, but I don't care.  My morning run is usually quite early, and there are very few folks out at that time, so I think that causes me to feel bolder.  I've always folded them over once, like so many girls do, buy I usually fold them inside, rather than outside, so it's less obvious that they're rolled.

Lately, I've been leaving the house with them double rolled, and moving to triple when I'm around the first corner (my wife wouldn't appreciate it!)

Today, I went for a quad roll, and man do those things get short!  You could see the thong tan line on top, and about an inch of cheek on the bottom.  that's how shorts should be!
ardvarken #211

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/29/2010 02:03:00Copy HTML

As far as shorter shirts go, yea, that's not always so easy to find.  
I have a 40" chest, I'm not built, but in good shape.  If I stick with a size M in Nike/Adidas, their tops fit a bit shorter than a size L which fits me more comfortably.
I'm also not against shopping the women's section.  And no, I don't go looking for frilly styles.  I fit great into a womens size L athletic top/shirt.   I have a lot of different women's Nike tops that you wouldn't be able to tell they aren't mens and they are the perfect length.   There are some cut really wide at the hips where they flare out, those look a little funky on their own, but if I'm wearing a water bottle belt around my waist when running you can't tell.   The other benefit is finding colors that you normally wouldn't find in the men's section.
If I shop at the Nike store, most of the men's stuff even in smaller sizes is HUGE.  Last time there I grabbed an armful of tops and shorts from the women's department, found a few things that worked, many that there is no way I'd be seen in, but found what I was looking for.
So while you might feel funny about it at first, check the women's section out.   Yeah I know, against all things 'manly' but again, whatever.  If you find something that fits, looks good on you and you're comfortable with it, then it's all fair game as far as I'm concerned.
And yes, the tri bottoms are absolutely perfect.   When I'm wearing those for running there is no need for anything underneath as the thin pad does a great job.  If you're looking for something really low cut and short, desoto sports (www.desotosport.com).  The men's are nice, but you can get a really low cut one in the women's version.   And as far as the pad, on the women's it's a little smaller and lower but still serves the purpose.

bodyphil #212

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/29/2010 03:42:38Copy HTML

I`ve also found it problematical to find shirts which are short enough. See some guys running and in gym in nice tights, spandex or running shorts, which are almost totally covered by their shirts. What a shame.

The effect has been for me to keep those shirts which by chance were the right length , and for these to become my favourites

But now I`ve found a guy who makes my muscle and athletic shirts to order, and I hae them so that one inch remains to fit into the top of my tights or shorts. Or I can leave it free wihout "tucking in" and I am not plagued by metres of clth swishing around

The difference is great: my lower garment is shown off to my satisfaction and I don´t have sweaty overclothes. I´m into tight lycra shorts for training and extreme split micro shorts for running, but in the end see that one of the best solutions for me is getting the length of the vest right !  
thongornude #213

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/29/2010 04:55:05Copy HTML

 When I am rollerblading or running I wear some lycra shorts that are a women's style, but they are identical to mens but shorter.   There is a volleyball short brand called Teamwork and style #4943 is low rise and has no center seam...these look good and fit perfectly.  Since they don't have a center seam they don't push your bulge off to the side in a funny way and I wear a tight thong underneath to smooth things out.  It's a shame they thing men's shorts have to be huge and baggy!

I don't like to wear a longer t-shirt with this kind of outfit because it looks like I took my shorts off or I'm running in underwear.  A shirt that goes right to the top of the shorts and a little lower makes things look better, IMO.
ardvarken #214

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/29/2010 07:47:03Copy HTML

Here's one from Under Armour, a women's style but fits me great.  I have the same one wear it often when I'm out running on a sunny day.I really like the style of material they use, stretchy yet strong.
Here's another fun one if you don't mind their logo printed all over it.  It stands out a bit, but then you pretty much stand out when you're wearing shorts this short anyway.
peterjde #215

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/30/2010 12:47:17Copy HTML

I have several pairs of men's spandex shorts (spandex/cotton from Reebok, spandex/nylon from Hind and Adidas) that have 8-9-10 inch inseams.  I've gotten two pairs of women's shorts (Champion) which have 7" inseams; I find these are actually more comfortable for working out at the Y, especially for the cardio that I do.  I've tried on some 4" inseam shorts (womens), but haven't purcahsed them yet. 

The over-sized shirt is not to hide my package, but because I like it looser across my chest, particularly when running on the treadmill or using the elliptical---one case of bloody nipples was enough for me.
SlidingG #216

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/30/2010 07:40:00Copy HTML

 My favorite tank top over tights is by Frank Shorter, available from National Sports Center.  They're fairly short, and look and feel great.  People dress pretty conservatively at my health club, but I've never been hassled.    
mack_back #217

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/31/2010 08:35:16Copy HTML

I wear adidas split 1" 365 running shorts when outdoors and biking. While in the gym i need the serious spandex 7-8" inseam shorts for my workouts protecting my leg muscles.

Went out on the bike to go to the beach wearing my black nylon split running shorts. As i was standing in a line up a bunch of woman walked behind me. They started to point me out to the others saying,  "wow take a look, i know", giggling. One said to the other, "looks as he's wearing micro mini-skirt", others saying "Nooo", one woman started talking about how she bought a nice cute skirt. They all started murmuring to one and the other, one  woman said to another,"i can't see because he's wearing the backpack".

My shorts from behind looked as i was wearing a mini-skirt such as this LINK of course not as short to show any cheek. My shorts are female style running shorts with a flare to the hem. It makes my butt stick out more which is why the women kept talking and staring at me liking it. After i got through the lineup one of the woman smiling called on the rest to join her to follow me, but they all were not as interested as she was.

My top of choice was a compression spandex 20" length tank top that just reached my waistband on my shorts. Like to get a matching adidas shimmel top but can't find it anywhere, black with orange piping and a small front zipper. 
While sitting on my bike my shorts having a lining i get a 4" coverage on my hips getting lot more sun then spandex shorts would get. It's like wearing a speedo while cycling with climacool fabric barely covering. Have know bulges in front to worry about and know material riding up my butt crack very loose and short.

After those woman's comments i started to think, from behind my shorts do look like a mini-skirt you have to look more closely to notice their shorts. I guess unintentionally i gave those woman a show but many others had gasped and smerked politely even some flamming homos that i heard talking during the day.

I must say i might of been the only person with shorts that short that i've seen all day. Most people wear long shorts to their knees or women capri pants,  some even wore leggings. Some of the shortest i've seen were rolled up cotton hemed shorts maybe 5" inseam from a women all day.

bodyphil #218

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/01/2010 12:10:50Copy HTML

split running shorts whilst bicycling doesn´t sound so comfortable to me , at least you will need some pretty tight packaging underneath to keep things under control.
ardvarken #219

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/01/2010 01:35:56Copy HTML

Sounds like an interesting experience mack.   
I think that there's something good to be said for not following the crowd and making your own statement.   Also makes for some interesting conversation starters too which is all good in my book regardless what kind of comments they might be.   It feels great to be comfortable wearing anything that you want.
As far as that adidas shimmel that you're looking for, check nike as well.  If you're willing to rock the women's line you might find something there.  I've purchased both adidas and nike women's support tops (just cut out the bra liner) with a zipper and they make for great form fitting tops for either running or biking.   Also have a look at triathlon tops in general.
Here's an example of one from Adidas that I have: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/images/adidas-E13396-ps-med.jpg

As bodyphil says tho, on a bike wearing the split shorts while yes great for a tan would seem really uncomfy for anything longer than a really short ride.  
Glutes #220

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/01/2010 04:15:25Copy HTML

 Yeah, I concur with the riding bikes with short shorts comment...In Public that is.. It causes head to turn that's for sure..and whistles and cat-calls follow behind as I pass..However, in an area where the general public does not venture,..I do it all the time
bodyphil #221

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/01/2010 07:24:33Copy HTML

the parasail shorts you noted , SlidingG, look absolutely great. Give us your  comments on size ( whether they run small or large) and give us a foto if possible.
BaltoBob #222

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/01/2010 09:09:13Copy HTML

I've started buying womens shorts. Picked up 2 pair of OP recently. Wore one of them to the store this afternoon (I cut off the fancy buttons on the back pockets). Waist band to hem about 11 inches with a 2" inseem.  The thing I don't like is the pockets are 2" deep.
mack_back #223

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/01/2010 11:45:03Copy HTML

Ardvarken  many woman dress for themselves and not for others or at least that's what they say. In reality they only follow trends and try not to stick out to much from there friends and crowd for feeling embarrassed in the clothes they wear.

Just an example of woman trying to dress sexy, either short skirts or short shorts they always feel uncomfortable wearing it, always adjusting, so it doesn't show off too much butt cheek etc..  Most of the time women feel akward in there bodies whether their young or old, very few feel comfortable.

If woman feels cute on what she bought to wear resents it or dare i say envious seen wearing it on someone else. If a man wears shorts a top like your l adidas link shown they try to laugh it off saying, "i got they same top at home or i've seen the same top and almost bought the same one too at woman's department store, (giggling aha..ha..ha").
In order to make themselves feel better woman have to make a fashion law, men should wear more masculine clothes and not steal from woman's styles because it's strange and he's a kreap, pervert, mentally unbalanced, he's in the closet but doesn't know it yet, oh ya this one he's gay ha..ha. hahe. Then the group of women or woman feel vindicated but the truth may be the man looks better in those shorts or top then she could ever look. This maybe be a streach about woman's thought process on the physical appearance but its opinion that i share with you.

Thanks for the example http://www.wiggle.co.uk/images/adidas-E13396-ps-med.jpg that you shared it's almost exactly what i was looking for but the color is wrong. The shimmel was black in the back with the 3 stripe silver color and side accent orange piping would match my shorts perfectly well.
Problem is they don't make those type of shorts anymore in a different color with a small zipper pocket at the outside leg really nice feature rather then the inner waistband pocket they produce now.

Also never tried on woman's tops before what would you suggest in sizing go for bust size will it be to tight for men because of bigger shoulders. Found that nike makes longer woman tops 26 inches to long for me.  Adidas has the one i like and length but colors are only black or white or pink. As for triatholon  tops they are belly button length not type of clothes i would want to wear.

As for cycling in split running shorts don't get heads turning to much if your riding really fast. Only from incoming traffic you may get a few smiles from woman and strange looks from others turning to smerks.  I do about 2 hours on a bike with split shorts you can always wear a thong underneath to get a better grip down their but the inner liner holds everything in well. Think of it as wearing a soft thin breathable hand towel around your waist while wearing a thong comfort extrodinare..
tbck1000 #224

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/02/2010 01:12:38Copy HTML

 I have worn women's running shorts, tights and gym shorts.  Most mens shorts are so long they are un-wearable to me.
ardvarken #225

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/02/2010 01:14:14Copy HTML

Interesting perspectives mack_back 
My thoughts are quite a bit in line with yours.   
 I use to wonder what those 'women' thought, but have long moved past being concerned over their judgements if any.  But yours sound a lot like what I image is going on in their minds. 
Understood on tri-tops.  But there are really quite a few that aren't belly baring length, but yes many of them are.  The plus is that if you have a really flat stomach they look great but if not, well, not so much.  The pockets on the back/sides of tri tops are great for additional storage on long runs.
 As for sizing in tops in the women's department, here's what I've found.  For everything I've ordered it's usually a perfect fit or slightly larger. 
I vary from 40-42" chest depending on what kind of groove I'm in with my workouts.   I'm fit, can see some of the stomach muscle, nothing incredible though. 
A US size L women's nike/adidas/reebok usually fits me fine.  That size is a bit body hugging but not too tight (an in some cases if it's a style with more flare at the hips, the smaller size makes that almost impossible to tell it has that.)  Going to XL I've never had anything that fit too small.    Some of the Nike stuff is long, some really short so it really depends.  I've had a few here and there that were just way to short.  If my abs were chiseled perhaps. The shoulder cuts in something sleeveless for women are usually a little different and I don't go towards the overly feminine styles, but many are so close to men's tops I can't imagine many could tell the difference nor would I care if they did.    The one thing to note is that the arm holes in a women's item are usually a little bit smaller, it's never been a really big issue for me, but if you have huge arms it might be. 
If you go with something from the UK/Europe, size up to XL or XXL.   I've a few women's shimmel tops from Ronhill in the UK (the material they use feels better than most Nike/Adidas stuff)   Here's an example of another one I've purchased and really like: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/run/8/Ronhill_Ladies_Aspiration_Vest/5360047580/ In this case a UK size 16 women's works great, sometimes an 18 but that's usually on the loose side. 
For reference I fit into Nike mens shirt S (a little snug) but a M comfortably.
 And if the style you find has a built in support/bra liner, don't always let that put you off.  In many cases that can be cut out quite easily and you'd never know the difference.   I actually went for a run in one top that still had the bra liner and a woman at the gym asked about it, I said "yes, it's a woman's top" and that was pretty much the end of it.She thought it was pretty bold that I'd just come out and say that, but it was the color that I wanted so I wore it.   There's nothing about the style I choose for myself that is any attempt to cross gender lines, it's simply finding something or a color that I like and if I think I look good in it, then I'll wear it.    I'm still holding to the opinion that cycling in split shorts cannot be comfortable :)

ardvarken #226

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/02/2010 01:17:55Copy HTML

No idea why my line spacing doesn't hold.  Sorry for that.
mack_back #227

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/02/2010 05:00:28Copy HTML

Thanks again Ardvarken.

Find the Ronhill vest is a bit long i estimate 24 inches in length bit to long for me. I own a couple of baselayer spandex muscle tanks i picked up in boys/mens section not sure of the sizing but they worked out well for $7 each.
Just wanted another color then black and navy that i already have maybe white with some athletic color accents.

 It looks as we are the same type in sizing for tops.

I find at the gym woman wear tops but cling to their hips and rarely rise up when active and the materials look less shiny then lycra products.
I understand your choice to wear woman's tops because of the style and colors available. Wearing a razor back top maybe very telling to females of that particular style but the color choices are tempting for me to purchase one. Seen men's muscle tank tops in cotton that look a bit that way.

It's brave of you telling the woman you had on a female top. If someone asked me about it i probably would look like what's her problem and give off a vive of how dare you say that! with a skaowl. Though i disagree with you saying woman don't pay attention to what you wear. Believe me if i shopped at the same stores as some females do and came wearing the same tops or shorts their would be some louder laughter and comments then normal. That's why i shop most of my clothes online and older styles that many woman or men wouldn't find to wear. Nothing worse then some other guy wearing same compression top and color as me like this under armour top at the gym. http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/mens/apparel/tops/shortsleeve/pid1201054-Men-s-UA-Blitz-40-lV-Full-T/1201054-001

I get some looks at the gym in my running tights and tight tops. One older man said to me, " i don't know what to think looking at you dressed like that,(pauses for my reaction then continues) discouraged or motivated". Or others just as they are leaving say to their trainer, "can't believe this guy works out in his birthday suit", both leave laughing.

Also i think womans athletic shoes look better then most mens styles colors are nicer, not talking about pink and purples.

ardvarken #228

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/02/2010 12:58:39Copy HTML

mack, while you can't get these with a zipper, you might try this site:http://www.runningfunky.com/store52/agora.cgi?product=tfunk 
It's kind of like the Under Armour style in the link you posted.

You can have them customize the top and for example have orange sleeves with a black body.  It's one option to consider if you're trying to find a color match and they have an orange as well.  I know what it's like to want to get a color match.    
Agreed on the women's shoes.  If it's color choice you're looking for Nike ID is one option and I've used that quite a bit.  As for other women's styles not so easy if you're any larger than a mens size 11 to find the equivalent in women's shoes. 
I'm on the same page as you as finding something unique that no one else is wearing.  
That was an odd comment from the older man!   I think standing out and being unique is fun though, it brings up a lot of interesting conversations as well and at my gym I'd say I'm the only guy that's wearing tights or lycra shorts but everyone's gotten to know me pretty well there by now and are pretty good with all of the wild things I wear.

I say let the other women have their comments.  I was once on the running track wearing the same Nike capris as another woman on the track.  Whether she had any thoughts on it I have no idea but I thought it was pretty funny.   

If you have a Target near you, try the women's Champion C9.  I found a few tanks there with just the perfect length.  Most of the styles I would wear, but the basic lycra tank they has was a perfect fit and cheap.  

SusanaM #229

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/05/2010 02:05:17Copy HTML

The sexiest short shorts I own are a checkered flag pattern which are of really soft cotton. The checkered pattern makes your rear look rounder, the lines fool the eyes into seeing more curvature than there actually is, or so I'm told.
ardvarken #230

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/05/2010 04:21:51Copy HTML

Those shorts sound really nice Susana!
  I was recently looking for something a little different in short shorts for running.  I typically wear short spandex shorts and occasionally really short split-runners shorts, but came across these from the Adidas Stella McCartney line (the quality of their stuff is really great though expensive)  Their women's tops are a bit too frilly for a guy but many of their running bottoms/tights are the best quality I've experienced.   They don't have much to offer at the moment as it looks like they are clearing out what they have for next season


Just received them today and found them to be a new favorite of mine.  Outside of the really short cut, you'd think they were made for a guy, the liner is perfect, means nothing needed underneath to keep things in order and I think it's a pretty unique look.  They are short though, as in your butt cheek hanging out when you're doing long strides short but I'm cool with that.

BaltoBob #231

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/05/2010 03:16:28Copy HTML

I just ordered 2 SOFFE mesh shorts for juniors from kohls.com for $8.99 + 99 shipping. I skipped the pink but, hope the yellow and maroon are close to the "sport weave" shorts I bought from prevail for $20+ a few years ago.
mack_back #232

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/05/2010 06:10:39Copy HTML

Those Stella McCartney shorts Ardvarken  i've seen on some woman very short in the color beige. Woman wear them for casual wear, rarely would i see one running in them. Some shorts of the Stella line have frilly edges more girly look to them. The ones you shown are more plain except for the tacky waistband design does the leg hem cut at the sides open showing the liner?

My favorite shorts that i posted in my image folder labeled shorts and tops has to be the adidas black split shorts.
Have a dilemma  on buying one of the yellow black adidas tops in which the female is modeling in my images folder. Anyone have a opinion if the longer adidas lemon yellow shorts that  posted with text would be too feminine to wear with the adidas black with yellow top? The shorts are climacool material very thin so the white lining shows through.
I also found the yellow with white cotton shorts very comfortable to wear around the house but they are not mine, looking to get some similar but not yellow on white.

Those Soffe mesh shorts look alright just have to get the right sizing. Probably they don't have a lining nor are they very comfortable with cheap polyester. For the price they are a good idea to use as a coverup for a beach resort to the buffet table. If you get sweaty, oily or lots of sand on you these shorts can work out better then the terry cloth shorts i shown wearing.

ardvarken #233

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/05/2010 08:58:13Copy HTML

Mac, those Stella shorts were part of her "Run" line and they are like a really short split short without the spilt going up so high though.  So no you really don't see the liner, perhaps a little bit on the rear end though.
Stella does have a lot of really girly stuff, but again when they have their full line up, they have a lot of really nice stuff in shorts and tights that are awesome.  I have a pair of cycling tights, capri running tights that look like jeans (kind of a neat look).
If the yellow on the shorts matches up with the top it would certainly be a bold look in and of itself.  The top isn't feminine on a guy at all and the shorts are a pretty neutral design.   I have the black/yellow short tights that they have in that pic, I believe it's their Adizero stuff. If the liner in the shorts bother you, rip em out and wear a thong underneath?
BaltoBob #234

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/12/2010 02:37:05Copy HTML

Today, I walked from my room, through the lobby of the Showboat, Atlantic City, to the parking garage, wearing  GIRLS, OP shorts. I don't know which worries me more. That people will figure out I'm wearing girls shorts (11" waist to hem) or that I don't have any leg hair. I guess its a little of both. I know, I spent the day at Gunnison, with a nude woman.  What others think doesn't matter. 
JM_Runs #235

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/12/2010 03:58:01Copy HTML

Don't worry about the lack of hair. In my experience women prefer it and find harry legs and bums a turn off.

Don't worry about the shorts. Rock the shorts. 

I wear short shorts a lot. It is Florida and it is hot in the summer time. Some of mine were marketed to women but who cares, shorts are shorts.

I have quite a few so called "women's" shorts that are very comfy soft short shorts. Once in a while a women or girl will say, "I have shorts like that" to which I am likely to say "Comfy aren't they" and that's generally the end of it. 
nicthong #236

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/14/2010 09:36:46Copy HTML

I recently saw the 2" React shorts on the Under Armour site; unfortunately it doesn't look like they're available in the UK. Has anyone tried these yet?
chris0721 #237

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/14/2010 04:07:12Copy HTML

I agree with JM_Runs, don't worry about the hair thing.  I get waxed every 4 weeks for the past 4 years and most people don't even think about.  A few women, once they look me over, will ask me wether I shave or wax.  Most never catch on.  With the shorts, I run in a Joe Snyder running short split up to the hip on the side and just covers the backside.  I ran thru my local park for a 4 mile run yesterday afternoon, passed over 100 people, got 2 comments, both positive.  Don't worry about.  Just relax and have fun
thonglife #238

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:06/15/2010 03:47:14Copy HTML

We just spent a week on vacation at the beach. I wore Soffe teeny tiny shorts (I have 4 pairs) all week as cover-ups to the beach and home each day that I bought last summer. They were perfect since it was so hot every day. I had intended on running in them in the morning but after running in a Joe Snyder bikini the first morning, I progressed down to a JS thong for my last couple days of runs instead of wearing short shorts. Now, it feels weird to wear shorts running, haha.
modelnude4u #239

Re:Short Shorts

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I’ve been running in traditional Soffee cheer shorts for years.  Yes, women’s, but who cares? I’ve always rolled the waistband in once, just to shorten them a bit further, but this year I’ve gone to a triple roll almost all the time, and occasionally a quad roll when I’m not too close to home.  At the triple level, the shorts are short enough from top to bottom that I can span them from thumb to fore finger, and when standing straight, the heel of my hand is at the bottom of the shorts.  That’s how shorts should be!  I’ll be going to Miami Beach in 5 weeks, and I’m looking forward to running in just a thong again!
BaltoBob #240

Re:Short Shorts

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I'm quite pleased with my new Soffee shorts. I was quite surprised that they were lined, considering the price. I won't wear them to the mall (no pockets) but, for getting the mail and watering the front yard, they will be great.
nicthong #241

Re:Short Shorts

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The Soffe Teeny Tiny shorts look great and I'd definitely be tempted to try them. Has anyone tried the Skinz SusieQ shorts, which look to be a similar length and a good cut for running?
Also still interested in hearing from anyone that's tried the Under Armour 2" React short...
Sipper #242

Re:Short Shorts

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Remember the short shorts that Tom Selleck used to wear in Magnum, P.I.?  Check out Captain's Closet:
At last, some decent shorts.
darksmooth #243

Re:Short Shorts

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Nicthong, the Soffe Teeny Tiny shorts are great.  I bought myself a pair and love the style.  I gave them to my wife and wow do they look good on her!  I still wear them sometimes, though.  
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Re:Short Shorts

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 Sipper-Still too long shorts for everyday wear, but the Sportif shorts are great for dressup and the "originals" wear forever.
Does anyone know "Bike" shorts?-I have an old pair still good and wear frequently and they are under 2 in inseam-great shorts.

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Re:Short Shorts

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If you want something really short and skimpy, you might want to look at the shorts from Sixlines:  http://www.sixlines.co.jp/takeonht/eng/yobi/boxer.htm
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Re:Short Shorts

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 Love these styles
stanpuppy #247

Re:Short Shorts

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I have finally found a style I can wear at a family beach and not feel overdressed in the dork shorts I have been wearing when spending time with the family at the shore.  I recently stopped in a sports outfitting place and purchased a pair of (authentic) rugby shorts.  They come to the top of my thighs, but are not butt hugging tight.  They are acceptable enough that my wife endorsed them when we were at the (very conservative) NJ shore last weekend with her parents.  I walked all over the place with no issues whatsoever.  they are very heavy cotton, so they dont show anything at all (I had a muscleskins bikini under them).   At least now I can somewhat enjoy the shore when other family members are around.   Wife and I are planning a trip to the shore without kids or parents soon.  Not sure if i will thong, but am absolutely wearing at least a bikini.
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Re:Short Shorts

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 If you want really short shorts, I would recommend Joe Snyder's mini cheek boxer, it's sort of a boxer-brief/ thong hybrid, shows off the bottom of your butt nicely.<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input _="" _ _onclick="if(typeof(jsCall)=='function'){jsCall();}else{setTimeout('jsCall()',500);}" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
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Re:Short Shorts

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WalMart has some really nice OP brand cotton womens short shorts in various colors for $5.00 each.
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Re:Short Shorts

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For everyday wear going to the grocery store, out shopping for the day, I just wear womens jean shorts that are 10" sides with 2" inseam and a shirt as seen in profile. I think if I was in FL, or lived close to the beach here in SoCal, I wouldn't get all the looks. I now know how an attractive or wearing sexy clothes woman feels when a guy looks at them. People are shooked (?? why ??) at my bare legs. Maybe they think I should have baggy board shorts, but if I wanted to wear short pants I would just cut off the ones I have. So, I just smile and walk on.
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