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ardvarken #251

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/22/2010 09:15:04Copy HTML

nudebob: I think those jean shorts look pretty good. I'm all for wearing the shortest shorts that you're comfortable with and in hot weather just can't imagine wearing long baggies. Though I had a good laugh the other day, I was wearing some really short split running shorts while cutting the grass, my son said "Dad, what's with the skirt?" :)   And admittedly from a certain angle, they did have that look to them. 

luvnmythong #252

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/23/2010 01:11:55Copy HTML

I too love short shorts and found exactly what I wanted from Body Aware.  They are made of a knit fabric and are very, very comfortable.  The style is the "Vintage" short.  They ride low on the hips and have a 1 inch inseam.  Yes, they show a bit of cheek which makes them even more fun to wear.  I got delivery within three days of ordering them.  Great service and a great product.  Check out Body Aware for these shorts and many other short short styles.  You will not be disappointed!
BaltoBob #253

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/23/2010 01:08:21Copy HTML

I found some OP "notch" shorts at my Wal-mart for $12. Just over 10" long. Biggest size they had was 13 which is tight for my big ass. But, they have REAL pockets.
beachfolks #254

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:07/29/2010 06:29:08Copy HTML

 I'd like to purchase mens stretch jean short shorts 2in inseam, 42in waist. Womens shorts are OK if the stitching is not fancy. I can find womens shorts which fit, but the pockets are small and the stitching is far too fancy for a guy.
My wife has some older womens jean shorts which have good styling and big pockets, but we cannot find them on sale anymore.
I_wishin #255

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/03/2010 04:00:09Copy HTML

Two years ago I purchased two pair of SkinzWear running shorts to wear as shorts. They are very high cut...cut all the way to the 3/4 inch wasit band. I wear them everywhere with a g-string or "pocket" underneath and a t-shirt...never a negative comment,but lots of odd looks. This past weekend I drove up north for a grandchild's baptism and stopped part way for gas. A van load of teenage girls had just finished at the pumps while on their way to a football game. Two of the girls ran to the van,grabbed their digital cameras, and came back next to my pump to snap a picture. Then this morning as we prepared to leave for home, I was standing in the outside exit of our hotel room as a female staff walked by....and received a "whoa,short shorts!"  I guess conservative Saskatchewan is receiving a liberal eye opener this summer,so I weill continue to wear my shorts everywhere,as much as possible.
BaltoBob #256

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/30/2010 12:55:57Copy HTML

I just posted some pics fo my short shorts. The OP "Notch" (check out the rear) are great. Just long enough so nothing hangs out. They have REAL pockets. I have worn them in public many times. The notch tends to show my crack so I do wear a mesh tanktop with it. Most of the girls shorts I see have theses tiny pockets. The blue denim ones are very comfortable but, the pockets are only 2" deep. 
clean_n_smooth #257

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/30/2010 02:51:04Copy HTML

Ok, so I looked at some of these pictures that are posted of people that have responded to this post. I'm more then a little bit surprised, maybe it's because I live in Europe, maybe it's cause I live in Germany. I don't know for sure. But what 99.9% of you are considering short short shorts are the normal length of shorts here. For guys or girls it is the same. I just measured all of my shorts that I've bought over here and none of them have more then a 3" inseam, some shorter. They are all low rise and at times when I'm bending over the top or more of my thongs (panties) can show. I almost always wear a belt because I think it's just tacky to knowingly show off your panties. Sometimes it just happens but not on purpose by me. Anyone else of the same opinion as me on this?
Sipper #258

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/30/2010 07:11:17Copy HTML

 Considering the current market place, short shorts for men seemed impossible to me until I remembered that back in the '70s we wore short shorts--Stubbies, and others with 2-3 inch inseams etc.  I like to play golf when not thonging and I usually begin play in the hot Texas sun beginning at 1-2 PM, when it is really hot.  Thonging acclimatizes me to the heat, I think, and golf vice versa.  One Saturday--98 degrees, 106 degrees, humid "feels like" temperature--I noticed the young girl--probably in her 20s--who works in the pro shop wearing denim shorts that had about a 2 " inseam.  For some reason I always notice that she wears very short shorts.  I had completed the front nine holes and had wound my shorts pant legs from my knees up to where the pockets showed underneath.  My wound up shorts were substantially cooler and worth the constant fussing to keep them wound up.  Her shorts--she is pretty, good legs--gave me an idea.  I found on the internet the size equivalents for men's and womens' sizes.  Men should subtract 21 from their waist size and they will get the equivalent fitting clothes in a woman's size.  I did this and, while at Sears and my wife shopping for a new dishwasher; using this formula, I found some tan shorts that were acceptable to me in the women's section.  I tried them on and they fit.  They had a 2 1/2" inseam.  Great lenth.  I also found a blue pair with the same inseam length. Always try them on before buying.  No one thinks anything of it.  I have worn both of these shorts continuously, whenever shorts are even remotely appropriate.  They fit great and are comfortable. When I wear them, no one has looked askance at me or even seemed to notice.  Since them, I have purchased 4 more pairs of women's short shorts online and intend to always wear them in appropriate weather.  Kmart has the best selection onling by far, and womens' shorts are much cheaper than men's--many are less than $10.00. My men's shorts will probably go to Salvation Army.  I now have 3 pairs of tan woman's shorts, 1 in blue, one in a reddish color and one in a coral/pink color (where does pink leave off and coral begin?).  I wore the coral colored ones this past weekend and no one notices.  I'll not look back. Good-bye dork shorts.  I can squat down better to line up a put, and sitting or squatting, nothing shows--I checked in a mirror.  Last of all they are much cooler, temperature-wise, AND style-wise.  I recommend them.
As an addendum, the girl (I get the impression that she flirts with me, but I pretend not to notice) in the pro-shop rushed with a friend out of a side door, when I was talking with a fellow golfer about the hot weather. She didn't think that I noticed, but she pointed me out and they both were smiling. The girls were gleefull-whether about my shorts, or what, I don't know. Whether in a making fun of me, or not, I couldn't tell.   But that is the only incident in the last month of wearing 2 1/2" inseam womens' shorts that I can point to that anyone noticed.  I like hot weather with that patina of sweat over my entire body, when I am outside.  The short womens' shorts are my informal hot weather garb until I can get away with just a g-string and soft-spikes to play golf.  OK, I would probably wear my broad-brimmed hat then, too.
JM_Runs #259

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:08/31/2010 01:05:49Copy HTML

I used to have a couple of old pairs of men's Levis shorts that were trimmed down to a few inches in the inseam.  Back in the 1990's, I wore those to collage a lot.  They fit pretty well that way, as long as you didn't cut so short as to expose the pocket.  Of all the men's shorts and jeans, Levis are the only ones I've ever consistently liked.  The latest "shorts" made by them and everyone else are below knee length, but otherwise, I think they're cut the same way they always were.  I figure at some point, there will be no difference between men's pants and shorts.  In reality, I don't wear jean shorts much at all any more.  It's usually either long pants, or stuff I wear to swim, run, etc.  Consequently, my currently Levis shorts are about 10 years old and several inches shorter than what's currently sold in stores.
bmicro #260

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/18/2010 02:04:18Copy HTML

I also wore stubbies and OP shorts back in the 70's and have been looking for replacements for a long time.
I found the site http://makeyourownjeans.com/ and had a pair of low rise jeans made to my specifications and loved them!
I noticed that they also made custom shorts, so I had a pair of five pocket shorts made with a 9" outer length. The pockets were adjusted so that they aren't exposed but are useful. They are great and remind me of the 70's (these are probably a little shorter)!
Finally, short shorts with pockets!
XChip #261

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/18/2010 07:33:34Copy HTML

 I just checked ebay--they have both stubbies and OP shorts.  Some of them are good and short.
kmackhard #262

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:09/19/2010 12:38:34Copy HTML

Hi there about short shorts. i have a lady that sews me short shorts that i wear over my skimpiest swimwear on the beach or my boat. I wear these as cover ups. They are very short and start about 1/3 the way up my ass cheeks. I alos order the mini morgan shorts from roma at bikini beach.com. Thes are ladys shorts but men can wear them comfortably. give them a try, if your large like me turn them around and make the back the front gives you more room in the crotch  and a little skimpier in the back. Thanks kmackhard
shoyupoke #263

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/13/2010 05:00:22Copy HTML

I've been really happy with the hot shorts by American Apparel (got them on ebay for much cheaper).  They are nice and snug and ride up so slightly every now and then.  Pull the backside down a little bit and you have coverage down the butt cheeks.  The front side is compressed down so you don't get much of a outline of the package.  Of the colors I have, white seems to be not as stretchy...and it's one pair that got me some "feedback" tonight.
I went to the gym late tonight and wore my white pair with a white thong underneath.  I was the only one in the cardio room until this middle aged guy walks in and uses the treadmill.  No conversation at all...fine with me.  I finish and go to the weight room.  He gets off his treadmill a few minutes later and walks in to ask "are you wearing your underwear?" blah blah blah "I don't think that's so appropriate for the gym."  I told him thanks and he walked off.  And that's when I started coming up with the best come backs - but that's for next time...when I wear the exact same thing again.
BaltoBob #264

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:10/16/2010 01:05:41Copy HTML

For the past several months, I've visited my local liquor store in my summer uniform. Mesh tank top, girls short shorts and flipflops. I'm there every week or so, usually in the morning, as I work nights. The owner is an Asian, most likely Korean, woman about 35. She seems nice enough but, I never thought she paid any attention to what I wore. I stop in last week and she seems quite upset. "Why are you wearing long pants? It's not winter yet." Yesterday, I was ther in my short shorts, even though it was about 50 degrees out. She said "I like your sexy legs". I hope it isn't a very cold winter. 
JM_Runs #265

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/01/2011 04:15:36Copy HTML

thonglife #266

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/23/2011 07:01:47Copy HTML

As a runner, I've taken to wearing compression shorts or tights exclusively on my runs over the last year. Normally, I wear a thong or jock underneath. Last year, I wore mostly Roadrunner Sports ladies 6" compression shorts because they are the same as the men's but available in a shorter version. The men's shortest was a 7". This year, they added a 5" men's of the same short which I already bought. I would like to think the shorter version was popular for other men which led to the 5" version. These shorts fit great and really show off your legs and all nicely.

Over the winter, I also got a Champion 3.5" short which I've wore running for the first time yesterday. It fit great as well, showed off my legs and my package quite well. I got a couple nice smiles from others on my run too. I would love to wear shorts this short all the time but will have to reserve it for certain trail runs. Here is a self pic I took after the run - http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5058/5553248073_bce21114f0_z.jpg I wore an Ergowear thong underneath.
ardvarken #267

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/24/2011 12:09:13Copy HTML

thonglife, I don't see too much a reason not to wear those out running just about anywhere.    In summer, I typically go with the women's ~3" inseam spandex shorts, even down to 2", yeah, sure it's a lot more revealing than most guys would wear, but once you do it, it becomes no big deal.    Several times getting whistles from girls, and that's not all that bad a thing.    It to me is only an issue when some of them ride right up into the crotch, which at that point, you might as well be wearing a speedo.        I'd say enjoy wearing them wherever you run.       I've just gotten to the point where I really don't care what anyone else thinks about what I'm wearing.   I run a lot, my legs look good to me, and if it makes me happy to wear something really short, that's all my business.    Women's volleyball shorts work pretty nice too if you're looking for more variety in colors.
beachfolks #268

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/24/2011 02:14:17Copy HTML

 Ardvarken-Where do you purchase the 2in inseam shorts? Are they available on the internet?
peterjde #269

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 12:50:50Copy HTML

Under Armor makes a 2" inseam women's short.  I tried them on and felt that they would ride up too much, so I got the 4" inseam ones instead.  I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer here so that I can wear them when I run; until then I'll stick to tights.
thonger2005 #270

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 01:20:53Copy HTML

 the girls and i went to myrtle beach lpast year while in charleston and did some shopping at all of the wings and eagle beachwear stores and i found a couple of nice pair of womens stretch short shorts. we took pix of me in them roaming around the battery in charelston earlier in the mornings. and we went on a couple of self guided walking tours at fort moultrie and  some of the other sites right after i bought these short shorts. 
they are very comfortable, they increase my buldge nicely, which the girls like and after seeing my pictures, they look quite exquizit on me.  one pair are tan and the others are white. 
bryger #271

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 01:38:17Copy HTML

Back in the day, when I had the body for it, I had a pair of running shorts that were split on the sides up to there! I took the inside netting out so just the shell was left. I wore a thong under the shorts to keep everything in place. Very erotic. One really couldn't see anything but it did make one look. But that body is gone. Sad to say. Now I wear short shorts but not like those. SIGH.  lol
bryger #272

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 01:44:39Copy HTML

Now I am depressed thinking about those days. lol I would wear shorts like that again, but I simply should not. lol
notherbigr #273

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 02:52:40Copy HTML

Yeah, regarding the UA shorts.  I found a pair on the rack at the local Goodwill store and bought them for $2  These are the ones with the 4" inseam in black.  I am not into short shorts for men but for the occasional trip to the gym these are pretty darn good.  I'm not sure how a man could ever wear the 2" inseam, that would look completely rediculous.
lancifer573 #274

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 03:12:49Copy HTML

i have several pairs of short shorts which i have purchased from BodyAware and countless pairs of thongs. Great site and Products. i recently found some cute fun shorts at Spencer's Gifts in the mall. they have elmo and cookie monster shorts which are comfy!
thonglife #275

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 03:16:27Copy HTML

While I was searching on Amazon for other styles of short compression shorts, I found this great Asics women's 3.5" short in white or black. I might consider the black for working out but I had to share he amazing pic of a lady modeling the white short. Love that they show her thong through it.

JM_Runs #276

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 03:45:04Copy HTML

Try googleing "nike bump shorts". 

Good shorts, discontinued by nike, (stupid) and currently on sale from several stores.  If you can find the color and size you want get a pair before they are gone.

SlidingG #277

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:03/25/2011 09:50:24Copy HTML

I buy running gear from Road Runner sports online, based in CA.  Browsing yesterday, I noted they have 2" running shorts, similar to ones I own.  Out running, I don't give their shortness a second thought.  Otherwise, I wear them around town only when doing errands as part of a trip to the gym or the track, not as an everyday fashion statement.  It's bermudas and cargo shorts for me, for regular summertime wear.

I was also interested to note that they sell a 5" inseam short tights, their own brand.  I swear by their short tights, wear them all the time out running and at the gym, but my old ones are 7" and 8" inseams.  Even my tri shorts, shorter than bike shorts, are 8", so 5" strikes me as pretty short.  May get a pair to try out.  They're longer than a square cut swim suit, of course, but I don't wear these out running.  A square cut would be fine in a triathlon, though, where I usually wear a bikini for the whole race.  Crotch pads are good for longer events, not essential for sprint distance.  
JM_Runs #278

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:04/14/2011 09:38:02Copy HTML

For your consideration:


azcraig #279

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/07/2011 04:20:48Copy HTML

Most all of my shorts are very short cut off jeans. I have found that women’s Levis 520 or 524 Too Superlow Stretch jeans make very good cut offs. Being stretch they can be tight but still comfortable. And even being super short your stuff won’t fall out if the leg openings are tight. Most of mine are size 9M or 11 JR. You have to make sure it says “stretch” on the red tag inside on the belt line to get stretch ones.

My wife has cut most of mine off with a 2 inch max inseam and some with a 1 inch inseam. Some are very short and she has had to shorten the front pockets so they don’t hang below the opening. There are a couple of pair that are very short in the back that she has either shortened the rear pocket by moving it up, or trimmed off the lower inch and then restitched the bottom edge allowing the rear cut to be one inch higher. I have to be careful wearing these short shorts because if I pull them up as far as I can my cheeks can hang below the shorts.

Anyway, I went to the pool store to get pool supplies. It was Friday May 6 and while in the store waiting to be served, a lady said to me “well I see you are celebrating national no pants day” looking down at my shorts with less than a 1 inch inseam. When I asked her what she meant, she asked me if I knew it was national no pants day. I told her I didn’t know anything about that. She went on to tell me a little about it and then said “it’s not every day I see a man in short shorts. I told her my wife cuts them off this short and they are comfortable, so I just wear them and never really think about it. She then said “well you have great looking legs so those look really good on you. I thanked her for the compliment and told her I would pass it along to my wife.I then went to Carl’s Jr for lunch. While in there waiting in line there were three young black girls in line in front of me. One whispered something to the other and they turned around to look at my shorts. They ordered, then I ordered and while we were waiting for our food the one that had on skin tight very short shorts said “Man, I never thought I’d be showed up by a guy in shorts”. One of the others asked me if those were mine or my daughter’s shorts. I told her they were mine. How come they are so short she asked? I told her she would have to ask my wife that because she cut them off for me. The third one said “well you got some hot lookin legs so I see why she cut you shorts off like that. If I had that nice of booty and legs I would wear booty shorts too. She was a little over weight. I told her if you are comfortable in short shorts them wear them and don’t worry about everybody else. The first girl said, yeah if you got it flaunt it baby. Their food was ready and as they took their tray the first one said hope you have a nice day cause you sure made ours.

My cut offs are way shorter than most men’s shorts and much like wearing tiny swimsuit, I have been wearing them so long I don’t even think about it. But I have noticed that I don’t see any guys in short shorts Mid thigh is about as short as I usually see.  One lady called them my Daisy Dukes. I guess they are about that short.

A friend of ours I call , short shorts Ann wears very very short shorts all the time (I have described that in my Enjoying the Arizona Sun post in the Personal Experiences section) The lower part of her cheeks are almost always showing. Mine aren’t that short.  But, if I stop to think about it I start to wonder if they are too short to wear to stores and out in public and so on. Especially the ones that show a little cheek.
thonger2005 #280

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/07/2011 05:20:24Copy HTML

 my short shorts do show the bottom of my cheeks. I dont even have an "inseam" so to speak.

nothing's better than short shorts, shaved legs and flip flops.
azcraig #281

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/07/2011 06:57:46Copy HTML

 Thonger 2005.  Are these shorts that you wear out and about? Do you go to the store and so on in them? Or are they more for around the house?
pedalpower50 #282

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/07/2011 07:27:10Copy HTML

Nice story, azcraig. You are definitely comfortable in your own skin, which is great. More guys should be like that.
I also wear stretchy women's short shorts, usually with an inseam of 1 1/2 to 3 inches. They don't show any cheek, and that's fine with me. They're different enough from the norm as it is. But I'm all for more guys wearing them. I just don't understand this fear of men showing off their bodies. As a child of the '60s and '70s, I remember a time when men wore speedos, tight low-rise bell bottom jeans, and short shorts (think of the shorts worn by basketball players) without giving it a second thought. Today, men are ridiculed for even considering such things. Well, it doesn't stop me and thankfully it doesn't stop you either, azcraig. I love your "I don't give it a second thought" attitude. Don't change!
thonger2005 #283

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/08/2011 01:47:54Copy HTML

 I have worn them out to the gas station or the car wash, but not to a major store yet. Around this area, it is alittle difficult.
OCCD #284

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/13/2011 04:46:42Copy HTML

 I just went to Old Navy and picked up several pairs of women's shorts. They had a great sale and I'm lucky enough to fit in to a women's large. Most of them are 3" inseam and I love them! A little reluctant to wear them out of the house but eventually I will. I did buy one pair that is a white linen and semi-transparent. My girlfriend and I are going to the LA Pride festival in June, I think I'll wear those with a blue or pink thong on under them ;)

ithongit #285

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/13/2011 08:17:13Copy HTML

Randy, my husband, is like azcraig, wearing super short cutoffs whenever he can get away with it.  To him, this is the next step above minimal swimwear .  In fact, the first time I met him, he was coming down the path to the beach, wearing such short cutoffs that I couldn't take my eyes off him.  Then after setting up, he slipped them off, and showed everyone his thong swimsuit.

I let him do his own thing on his shorts.  I am not particularly artistic and the few attempts at sewing came out worse than I expected.  He usually cuts his jeans off at about 1-1/2 to 2 inches.  He usually has at least one pair about 3 inches long, for wearing in the most conservative places.  Unlike azcraig, he rather prefers some front-pocket exposure, with the "perfect" front pocket exposure length being about 1 inch.  Many of his shorts were made from jeans purchased at the thrift store.  He usually goes for a somewhat tighter size than he normally wears, and sometimes splits the outer seams a bit.   This gives him a little more leg exposure.

Some of his shorts he distresses.  He likes some worn fabric showing up from the pockets in front and up the cheeks in the back.   He has gotten pretty good at making these areas look like wear and not home-made distressing.  These start as only hints of wear, but after repeated washings, the wear gets more and more prominent, and the fabric becomes weaker and weaker.  When the materials is reduced to a few white threads and show plenty of exposed skin, he knows the usefull life of his shorts as something that can be worn almost anywhere is nearing the end of the line. At this point, he still wears them, but only around the house, boating, as a beach coverup, or maybe hiking.  

His shorts are too skimpy to wear without something covering the family jewels, so he always wears a swim thong as underwear.   If we go someplace, and there is the opportunity to swim or catch some rays, he simply sheds his shorts.

He wears these little creations most of the time when he's not working.  He wears them to the bank, grocery, drug store, department store, home improvement center, etc.  He usually wears spagetti string tank tops, or modified T-shirts which he has deeply cut the arms off of.  He has gotten quite a few positive comments from women and even a few men, who usually comment on his shirts.  A lot of men want to try wearing a shirt which will either show most of their back, expose the sides of their chests, or expose their nipples.  Women often say things like "I'm going to have to shop here more often." or simply "cute shorts."  Funny thing is that about one in ten comments about his thongs from women at the beach use the exact same phrase.  "Cute shorts!"  I don't know if this is because men are "supposed" to wear "swim shorts" or what.  I guess it's possible some women don't know  what to call his swimsuit, so "shorts" is better than nothing.

Getting back to his shorts, he has only twice had issues with wearing them in public.  Once at a dry-thru window, where the manager thought he wasn't wearing any shorts at all, and the second at a Kroger's grocery, where the manager and a man who identified himself as a member of "store security" ask him to not wear such skimpy cut-offs into the store again.  At the Krogers, he was wearing his cut-offs over bike shorts (he had been out on the bike path) and simply wore his bike pants instead.  The manager said this wasn't as risque, even though he had the same bike pants on under his shorts.
bodyphil #286

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/14/2011 08:38:01Copy HTML


He usually wears spagetti string tank tops, or modified T-shirts which he has deeply cut the arms off of.  He has gotten quite a few positive comments from women and even a few men, who usually comment on his shirts.  A lot of men want to try wearing a shirt which will either show most of their back, expose the sides of their chests, or expose their nipples. 


That´s an interesting comment. Especially as in US nearly any form of tank top or cut-away T is not only ok for the fitness studio but also for going around generally. And although the choice in the shops is not so great there are plenty of interesting things in this category on the net.
ithongit #287

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/14/2011 01:43:27Copy HTML

I would love to find a few more shirts "manufactured" with the oversized arm holes for Randy.  Like wearing a "Speedo thong", a manufactured shirt with oversized arms gives some legitamacy to the style when worn in more conservative environments.

stanpuppy #288

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/15/2011 03:54:03Copy HTML

ithongit....they are all over eBay.  Just type in "Sleeveless shirt" or "muscle shirt" and you will get more responses than you will know what to do with
tanlines2thin #289

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/17/2011 01:42:35Copy HTML

if you want short-shorts that take the definition of short-shorts to minimal, check out the 'men's hipster panties' at swirlfashion on ebay......very revealing
MattSprat #290

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/17/2011 03:18:49Copy HTML

Just ordered a pair of booty2 shorts from Body Aware.  Anybody else have a pair of these?  Are they as comfy as they look?
darksmooth #291

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/17/2011 06:01:49Copy HTML

Matt, if they are anything similar to the regular booty short, they should be very comfortable.
azcraig #292

Re:Short Shorts

Date Posted:05/18/2011 01:53:55Copy HTML

I went into a fast food for some lunch wearing some short cut offs with less than a one inch inseam. They have unraveled pretty high in the sides and to the bottom of the rear pockets that have been cut off to be about one inch shorter (higher) than they originally were. While in line there were two girls behind me that I overheard talking about my shorts. I thought heard one say “check out the bootie shorts on that guy”. The other girl said “I know, how could you miss them”. The first girl said “he’s got nice legs” to which the second one responded “he looks ridiculous”. After I placed my order I turned around to step away from the counter and the first girl recognized me. She said “oh it’s you in those short shorts”. I told yeah, I am me alright. The first girl then started to tell her who I was although I could not hear what she said. I kind of recognized the first girl but was not sure where I had seen her.

After they ordered they walked over to where I was and she said I’m Amanda, Dale’s wife, remember you came over this winter and helped Dale get our truck running? I now remembered her. She was wearing shorts and a tank top and girl 2 was in jeans and a t-shirt. Amanda said “it’s not often you see a guy in shorts like that”. Her friend asked why are they so short?” I told her you would have to ask my wife that, she cuts all my shorts off like this. Amanda then said to her “damn girl, look at those legs, if you had legs like that you could wear booty shorts too”.

They called my number so I told her to say Hi to Dale and walked toward the counter. As I did the lady next to them asked “do you know him?” I did not hear the answer but as I left I heard her say, “hot legs and rear or not, those shorts are just wrong” to which Amanda said “they look good as far as I am concerned. Over time some of my shorts have gotten very short and I have to be careful not to pull them up too far or my cheeks will show out the bottom. I did have to pitch a couple of pair this winter because they had gotten so short that my cheeks always showed. My wife took some out of the crotch on a few to fix that problem. The thing is these all started off as Levi’s too super low stretch jeans and now that she has altered them again, they are ultra low rise. These are not any shorter than what you see commonly see girls in but  I very seldom see guys wearing shorts much above knee. Although I am comfortable wearing short shorts, I sometimes wonder how out of place it really is for men to wear shorts with very short inseams
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Re:Short Shorts

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I haven't worn cut offs since lycra shorts were invented. Cut-offs just seem old fashioned to me, kinda like wearing one of those old beer can knitted hats from the 70's.  I wear lycra exercise shorts and carry a back pack when I want to run around in skimpy attire. I wear cargo shorts mostly. I love them. plenty of pockets to hold stuff.  And I can go anywhere in them. Of course I wear lycra exercise shorts about anywhere also.
gradstudch #294

Re:Short Shorts

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Has anyone bought any shorts from bodyaware? Their shorts are pretty short and skimpy. I wonder if you did how are they? Can you wear them to the gym? Also, do you wear thongs underneath or freeball? I wonder if thong lines would show through?
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Re:Short Shorts

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 Good value, good products. I wear thong uinderwear with them
SlidingG #296

Re:Short Shorts

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I had some with a brazil-back liner that were short, but I felt were fine for normal use.  I cut the liner out and wore a string, but they're too short for free balling.  
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Re:Short Shorts

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Nice "manufactured" tank top
stanpuppy #298

Re:Short Shorts

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I just bought an awesome pair of retro 80's "hot skins" workout shorts on eBay.  They were about 7 inches in the inseam when they arrived.  I took them to the dry cleaners and had the lady hem them to a 1 inch inseam.  They are AWESOME!!!!   They are super tight, so you can slightly make out my "man parts"...LoL.  I will wear them to workout in my basement, but I will absolutely walk the streets of sobe in them next time wife and I go!!!
MattSprat #299

Re:Short Shorts

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 Anybody have a pair of rip-stop running shorts from bodyaware?  I think they look good but wonder if they're any good for running/working out.  Would appreciate any comments.
stanpuppy #300

Re:Short Shorts

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I continue to have great luck with thrift stores in the area.  Yesterday I found a pair of vintage 80's "Hot Skins" leggings ($1.99).  I take them to the dry cleaners and have them hemmed to a 2 in inseam ($5.00) and for less than 10 bucks I have an awesome (and unique) pair of workout shorts!   If anyone has any vintage hot skins stuff (tanks or shorts), let me know and i will gladly buy them from you
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