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Date Posted:12/12/2018 11:36:38Copy HTML

While I have not had many people complain specifically about my swimwear, and neither have my three main male friends, it seems that the general public is sensitive to seen me and my men showing affection when wearing thongs or other minimal swimsuits.  Of course, other people do it all the time when wearing more conservative swimsuits do it too, but they can get away with going a lot further.

I am not talking about the things that people do hiding their activities by the water.  I am talking about long, slow kisses or touching certain exposed parts of the body, including the buns.  Many adults, who see a lot worse in the movies, on TV, or even participate in similar actions at the beach get all worked up when a thonging couple does the same thing.

Could it be that these close-minded people are looking at a thonging couple, seeing some relatively tame affection, and expoding with hostility because they think the couple has gone too far.   Perhaps it is because the thongers are breaking two taboos at the same time.  Daring to both show some skin and some affection at the same time.

I was at Ceaser Creek (which is supposed to be thong tollerant) with Brad and he kisses my neck when we are standing next to each other.  Some lady came by and told us to get a motel room.  Make the couples activities appear more sexually stimulating, like putting suntan stuff on another's bottom, and we have had the police called!  Not a single call was about our thongs.  Instead they were about us "having sex" or "starting to have sex" on the beach.

Da6772 #1

Re:Showing affection in a thong vs in a "normal" swimsuit

Date Posted:12/13/2018 04:21:05Copy HTML

You must have some uptight people around southern Ohio. I used to sunbathe with M. and only put sunblock on her.  (Well, we did kiss a few times, but since she had a boyfriend, those times were few in number.)  After one of her friends bought her a thong, she would hold up the sunblock bottle and ask me if I would "do her".  (By then she trusted me enough to say things like that.) I would just smile at her and start at her shoulders and work my way down.  As I applied sunblock just above her derrière, she would tell me to make sure I got the sunblock everywhere.  (More grins from me.) No one ever said a word about us.  No ranger ever talked to us. Of course the other guys had a to be a bit envious of me.  Not only was M. a real knockout, but she had the greatest personality I've ever known. Back to your question:  no one from "back in the day" until now has ever said anything at that beach just west of Cleveland.  It was a very fun and happening beach when the thongs were very popular.  I don't know how people could think you're "having sex" when you're applying sunblock to someone.  Maybe they fell asleep during sex education class.  ;)

Lycrafool #2

Re:Showing affection in a thong vs in a "normal" swimsuit

Date Posted:12/13/2018 09:17:31Copy HTML

Mary, is this happening frequently? There are always some nut jobs out there, so if it'd happen only a few times I wouldn't be surprised. But if it is common, I think you're right there; it's probably about breaking two taboos at the same time. I'm sure people who consider the thong to be highly sexual in itself in the first place are more likely to react this way when adding some light touching or kissing, no matter how decent. The thong kind of multiplies the sexy tension, which in their eyes makes a soft kiss turn into a porn movie.
roninho #3

Re:Showing affection in a thong vs in a "normal" swimsuit

Date Posted:12/16/2018 09:25:59Copy HTML

Not encountered this. We frequently go to Rio de Janeiro to visit family and a couple of years ago my wife bought a tiny white bikini, not quite a 'fio dental' but it had a half back with string sides to a low cut front. Did nothing to hide her outline and was damn sexy. While getting our photo taken by my cousin a grabbed my wifes amazing bum, which was only a fraction covered. unknown to me there was a guy sitting in a beach chair directly behind us who found my action quite amusing, as my cousin told us! But i guess Rio is different; so many women in tiny bikinis and South Americans are so tactile anyway. 

ithongit #4

Re:Showing affection in a thong vs in a "normal" swimsuit

Date Posted:12/17/2018 03:55:44Copy HTML

I think maybe it has to do with how far a couple go. I see "normally" clothed people messing around all the time, but their hands, etc., usually stay only on the exposed skin areas. In a thong, there is a lot more skin exposure, and some areas (buns) are more likely to be messed with. Likewise, thonging women often wear more abreviated tops (sides and or bottoms exposed) and again this is more skin people can mess with. There is a topic somewhere on applying suntan lotion, and if I remember right, the general attitude was that if it was exposed, touching it for the purpose of applying lotion was okay, as long as the action did not go on for too long. Any long-term lotion application to these usually hidden areas was seen by some as being sexual in nature. When I see some lady with her arm stuffed elbow deep into a man's board shorts, I assume the worst and immagine she is giving him some type of sexual stimulation. Randy loves to stuff his hand under my G-string fronts but lets the tips of his fingers sneeak out of the leg openings. He is touching the good stuff, but not massaging, and there has never been any complaints. On the other hand, he wore a baggie one day, and Nikki had come along and first spent what seemed like hours putting lotion down his crack and then when he flipped over, stroked his tightly covered snake for quite a while. This time the Ranger was called and they were told to find somewhere private to mess around. I had applied ass-crack lotion many times, and even applied it to his manhood when he was totally nude at a non-nude beach. People saw us, and Randy had the expected respose, but after a minute at most, I quit and eventually he returned to normal. No complaints, but he actually got a few compliments from some of the near-by ladies. So I think it is intensity of touching and time involved that make the biggest differences. Even having a "positive" reaction on Randy's part did not upset most people but might have if I had continued the massaging for a long time or let him perform his "magic" in front of others. Traci
NudeNArizona #5

Re:Showing affection in a thong vs in a "normal" swimsuit

Date Posted:12/21/2018 03:39:05Copy HTML

I personally think it really depends on where you are at and who is around and the extent of the affection you are showing. As others have said they have seen "normally" dressed people who are showing explict affection. I also agree with if the skin is showing it is fine to apply sunscreen to it. We have never had an issue with others when we have done this whether conservative swimwear, minimal swimwear or even nude.
sprockettooth #6

Re:Showing affection in a thong vs in a "normal" swimsuit

Date Posted:12/21/2018 10:37:50Copy HTML

Showing affection, Showing the body you were born with, Being out doors in the natural environment, Being around people- BEING SOCIAL -

The reaction: call the police.  I say: Let them haters wear sweat pants, eat pork rinds, drink Mountain Dew, watch TV (Foxx News), and stay home, away from the public where love happens.

Affection, thongs and the beach are afew of our (Thong Board Members)  favorite things.  It's simply impossible to get into the head of those, so offended by beauty, who vocalize dissapproval.  I'm certain that a psycologist could help us understand.  I'm just pleased to have made it to adulthood with apprecation for the shared beautiful and loving experiences of humanity as they play-out on the beach and everywhere else.

On the otherside of the planet people in thick protective uniforms are fighting to death over differences, often religious, in thought.

Affectionate thong wearers: Let's be glad that our concern is simply that of criticism; It's criticism of what we display - beauty and love.


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