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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:01/01/2014 06:07:26Copy HTML

My wife and I will be staying on the south shore of Sicily for a week in April.  It may not be good beach weather then, but if it is I'd like to do it in a thong.  If not, I'll stick to my black speedo with 1/4" sides or (reluctantly) the one with 1 1/2 " sides.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?
tiggerix #1


Date Posted:01/02/2014 12:04:50Copy HTML

 I went to Sardinia a few years ago and wore a small white string on a few beaches. On one beach I walked into the sea wearing the string and got a "yuk" from an american female laying about 10' away, but not even a look from an extended Italian family who were about 10' away the other side. They were busy being organised by the grandmother and the son or son in law seemed to be getting grief for anything he did or didn't do - very Italian. On another beach there was a couple about 10 years older than me and my OH; the lady stood by us at the water's edge and tried some conversation with us and I think she was just enjoying the view - her husband just stayed laying under his parasol.  On other beaches I did get some looks from older people (60's?), but mostly not much interest from anyone.  On the mainland near Naples, I did get laughed at by a young guy (late teen early 20s) who was with his girlfriend.  I wasn't sure whether he truly found it funny or was trying to impress his girlfriend.
Other beaches I wore a very small (asian type) speedo and got no looks at all.  
Occasionally I wore a Joe Snyder Capri which is very comfortable, but I am never sure about the fit at the back - it always seems to me that I don't look that good in it.  This was at some very busy beaches and in some ways it is easier where there are so many people since they can't quite work it out and aren't that interested.
You should easily be able to wear the smallest speedo style as they are still accepted in Italy, even if board shorts are more in vogue.  On many beaches a string/thong should be possible.  The other thing is that Italians are mostly stylish people, so best to have something well made and good fit.
XChip #2


Date Posted:01/04/2014 01:14:46Copy HTML

 OK, I'll go with the speedos.  Not a problem.  Thanks for the tips.
speedolover1 #3


Date Posted:02/15/2018 07:24:15Copy HTML

 i’m headed back to sicily on holiday this spring - any reccomendations for understated, less crowded beaches??
tiggerix #4


Date Posted:02/16/2018 05:05:13Copy HTML

Many beaches in Sicily will be fine away from the main towns - plus some ideas here:  http://www.visitsicily.info/en/naturism-in-sicily/   

I haven't been  to Sicily (yet) but in Sardinia I didn't have any problems and saw a few guys in thongs even in fairly busy places - I got the occasional glance and some giggles when me and the OH were both in thongs, butt up, sunbathing together.  I think it was seeing male and female butts together that they found amusing.  Sadly, no one offered to take a photo.... 
speedolover1 #5


Date Posted:02/19/2018 04:21:30Copy HTML

thanks, i have a few different swimsuits i'm going to wear, mostly a few from mategear and some from desmiit. but haven't gone full thong just yet. my girlfriend prefers the really low cut, low rise speedo, so hopefully no issues down there with those styles. we want to be on a nice beach, but just not next to families or large crowds, but mid april should be fine down there. 
tiggerix #6


Date Posted:02/20/2018 11:06:04Copy HTML

@speedolover1 - low rise speedos are fine anywhere in Italy - they are universally accepted.  Single bold colours, well made, stylish.  I doubt Mategear would work on me as I cannot understand wearing something that doesn't fit the butt.  For me, swimwear should follow the body curves/lines and not look clumsy.  The Desmiit swim thong generally works as a conservative thong, and from the front looks like what many Italians wear.  From the back, because it fits (me) well, it doesn't look too out of place.

Anyway, hope you really enjoy Sicily - and do try some busy beaches as you might be surprised how much fun they are.
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