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Date Posted:08/05/2003 04:15:52Copy HTML

It's Tuesday afternoon and I just went for a walk on Siesta Key wearing a purple skinz M3 thong. I arrived at the Crescent Beach access point (at Stickney Point bridge) and, after a swim, walked north almost to the main beach pavilion area. The weather was sunny and hot, with a few thunderstorms in the area but fortunately not at the beaches yet. The beaches were relatively crowded with American tourists getting in their last beach fix before the kids go back to school. I saw no other thongs on either gender. I received applause (sarcastic I think), whistles, and yells from some groups of people in the water and a few on the shore as well.It really wasn't worthwhile. If you're planning a trip to the beach, I'd postpone it until after August 15. By then most of the kids will be back in school and the "family quotient" at the beach will be diminished.sarasotajt
Microron #1

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/05/2003 04:48:28Copy HTML

Nice try on the beach, sarasotajt!

The joung male's in their early twemties are out and about making fools of themselves and anyone foolish to let their daughter go out with any ot theses guys. Even if a sufficiently artculate person amongst them could be found, the father will be doomed to great worry while our precious daughter might be in there '''... shudder I will not think of that possability!

Like you, Lookin forward to the less than adult quotient on the beach.. that's ruling out most males 19-24. It has been a great summer for the 14-17 year old femal set who are just enjoyong freedom in their string bikins. ' So good looking for so little time'...  the parents with kids are seldom a problem and they seldom take issue in others wearing microswimwear.

himandherthonger #2

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/01/2003 10:43:56Copy HTML

We went to Siesta Key Beach on Sunday, seen many young and middle age ladies in both thong and G's. My wife and I wore Skinz Rios on Sunday. Once we seen how friendly Siesta Key Beach was, we went back on Monday her in a WW and myself in a Skinz thong.

No rude comments, and not a lot of nasty looks too. Big change from the earlier comments. But then again, it is after Aug 15.

beachfolks #3

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/02/2003 06:22:08Copy HTML

What is the beach/thonging location on Siesta Key? We would like to visit next holiday in the area.
himandherthonger #4

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/03/2003 04:01:50Copy HTML

Reply to : beachfolks

I believe it is called Siesta Beach, on the southern side of the island just past the village. There is street parking and a large lot also, you must get there early, parking lot fills up early.

Maxtlatl #5

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/03/2003 08:09:38Copy HTML

Reply to : himandherthonger

Yes, Siesta Key is also the name of the town; it is just south of the town of Sarasota (in Sarasota County). The easiest way to get there (if not in Sarasota) is to get off I-75 at exit #37 (Clark Road), and take it west all the way over the bridge to the barrier island. When Clark ends, turn right to Siesta Key beach.

I should also mention that, if you instead turn left and go to near the end, you end up at Turtle Beach. When Siesta Key is filled, there is often space at Turtle Beach. The sand is nowhere near as nice as Siesta Key. However, my wife has gone topless (and thonged) there with me, in the less-crowded section north of the parking lot.

[By the way, I've never managed to find the Crescent Beach access, and the signs all suggest it has little parking, anyways.]
beachfolks #6

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/03/2003 02:00:22Copy HTML

Thanks Him and Her and Max. We've visited there several years ago looking for thongers, but did not see any, thought possibly there was a location we missed. We plan to visit in October, so the crowds won't be large. Did the thongers congregate to either end of the beach?
himandherthonger #7

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/03/2003 10:54:09Copy HTML

Reply to : beachfolks

They were all over the area we were in, mixed in with people in bikinis to modest one pieces. They had their blankets more away from the water though. Guess they didn't want people walking by just to check them out.

sarasotajt #8

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/09/2003 05:17:26Copy HTML

Thursday afternoon here. The weather started out warm and sunny this morning but has grown progressively cloudy. I skipped out from work for a long lunch and went out to Siesta Key beach. I started out at the north end of the beach but saw only one male thonger (off by himself) and a girl (with friends) who had wedged her standard bikini bottom up to get more sun. Sensing somewhat of a "family atmosphere" where my thong would probably annoy others, I left and drove down to the main Siesta Beach parking area. There I Immediately saw an attractive female thonger with her sister(?) and her young son so I spread out my towel in a sparsely populated area of beach nearby and laid out for a while. From that location, I eventually saw two other ladies and another male thonger. No one made any disrespectful remarks that I could hear or see.

 Soon, the clouds thickened and it was time to leave. I pulled on my shorts for a quick walk down the beach and back. I saw one more fabulous girl in a red thong who walked right up to the beach pavilion. She caught the eye of a number of young men in the vicinity, but was not hasseled by anyone that I saw. On the way back I saw her return to her beach chair with her boyfriend.

I thong because I like the all-over tan and it makes me feel sexy, whether I look sexy or pathetic is a matter for interpretation. I don't walk through the crowd on Siesta Beach wearing just my thong because: 1) I know too many people in this town now and I really don't want one of my church friends to catch me strutting down the crowded beach in my thong, and 2) because male thongers will surely get verbally harassed by the young "board shorts" crowd and I'm tired of hearing it.  I have done it in years past and at other beaches where I know no one. Sometimes it was fun and I got compliments from some girls, other times is was stressful because I got hazed by young males. If I could, I'd visit Miami's Haulover beach every weekend. The freedom of the clothing optional atmosphere is really great.

I've been rambling. That's my Siesta beach report update.


sarasotajt #9

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/28/2004 04:48:56Copy HTML

It's late October now, almost Halloween. I had an excuse to get away from the workplace for a while so I headed out to Siesta Key beach.  The beach was surprisingly busy for a Thursday afternoon with partly cloudy skies. There were lots of families with kids too. I guess they're vacationing tourists from abroad as American kids should be in school today. I did hear some british accents.

Anyway, I saw no thongs at all during my first walk down the beach. I kept my shorts on and walked from the south end to the north end of the pavilion beach area. Once I got clear of the crowd I spread out my towel, removed my shorts and got a little sun. While there, I did see one attractive middle-aged lady walk by in her white thong bikini accompanied by her husband.  After about an hour it was time to go so I pulled on my shorts and walked back the way I came to my car.  On the way I saw three more girls laying out in thongs. Two of them appeared to be either sisters or cousins as they strongly resembled each other. They did not hesitate to go for a swim or stand around talking at the water's edge. Lots of people were around and I suspect some of the elderly people were annoyed by their attire. I enjoyed it.

It was a nice day but unfortunately became increasingly cloudy. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.


sarasotajt #10

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:02/16/2005 04:06:00Copy HTML

A new year and a new Siesta Key Beach report.

Today's weather was absolutely perfect - 76 F and not a cloud in the sky. The beach was extremely crowded on this Wednesday afternoon. I escaped from work during my lunch hour (ok, it was a 2 hour lunch) and caught some rays on the beach. I managed to find a parking space in the Siesta Beach pavilion lot which was almost full.

Wearing running shorts over my black Skinz thong, I walked up and down the beach in front of the pavilion looking for other thongers but saw none. I saw only two or three ladies in rio back suits and there were a couple of men in speedos. I walked to the south end of the pavilion area and spread out my towel where the crowd thinned out. After about 20 minutes, fortune struck and a sexy girl with long black hair spread out her towel about 30 yards away. She striped down to a black thong bikini and laid out face-up until I had to leave about an hour later. I sense she was timid about turning fanny-up. She was the only other thonger I saw today. As winter gives way to spring, this will change. The retirees will return home to northern states and the local and visiting thongers will indulge their passion for the beach. I've just got to be patient.


sarasotajt #11

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/14/2005 05:57:38Copy HTML

Just a quick update.

I got out to Siesta Key Beach (Sarasota, FL) for almost two hours today. The weather was near perfect - almost 80F, sunny, but a bit windy. The spring break crowds have diminished so although the beach was full of people there were still a few parking spaces available.

I walked the length of the beach when I first arrived - looking for a likely spot to lay out. Along the way I saw three ladies sunning their buns in the midst of the crowd but I didn't have the nerve to sit down near them.  I continued walking to the north end of the beach - away from the crowd - where I pulled off my shorts and got some sun while eating my lunch.

After about 40 minutes, I was bored so I packed up, pulled on my shorts and walked back. When crossing through the crowd in front of the beach pavilion I encountered a sparsely populated area which by luck was ringed by three new ladies sunning their buns. I couldn't resist so I spread out my towel again, removed my shorts, got out my book and laid out for another 40 minutes. All of the women were with their husbands - one of which was wearing a speedo. Lots of people walked by or were enjoying the beach around me and I didn't hear any negative comments though I did see one tourist family staring at me. I didn't see any thongers walking around today and I left the beach soon after my neighbors did.

Sure beats the office cubicle!


sarasotajt #12

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/24/2005 10:36:48Copy HTML

On Saturday I got a chance to head out to Siesta Key beach with my 2 yr old son. It was a beautiful day - we arrived around 10 am before the heat set in and to get a parking spot. I loaded the boy and our gear into his big tire red wagon and headed to an area just south of the crowds. We spread out our blanket and I wore a skinz thong as he played in the sand and chased gulls. Of course I had to go with him into the water where we sat in the shallows. Lots of people walked by - most smiled, my son is a cute little kid. I saw only one other thonger, a female, in the distance walking right past the crowds with her husband. On a positive notes I'm noticing fewer "boy-short" bikinis these days. It seems they're adopting the brazillian bottom style which is ok with me.

After two hours we'd had enough fun splashing in the waves and he was getting hot and tired. I loaded up the wagon, pulled on my shorts, and began the trudge back to the car. On the way I encountered the highlight of the day. Two young ladies playing volleyball wearing thong bikinis. They looked great and I wished that I could feel comfortable doing the same thing. The adjacent courts are always in use by guys in regular board shorts and I'm sure I'd get heckled if I tried it - I don't have anyone to play volleyball with anyway. It just reminds me of the coolest volleyball game I ever participated in: nude at Navarre Beach 10 years ago...


sarasotajt #13

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:11/08/2005 10:46:11Copy HTML

Update on the beaches of Sarasota, Florida : Siesta Key Beach and Lido Beach

The weather here has been absolutely perfect lately. Lots of sun, a few clouds, and warm temperatures in the mid 80's F.  I've had the opportunity to take a few extended lunch breaks lately to get some sun at the beaches and here's my report.

1. Sarasota suffered very little damage from this year's hurricanes and tropical storms. The sand has been pushed around at north Siesta Beach forming new tidal lagoons and sandbars. This is attractive to the shorebirds and hasn't robbed the beaches of sand. Turtle Beach at the south end of Siesta Key is a different story - The beach and dunes there have been robbed of sand and a renourishment project is needed.

2. The snowbirds are back! The beaches are crowded with elderly folks returning to Sarasota for the winter. There are just fewer younger bodies in general and I try to use discretion where I lay out and where I walk. I don't really get any thrills parading around in front of old folks in my thong as I know it annoys most of them. Still, I've heard no remarks.

3. The red tide algae blooms which have plagued our beaches most of the year are relenting. I have not noticed any odors or sinus irritation lately. The water temps are cooling which is killing off the blooms.

It's been a while since I've seen other thongers out at north Lido Beach - it's hit-and-miss depending on what day you visit. Yesterday I saw two other males and only one female thonger out on Siesta Beach / north Siesta Beach. I walked along the shore for a distance and was passed twice by sherriff's deputies on 4-wheelers. They didn't even slow down. I have seen a number of young ladies wearing "rio" back bikinis but few thongs.

In short, come to Sarasota, we need more thongers here!


sarasotajt #14

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/21/2006 06:03:01Copy HTML

It's spring break 2006 on Siesta Key. I took a walk during my extended lunch break today. No thongs anywhere. Depressing.
The beach is crowded with people and the weather is wonderful so no excuses. I guess it's just full of midwesterners. There's a good chance that some thongs may be seen on the weekends as more locals would be out then. Recent visits to Lido Key beach just to the north tell the same story - no thongs besides myself. I just lay out away from the crowds and don't walk around. I even went down to Caspersen beach in Venice, FL last week (Friday). Only one other thonger - male. I walked much of the length of the beach in my thong. This area is a nearly pristine natural beach lined by native vegetation rather than condos or hotels. The area is rumored to be an unofficial nude beach but no sign of that activity now.

mrever_ready #15

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/21/2006 02:49:29Copy HTML

It sounds like you're a pretty lucky dude, living in paradise.    Up here in Canada, we're still freezing our butts off.    However, a week ago, it was unseasonably warm, so I grabbed a snow shovel and shovelled the snow off our patio.   We grabbed our thong swimsuits and enjoyed an afternoon sunning our buns.    It made us think of our recent Carribean vacation where that's all we wore.    Gotta love my red sparkly thong from Skinz !   
briankay #16

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/22/2006 09:38:07Copy HTML

sarasotajt wrote

No thongs anywhere. Depressing. The beach is crowded with people and the weather is wonderful so no excuses.


Not that this is a large sample, but my experience is there aren't many thongers at Siesta Key.  In Mar/April 95 I visited and there was only one person I saw.  Yet at the same time, there were plenty of thongers at N Lido.

We were there again Mar 02.  Nothing at Siesta, but this time just a few at N Lido.  Fortunately the few was enough for my daughter to feel comfortable.

Don't recall if I went to Siesta while in FL in 05.  Didn't go in 06. when we stayed at Madeira.

sarasotajt #17

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/08/2006 12:23:35Copy HTML

Siesta Key Beach report for June 7 2006.

This was a unique experience. Following an early afternoon eye exam I was left practically blinded. No point in going back to the office since I couldn't read anything so I headead out to Siesta Key Beach. I decided to be bold and leave my shorts in the car. I carried only my lunch, towel and some sunscreen as I walked out onto the beach. I laid out face up in a fairly large opening in the crowd and ate my lunch. It was odd because my vision was so fuzzy I had a hard time seeing who was around me. I could generally make out what they were wearing - typical board shorts and bikinis although a couple of young ladies were wearing some rio back bottoms. No thongs anywhere.

After I finished lunch my vision began to improve. I picked up my stuff and walked north away from the crowd where I again spread out my towel and laid our on my stomach. I could hear a few comments from passers-by but nothing rude, just "look at that guy" sort of stuff.
Finally, my vision was getting back to normal so I went for a walk along the sparsely populated north beach. At the very north end I spotted a young lady sunning her buns, hard to say whether it was a true thong or simply a rio wedged up.

My vision had now returned to normal and I had no more excuse for playing hookie from work. I picked up my things as I walked back down the beach and headed straight to the shower to rinse off before getting into my car. The crowds had begun to thin out and I still saw no other thongers around the main beach area. Still, it was a nice afternoon at the beach.

sarasotajt #18

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/25/2007 09:45:53Copy HTML

Spring break is in full force here in Sarasota Florida.
Unfortunately, that means lots of elderly folks and families from up north on our beaches. Parking is hard to come by.
I made it out to Turtle Beach park which is located at the south end of Siesta Key for 2 hours yesterday, Sunday March 25th. Those of you familiar with this beach will be pleased to hear that a renourishment project is nearly completed and the beach area is very wide and expansive. I think one could now walk south to Palmer Point Park which was previously accessible only by boat or kayak.

The beach area now exceeds the parking capacity.
I was the only thonger - and kept to myself down the beach away from the crowds. I saw a few ladies in smallish bikinis but that was it for minimal swimwear. Still, it's a nice place to go when parking is unavailable at Siesta's main beach.

srqthong #19

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/26/2007 01:57:36Copy HTML

Make that two thongers on Turtle Beach. I was at the South end of Turtle Beach, right were the beach re-nourishment ends and Palmer Point Beach starts. Same report though...One marginal thong on a young mother with the family. Lots of retiree's. I might try again on Wednesday and probably next Sunday. Since it is pretty wide open, I whore a Skinz Sling thong which I wouldn't feel comfortable on wearing the main Siesta Beach this time of year.

Now that access to Palmer Point Beach has been restored this may be a good thonging area.  

sarasotajt #20

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/27/2007 04:24:30Copy HTML

Went out to Siesta Key's main beach area during lunch today.
The place was crowded with parking available only when someone left.
Clouds and a stronger wind made the weather less perfect than previous days.
I saw no other thongers. A few young girls had rio-ish back bikinis, but that was it.

By stroke of luck I get to spend Thurs & Fri in Key West. I hope to check out Smathers and Higgs beaches, and maybe even the Atlantic Shores pool if time and weather permit.

briankay #21

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/27/2007 12:32:30Copy HTML

(sarasotajt going to Key West)


I hope you enjoy yourself.  I haven't been there since 96, but had a great time then.

I figure when I take a trip it will be to Miami, since I've never been there.

vpazzjm63 #22

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/21/2007 05:24:03Copy HTML

Just went to siesta today. It was a beautiful sunny monday and there were very few crowds. I had a great time! I wore my thong for hours and got a lot of sun. Siesta is a beautiful beach and I intend on doing a lot more thonging there!
sarasotajt #23

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/03/2007 10:26:52Copy HTML

I went to Siesta Beach for two hours Sunday afternoon.
The beach was very crowded, despite less than perfect weather (hazy sun).

I saw a total of only four thongers, myself included. Two were the elderly couple who are regulars. I saw one attractive young lady walk the length of the beach in her thong accompanied by her board-short boyfriend.

srqthong #24

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/03/2007 11:00:38Copy HTML

Make that five thongers. I was near Beach Access 7 in an Alphamoda Anafi. A girl from Indiana asked me to pose for a photo with her, taken by her boyfriend.

The beach survived faily well from the passing tropical system on Saturday.



sarasotajt #25

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/02/2007 05:41:24Copy HTML

I made two visits to Turtle Beach at the south end of Siesta Key over the weekend.
On Saturday afternoon I laid out at the south end of the crowd. After a dip in the water I walked south past the condos and houses to the Midnight Pass - Palmer Point Park area and back. I saw no other small swimsuit wearers but I enjoyed the walk.
Sunday afternoon I headed to the north end of the crowd just north of the Turtle Beach campground. Eventually, I took another walk north past the condos and homes almost to Point of Rocks before turning around. I passed only a handfull of people, saw no thongers, but enjoyed the walk.

sarasotajt #26

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/04/2007 10:09:42Copy HTML

I took the family out to Siesta Key beach on the morning of July 4th. We arrived early - shortly after 9:00 am and the beach was already busy with the parking lots half full. I was not thonging and saw no other thongs the entire morning - only one woman in a rio-back suit was the most revealing I saw. We left shortly after 11:00am to get our young children home for lunch and naps. By this time the beach was packed and the parking lot full. I can only hope that the afternoon brought out some more interesting swimwear. I didn't even see a man wearing a speedo. Truly, this was a very American holiday...

thonggirl1975 #27

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/07/2007 03:06:27Copy HTML

Hello, I have a business trip to Sarasota in 2 weeks and I plan on trying to get some beach time at Siesta.  I have visited there before, but I think I'm finally getting the nerve to wear a thong bathing suit and a skimpier top.  What are the laws there and where would the best place to go?  Thanks.
srqthong #28

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/08/2007 11:17:04Copy HTML

I live on Siesta Key and have thonged there for about ten years. Thongs are permitted. My favorite spots are beach access 5, beach access 7, and beach access 5. These are just north of the main Siesta Beach. If you are confortable in more secluded beach I reccomend Palmer Point. To get to this beach, park at the Turtle Beach area and walk about 1/2 mile south to where the buildings end. I was there last Sunday and it was awesome. Two thonging couples and myself. 
srqthong #29

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/12/2007 09:19:44Copy HTML

Spent Saturday and Sunday at Palmer Point Beach. No other thongers this weekend. I felt quite comfortable in a Dore Slingshot and had conversations with several beach walkers. Not one negative comment or jesture. Can't wait for next week-end...
sarasotajt #30

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/25/2007 03:38:07Copy HTML

Took my kids to Turtle beach this morning. The day couldn't be more perfect with warm temps and blue skies. Crowds were thin and we parked at the south end of the beach. I wore my black skinz thong. I didn't see any other thongers, but did eventually see several girls wearing close to rio-back bikinis during the two hours we were there.

sarasotajt #31

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/04/2007 10:03:50Copy HTML

I went for a walk along the shore of north Siesta Key beach on Labor Day. The beach was packed, but a looming thundershower was driving many families towards their cars.
During my walk I saw four ladies wearing thongs (well, two were tangas). One of these ladies was playing paddle-ball with her boyfriend right along the surf.

I kept my shorts on during my walk since it was overcast anyway. Seeing that the sky was clearing to the south, I returned to my car and drove to the south end of the key - Turtle Beach.
There, I walked towards the south in front of the condos where I enjoyed an hour sunning and swimming in my thong. I even walked south to Palmer Point beach and back in just my thong, passing only a handful of people along the way.

When returning to my car I saw one lady wearing a rio-back bikini, but no other thongers.

sarasotajt #32

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/16/2007 01:01:19Copy HTML

Visited Turtle Beach at the south tip of Siesta Key on Saturday morning.
When I arrived there seemed to be more surf fishermen than sun worshipers.
I spread my towel in a wide gap between some fishermen towards the south end of the beach and got some sun in my black skinz thong.
By the time I left an hour and a half later, I saw one woman in the distance wearing a thong or tanga - hard to make out in the distance.

srqthong #33

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/16/2007 09:19:34Copy HTML

Also spent Saturday at South Turtle/Palmer Point from about 10:30 to 2:00. Hardly anybody there. Warm water, offshore breeze, and good "shelling" made it pretty awesome though. Went to Siesta Beach, access 7 on Sunday and saw what looked like twin girls in thong/rios.
sarasotajt #34

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/21/2007 04:44:11Copy HTML

I spent my lunch hour at Siesta Key beach.
It was a warm, sunny, but windy day following two or more days of cloudy, rainy weather.
I parked at the main beach pavilion and laid out towards the north end at the fringe of the crowd.
As luck would have it a couple who had been walking the beach returned to their stuff located nearby and she was wearing a black thong bikini. Hers was the only one I saw today.

vtbeach #35

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/22/2007 09:02:05Copy HTML

Sarasotajt, Thanks for your regular updates on Siesta Key!  Growing up, I spent many wonderful vacations on the beach when I visited my grandparents in Sarasota.  Would love to come back down and try thonging there!
srqthong #36

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/24/2007 02:31:33Copy HTML

Spent another awesome day at Palmer Point / South Turtle Beach. Hardly anyone around but great shelling. I was walking along the water going south and totally did not hear two Sarasota County Sheriff ATV's cruise by. I had a Dore Ring Slingshot on and would have stayed in my chair if I had known they were in the area. They passed by,went to the other end of the beach turned around and went passed me again without batting an eye, and no indication that they were involved in any kind of pursuit. Later a lady passed by while I was shelling and stopped to talk for quite awhile. Several other beach strollers passed while we talked. Again, no negative comments or gestures from anyone.

I guess I'm more apprehensive than I should be about wearing minumal swimwear. I have read this before on this site, but it is probably best not hide or cover up as this indicates what you are doing is wrong.



sarasotajt #37

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/14/2007 04:29:16Copy HTML

Took my kids out to the main beach pavilion area on Siesta Key today.
The weather was perfect and the seaweed/algae problem has dissipated. Very little odor remains.
I was with some friends from out of state so I was board-shorting it today, but I wanted to report that I did see two ladies wearing thongs and about six others wearing brazil or rio back suits.
My friend, who had walked down from the north end of the beach, volunteered informing me that he had seen a couple of folks (both genders) wearing thongs up that way.
This is encouraging for anyone who wants to come thong on Siesta beach.
sarasotajt #38

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/05/2008 12:54:18Copy HTML

 It was a beautiful afternoon at Siesta Beach today. A little windy and the blowing sand was a little annoying, but it was still crowded. I laid out at the north end for about an hour at first and saw no thongers; then I drove down to the main pavillion parking lot with the intent of rinsing off. I walked past the crowd just north of the pavilion and saw one lady thonger. I continued to the edge of the crowd and spread my towel again to get another half hour of sun.During that time two more ladies wearing thongs walked by. All three were middle-aged women. Things are looking up at Siesta!

ThongLoverOBX #39

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/14/2008 01:11:27Copy HTML

Hey guys... my wife and I are planning to visit Siesta Key this summer. I've been looking for hotels on the internet and can't find an affordable one that has good reviews. Know of anything nice and cheap? Thanks.
srqthong #40

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/12/2008 04:59:49Copy HTML

I've been visiting South Turtle Beach - Palmer Point Beach every Saturday for the last several month's and have noticed an increase in the number of thongers. A nice trend on this beautiful beach.

sarasotajt #41

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/28/2008 01:29:55Copy HTML

I visited Turtle Beach at the south end of Siesta Key for a couple of hours Memorial Day afternoon. I saw no other thongs.

Kind of depressing.

JM_Runs #42

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/28/2008 01:52:43Copy HTML

To sarasotajt,   It seems you are depressed when you don't see others in thongs.  Maybe you are looking for the wrong enjoyment.  The beach is about getting some sun, having some fun, chilling out.  I suspect there were others who were also enjoying the beach, they just were not wearing thongs.  You should take joy in the other people also enjoying the beach, for they can enjoy it just about as well without wearing a thong.

I also notice that my friends who work on the beach will tell me they see quite a few men in thongs, but not all at once.  I may see only one or two during my morning run, but I am told that others come out later.  Unless you spend all day at a beach, continually walking from one end to the other you may well miss the others in thongs, who come for an hour, sit at the other end and then are gone.

I think you should not feel depressed just because other men are not wearing thongs.  What is there to be depressed about? That you are not one of a herd?  That you might be seen as diffrent?  Trust me, there are people who will see you as diffrent no matter how many other men are in thongs.

I would suggest you try being active on the beach, running, flying a kite or something, and try being friendly to the other beach users.  Then you will come back and say you had a good time flying a kite and had an intresting conversation with a local family.  If you want to meet people on the beach then look to the people who are there, don't pine over the people who are not.

Just a suggestion.   JM
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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 Well stated JM, my sediments exactly.
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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I'm not suprised to here about no thongers for Memorial Day on Siesta. Typically this holiday on Siesta is dominated by family picnics and parties. Perhaps others are like me and are more comfortable in conservative swimwear for these kinds of events.
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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I know it's your board. I know you have paid for it's upkeep over the years. But sometimes you get too preachy. This was one of those times.
You live in Ft. Lauderdale. I've thonged there and SOBE several times. It's fabulous. You are spoiled. You may infrequently get heckled, but in that arena thong swimwear is common.

I was merely pointing out that on a very busy weekend there were no thongers at south Siesta Key besides myself. I was surprised, because usually as the quantity of beachgoers increases, so do the number of thongers. It's a percentage thing. I did enjoy my time and relax at the beach. And I'm not depressed because I didn't see other male thongers. I couldn't give a rat's a$$.  Call me a voyeur, whatever, but I enjoy seeing shapely female thongers. I saw none and was somewhat surprised considering the crowd. I fear that fewer thongers is a general trend on all Sarasota County beaches.

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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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 Sorry sarasotajt, I was too preachy.  I too enjoy it when others are out in thongs, and take delight when I see women in thongs.  I miss-understood your words.  I think that maybe you were not depressed, so much as disappointed that there were not others  comfortable  enough with the surroundings and their bodies to wear thongs.  Understandable, for we hope the world is going forward, not backward.

If I see anybody else in a thong I will generally smile, say good morning or wave as I run by, to let them know that there are others in thongs and not to feel alone. That's part of human nature.

Seeing others in thongs sort of gives you permission, or plausibility, that you are not the odd ball nut but a normal member of the beach community.

I must admit that in the last few years I have not been traveling and so have not been beaches away from here. I forget what it feels like to be feeling exposed on a strange beach, where customs and attitudes may be different. I guess the last time I was in a situation like that was at least five years ago in Turkey.

Even here, where most people don't bat an eye if a women or man wears a thong, we still get a few red-necks, or groups of teen guys, who will make a the occasional rude comment. Once upon a time a rude comment would have annoyed me and made me fume for a little while.  Now I am more mature and have no delusions that everyone is going to like me, and that my self esteem is not tied to what some red-neck plumber thinks of me.  Knowing that I have the ok from the lifeguards and local authorities also takes the sting out of unthoughtful remarks.

It is a positive sign when you see others in thongs. It's a good idea to let others know they are not alone.  It is good to be very visible and obviously self confident. It may not make everyone rush out and purchase a thong but it will encourage some to roll up the edge of their shorts, roll down the waist band or tuck in the sides of their bikini.

There is definitely the feeling that "if he can wear a thong then I can wear....".  Even if you are the only person in a thong that day, your presence will be noted by others and you will be doing your part to slowly change their perceptions. (Assuming you are not behaving badly.)  I understand the difficulty with consistently being the flag bearer, and feeling that your behavior needs to be beyond reproach so as to set a good example and send the message that thongers are normal people too.

Keep looking out for thongers and giving a thumbs up when you see them.  Don’t be too disappointed when there are no other thongers on the beach at the same day and time that you are.  Think of it as your shift for flying the flag, and they will do it on a different day.

Please except my apologies for preaching.  The way I say things often sounds patronizing, it is not meant to be. I can only say that confidence and self assurance can come from both the reactions of others and from inside, but it's the confidence you build inside that counts and in the long term can be relied on to be consistent.
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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Perhaps I shouldn't type replys when I'm half-way through a glass of bourbon.

I agree that the word "depressed" perhaps wasn't the right one.  I just felt like I got attacked and so I went on the defensive. Sorry.
Still, please never forget how fortunate you are to live where you do. You can be carefree in a thong on most south Florida beaches while the rest of us cannot be quite so carefree. I long for a visit back to South Beach!

On a positive note I did see two ladies in thongs at Lido beach on Friday...

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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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Saturday, June 7, 2008. South end of Turtle beach. Reminds me of the Bahamas. Turqoise water, SE breeze, great shelling. Two ladies in thongs, two guys, including myself. All seperate groups.
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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I had a family day at Siesta Key's main beach on Sunday and returned for another couple of hours by myself on Monday. Although I saw a couple of ladies in rio suits, there were no thongs.  When is this conservative trend going to end?
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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Spent Sunday morning near Point of Rocks.  With all the families I wasn't comfortable in a thong so wore my Speedo and saw one other guy doing the same.  Nearly all the males were in board trousers,of course, but it seemed that since my last visit two years ago, the female bikinis were more numerous and smaller.  Nothing minimal, though.

Monday I went down to Palmer Point Beach where I was basically alone.  As srqthong points out, the shelling and water there and at Turtle Beach are fantastic.

Today my wife needs to be in Orlando, so I plan to go on over to Apollo Beach, sans thong or Speedo, then back to Siesta for the rest of the week.
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