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srqthong #51

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/22/2008 05:16:25Copy HTML

...not surprised to here that Palmer Point Beach was quiet on Monday, especially this time of year. On Saturday's, a women usually walks all the way to Casey Key in the morning and then again in the after noon in a g-string. I am usually there as well. I like it because I can swim, walk, shell in a minimal thong. On other Siesta Beaches this wouldn't be as comfortable.

intellamour #52

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/24/2008 01:23:29Copy HTML

 New to this board, but not to wearing thongs!  Have done so for 10 years at Siesta Beach, and my husband too (skinz).  However, recently we were both out with our 2 kids (11 & 13; goddess in the making and a skimboard fanatic), and a pack of teen boys (4-5) started making catcalls and very rude comments to my husband.  He is 6'3", 235, and in terrific shape.  Not 2 minutes later, a younger couple (30ish; we are mid-40's) in Skinz Thongs came by and asked if we would join them for a long walk to Point of Rocks (we sit just south of the Terrace entrance). We were a bit apprehensive, as we usually did not "flaunt" ourselves at the beach, but we joined them.

What an experience!  We took about 1.5 hours for the round trip; walking through the Siesta Public beach (this was high noon on a Saturday) was a trip; every pair of eyes was focused on us as we sauntered by (especially us girls!).  A few hoots and snickers from middle-aged men that never saw the inside of a gym, and 3 teen girls that came up and asked where we got our suits (a positive trend??)

Further down the beach, where the condos are, it was quiet and peaceful, and at Point of Rocks, we stayed and swam for a bit.  A 40ish couple from Indiana (pale white) swam by and remarked how nice we all looked and wished they could wear "those skimpy suits." 

I rambled on here, but the point is; wear them and wear them proudly!  I hope the owner of Hot Flash reads this and can do some promotions for thong wearing like he did in the 90's. 

JM_Runs #53

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/24/2008 03:02:54Copy HTML

Sounds wonderful, Intellamour, so civilized.  Did your kids join you on your hike?  Your your whole family sounds like a refreshing presence on the beach.  Congrats!
barebunz #54

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/24/2008 09:04:56Copy HTML

Intellamour, too bad we checked in to our place Saturday evening.  We're about 100 yards north of Point of Rocks and I would have found your presence, and apparently the reaction of those in the neighborhood, encouraging.

Still haven't tried it here on Siesta's most public beach, but have managed to develop some pretty good tan lines at Turtle Beach and Casperson this week.  We'll be back in September when there are fewer people (especially kids), a higher ratio of foreigners, and I'll have been to the gym a few more times, so I'll reread your post then and try to absorb some of your group's confidence.
intellamour #55

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/25/2008 03:38:47Copy HTML

 Funtom, I find beach accesses #8 and 9 off Beach Road to be the best.  There are usually 4-5 people wearing thongs and it is less congested than the rest of the beach.  Parking can sometimes be an issue, but if you wait about 10-15 minutes, someone usually makes an exit.

My husband was out there a few days ago (I had to work...) and met a new thonger!  A nice 30ish mother of one that just moved from Ohio (don't they all?) and was hoping to make new friends of like mind.  Her and I will be out there this weekend (weather permitting) with our kids.
vpazzjm63 #56

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/03/2008 02:56:28Copy HTML

 I spent all day today thonging all over Siesta. I first layed out around beach access 8, then 7, then 10. I also went to Turtle Beach for a bit and then back to the 8 and 7 areas. I spent like 4 hours on the beach but used plenty of sunscreen so I didn't get burned. Plus it got cloudy on and off. Surprisingly I only saw 3 people besides me wearing thongs, all 3 were women. Had a nice conversation with one of them. I usually go to Siesta during the weekdays (mostly wednesdays and fridays) because it seems less crowded, but going over the weekend was a nice change. I've been wearing a thong at Siesta like once every 2 weeks for about a year, mostly around beach access areas 7-9 and I've only seen few other people in thongs; but that might because I mostly just go during the weekdays when most people are working. Maybe I should check out the weekends more often, more people in thongs is always better. 
On another note, some of these tourists are really funny. I saw a family today that looked like they were from that movie "Deliverance" lol. Every family member was wearing their shorts like 9 inches above their waists and they were mesmerized by every square foot of the beach lol. It was really funny because I accidently saw them again later.. They passed by me while I got up to throw away a water bottle. I was wearing nothing but a skinz g-string and I saw that they had a look of absolute shock on their faces, I thought I was going to die laughing.
jkeys #57

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/04/2008 04:57:43Copy HTML

 We have been working our way up the west coast now for two weeks. Spent a great day at Caspersen Beach. Both the wife and I wore g-strings and really felt comfortable there. Moved up to Siesta Key over the Labor Day holiday and the beach was very crowded after the storms but only saw a few rio style suits. Did not wear a thong until today. Wife still did not go past a rio backed suit. Had a nice family from Europe set up close to us and the whole family (Mom, Dad, and two 20ish daughters) wore thongs and were very casual with their tops, changing several times during the day. The storms really put a lot of shells onto the beach. We were down near the rock point.
tanandtaut #58

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/26/2008 06:00:57Copy HTML

I am planning to be on Siesta Key for a week in early October and had planned to tan in some of my Koalas (see profile pictures).  From reading the posts, it seems that there should be no problem with the authorities.  We are staying directly across from the Pavilion.  I am wondering if this location would be practical for thonging or would it attract unwarranted attention at this time of the year.  This will be my first time thonging on Siesta, although during previous visits I have seen other thongers (mostly female). 

I am not shy about exposing myself and I enjoy pushing the envelope somewhat, which are the main reasons I am going to give it a try.  But I would not want to ruin my visit by having problems with the authorities or with rude gawkers.

Are my expectations realistic?  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
sarasotajt #59

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/27/2008 12:31:15Copy HTML

Siesta Beach is the premier beach in our county - perhaps region - and attracts many families. I personally don't think that the crowded beach in front of the Siesta Beach pavilion is the place for extreme, provocative swimwear. Wear a regular thong there, fine; but if you insist on the Koalas my vote is for you to walk north of the crowd a bit.
sarasotajt #60

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/04/2008 11:39:29Copy HTML

 I took a long lunch break on Thursday and thonged at Siesta Key public beach. I laid out to the north end of the crowd.
I saw no other thongers - just a few ladies in rio-cut bikinis.
Weather was perfect!

tanandtaut #61

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/08/2008 08:08:39Copy HTML

 Have been on Siesta Key for two days now and on the beach in the morning.  Despite an extensive Thong/Weasel patrol, I have seen neither.  I am looking for a chance to thong before the end of the week north of the pavilion.  This big old suit is getting me down.
JM_Runs #62

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/08/2008 09:43:08Copy HTML

In reply to: tanadntaut,

If your "big old suit is getting you down"  then wear a thong.  Some one on the beach has to be first.

Instead of doing "an extensive thong patrol" in an attempt to find other thongers, just find a bit of quiet beach and strip down to your own thong. 

Pick a spot by the sea, where the breeze blows cool, that's in the sun, or shade if need be.

Some one has to be first thong on the beach, it might as well be you. 

If you thong in the same place each day it's likely that after a day or two other would be thongers will gravitate to you.  Don't be a sheep, looking for others to lead the way, just do it. 

Once you take of the "big old suit" you will feel a sense of lightness of spirit and welling.

Some people thong in the morning, some in the afternoon, some on weekdays and some only on weekends, but you are there for a week, make the most of it, thong every day.

It will get easier after the first couple of days, trust me on that. If you thong, others may too.
beachfolks #63

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:01/07/2009 01:50:07Copy HTML

 We thonged at the south end of Turtle beach today-a bit windy, but nice and warm sun unexpectdly for January. Not a comment on my Skinz M1L gstring, Many women in micro-Brazilian suits and men in Speeedo type suits but no other thongs.  I walked south for a mile or so.

Sarasotajit-Where are the numbered beaches you referred to?
barebunz #64

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:01/11/2009 02:54:54Copy HTML

 Beachfolks,  you'll find the numbered accesses, 1-11, on SK north of the public beach.
beachfolks #65

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:01/12/2009 07:29:48Copy HTML

 Bare-Tnanks-We'll check it out.
barebunz #66

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:01/13/2009 02:53:25Copy HTML

 Beach Access Maps


beachfolks #67

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:02/02/2009 12:34:56Copy HTML

 We have spent several nice sunny January days at access #7 when the weather was too cold north of the bay. Great white sand beach and no problem with my Skinz M1 gstring or wife's adjustable back pulled narrow as a thong. Very few other thongers though. 2 beach patrols were by and told other beachgoers to put away the cigarettes-smoking is forbidden on Siesta beach.
sarasotajt #68

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:02/12/2009 12:39:01Copy HTML

I spent this Wednesday afternoon at Siesta Key beach.
Skys were clear with a few high passing clouds. Winds were blustery, but not enough to pick up and blow the sand. The temps were a little cool - low 70s.

The parking lots and beaches were packed. I was amazed at how crowed it was considering it is mid-week.
The crowd seems to be about 60% or more senior citizens. I saw only one other thonger (an older man up at the edge of the dunes). There were a few younger girls in smalish bikinis but nothing considered minimal.

The local thongers will have to wait until after Easter when the majority of snowbirds fly home...

beachfolks #69

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/01/2009 07:58:18Copy HTML

We have been at Siesta Key on the beach last 2 days. Friday was a great day on the beach. Only 1 other male thonger, a local who says thongs come out when the tourists leave, a few female thongers and lots of female tourists with tiny brazilians.

We encountered a dizzy young woman staking off some random weedy spaces of the beach for bird habitat. She tried to lecture me for walking in bird breeding ground (which were well trodden spaces she had not staked/identified yet) and was surprised when I replied she was stealing my beach space. 
The spaces she was staking were random, most seemed to make no sense as bird breeding space, and were spaces no one had been walking anyway, but they included direct beach acccess for parked boats and access to protective dunes. These birders seem to be trained a in the love of birds as a religion, have no sense, but are making a concerted effort to take over all the good beach space. They seem to be coming south down the beach from StPete.
adware1977 #70

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/02/2009 05:13:51Copy HTML

Beachfolks  I am one of those midwesterners, maybe should be a floridian that wears a thong at the fort and other locations on the gulf, that my impression is that the locals only come out on the weekends, and hassle me. So do not link the snowbirds to the problems by the croonies neat tampa stpete. And i only saw one from that area in a thong, and nobody from the midwest said anything to me. 
beachfolks #71

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/06/2009 01:21:59Copy HTML

 We were out thonging again today at Siesta Key Access #9 which started out hot, but a cool wind came in so we left at 5PM. Great sun though. Again a few ladies in thongs, but not many. One woman walked up the beach in a gstring though. Lots of Sheriffs deputies on atvs today, but they drive right by and do not even slow down or pay any attention to my micro pouch and gstring. Several birders with big lenses taking bird photos in the cordonned off spaces, but no nesting birds yet.(surprise)
thongback777 #72

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/07/2009 11:15:39Copy HTML

Beachfolks, that's interesting that you saw a few women in thongs at access point 9. I had been thonging twice a week, sometimes more, almost every week around that area for months and out of all my visits I think I only saw like 2 women and 3 men in thongs (and never more than 1 person a day in a thong).
For a few months I would go from beach access 5 to 9 and I was the only one in a thong. However, I have walked the beach down to the south end of the beach and seen a lot more thongs down there.
Though at Siesta I have found I am the only man in a thong like 98% of the time lol.
That does sound nice though that maybe more people are thonging around the 9 area. Siesta is a gorgeous beach, probably the best beach I've ever been to.
I haven't lived in Sarasota for about 6 1/2 months (moved away for college)... but fortunately I'm coming back for the summer in only 2 months.. I can't wait.
I miss Siesta. The East coast beaches are okay, but they suck compared to the west. 
When I come back I plan to do a lot of thonging to makeup for my time gone.
Also, Turtle beach is really nice. Have you been there?
The sand on the beach is very different from Siesta though. It's a really hard shelly dark kind of sand, but I like it. 
I used to walk all over Turtle beach in the few months before I left, it was great cuz at one side (I forget North or South) if you walked for like 7-8 minutes past the houses and all that there was just huge wide deserted area. My ex girlfriend and I would go there and practically have the whole thing to ourselves.
Also the shells there were incredible.
But yeah, both beaches are very nice in their own unique way. 2 months, can't wait!
thongback777 #73

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/07/2009 11:18:47Copy HTML

Hey, just read a few posts up... looks like you have been to Turtle beach lol.. Me and my rushed readings lol
beachfolks #74

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/08/2009 04:21:36Copy HTML

We really love the sand at the north end. I think the Turtle beach sand is renourishment from far out.
I'll check the south end of the beach someday soon.
sarasotajt #75

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/13/2009 12:37:14Copy HTML

 Over thee past week I've been to Siesta, Crescent, and Turtle beaches on Siesta Key; also Lido beach on Lido Key as well.
The weather has been near perfect and the beaches (and parking lots) very crowded. I've seen only two other thongs in five visits - one at north Lido and a second at south Lido. To be sure there are lots of beautiful girls in little bikinis on all beaches, but there are also many retirees and wintering Menonites as well. When many of the beach walkers are fully clothed you just feel odd walking past them in a T-back. We'll have to wait a month or so for spring break to end and for the snowbirds to fly back north. Then, the local thongers can find parking at their local beaches.

briankay #76

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/24/2009 08:59:07Copy HTML

beachfolks wrote
but they drive right by and do not even slow down or pay any attention to my micro pouch and gstring.

So... sounds like a "even extreme is OK here" which would be encouraging to people wearing larger thongs... but can I guess you're actually disappointed at the lack of attention?

Please try to act normal.  I'm not saying you're the only one... there has been significant well outside the norm behavior at the Fort by several people... but anyone who knows rangers and park dept officials by name has had way to much contact with authority.
sarasotajt #77

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/02/2009 01:55:48Copy HTML

 It was a beautiful day at Siesta Beach this Friday. Beach was busy with folks and the parking lots almost full. Even so, I saw only one other thonger today. She and her frinend were doing stretching exercises or yoga in full view of everyone. It was a treat. The other ladies in her group were wearing rio-back bikinis, and a boyfriend was wearing square cut speedo type trunks. I suppose these two got the exercise idea from a group of high school aged cheerleaders down the beach doing lifts and taking photos.
My Y-back g-string was the briefest suit on the beach and I didn't walk around in it uncovered. It is more appropriate for SOBE or Ft. Desoto,  I wore it while laying out to try to eliminate my thong tan lines which I've found to be a bit incriminating.
thongback777 #78

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/09/2009 01:48:30Copy HTML

Had an awesome time on Siesta beach yesterday thonging. I got there at around 11 am and stayed for hours, this was around the beach access 7 area. It was really nice to get reacquainted with the beach after having been gone for so long. Only saw 1 other girl in a thong and 1 other guy (this was much later in the day), still a great experience. Also the police drove past me on their ATV's twice and didn't even say anything, I was wearing a very minimal g string like I always do. Can't wait to go again.  
thongback777 #79

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/14/2009 03:55:37Copy HTML

 Another Weds at Siesta. Was there from about 12:30 - 3:30. Met and spoke with another male in a thong which was cool. He and I were the only ones in thongs that I saw. There were 2 other women wearing really skimpy rios though. Another beautiful day. This was around the access 7 area. Anybody know the best time/day/area where the most people are out in thongs? I've heard that the access 7-9 area has had a lot of them, but I've only seen a few here and there, maybe I'll try the weekend. Not a big deal if I do or don't see anyone else in a thong, but it's always nice to.
sarasotajt #80

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/19/2009 01:48:38Copy HTML

My response to thongback777: I've been going to the Sarasota area beaches for years and the best I can make out is that there is no predictable day/time/area to see numerous people wearing thongs. It is just luck of the draw. Male thongers are more often seen away from the crowds in the more open areas of beach. Women are totally unpredictable. Sometimes they avoid the crowds, other times they set up right in the middle of the action. Depends upon the personality I guess.
Saturday morning I went to the south end of Siesta Beach (Point of Rocks) and enjoyed the morning reading and snorkeling while wearing my thong. Eventually, I did see a lady wearing a red thong bikini. She was with her husband and young son in the front row of sunbathers in front of the new hotel at this south end of the beach. I don't know the name of the hotel. I saw a few women wearing smallish suits but no other thongs. Two families walked down the beach and started to set up in an open area next to me - then someone noticed what I was wearing and directed them to set up elsewhere. Other families set up right next to me with no comment whatsoever. Unpredictable.

thongback777 #81

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/24/2009 02:12:11Copy HTML

 To sarasotajt I would have to say you're right, it really is unpredictable. I've sometimes gone a few visits for 2 weeks and seen no one else in a thong, and I've sometimes seen 3 or 4 other people in a day wearing thongs. I saw and spoke with 2 other people wearing thongs today (1 male and 1 female) at Turtle beach, had a great time. It really does seem random, that's ok though. Whether others are in thongs or not I still have fun enjoying the beach.
FL_thong #82

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/14/2009 08:19:33Copy HTML

I think Siesta Key has once again reclaimed its status as my favorite beach on the gulf coast of Florida. 

I've headed out there about a half dozen times over the last two weeks and never once saw any inappropriate behavior, never once was I asked to cover up or move, and never received any obnoxious comments.  In fact I met one very fit and thonged woman and chatted with her for about 30 min a few days ago.  (Before this incessant cloud cover rolled in...) 

Except for that one , I haven't actually seen any other people out there wearing thongs.  But, that doesn't matter, I just enjoy laying out, doing some homework, and working on my tan lines.  It is a nice change from DeSoto where it feels like the thongers are all unofficially sequestered to one thin strip of sand.  If anyone else still goes out to Siesta, let me know... I wouldn't mind the company/conversation.
sarasotajt #83

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/16/2009 01:14:39Copy HTML

 I spent the afternoon at Siesta Key beach and laid out in my thong smack dab in front of the beach pavilion. I saw a few ladies around wearing smallish bikinis, but didn't see any other thongs.  That didn't stop me from taking a dip in the ocean three times. I saw a few people doing a double-take as I walked to or from the water, but nobody said anything.
Cool front arrives tomorrow - I may have enjoyed my last day of "summer" 2009.

beachfolks #84

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:12/31/2009 01:09:44Copy HTML

 Today was a super nice sunny day for tanning at Siesta key. The crowd at the main beach was very large-likely because the weather forcast is for cold weather over new years and into next week.

We thonged all day just to the north of #7 entrance. I wore a G-string with a micro pouch-very nearly bare. Wife wore her adjustable string pulled into a thong. No one hassled us or even walked by close. Later in the day, I walked the beach in a coverup, but didn't see any other thongs.
sarasotajt #85

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/12/2010 05:17:36Copy HTML

 Wednesday, March 10th was the first warm, clear day that Sarasota has seen in about two months. I spent about 5 hours on the beaches of Siesta Key. Arriving well before 11:00, I found plenty of parking at Siesta's north beach access points so I spent 2-1/2 hours sunning amongst flocks of seabirds. It was remarkable to watch them.
Sensing I had gotten enough sun, I wanted to check out the rest of the beach so I pulled on my shorts, collected my things and headed back to the car. Siesta Key Pavilion parking lot was completely full and overflowing so I had to continue south to Turtle Beach. I walked the length of Turtle Beach which was crowded primarily with retirees, but also some younger spring breakers. Next I drove back north to the Crescent Beach access and managed to find a single parking space. I walked up and down the beach, seeing much the same as at Turtle - more elderly folks than anyone else. It was now approaching 3:30 and I knew folks were beginning to leave the beach so I drove back to the main Siesta Beach Pavilion parking. It was still completely full, but after waiting a bit I found a space. I walked up and down Siesta Beach. It was as crowded as I had ever seen it. As expected, the younger folks congregated in front of the volleyball courts and pavilion. Some groups had kegs. It was party time!
Though I saw lots of pretty girls in small bikinis, I saw no thongs. I recall seeing 3 "rio" back suits on girls. There were only about half a dozen men wearing speedo-style swim suits.
Maybe more locals (wearing thongs) this weekend which promises to have good weather.
sarasotajt #86

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/01/2010 12:43:05Copy HTML

 Spring break is in full swing at Siesta Key. There was not a cloud in the sky today though it was quite breezy and temperatures along the beach never made it above 70 degrees. I have never seen the beaches so crowded. Even so, I saw no thongs today. The demographics were not cooperative: lots of families and retirees, plus the weather was just too cool to bring out the thongers. Even so, it was a beautiful day. Things typically improve after the holiday as the snowbirds begin returning north.

mjstacey #87

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/01/2010 04:53:47Copy HTML

Everyone keeps talking about spring break tourists and winter snow birds. My wife and I are looking at renting a house and vacationing here in the summertime. Is the summer crowd a more "local" crowd? Also, (and forgive me if this has been asked) what are the laws in regards to thonging there? Any local ordinances or does the state law prevail? Does the state law allow thonging?
sarasotajt #88

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/05/2010 11:11:50Copy HTML

 Yes, summer is generally better for thonging because 1) there are fewer elderly folks and, 2) there are more European tourists - some of whom also wear small swimsuits.

Local laws always trump State laws within their jurisdictions.
The confusion here is that the main city and the county have the same name - Sarasota. The City of Sarasota enacted legislation to make wearing thong or similar swimsuits illegal. It is part of their municode. Sarasota County has no such legislation or ordinances. So, within City limits (which includes all of Lido Key), thongs are illegal. Throughout the rest of the unincorporated county, thongs are fine. To my knowledge the City of Venice has no anti-thong ordinance so it is legal to wear them on City of Venice beaches too.
I believe you will enjoy your stay.
briankay #89

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/13/2010 10:33:10Copy HTML

Still not enforced at Lido, though, right?
sarasotajt #90

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/14/2010 11:10:36Copy HTML

 I have never witnessed enforcement at Lido within the past 10 years nor have I read of it in the local newspaper. The only report of enforcement I'm aware of was reported on this message board about a year ago.
If a problem does occur, it will not be lifeguards causing or enforcing it. Rather, it will be another beach goer calling city police on their cell phone who will then come out and enforce the law.
I have seen enforcement of topless sunbathing on Siesta Key; but that was really no surprise to me.
briankay #91

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/16/2010 06:12:48Copy HTML

I think it was at least two years ago it was reported on this board.  I didn't find it credible.

I'm a long way from Lido, but a short while later had another reason to be nearby.  Went to Lido and set up maybe 30 feet from a lifeguard stand as a test.  Was there maybe 2 hours with no problems.
hidrive #92

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/05/2010 09:18:08Copy HTML

Has anyone thonged at the south end of Turtle Beach lately?  I would like to try it if it is suitable and thong friendly.
sarasotajt #93

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/05/2010 09:25:51Copy HTML

 South end of Turtle Beach is totally friendly, particularly when you walk south past the condos. You could lay out anywhere on Turtle Beach without incident I suspect.

Last week I spent a couple of hours directly in front of the main pavilion at Siesta Public Beach. There were a few glances, but I didn't hear any negative comments. One woman did attempt to take my picture when I was facing the other direction.

I'm not seeing any other thongers of either gender this week, but there are numerous ladies in smallish bottoms.

hidrive #94

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/05/2010 10:36:18Copy HTML

Thanks for your comments Sarasotajt.  I always read your posts with interest as I am a Sarasota resident.  So far we (wife and I)  thong at Ft. Desoto.  I love that place.  But it would be nice to have something closer, thus my interest in Turtle Beach and Casperson.

Keep on thonging and keep on reporting!
sarasotajt #95

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/20/2010 09:59:47Copy HTML

 Spent 1-1/2 hour laying out at Siesta Beach today in the middle of the crowd. It was a perfect day. I saw no other thongers but a number of women wearing smallish bikinis and a couple of guys in speedo-style suits. I heard many foreign accents and I was surrounded almost entirely by adults. I neither saw nor heard any comments positive or negative.
Hope to do it again tomorrow.
JM_Runs #96

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/20/2010 10:04:07Copy HTML

I'm envious, Siesta Key is a great place to go. See if you can get a couple pics next time and post them. 
sarasotajt #97

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/22/2010 03:51:45Copy HTML

 I'm not posting self portraits.
google Siesta Key Beach if you want photos.

I went again yesterday afternoon and laid out directly in front of the Siesta pavilion down close to the water.
Weather was perfect. I saw no other true thongs but there were 6 or 7 rio-back bikinis on the ladies laying out nearby or walking the shoreline. I went back and forth into the water twice over a two hour period. As the afternoon progressed folks near me began leaving and the newcomers didn't set up as close. This created a larger ring of sand around me. I suppose this is evidence that many folks dislike being near thongers - particularly male. Still, I didn't hear any comments negative or positive and a couple of folks did converse with me while in the water about local tourist attractions.
Hope to go again soon.
sarasotajt #98

Re:Siesta Key, FL

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 I've been out to Siesta, Crescent and Turtle beaches a couple of times this week. Weather has been hot but sunny. I've not seen any other thongers during any of these visits. The closest has been a few rio-back bikinis that the ladies scrunch up when they are laying out on their tummies.
Our beaches remain completely free from any contamination from the Gulf oil spill.
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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Not to get into a arguement with the Floridians, but you always comment when the snowbirds are down, that there are no thongs, well sarasota where are the locals?????????????????????????????????. I am a snowbird that wears thongs all the time, and I do not like the attitude of the regulars, as I am spending money in your area. 
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Re:Siesta Key, FL

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Not sure what postings always mention snowbirds. I make it to South Turtle usually every week-end. I saw two girls in thongs and I know of two others that frequent this beach in thongs.
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