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treasureisland #101

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/15/2010 02:39:29Copy HTML

Read 3-12 from sarasota  "Maybe this weekend there will be thongs on the locals, and you saw 2-4 on a particular location, well there should be 50-100 women on siesta key.
sarasotajt #102

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/15/2010 08:37:28Copy HTML

 I'm the callous soul who has been using the "snowbirds" generalization to refer to the seasonal residents.
Treasure Island is right. Where are the locals?  My frustration is misdirected. I was at Siesta Key today; Turtle and Crescent on Sunday. I saw no thongers. I'm simply sad that they have fallen so out of favor from a fashion perspective. Of course Treasureisland is right if he is inferring that the percentage of seasonal resident thongers is equal to the percentage of local thongers. Both are few and far between.
I guess I didn't venture far enough south on Turtle beach over the weekend. That sand was blistering hot.
It has been my experience in the past that female thongers didn't feel the need to walk far from the crowd. Perhaps now a days they do, at least on the Gulf coast. I'm just long overdue for a trip to the Miami area...
treasureisland #103

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/15/2010 11:26:10Copy HTML

sarasotajit   You interpreted my response 100% correct.  I just wish the rules on the west coast would be more thong friendly, and consistent, so I can come more often, and yes a trip to southbeach would be good, but the economy is preventing me.
hidrive #104

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/18/2010 01:49:09Copy HTML

Finally got a chance to try South Turtle Beach on Wednesday 11 to 2.  I walked down past the last building.  The sand was blistering hot up away from the water.  You need shoes to go from the towel to the water or run really fast.  There were few people and no other thongers that I could see.  But people were spread out so far that I couldn't see what most were wearing.  If you like solitude and privacy, this was it.  I prefer a few other thongers around.  I'm sure there are days, and especially weekends when there might be a few thongers.  All in all, very pleasant though.
sarasotajt #105

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/19/2010 12:29:43Copy HTML

 I went out to Turtle Beach for some sun yesterday afternoon. I didn't bother to walk south past the condos and homes to Palmer Point Beach because the sand was so hot and there was a wide open stretch of beach immediately in front of the parking area. Looking in either direction I saw many vacationing families and fishermen. No noteworthy swimwear.

Within  40 minutes a thunderstorm approached from the south and blocked the sun. I decided to try to salvage a few more minutes of the day so I drove north to the main Siesta Key Beach. No surprise, as I arrived the clouds did too and the storm in the distance looked menacing. Many folks were beginning to leave the beach. I did happen to see two thong or micro-rio bikinis walking towards showers. The styles have changed so that is difficult to tell the difference between a narrow rio-back, a "micro-boyshort" that reveals a lot of cheek, and a thong. Essentially, it's a thong with a wide waistband. Still, it was encouraging to see something revealing.

The rain never arrived and eventually the clouds did back off but by that time it was late afternoon and time to head home for dinner.
owh7153 #106

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/26/2010 09:22:39Copy HTML

I'm new to the forum but I've been going to Crescent Beach for, uh, a very long time.  I've never been comfortable in a thong there.  Turtle beach south of the beachfront condos, okay.  I haven't been there in a few years.  We love to rent a pontoon boat and pull up to the back of the island there.  Nice and quiet plus great shells.  My beach preference is Casperson in Venice, FL or Apollo beach on the the east side where thongs are not necessary. 

Thonging is great.  I'm a naturist so thonging is the next best thing to being, well, natural and the only way we can access beaches on this side of FL.  I'm a naturist club member but there's no substitution for being at the beach. 

Board shorts?  How utterly stupid for any kind of water sports, including boarding.  How many women wear board shorts on their surfboards?  I think guys just don't have any cahones (to show) or go up against what they perceive as current fashion (although it is already passe in Europe in favor of squares or speedos).  I hate the wet, dripping, sand and shell filled feeling of any kind of trunk. 

I'm all about accepting that people, regardless of body shape, size, deformity, are enjoying the freedom of not having encumbering clothing on.  I guess what I like to look at is the smiles of people having a good time and being nice to each other not what their bodies look like.

So there are my philosophies and preferences all in one note.  I'm enjoying reading the reports about my favorite beaches, Siesta, Turtle, Ft. DeSoto, and Casperson.  I'll be joining you all soon.
beachfolks #107

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/28/2010 06:01:08Copy HTML

 We thong regul;arly at Siesta- Entrance #7 and Turtle beach and never had a complaint although sometimes there are few other thongers. My swimsuits for tanning and going into the water are usually very small coverage Dore teardrop gstrings, have also worn baggie suits although I wear more coverage beach walking.
As best I can discovere there are no coverage requirements ordinance at Siesta,.
sarasotajt #108

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/19/2010 11:44:50Copy HTML

 I thonged at Siesta public beach two weekends ago while a big volleyball event was being held. I laid out towards the northern end of the public beach, but still within the crowd. No problems, though there were of course double-takes. I saw no other thongers around me or passing by. Eventually, I pulled on my shorts and walked down through all of the volleyball activity. The beach was very crowded and I lost count of the beautiful girls. Many wore cheeky rio bottom suits. One of the female players wore a black rio that might as well have been a thong.
I did see three female thongers in the crowd, one was walking around looking at the volleyball action; the others keeping to themselves getting some sun. Great day.
FL_thong #109

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/31/2010 09:23:51Copy HTML

how's it been around siesta.  i have been living in georgia for the last 7 months but i am moving back this week.  does anyone from this board still go down there?
srqthong #110

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/31/2010 12:20:36Copy HTML

Absolutely. Since I live on Siesta I try to spend one day a week on the beach. Not many people here this time of year, but I did see another entusiest at Palmer Point last Sunday.
FL_thong #111

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/15/2010 09:34:08Copy HTML

i have made a few visits to siesta key this week.  oddly, i have seen way more ladies wearing thongs than men.  one man with a teardrop thong kept to himself and didn't stay very long (but he may have been there a long time before i arrived).  one very friendly gal from Israel who was near me saw me in my thong and pulled her bikini bottom into one too.  i had a chat with a lovely lady from london who mentioned that Americans generally approve of gratuitous violence on television but thong-clad bums are chastised.  not long after my conversation with her, prophecy became reality.  a couple of boys in their late teens walked by, said "nice!", then began whistling at me and making fools of themselves.  i suppose that my lack of response or even acknowledgement got them bored quickly and they walked off.  later, two immensely overweight "good ol' boys" walked by and started chiming in with each other, "the thong is wrong" and saying "that's a first!"  i just had to laugh as their comments prove that they really don't get out much.  on two separate occasions, i saw a very attractive young lady (20's) set up at the main beach area by herself.  both times there was a group of frat boys about 50 ft away with their chairs angled for a better view.  yesterday i noticed a couple of girls taking pics of each other in the water and the one with the camera was the one in the thong.  on another occasion, a nice woman let me move over onto her blanket to listen to her radio and we chatted for a while.  i also saw a much older woman in a blue thong walking the beach with an older man.  i later saw them at the concession area, bare buns and all.  good for her!  finally, i saw a gorgeous philipino (maybe) woman in a thong sitting with her man in loungers halfway in the water.all told, 5 women and one man (besides me) wearing thongs.  i do somewhat wonder why the numbers are so low.  i remember seeing many more than this in an average 2 days at siesta.  the weather is perfect, the water temp is still warm. 
sarasotajt #112

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:09/17/2010 07:46:04Copy HTML

 I enjoyed a perfect two hour lunch at siesta key beach today. Weather was perfect and water is still warm but no longer hot like it was during July. I laid out in my skinz g-string at the south end of the pavilion public beach area. I saw no other thongs, but did see a couple of small bottom suits on a few ladies - close to rio-back but not quite. Several hundred yards north of me was a group of three guys who were obvious tourists, probably British. All were wearing speedos. One guy pulled his into a thong and walked down the beach and back showing his pale cheeks. He looked silly, but I'm not judging as I know how nice it feels to feel the sun.

sarasotajt #113

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:10/04/2010 06:36:40Copy HTML

 beach cam provided by the County Government website


glutesie #114

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:11/13/2010 10:42:37Copy HTML

 I stayed at Siesta key for a couple of weeks in Aug.  I saw no one in thongs the entire time.  A very busy beach, tons of families.  I managed to thong only twice, once early morning and second time late afternoon.  I didn't stay long either time, very busy.  Both times, people made comments.  Two teengage boys who started giggling, and a young boy telling his mom "look at that."  As beautiful as this beach is, I don't recommend for quiet thonging, too busy for me.
sarasotajt #115

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:12/18/2010 03:08:06Copy HTML

 Following a week of unusually cold weather the forecast high temperature yesterday was to be 74F. I seized the opportunity to head to the beach. It was busy with many folks walking about - but more than half were wearing windbreakers rather than swimsuits.
I did lay out for about two hours, but I can assure you that if it was 74 at the official weather station at the airport it was NOT that warm out at the beach. The wind off the Gulf was quite cool and occasionally uncomfortable. I eventually sought a windbreak behind a sand dune as others had done. That was better, but still the sun is so low in the sky this time of year I didn't feel like I was getting any tanning rays. I did see a few young ladies out wearing suits that showed some cheek, but no other thongers yesterday. It seemed many folks were trying to make the best of a cool day and many gave up and left after only a short attempt at tanning.
Today we're getting rain and cooler temperatures. I suspect it may be a month or more before Sarasota gets a really nice beach day.
Hoping for an indian summer,
sarasotajt #116

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:02/16/2011 12:46:54Copy HTML

 I tried to lay out at Siesta Beach yesterday but unfortunately the strong wind and cool temperatures cut my visit short. Most folks were wearing jackets for good reason. The local temperatures may have broken 70 F inland, but it was cooler than that at the beach. Perhaps by Thursday or Friday the winds will die down and temperature will warm up a bit.
sarasotajt #117

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:02/28/2011 11:14:28Copy HTML

 Warm weather is finally here and I've been able to thong at local beaches several times. Today I went to the very southern end of Siesta Beach which is locally known as Point of Rocks. I chose this location because there was a strong wind out of the S-SW so the topography of Point of Rocks broke the wind nicely. I wore a G-string from Skinz as I'm trying to remove all tan lines from my backside. It was a perfect day. I saw no other thongers, but nobody said a word to me. I even went for a walk in just my G down around the seawall and along the limestone rocks in the Gulf.
sarasotajt #118

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/19/2011 01:09:55Copy HTML

 Spring Break is in full swing here in Sarasota and particularly at Siesta Key.
The weather this week has been better than last week which was partially spoiled by the passage of a cold front.
The beaches are very crowded and parking is tricky. I've had about four opportunities to get out there over the past two weeks. Sometimes I park on the mainland and ride my bike over the bridge to the island. My tan is getting dark, but I've seen no other thongers of either gender. I walk to the fringes of the crowd to spread my towel, shed my cover-up shorts, lay out and read a good book.

Click this link to see the crowd at Siesta Key public beach. Best viewing times are between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

mack_back #119

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:03/20/2011 12:31:49Copy HTML

Surprised there cameras on the beach i didn't notice them on Siesta Key when i was there. I doubt you will see any more thongers there. Spring break brings out the drunken college kids causing trouble or looking for a thrill or people they can make fun of. That's why i decided to stay home during March couldn't find a cool place to get a nice overall tan.

When i was there or walked up and down the beaches from access point 5 i didn't see anyone wearing a skimpy bikini mostly dork shorts and pants. But again there was a lot of amish there also. Had a tall couple make some remarks to one another about me being such a tourist trying to catch some rays.
I doubt i ever want to go there again people giving off such a prudish vibe from all over the states. I can't image how bad it might be during summer months when schools out and families come out to the beach. I bet if i wore a trench coat to the beach nobody would think i was over dressed.
sarasotajt #120

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/09/2011 12:40:04Copy HTML

 Actually I think spring break is worse than summer: First, the beaches are packed with tourist families from the midwest. The weather is generally perfect in the spring too.
In the summer there are more locals whom are more accustomed to seeing people wearing less. Also, there seems to be a higher concentration of international tourists, many of whom wear smaller suits. The high heat of summer keeps most of the older folks off the beaches and, of course, most of the Menonites have returned to their farms in the midwest.
Just my observations over the past dozen years here.

I went south to Turtle beach for a couple of hours today. The beach was packed and not a minimal suit to be seen anywhere. I walked south beyond the crowd half way to Palmer Point Beach and spread my towel.
Eventually, I walked south almost to Palmer Point. I saw one other male thonger who was walking around with his wife/girlfriend (wearing a full back suit). At least he was bold. I returned to my towel for water.
tierraverdi1977 #121

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/09/2011 10:47:35Copy HTML

sarasota  I take offense to your Midwest comments. I was in the Tampa area, during spring break, and I am talking the break of the locals break, different from ours, and I observed only 4 women in thongs, and they were the rio type. And I asked the locals why they do not wear. And the response is they are called slutty. Well thats a crock of shi---------. And I went to the fort, and wore my g-string in the family area, and those tourists, were the ones with the speedos and minmial suits. So with this economy, I suggest you keep your perceptions, like we are all farmers. This midwesterner has no problem wearing less.
sarasotajt #122

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/09/2011 02:34:18Copy HTML

 Oh. that's nice. I'm to keep my perceptions to myself?
Airing our individual perceptions is the whole point of this message board. Of course not everyone is going to agree with them. If nobody aired their perceptions, there would be no posts except maybe for a factual list of thong sightings and probably some people advertising their suits for sale. They wouldn't be able to even discuss what they like or dislike about suits from various vendors because, again, that would be their perceptions...
xmach1x #123

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/09/2011 03:37:37Copy HTML

I was on Siesta Key Beach last week. Unfortunately I am from out of town and couldn't find any shops selling thong swimwear. Beach was crowded everyday I was there with tourists. Parking was horrible. Only saw 1 guy in a red thong. He had long hair, tattoos, and was real tan. He was laying on a chair in the back of the beach with an attractive female. Other then that...all dork shorts.
maozer2003 #124

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/09/2011 08:12:41Copy HTML

 Hey Sarasota & Tierraverdi, I think if you both met on the beach at Siesta Key you would be very pleased to meet each other - fellow thong-wearers being few & far between, wherever we go in the world.It's always risky to generalise - as Tierraverdi points out, he is one of those "tourists from the Mid-West" - and yet he wore a g-string. Most people from anywhere in the world don't wear thongs to the beach these days it seems (not even in the South of France, where it was fashionable for a while) - so wherever we're from, we're likely to be the exceptions to the general population of where we live. We're like an endangered species - I tried (& failed) to meet a fellow London thongboard member today for some sun in a park. If he & I don't meet, it's rare we will see anyone else sunbathing in a thong in any London park on any particular day.Phil

sarasotajt #125

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:04/15/2011 07:00:54Copy HTML

 I visited Siesta for 1-1/2 hours both yesterday and today. The weather is absolutely perfect and while the beach is busy with folks it is my opinion that the spring break crowds are diminishing. For these visits I decided to lay out in the middle of the crowd directly in front of the beach pavilion rather than walking well to the north or south where the crowd thins. I heard no comments either day but also did not walk around or even go for a swim; just laid on my towel and read. I saw one female thonger in the distance on Thursday but no others today. There are numerous ladies of various ages wearing "cheeky" bottoms though.
sarasotajt #126

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/10/2011 06:21:56Copy HTML

 Just returned home from almost two hours of intense sun at Siesta Key beach. I wore my black skinz thong about "one row back" from the water's edge directly in front of the volleyball courts. I heard some board short dudes (and the chics with them) laughing and heard one whistle when I walked back towards the parking lot.
Incidently, the parking is at a premium as they are resurfacing/sealing the lot and have about 1/3 of it closed off at a time until the job is complete.
 I saw a few ladies in rio or other cheeky back suits but no other thongs on either gender. On previous days and at other locations on Siesta Key I did see a couple of ladies sporting thong bikinis.
lindros #127

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/14/2011 02:08:15Copy HTML

Sarasotajt:  thanks much for your reports of Siesta Key. I'm going to be in SW Florida in a couple weeks looking at real estate and to possibly re-locate so your reports are helpful. I'm going to spend a couple days at Siesta Key, a couple days at Caspersen, and a couple days at Sannibel & Fort Myers beaches. That'll give me a better feel as to whether I want to live in the Venice/Sarasota area or farther south in Cape Coral area.

lindros #128

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/31/2011 03:56:37Copy HTML

 Visited Turtle Beach on Day 2 of my trip to SW Florida. Turtle Beach is very picturesque, especially when arriving in the morning hours with the sunlight behind you. The water also appeared clearer than the water on Caspersen. I didn't see any minimal swimwear on the main beach, plus there were a bunch of fishermen and families. So I walked south to a point about 3/4 of a mile past the end of the condos. I could see some private mansions behind me in the dunes but they appeared to be unoccupied. This was a very difficult walk to make, likely heightened by my foot injury (see Caspersen post). You either have to walk through very heavy sand or walk on a severe side-slope along the edge of the water.

I basically had the whole entire beach to myself. As such I could have gone totally nude without anyone knowing, however I was unsure of patrol habits on this beach so I kept the thong on the whole time. Highlight of the day was when a woman wearing a g-string bikini walked the entire length of the beach. There were a couple other people passing by but that's about it. Nobody else was laying out in the sun and all I could see was a few fishermen in the distance looking back toward the condos. Overall, it was a fairly boring thong experience, but I would not hesitate to return.
lindros #129

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:05/31/2011 04:12:13Copy HTML

Visited Siesta Key on Day 3 of my trip of SW Florida. The quality of the beach at Siesta Key is amazing. The sand looks like bright white sugar. Upon arriving the beach was fairly crowded, especially after visiting Caspersen and Turtle Beach which were both quiet the prior two days. I parked in section 7 and started walking around, eventually making it down to section 5 and up to parking area 10.

Fortunately, this beach was very easy to walk on, even with my sore foot. Unfortunately, I did NOT see one minimal swimsuit anywhere. There was I think one speedo on a guy and 1 rio on a girl, and that was it!!! Moreover, I got the sense that patrons of Siesta Key were mostly families and college drunks. As such I did not feel the least bit comfortable sunning in a skimpy g-string, so I left for Caspersen Beach. If I was wearing a more conservative thong or was with a girlfriend who was wearing a thong/g-string, then I may have felt better about wearing minimal swimwear at Siesta. I applaud SarasotaJT for having the guts to wear one routinely in those crowds.
sarasotajt #130

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/02/2011 07:20:47Copy HTML

 Went to Siesta with a new thong from Skinz. I walked well south of the last lifeguard stand and spread my towel in front of the condo. Beach there was sparsely populated and I got some intense sun. After eating my lunch, I got bored so I pulled on my shorts and walked north past the crowd all the way around the northern tip to the pass and back. During my walk I saw only one thong - on a woman laying out with her boyfriend/husband (he was wearing board shorts) located just south of the southern most lifeguard tower. Although I saw many cute bikinis, I saw only one rio.
It seems to me that American holidays are not really conducive to thong wearing on Siesta beach because there are just too many families and too few Europeans (generally speaking).
Still, I got some sun and enjoyed my new suit.
mack_back #131

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/03/2011 01:12:41Copy HTML

SarasotaJT i'm surprised you put on shorts when going for a walk? Wearing your skinz thong which one? On the beach tanning is one thing but walking in shorts, really!
Setting up south of siesta key beach lifeguard stand before the ditch? I thought those short mini hotels along there were private beach front for guests only. Surprised you seen that many, one women in a thong. As for europeans they are mostly overrated or a myth that they tend to wear skimpy swimwear. I myself find europeans are just as closed minded as westerners. 
You got some good sun rays down there but don't envy your beach community being so prudish when wearing some tiny swimwear. I had lifeguard chuckling at me when i walked by those towers on the far north side wearing dork shorts and shirt draped along my shoulders. About half hour later doubling back i decided to take off my long shorts and walk in my female navy teal short split adidas running shorts. Although i didn't have the guts to wear my skimpy swim bikini when walking which i had on under the 2 layers of shorts. Although laying and sitting in a chair in my bikini wasn't a problem north of Siesta Key but i had a lot of beach front from the water where i laid out.
briankay #132

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/03/2011 04:49:53Copy HTML

I agree with shorts for a walk in that location, particularly for a male alone.  Several times I've been at Siesta there has been a thong couple walking, and they always attract attention to the point photos of them on the internet with "ewwww" comments are common.
sarasotajt #133

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/06/2011 09:11:20Copy HTML

I've seen that elderly thong couple in years past but not this year. You're right, people in the crowd treated them as a laughing stock and I too have seen their photo pop up when searching Flickr for "Siesta Key beach" pictures. They would normally set up near the north end of the key and then take a long walk south past the crowds and back.

Today I again laid out in the middle of the crowd at Siesta. I stayed on my towel and read, soaking up the sun. I didn't walk around or even go into the water. Today is the last day of school in Sarasota County and I was hoping there would be fewer families, particularly since the Memorial Day week is over. I was wrong. Evidently schools in other parts of the country are already out for summer as there were many, many pale skinned tourist families.
When I first arrived a group of 9 or 10 year old boys started giving me the "speedo, speedo, speedo"... "eeewww!" chant. As soon as I laid down on my towel they relented and went on about their beach fun.

A decade ago I did walk the length of Siesta Key in my thong a couple of times. Two things have changed since then: I now know too many people here - many of whom wouldn't understand anyone wearing thong swimwear, especially not a man. I've already been seen by several former coworkers at different times and on different beaches. Only one confronted me about it and I brushed it off. The others I'm just hoping they will think it a case of mistaken identity. I understand that this attitude conflicts with the "thong pride" attitude that many of you have, but I have to maintain the double-standard for myself.
And the second thing that has changed is the marked decline in thong wearers generally. There is little or no "moral support" from fellow thongers. Today for example I saw zero other thong swimsuits though I walked through the crowd twice. I think a lot of people mistakenly believe that they are now illegal everywhere.

I still enjoy taking walks in my thong, but only along less populated county beaches such as Turtle or Nokomis to the south. In fact I did so yesterday in my new skinz g-string walking north from the Turtle Beach campground almost to the point of rocks and back. I passed a few people but heard no comments.

briankay #134

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/08/2011 01:51:10Copy HTML

I've only ever encountered one person who I knew but who didn't already know I wore a thong.  She did not recognize me.  Interesting, she was wearing one too.  She was a co worker who was a problem employee for management, and who I avoided at work whenever I could.
briankay #135

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:06/18/2011 07:05:53Copy HTML

RE the speedo chant.

I've always ignored such stuff.  Well, except one time, when I left some time later and had to pass the chanters.  When I went by they said something again, and I said, "I've been coming here ten years and you're the only people who have ever said anything."  It shut them up and was true.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure not saying anything at the time is best.
sarasotajt #136

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/10/2011 06:19:55Copy HTML

I went to Point of Rocks today for some snorkeling.

This is the extreme south end of Siesta Key beach although this portion is also called Crescent Beach.
I saw no other thongers, though there were a couple of ladies in rio cut bikinis. The beach was crowded with vacationing families. Most wore conservative suits.
I had to park in the block across the road from the beach access point. I was wearing a black Speedo thong with a blue skinz G-string underneath. With towel over one shoulder, I walked across the road and down to the beach without incident. I continued down the beach in front of the crowds along the water's edge. Then climbed the seawall at the end and walked around further south. Once I passed a few folks and had some room to myself, I removed the Speedo thong, applied some sunscreen, grabbed my mask and fins and entered the ocean. Though not windy, the ocean had stirred up some silt so visibility was not ideal. Still, I saw some fish and marine life on the limestone rocks. The further south I swam the clearer the water became.
At one point while clearing my mask I stood up and looked back at the shoreline. I saw an older man walking nude across the pool deck of his home to a lounge chair where he laid down. I found this sort of surprising, as he could be seen from the second story windows of the home next door and also by me and four or five other people who were walking down along the beach. Nobody paid him any mind as all homes along Point of Rocks are elevated on a bluff overlooking the Gulf.
After an hour or so I returned to my stuff, pulled on the Speedo thong, and walked back to my car, stopping once to rinse off (illegally) in the beach shower of one of the private resorts along the way.
Wish I could have stayed longer, but better than no beach at all.
evile #137

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/14/2011 09:09:00Copy HTML

heading to sieste mid sept. the wife and i both wear thongs and string bottoms. need to know the best spots to go to walk and lay out? she also likes to take her top off and let her titties get nice and dark any places to get away with it in the area or the west coast ?

                                                     from the east coast...
lindros #138

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/14/2011 09:29:59Copy HTML

If your wife wants to go topless, Siesta Key may not be the best bet. Better choices would be nearby Turtle Beach (which is much more desolate and unpatrolled, just walk about a mile to the south beyond the condos). Caspersen Beach is about 20 minutes south of Siesta Key and would also be a good choice for topless sunbathing (just walk about 1/2 mile past the "family" area and nobody should give you trouble).
srqthong #139

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:07/18/2011 05:47:11Copy HTML

Thongs a fine anywhere on Siesta Key. I agree that the South end of Turtle beach would be the best for topless. About a year ago I saw a topless women who walked the beach without any negative reaction. There is an area about in the middle of this beach, which is actually known as "Palmer Point Beach", that is frequented by Kayakers. I would avoid this area becuase it is moslty family's. I have also seen nude sun bathers and skinny dippers at the north and south ends.

evile #140

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/07/2011 03:22:01Copy HTML

 thanks for the info everyone
sarasotajt #141

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/18/2011 11:21:50Copy HTML

 There was finally a break in the rainy weather this week and I got out to Siesta Key Beach today for about three hours. I parked at the main pavilion and walked just north of the center of the crowd where I saw there was still plenty of elbow room at 11:00 am. I was midway between the two northern-most lifeguard towers and eventually surrounded by retirees, young couples, and families. I wore my black skinz thong and mostly just laid out, though I did walk into the ocean to cool off three times. I saw one girl walk by (hand in hand with her boardshort boyfriend) who was wearing something close to a thong and she did wear it well. Otherwise, no minimal swimwear but a number of the ladies did wear narrow back bikinis. Yay!

It was a terrific day. The crowds are diminishing but the sun is still hot and strong. It's back to school time so the proportion of families will be declining shortly.
Upon leaving I even walked to the main pavilion and rinsed off there in the shower, but wrapped the towel around my waist as I walked to my car.

sarasotajt #142

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/19/2011 11:38:28Copy HTML

 Seized the opportunity to visit Nokomis beach today for two hours. This is located between Siesta Key and Venice to the south. Specifically, it is located on Casey Key.
It was awesome. Weather was perfect. Beach was sparsely populated so I felt free to not only lay out but also swim and walk down the beach a bit in my skinz g-string. I wore the g-string today to try to get rid of the thong tan lines I got on by backside yesterday.
Eventually, a family came and set up a bit too close considering the space available, and then they were all swimming in the Gulf directly in front of me. I took this as a sign to relocate to North Jetty Park just a mile down the road. This was a good decision as the northern end of the North Jetty Park was empty except for two groups of young ladies. I was able to enjoy some more sun and eventually walked the beach north almost to the edge of the crowd at my previous location (Nokomis Beach) before turning around. I passed a couple of people along the way but nobody said anything. One woman was wearing a rio back.
When I returned to my towel one pair of teenage girls walked by and tried to sneak photos of me with their cell phones. They were giddy with excitement. I didn't say a word and pretended I didn't notice as they got their shot.

sarasotajt #143

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/26/2011 08:40:03Copy HTML

 Two great days at Siesta Key sunning in my Skinz g-string. Both days I set up south of the pavilion public beach area - in front of the large condos which are currently being refurbished. Few guests means a wide open expanse of beach in front of these condos; plus I can walk up and rinse the salt and sand off in their showers at the dune walk-overs.
Both days I saw at least two women wearing thongs. Public schools are now back in session so there are fewer families; thus more thongers. That's my logic anyway
sarasotajt #144

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/27/2011 09:55:39Copy HTML

 Only had about an hour today so I made a quick stop at Turtle Beach for a swim and brief walk.
I wore only my black Skinz thong from the parking lot to the beach (they are adjacent so it's not far).
It was about 2:30 in the afternoon and Hurricane Irene in the Atlantic coast was sucking air across the Florida peninsula; thus there were "big waves" for the Gulf coast and a strong on shore wind. Numerous surfers were out trying to take advantage of the waves. Also, the sun was out so I walked out onto the beach, dropped my hat, sunglasses, keys, and flipflops on the sand in an open space near some bikini clad ladies, and went for a swim. Next, I walked north up the beach past the condos, passing only a few beachgoers along the way. Due to a lack of time, I turned around and returned to my stuff, then went for another swim. This time the ladies soon came down into the water also and the strong current whisked them past me. We spoke briefly - mostly about the strong currents. They didn't mention my swimwear but I could tell they at least found it interesting. Soon, we all got out and I collected my things, said goodby to them, and walked over the dune crossing to the shower to rinse off the salt and sand. Several of the ladies wore smalish, attractive bikinis, but no other thongs were spotted.
It was a brief yet enjoyable visit to the beach.
mack_back #145

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/28/2011 12:10:50Copy HTML

Nice relaxing day at my local nude beach little fog early morning but sun shined through through the cirrus cloud cover. Later afternoon became quite sunny no sign of any cloud cover. 
As I setup near some bikini clad girls they went into the water, as I was nude laying there they ignored me as I did them. Found a guy later trying to hit on them but they refuted his advances and later left.As I was packing to leave putting on my AC Black thong group of women from a far were talking saying after some giggles interesting underwear he is wearing (meaning me). Could be a good line to use if he went into the water next time we see him.
I don't know but I find if some guys wear a thong there is more of a reaction from women at a nude beach then being nude. Seen another guy put on a white y back g-string and a three women seeing him from behind really didn't react to much as they were lurkers strolling the beach. I sometimes don't know guys in thongs or nude you get a big reaction when in a thong from some reason. Maybe woman can approach you clothed more comfortly then being nude.? Also being nude bikini clad girls feel your not crazy taking it all off thus looking at you more normally. I don't know but something odd happens when in a thong..
orlcpl #146

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/28/2011 03:40:07Copy HTML

I think we need to try siesta instead of Casperson and Lido after our last couple visits, but we have never been to Siesta; do we need to know anything specific?
lindros #147

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/29/2011 02:42:26Copy HTML

I had about an hour to kill this morning before meeting my real estate agent, so I took a walk up & down the length of Siesta Key. I saw one woman in a bona-fide thong around area 7, her husband was in a speedo. I also saw two girls sunbathing topless. The one girl was hot, early 20's, and was reading a book while sans top. This was on the main beach about 10 yards from the lifeguard stand. She later went for a walk and put her top back on. The other topless girl was to the south of the main beach, but unfortunately she was only about 8 years old :) Her dad sounded French and was wearing a speedo.

The area south of the main beach looks inviting as there are few people there with the condo refurbishing, plus there are showers to rinse off the sand/salt.

As SarasotaJT said, the water was really rough this weekend in the wake of Irene. Saturday I was at Caspersen and you had to be nuts to go swimming.
kohler1977 #148

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/29/2011 11:02:04Copy HTML

Do you see the problem with this. You say the people sounded French. Well were are the americans, and the florida people
orlcpl #149

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/31/2011 05:50:19Copy HTML

I tried Siesta today, while it was raining, just to scout it out and compare it to caspersean and lido.  I will not be going back to those two beaches if today was any indication of how nice siesta beach is, even during a light shower with no sun I prefer Siesta.  Granted it was my first time but its very nice.  No thongs today but maybe next time
beachfolks #150

Re:Siesta Key, FL

Date Posted:08/31/2011 06:02:11Copy HTML

Yes, We prefer Siesta, nicest beach around, have worn micro thongs there for sunning with no problem--parking lots 6-8 OK. We wish it was closer.
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