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I have visited the board on and off for years. I have never posted, but have read plenty. I am a thong wearer. I own a few, and I mean a few, normal boxer briefs but the vast majority of my underwear are thongs. I own over 20 pairs. Once a year I go through my drawer and toss out old/worn out ones and replace them with new ones. I probably buy 10-15 new thongs a year

My biggest issue is swim thongs. When I go to the beach, I mostly wear my thong. It is hard to find good simple designed swim thongs. I mostly wear skinzwear but I would like to try new brands. The problem is that I am only seeing extreme looking thongs that I find to be very feminine looking or just look stupid. I am not a fan of tear drop looking thongs or those that fall under the extreme catagory. Anyone can recommend good brands that make swim thongs that aren't pushing the envelop. I like T back or g-string, nice contour on the pouch without being obvious. As I have said, Skinzwear is my preferred brand but I would love to try new brands. I used to have a Joe Snyder Rio thong but found them to be too tight and the pouch didn't have much coverage 

aeurope #1

Re:Simple Designs

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CKWonderer #2

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:10/30/2018 09:59:13Copy HTML

The standard Joe Snyder JS-1 has a better coverage in front and more comfortable in the back too.
car57 #3

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:10/30/2018 10:56:52Copy HTML

ThongColby, try Desmitt brand thongs.Thry are a simple design, look like a swim suit and I find them extremely comfortable. You can find them on Amazon and eBay.
hiker2 #4

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:10/30/2018 01:14:29Copy HTML

I got frustrated with the options I could find to buy and began making my own thongs about 5 years ago. I bought a yard each of red and dark blue Lycra and several yards of Lycra strap material on eBay and after some experimentation came up with a design that fits me comfortably. The waistband and rear strap are 1/4" wide Lycra strap material, my favorite for this is yellow. The piece I cut to use for the front is about 8 inches wide at the waistband and about 9" long. I sew the top 1/2" over the top to make a tube through which the waistband slides. I take the bottom and fold it in two so there is kind of a point in the front, and pin it there, and then I sew a seam in a curve from a point a couple of inches up the front down to the back corner where the rear strap sews on. Once it's all together I put it on and figure out where on the waistband to sew the sides of the pouch so it's not wrinkled or pulled too tight. If I leave it as a slider it keeps sliding in all the time and having to be pulled back out, so I prefer to sew the sides in place. My design makes a kind of 3D pouch shape that keeps everything in without squishing, and thus is comfortable for me to wear all day every day in the summer months. I suppose everyone is a bit different size and shape, and what works for me might not for others. From the front it looks pretty much like a speedo type suit with very narrow sides, and from the back it's just a T of 1/4" straps. I do the sewing by hand and it takes an hour or two per suit and I wear out one or two a year, wearing them to canoe or to the beach, and as underwear from May through September or so, any time the high is in the 60s or higher. I could probably do a better job with a serger or other suitable sewing machine but I have never had a suit fail while in use, and when they do die it's the fabric on the pouch that goes, not the seams. I have a few in circulation at any given time, so I can wear one while another is drying. The price point is quite good, under $5 per thong for materials, and the only equipment needed is a needle and scissors, and I guess a ruler to measure.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:10/31/2018 05:51:20Copy HTML

You may want to try the swim thongs from PrevailSport.com - Nothing fancy. The only drawback is many of the thongs have an all black rear and not the same color as on the front.
stypenz #6

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:11/01/2018 09:30:14Copy HTML

I think the swim thongs in Kiniki although fairly conservative are made from Poly lycra and have lasted me well and I swim about 5-6 hours a week! I think my first one lasted about 4-5 months. I could still wear it now if I wanted to. In contrast my nylon lycra thong from Pikante lasted less than 3 months and lost all shape.
gsj #7

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:11/01/2018 11:10:31Copy HTML

 I have not got on with Kiniki products. Not very well designed, too much material & not a good fit. Pity really as UK short of maufactuers for our sort of beach/sunwear since demise of Interparta.

Comfythong1 #8

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:11/02/2018 09:28:18Copy HTML

Definitely Desmiit! I wear them on the beach and at the pool. I actually wear them to swim laps at the indoor pool at my gym. JOR is great, I like their sport swim thong. Rufskin has a thong swimsuit - Petey. I actually spent most of my outside pool time this summer wearing it! Muscle skins are ok, but their pouch is really small and they’re unlined with thin fabric.
Alfresco10 #9

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:11/04/2018 04:14:38Copy HTML

I have some thongs from N2N which offer good coverage. They are unlined but dark colors don't reveal much. Pouch is generous, I am not fond of the bound "dance belt" look. And they tend to be lower price. I think different brands fit different bodies better so I suppose you just have try a few brands and styles.
sailor250 #10

Re:Simple Designs

Date Posted:03/23/2019 03:05:47Copy HTML

A women's article attempts to classify thong designs???? https://galoremag.com/8-types-thong-bikinis-wear-this-summer/
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