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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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ThongsLover #101

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:09/19/2009 04:08:29

This kind of thing is purely luck.

No one can 'know' are there girls going to tan in g-strings at a particular place. Unless you organise yourself and manage to get females to join.
JM_Runs #102

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:09/21/2009 12:44:33

I will be going to Singapore towards the end of November, and looking forward to stripping down to my thong on the beach after reading through this topic. I am into running as well, is it scenically attractive to run out East Coast way?. This is my first trip to Singapore enroute to Thailand, where I have been before; will do the marathon on 6 December before returning to SouthAfrica. In Phuket it was great to run in short running shorts along the sea front, followed by a swim in a thong or string, and looking forward to doing that again in Singapore.
adventuror #103

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/28/2009 08:47:52

Hello there. Was at Tanjung Beach yesterday morning to tan in my usual g-string. It was a great morning - the sun was mostly out and there were very few people other than the usual workers (I wonder if they are there everyday doing the same old things like trimming the grass and bushes - didn't know they grow so fast!)

I don't normally head into the sea if there are people around whom I think may get offended. Since it was peaceful, I was able to cool down in the sea before packing up to head home. Now I have my nice tan lines back and this should last until next year!

Considering getting a string with even narrower strap to get finer tan lines (or no tan lines). My current one is 10mm thick. Not sure if one that is too thin will be deemed ofensive?
fidotiger #104

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/28/2009 02:15:43

Well done Slyison, great way to start the thread going again and it works.
Tanning session is good, but not too loud, the media may be on our ass laterly in the HOT news or RAZOR TV as mess thonging spotted in Sentosa.
Rainy days are here and so is the school holidays. So watch out for the school boys & girls crowding the beach.
slyison #105

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/28/2009 03:47:39

 sianz... these few days tend to rain during the afternoon and that is the best time for a tan.... rain faster go away..siam ar!
strepsils #106

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/08/2009 06:23:11

fidotiger  -
I saw the news! Just about one month back, 9 October. "Indecent Exposure at Bishan pool!"  Stomp headline.
4Lw4ySth0nG #107

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/08/2009 05:56:19

do you have the link to this news ?

ok, found it.
supertitan1 #108

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/10/2009 01:13:04

When I was working near Suntec, I joined the gym at Pan Pac Hotel and thong at the pool there without any problem.
fidotiger #109

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/10/2009 11:53:12

Well done 4Lw4ysth0nG.

Well, the Bishan issue, was likely a guy trying to get more tan then trying to expose himself. But saddly, he did it at the wrong place. Let's hope there's no stalker at TJ beach, as we could be on the next one on headlines too.

But the way, I did tan on Sunday, was lucky to get the sun in the morning. Didn't see any other G/Thongers but pets with owner.'s-beaches-safe-and-clean
Anyone like to share talks of pets(BIG DOGS) running around on the beach.
Soccer123 #110

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/10/2009 04:16:28

To fidotoiger: Did you suntan in your G-String at Sentosa on Sunday? No ladies suntanning in G-String?

I find it in order to AVOID unnecessary trouble and stares from the public, it is still better to find a quiet spot to tan - too expose to the public will invite unnecessary troubles :-)
strepsils #111

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/11/2009 10:42:54

There are lots of secluded places in Singapore if really want to be quiet in tanning. Need not to be beach.
fidotiger #112

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/11/2009 04:05:23

To Soccer123; Yes, I'm in my G and I think I'm the only one. Sorry, no other ladies nor guys that day. Maybe I was early or is just not my day.
So far, at Tanjong Beach, it is still OK. But now Sentosa Cove has started kicking (people staying).
You can expect a bit more crowd during weekends. Did a few rounds during weekdays before and there's not much of people on the beach.
JM_Runs #113

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/11/2009 04:17:27

Let's keep the invitations or queries about getting together or contacting each other to the Singapore Contacts thread ( Found in the contacts section of the board ) and keep this thread for peoples reports about beaches that are thong or string friendly.

The Singapore Contacts thread is >>
strepsils #114

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/12/2009 07:15:07

4Lw4ySth0nG , you really did out the news! My goodness!
joshuaspain #115

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/18/2009 03:14:10

Will be traveling to Singapore this weekend and look forward to thonging there...  look forward to meeting all the Singapore thonger in Sentosa Tanjong Beach...!
strepsils #116

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/18/2009 04:20:17

joshuaspain , you are welcome to Singapore? Are you a Hong Kee? Just curious.

I suggest a place you can get yourself in thong! Try the 'Cafe Del Mar' ( at Sentosa! Relaxing and nobody cares what you wear!

You can wear your most "provocative" thong if you want! Believe me!

The below pictures are taken in Sentosa!
Soccer123 #117

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/19/2009 03:27:50

To Strepsil

That gal is the famous teacher - Gwen who takes part in the Wicked Weaseal Bikini contest and kena warned by his school...

Very daring gal to wear the Wicked Weasel Bikini in Sentosa - is it very common nowsaday? It is a G-String Bikini and I believe not many dare to flunt it so openly except Gwen

I might want to suntan in my G-String in Sentosa in that location you recommended soon - will people stare?
4Lw4ySth0nG #118

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/19/2009 04:23:39

As what i think Strepsil will say .... Dare to wear, must Dare to show ! lol.

I believe the unspoken no.7 rule in singapore sustains. Do it, but don't get caught. But if you get caught be cool about it. React to the situation appropriately.  

However, what if a babe comes up to you and ask whether she can oil you up. .. o_O!
podgy #119

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/19/2009 09:22:04

I think its rather common to see girls thonging in Sentosa nowadays.. my gf is one of them.. =)
Just a couple of months back on a friday afternoon..I have seen a couple of them in WW..  men in thong too..

joshuaspain #120

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/19/2009 05:15:53

 I look forward to thonging in Sentosa on Sunday in Singapore...   :-)  Josh x
Soccer123 #121

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/19/2009 05:27:53

To Podgy Which part of Sentosa/Which beach did you see the ladies in WW? Is it on WEEKDAYS?

I think I must go to suntan in my G-String in Sentosa soon :-)
podgy #122

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/20/2009 03:36:13

Hi Soccer123, Myself and gf are usually at Tanjong beach during weekdays.. thongers are spotted all over..
And usually No. of guys > No. of girls
strepsils #123

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/20/2009 05:46:12

Would you guys (hopefully, couples) want to join in the Water-Pool fun on December?

My partner is interested. I will sure get into my thong if more people accompany me.  
supertitan #124

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/20/2009 12:24:46

You should try swimming in thongs first and let us know if the guards chase you out
strepsils #125

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/21/2009 02:35:48

Quote from supertitan, "You should try swimming in thongs first and let us know if the guards chase you out ". The way you wrote, it shows you did not read my posts right from the beginning.

If I have not tried, how do I dare to encourage people?
Soccer123 #126

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/21/2009 06:43:19

To Podgy. In this case, I shall suntan at Tanjong beach then so that I will not be the odd one out in my G-String :-)
fidotiger #127

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:11/29/2009 03:18:38

strepsils: The NTUC thing, don't thing is a very good idea. What's about Zouk out during year end?

Soccer123: I GString on Tanjong Beach and don't think I'm the only one. All are welcome.

Podgy: "usually No. of guys > No. of girls", you're damn right.
ThongsLover #128

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/05/2010 12:43:32

The weather forecast for tmr is 32/ 25.

Think I may drop by YCK swimming pool to get a gd g-strings tabn. :)
beakertan #129

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/12/2010 02:13:14

 I tried swimming at a SSC swimming pool on a weekday late morning... It was actually my first lap swimming experience in a thong and the experience was exhilarating!

The pool was pretty deserted with no children around. I put on my speedo over my thong wherever I went to avoid being noticed and I would remove my speedo and put at the side of the pool before I did my laps (swimming close to the edge of the pool helped). The lifeguards should have noticed me but they did not interfere with my swim.

I hope to do this more often! : ) But definitely not on a wkend when there are kids around.

Slyison: which online forum did you visit?
4Lw4ySth0nG #130

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/13/2010 08:27:01

I have one quick question. If you thong alone, how do you put oil on your upper back ? Even if you can spray the tanning oil, can you spread it evenly using your arms/hands ?
Microron #131

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/13/2010 08:16:58

Dear 4Lw4ySth0nG

I also sunbath alone usually. I have a back scrubber that I have tied a sponge on it instead of the loofa. With the handle shortened a wee bit it also fits into my beach pack.

I carved some notches into the ends of the 'paddle' to hold the string in place. This allows me to change the sponge esaily when it gets soiled.

strepsils #132

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/16/2010 03:44:14

beakertan , where is SSC swimming pool? 
Soccer123 #133

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/17/2010 09:50:03

Just return from my suntanning session in my G-String :-). Will suntan at least 1 time per week to maintain the tanness :-)
beakertan #134

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/17/2010 03:11:12

 It's queenstown pool (not delta)!
strepsils #135

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/20/2010 03:03:45

beakertan, what I meant was, 'SSC' swmming pool stands for what? I don't see the word SSC related to Queenstown leh.
beakertan #136

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:01/20/2010 12:46:38

SSC stands for Singapore Sports Council.
lpplutm #137

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:02/12/2010 02:27:03

wow, strepsils, Gwen is so brave and has confidence. I envy you becuase you have place to enjoy tanning in Gs.
I got no place to do it here.
strepsils #138

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:02/17/2010 10:38:15

lpplutm , I just checked your profile. The google map shows your location in Indonesia. So, Indonesia which part you are in?
fidotiger #139

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:02/22/2010 11:29:56

Have anyone seen the development so far on Tanjong Beach. A new structure is up at the old 8mile location, looks bigger then the last one. Widen roads was done too, with a roundabout at the new structure.
Is going to get MORE crowded soon on Tangjong Beach(Sentosa).
podgy #140

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/03/2010 08:53:06

Guys, anyone of you have experience thonging at East coast beach? Am thinking of bringing my gf to tan in her new WW suit.. any secluded area along east coast? 
strepsils #141

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/06/2010 04:18:29

podgy , Tanah Merah SAFRA resort. Weekdays are perfectly alright! Trsut me. :-)

The sailing centre (not that NSC belong to MOE) beside Tanah Merah SAFRA resort, is quiet too. I get myself washed up using their bathroom. Shiok... siar!

I brought magzines, lunch, and an inflatable pillow spending 3-4hours. I even carry tarot cards, chess sets along too!  
podgy #142

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/06/2010 06:22:08

Thanks streps for the info.. was thinking of which beach to go..hahah..end up back to Sentosa today..Took a pic of the Shack... can see my gf at the bottom of the pic..:P
Soccer123 #143

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/11/2010 04:28:00

Hello, All.

I usually suntan alone in my G-String at Eastv Coast - those stretches of beach near to the National Sailing club - Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal direction. Did occasional met people walked pass and they will automatic walk away once they saw people suntan in G-String (do not disturb)

I longed wanted to go to the Tanah Merah SAFRA Resort - Did not know the way and also I do not have a car.
I know there are Water Breakers over there where U can suntan in Strings. I also heard about people suntan nude over there - not sure how true.

To Strepsils: If your GF suntan in her RED T Back at Sentosa, will people walk pass her or get close to you all since BOTH of you are in T Back and G-String?
strepsils #144

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/13/2010 10:51:37

Hello Podgy, jacey66 goes to Sentosa often with his gf.

Since you frequent there with your gf, both of you can make good pairs.
strepsils #145

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/13/2010 10:53:43

Soccer123, take free shuttle bus to Tanah Merah SAFRA Resort.
Soccer123 #146

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/14/2010 01:01:30

Hi, Strespsils:

Where to take the Free shuttle bus to Tanah Merah SAFSA Resort? From Tanah Merah MRT? From Bedok Bus Interchange?
strepsils #147

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/18/2010 02:12:38

Soccer123, Why don't you call the Tanah Merah SAFRA resort to check the bus schedule?
Soccer123 #148

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/18/2010 04:31:40

Ok, Thanks. I will definitely give it a try so that I can start my suntanning Session there soon :-)
jazzpeters #149

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/12/2010 10:38:54

Has anyone thong at Suntec City Swimming pool? Is it allowed there?
ThongsLover #150

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/12/2010 03:27:39

Suntec City got swimming pool?

Are u referring to the shallow pool at the top of the building where the water reaches to one's knee height?
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