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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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jazzpeters #151

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2010 10:18:03Copy HTML

There is a pool at the rooftop with 2 tennis court.
fidotiger #152

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/14/2010 04:52:55Copy HTML

Hi, is more for tenant and the Guild house.

jazzpeters #153

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/15/2010 12:56:35Copy HTML

So anyone thong at Suntec pool? Is it ok to do it there?
jazzpeters #154

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/15/2010 11:43:54Copy HTML

My thong is white and will able to see thru when wet. I wonder how would ladies react after seeing it.

Can anyone share? If lady can share, it will be great.
strepsils #155

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/17/2010 08:20:26Copy HTML

jazzpeters quote [I wonder how would ladies react after seeing it. ].

I am not a lady but, any lady will find it nusiance! That's for sure!

Seeing a man in thong, may be turn-off and new for some women. Howver, seeing a man in a translucent thong is disgusting for anybody! I am not surprise if a gay hit up with you!
dayne #156

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/18/2010 08:17:46Copy HTML

You might want to ask at the concierge desk what the attitude is about thongs where you are staying.  Singapore can be funny about such things.  As to wearing a see through thong, other than at an adult pool or beach, you are strictly AYOR.
JM_Runs #157

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/19/2010 11:25:23Copy HTML

at Tanjung Beach, Singapore
Maxin #158

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/25/2010 03:50:38Copy HTML

I will be visiting Sigapore next month (May 2010) and hopefully there will be time to thong on one of the beaches there. Can anyone recommend a shop(s) where I can buy some new thongs ? I particularly like some of the TM range?
Will appreciate advice and up to date info on thonging in Singapore.
gnoht #159

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/07/2010 09:43:56Copy HTML

 planning to go SG too. any hotel that accepts thongs / g-string?
616 #160

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/03/2010 03:04:48Copy HTML

 has anyone thonged at parkroyal on beach road?
fidotiger #161

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:07/22/2010 03:17:00Copy HTML

Anyone still thonging thru this wet weather?
worcesterthong #162

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:07/24/2010 11:27:57Copy HTML

hi maxin
Sorry saw your message very late in the months sportsmenasia"" at china town point have a very good selection of thongs ,gstrings and other beautiful swimsuits including tm from japan and joesynderand n2n..also paragon and takashymaya carry certain styles that sould b underwear and swimsuits.. metro at paragon was another one as also cktangs(though they have disconnue the more beautiful and risque items). i htink they were called skins or something similar.they also use to carry a a jock sock
Thong Kong #163

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:07/27/2010 02:42:59Copy HTML

Worcester, I've never been to SG, but that sounds so much better than HK in terms of selection. Hom hardly carries thongs at all any more, though you can still find a swimsuit or two and a couple overpriced styles of underwear, and I haven't been to any of the gay shops like Slick in ages.
fiveforthongs #164

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:09/02/2010 04:46:00Copy HTML

 Has anyone thonged at any of the SAFRA pools in Singapore? Would like to hear your feedback. Cheers.
fidotiger #165

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:09/08/2010 02:28:20Copy HTML

Hi fiveforthongs

Better not try. SAFRA pools are more family type and school holidays is around the corner. Wouldn't look good if the lifeguard comes over to you and say "please cover up".

Try your luck on weekdays? Maybe, just maybe it works. Do share the experience if it happens.

Happy thonging
ThongsLover #166

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:09/30/2010 04:42:58Copy HTML

One Singapore gal posted her Wickedweasel pics today on the site under the 'Contributors' section.

Check her out:


She seems like a Malay to me.
4Lw4ySth0nG #167

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:09/30/2010 09:09:47Copy HTML

Yeah, it good to find girls open minded to post on WW. Cheers to Mikki :)
AVBW21 #168

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:09/30/2010 06:34:50Copy HTML

OH I have the luck to see ThongsLover 's unedited comment...haha.

Well I bookmarked that page, I check it every week, I did not even click into Mikki until you mentioned she is singaporean! I think the swimsuit she wore was too appealing compared to others' contribution. I do really doubt whether women can go topless in Sands swimming pool.
JM_Runs #169

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/01/2010 04:31:14Copy HTML

Greetings to all thongs lovers! I'm new to this forum and was reading thru some posts and realised that  Singaporeans are geting more bolder and open minded,like me! lolz..I do wear WW and frequent the beaches esp Sentosa,where I get to meep up with the likes of Gwen Teng.I dont think theres any problem going topless either nowadays,women should be allowed to go topfree in any public place where men are allowed to remove their shirts, without threat of harassment, arrest, or other legal, or political deterrent...
JM_Runs #170

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/01/2010 07:53:17Copy HTML

Hi SunSeeka, welcome to this forum. Yes, we need more people to debunk the myth and misconceptions about wearing thongs at the beach and to just view it as just another item of swimwear.
sexychilli #171

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/02/2010 08:50:56Copy HTML

I am the Singapore gal who has her photos on Wicked Weasel website.  

I am half Chinese and half Thai and 100% love the sun!
sexychilli #172

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/02/2010 10:02:32Copy HTML

 Sorry I am new to this.   I am not USA.   Singapore.
AVBW21 #173

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/02/2010 01:52:03Copy HTML

You mean you are that Mikki in WW site? Welcome.

Is it really OK for you to go topless in Sands pool?
sexychilli #174

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/02/2010 02:02:41Copy HTML

 Yes, I am that Mikki.   I always sunbathe topless when i am face down but have to be careful when face up.   I still have my top off but I cover my nipples then but only just.   But I enjoy reaching for my drink or phone when I am face down and people can see me then.   That's what I was doing in the photos.
boynx #175

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/03/2010 10:38:02Copy HTML

Hi sexychilli, Welcome to the forum. Love your tan! and of course your lovely ww.
Class40 #176

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/03/2010 05:34:47Copy HTML

Very nice to see Mikki picture's on WW. My girlfriend has worn WW in hotel in Singapore in the past (Intercontinental) and on Sentosa she only ever wears thongs, even the 457 micro minimus. She wears her WW around Bora-bora using their sunbeds for the whole day. So far, she has been too shy to send to WW but I am working on it.

She goes topless on quite days on Tanjong Beach while lying down, both sides, to get rid of her tan lines. But one time a guy in a grey boiler suit and wellington boots walked by so many times she felt uncomfortable and we left. We saw a lady sunbathing topless all day at the old km8 a few years ago and a couple of other middle aged Asian ladies on Tanjong Beach also sunbathed topless while lying down.

One time around km8, while she was wearing a WW thong, (bikini top on) a number of other ladies made comments in Indonesian about her thong without realising that she is Indonesian too; the comments were not positive. From the looks on the faces of their husband/boyfriends (all European) the men were all wishing that their companions were wearing WW rather than shorts or matronly 1 piece swimsuits that they were wearing.

I hope that Mikki doesn't withdraw her pictures like Gwen did. Fortunately, we managed to get Gwen's pictures before they were removed.

JM_Runs #177

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/04/2010 08:51:43Copy HTML

 Anyone frequent Sentosa on weekdays?
sexychilli #178

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/04/2010 09:17:33Copy HTML

 I will not be back in SG until after 20 November but plan to check it out then.   Might be better if quieter on weekdays.
JM_Runs #179

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/04/2010 10:12:41Copy HTML

Yuh, I usually prefer to go on weekdays to avoid the family crowd on weekends.
fiveforthongs #180

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2010 12:14:25Copy HTML

 Hi, anybody knows what's that other pool that Mikki visited in the pictures? Looks like it's in the CBD. Would be great to have a thong friendly pool around town :)
JM_Runs #181

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2010 04:31:11Copy HTML

 Marina Bay sands resort?
sexychilli #182

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2010 09:20:54Copy HTML

 Mikki here, although it says sexychilli!   The other photo is Grand Hyatt Bangkok, but I also wear my WW bikinis at the pool at Grand Hyatt Singapore.   No complaints so far!
Next month maybe I try to post WW photos from there.   In fact I only wear my WW bikini wherever I go and I have had no problem at any hotel pool in Asia, although I do get a lot of looks.   But I enjoy that!!!
boynx #183

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2010 11:27:01Copy HTML

I go to Sentosa to tan on weekdays. I do go weekends too, just went last Sat and there was a girl wearing a blue ww tanning near by me. She was bold! she even walked from one end of the beach to the other! kudos to her! I thought no one would tan with their thongs on a weekend. Guess i was wrong. Great to know that i have company:)
fidotiger #184

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2010 02:17:09Copy HTML

Welcome to all new joiners to the forum.

Hi SunSeeka, well spoken for the ladies. Hope to see more ladies thonging.

Hi Sexychilli or Mikki, saw your WW posting. Great pics.

Love to thong in weekdays but need to work. Tried a few times during weekday, perfect beach all to myself. To escape the crowd, I normally thong on Sunday morning, less people too. Hope to see more thongers then.

Happy Thonging
oakdeen #185

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2010 07:02:55Copy HTML

Hello guys and gals........
oakdeen #186

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2010 07:34:01Copy HTML

Whats up guys and gals!
Just saw mikki contributions on ww n gotta say ur looking fine girl...
Happy thonging and hope to see those photos coming!
fiveforthongs #187

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/06/2010 02:59:53Copy HTML

@sexychilli aka mikki Pity! I was hoping it's a club in Singapore. You know it's hard to find thong friendly places in Singapore other than Sentosa. Well the clouds are looming as I speak. There goes any hopes of getting a nice tan today. You look great in WW btw. Kudos to you!

@Sunseeka I know that's MBS. It's quite obvious. :) Anyway well said and happy thonging!
sexychilli #188

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/06/2010 12:25:26Copy HTML

 Maybe it is easier for us girls to thong than you guys.   Pity really.   But I have found no problem anywhere I tried in Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Thailand and Philippines.   That is both on the beach or at hotel swimming pools.
Good luck guys and see you sometime on Tanjung, hopefully topless.   Well if you guys can do it, why can't I?
JM_Runs #189

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 02:04:43Copy HTML

 Well said Mikki! I agree with you on that.
jacey66 #190

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 05:10:21Copy HTML

 Any one knows if there's anyone wearing WWs at Tanjung Beach Club.  Have not been there,....my gf is regular at CDM though
ext101 #191

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 05:14:51Copy HTML

Any guys or gals wear see-thru g-string to tan there?
JM_Runs #192

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 07:10:31Copy HTML

 Yup I do wear see-thru or sheer ones here and anywhere else..Its actually better than being naked,everybody can see nothing n everything at the same time..
gnoht #193

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 08:32:34Copy HTML

 Gone into the pool in thong / g-string I've done in a few hotels in JB.
fiveforthongs #194

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 08:46:18Copy HTML

 Jacey666 the answer is yes. I've seen them a few times before.
sexychilli #195

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 10:35:16Copy HTML

 I will be at Tanjung in, or hopefully out of, my WW's but not back in SG until after 22 November.   Mikki
fiveforthongs #196

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 11:07:43Copy HTML

 Mikki I hope the weather holds out for you!
sexychilli #197

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/07/2010 03:30:45Copy HTML

 Hey ThongsLover, I can assure you that I am 100% female.   I think the photos prove that.

Maybe someday you will see me on Tanjung beach and you can have a closer inspection ha ha.

JM_Runs #198

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 02:38:39Copy HTML

 Trust me guys,Mikki aka Sexychilli is for real.She's absolute gorgeous and petite.You dont have to 'check her' out to know shes for real.I guess ThongsLover is trying to woo Mikki indirectly in meeting up.
ext101 #199

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 02:50:49Copy HTML

Sunseeka, i went there on weekday at end of tanjong beach. usually will wear a see-thru g-string.
JM_Runs #200

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 03:23:28Copy HTML

 Play nice.
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If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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