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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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JM_Runs #201

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 03:41:24

 yup play nice guys.
sexychilli #202

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 08:21:06

 It's OK, I didn't take offence.   I was making a joke (maybe a bad one?) when I said TL can have closer inspection.
It was all meant in fun.
viscountyang #203

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 11:06:25

Jacey 66: Yes indeed! My partner Gwen and some of her girlfriends are always to be found sunning in their Wicked Weasels or Malibu Strings at Tanjong Beach Club! We've been to Cafe Del Mar a couple of times but have been Tanjong Beach loyalists for the most part - KM8, the Shack and now Tanjong Beach Club - we are there most Sunday afternoons (weather willing of course!). Feel free to come over and say hello - it's really easy to spot us: just look for the chick with the smallest bikini there. :)
viscountyang #204

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 11:31:02

Welcome aboard Mikki and Sunseeka! It's nice to know Singapore society is getting a little more open minded and that the Singapore Chapter of Wicked Weasel seems to be growing!

Mikki: I really liked the Wicked Weasel contribution - you are the third contributor from Singapore to Wicked Weasel and I'm sure you won't be the last - you girls are an inspiration to us all and applaud your courage! I posted you a compliment to your Wicked Weasel account - go check it out! :)  My partner Gwen contributed to WW too back in 2008 but was compelled by the MOE to withdraw as she was (and still is) a teacher although I am at a loss to understand what it has to do with her work and not that it made much of a difference in any case as her pics are still on various forums....we're cool with it though and are still putting her WWs to good use. :)

Top 40: I am glad to hear that your girlfriend is a fan of Wicked Weasels too especially the 457s - they are a great choice! You are absolutely right - lots of people here in Singapore are so narrow minded - if they have nothing good to say, they should just keep their comments to themselves! Gwen and I too learn to look beyond that and to focus on the positive compliments she gets at the beach and pool both in Singapore and overseas and to ignore the haters and the gawpers / perverts.

All: May I say that its so refreshing to meet such like minded and open minded folk! We should organize a Wicked Weasel Singapore Chapter excursion to Sentosa sometime! 

sexychilli #205

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 12:16:33

 viscountyang.   Hi J and G.   I thought I had replied to your message on WW.   Did you receive it?  
Thanks for comments.   It is appreciated.
I have had over 500 messages in 8 days so been busy replying to a few of them.
All were complimentary except for 3 as follows: "Ugly", "Tart" and " $2 Bargirl".   Not sure if they liked the photos?  Ha ha.   But 3 out of 500 is OK.   We all know there are some freaks out there.   Take care and maybe see you at Tanjung sometime with my bf.
Class40 #206

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 07:01:54

I know about Mikki & Gwen, so who and when was the third post from Singapore...?
viscountyang #207

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 07:20:03

 Mikki: If I had to guess, they were probably the same guys who commented 'Ah Lian', 'So Flat' and 'Asian with Cheap Pathetic Western Values' when Gwen contributed back in 2008. LOL.  Losers! If they find it offensive, how about learning to exercise some self-censorship and 'x' the window instead of making these rude and uncalled for comments? But as you say, you can't please all the people all of the time. However you must be doing something right to be garnering an approval rating in excess of 99%. :) When Gwen contributed, we were especially happy to see that in addition to compliments coming in from overseas, a good number of Singaporeans were open minded enough to express their support and to pay genuine compliments (many expressed a wish that they had a teacher like that back in the day!).

The Grand Hyatt Bangkok looks nice and good to hear that it's thong friendly too - we might check it out next time we're in Bangkok. In the meantime, take care and hope to see you at Tanjong Beach Club when you're next in town - definitely thong friendly there so you'll be in good company. :)


PS: Don't think I received your reply unfortunately - could you forward it to me again? Will send a personal message to your Inbox here with my email details. :) 

AVBW21 #208

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 07:20:43

Oh hello viscountyang, I missed that WW contribution of Gwen, and I just got five photos back on the net, and Gwen just look fabulous! Where actually can I get to see the whole bunch of photos again? As she is still a teacher now, we do not expect a further contribution to WW right?
viscountyang #209

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 07:36:20

 Class40: The third contributor is a good friend of mine by the name of Ariel - she contributed back in 2005 but hasn't done so since. She was the one responsible for putting me up to getting Gwen her first Wicked Weasel. :)
viscountyang #210

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2010 08:23:51

 AVBW21: Thank you for your kind comments. This is one of the remaining links with Gwen's pics: - Enjoy!

While Gwen still wears her Wicked Weasels in Singapore as well as overseas, she is unfortunately under strict instructions from the Ministry of Education to refrain from participating in further bikini contests. Sigh. Although in my view this prudish behavior is ridiculous - it is ultimately her personal life and has nothing whatsoever to do with her teaching and she never once mentioned in her contribution that she was a teacher or indeed a civil servant.

Is Wicked Weasel popular in China too and are people as conservative in general as Singapore?
fidotiger #211

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 05:26:50

Hi All, look like Mikki posting WW has lighten this poll.

About the Sheer thing, I like them but have not try them on Singapore beach. Just think that I may get into trouble wearing them. Have a piece from Skinzwear and so is my Gsting wears.

No hanky-panky business for me(I'm married with a new born), just want to get a good tan line. I always tan alone(the far end of Tanjong beach), as mention before, is not easy a guy(right mikki). But will try out the newly renovated Tanjong Beach Clud next friday morning, will be asking a lady friend along(she will not be in thong). Hope to see some of you there.

Hopefully negative comments on pics posted don't discourage the ladies.
Thanks viscountyang for sharing Gwen nice pics. Sexy and cute, hope you don't mind on the comments.
Just wondering, guys posting pics, what comments you guys get from the ladies or guys?

Hope to see more thongers.

AVBW21 #212

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 08:23:47

viscountyang : I am Chinese but I am actually not in mainland china, I am in HK, so i have no idea what the thong scene in China looks like. As far as I know, they still seldom wear bikini except in more international cities like shanghai. They put on anything you can or cannot imagine to swim, so I have no comment. For the thong scene in HK, you can refer to the correspondent thread.
Thank you for the web link so I can enjoy the pics of Gwen! They are really fabulous! Thonglicious! Were you the photographer?  anywhere we can enjoy larger and clearer images?
I wear thong swimwear too, but I dont like to thong in HK, as I am not in Singapore, though I will go to Singapore at least once a year, I think I have not much chance that I can meet you all up in Tanjong Beach, I do have one experience that seeing one Singaporean Chinese girl wore a red string back WW to Zoukout, that was amazing!
viscountyang #213

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 10:36:08

Fidotiger / AVBW21: No worries at all. I'm glad that you enjoyed the pics and will pass on your kind comments to the lady herself. :) I was indeed the photographer for the occasion with a little direction and input from Gwen. The pics were taken in Koh Samui (457 Zebra Mesh and Matt Lycra in Green), Phuket (453 Snakeskin Mesh with her favourite cowboy hat) and on Tanjong Beach at sunset (453 Side Clips in Hot Pink). There used to be clearer images on Gutter Uncensored but I can't seem to locate them unfortunately.

Great to hear that there are girls out there with the guts to brave Zoukout and the media in a Wicked Weasel String Back - Kudos to her! Funny that you should mention it though: Gwen did wear a Wicked Weasel to Zoukout the last time we went back in 2007 but she wore her red eyelet mesh skirt from WW over it (which as its name suggests has little see through eye-shaped holes in it!) - sometimes it's better to leave a little something to the imagination....haha. We haven't been to Zoukout since though: timing always seemed to clash with work or travel we're getting a little old to survive a dusk till dawn beach party!

Fidotiger: Don't think we can manage TBC next Friday as we'll be in Krabi then - you guys have fun and hope to see you there some other time. :)
gnoht #214

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 11:13:00

 viscountyang, can you get WW bikinis in any shops in Singapore?
sexychilli #215

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 11:35:59

 I will jump in here.   ASs far as I know you can only get on their website or in their shops in Australia.   They are very efficient on their website and fast too.
Highly recommended as you will see from the comments in this string.
jacey66 #216

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 12:02:11

 Other than Grand Hyatt BKK, the Peninsula in BKK is also WW friendly.
Mikki, if you do visit Australia, make a trip to their factory in Byron Bay,...really nice collection there.  We were there in Jun when we drove from the GoldCoast to WW factory in Byron Bay, bout 1.5 hrs away
viscountyang #217

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 12:43:19

Gnoht: Mikki is correct - WW only has three stores at the moment and all are in Australia: Byron Bay (HQ), Sydney and Melbourne. If you are not heading down under however, I would recommend that you order through their website - they are very prompt as well as flexible to special requests (their order page has a comments box where you can for instance, request for a string back option even though the website only features a triangle back option). Also a good idea to consolidate orders since postage is a flat A$15 regardless of size / value of the order.

Jacey 66: I was just at their Byron Bay factory / shop this August to stock up while visiting mum on the Gold Coast. :) If you guys are in the vicinity of the Gold Coast, it is definitely worth a visit - one incentive is that for every A$100 you spend you get a choice of one of their free gifts which you get to pick from their freebie bins. In addition, as a tourist, if you spend at least A$300 in a single receipt, you can claim a 10% GST rebate from the GST counter at airport - just have to show them your receipt and the goods and they'll credit the rebate to your credit card! Last but not least, Byron Bay has a couple of legal nude beaches a few minutes drive from the main drag - great for showing off your partner's new purchases from WW (or the lack of them!) especially in the Summertime. :)


sexychilli #218

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 01:08:06

 I thought I would share the latest "compliment" on my WW photos.

"Call me you chink. I want to fu"   I assume that WW has a filter that prevents the full word being printed, and the message ends there.   In fact he/she sent it twice!

I am not a chink, well I am actually half Chinese, and I definitely don't want to fu or fu** the person.   Apologies to my Chinese friends but I am only quoting and thought that you would all enjoy the laugh.    Well you have to laugh, don't you!
viscountyang #219

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 02:26:31

Another highly enlightened class act which brings the tally of 'compliments' to four. How can a girl say no to a pick up line like that? LOL
ThongsLover #220

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/09/2010 02:26:59

Sunseeka, I don't do 'indirect wooing'. If I wan I would ask politely for a meet-up, straight-up. :)

Having said that, I don't like to be lost in the net - the virtual reality, where everything can be made up and played out.

Thus my 'thinking aloud' here.

Hey, betta read them fast 'cause you never know if its gonna be there still the next day. ;)

See ya all around.
JM_Runs #221

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/10/2010 05:53:03

Hey chill out ThongsLover,Im just kidding,no hard feelings yeah. ;-).Maybe we can all meet up sometime..
gnoht #222

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/10/2010 10:56:53

thanks all - just checking. Have been buying my stuff online as well.

If SG hard to find then MY even harder to find........... but interestingly, I manage to bought a nice G-string bikini for my wife in a shopping complex here in KL for just RM 15. :) It's not at a swimwear shop, nor at a swimwear section, not visible to public. I think most people thought it's just a normal bikini. Checked out the shop a few times, it's as if no one buy them. Finally bought them and liked it.
ThongsLover #223

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/10/2010 04:08:50

Sunseeka, I don't harbour any (hard feelings) at heart. Most to most I only have some 'hardness' in some other parts of my bod...(horror of horrors! Guess this post will be removed/ deleted/ eliminated/ junked/ dustbined...etc, very soon!). :)

A meetup will certainly be veri, very enticing for all thongers here.

Guess this makes them even more 'gay' a.k.a happy than thonging itself.

Happay thonging.
jacey66 #224

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 02:21:07

 Other than the ladies in WWs at Tnajung Beach Club,..what about the guys?,..any guys in thongsgstrings  at TBC?  I normally do this overseas but I dont mind TBC if there are guys doing it there
viscountyang #225

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 05:25:04

 I have seen guys suntanning in thongs at TBC of both the triangle back and string back variety on the weekends but they don't seem to be there every week. Everybody at TBC appeared to be cool with it and the male thongers kept quite low profile and generally donned board shorts or speedos over their thongs to take dips in the pool / sea. I think a weekday when it is quieter and less crowded would be a better bet. 
starkist #226

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 08:32:16

It's good to see more beach thongs around in Singapore, men and women alike. But having said that, I don't see any myself because I prefer to thong alone, although somewhere public.

On the suggestion of some members here, I've been to a SSC swimming pool and near the national sailing centre.  They are really quiet at certain times of the week.  I have this impression that girls in thongs get more appreciation than guys in thongs, so I just stay out of eveyone's way as far as possible.
JM_Runs #227

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 09:30:55

Was at Tanjung Beach today...all in all pretty good day for thongs and gstrings. In total, I think there was about 10, 8 male and 2 female. As mention by many here, it's great that there are more thongs or gstrings even on the beaches here. Not sure if any of those at Tanjung today are members of this board?
fiveforthongs #228

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 12:37:44

@viscountyang can't agree with you more.

@starkist which SSC pool? I've tried YCK but there's simply too much cruising around there.
beakertan #229

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 01:56:59

 @starkist and fiveforthongs: I've thonged SSC pools at queenstown and tampines on weekdays noon when they are not crowded. Tampines is a bit better since the tanning chairs are on a 'mezzanine' level.
Yet to try Tanjung beach, would love to try it sometime soon
fiveforthongs #230

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 02:21:00

 Thanks but tampines is a little too far for me. If i'm going to travel so far I might as well head to tanjong beach. :)
jacey66 #231

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 03:34:41

 hmm..sounds good at TBC,..i might just try it, maybe, this friday afternoon
thongivity #232

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 10:17:40

To Mikki: It is really great to see you in Wickedweasel.
starkist #233

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/11/2010 11:31:02

To fiveforthongs: Queenstown.  YCK was recommended, but I haven't gone there yet.  Maybe it's not cruisy all the time, perhaps on weekdays?
ThongsLover #234

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/12/2010 09:09:15

I stay in Hougang and so YCK makes the perfect and most natural place for me to thong, or 'string', as the tanning area is far from the guards' eyes and away from the public's as well.

'Cruisy' or not, its a matter of personal handling. Even on a beach, you simply can't avoid having 'interested parties' coming to you, or walking back and forth around and past you, checking you out or even dropping 'hints' at you. I've been there, and experienced all. Even caught an older man snapping his phone-camera at my ass secretly while tanning at YCK.

The thing is: if we ignore them, after a short or long while of boredom, these 'interested parties' will move on.

It's the thong or string that draws them near us. If we choose to thong/ string, we know we will be ogled at. Not a big issue really.
JM_Runs #235

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/12/2010 02:51:14

 Great take thongs lover better to ignore those types and also just be natural wearing thong or string cause thats how you roll. Ha 
fidotiger #236

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/12/2010 03:03:31

To Thonglovers, well said about those naive on-lookers and Cruisy.

Do admire people thonging in public pool. Just to much attenion for me, prefer to lay low and get a good tan without the lifeguard starring at my butt. (To those have thong in public pool)

Happy thonging
ThongsLover #237

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/12/2010 07:01:29

Thanks TBack and Fido. Nothing fascinating really; just my one-and-a-half cents'. :)

Anyway I was PM-ing Viscount and telling him that I have not stepped onto Tanjung Beach before, partly due to my location of stay and my mode of travelling - was taking public transport all this while until August this year, where I got my dream car Honda Accord. LOLx

So if anyone here is planning on a next trip to Tanjung Beach do let all of us here know. I'm sure there'll be some 'interested parties' like Yours Sincerely, a.k.a myself, who will like to pay it a visit. A thong meet-up would be even better.

Happy Stringing.
starkist #238

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/12/2010 08:30:41

Thongslover, you're quite right about taking cruisers in stride.  Comes with the territory.

Tanjung Beach's limit is up to thonging? No strings, I suppose? For guys I mean.
AVBW21 #239

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/13/2010 08:15:50

No, I remember when I got there on a friday afternoon 2008, there was a man wearing tie-side G-string at the very far end of Tanjong Beach, quite revealing, so I think there is no limit to thonging, as long as you don't go naked.
fidotiger #240

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/13/2010 04:53:26

Starkist. Don't think there's a limit for guys, unless you're telling us ladies get to tan in Gstring and guys thongs only.
I bet the ladies on this board don't agree with it. They may have seen some Gstring on guys. I'm one of them.

AVBW21. Woah 2008 and u still can remember, tie-side Gstring. I do think tie-string type is more for the ladies.

Do agree with u on not going naked. Try not to suit up with those color tone that match the skin color to much. Lifeguard may think you're naked tanning.

starkist #241

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/14/2010 12:19:57

To AVBW21: The guy you saw must have given you a very very deep impression - you even recall it was "a Friday afternoon in 2008"! 

I tend to agree with fidotiger that tie side strings has a feminine stamp on it. But you can never tell if it will indeed catch on with guys later on.

So far I've only worn strings outside Singapore.  Thongs are the most, or least, I've worn here. If Tanjung Beach is good for strings, perhaps I will give it a go some time. My strings are not skin-toned, so that should keep the lifeguard away?
AVBW21 #242

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/14/2010 07:00:35

haha, no need to be so astonished, as that 2008 friday afternoon was the third last time for me at Tanjong beach, it is not that hard for me to recall. And, that tie-side G string was black.
JM_Runs #243

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/15/2010 01:03:10

Some posts were moved to the following thread:
JM_Runs #244

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/15/2010 04:56:29

 Lovely day thonging at Wavehouse.Not much people though...
starkist #245

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/15/2010 11:07:14

You mean not many people in thongs?

fiveforthongs #246

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/16/2010 03:53:25

@Sunseeka  Lovely weather for thonging. Never tried thonging at wavehouse though.
fidotiger #247

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/17/2010 11:43:27

Thonging in wavehouse is cool, nice chill area but always looks crowded to me.
Just wondering, will anyone do the wave thing in a thong?

Was at Tanjong friday afternoon, near the beach club. The weather was good but was damp by cruisy....this time is BOYS & GIRLS, as if they have not seen a butt before. Watch out thongers, is school holiday again, expect the BOYS & GIRLS having fun on the beach.
No sighting of thongs or Gstring around 50m if me, maybe further dn Tanjong?
fiveforthongs #248

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/17/2010 03:13:04

@fidotiger Nah it won't happen at wavehouse. I don't think anyone wants to have their pictures plastered on STOMP.
Think I'd stick to Tanjong beach most of the time unless i'm feeling adventurous. Like someone said earlier, it's harder for a guy.

By the way the word "cruisy" is used in homosexual terms. Just a tidbit. :)

starkist #249

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/18/2010 02:09:33

Are there good alternatives to Tanjong Beach once the school hols start?
jacey66 #250

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:10/18/2010 05:14:39

 was at TBC on Fri, was perfect cloudless dafternoony,..too many ppl so I did not thong but my gf was in a yellow ww microminimus string
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