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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Maxin #351

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:02/28/2011 06:04:34Copy HTML

Lucky you, sounds fabulous. Is it expensive to stay there?
worcesterthong #352

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/01/2011 03:56:41Copy HTML

we paid about 400 sing dollars per night with breakfast thrown in as complimentary.the real beauty of the hotel is its open bathroom concept, it has some cooking facility in each room and of course its roof top infinity pool.there is a bar on the roof top but we did not see it being serviced.one has to take the portable phone in the room to call service. but the singapore skyliine view and the evening skyline view is breath taking. als ou r opposite the raffles hotel..off course the privacy of the pool was really what set the hotel apart. wt
gnoht #353

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/01/2011 05:13:56Copy HTML

looks like your content got edited. :P I manage to see it though.

Just curious, I saw the website says the pool closes at 6pm. :( but I remember in your earlier post you managed to stay till night.

no one came to close the pool area or anything?
JM_Runs #354

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/01/2011 06:09:05Copy HTML

-> @ worcesterthong

i'm really glad you guys enjoyed yourselves at Naumi...
Like i said, i have stayed there twice already now and i believe it is money well spent for the privacy it gives us... My wife enjoyed swimming and tanning nude there and she especially enjoyed being served room service at the pool nude! Haha... The staff did have an eyeful and she loved it!
-> @ gnoht

thats wat i tot too since the website says so but actually its at 11 pm when the staff make their rounds and remind everyone to leave the pool and they locked it... the staffs doesnt really come up only when to serve orders or close pool at 11... other than that, its total privacy as the other guest are also doing the same thing, that is thonging or swimming nude/topless
soyouthong #355

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/01/2011 08:12:18Copy HTML

i think $400 a night is too pricey, granted that you can swim in your thongs, g-strings or even nude. doesn't bother me as i can swim and tan in my thongs or g-strings on tanjong beach...remove my thongs in the water and can even do nude swimming in the open sea...$400 can buy me lots of thongs and g-strings!
gnoht #356

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/01/2011 10:10:27Copy HTML

i can't imagine. SGD 400 is a lot for me, considering my currency a lot smaller, I could use the same amount and probably get room with pool over in other countries. :)
worcesterthong #357

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/01/2011 10:57:22Copy HTML

gentlemen and ladies. money and where and how spent is a perception and a satisfactuon. from my point of you goinfg to tanjong beach finding the right people and place and not being hassled of the consequences is $00ss well spent. all of us different levels of perception of money mine is only one of them since someone asked.
anyway fairuzelma would love to meet there when uand me r there next.
potong01 #358

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/05/2011 02:45:24Copy HTML

The weather was extremely kind today as the sun was out for the entire day.
The beach was suprisingly deserted for most of the morning and early afternoon.
I had a wonderful thong tanline now!

If this continues, I will look like a piece of charcoal before the end of the year!
JM_Runs #359

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/06/2011 05:01:42Copy HTML

 Was at Tanjung Beach on Saturday morning/afternoon. Nobody in thongs or Gstrings at first. I was the only one and on relatively crowded beach. Anyway, at the far end of Tanjung there were a bunch of photographers taking pics of this girl in bikini. At first she was in a silver bikini which she then changed to a red one right on the beach where they brought a portable changing room. Anyway, the interesting bit was at the next change of swimwear, she was wearing a thong bikini with a very small triangle. Could tell that she has not really worn something like that as can see the tanline. Nevertheless it was still good. 
Soccer123 #360

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/06/2011 09:09:38Copy HTML


Any photo of that gal in Silver/Red and Thong Bikini to show?
JM_Runs #361

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/08/2011 06:25:58Copy HTML

here is it

black bikini photo

silver and red

potong01 #362

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/16/2011 10:02:40Copy HTML

Let's continue our tanning.
See you guys at Sentosa this weekend.

JM_Runs #363

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/18/2011 06:08:52Copy HTML

 the weathers been crazy lately
Soccer123 #364

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/18/2011 11:19:20Copy HTML

Yes, I agree as I did not have a good tanning in my G-String due to the unpredictable weather.
potong01 #365

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/19/2011 11:26:43Copy HTML

The weather on Saturday, 19 Mar 2011 was very unpredictable.

At 10 am , the storm was brewing. The sun was hidden by the dark clouds.
At 11 am, the sun came out and it was HOT, HOT, HOT.
At 1 pm, the thunderstorm was inevitable.

Left by 1.30 pm to wash up.
At 1.45 pm, took the tram to the Monorail station.
At 1.55 pm, the skies opened and it rained for hours.
The rain continued till about 5 pm.

Despite the fact that it was the end of the one-week school holidays and the beach was extremely crowded with students,  I had my two wonderful hours of tan at the far end of Tanjong Beach.  Only problem was the presence of fishermen on the rocks.  A little uneasy as they can see me tanning my buns in full view.

Till next weekend....

worcesterthong #366

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:03/21/2011 01:30:26Copy HTML

potong missed you by a day next time will give all advance notice wt
potong01 #367

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/01/2011 01:01:02Copy HTML

Anyone keen to go Sentosa next Wednesday.... pm me
strepsils #368

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/02/2011 09:26:59Copy HTML

I am looking for straight couple for thonging.

Date: Week after next. (TBD)
Venue: Sentosa
Zandaniah #369

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/02/2011 06:40:27Copy HTML

R u guys and gals still frequently go Tanjung Beach anymore? Bcoz everytime i went there, im the only malay gal wear thong.
fiveforthongs #370

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 05:29:42Copy HTML

 Well Zandaniah I can assure you you're not the only girl wearing a thong. But I haven't seen many Malay girls wear thongs.
Zandaniah #371

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 05:45:49Copy HTML

Actually i dun feel comfortable wearing dat unless my bf asked me to wear.. Especially when im the only one wearing it.. Juz hoping i dun meet anyone i know..
mightycat82 #372

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 12:27:47Copy HTML

 wow u guys and gals out there so daring.. i did wear thong when i was in the pool..but not dare on beaches..
Soccer123 #373

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 12:34:13Copy HTML


I have my suntanning session today at East Coast in my Black G String - really like the feeling

When I was about to leave - I saw 2 Ang Mo and 1 lady (looks like a local or a Chinese National) - she has the Looks

Guess what - she removed her top, leaving only her Black coloured Bra and she removed her hot shorts - leaving only her BLACK G-String - I saw it! Nice buttock and she has a quick swim in the sea before she resumed her cycling session with the 2 Ang Mo

My eyes eat ice cream today :-)
mightycat82 #374

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 01:06:00Copy HTML

 hi soccer123 is that true? omg really nice
Soccer123 #375

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 02:25:16Copy HTML


Yes, it is TRUE. No joking.

That gal is a Chinese. Initially when I walked pass the group, I can sense the group might want to take a dip in the sea as I can see one of the guys had unbutton his pants. That gal knew that I was about to walk pass the group and there was 1 point where I and her came close and she removed her sunglasses - her look is gorgeous! - no joking here.

I decided to walk slowly and take a look back and noticed one of the guys already entered the sea, the other guy who was still on the beach, lowered one of the branches of the shrub nearby and that gal removed her White T Shirt and revealed her Black Coloured Bra, later she finally decided to remove her Jean bottom (very short) and I am anticipating that she MIGHT be wearing a G-String as she hesitates to remove her Jean bottom in the 1st place.

Bingo, I saw her Black G-String (with a small triangle behind) and her buttock - not tanned but nice - not that big but suit her figure :-)

She had the looks - gorgous look

Zandaniah #376

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 08:29:50Copy HTML

Didnt know can wear G-string at East Coast..
potong01 #377

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2011 11:04:15Copy HTML

I think we should never tan at East Coast.. there are just too many park rangers there.
Stick to Tanjung Beach.. see you guys on Wednesday...

starkist #378

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/04/2011 12:39:32Copy HTML

Soccer123, congrats on your girl-in-string sighting at East Coast.  It's not often you see someone like that.  I've seen two girls (friends) tanning in thongs near the cluster of seafood restaurants at East Coast a couple of years back - but then again I don't go to East Coast a lot.

And bravo to the girl you saw.  She has the guts all right.

Which part of east coast did you string in?  Did you get any trouble from anyone?
Soccer123 #379

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/04/2011 04:52:15Copy HTML


So far I have no problems suntanning alone in G-String so long you don't create problems for the rest. Should be fine.

I suntan at that stretch of beach toward Tanah Merah area
JM_Runs #380

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/05/2011 04:11:56Copy HTML

need a company soccer?
fiveforthongs #381

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/05/2011 10:16:55Copy HTML

Yeah Zandaniah I get what you mean. I don't want to meet people I know either. Awkward.

Go on weekdays when it's less crowded. Usually it's quieter before noon. And you should be fine if your boyfriend is around.
Zandaniah #382

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/05/2011 02:08:55Copy HTML

Yeah prefer go morning when ppl not ard.. I dun dare go alone.. Anything can happen.
soyouthong #383

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/06/2011 12:45:00Copy HTML

 Anyone keen to join me for suntan session on tanjong beach next monday? i plan to start early, less people or none at all...boys and girls welcome. let me know. 
strepsils #384

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/06/2011 06:13:15Copy HTML

We (my gf and I) should be free next week tuesday (12 April 2011).

Interested to meet couples. 

PM me.

JM_Runs #385

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/07/2011 08:00:07Copy HTML

 might be heading down on thursday
intree #386

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/07/2011 08:23:20Copy HTML

Zandaniah, keen to join us in yr thongs next Tue at Tanjong Beach ?
Zandaniah #387

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/07/2011 10:39:22Copy HTML

Not sure.. Depends on my bf.. I dun wanna go alone.. How many of u going?
intree #388

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/08/2011 02:13:21Copy HTML

not sure at this moment ... maybe 2 or 3 ... anyone else keen ?
soyouthong #389

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/08/2011 06:12:08Copy HTML

can i join?
joshuaspain #390

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/08/2011 06:38:40Copy HTML

 Singapore from 10th - 14th April... would be great to go to Sentosa on Tuesday... let me know where.  Josh x
worcesterthong #391

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/10/2011 01:42:52Copy HTML

keep missing u all the time joshua. me gonna b in singapore on 17
cilipadi #392

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/11/2011 07:05:03Copy HTML

 thonging this wed!!
joshuaspain #393

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/11/2011 01:12:39Copy HTML

Me too cilipadi...  Hope that it will be nice and sunny out (been raining a lot today). 
cr15gust #394

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/12/2011 07:59:01Copy HTML

Hi guys....
Looking for thong-ing buddy for suntan , yeah as i see all the possibility only in tanjong beach sentosa?
Look forward to hear from u guys... I love thong and I wear thong daily... just need buddy to thong-ing together...
(sms or whatsapp me at 97560443)
fyi: I'm male born in 1976 (35 yo as per 2011), mix (chinese-malay), lean/tone muscle body, average looking, no glasses, 170 cm height, 72 kg weight.
All my favorite thong are from www.muscleskins.com
let's thong-ing and sun-tan together.... c u soon....call me ricks 
worcesterthong #395

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/12/2011 09:43:34Copy HTML

anybody wish tyo thong on sunday17th with me at naumi hotel quite informal
soyouthong #396

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2011 12:27:56Copy HTML

no chance to thong on tanjong on Mon and Tues. been raining heavily on both days...might thong on thursday if the weather is better
strepsils #397

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2011 04:25:33Copy HTML

@soyouthong , yes, raining heavily.

@worcesterthong , I would like to take a look at Naumi Hotel! :-) Looks beautiful.
soyouthong #398

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/14/2011 06:39:43Copy HTML

 thursday today, another rainy day...
Soccer123 #399

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/14/2011 11:10:48Copy HTML


The weather is unpredictable these days. Hope I can do my thonging this weekend
slyison #400

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/15/2011 01:00:39Copy HTML

 Hi there!!!..... It has been quite sometime since I last posted comments haha!!
But anyway, since today I'm on half day leave, I went to the swimming pool nearest to my house (woodlands complex) after work and it was about 1pm when I reached there. Luckily when I was there, there wasn't much people around and the weather was pretty nice for a suntanning session so therefore I proceeded to the changing room and changed into my thong and swimming trunk. 
This was my first time tanning in thong at woodland complex but who cares...I just mind my own business and tan quietly at one corner. After applying sunblock, I lay on the tanning bench and slowly take off my swimming trunk and started tanning....IN THONG!! yeah...
Half an hour later, two ang moh couple(mid 30s)  arrived and they are pretty cool when they see me in thong.. They took off their clothes and then moved the tanning bench next to me and started tanning. I was till 4pm and I am very happy with the result because the thong tan line was very visible and sexy!!
I packed up and left as the sky was very very very dark with thunder somemore.... While changing in the shower room, I stood in front of the mirror admiring at the thong tanline and then suddenly (maybe I was too engrossed) a teenager pop up! haha.... I guess he saw the tanline on my butt but I don't give a damm....haha
Good day!
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