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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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strepsils #401

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2011 05:37:00

ang moh couple(mid 30s) tanning at Woodlands complex? --- Are you sure? that's very rare!
slyison #402

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2011 06:21:57

yes!! ang moh!

The lady was quite sexy in her bikini as she had the padding of her bikini removed.... :D
Soccer123 #403

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/17/2011 12:03:29


The weather is very hot today and I have a good suntanning session :-)
fidotiger #404

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/20/2011 02:35:36

Was at Tanjong Beach on Tuesday afternoon, good sun. Todaywas raining and hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny again.
soyouthong #405

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/21/2011 03:46:43

 if you are going to my report in "Thonging in Msia"... had so much fun thonging there!
gnoht #406

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/21/2011 06:40:30

:D not as daring as you man, doing it in public view. i hide myself if i do it in broad daylight.

hehe. i don't wish to appear in photos. some people may recognize me.......... maybe. ah well, thanks for the report. other than myself I don't see many sharing.
Soccer123 #407

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/22/2011 02:44:43


I agree. I am so afraid that I might bump into my colleagues etc and this will sure be a talking point.

It is best to suntan at a quiet place :-)
potong01 #408

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/23/2011 11:36:30

Senotsa was infested with students over the past two days - some youthful orientiation stuff.

The weather was good but ..there was no space to tan in my thongs....

strepsils #409

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/23/2011 02:18:50

My gf and I are thong enthusiats and we are free on this coming friday (29 April).

We are looking forward to meet straight couple. :-)
gnoht #410

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/23/2011 05:10:15

so really only place to thong in SG is Sentosa?

how about hotels? Other than Naumi  (gonna kill my savings if i go) or Marina Bay Sands (gonna kill my savings many times over if i go)
soyouthong #411

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/23/2011 11:43:31

 29th April? It will be the labour day long weekend, i doubt there will be any peace for tanning on sentosa...i plan to tan either mon (25/4) or tue (26/4)anyone interested, send me a message
strepsils #412

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:04/24/2011 04:00:23

@ soyouthong, thank you for your advice. I have my ideal place (to be shared with couples) not at Sentosa.

@gnoht , I assume all hotel pools are alright with thongs. However, hotels with pool, daily rate usually are expensive. Naumi could be the cheapest (less than 3 stars) hotel with swimming pool and you complained?  

There are only a few small hotels with swimming pool in Singapore. They are not as many as those hotels in Jalan Tong Shin and Bukit Bintang.
ibelonginathong #413

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/01/2011 05:46:35

Well guys, I'm taking my g-string for a dip at Tanjong Beach on the 2nd of May, first thing in the morning!
strepsils #414

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/03/2011 04:22:45

I did not see any thonger on May 02.

Pictures to prove:
JM_Runs #415

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/04/2011 09:58:25

@strepsils Haha...maybe all the thong wearing folks disappeared cos they knew you were gng to take pictures!!!
Soccer123 #416

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/04/2011 10:33:43

Hi, Strepsils, cannot view your 2 photos. Anyone encountered the same problems?
strepsils #417

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2011 04:46:35

@Soccer123 ,

Here you go:

Soccer123 #418

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/11/2011 11:22:27

 Thanks for the photos :-)
fidotiger #419

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/13/2011 03:29:15

Thanks for the photos....Was at Tanjong beach last month, they don't have that much coconuts trees then now in your pic.
The haze is BACK!!
cilipadi #420

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/15/2011 01:14:06

 The sun was extremely friendly to us today... had a blast at tanjong today!

joshuaspain #421

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/15/2011 06:48:05

 Going to be in Singapore from 18th - 21st May...  would love to go to Tanjong Beach to get some sun in thong...  Need some advice in terms of wearing Thong in Tanjong Beach Club...  Has anyone wore thong in that club and what is the reaction?  Cheers, Josh.
cilipadi #422

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2011 04:56:22

 @strepsils-> i was there yesterday from 10 am til 2pm... was tanning nearer to TBC as they have an event, a trialthon or something at our usual spot... the extreme end...

cilipadi #423

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2011 05:00:35

 @strepsils. my wife and i will be there every sunday morning til 2pm... we enjoy the quiet atmosphere of sentosa morning... u are more than welcome to join us if u want...

strepsils #424

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2011 05:39:55

We (my gf and I) were at the two Sentosa beaches yesterday! My girlfriend (gf) is the only one wearing bikini thong! We stayed from morning till late evening. Still, I did not see any thonggers at both beaches! We left when Tanjung Beach Club became crowded.

Palawan Beach

Tanjung Beach
cilipadi #425

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2011 06:02:26

 @strepsils... like i said, we are there every sunday morning from 10 til 2 pm... u and gf are most welcome to join us

strepsils #426

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2011 12:07:12

@ cilipadi ,

That's strange! I did not see any couple.
cilipadi #427

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2011 12:56:03

 where u at the extreme end? cos i was just below the centre lifegaurd post... im wearing royal blue thong and my wife an orange clitkini

joshuaspain #428

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/17/2011 06:33:32

Anyone wanna join me at Tanjong Beach on Saturday - 21st May from about 10am - 12:30pm?  Would be great to have some company on the beach:-)  Josh 
cilipadi #429

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/18/2011 11:40:31

 i think i would be there with my wife... if u see a couple in thong dont be shy to say hi!
cilipadi #430

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/19/2011 07:29:52

 Not everyone have the same experience so therefor it is not fair to label everyone as such... my wife and i have personally thonged with seeker and his wife and we get along pretty well... as a matter of fact, we are thonging together this saturday morning... but we never make any promises or appointment to meet... if we meet, its good, if we dont then just too bad... Just blame it on bad luck if we didnt get to meet... like i said, in any of my earlier posts, if u see a couple in thong and assume it is us, just say hi... if u r shy or afraid its the wrong person then just too bad...

JM_Runs #431

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/19/2011 09:27:46

 whose playing u out strepsils? mind your words btw.even if i dont feel like meeting u,its my choice anyway..and its not like i make empty promises every single day,duh!
JM_Runs #432

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/20/2011 04:12:32

At Tg Beach right now. Only 3 people in  strings
JM_Runs #433

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/20/2011 05:31:26

i go to tj beach few time but only see two gay are wearing thong , never see lady in string

i can't believe singaporen lady dare to wear thong bikini at sentosa
jacey66 #434

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/20/2011 03:06:20

 @jojoma....then you are just unlucky :)
fidotiger #435

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/23/2011 03:29:02

Was at Tanjong Beach on Sunday morning,9-12noon. Didn't spot any others Thongers. While on the way out, did spotted a hot girl tanning herself, sorry not pics taken.
JM_Runs #436

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/24/2011 11:35:06

dear fidotiger

hot girl tanning herself,  with thong or not ?
cilipadi #437

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:05/31/2011 12:12:57

 Sucks!!! School holidays are back.... ;(
fidotiger #438

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/01/2011 03:19:58

Hi Jojoma: Sorry didn't notice her suit, as she was back her back.....and also I'm from a distance. Maybe will take notice more in future.

Hi Cilipadi: Yeah, school holidays again.....we may just need to hang up our thongs/string for the month of June. But u think weekdays will be that back too at Tanjong beach?
hk_gstring #439

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/01/2011 03:50:37

 I was at Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island recently and saw a girl in a thong right off the Shangri-la.  What a pleasant surprise.
cilipadi #440

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/15/2011 01:12:15

Class40 #441

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/16/2011 09:37:41

 check out WW's new microminimus web site. . . This is a members only site with lots more than appears on the main WW site. . . a number of Sentosa thong pictures are posted fro contributors e.g., Blue WW and I_LUV_TANLINES. . .
Soccer123 #442

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/17/2011 05:48:41


Can post some of the pictures here? It seems need to pay to view the photos
cilipadi #443

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/18/2011 04:15:39

 it states that WW or MM will take legal action if any of their pictures were to be spread online
jacey66 #444

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/20/2011 04:33:26

 want to see pay la,..don't be a cheapo leh
JM_Runs #445

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/20/2011 09:24:58

if is singapore ah lian i will register it ,

if is ah mo gal is  bore, million of million ah mo wear it , agree Jacey ??
JM_Runs #446

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/22/2011 08:27:09

(A)  Please try to keep things PG rated, sutable for reading by any member of the family.

(B)  Please don't call other posters by rude names.  Get hold of me, the moderator, if there is a problem.
potong01 #447

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/28/2011 11:44:51

Let us return to thonging...
Sentosa this weekend, anyone?
cilipadi #448

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/29/2011 03:13:20

 This weekend there is an event at TBC...
Its called Stars & Stripes to celebrate 4th of July...
From 4pm-12mn...
So expect lots of bikinis babes... hopefully some thongers too!
Soccer123 #449

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:06/29/2011 09:17:18

Anyone here joining in the event and suntan in G-Strings/T Back/Thong/WW Bikinis?
ThongsLover #450

Re:Singapore Thonging

Date Posted:07/05/2011 05:54:23

Gstrings at Sentosa:
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