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Date Posted:10/08/2004 04:24:02Copy HTML

Calling all Singapore thongers out there
davlim76 #1

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/13/2004 01:06:15Copy HTML

Yes? I'm here.....  I am still thonging in Singapore. Sentosa is a great place to thong. I'm there on Saturdays. Where do you usually thong in Singapore?
4Lw4ySth0nG #2

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/13/2004 09:10:50Copy HTML

hi there, i usually thong at my back yard. My figure's not really great, flabs here and there. Heard Tanjong beach getting more hot with more and more ppl in thongs. Really tempted to make a trip there, but i'm still in service.
davlim76 #3

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/17/2004 11:31:27Copy HTML

Yeah lots of thongers at Tanjong Beach. But getting crowded too. I usually go there on Saturday mornings and go all the way to the end of Tanjong beach. Have to be discreet. You should try there. Or if you're already comfortable thonging in yr backyard, then I suppose that works too. But main thing abt thonging is you want to feel the sea breeze and sand, no? Where do you live? You have a backyard that is suitable for thonging? You still in NS?
4Lw4ySth0nG #4

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/18/2004 01:44:09Copy HTML

Yeah, I'm still in NS. Going to ORD soon. Saturday morning ? i heard there is a group of ppl that thong at tanjong beach or rather in singapore. I want to try to gather them together but it seems that you and me are the only ones here. haha. What you said is quite true, tanning at my backyard is no fun. Just some music and th sun, kinda dull but no choice. I'm not ready to face the beach with my physique.
davlim76 #5

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/18/2004 03:38:42Copy HTML

Yes, there's this Yahoo group of Singapore thongers but I've left the group now. I have not participated in their activities before though. Actually, I've seen people in thongs at the quieter parts of East Coast beach before. Not the extreme kind but a regular thong type. Also behind Tanah Merah Country Club. I find Tanjong Beach getting too crowded these days but still, its conducive for thonging. Sat mornings are best cos it less crowded. Thong in your backyard? Doesn't your neighbour see you?
4Lw4ySth0nG #6

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/18/2004 04:40:18Copy HTML

My neighbours are seldom at home during the day. I usually sun tan from 11am to 2pm(i know it's bad), but i have no choice. Only during that time the sun comes to my backyard. Even if my neighbour really sees me in my thong, who cares. I don't mind getting seen too, *wink* So davlim76, why didn't you participate in singapore thongers outing ? I suppose it will be more fun with a group of friends thonging with you. I won't want to join them because singapore is still a country that prefers nice bods in thongs. =/ But alas, i'm going phuket with my friends soon. Going there to show off my thong, hopefully i don't freak out at the last minute, hee.

davlim76 #7

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/19/2004 03:44:29Copy HTML

What sort of thong do you wear? Where did you get it?

Let me know about your thonging experience in Phuket. And your friends' reactions too. Do they know you thong?

I lie in the sun around those times too, that's when the sun is at its strongest. I spent about an hour or at the most 2. Sometimes I thong at my condo pool. I have this clip thong from International Male, and I unclip the sides leaving only my essentials covered. But I never turn around, only do face up. Of course I tan discretely at a corner where there is not many people around.

4Lw4ySth0nG #8

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/19/2004 04:46:58Copy HTML

Most of my thongs are from dore's. I usually wear a lime green thong to tanning. Are you working already ? I also have thongs from bodyaware, skinzwear, and from JOCK's. JOCK's is a shop at chinatown point, the shopowners is called ken, he sells nice thongs kinky stuff. Heard there's purplesmoke too, you should go take a look, at penisula plaza, bought some there too.
davlim76 #9

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/20/2004 12:55:05Copy HTML

Dores? Same here!! But I have not ordered new ones lately. Usually its my friend who orders and I just latch on. I have one very very low cut clip Y-string from Dore. One green clip on thong from International Male, and one black thong I bougt from Bali years ago. You seem to have a collection?!! Yes, bought a clip trunks from Jox before. Quite good shop, affordable prices too. Nope have not been to Purple Smoke.
4Lw4ySth0nG #10

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/21/2004 01:37:44Copy HTML

The thongs/g-strings at Jox are quite interesting and unique. Very sexy and the cutting is great. I do have quite a collection ^_^. Got a snake-skin tight boxer at purplesmoke the other time. Been quite a while since i went Jox and purplesmoke, i'll go there one of these days. AS for Dore's, i lost count how many i have:- thongs, g-strings, v-strings, biknis 8'6'4'. What styles do you and your friends prefer ?
davlim76 #11

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/21/2004 03:47:54Copy HTML

Really? I've only been to Jox once so have not seen the whole range they have there. Those I ordered from Dore's are usually the tiniest suits. I got a Very Low Cut V-string in bright orange. Another time I got a turqoise-coloured VLC adjustable g-string. All very skimpy stuff. Have you got any pictures to show of your suits? How much are those that they sell at Jox? What types have they got?

davlim76 #12

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/25/2004 07:56:15Copy HTML

4Lw4ySth0nG: hope to see you at Tanjong Beach one day!  And tell me more about your Phuket trip.
4Lw4ySth0nG #13

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/26/2004 12:31:07Copy HTML

hey there,

   Just came back from my phuket trip, got sunburnt all over but i loved it. My tanline is seriously  obvious now. Went to do all the water activities and i had great fun. Lucky for me, i went just at the right time of the starting of high season there. Other than the beach, the food and shopping there is terrific but however it seems phuket's standard of living has gone a bit higher according to my friend. Maybe it's due to the high season and numerous tourists. I really would like to go back there again, but this time with friends that i can thong with. CheerS!~


beachboy2002 #14

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/14/2004 12:01:19Copy HTML

Hi all thongers,

Calling all thongers in Singapore, anybody interested to thong together?
So far I never thong before and would like to try thonging, however I know
that only Sentosa can be thonged. Anyone knows where a good place to thong
locally without getting "complaint"?

Someone pls advice!

thongguy76 #15

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:01/12/2005 12:10:31Copy HTML


I just bought a new thong from tangs. they have a good range of joe snyder thongs which can be used both as underwear and swimwear. It has a narrow front pouch which fits well. can't wait go thonging in it, anyone keen?
beachboy2002 #16

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:01/12/2005 10:01:41Copy HTML

I had also bought a Joe Snyder, quite comfortable but the material does not seen lasting.

One time I thong in it and when I went back, I found that the rubber of the swimwear lost it's elasticity

during the wash. It seem that it is damage by my suntan oil when I was doing the taning. Just take precaution

when using it!



newthongboy #17

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/12/2005 03:09:28Copy HTML

im from singapore.. how old's everyone..
davlim76 #18

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/11/2005 05:30:38Copy HTML

Don't know abt the rest ut I'm in my early 30s. Why do you ask? I suppose the age ranges from 20s to 30s?
4Lw4ySth0nG #19

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/05/2005 03:22:42Copy HTML

Long time since i posted a reply. I was hoping to find thong couples or partners to thong in singapore or to somewhere near the region. Not necessarily MUST thong together, at least chat over internet or something. Looking for open minded thongers that keen to share regardless or age/ fat/ thin/ short/ tall...anyway i'm fat LOL


Ex_Member #20

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/19/2005 10:49:22Copy HTML

hi there,

i never wear tan in thongs outdoors before. Besides i don't have a great figure to talk about, skinny with the flaps at the wrong place.

hope to hear from u guys soon

4Lw4ySth0nG #21

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/21/2005 04:41:50Copy HTML


i, too usually suntan at my backyard. But that was some time go. I haven't gone suntanning for 1 year now and my thong tanline has almost disappeared =( However, i feel that being a thonger living in Singapore is quite sad because i am unable to go swimming at public pool due to the fact that i do not want to destroy my tanline. Also, even if i were to swim at night showering will be a problem too, afraid to let other ppl see. LOL

floss1980 #22

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/06/2006 02:24:40Copy HTML

Well I tried swimming in a thong at public pools before. Just be discreet and avoid kids, especially those taking swimming lessons. You don't want to offend anybody.

Of course there's a thin line. Thongs that barely cover your genitals are just not thongs. So have some decency.
4Lw4ySth0nG #23

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/16/2006 09:12:09Copy HTML

Yo floss 1980,


where did you thong in public pool ? From this thread, it seems many thongers are spotted at tanjong beach but everytime i go there no1 or not a fellow is around. I heard east coast got some wulu place to thong also. Also, tanah merah ferry terminal area. Any idea ?


bayne #24

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/17/2006 03:58:17Copy HTML

Hi , im from malaysia.Theres many island/beaches whr we can go for thonging such as redang island,perhentian.Im going there maybe in March.Anyone interested in joining?
floss1980 #25

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/19/2006 07:25:57Copy HTML

I'm sorry but the second time I went a lifeguard politely told me that you can't wear a thong in public pools. So I guess that's the end of the story.

Tanjong beach is by far the best place to thong in my opinion. Go there on a Sunday and you're sure to find thongers. Hope to see more female thongers too.
4Lw4ySth0nG #26

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/21/2006 11:01:53Copy HTML

I once was a frequent swimmer at farrer park swimming pool. During that time, i'm quite lucky to see a girl in g-string there. The lifeguard did not say anything. Sadly, but the complex is bought over and privatised.
fishlover #27

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/27/2006 10:01:07Copy HTML

So other than Sentosa, where else can one thong without breaking any decency law? or attract unwanted attention?
strepsils #28

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/06/2006 01:14:24Copy HTML

There is local Yahoo 'Thong' Group for Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Quite many Singaporeans in this group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thonglover/ Can get thong khakis there!


4Lw4ySth0nG #29

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/07/2006 01:46:13Copy HTML

eh Hiccup,

That groups is rather dead. Don't tell me you are qooideas.

Ex_Member #30

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/07/2006 09:40:38Copy HTML

i'm a member of that yahho group too! and yes, it seems quite dead....
4Lw4ySth0nG #31

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/25/2006 11:07:42Copy HTML

I guess we are still quite conservative when coming to such topics. Usually we will not go over the limit by meeting up with a stranger and start thonging together, it's just a matter of courage from both sides.
strepsils #32

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/25/2006 11:39:52Copy HTML

Yup...I agreed with the above post 50%. 


Some men claimed that they are straight, but very often, these men turn out to be gay.! Sorry to say that I am sick of this and because of this I am reluctant to meet-up with any men.


Em...my preference is to NOT to get involved with men. I have to apologise that I like to see more pussy in thong than "rabbit" in thong.


It's too common for local men to wear thong in the beach and it inevitably symbolize that thong-men are gay. Quite a few times seeing man in thong in Sentosa beach while jogging. Seriously lah, the chances of seeing them most likely turn out to be gay.


If really-really want to see local straight thong-men, yes, they will appeared as a couple either with girlfriend or wife. It's very-very unlikely a straight thong-man will meet with other "unknown" man to thong with lah!


Local straight thong-men not stupid. They already knew that chances of meeting up with other thong-men are most likely to be gay. On the other hand, these unknown men may think that newly meet-up thong-man could be a gay! Logic?


In my opinion, it is not the issue of whether is it safe, courage or not lah. If got any couple (male-female) in thong, I'll sure bring my girlfriend along. Simple as that! To me, there's no way to meet up other men in thong lah.

4Lw4ySth0nG #33

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/29/2007 10:06:13Copy HTML

I believe it is a common mentality not only in singapore, but also worldwide that thongs on men = gay. But, with this mentality we can get nowhere too. I agree with bringing your other half to thonging with other couple. It's the only safe and right way to do it. But before that, i say we can meet up for coffee and chat instead going directly to thong with a total stranger.

In order to make a change, we have to at least start talking/ communicating with fellow thongers here. It's fine not to meet up, but at least we find some sense of belonging.

beachboy2002 #34

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/06/2007 02:59:33Copy HTML

Any of you guys form any yahoo group on thonging?
Maybe can arrange a thonging session at sentosa together.
Nowsaday not so active due to busy schdule and very much
like to get involve in the thonging session again.

Last time there was also s thonging place at east coast, is the place
still active?

strepsils #35

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/08/2007 02:45:32Copy HTML

East Coast?! That was a famous gay beach lah. KNN!

Arrange outing? Can...anything also boleh. But must with girls too!

Refer to the Yahoo Group to host outing bah.


JM_Runs #36

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/13/2007 12:30:55Copy HTML

which Yahoo group are you guys talking about?
4Lw4ySth0nG #37

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/15/2007 11:18:00Copy HTML

I'm not sure whether it's Singapore beach thongers or thonglover. Stepsils please advise ? Any arrangement try to do it there. We meet up for coffee 1st. Meanwhile, i'm working hard on body training.
Pagan-Egyptian #38

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/18/2007 02:56:24Copy HTML

I am Planning a trip to Indonesia this year. Hopefully I will be able to hit up Bali while I am there. I hear its a great place too. Does anyone know any different?


fishlover #39

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:05/02/2007 05:22:25Copy HTML

Hi Pagan-Egyptian,

I suppose your question is whether it is OK to thong in Bali? I've been there several times. Stayed at the Sanur beach ('older' part of Bali - quiet and peaceful) area once, but did not try thonging (had the kids with me). Other times were at the Grand Hyatt over at the Nusa Dua beach area (where the luxury resorts are located). Thonged at the beach there - the only people who will bother you are the locals offering massages by the beach. Just decline their offer and they will move on.

Chances are you will be flying by Singapore. If you are and have time to look around and wish to thong, juts head out to Sentosa (any taxi driver will know how to get you there). OK to thong at the beaches there though you may prefer Tanjong beach if you want a little peace and quiet. I think the hotels here are generally tolerant too.

Hope this helps.

lance0802 #40

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/26/2008 03:14:34Copy HTML

Hi all, I've been out of this forum for quite a bit. Anyone from singapore still active here? I'd be keen to hook up with u.
lance0802 #41

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/24/2008 08:38:25Copy HTML

Hi hi.

I've also been with the yahoo group but dont seem to have anything. Can i ask if you are straight?
hothong #42

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/09/2008 08:40:44Copy HTML

Hey guys,

I would be heading to S'pore after CNY, exact date not yet firm up. Anyone is keen to sunbath at Tanjong Beach? I was there myself with a thong last yr. I am straight, so feel free to invite female friends. Any gal friends you think might be keen to sunbath even if they don't feel comfortable wearing thongs.

hothong #43

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/09/2008 10:26:09Copy HTML

Hey dudes, by the way, I am Malaysian Chinese, not Malay. Please don't get that wrong.

hothong #44

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/17/2008 10:32:46Copy HTML

hmmm.... where are all the thongers down under??? This forum is so boring....z..z..zz.....

JM_Runs #45

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/17/2008 01:21:05Copy HTML

hey hothong, if you fancy thonging sometime let me know!  29yrs, gymbod with no attitudes!

you been anywhere else other than sentosa?
hothong #46

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/18/2008 02:35:59Copy HTML

ha... finally there is a reply. In terms of sunbath, I hv tried Christchurch (NZ) & Bondi Beach, Sydney, (Aus.). For time being, I have only planned to go Sentosa. Where else is good for thonging in S'pore?
beachboy2002 #47

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:01/29/2009 03:02:30Copy HTML

Thonging can be fun and exciting and if there's mixture of guys and gals, chit-chatting and having drinks.I ever been there to thong a few times but encounter a gay who wanted to get intimate with me. It is really a spoilt sport to encounter this kind of person. 
By the way, I'm a straight guy and like to thong but nowadays too busy with that. Really hope there is a group of thongers with mixture of guys and gals to get together. 
hothong #48

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:01/30/2009 01:45:44Copy HTML

this is what I have always been dreaming of. Anyway, I will be heading to Sentosa next week to thong.

I have tried thonging in Penang Island - somewhere near the 'End of the World' where not many ppl actually walk to that side of the beach. The sun was pretty intense. I tanned for 3-4 hrs for 3 days. Now I finally hv a darker skin. Also nice to hear good feedback from relatives and friends.

By the way, anybody knows which NUM in S'pore keeps the most guys swimwears?

hothong #49

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:01/30/2009 01:56:22Copy HTML

Come to think of what Beachboy2002 said, I guess it is difficult to find a group of thongers w/ mixture of guys and gals in Asia. If gals thong at the beach, most probably would be with her bf alone rather than exposing to other strangers / new friends. Unlike in the west eg. Brazil, gals there are more open and daring.

By the way, is there any female asian thonger in the forum?
fidotiger #50

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/28/2009 06:44:43Copy HTML

Well all thongers. I normally goes get down to Tanjong Beach in the Sunday morning to get that early tan with less crowd. Guys or gals. Why not we try a start a Every Sunday trip. At less if not every week you can be there, but some thongers will be.
We do have some problem. Which is the buliding of Sentosa Cove now. You'll be expecting some workers or maybe buyers walking till the end of Tanjong Beach to have a look at the new buldings and you. And also the new Gogreen Segway Eco adventure, bet if you seen them before, those 2 wheels thing. So hope this issues don't damn the idea of thonging. cheers
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