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fidotiger #51

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/08/2009 05:05:26Copy HTML

I'm down on the Beach this morning, besides me myself there's 2 more Guy in G-string. So where's the gals?
Calling females thongers, the guys have outnumber you. Just kiddy. Happy thonging.

4Lw4ySth0nG #52

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/09/2009 02:34:44Copy HTML

Wow, nice. Hope you guys get all the sun and have a nice tan. Singapore weather is getting afternoon-evening heavy rains. Unfortunately, i hold a 9-6pm job can't join you guys. Besides, i need to shed some weight off before i have the confidence to wear my thongs at the beach. Do update us your trip today :)
hothong #53

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/09/2009 07:32:56Copy HTML

Ya, the  new Gogreen Segway Eco adventure can be annoying. I saw them taking pictures at the end of Tanjong Beach when I was there thonging.

By the way, is there usually more people on Sat or Sun at Sentosa? I never go there on Sun. I just bought a new aussieBum sporty 'waterpolo' low cut swim boxer. The cutting seems to fit Asian well. Those of you who wear low cut swimwear boxer should get one. They hv new release of colours lately. Check it out! aussiebum.com.au

fidotiger #54

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/09/2009 10:29:31Copy HTML

Weather in Singapore is quiet predictable, sun in the morning and rain the the afternoon, that's what the forecast always says. But last Sunday was good(8March), full day. Sentosa is not only for the tourist but locals. So weekends are usually crowded, is about 10-15m apart there's someone(not thongers). Weekday are good, you can have the whole beach to yourself(no skin tan pls).I normally do Sunday morning, as the crowd is not in, get a good spot and tan. Once in a while only when I need to clear A.leave, then I will tan on weekdays, else Sunday is my day.
Don't worry 4Lw4ySth0nG, I'm in my late 30's and with a beer belly, I still getting my body tan, so? Read the Stereotype post by aramnd_gal. 
4Lw4ySth0nG #55

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/10/2009 03:24:52Copy HTML

Hi Fido,

good to hear that you have no problems. So you met 2 other guy thongers there . Are they friends or thonging alone ? I was planning on saturdays morning if i were to put tanning into my weekly regimne, Sunday mornings are reserved for church and family. Would like to meet up someday.

p/s: did you manage to get hold of the other 2 guy contacts ?
fidotiger #56

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/10/2009 01:26:24Copy HTML

So 4Lw4ySy0ng, hope this didn't damn your Sat trip.

Personally don't thong with guys, I think you know what I mean. Sorry if I offended you or anyone reading this. That's why so far I have not make contact with other thongers. 
And I think if I approach a girl/lady in thong/g-string, she must thinking of something else. So I prefer to be alone.

4Lw4ySth0nG #57

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/11/2009 01:59:20Copy HTML

Yeah, I can understand that. Probably you have some bad experience. But, in this case you are also stereotyping guys in thongs are 'mainly' gays. Honestly, you will have a higher chance of a guy approaching you rather than a girl. Why not give the other thonger a chance before shutting him up ?

I'm not gay, and I don't side straight or gay. I only think we ought to give people a chance before saying 'get lost'. Well, if you don't want thong with strangers, i guess the only way to thong with other people is to find friends you personally know who does wear thong.
fidotiger #58

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/14/2009 11:26:42Copy HTML

Sorry 4Lw4ySy0ng, you got me wrong. No closing the doors as the beach is for everyone. Hope you make it to your Sat morning thonging session.
And I'm straight but just don't much like the idea of being thonging side by side with a guy more groups is still an idea to look forward too.

I agree with you that a guy would approach me then a girl. But you don't see much ladies there too. I do think a guy would normally go thong himself if even he's alone. But the ladies may not by themselves. You do see guys alone on the beach but not the girls.

I'm also curious too. How many who read this Thread does make it out meeting another thongers(both guy or gal) but Tanjong Beach(Singapore, Sentosa).
4Lw4ySth0nG #59

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/16/2009 01:41:33Copy HTML

I think the chances are very slim. Singaporeans are very weird bunch of people, once a location is announced to be 'thong friendly', people tend to stalk the place for eye candy. Honestly, it has the same effect on me. If i were to go overseas eg Thailand or Malaysia, i have no problem tanning my buns in a thong, i will be more relax that way.
hothong #60

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/16/2009 10:46:01Copy HTML

Actually not true. If you come to Malaysia, say beaches in Penang, you can hardly see any Asian sun-bathing (except foreigners) over here, not to mention thonging. If you wear thong publicly in Malaysia at the beach and if Malay police find out about it, you would be fined! So when I thong here, I usually go all the way to the end of the beach where nobody goes. I personally feel that at least Singaporeans are more open-minded. A few times I saw gals wearing thongs at Sentosa and nobody seems to care. Tanjong beach is popular for thongers just becuase it is more secluded I guess.

4Lw4ySth0nG #61

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/20/2009 01:36:42Copy HTML

Yes, Malaysia has similar laws as Singapore. In fact, most of the time wherever you want to go thonging at the beaches in any part of Asia you have to do discreetly. Not sure of Hong Kong, China and Japan. It really depends on the civilian's way of thinking.
JM_Runs #62

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/08/2009 03:46:17Copy HTML

You guys frequent Tanjung beach? I'm always there,on every thursday or friday,if not at KM8 or bikini bar.
fidotiger #63

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/08/2009 11:15:43Copy HTML

Yes I do, but usually on weekend morning, less crowded. KM8, the one with a small pool in it? Is on Renov right. Is the place up now and ready? My last visit was 22May Friday and it's still cover up.
boynx #64

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/16/2009 07:26:30Copy HTML

I do too. I usually go either on a Friday or Thursday. Pefer to tan during the weekdays at the end of tanjong beach.
strepsils #65

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/18/2009 06:45:14Copy HTML

If any of you willing to bring your female partner out in her thongs, I am most willing to bring my gf along! :-)

We shall have a gathering at the beach or pool! Interested, send me a p.m.!
hothong #66

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/22/2009 10:38:53Copy HTML

hey guys, check out the polls I have done based on the opinion of guys and gals on different types of swimwear, including thong. Majority likes to see guys wear boxers than anything else. What do you all think?


strepsils #67

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/24/2009 10:29:27Copy HTML


The poll involved many people. Different people different taste.

You see a man with nice body, don't tell me most of people like to see him in boxer or surf shorts?

Men with nice body also like to show-off. Like to put on sexy swimwear or underwear.

A fat man with a thong and a muscle man with a thong, ladies is more comfortable to see who? This is simple question. 

Same goes to the women. Do you like to see a slim women in thong or gemuk perempuan in thong?!


strepsils #68

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/17/2009 03:00:11Copy HTML

Next time, who ever want to do crazy things like "kar-cheow" women, feel free to call me along.
fidotiger #69

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/17/2009 03:19:33Copy HTML

Boys Boys, kar-cheow them, don't scare them away, else you're the only g-string guy at yck.
strepsils #70

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/26/2009 08:30:22Copy HTML

slyison, may be you can organise something. There is a Yahoo local thong Group for Singaporeans.

Make full use of the Yahoo Thongslover Group.
Soccer123 #71

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/26/2009 04:42:37Copy HTML

Hello. Does it mean there will be a suntanning session in T Back/Thong/G-String soon?
viscountyang #72

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/28/2009 02:11:29Copy HTML

Hey Podgy....haven't been to Redang yet but my gf is a huge fan of wicked weasel too and has beeen wearing them for some 3 years now! We're usually tanning at to Sentosa (either the Shack on Tanjong or Cafe Del Mar at Siloso) on weekends - sadly no time to go on weekdays. It's easy to find us - the gf is usually the chick with the smallest bikini there and the only chick in a string back....haha! Let me know if your lady and yourself would like to tan with us sometime. Perhaps we could exchange MSN addies and see what we can arrange. :)
podgy #73

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/30/2009 02:08:48Copy HTML

Hello Vis..

Trip to Redang was great..you should bring your gf there, the scenic view.. white sandy beach, nice ambience.. perfect getaway from work..
For tanning at Sentosa, we will usually be there on a weekday along Tanjong Beach.. this is to avoid the weekend crowd.. Sure..we can perhaps arrange a meet up and get some tanning done together..
I'm even considering to bring my gf to Tanjong beach today... since I have been working on a 4 days work week for the last 5 months..
viscountyang #74

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/31/2009 04:23:21Copy HTML

Thanks for the tip Podgy...Redang sounds like the perfect place for a beach holiday and for the gf to work her tanlines in her favourite wicked weasel 457 bikinis (which are a little too tiny for Singapore and reserved for beach holidays abroad!)....Hope to head there one day.

Does your gf have a favourite WW too?

Lucky you to have a four day work week...how was Tanjong beach?

I've sent you a PM with my email details....do add me up on facebook / msn messenger and we'll see if we can rustle up a sentosa tanning session with our ladies. :) 
strepsils #75

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/03/2009 03:07:39Copy HTML

Count me in viscountyang and podgy! :-) My wife and I sometimes go there for picnic on weekends!

Let me know earlier. Need not to be sentosa. Elsewhere is fine. 
podgy #76

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/06/2009 04:37:01Copy HTML

Hi Vis

Didnt manage to do any tanning last week.. was also out of country last couple of days.. was thinking of later today..but seems like weather ain't getting better.. For WW..my gf likes the hipster..449 bottom.. yeah..receive ur PM..wil add shortly... Hi Streps.. will keep u in the loop for any outings..
strepsils #77

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/06/2009 03:15:23Copy HTML

podgy, keep me informed. :-)

I have a friend who has a yatch in RSYC (West Coast). I would like to organise one outing in his yatch for couples in this forum thread (especially to 'Singapore' members).

If not, outing organised in any private pool is still fine with me.

Ultimate goal, is to get along with same interest local members together.
strepsils #78

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/08/2009 04:40:18Copy HTML

Anybody want to go water-parks?

I bought a pair of swim-thong. Dying to try out but must have khakis :-(
4Lw4ySth0nG #79

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/11/2009 08:36:33Copy HTML

I was asking myself, will such gathering be possible ?
strepsils #80

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/11/2009 10:47:09Copy HTML

4Lw4ySth0nG, why not?

Somebody has to get the ball rolling.
I am looking forward to meet couples like podgy and viscountyang .
beakertan #81

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/11/2009 12:21:25Copy HTML

Guess Sentosa is a viable choice for a gathering for now, if not I can only think of East Coast Beach, nearer towards Safra resort side. I've tried thonging there before... As that stretch of the beach slopes slightly downwards towards the sea, ppl cant really see from a distance unless they are at the beach too. The only -ve pt is that East coast beach is not as clean as Sentosa.

The best alternative is to have a private pool gathering!
fidotiger #82

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/11/2009 04:24:02Copy HTML

Ok, let's start voting for location first, is unlikley the choice of place will be agree by all but as Strepsils says, someone has to get the ball rolling.

Beach (Tanjong) or Pool(any one can offer 1 location).

Feel free to add location, please. Just 1 pt needed. Is how accessible is your choice.
strepsils #83

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/12/2009 06:58:53Copy HTML

I will vote for pool. :-) Condo pool is fine with me. St John or Kusu island will be a good choice too! Go for a dip to cool off heat. Not the beach with salty water. If really got guts (like me), go for the waterpark! Jurong Swimming Complex or Civil Service Club house at Bukit Batok.
strepsils #84

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/12/2009 07:09:55Copy HTML

Looking forward to meet with couples like, viscountyang and podgy.

I will ask my partner out too! Roll out a gathering for couples.

How about we set a rule that must be either the man or woman in thong!

Any couples here, please voice out. 
4Lw4ySth0nG #85

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/12/2009 08:50:18Copy HTML

I like how this thread is going.
Honestly, I would like to join. But, i'm seriously out of shape got from 31'' to 36'' presently since started working, and my partner can't wear thongs here even if she wants to, You know.. some restrictions in life. 

Probably it's wiser as streps mentioned, to hide behind the monitor and enjoy the gathering report. 

4Lw4ySth0nG #86

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/12/2009 10:49:55Copy HTML

Just to chip in suggestion.

I vote for 'outskirts', namely more remote places eg st john or kusu island. Taking the fact that 2 or more people clad in thongs will arise more attention. Therefore, condo pools or beaches are not suitable, unless overseas like thailand (thong friendly). I have read an article on Stomp some time back(years maybe) that someone took a picture of a guys in leopard thongs suntanning at the pool. The guy is away from the crowd but can still be spotted by residents from above.

Pool parties are great but unless someone is really very rich who has a private pool in this house, or buy a foldable pool and place at the backyard terrace or bungalow.

Another option is going on a yacht is probably the best option.
strepsils #87

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/17/2010 10:52:16Copy HTML

Planning to have a group thonging session in late February?

Raise your hands please.
hothong #88

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/17/2010 01:32:21Copy HTML

where is the best acceptable place to thong at local public pool? anybody?
4Lw4ySth0nG #89

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/18/2010 01:46:18Copy HTML

Will be away on reservist late Feb to March. Too bad :(
worcesterthong #90

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:05/27/2010 05:55:53Copy HTML

strpsil when r u planning your next thonging evening i am temporarily in india and come to singapore quite often. if do some advance planning i will b happy to bthere and contribute for the expenses too.anybody for july or august
ThongsLover #91

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/11/2010 12:40:45Copy HTML


I believe the best public pool so far, in my opinions and based on experiences, would be the Yio Chu Kang swimming pool.

Nice tanning area, far from the guards, and minimal disruption and exposure from public eyes and particularly parents and/ or children.

I often tan there myself, wearing nothing else but Bonds g-strings, which is superbly small and fitting. :)
hothong #92

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/19/2010 07:17:55Copy HTML

Damn embarrassing... I was chased out by pool guard becuase of wearing thong and sun tan quietly at the pool at Commonwealth! It pissed me off... Hate going back there again....
Soccer123 #93

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/19/2010 04:12:11Copy HTML


I usually suntan alone at the quieter part of East Coast. Occasionally, I did meet some guys whom I feel they are weird and keep looking at me in my G-String.

I usually pack up and leave the spot shortly after as I am not comfortable with it. I also suspect they are GAYs who are out there to scout for "people of their kind". So disgusted!
hothong #94

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/19/2010 04:30:07Copy HTML

yaya... me too. I noticed the same. They must be gay I think. They also keep looking at me when I was sun tanning at end Tanjong Beach. But sometimes if I dun hv time, I rather drop by at community pool. But it was very unlucky that I was asked to leave the site with my thong on... Sad..
Soccer123 #95

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/19/2010 04:33:54Copy HTML

I observed the way they look at me - it is a good indicator that they are GAYS - Normally MEN will NOT look at a GUY - a stright man will look AT GALS only.

They not only look but keep walking to and fro from their spot and their view will send uneasiness into me and I will leave shortly after.

So disgusted and hope not to meet these buggers again - I just want to have a quiet moment for myself.
hothong #96

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/19/2010 04:40:44Copy HTML

yes! You are right Soccer, they like to walk to and fro to see my ass! But am so sick and used to it that I dun really care. lol....
ThongsLover #97

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/20/2010 07:44:34Copy HTML


I don know why you are so upset or agitated by the fact that gays/ guys are looking at you.

For one, I am not a gay. But I tan at YCK swimming complex, and that IS a gay-infested place (in fact, many places are, not just YCK). And yes, I am being ogled/ camera shot/ hinted/ watched/ looked at.

The thing is: are they doing anything to me, except and beside looking? No. So why should I be bothered by what others are doing when none of them are coming over to touch me?

Remember: you can't stop people from doing anything, so long as that action has not intrude your privacy. Even if you found them taking out a camera and shoot at your ass, you really canNOT do anything. Dun believe, go find out.

Just be yourself, hold on to your confidence and enjoy the tanning. After being clownish walking up and down and not having their presence acknowledged, these gays/ guys will just move on. After all, it IS just a tan...geez.
Soccer123 #98

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/20/2010 12:07:32Copy HTML

Hello ThongsLover.

We do not know what will they do with your photos after that - post it in STOMP etc to make you malu etc etc...

I am very wary whether they have a digital camera with them in their hands or not.

Just leave me alone as I am NOT THEIR KINDS :-)

I enjoy suntanning in G-Strings for years and of course kena sunburnt sometimes but I still like to suntan in this manner.

I prefer TM Strings, Joe Synder Strings. I miss out on 1 batch of TM Metallic G-Strings from Sportsmenasia (G-String back) and was told will never be available again.
ThongsLover #99

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/20/2010 05:42:07Copy HTML

Soccer, if you are facing downwards and they are snapping your ass happily, just let them take...please lah. Imagine YOU yourself looking at some online pic of somebody's ass tanning in a public beach. Do you feel angry that the man is 'exposing' himself, or would you be angry at the f*cking cameraman? What others feel is also how we feel.

An ass without face is as good as not having anything shown. Don't be too conscious of your own presence. I know how that feels, me a thonger myself, constantly thinking "god...I am NOW in a pair of thongs/ g-strings...hope no one looks at me...hope no one recognises me...if not I very malu..."

If you are facing upwards and having your face exposed, then just make sure your eyes are well opened to look out for any camera-taking. Furthermore, from the front, a pair of thongs/ g-strings are NOT much different from a pair of normal trunks. The only thing one can do is to make sure no one takes our ass' pics and then wait for us to turn over to take our faces. That is pretty ALL one can do to protect oneself.

For me, my realisation is this: the more you are constantly checking out if others are looking at you, the more attention you are going to get, 'cause you keep looking around and making eye contacts. In a way, you are sending out wrong signals too. And it sure makes you damn agitated and tensed throughout the whole tanning session, which is the last thing one should have.

I'm getting myself ready also. Removing my hair and making sure my entire nether region is 'hair-free' and 'smooth'. Have ordered the Wickedweasel knickers and will be donning them in my next tanning session. :)
4Lw4ySth0nG #100

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/21/2010 03:54:54Copy HTML

I wear WW 607 as daily underwear, can't imagine wearing it to the beach for suntanning. Let us know the results.

I ogle at both guys and gals in thong. I don't mind eye candy from either sexes. You must understand that being in different backgrounds and culture we do develop our own stereotypes. Unless wearing thongs to the beach is considered one of the standard attire here, just like people eating pasta using fork but will be ridiculed if you use chopsticks instead. The underwear stererotypes here loose boxer = manly & cool, normal briefs = traditional, fitted boxer = slightly gay, thongs & g-string = gay. Btw, i wear all except loose boxers becos i hate my nuts knocking against each other.
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