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strepsils #151

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/26/2012 02:26:08Copy HTML

@ lock07 ,

You are welcome in your rio.

You may change into thong if you are comfortable. :-)
strepsils #152

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/30/2012 09:28:48Copy HTML

Anybody attending this sunday?

Please "kee-chiu"... ... :-)

Kindly send private message to me with your contact number and note what time you are coming.
strepsils #153

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/01/2012 12:16:31Copy HTML

Sun is out now.! Looks like a good & fair weather even after 12p.m.
See you guys later.
Please come with empty stomach.
Upon reaching here, call me. :-)
strepsils #154

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/01/2012 11:28:47Copy HTML

After 6 months from the first gathering, I decided to hold a second gathering!.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce ... (drum roll) ... taadaa ....

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 2ND GATHERING SUCCESSFUL ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Today's weather?: Bright, sunny and windy (wow... cool)
Who were there?: The Three Young Musketeers!

As promised in my post #674!

You guys showed up! Thank you so much for coming! I hope you enjoy drinks and food.

If this host no good, welcome to give feedback hor. :-)
beakertan #155

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/01/2012 11:35:09Copy HTML

Many many thanks to Strepsils for being such a great host! The weather was good, and the place was nice! I had something on in the afternoon, so had to leave early... otherwise would love to stay longer!
joshuaspain #156

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/01/2012 03:28:25Copy HTML

 Congratulations Strepsils!  
cr15gust #157

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/03/2012 07:00:35Copy HTML

 Damn... I miss that... Hi Josias... (strepsils) I keep text u, but no news at all, I tought this cancelled.... Miss u all guys... Hope to see u in next gathering...
SGInnovator #158

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/03/2012 07:07:59Copy HTML

 Sounds great, a pity I was working, so how many came? Any ladies
strepsils #159

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/13/2012 06:08:59Copy HTML

@ lock07,

You mentioned "Closet thing to a thong I have worn" - Hmm....? Does not look like one. LOL

Men's thong/g-string not difficult to get. Get one ready and join the thong khakis. We'll give you encouragement and motivation.

Next time, at Changi beach, would you kindly take some pictures of the surroundings. Thank you. :-)

lock07 #160

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/16/2012 12:40:43Copy HTML

Hey streps.. I'm taking it nice and slow... not ready for the thong in public yet.. ;)

Sure.. can take some photos.. but lots of construction recently...
Changi beach is near my workplace.. so I thot it'll be good to take quick sessions to catch some sun...

Joshuabarcelone #161

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/02/2012 09:14:27Copy HTML

 How is Tanjong beach on Sunday? Arriving in Singapore at noon and plan to b at the beach at 1400hrs. Look forward to going if it is good on Sunday:-)
strepsils #162

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/18/2012 04:02:34Copy HTML

Anybody interested to explore Southern islands (St John & Kusu) (http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/nature/southern-islands/) ?

Date: 24 June 2012, Sunday
Time: morning till late afternoon.

a) Ferry cost: $15 (to-&-from)(http://www.islandcruise.com.sg/)

b) Where to board ferry: Marina South Pier
1. http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/nature/southern-islands/getting-to-marina-south-pier/
2. http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_29493/travel_site_4/ 

c) See picture for ferry schedule:

What to bring? -> what else?! ... thongs!
Activity? -> Sun-tan, soak in seawater, snorkelling & etc.

Send private message to me. :-) Your identity kept secret.
Soccer123 #163

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/19/2012 03:51:11Copy HTML

My PM message is bounced back
strepsils #164

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/21/2012 09:59:26Copy HTML

Canceling event (24 June 2012, Sunday ) due to poor response. :-(
pkthong #165

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/21/2012 01:56:23Copy HTML

 Don't be dicouraged Stepsils, by the apparent lack of response to your proposed gathering.It takes a lot to go out of your way in organizing something like this.Just ask Luvn, there were many ideas floated over the years for a "thongers convention".It was only when Luvn and a few others dedicated themselves to it and did the work thatothers ( including myself) were  ot willIng or able to do.
Soccer123 #166

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/24/2012 07:57:03Copy HTML

 I sincerely hope to meet up you guys for suntanning sessions in the future if there is any organised event
strepsils #167

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:06/24/2012 05:32:36Copy HTML

An organiser's "nightmare"... ... 
1. Kenna played out last minute.
2. No response.
3. Asked lots of questions and did not turn up.
4. One way communication. No courteousy to reply.
5. Playing "hide-&-seek".

There are very annoying frequent questions asked.
1. How many people going?
2. Are there any ladies coming?
3. What are their/your age?
cr15gust #168

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/10/2012 09:52:52Copy HTML

People are just to shy and worry to much here in Singapore to express themselves thonging .... Sad... But that's fact...
SGInnovator #169

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/10/2012 10:34:59Copy HTML

 Shyness is probably the less impt reason, they might be worried others think that they are not straight, or take a pic of them and post it online. But I dun see anyone posting any of us online, rite?
cr15gust #170

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/16/2012 01:31:51Copy HTML

 Yeah that's right... Shame on low Asian mentality... Always think that thong or gstring only for ladies... The moment they see guys wear that without girl friend... Means they are gay... But right gay, bi, straight... What's the matter? That's human right... 
jupitersky #171

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/21/2012 04:48:04Copy HTML

I'm new here.  I'll be in Phuket 17th August for 3 days & my usual partner won't be able to go, so I have an extra budget air ticket.  If there's any lady thonger who's ok to accompany me for soaking in the sun pls email me.  Or to get info. Tks
strepsils #172

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/29/2012 03:35:32Copy HTML

Organising gathering again. 

Date: 4 August 2012, Saturday
Time: 7pm - 11p.m. (4 hours)
Activities:  Swimming, sauna, jacuzzi and etc.
Ambience: Saturday's evening expecting more people (residents) than daytime. Mostly are non-locals. Need not worry as they "bo-chap" "bo-hiew" attitude.
Cost: Free. 

1. Join after taken your dinner. Else if, "ta-pau" your dinner to my place.
2. If you want to do night shooting, bring your camera.
3. As usual, purely tcss (my favourite discussion: "hum-tum" local politics).
4. Feel free to do whatever you want. You may leave anytime you wish.
5. Night swimming is cold. If you want to be "garang",  please go ahead.
6. Do your gym workout while enjoying Chinatown night scenery.

All queries welcome. 
cr15gust #173

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/30/2012 01:46:26Copy HTML

Hi sure love to join this time...
joshuaspain #174

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/14/2012 01:15:14Copy HTML

 Coming to Singapore tomorrow and hoping to get some sun - Tanjong Beach on 17th August.
joshuaspain #175

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/16/2012 11:50:49Copy HTML

Got off meeting early today and went to Tanjong Beach at 4pm. Great day:-) was in my blue muscleskins thong. Will go again tomorrow afternoon. Plan to be there at noon. 
gnoht #176

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/16/2012 07:59:15Copy HTML

were there many people? 
I plan to go SG, donno when. How's the crowd over weekdays, like Wed / Thu in the afternoon?
Many men and ladies in T & Gs?
desmadonna #177

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/22/2012 04:22:20Copy HTML

 Hi peeps,
i am new to this board. Will love to meet up with fellow thongers.
pls feel free to PM me if u r going tanning on weekends and need a friend.
undiesaddict #178

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/04/2012 04:04:23Copy HTML

Hi im new to Aimoo and im looking forward to making alot of friends from Singapore. Created my profile long ago but didn't edit anything. Just added few things to my profile. Add me up or contact me if you wish to know me more and make friends. Hope to get in touch with fellow Singaporeans. My contact number is on my profile btw. Im a fan of Skinxwear and TM. But, still need to learn more about thong swimwear. I don't have any so far though... Wish to suntan in a thong too. HAPPY THONGING GUYS!!!
undiesaddict #179

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/04/2012 04:28:29Copy HTML

strepsils #180

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/12/2012 05:04:54Copy HTML

Date: Either 27 (Sat) or 28 October (Sun) [T.B.A.]. The place is quiet on saturday than sunday.

Time: 12p.m. Free to leave anytime.

Location: Approx 7mins walking distance, north of Tanjong Pagar MRT station
( http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_5946/travel_site_3099/ ). 

Fee: No cost.

Attire: thongs! Not in slipper thong. 

*Please, please and please note:
1. Do not ask me, how many people coming.
2. Do not ask me, who are the people coming.
3. Do not ask me, any female coming.
4. Do not tell me, last minute then confirm. 
5. I do not keep your hp number. If you scared hp number leaked or kenna nusiance call, then use ingenious telepath to contact me. :-)
strepsils #181

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/17/2012 07:59:33Copy HTML

Not sure whether anybody interested to visit our local hot-spring or not?

Yea, in your thongs. In addition: bring bucket, towel and stool.

Perhaps during weekdays? I shall be free on tuesday, wednesday, friday.

Weekends darn crowded. 
strepsils #182

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/17/2012 08:02:30Copy HTML

See pictures for local hot-spring:

1. http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5172/5493465981_7f4e14733e_z.jpg
2. http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=I.4829158916423912&pid=15.1
3. http://www.wyattwang.com/Images/Photos/Singapore/IMG_1211.jpg
4. http://achikochi.takema.net/kaigai2/10iceland/2010is_land_1568t.jpg
5. http://achikochi.takema.net/kaigai2/10iceland/2010is_land_1568z.jpg
sunlover79 #183

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/19/2012 09:14:52Copy HTML

 So, what's the exact address and date?
strepsils #184

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/20/2012 11:06:24Copy HTML

@ sunlover79,
I think it is expensive for you to travel all the way here to Singapore.
See picture: http://postimage.org/image/7np917pu9/
Till you are here, then let's talk.
free2roam #185

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/03/2012 07:39:24Copy HTML

Hi all,
I just joined this forum. Good to see thongers sharing info.
I am thinking of going to tanjong beach for suntan next wednesday (7th Nov 2012).
Any fellow thongers going to tanjong beach on wed?
undiesaddict #186

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/03/2012 09:41:14Copy HTML

 Welcome to the forum. Im quite new here too.
strepsils #187

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/04/2012 02:31:52Copy HTML

Welcome to the forum!
Encourage you (undiesaddict, free2roam) to make posts.
This way, members know you exist in the forum. :-)

strepsils #188

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/09/2012 05:29:52Copy HTML

A sudden idea.

Not sure this sunday is a favourable day or not as rainy season has already began. Weather is unpredictable and unlikely to have big sunshine at year-end season.

11/11 tomolo (1130hr) @ Tanjong Pagar. Please "kee-chiew".

As usual, leave anytime you wish. Don't worry, nobody chasing you, hang around you "sian". 

If "sway-sway" rain, still got hot-tub or use gym. Else if, "garang" enough, swim in the rain (Cat 1), no lightning, so don't worry.

Shoot me private message. Chop-chop. 
strepsils #189

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/10/2012 12:42:06Copy HTML

NO agenda behind for gathering.
Once in a while tcss.  
So far, only one confirmed for tomolo. Got to prepare desserts for tomolo, do headcount who is turning up.
strepsils #190

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/11/2012 10:07:07Copy HTML

Thank you guys for coming today! (Oops... User ID cannot be disclosed)

1045hr - bright
1130hr - bright and sunny
1200hr - sorching hot
1400hr - mild cloudy, still sunny and windy
1500hr - sunny
1530hr - shady and cloudy

1. Approximate 10 people (mostly ang-moh expats)(excluding "thongers")
2. Women marginally outnumbered men. 
3. There were ang-moh zar-borh tanning. One topless (yea...facing down. LOL).

1. Please drink plenty of water. Kenna heat stroke, I have to call ambulance liao. 
2. Laid motionlessly for hours, kinda scares me. Am I exaggerating? (ROFLMAO.. joke joke)
3. Bring towel to cover face (especially eyes). Close eyes no use, I think UV pentrates through eyelids leh. Wait till you go home, "kao-bpei" you see stars everywhere.

Being a host, hope you guys enjoyed. As promised, I do things "swee-swee", not keeping your contact and I respect privacy.

Probably, next time day gathering over at my place, I shall bring curry. 
Till then! amigo adiós!
undiesaddict #191

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/11/2012 10:25:42Copy HTML

Haha interesting way of phrasing everything. Wonder who the curry is for? Lol.
strepsils #192

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/12/2012 02:03:23Copy HTML

I am intending-to-slowly divert future event/announcement into our local Singapore thonger facebook page.

Latest news in the group page will be reflected in facebook. 

1. Do not worry, your identity is "concealed". Unless, you wish to make post which will be visible for all readers. 
2. Admin will not "kau-cjeow" you.
3. Nobody knows who you are (except admin and god). 

Consider subscribe to facebook? Just one "Like" click, "gaao-dim-saii".

JM_Runs #193

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/18/2012 07:39:57Copy HTML

 Hi everyone

New to the thonging scene, altho I've joined the forum for some time :-p
JM_Runs #194

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/18/2012 07:53:34Copy HTML

 Done also
RikuL #195

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/22/2012 06:40:38Copy HTML

Gay male seeking tanning buddies...
I have been tanning alone for quite some time at Tanjung Beach, Sentosa.
It would be wonderful to tan with like-minded friends who enjoy tanning in thongs...

joshuaspain #196

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/23/2012 02:10:32Copy HTML

It looks like a beautiful day in Singapore today. I will be in Tanjung beach this afternoon from 2:30pm. Will be a blue muscleskin thong. Hope to see some of you there and do come say hi :-) Josh 
RikuL #197

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/23/2012 02:47:41Copy HTML

 Dear Josh
Did it rain heavily around 3 pm?
Anyway heard that the tractors were there at Tg. beach...
Anyone can confirm?
joshuaspain #198

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/24/2012 02:26:49Copy HTML

 Rikul there are some "beach constructing" going on yesterday. Started raining at 4:30pm. I managed to get an hour on the beach which was nice:-)
RikuL #199

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/30/2012 10:00:59Copy HTML

 Thanks Josh.
I went to Tanjung Beach this Friday afternoon.
Well, the beach was back to normal - the crowd is back (school holidays).

Anyway, it is still a beautiful day.
beakertan #200

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/30/2012 03:17:30Copy HTML

Any one interested to go Tanjung beach this Wed (5 Dec) early afternoon?
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