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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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silverarrowdan #201

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/01/2012 05:53:38Copy HTML

I just bought a cocksox swim thong and I'm gonna try it out at Tanjong.
silverarrowdan #202

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/01/2012 05:55:21Copy HTML

I'm gonna try 10th Dec. Good old morning tan on a quiet monday morning.
strepsils #203

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/01/2012 02:47:15Copy HTML

@ silverarrowdan,

Have you joined facebook?

A local network for gathering.

undiesaddict #204

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/03/2012 06:13:08Copy HTML

 Anyone free this week for tanning?
desmadonna #205

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/03/2012 01:53:26Copy HTML

 weekday or weekend ?
undiesaddict #206

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/04/2012 06:13:17Copy HTML

 Either is possible. Depends on weather. Like today, its a great day for tanning since its sunny now. But, it might rain during late afternoon.
silverarrowdan #207

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/09/2012 07:12:15Copy HTML

Hi everyone! Checkout my collection of thongs in photobucket below:
I'm contactable at dragonboaters@gmail.com if you are keen to exchange or buy.
strepsils #208

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/22/2012 03:21:00Copy HTML

It is year-end (evening) gathering!

Check facebook announcement! :-)
strepsils #209

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/25/2012 05:23:13Copy HTML

So far, only one show interest. 

Check facebook announcement! :-) 
barebutt #210

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/17/2013 03:29:32Copy HTML

anyone wanna go on a thonging holiday? Krabi ...Poda Island May 21-24. fly tiger in. wear what you want and snorkel whole time you are on the island plus grab a beach massage. pm or drop me an email i will check my email on alternate days. cheap island accommodation...2 star std but clean. 
RikuL #211

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/18/2013 02:51:44Copy HTML

 Yes we should venture beyond our shores..
Last check on Monday 18th Mar 2013, the flight tickets are about SGD 200.. wish I can plan ahead... sigh
barebutt #212

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/19/2013 01:27:19Copy HTML

21-24 May, Krabi  should be less than sgd200. 
strepsils #213

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/21/2013 11:16:39Copy HTML

 March event is out.Check facebook message board. :-)
desmadonna #214

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:03/23/2013 09:44:58Copy HTML

 Missed connection - Looking for a quite fair guy in white 3/4 loose pants and wearing g-string. and also a very tanned boy/guy wearing red t-shirt, red shorts and thong. Both at Tanjung Beach this afternoon.
R u guys here? PM me. thanks.
hadi123 #215

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/16/2013 09:24:05Copy HTML

 hey guys!hi.i am a 20 year old malay man who is currently serving ns.im straight and i like to wear thongs. .i never suntan wearing thong before but i wanna try but shy and i got no friends share this with.i kinda have a beer belly even though i dont drink.hope to hear from you soon.cheers.
silverarrowdan #216

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/16/2013 02:01:05Copy HTML

What thongs do you wear most of the time Hadi?
hadi123 #217

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/16/2013 02:39:22Copy HTML

 hi dan!mostly gabriel homme and skinxwear.i like wearing bareback ones they are so comfortable to wear.
Wicked_Guy #218

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/29/2013 11:44:25Copy HTML

 im going thonging 2moro morning at tanjung.any1 keen?
undiesaddict #219

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/30/2013 01:48:45Copy HTML

 What time are you going and until what time will you be there?
joshuaspain #220

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/03/2013 04:47:38Copy HTML

 Done with meetings for the day and heading out to Tanjung beach shortly... Beautiful day in Singapore. 
strepsils #221

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/12/2013 02:29:50Copy HTML

Gathering @ Island!

Date: XX  Saturday. (T.B.C)
Time: 12.00 pm until before 5.30pm
Venue: An ulu island (yea...in Singapore). You need to bring passport only if you intend to swim to Indonesia. 
Cost: Boat fare only. Don't know how much. A two way fare per person, I think >$14.

1. Boat ride takes a while to reach island, so, by the time settling down, it could be around 10am liao. Last boat leaving at 5.30pm
2. This time, I am not going to prepare lunch. Wait fly me kite, my food and drinks all must buang!
3. I don't know whether that place can go nude or not. Cos, I never been there. If want to tan/swim nude, please don't tell me or anybody.
4. Meet 9am at the south pier. 
5. Don't ask me where is the island. I only know it is within Singapore's water. Interested just come, don't ask. Saya pun tatau lah!
6. Think twice to confirm. I have blacklisted a few auto-pilot who flew me airplane. Don't know why "kia-see", suddenly don't turn up. 'ok-ok'in the beginning, then last minute got problem. I appreciate those really 'on', come means come. 
7. Bring your towel, food, water, sun-tanning lotion, thongs/g-strings, mat, iPad, iPhone5, Samsung S4. Got signal to use 3G/4G or not, I really don't know.
8. Confirm no stomper. 有的话,liim-bpeh剥了他的皮!
9. Whether you gay, straight, bisexual, ah-gua or not, keep it to yourself. உங்கள் இரகசிய.

I log-in to this forum once in a while. So, contact desmadonna or through facebook. Tinggalkan nombor telefon anda. 

fidotiger #222

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/13/2013 07:35:25Copy HTML

http://www.islandcruise.com.sg/Fm the site :"Announcement Please note that with effect from 1st April 2013, ticket prices for adults will be increased to S$18."
strepsils #223

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/13/2013 03:18:06Copy HTML

 @ fidotiger.

Thank you for providing the fare info.

The island is not Kusu, Sister, St John. 
barebutt #224

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/13/2013 10:46:13Copy HTML

 Errr where is south pier?
RikuL #225

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/14/2013 04:42:59Copy HTML

 Taken from the Internet:
How to get to Marina South Pier 1. MRTAlight at Marina Bay MRT Station (NS27), use Exit A, then take Bus Service 402 red plate at the bus stop outside the station to Marina South Pier.2. BusSBS Transit Bus 402 (Red Plate) Loop service running from Shenton Way Terminal to International Cruise Terminal.
RikuL #226

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/14/2013 04:48:44Copy HTML

 Include me in.. for the Saturday 27th event..
barebutt #227

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/14/2013 06:29:51Copy HTML

count me in for Sat event hope pier side sell food to bring. thanks strepsils. I will bring snorkel and flippers just incase the water is clear. anyone wanna bring a fishing rod to go fishing.pm me for my watsapp number. 
strepsils #228

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/14/2013 07:12:42Copy HTML

Keep note of this thread or facebook. Or else, I lost track.  Contact desmadonna pun boleh.


Ini only tiga orang, 还有吗? 
RikuL #229

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/15/2013 10:13:14Copy HTML

Pm me please... I think it is a good idea to have a social gathering for like-minded people.
I need the details...

desmadonna #230

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/20/2013 04:45:11Copy HTML

 so how do we recognize each other? 
strepsils #231

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/22/2013 11:04:02Copy HTML

I have just formed a WeChat Singapore thong group. 

You need to be invited to join. Can't join by yourself.

Option 1. - I add you.
This way easy.
If you were to choose this option, please provide your WeChat ID/QQ Number/Phone number or your QR Code.

Option 2. - You add me.
Troublesome. You need WeChat QR code scanner to scan my QR code. 

Again, nobody knows who you are. Unless, you disclose your WeChat Moments and identity or handphone number.
Send me private message. 
desmadonna #232

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/24/2013 04:06:37Copy HTML

On behalf of Strepsils,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this saturdays outing is cancelled/postpone, till further notice.
We apologise for any disappointments. 
RikuL #233

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/25/2013 10:07:43Copy HTML

Thanks Desmadonna for informing the board of the cancellation.
Anyway, why dont we have our own tanning session this Sunday at Sentosa.

Time: 0730 hours to noon
Place to meet: HarbourFront MRT station

Those interested, pm me with your name and contact number....
Strictly for thong lovers.. old, young, straight, gay, lesbians... all are welcome
joshuaspain #234

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/09/2013 10:23:50Copy HTML

 Coming to Singapore from Sunday to Wednesday... Planning on going to the beach on Tuesday:-) happy National day Singapore! 
barebutt #235

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/12/2013 10:47:24Copy HTML

 Strep silos add moi into we chat can. Thanks.
joshuaspain #236

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/14/2013 09:28:04Copy HTML

 It was awesome to go to Tanjong Beach yesterday with teddybearboy from this board and enjoy his company thonging at the beach. We were both in our muscleskins... It was great. The beach was almost empty! It was fantastic to finally have a friend in Singapore to go thonging with. Have got some new photos in my photo album
undiesaddict #237

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/14/2013 09:55:44Copy HTML

 Great that u enjoyed yourself. Im going today hope it won't rain today.
joshuaspain #238

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/15/2013 01:17:06Copy HTML

 Enjoy the beach and sun! Perhaps we can go the next time I am in Singapore:-)
undiesaddict #239

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/15/2013 03:08:32Copy HTML

 Thanks and yup hope to see you next time.
strepsils #240

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/17/2013 12:55:49Copy HTML

@ undiesaddict,  

The one நீங்கள் மேலே, அவர் மக்களை ஏமாற்றுவது பிடிக்கும்.

எப்படி பேச மட்டுமே தெரியும். 

Anyway, நான் அவரை பட்டியலில். - blacklisted
I can translate into Chinese if anybody cannot understand Tamil. LOL... :-)
JM_Runs #241

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/17/2013 01:11:48Copy HTML

 Yes, please keep all posts on this board in English.
undiesaddict #242

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/17/2013 03:20:04Copy HTML

@ strepsils

HAHA u just made me laugh!! Interesting that you actually took the time and effort to translate. But sometimes, Google Translate just don't translate properly. No need translate Chinese la i think people not bothered also mah. It's only concerning the two of us. Afterall, only two of us understand Tamil haha!! Anyway, let's take this to pm? Gotta ask you lots man and appreciate your concern for sure. Catch you there!

@ JM_Runs

Thanks for not removing the post made by Strepsils. I do enjoy him doing something like that once in a while to entertain all of us. Please let him be himself.

@ all Singaporeans / Singapore - based thongers


Dump all your undies and free yourself by wearing thongs / g-string on a daily basis. I'm aiming to do that myself by end of this year. Hopefully, i have the courage to do so...

P.S. Make sure no one STOMPs you when you bend over to grab something and exposing your thongs / g-strings.
joejumbo #243

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/04/2013 05:12:40Copy HTML

 i'm going later in the morning anyone joining? tanjung beach around 9am
joejumbo #244

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/29/2013 05:01:50Copy HTML

Yup not much thongers there. I usually be in my joe snyder blue thong and tan towards the end of the beach.
will be going over this coming tues somewhere at 12ish.

joshuaspain #245

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/19/2013 08:57:32Copy HTML

 Just arrived in Singapore! Hope that sun will be out tomorrow and be able to enjoy the Singapore sun in Sentosa. :-)
Wicked_Guy #246

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/19/2013 07:05:40Copy HTML

Monday morning @Tanjong any1?
Wicked_Guy #247

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/20/2013 09:58:19Copy HTML

 any1 on wechat?
teddybearboy #248

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/27/2013 06:38:59Copy HTML

 Feel like thonging tomorrow, monday, 28th October. Not sure where yet. Anyone feel like it or during the rest of the week? :-)
Wicked_Guy #249

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/27/2013 03:29:26Copy HTML

 how about tues morning instead?
RikuL #250

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/28/2013 09:30:20Copy HTML

 Ok it is time to do a group gathering at SentosaNothing specal just tanning in our g-string together...
Date: Sat 2 Nov 2013 at 0800 hours., the earlier the better.
PM me if you are interested..... 
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