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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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strepsils #251

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/31/2013 01:49:20Copy HTML

Wishing undies-addict,
Happy Diwali!

undiesaddict #252

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/31/2013 03:59:08Copy HTML

நன்றி! Enjoy your holiday and have a great weekend!
cr15gust #253

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/01/2013 08:41:21Copy HTML

 Haha... Strepsils n undiesaddict... Really wanna join both of u thonging one day... Please invite me... Yeah happy thonging in deepavali day...
strepsils #254

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/01/2013 12:02:19Copy HTML

@ undiesaddict
என்னை உங்கள் வீட்டிற்கு அழைக்க வில்லை!
I want to eat traditional food. 

@ cr15gust
yakin!  musim hujan. ada matahari. :-(
Saya bertemu putra SBY baru-baru @ NTU. That fellow talk-c o c k but friendly.

Long time no see. I invite you guys for night cold swim one of these nights. Welcome to show parade to hantu. 
I shall order pizza and drinks. come half-filled stomach.
undiesaddict #255

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/04/2013 10:14:54Copy HTML

நீங்கள் எப்போதும் என் வீட்டிற்கு வர முடியும். நீங்கள் இலவச இருக்கும் போது எனக்கு தெரியப்படுத்துங்கள். நீங்கள் பசியோடு இருக்கும் போது, என் வீட்டிற்கு வாருங்கள். வீட்டிற்கு செல்ல மிகவும் சந்தோஷமாக இருக்க வேண்டும் என்று அனைத்து உணவு முடிக்க. உங்கள் அம்மா வரும். நான் அவளை சந்திக்க விரும்புகிறேன்.

You are more than welcome to join us. So we can talk nonsense and have a good laugh. Happy thonging and happy holiday to you too!
strepsils #256

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/09/2013 04:36:42Copy HTML

 @ undiesaddict
You are testing my Tamil?!My Tamil standard not even half-past-six leh.
Post Deepavali them invite. How can?

undiesaddict #257

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/09/2013 10:25:37Copy HTML


HAHA! Test your tamil for what leh? I know your tamil damn powderful (joking hor). No need half past six la. Can scold people enough already lol. Who cares if its after deepavali? Just come lor dun paiseh. I usually invite my close friend on deepavali or after deepavali also. Free traditional food u dun wan meh? Make sure ur stomach empty when u come over. You can eat until ur stomach explode.

 - Disclaimer *
 - Terms and conditions apply**

*I am not responsible if you kena food poisoning (dun worry u wun) and i will not cover ur medical fees if u get sick after eating since u r not used to eating spicy or indian food (dun worry also two clinics near my house)

**Dun let anyone in my family know that i wear thongs (that would be embarrassing for me)
RikuL #258

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/24/2013 07:32:34Copy HTML

Hi Guys,This is for those of us not working on Boxing Day, Thurs 26 Dec 2013.Why dont we have a small picnic at Tanjung Beach...in our g strings?Interested, PM me with your mobile number/we chat/whatsapp you later.Thanks.
undiesaddict #259

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:01/31/2014 09:35:33Copy HTML

hello3009 #260

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/29/2014 11:56:56Copy HTML

Now living in Vietnam Hoi An ~  Da Nang area. Would love to go to Singapore for a little R&R. with the wife. Please invite me to your Facebook page, the islands you mentioned sound intriguing.

strepsils #261

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/30/2014 05:33:05Copy HTML

 @ hello3009. 
Welcome to Singapore. 
strepsils #262

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/30/2014 05:33:56Copy HTML

Thongs/GString Gathering in May Day! 

Read: http://bit.ly/010514HotTub 

wingzer0s #263

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:05/26/2014 09:42:08Copy HTML

any more gathering?
ext101 #264

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/26/2014 01:27:50Copy HTML

Anyone going to ECP beach for a tan later? near the sailing club
glam82 #265

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/26/2014 01:32:26Copy HTML

 Isn't it going to rain the whole day?
I tanned at the area near sailing club few months ago and there were lots of sand flies. Not going to tan there again.
ext101 #266

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/26/2014 01:38:37Copy HTML

if u tan on the breakwater there won't be any sand flies, hope the sky will clear by noon.
undiesaddict #267

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/30/2014 03:30:36Copy HTML

Anyone going for sentosa countdown? I also have extra ticket. Please let me know if you want to join.
undiesaddict #268

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:12/30/2014 03:31:37Copy HTML

Anyone going for sentosa countdown? I also have extra ticket. Please let me know if you want to join.
jungle_jeff #269

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:01/12/2015 11:55:46Copy HTML

 Went to sentosa tanjong beach last Sat and gotten a good tan. Quite crowded. Lots of ang mohs family but no one bother about me in thong tanning. Lukcy
teddybearboy #270

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/03/2015 01:11:22Copy HTML

 Feel like going tomorrow, wednesday, to Tanjong Beach. :-) Anyone up for it?
EmmanuelT #271

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/04/2015 04:01:29Copy HTML

How's the weather over at TJB? Planning to head over now but the weather seems unpredictable ):
dreamer33 #272

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/16/2015 05:56:35Copy HTML

Planning a full beach day on CNY eve, Wed. Will head to Sentosa in morning, then head to the beach at East Coast beside NSRCC in the afternoon. 
Hoping for GOOD HOT sun to usher in the new yr.
Last chance to thong in the year of the horse! lol
jungle_jeff #273

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/25/2015 01:23:53Copy HTML

 Not sure if today weather gonna be good as now or not. Planning to go today.
slyison #274

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:02/28/2015 11:26:52Copy HTML

 Happy new year to all SG thongers!! Huat ah !!

By the way..... is there anyone who's keen for a weekend tanning session at Sentosa ? Due to work commitment,saturday and sunday are the only the I am free .

Feel free to join, regardless of race, gender, age, build....... As long as you are wearing a thong, that's good enough.
MatthewGwork #275

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/07/2015 11:12:18Copy HTML

Anybody intrested in thonging next weekend?
CuteM #276

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/19/2015 10:38:30Copy HTML

 Hey guys , I will be in Singapore in May. Does any one know any secluded spots or beaches in and around Singapore where I can wear a Brazilian bikini or a thong. Swimming pools are also fine. Maybe some near by places in Malaysia too?
CuteM #277

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/19/2015 10:41:48Copy HTML

 Hey MatthewGwork where do you thong? Do u have a terrace on a building that's relatively private for thonging or any place else?
slyison #278

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/19/2015 11:47:27Copy HTML

 weather is kind of conducive for a good tan these days .... Most probably I will make a trip down to tanjong beach one of the weekend.
jungle_jeff #279

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:04/20/2015 05:01:41Copy HTML

 Planning to go n tan this Thurs n one of the weekend. Hopefully weather last til then...
hadi123 #280

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/13/2015 03:30:39Copy HTML

 Might be going on Monday.first time!
barebutt #281

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:07/23/2015 03:24:17Copy HTML

 Anyone heading to TJB today
Joelmo #282

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/18/2015 04:43:17Copy HTML

 R u going to TJB Tmr morning ? Can I join u ?
cr15gust #283

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/21/2015 09:29:56Copy HTML

Thong @ tampines pool deck level.... Plan tommorow 12noon till sun down ... Anyone? I'll be wearing yellow thong ... Just approach me 
barebutt #284

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:08/22/2015 11:35:04Copy HTML

 A curious question.....any thongers ride a class 2 bike?
strepsils #285

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/17/2015 04:48:17Copy HTML

Finally. here comes the gathering again!

See details on facebook event page:



http://bit. ly/20150923_Event (leave out the spacing)
cr15gust #286

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:09/22/2015 05:10:34Copy HTML

No news??? Gathering cancel?
Yorkiekenzo #287

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/27/2015 01:41:18Copy HTML

 hi strepsils

i cannot open the link...
Yorkiekenzo #288

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/30/2015 02:08:09Copy HTML

 Friends... Can someone help me? I cannot reply any message.. And I cannot open the link that strepsils sent me..,.
Stringtheory #289

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:10/28/2018 04:47:36Copy HTML

Anyone like to go to wild wild wet with me on Tuesday 30th ocotber?
strepsils #290

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/02/2018 03:53:02Copy HTML

@Stringtheory It's too late. Try another time.
strepsils #291

Re:Singapore - Contacts

Date Posted:11/02/2018 03:54:22Copy HTML

For members in Singapore Meet-Up https://imgur.com/Waiorwc (Log-in to access) https://www.facebook.com/events/193423511590785/
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