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Date Posted:06/27/2004 02:58:03Copy HTML

Is it OK to wear thongs at outdoor pools of hotels in Singapore?  Would it be against local laws, hotel regulations or local customs?
indonesia #1

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:07/23/2004 03:07:02Copy HTML

Reply to : richardlondon

Is it OK to wear thongs at outdoor pools of hotels in Singapore? Would it be against local laws, hotel regulations or local customs?
Yes, I was travelling to Singapore and stay at 2 different five stars hotel. Everytime I went to pool I wear one piece swimsuit for swim and sunbathing. And it is OK and nice although some western guys looking and give attention to me. Once I was takes  place beside the pool bar and Singaporean man who serves the bar is smiling and welcome me and always looking mine. Singapore is welcome for thong girl like me
Class40 #2

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:12/08/2004 05:51:31Copy HTML

Which five star hotel pools in Singapore have you used a thong swim suit at ?

benzthong #3

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/08/2005 05:23:01Copy HTML

Just a quick report on my recent trip to Singapore.  I stayed at the Meritus Mandarin on Orchard Road during a weekend in mid-May.  I went to the pool twice, both in the mornings.  For those who are not familiar with the hotel, it has a separate sundeck that is much higher than the pool level.  If you are lying down, people from the pool level will not be able to see you up on the sundeck.


On the first day, when I went up to the sundeck, there was a young woman (probably an American) sunbathing in only her lime green g-string.  She was soon joined by two friends who were also sunbathing topless in their thongs.  Later a middle aged Caucasian couples came up to the sundeck.  The woman was wearing a normal bikini but upon seeing the three young women, she also took her top off.  I was wearing a Koala g-string (Sinful).


When I arrived at the sundeck on the second day, there was only a young woman sunbathing in a regular bikini and she soon left.  Later two of the young women from the previous day came up and immediately undressed down to their thongs.  Not long later, the young woman who left earlier came back and apparently she was a friend of the other two women.  She then removed her shorts and t-shirt and she was wearing the same bikini as before.  However, she proceeded to remove her top and then her bottom and she was wearing a red thong underneath.  The three of them then sunbathed topless.  When the hotel staff came up to check on the guests and see if they needed any drinks, the three women flipped over.  I was sure the staff saw them topless but didn't tell them to put their tops back on.


Well, that was certainly an interesting stay.  Whilst I had seen thongs on various occasions at different hotel pools (Orchard Parade, Mariott and Carlton) in Singapore, this was the first time that I saw anybody sunbathing topless, and I am quite sure it was an isolated incident.  So don't raise your hope when you go to Singapore!!

Class40 #4

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/10/2005 06:32:14Copy HTML

Topless sunbathing in Singapore is definately not allowed. On Sentosa Island, the beach guards will ask ladies to cover up. Two European girls sunbathing on the East Coast Beaches even ended up being reported in the local paper for sunbathing topless!

Thongs are quite common for European/American women (and men) in hotel pools but topless is something I have never seen at a hotel pool.

joshuaspain #5

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:12/15/2010 05:24:41Copy HTML

 I was at the InterContinental Hotel last week and was enjoying the sun in my thong by the pool (there were lots of people there) and absolutely no problem...  Am going back there again tomorrow and planning on staying over the weekend and getting some sun on Saturday.  I have done the same at the RTIZ CARLTON pool and also at a boutique hotel call Narumi (a spectacular view of the city from the pool which is located on the roof top of the hotel)
strepsils #6

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:12/16/2010 05:58:27Copy HTML

I am long waiting to go Marina Bay Sands. Magnificient view!

If joshuaspain invite, I will go! :-)
BeachLover007 #7

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/16/2013 11:52:49Copy HTML

 Any updates on wearing thongs at any of the Singapore Hotels.  I'd like to go to one of the pool parties at the W sometime in my thong.
hk_gstring #8

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/26/2013 03:10:31Copy HTML

BeachLover007,  I can ditto the comments from JoshuaSpain on the Intercontinental.  I was there earlier this year and had no problems in a g-string at the pool.  The hotel itself has a number of rooms that overlook the pool and an office tower across the street overlooks the pool.  I got no complaints.
BeachLover007 #9

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/26/2013 04:15:14Copy HTML

 Can I get in without staying at the hotel?
joshuaspain #10

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/27/2013 04:15:05Copy HTML

 No... You need a hotel key card to get into the pool.  How's the weather in Singapore? Will be going there on Wednesday. Hope that the haze is gone. Will go to Tanjung beach in the late morning/ early afternoon. 
BeachLover007 #11

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/28/2013 01:16:56Copy HTML

Well then that doesn't do me any good...lol.  Haze is gone for now.
joshuaspain #12

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/29/2013 03:39:36Copy HTML

 Beachlover007, you are welcome to join me at the traders hotel. Pool is on the 4th floor. 
Wicked_Guy #13

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:07/01/2013 12:33:00Copy HTML

 Mind if i join in?
strepsils #14

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:07/01/2013 02:52:10Copy HTML

@ Wicked_Guy , 你楼上的那个瓜是dua-pao-xiian. 讲鸟话!专门fly aeroplane.!
他早就被Singapore thonggers blacklisted了!Kenna play out, don't say I never 提醒你hor。
Those people I gathered are cool, and no hanky-panky people. Come means come. Those fly me kite, that's it man.
peterpan2888 #15

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:09/05/2013 04:18:08Copy HTML

I've tried sunbathing with thongs at the Pan Pacific hotel pool. No issue. Good experience. The staff walked past, but they didn't even bother.
I also wore thongs and walked into the sauna and indoor Jacuzzi area.
mgb_gt #16

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:09/07/2013 02:44:53Copy HTML

 @ peterpan2888, I just wonder why a swimsuit is even needed when going into sauna and into jacuzzi?
It is not healthy for we guys to wear anything into sauna and jacuzzi. It is best going into these place naked.
Not mean to offend the country and its culture. But if swimwear is mandatory in these two places, it is absolutely weird.
pikeman #17

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:09/25/2013 08:09:44Copy HTML

 I stayed at the Atrium Holiday Inn and spent time on the deck and in the pool without any issues. The only attention I had was from a very friendly Chinese man from PRC who sat down next to me after his workout in the gym.This hotel is not too convenient to many of the places I prefer, but the pool is a real bonus. And it's within walking distance of the Metro and a good hawker center.
I needed to change hotels since I had extended my trip and wound up at the V Lavender. They have a pool, but since the hotel is a tour venue, it was jammed with families and obnoxious kids. I didn't even go near the pool while I was there. Stay somewhere else! 
babyaquriz #18

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/01/2014 01:26:49Copy HTML

 Anyone tried at Sheraton Singapore?
bluie #19

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/23/2014 04:27:50Copy HTML

We were at Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa for a very short spell last week. 

We weren't planning on using the pool at all, but since we were making our way out to visit other attractions and the pool was along the way, we stopped to ask. The lady manning the pool towel counter was middle-aged. She said she didn't understand our question "Is thong swimwear allowed?". Tried rephrasing it to sexy swimwear, and she replied, "sure, as sexy you want to be. Bikini right? What else are you talking about?" We thanked her for her time. 

The towel lady probably didn't quite get the question, and might possibly be unaware of the existence of thong swimwear. We didn't hit the pool during our stay. We did note a whole bunch of families and kids hanging around the pool while we passed by. The pool rules did state that "proper swimming attire" was required, albeit undefined. There is a bar in the pool. The pool closes at 8pm though. I must say that it is a rather nice pool to lounge around in. 

Didn't think to enquire via email prior to check-in. Maybe the next person hitting the hotel could..
Class40 #20

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:06/23/2014 08:12:27Copy HTML

 Don't ask, just wear!
sailor250 #21

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:12/17/2014 02:23:58Copy HTML

 Well this news report says a couple were bottomless and sexy in a hotel Jacuzzi at Equarius Beach Villas - not a conservative situation!
gnoht #22

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:12/19/2014 07:41:59Copy HTML

 Wore thongs / g-strings in a few Singapore hotels now, no issues so far. :D You could even get away with naked swimming, depending on hotel. ;)
JayByrd #23

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:12/20/2014 03:07:04Copy HTML

 I've been to Singapore twice and worn thongs in the hotel pools and some of the island beaches.  My usual hotel, The Garden on Balmoral Road has a jewel of a rooftop pool.  There are a lot of Brits and Aussies that stay there and no one said boo about my thongs.  I wore thongs there all the time.  There often were families around, but not a once did I get a disapproving look or a suggestion that I wear something with more coverage.  One late night I went up to the pool deck for some skinny dipping. To my surprise there were a group of Aussies partying.  I lingered around in a robe waiting for them to leave, when one asked if I'd join them for some beer.  Told them I wasn't expecting anyone up there and was nude.  One of the women said, "no problems mate, you see one set of dangly bits, you've seen them all"  There was also no problem using the sauna nude.The other hotel I stayed at once (the name escapes me) was equally as laid back.. maybe even more. Again I wore nothing but thongs in the pool which was at street level but walled in. There was a German couple also staying there, he wore a full back brief-style for swimming, but showered off nude with the poolside shower. He got a few looks but no one complained.  I wasn't nearly so brave so I choose to shower in a changing/locker room on the pool deck. One morning while I was after-swim showering, a cleaning lady came in.  She saw me, smiled, and without a pause she proceeded to cleanup.. mopping the shower room floor and cleaning the sinks. At one point she even motioned for me to move to another shower head so she cold mop the floor where I was. Never had a situation like that before or since. On the beaches we took a boat out to one of the small recreation islands (again the name escapes me). Because I was with people from our Singapore office, I went safe and packed a full-backed brief but also tossed a thong in my bag.  When we got to the changing room, one of the guys noticed my thong tan and asked shy I was putting such a large suit on.  I told him I wasn't sure since we were coworkers and didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable... especially some of the women from the office. He responded the women would probably be in thongs too so it was all good.  With that approval, I was glad I packed a thong and so I put it on.  True enough the two women with us were also in thongs.  It was a  great day at the beach.Wrapping it up, I'd say don't be afraid of wearing a thong to hotel pools. Let the hotel be the ones to tell you it's not allowed.
Happy_Thonger #24

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:03/09/2017 09:52:06Copy HTML

Looking for an update -  Does anyone have any recent experience or updates on the acceptability of thonging at high end hotel pools in Singapore?
strepsils #25

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:03/10/2017 04:14:28Copy HTML

@Happy_Thonger ,
Absolutely no problem! 
gnoht #26

Re:Singapore hotel pools

Date Posted:10/25/2017 03:12:07Copy HTML

I did wear thong / g-string at hotel pools but I wasn't in full view of the public. :) 
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