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Date Posted:05/25/2003 05:10:07Copy HTML

Available on the web or from the retail store in Clearwater Clearwater Florida.  Great suits and service.  http://www.skinzwear.com/
JM_Runs #1

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/25/2003 05:55:26Copy HTML

Yes I like Sinkz banded thong.  Very good thong, some what like the Prevail Sport Med Thong.  Its a shame the banded thong it does not come in more intresting color comblinations. 

The new M1's have a good front  it only has a string rear and I would prefer a contored strop of about 1" wide. 

I do find the Skinz suits to be way on the expensive end of the scale.  Allways good to check their web site for the monthly specials. 

Subscribing to the Prevail Sport catalog is good.  They have montly specals that almost allways include the Med and North Star thongs and they dont restrict you to funny sizes like Skinz specials do.



JM_Runs #2

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/26/2003 01:36:12Copy HTML

If you want to try somthing less exposing then the Skinz banded thong then try the Prevail Sport Med Thong.  It has the same rear but wider front, you should not need to shave.

barebottom01 #3

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/28/2003 03:51:19Copy HTML

Love the Skinz thongs...also like Dore. I also got the "hotpants" and the fitted rio from skinz, though I probably won't wear them to the beach (it'll mess up the thong tan line).

I haven't heard of Joe Snyder thongs, where does one find these? Perhaps I'll take a look...
gator13fla #4

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/31/2003 11:33:45Copy HTML

Love the Skinz rio and thong!

Beware the note in your order to not use oil based tanning products though.  I have almost ruind my cut-out front rio as the oil makes the elastic useless.


The cut-out front is really great and I will not get anything without it anymore!  It lets you tan up to the base of your "equipment" and that really looks nice!


Anonymous #5

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/01/2003 04:32:15Copy HTML

$%*'`[galwithtattoo]%*'`@They used to have some string back women's designs in a good variety of colors, but I don't see that anymore. Are they phasing them out? The color variety here has been reduced a lot.
tdelgado #6

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/01/2003 11:07:56Copy HTML

Reply to : Fastflare65

I've been meaning to buy another Skinz thong this year. I am still a little unsure about wearing it out on a public beach, as they are very skimpy. I usually wear the Speedo brand thongs. Its a fuller cut and looks like a regualr speedo from the front.I have looked at the Joe Snyder brand of thongs. Has anyone tried one of those. They look even skimpier that the Skinz brand!!!
Joe Snyder is a Mexican brand and its thongs and bikinis are skimpier than most Skinz designs, that's for sure. Its designs usually don't have lining and the pouches are smaller, so if you feel a little unconfortable wearing a Skinz thong then chances are you will feel even more unconfortable with Joe Snyder styles. If you still want to give  this brand a try you may be able to get a good deal on eBay. I've seen some nice, brand-new, very small bikinis and thongs for sale on eBay every once in a while.
delaplage #7

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/10/2003 10:29:13Copy HTML

I have 11 Skinz thongs.  The quality and style are great.  The modest cut is M4, the wilder cut is the "Cutaway".  Most of mine are M4 and they look great without shaving.
sarasotajt #8

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/18/2003 03:43:44Copy HTML

Skinzwear -

I stopped by the Skinz store in Clearwater Florida yesterday afternoon. They're having a 2 for 1 sale during November. A sign said that this applied to sale items as well. They have 3 or 4 sales racks filled with men's suits: thongs, g-strings, rio-backs, and regular bikini backs. Unfortunately, I found most of the fabric choices of these sale items to be in bad taste - too femenine. You may disagree so if you're in the Clearwater area you should stop by and take a look.

I didn't find anything worth purchasing in my size (M or L) on the sale racks. I tried on a new style that has string sides and a very narrow cut front with a thong back rather than a g-string back. I found it to be too risque for me to feel comfortable in on a public beach - it would require too much shaving.

But, if you're going to order a style online and pay full price, you may now be able to get a second suit free. I haven't checked the website to see if they mention this November sale but you could call and inquire.    www.skinzwear.com


meyyen555 #9

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:12/31/2003 07:36:27Copy HTML

I would like to buy a cutaway thong from skinzwear but I want to make sure it is the right size. I have had bad luck with getting the wrong sizes in the past. I have about a 29-30in waist so according to their chart I should get a small but I think that will be too small for me. I like when there is alot of room underneath for the thong part. I was wondering if the large would fit my waist. Can someone help me pick the right size who has experience buying from them?? and also when they are shipped does it have the skinzwear name on the package. What I mean is would anyone be able to tell I bought a thong when it comes in the mail?thanks
kevin1178 #10

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:12/31/2003 03:15:38Copy HTML

As far as the package it comes in I cant remember because my girlfriend at the time got it for me.  As far as the size I would say a large would be way to big on you.  A medium maybe but for your size i'd probably go with a small.  I usually wear a Medium In the joe Boxer thongs & in the jake tylor thongs i think they are from target.  I ordered a skinz gstring thong in a large and it wasnt to bad of a fit but then my girlfriend got me another one in a medium and the fit was much better.  Nice and tight but not to tight and has held up really well.  So there sized are pretty close to what you normall wear. 

Anyone else out out there recomend size if they run small or big. 


solargod #11

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:12/31/2003 07:54:03Copy HTML

I have purchased many thongs and bikinis from skinzwear.  I am very impressed by their quality and the fit of their styles provided you buy the right size.  I always order one size larger than I normally wear  I would highly recommend you order a medium for your size 29-30 inch waist.  If the size does not work for you, you can always return it for another size or style.

As for mailing, the pakage will have the name "Skinz" on it.  No big deal, their name isn't that well known (like Victoria Secrets or Fredericks) except to us thong lovers!  They have many different styles, not just thongs and bikinis, and besides, what is wrong letting people know you wear a thong?  The numbers of us thongers are increasing daily.

Enjoy your new Skinz thong and wear it proudly!

Solargod...in a thong, of course!

beachfolks #12

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/01/2004 03:58:45Copy HTML

Like all other mail-order purchasers there is some chance for poor fit to ordering by mail. I'm bigger-42in waist, usually go for the smallest fitting suits. Skinz x-large fits about right, but one of the best fitting modest suits I have for swimming at motel pools is a Skinz size 3x purchased off the Skinz $5 sale rack this year.
If possible, and you are not 3 continents away, visit their showroom and try them on.
pedalpower50 #13

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/03/2004 11:22:13Copy HTML

I have a number of Skinz g-strings, and I love the excellent quality and style. I vacation in St. Pete every year, so visiting their shop is always a highlight. I have a 33-inch waist, and the medium works well for me. So I'd say they run pretty true to size. Of course, it depends on how you want them to fit and what style you're buying, but I'd say a small would work for a 30-inch waist. However, if you like a little extra room, then go with the medium.

JM_Runs #14

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/04/2004 05:00:59Copy HTML

At 30" and likeing a lot of room, probably a medium, depending on the suit.  Suits vairy by cut and from one to the next.  The older cuts are on the whole larger.  Some of the new narrow and low cut, or cutaway stiles have a lot less room.  If you are looking at the banded thongs then the ones made out of the ribed fabric, the lime green or red, seem to have more stretch and room.  Skinz are selling of their over stock from last year on their web site and on ebay.  Search for the words "skinz thong" in the men's section.

delaplage #15

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/04/2004 12:15:34Copy HTML

I think Skinz are really great and have 11 of their thongs.  I have a 33 inch waist and am 6'1" with a long torso.  For me, their XL is perfect because of my long torso and large equipment.  So consider those two things, in addition to the comments above, when ordering a size.
JM_Runs #16

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/04/2004 11:37:05Copy HTML

Skinz has their new site for 2004 up and it is missing somekey thongs. If you do a search in the 2004 site for "banded" you will notice the exclent "banded thong" is missing and has been repalced by a "banded bikini".Update - Banded thong is now listed, but who selects the prints ?!!I like the new skinny slide thong, although the range of colors is very limited. Banded bikini is new, the Y back is in more colors and both the Y back and the banded thong look like they have smaller fronts this year.Lots of very colorblind choices for pints this year.
thongsrgreat #17

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/07/2004 01:25:28Copy HTML

In the past I have purchased the "m4" cutaway thongs from skinz..I am very impressed with some of their new thongs they have came out with this year...I am especially fond of the mens y-back style "m31" and will be ordering them soon.  The only thing is having to wait till winter passes here in the midwest  to show them off

nadathing #18

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/18/2004 09:09:48Copy HTML

I would say that Skinz makes about the highest quality bikinis and thongs available. Top quality construction and really fabulous colors and prints, especially the more exotic fabrics.

Of course, you j\have to li9ke their styles. For the sort of thing I wear for swimming laps, which is when I am most conservative, I like their rio bikinis and a competition "speedo" style. I don't care for their thong styles. I prefer Dore for whan I want to be that brief.

At the same time, I would say that they are very expensive, in part because of the quality, but it goes beyond that. They charge extra beyond their high prices for a suit in a color or pattern not standard for that suit and they only offer any given suit in a limited number of choices for a given style.

Service? Trying to get them to customize something is just not practical. They want a significant fee just to develop a pattern. It's not worth it in my book. I would also say that they are not especially fast in filling your order. They are fairly typical for this. (Dore' is rather fast.) I wouldn't give Skinz high marks on service.

Their prices do limit how much I'm willing to buy from them.
nadathing #19

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/26/2004 09:57:43Copy HTML

On second thought, if you order stocked items, Skinz is good on deleiery rate. If you order a non-stocked color/fabric in something, that's where they are average.
azcraig #20

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/27/2004 05:51:36Copy HTML

Nadathing: Parr of Arizona custom makes mens bikinis and thongs and one of their styles is called a Nada. I was wondering if that has anything to do with you name Nadathing? I have a couple of no tie nadas in my collection and love them.
nadathing #21

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/28/2004 10:17:20Copy HTML

Reply to : azcraig

Correctamento! In one of my other posts I indicated that I was a Parr affectionado for a while. No-Tie Nada was my main style. I have several still and they are in good condition, but I am now mainly a Dore' customer.

I used the Name "Nada" on the old board and it was not available on aimoo so I went with a variation with a duouble meaning.
azcraig #22

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/29/2004 02:16:24Copy HTML

I thought that might be the case. Living in Az most all of my stuff now comes from Parr. I can drive 10 minutes go in specify what I want and pick it up later usually in a day or two. My wie goes there sometimes when she is in the his and hers buying mood. Most of my suits are no tie nada style that I have had the cuts made smaller for less coverages than the standard small NTN. I actually now have a couple of patterns in my file that I can phone order from. I like some of the Dore styles but out of conveniene (lazyness) I have stayed with Parr.

meyyen555 #23

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/30/2004 06:37:03Copy HTML

I decided to go with a medium size as most people here recommended. I already got it and it is a little tight on me. I maybe should've went with a large? who knows.....it does look really hot though!! I love how there's no seams on the cutway thong.

notherbigr #24

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/30/2004 01:05:17Copy HTML

Actually, I think the Skinz sizing is not totally consistent from model to model.  Some are have a higher cut waist allowing to downsize a bit.  Some (for me at least) the pouch is not very large, necessitating upsizing.  Unfortunately, it requires just getting what you want and seeing how it fits.


terry99 #25

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2004 06:07:27Copy HTML


I am also disappointed with the selection this year.  The cut and quality is very good, will try to find 2 or 3 g's for the summer.  Today is the first day of SUMMER in Southwest Florida, 85F on the porch by the lake.Very soon the neighbors will be gone! up North. G's and summer all day everyday.

Desert Thonger #26

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2004 07:15:55Copy HTML

I agree the fabric selection has been very limited.

I just got a m31 in the liquid Bahamas and it's not bad for the prints. I tried to order some older styles from the 2003 catalog but a lot of the cool prints were discontinued. (Bummer) I just ordered a m31 in lava and also a m21 in the panther print (I think that's what I went with). The Y-back style is great! I'll let you know on the lava print if anyone's interested when it gets here. AZ is warming up early this year!

deltaman51 #27

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2004 08:23:41Copy HTML

'scuse my higgorance, but what is the difference between a Y-back and a G-string? They are the same aren't they?
el senor #28

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/21/2004 02:37:32Copy HTML

I love Skinz suits, and I own quite a few of them. They look great, last forever and are comfortable as heck. I hate their selection of colors though. I feel like they offer those horrible prints on every suit, but rarely have their "plain" suits in black or blue for example. I imagine that is so that one has to order and pay the additional fee for a custom suit.
Desert Thonger #29

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/21/2004 06:55:59Copy HTML

deltaman -

Y-backs are specific types of G-strings... Tend to be lower cut in the back- forming more of a "Y" shape with the strings in back. I think in most cases they are a little more flattering because they accentuate the curves of your rear... G-strings typically are any cut with just string in the back, usually just forming a "T".

Hope that clears it up...OR Check out the picts on the skinzwear.com site...

sebastianspencer #30

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/21/2004 11:52:50Copy HTML

Looking at the Skinz site, I was expecting something along the lines of the 2Xist Y-back, where the thong strap splits into two and is sewn to the waistband in two places.  What Skinz calls a Y-back is elsewhere called a V-back or V-string, because the string that comes up the crack separates into a v-shape as it forms the waistband.

Ahhhh... the lack of consistency among marketers.

nadathing #31

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/24/2004 10:14:55Copy HTML

I'm personally not too impressed with Skinz for thongs. They cover too much body and don't have enough of a shaped pouch. Doesn't need to push you out, but there are better cuts for shape then their little darts or no seam fronts.
Some of their suits with backs are appropriate for situations where I don't want to get down to a thong, such as lap swimming in a public location where that is the order of the day (rather than say a resort pool, where I might do laps in a thong.)
I also think their fabrics and colors/patterns are very high quality. I would not want a number of the patterns, but some I do like. Some of you can't see any patterns, and that is your choice, but you ought to recognise that maybe somebody else does. I do agree with the complaint on limited selection for any given style. Skins has this large selection of fabrics and colors and then want's to hit you for a custon charge if you don't want the style you like in a fabric/color from a very limited selection. I think that's a bit of a rip-off, and they are a little slow when you order "custom" too.
And seeking a special cut? Forget it. Their "pattern" charge is outrageous.
JM_Runs #32

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/24/2004 10:54:28Copy HTML

As I have said, the skinz banded thong is one of my current favorite cuts. I like the thin waist bands and the fact that it has a skinny rear but not just a string. Was wearing one out today. The one with orange and blue flame print from the cover a couple of years ago. Got about half of them when they discounted them at the end of the year before last.

I have some of the string thongs but rarely wear them on the beach because they only have a string in the rear.  I would like it they made a thong with the small string thong front and the banded thong rear. 

I have about 7 banded thongs from last year and the year before, but this years color selections on the banded thongs are the pits.

Gstringing #33

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/24/2004 11:21:20Copy HTML

I own two Skinz suits and they are fine, but I prefer much skimpier ones like the Roma ones, Koala and Tendenze.  I also think they cover too much skin; and I like more "stringy" sides, which are narrower and stringier than skinz' are.
Desert Thonger #34

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/01/2004 02:50:30Copy HTML

When I got my last two suits from Skinz, I noticed on the paperwork they sent with them, there was a fabric listing and also a notice that any of the styles could be custom-made with any of the fabrics on the list for a small extra charge. Has anybody done this before or did anyone know Skinz would custom make suits?

terry99 #35

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/01/2004 04:46:40Copy HTML

Reply to : Desert Thonger
Several years ago I visited there shop and had them make a string rio, unlined, black 1452 with no center seam except for a dart in the euro style.  The current skiny side rio is very close to my original earlier request.  They will make any of their current patterns in different fabrics on request (I think $5.00 extra). I do not know what they would charge for a new pattern creation. I think I was charged $25.00 but I ordered almost 15 suits from this custom  pattern in the next several years.
Gstringing #36

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/01/2004 10:25:54Copy HTML

Last year, I special ordered a y back with no lining in a color not offered.  It cost a little more, but the end result was great.  Recentely, I ordered 3 Roma g-strings (liquid silver, liquid black, nude)online and cant wait to wear them in south beach!!
buddha38 #37

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/02/2004 06:55:37Copy HTML

I am interested in getting a Skinz suit and might choose a fabric and have it custom made.  I would like a fabric that reveals a lot while also remaining opaque.   Any recommendations?  Are some styles more revealing due to how they fit in front or thinness?
terry99 #38

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/14/2004 10:28:47Copy HTML

Received 2 y-back strings from Skinz.  They have a first rate fit. The y-back strings keeps the strings from twisting and rolling. With adjustment they will eliminate tan lines. The yellow with a tan is outstanding! 

I have several unlined suits that have a very nice fit, but not too revealing.   terry

Tanned Bum #39

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/19/2004 01:34:08Copy HTML

I've been a Skinz  fan for years and must have a ton of their suit 50/50 rio and thongs. Lately I've been swimming and tanning in a Joe Snyder Tanga thong. This suit is tiny and well formed to keep everything in its place. Skinz seems like a pouch and baggy now. Kind of a like a Speedo vs a Skinz suit.   I just might have to empty out my drawers and restock with JS thongs and bikinis.  I think when you start to wear smaller swimsuits you'll tend to  stay with them is they are comfitable.



Tanned Bum


notherbigr #40

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/19/2004 11:11:23Copy HTML

Interesting comments on the Joe Snyder versus Skinzwear stuff.   For myself, I couldn't imagine going any smaller on the pouch size than what Skinz currently offers.  As it is I'm pretty much falling out of the thing (this being the rio type suits).  I think the ability to go smaller is definately related to anatomy.  Unfortunately, you don't really know how well the front of a swimsuit "fits" till you buy it as there is really no measurement for that.  It would be nice to have a measurment for swimwear/underwear pouches along the lines of women's bra cup sizes.  That would help me immeasurably. 

From what you say I don't really think I could wear Joe Snyder stuff.

PDXSpeedo #41

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/22/2004 04:06:30Copy HTML

Reply to : notherbigr

Color me grandmotherly, but I'm disappointed to not see any mention of the Kiniki St Tropez (A personal favorite). I've also come to know and love many things by Olaf Benz and Manstore. Anyone else here a Europhile?


solarbear #42

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/28/2004 03:01:02Copy HTML

I have always enjoyed the swimwear I have purchased from Skinz. I started out with their briefs and graduated to thongs. I have to agree with others that sometimes they really make some really poor choices on prints. I have custom ordered suits in prints that I liked and have never been disappointed with the quality or service. I just ordered three new thongs from Skinz today and can't wait to receive them. I have always found them to be the best fit for me.

Happy Thonging Everybody!
solarbear #43

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/06/2004 10:32:09Copy HTML

I received my order from Skinz today and I am very pleased. I ordered three M3 style thongs and as usual they fit great. My wife will probably be a little upset with me because I didn't order anything for her this time. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
rock1212 #44

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/08/2004 08:43:17Copy HTML

I've been wearing Skinz Skinny-Side Rio's, Skinny Side Fitted Rio's, and Adjustable Skinny Side Thongs for 4 years now, and they are far superior to anything else I have worn.  Speedo's feel like shorts to me!

doitinathong #45

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/11/2004 04:09:36Copy HTML

I live only a few miles away from the Skinz store/factory in Clearwater and have been wearing Skinz swimwear for years. I have always liked their basic thong and rio style. However, I do not like their new seamless front with a small dart underneath, as it is a little baggy behind my scrotum. I also can't wear their cutaway front, as it doesn't contain my equipment.

Another local store/factory near me is Suits You Swimwear in Hillsborough.   Their suits are as good as Skins.

I guess I'm lucky I can just drive a few minutes to both of these shops.

Desert Thonger #46

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/16/2004 06:17:35Copy HTML


That's great news. I also have a word of thanks to this great company! Their customer service has been some of the best I've dealt with in recent years. I had ordered a couple of custom orders in fabrics they could no longer get, or they ran out of and they got right back to me with plenty of options. They started up a dialog over email with me and politely took my new choices over email and got me my suits in a timely fashion! I didn't have the rush you did but the way they handled the situation really impressed me, especially when so many on-line companies don't really work that hard at customer service.

Nice work Skinz!

notherbigr #47

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/17/2004 06:32:11Copy HTML

I concur on the excellent service from Skinz.  I usually only buy sale items, and even then they are more than happy to make special arrangements due to stock outs, etc.  They always contact me by email quickly to let me know of a stock out.  Excellent company.  One day I would like to get to the showroom in Clearwater.



solarbear #48

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/17/2004 10:05:55Copy HTML

Skinz has always been my favorite source for swimwear. They have always provided me with excellent customer service and swimwear. I have always enjoyed the fit of their thongs, bikinis, and rios. When I had some custom made I had absolutely no problems. They are a great company to deal with.
terry99 #49

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/18/2004 06:28:00Copy HTML

Skinz is my favorite suit. I try to stop by there store at least once a year. I am only 100 miles away. There service is first rate! I wear there size small or x-small. I help start there rio without a front seam by special order several years ago. The price is a little high, but I watch for specials. This year I bought 4 suits at an average price of $13.50 each. Each person is different, the cut-away string thong is too-- small ! The problem I have is the need for small waist straps size 28 with a big enough pouch for coverage. The custom prices are too high now.
vinylthong #50

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/30/2004 04:22:25Copy HTML

I just wanted to say also that Skinz has some of the best made swimwear . I have several thongs  and bikini;s from them. I have also been to their store in Clearwater FL. What a great place there are loads suits all over the place and their sale priced suits are great you can really find some hot suits their.
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