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Ethan85 #801

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/24/2017 09:02:22Copy HTML

Thanks Tnline!  How stretchy is the material?  Does the stuffit bikini enhance the bulge much?  And is it seethrough at all?  Just wondering if I should order it for swimming laps or if it's too much for a public pool!
athletehot #802

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/25/2017 06:16:08Copy HTML

 I recently bought 6 Skinzwear M25 and one is PEP.I love the cut, the fabric, the colors, and the PEP pouch is new for me : nice feeling with the package pushed up...
tnline #803

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/27/2017 10:48:01Copy HTML

ethan85 - the stuffit is not really intended to  "enhance" the bulge much.  I think the name comes from the fact that it is is a smaller cut overall than a standard pouch.  "See through" would depend on the fabric color and pattern that you choose.  I have a few Skinz pics in my profile.
CKWonderer #804

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/29/2017 02:19:22Copy HTML

I think I’m getting a Skinz gift certificate for Christmas this year!   They have them on sale now.   
tnline #805

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:12/07/2017 08:01:43Copy HTML

 I  just got a few new Skinz suits including a M25P-7403 thong.  The PEP lining is comfortable and gives some enhancement but not too crazy compared to designs by other companies.  Also pleased with my new M58U-6503 - cool pattern in ThinSkinz fabric and very low volume pouch.   Returned a M74U-4106 - did not like the fabric and it has more rear coverage than I like in a bikini.
Grabeach #806

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/01/2018 06:52:58Copy HTML

After one year my black standard material Skinz M1R2U adjustable g-string had stretched beyond stand alone swimming. Wearing them under my AussieBums or Waveline for lap swimming got me another year, but the Skinz has now pretty much had it, even for sunning. Had a look on the website and find they now classify this basic product as a "Special Order" and charge $40. Add on the most expensive postage I have ever encountered and it's up to $US67, which is nearly $A90. Ridiculous.

Does anyone know of an equivalent product?
CKWonderer #807

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/05/2018 03:55:11Copy HTML

 They just the 2018 catalog online!    Mmmmmm.   What to buy?...
greatname #808

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/05/2018 08:11:33Copy HTML

Beachndance is good, lots of custom option potential too 
Grabeach #809

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/07/2018 09:18:39Copy HTML

greatname; Not sure if you're replying to me, but BeachDance don't appear to make anything like the Skinz product. They're not g-strings, their brief styles are the unwanted push-out type, and despite this they cover more than a minimised M1R2U.
MB27 #810

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/08/2018 06:24:43Copy HTML

When I lived in Tampa, I used to buy from the Skinz store in Clearwater. I now live in Texas and order online. I have purchased Joe Snyder and CoverMale but without a doubt my favorite is now the semi-custom suites from BeachnDance.com. Super selection, prices, and fit.
mainly_bikini #811

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/13/2018 05:19:23Copy HTML

 I bought one of the "cheekini" styles, it looks really flattering good on both the front and the rear. Beware though that the mint color is a tiny bit see through when wet (maybe this is obvious).
Also got a Y back g-string (M31). The back strap is wider than the styles with the ring in the back, meaning its probably legal to wear in places where thongs are but the "string" back g-strings are not. The front is also a good bit more modest than the stuffit g-strings as well. 
Has anyone tried the tan through fabrics?

beachtx12 #812

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/14/2018 03:11:03Copy HTML

I have been buying Skinzwear for years and like their product . All of the male styles work at beachtown . Even the micro gstring is completely legal and I have never had an issue. In fact , skinz is conservative compared to some of the European gstrings or koala or even the new joe synder sock it thong or gstring styles . I wear lots of the Arroyman bulge thongs at east beach in either mesh or sheer fabrics 
ChaddiusRex #813

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/14/2018 03:36:34Copy HTML

 Anyone able to provide a discount code?  Very expensive, but seems worth the quality
jn9195 #814

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/15/2018 04:39:48Copy HTML

Sign up for their newsletter or maybe that just goes out to previous customers.   They do sometimes send out discount offers, but very rarely.   I've read on this board that their prices are much, much cheaper in their store in Clearwater, Florida.   Well, I don't think I'll be shopping in there myself.

mainly_bikini #815

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/28/2018 04:08:06Copy HTML

Got some new Skinz!
Started out with low rise and regular trunks. Honestly the regular cut seems more comfortable to me. The low cut seems to contour to my body more in the rear, giving me great definition, but is kinda uncomfortable in how it handles the junk in the front. The normal cut I could definitely wear around conservative family members on vacation without any problems. 
I also picked up a thinskinz stuffit g-string. While its very small and sexy and makes my ass look fantastic, I actually don't find the stuffit pouch to be all that flattering being cut so low. It also feels a bit on the small side for containing my package. It left an imprint on my butt where the ornament connector was, which is kinda annoying. I think I prefer the Y-string from skinz due to the more roomy and higher cut front pouch and lack of the connector ornament in back. Although the back on that suit is more like a thong.
The final thing I picked up was one of the tan thru suits with the normal rio cut and it fits great and is fairly comfortable. Was worried that it would be too see through but you really can't tell what is under it even right after coming out of the water. The fabric is a bit more abrasive than the other fabrics, but not so much so that its uncomfortable for a couple hours. Wouldn't wear it all day though.
OS777 #816

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/28/2018 07:16:52Copy HTML

 Sadly Skinz Stuffit suits are designed to accommodate the package size of a 3 year year old boy with undecended testicles.  If you have been blessed with any notable size don't waste your money on a Stuffit suit unless you want to look like Katlyin Jenner... Muscleskins has it right as does Jovana, Dore,  TangaLand, DuBio, Tendenze, to name a few.  Of course the femimized or asexual look continues to gain traction...
J_R_365 #817

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/28/2018 02:55:28Copy HTML

 I thought the Stuffit g-string  was way too small when I first got it, but after wearing it several times, it stretched out a bit, and I got the knack of putting it on (the name is the clue), I find it fits fine, if a little wider than I might like. I am of average size.
gog5150 #818

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/28/2018 03:41:42Copy HTML

 I'm so glad I had custom patterns designed and made for me from Skinz a few years ago. Sadly they don't do that service anymore. I have 5 patterns in my name. They are all I wear. Just got 10 suits in on Thursday.
suckbite #819

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/10/2018 10:30:35Copy HTML

 Hi guys - looking into my first Skinz order and wanted to tap into the wisdom of the group here.
 I know there’s been a lot of questions about sizing, which i’ve been reading about. This made me realize that i’d really like some  objective measirements. I think that would help a lot of people, not just me.  
As far as pouch width and height, if any owner could share the measurements of the pouch when it’s folded in half like this picture (scroll to picture #5 to see what I mean) : https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183085287194

This way, we can compare that to what we already own folded the same way. Please share the height also, which is not shown in the picture example above. To be consistent, let’s say we measure from the top of the pouch vertically down to (=perpendicular to the top line, not towards) the point where the pouch meets the rear string. In other words, the width and height measurements are perpendicular to each other. 

I’m wondering about M55 and M31, size S vs XS vs M, so the measurements of those would be awesome, but I’m sure people can use the info on other models. 

Thanks a lot in advance!! 
string_theory #820

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/12/2018 11:13:36Copy HTML

Here’s a review of the smallest Skinz g-strings. I bought an M52 when it was first available, and I still have this suit and it is wearable 13 years later. It is a teardrop style. The M85 is also a teardrop, was first offered last year, and it differs by being an inch shorter on top and slightly narrower. The M85 is not in the catalogue this year, but still on their web site. The straps on both M52 and M85 come together at the back to make a Y shape at the butt cheeks. I like how the two straps join together and make a 3/4 inch backstrap for more rear crack coverage. Both M52 and M85 fit well for my average size. 

I got an M52 in black powernet fabric and M85 with crimson red powernet. Neither dark fabric when new is see through, even when wet. However, after 5 years of use the black powernet started getting see through, and after seven years was fishnet, so it was for home use only. 

I got the tan through fabric on an M85 and you can read large print through the fine mesh up close but it’s not see through when you’re wearing it because of the print pattern. Kind of silly having such a small suit in tan through, but the thin fabric is light and quick drying. 

The M1R2 can be adjusted so it is narrow but can be wider if you want. It is easier to make it narrower with a thin fabric. The M1R2 side straps join in back to make a Y at a metal fastener, but the backstrap is the same narrow width as the side straps. 

I’ve worn all three styles on beaches and at resort hotel pools with no problems. It’s best to be hairless down there for all three to look good. Skinz products cost more but are well made and last long.

It’s hard to find actual sizing information with dimensions on web sites, so here’s measurements in inches taken from the suits I have. All are size “small”. All have a “Y” profile over the butt cheeks. I measured the length and width of the connecting waist strap from top of pouch to connection to backstrap, the pouch dimensions with length top to bottom at the side and greatest depth from side to center seam, and the backstrap length.

M85: waist strap 3/8 wide and 13 ? long, top of pouch 5/8 to ?, pouch length 6 ?, pouch depth 2 ? to 3, and backstsrap 4 ? to 4 ?.

M52: waist strap 3/8 wide and 13 ? long, top of pouch 7/8 to 1, pouch length 7 to 7 ?, pouch depth 2 ? to 3, and backstsrap 4 ?.

M1R2: waist strap 3/8 wide and 13 long, top of pouch 1 ? narrowest and 2 ? to 3 ? widest depending on fabric, pouch length 8, pouch depth 2 ? to 3, and backstsrap 4 ?.

For comparison, the teardrop ring g-string at Rubbertreelatex.com has the following: waist strap 1/4 wide and 12 long, top of pouch ?, pouch length 7, pouch depth 2 ?, and backstsrap 2 ?. The connecting straps are not covered by fabric.

Skinz suits seem to look larger when you don’t have them on, but are minimal coverage when you have them on. All of them cover me adequately. You have to point down and nothing flops around. 

The rubbertreelatx ring g-string has the smallest profile but still covers. Up close it is obvious I am hairless, from neck down. The top of the pouch is at the base of the shaft for all except the M52, which is an inch higher.

CKWonderer #821

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/13/2018 10:55:56Copy HTML

When I was placing my first order I too wanted to get size info for the pouches of several thong and bikini styles.  Here is what I received from customer service which was very helpful in determining my selection of a StuffIt Thong and M63 3/4 back bikini.  I like both of them and do recommend the PEP lining for a little extra lift in front.  Whach out for pricing on that as it might be a special order and end up costing $15.

Here are the measurements you requested for size large of the following suits. (in inches).  Keep in mind that these measurements are off of a digital pattern. They will be slightly smaller when sewn due to seam allowances.Some fabrics stretch more than others.
1st measurement – top of waist to crotch seam
2nd measurement- left side of pouch to right side of pouch. (at widest point)
If front of pouch is 2 pieces (seamed in middle) the measurement will be the amount of fabric and not necessarily the measurement from side to side since the seamed suits fit more of a frontal position.
M73- 7.1, 7.0
M74- 7.79, 7.0
M77- 7.5 ,7.2
M79- 7.4, 7.2
M25- 9.9, 6.8
M29- 9.8, 6.9
M54- 9.0, 6.85
M57- 8.6, 7.6
M63- 9.0, 7.4
M67- 8.18, 7.1
suckbite #822

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/14/2018 05:26:06Copy HTML

Hey thanks guys for all the numbers and other info. They do help me get a rough sense when combine them with the pictures from the website. Now I'm convinced to get M1R2 also. Will see how that goes...
clubthongs #823

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/14/2018 01:05:49Copy HTML

The M1R2 is my go to g string. There is a photo in my profile.
mainly_bikini #824

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/09/2018 04:54:37Copy HTML

Ordered 3 new suits coming from Skinz: 
1. Puckered half back posing suit (M79) lined in mint 2. Cheekini (M84) in navy blue 3. Skinny side thong (M25) in spectrum.  Really enjoying wearing the half back and cheeky styles lately!
gog5150 #825

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/09/2018 02:22:46Copy HTML

 I just ordered two more of my custom patterns.  Love Skinz suits!
Iwearstrings #826

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/01/2018 11:22:51Copy HTML

My wife and I love Skinz. We have 3 each. I have all suffit g strings and she has all one piece thongs. All in thin Skinz! High quality and feel great!
bubblebuttt #827

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/03/2018 01:39:06Copy HTML

 you are one lucky guy!
gog5150 #828

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/04/2018 01:23:27Copy HTML

 Ditto. I love Skinz products 
ShadowT #829

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/16/2018 07:26:42Copy HTML

I recently ordered an M77 Stuffit Thong in black, and an M67 Thong in ThinSkinz black.  I love both!
I'm pretty sure the M77 is going to be my standard tanning and beach thong now.  The fit is amazing.
The M67 is great as well, and I'd wear it for the more modest front, but the ThinSkinz is more see through than I had hoped.  The fabric feels amazing though!  If they weren't so expensive, I think they'd make for great underwear.
NCThonger #830

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/18/2018 02:30:42Copy HTML

 ShadowT I am wearing an M77U right now as underwear and it indeed is a great thong and one of my favorites. I wore one all day long the first day of Sunsplash last July to maximize my thong tan lines. The wider side straps and sexy thong curve in the rear make for some sexy tan lines. I am going to change it up this year at Sunsplash and go with a different thong for my tan lines. Just doesn't seem right to wear the same suits that I wore last year. I will likely go with thinner side straps and a smaller triangle in the rear.Bryan
shaved_thong_lover #831

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/18/2018 05:28:13Copy HTML

 Hi I wear skinzwear m55u, stuffit gstring almost exclusively went tanning and also as underwear. I think it gives some of the best support as well as   minimal lines under tighter gym outfits. just my thoughts.
theman21 #832

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/20/2018 08:04:05Copy HTML

If you haven't ordered one of their suits with the "Thin Skinz" material, you're missing out. I ordered two M25s last year I believe. one Red Thin Skinz and the other just standard black. The red one has become a very common choice for everyday wear. 
I've had an M67 in the past and was pleased with it. I currently have an M77 that gets frequent use. I'd honestly prefer to have the 67 over the 77. 
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