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bobo2112 #51

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/09/2004 10:14:43Copy HTML

If you ever get the chance, stop in the Skinz store in Clearwater, FL.  They have a tremendous selection of all types of swimwear and it's a completely comfortable atmosphere.  There were a few other customers in the store (2 males, 1 female) but I felt very comfortable coming out of the dressing room and modeling my new thongs for my girlfriend.  I could've spent hours in there but we didn't want to miss the sun and thongs at Ft. DeSoto North Beach.  Hope to see you all there thonging!!!
gstringkz #52

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/12/2004 12:45:46Copy HTML

Hi everybody,

I am going to buy men's fitted rio from Skinz and  I am not sure about size. My waist is 33-34'. According to sizechart I need to order Large size. But I usually wear medium size swimwear (previously I ordered  bikini  from Alphamoda and Dore, sizes were Medium).

Could anybody tell me what is the right size? Since Skinz swimwear is expensive I don't want to spend a lot of money for non fitted items. I live in Kazakhstan and it is not possible to return order.

Thank you in advance.


notherbigr #53

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/12/2004 02:33:05Copy HTML


You really can't go wrong with either a medium or large in that model.  The only thing about the Rio's in the large size is that they tend to ride a little higher than the medium, so that is entirely up to you.  Both sizes have sufficient pouches and stretchy material that I dont' think you'll have any worries.  So, if you like a suit to ride lower on the hips, I would go for the medium.  If you like them higher on your hips and don't mind a somewhat larger seat, go for the large.

I have numerous Skinz suits of various models in sizes from small to extra large, and somehow they all seem to be ok on me, and I'm a 33 inch waist also.

gstringkz #54

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/12/2004 03:37:47Copy HTML

Reply to : notherbigr

Thank you very much. I think I should order Medium size swimwear. I like suit  when it lies lower on the hips.



gstringkz #55

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/01/2004 11:30:01Copy HTML

Yesterday I received my order from Skinz. I ordered the men's skinny side rio and the fitted rio.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the products. They fit me very nice.

I would like to say thanks to Skinz for their product and services. The shipping took only two weeks to Kazakhstan.


Snug_as_you_like #56

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/07/2004 07:17:25Copy HTML

Agreed - the custom prices are pricey, although I've found that they are probably the best fit, cut and finish of all teh thongs I've worn. Similar feel to the HOM thongs, bt a much better cut. After trying out several styles, Skinny Rio and Adjustable low string are the ones I go back for.

I think I'm going to try Dore next.

tremendimouse #57

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/16/2004 02:40:06Copy HTML

I always try and buy a selection so Skinz stuff when I am in the USA.  As you say standard sizes and stocked items are OK but anything out of the ordinary seems to be a bit of a problem.  I really like their cutaway string thong.  I have had a few of these for a while and they seem to last even though worn and washed a lot.

I bought one of their new low-cut vfront rio suits this time - great for a more modest coverage.  I also found that I can get better fit when I buy a size smaller than normal.  I just wish they did a stock selection of their suits without linings or in a cotton lycra so that you could wear them as underwear - maybe i should write to them?  Sometimes you just want their suits to be a little more revealing..... maybe that' sjust the exhibitionis t coming out in me! 

Really have to try a few other brand suits. Maybe try Tendenze or Sweetman fro a change although their suits are even more expensive than Skinz.  The UK pound vs Dollar is much more favourable than against the Euro at the moment so it pays to buy USA suits.

JM_Runs #58

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/16/2004 07:31:58Copy HTML

Reply to 'tremendimouse'

Good to hear from you again. If you like the suits with a slighly smaller cut you may want to try the skinz banded thongs. Although this years color selection is poor the cut is good.

For unlined thongs the PrevailSport 'North Star' (NR6) is about the same but unlined, and with a bit more room in the pouch.

Sould you fined that a thong you ordered is a little snug around the waist I have a solution you would like. Hang it on a hook with a 10 pound weight tied to the other side. The waist will slowly streach . Normaly takes two to three months to 'relax' the fit. Will sping back but not so tight.

You my want to try some of the more conservitive suits from Dore. Somthing like the standerd low cut thong, also unlined. Her turn around time for custom jobs can vary but the wait is worth while.

For a cotton/lycra suit try the prevailsport underware versions of the thongs. The 'Med Thong' MB3 may be a good start. on sale for $9.

The International Male V backed pocket thong is also a fine suit. # M722. You should have at least one. I have no idea why they have moved it from the swimwear to underwear section of the IM site. The link is one of the following.

Some links follow:

Med Thong cotton
North Star swim thong
Med Thong- swim version
Some Prevail swim thongs
Get the catalog, it's better.

IM v backed pocket thong 16.99
Jman71 #59

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:10/13/2004 12:00:10Copy HTML

I got my custom order a few days ago and I wanted to post my thoughts. I ordered an M3 seamed thong in a quick-release form along with a smooth bikini brief. The overall quality is pretty good. I have a 33-34" waist and my L sized thong fit perfectly. Even the push-button quick releases worked as advertised, "easy on, easy off"However I also bought the smooth bikini in a L size, but it didn't fit as well as the thong. The bikini takes some adjusting to fit just right and I noticed that the rear and front have a tendency to ride up while walking or jogging. I was also disappointed to see that Skinz doesn't have a drawstring for their bikinis. I also own a pair of Speedo Solar bikinis and I feel that these are of better fabric and seam quality than the Skinz bikinis. My Solar bikinis fit like a second skin without any problems with the suit riding up or down. Maybe I should have downsized my Skinz bikini order? Oh well. Now I need to find a place to try my new suits out underwater. I'd definitely buy thongs from Skinz again, but maybe I'll stick with Speedo for my future bikinis/briefs. I think Speedos are more suited for active aquatic sports and jogging than Skinz suits are.
Desert Thonger #60

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:10/14/2004 06:11:03Copy HTML

Hey there,

I'd agree with the thong sentiments from others. I probably won't buy too many thongs from other places... I've been really happy with my Skinz thongs and how well they hold up. I have 2 Y-backs that I can't get enough of and a Cutaway Rio. The Rio actually fits pretty well and I've considered getting a couple more or moving on to the Skinny-side version. I don't have too many difficulties with the rios riding up although they are supposed to to some extent. I still maintain that the Solar Speedo is the best for lap swimming and continue to wear that when I'm at the university pool (where thongs are disallowed). I ordered a Greek bikini from Undergear that I liked for the most part until the stitching fell apart. That suit basically disintegrated. Sorry to hear about the smooth bikini not working out for you. I think they are better on their smaller cuts.

notherbigr #61

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:10/15/2004 02:06:24Copy HTML

I'll agree with you guys that there is something of a sizing disparity when it comes to the Skinz brief style swimwear.  I own a number of these in different styles and sizes and have yet to crack the code as to what will fit right.  I have Skinz swimsuits in small, medium, large and actually a few XL as well, and some of them fit while others don't which is amazing to me.  I have a 32-33 waist and can wear some of the styles in small while others wouldn't fit at that size.  If I had to generalize, I would say that the skimpier the cut of the behind, the larger you can go in size.  Make sense?

I'm happy to take the time as a public service and post the model numbers I have along with the size and whether it fits well or too big/small.  This might help some folks out.  Let me know if that would help.


Corby Killian #62

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/22/2004 08:21:52Copy HTML

I am curious about the men's hot pants from skinz, does anyone  hear have them? And, are they to be worn as swimwear, underwear, or shorts, or any of the above?
pedalpower50 #63

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/23/2004 01:04:19Copy HTML

I have a pair that I use as a coverup on the beach in Florida or walking to and from my house to my backyard for sunning. They're very brief but comfortable and leave part of the cheeks hanging out. They're unlined, so they're most practical as I use them, or they could be used for swimwear.
backstroker #64

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:12/09/2004 10:14:44Copy HTML

My Christmas present just arrived from Skinz. I got a Y-back thong in Cobalt Quark, a String thong in Blue Lightening, and a Skinny Side Rio in Midnight Blue. They are awesome. The fit is perfect and the colors superb. Just wish they would make some that are unlined.
notherbigr #65

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:12/10/2004 02:30:24Copy HTML

All Skinz suits can be custom orded unlined.  I believe it's an extra $5 or $10 charge.  Otherwise you can just cut the lining out.


gulfscuba #66

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:12/12/2004 05:26:26Copy HTML

I have been buying Skinz wear for nearly 20 years. I am lucky enough to live 5 minutes from their shop! I have found that their sizes run a little large in most cases. I am 34 in the waist and i get medium most of the time. The pouch on the mediums is a little smaller than the pouch on the large. If you have a large package you may need the large otherwise go with the medium.
nadathing #67

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/30/2005 02:06:03Copy HTML

I see where Skinz (www.skinzwear.com) is moving towards some skimpier and more revealing suits. For women, they now have a suit similar to the tiniest offered by Wicked Weasel, Bikini Beach, et al. The top has two small triangles that just cover the nipples and the bottom is very tiny, though apparently a little bigger than that of the microminimus. Nothing that small for guys, though.They also have a few semi-see-through fabrics. A couple of laces that look like K-Mart lingerie and a greenish sort of mesh that they don't put a liner in. Mesh can disguise what's inside fairly well, but usually a pattern helps this. With a solid color, the equipment inside tends to be more obvious. Anybody have any this?
thonglife #68

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/30/2005 03:21:26Copy HTML

When I was surfing their 2005 site, I saw the suit for women that you mentioned - very hot! I sure would love to get my girl to wear that suit for me. The top is so tiny, coverage is very limited.
I made a purchase of my own from Skinz recently. I am quite surprised with myself for buying the new M25 Men's Skinny Side Thong. I mainly wear 1" side Speedo or Ritchie bikinis to the beach and pool but occasionally, I will wear a thong with the same front/side coverage.
I guess reading other's post on this site and my own positive experiences have made me more bold in the upcoming summer/travel season. I plan on wearing my new string thong to the beach in FL this spring and maybe to the pool at home. I don't even own any underwear this skimpy so the exposure should be very liberating.
The quality of this suit is top notch. It seems to hold everything in well and maintains it's support when wet (I tried it in the shower). Despite not having a front seam, there is enough room for comfort and since it's so small, I have another reason to go on and keep myself shaved bare.
Pomegranates #69

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/30/2005 06:10:50Copy HTML

Nadathing, I've noticed this too. The Skinz women models are always superhot, so I go back there often to see what they are up to. Have you noticed that SKinz has added some suits for men too that are more revealing? The M29 is a rio cut and the M36 is kind of a boy-short style, with a 3 or 4-inch side. Both ride so low in the back that they show a hint of crack. I may have to order a couple for those non-thong occasions when I need to satisfy my exhibitionist side. They'd give me a chance to show off my thong tan line, too. Although I have to say that I find Skinz infuriating, I've been disappointed every time I've ordered from them. Either the fabrics have been cheesy, or the same suit  in two different colors fits differently, or the shape of the suit is different from what the catalogs show, or the front pouches vary from too flat to full in the wrong places. Their quality control in my opinion is terribly inconsistent. Still . . .

Dennis at Thong Beach #70

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/31/2005 06:02:07Copy HTML

Pomegranates....I too, noticed the new Riviera brief, M36, which they say is VERY LOW.  Has anyone on this board bought a pair?  If so, how's the fit?
thongpwr #71

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/02/2005 11:23:37Copy HTML

Just got my first Skinz suit, a Fitted Rio in black. Wow - I love this suit! It fits perfectly and looks very sexy. While I prefer thongs, this is a perfect suit for those occasions where a thong might be a bit too revealing. I would highly recommend this suit to anyone who's likes Rio-style suits. The design and quality seems to be very, very good which is what I expected. I can't imagine how low the Super Low Rio is because this one is low enough for me. But maybe I'll try that one next...or some of their thongs. ;-) Anyone else tried this Fitted Rio or the Super Low one?
Pomegranates #72

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/03/2005 07:16:07Copy HTML

Dennis -- I don't know what the fit will be.  As I said, I've been dissappointed many times in Skinz products.  I wonder if the crack-revealing suit will look like a sexy suit that's supposed to look that way, or if it will just look ill-fitting. 
magnus67t #73

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/06/2005 01:56:53Copy HTML

I find Skinz Swimwear to have a perfect fit and the quality of the fabrics to be great.  I own one  Y Back Thong - M31 and two Skinny Side Thongs - M-25.  I use these as my main beach wear.  Plus 3 Super Low Rio's.
iowan #74

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/06/2005 09:02:56Copy HTML

I haven't tried the fitted rio but I've got a couple of the super low rios and I love them!  They fit me great and are quite small; great for occasions where a thong might draw an unwelcome visit from the cops.


notherbigr #75

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/09/2005 10:17:19Copy HTML

This style, the Fitted Rio, was on sale on the Skinz website last month and I managed to pick up three of them in medium.  I concur that the fit is excellent and the coverage is just right for those "in between" times.  I really like the way these look on me.  I got the lava, platinum and dark blue colors.  Of the three I like the lava color the best.  It just has a great look to it. 

With each new Skinz purchase my admiration for the entire line of products they offer only grows.   I think they make an excellent, well crafted and extremely flattering product.

Charlie03 #76

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/09/2005 05:52:15Copy HTML

hi ther

I'm also owning some fitted Rio's from Skinz and I like them a lot too. How about the size of your suits? First order I got was M, Thong and normal Rios  were a bit smal so I ordered L the next time. But I think the fitted Rio's with the skinny sides apear bigger than the normal Rios I got . What are your experiences? Thanks Charlie

nadathing #77

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/11/2005 11:31:42Copy HTML

I find that the Super Low Rio (M29) comes up about 1 inch lower in the back than does the M27 Skinny Side Rio. They are about the same in the front. I don't know about the Banded Rio, but I think it is the same cut as the Skinny Side but has the contrasting waist. The Super Low can reveal a bit of butt cleavage on me, but doesn't always do so. It does not have a 'butt hugging" contour that dives into the cleavale as does the Fitted Rio. It's okay, but I don't care for the "gathering" the fabric does.

I'd like to see Skinz make the fronts a bit narrower and perhaps add a little more pouch shape.

I rate their quality very high, their cuts fair-to good, and their prices very high. The prices limit how much I buy from them. I do like the Cut-Away Rio for lap swimming where I go for that. I do not like their thongs at all.
Dennis at Thong Beach #78

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/15/2005 04:01:57Copy HTML

Well, I decided to throw a few bucks and bought one of their new Riviera M36 swim briefs.  It just came yesterday, and after wearing it for a few hours, i have the following comments.  Overall, it's okay.  However, I certainly would not categorize it as very low.  It does ride low on the hips, but I still have some of my first Speedo and Arena competition swimsuits from the seventies and they fit much lower in the back.  Those were made of rigid nylon and if you bought them just large enough to squeeze into, it was hard to keep the top of your butt crack covered.  In my opinion, those suits still fit better than the Skinz Riviera, which is stretchier because of the lycra.  The Skinz suit is M (30-32) and my Arena suit is 30.

The Skinz suit easily covers the butt, but tends to ride up on the sides, leaving a little of the cheeks hanging out.  I don't care for that, because the cut of the suit is fairly full, so it looks like it doesn't fit right.  If I want to show off my cheeks, I'll wear a skimpy back or thong.

In my experience, all Skinz swimwear seems to have too high a rise, even if it is advertised as low rise.  That just seems to be the way they make them.  Also, this particular suit, has no tailoring around the pouch, so everything just gets kind of smashed.  And when you do anything active, lke lifting one leg, there is an unattractive gap in the front, on both sides of the family jewels.

So, overall, I can't recommend it.

JM_Runs #79

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/15/2005 11:27:43Copy HTML

Reply to Dennis,  That's been my experance too.  The thongs are good, but I am not so keen on the cut of the bikini's cuts. They are relitivly standard cut and often stiched with a big zig-zag so they sometimes pucker around the edge.

Pete01 #80

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/15/2005 07:23:02Copy HTML

I must agree with the comments about the  cut of Skinz bikinis - I bought some a few years back and they were way too high , and left saggy material round the back -I tried to cure this by taking a bit of material out of the crotch area so they sat lower and fitted better.

I do have fond memories of the speedo swimwear in the 1970's - probably one of my first pieces of brief swimwear was a bright red speedo swim brief made in the rigid nylon material, about one inch sides, tight fitting  - these sat really nice and very low on the hips,  barely covered at the back and left  a hint of  pubic hair showing at the front (I was not into shaving back then)  . If you left the waist drawstring untied, the back would work down a bit with moving about and swimming, so quite a bit of bum showed - I remember coming back from Rhodes after 2 weeks serious sunning in this suit with  a very deep tan and just a narrow strip of white tan mark round my middle, with quite a bit of the bum nicely tanned. Happy days !! - lycra is a great material, but in some ways that rigid nylon made for more daring swimsuits. I do not think you can get anything similar now, and I am now rather less skinny than I was then, so there would be no way I would fit into those briefs now. 


Pomegranates #81

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/17/2005 07:02:02Copy HTML

As I suspected, Dennis!  Sigh . . .  I'm sounding like a broken record, but Skinz is so disappointing.  I'm still intrigued by a cleavage revealing suit, though.  I've seen some other manufacturers with them (although I can't remember their names right now).  I wonder if Dore makes or would make a suit like that?  She doesn't really do anything in a true brief style, as far as I know. 
notherbigr #82

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/18/2005 02:35:33Copy HTML

I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but one of Skinz's new lower styles is on sale this month.  The low rider brief.  For those of you who have not tried Skinz in a while I'd say take a look again.  I think the trend for them is definately to a lower look overall.


rock1212 #83

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/25/2005 12:22:40Copy HTML

I have a fitted rio, and I find it is VERY comfortable for any swimwear occasion.

On a side note(I know this is off-topic), I wish they would make some sort of brazilian-backed bikini. Something between a rio, and a thong.
straightarrow #84

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/07/2005 03:39:11Copy HTML

I just got back from vacation in Playa del Carmen and wore 2 new Skinz Rios most of the time. I got one of their banded rios in Teal Ferns. The fit was great and was very comfortable. The fitted rio (wet look black) seemed to be my wife's favorite.

Of all of the Skinz bikinis I own, these two are definately my favorite.
notherbigr #85

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/07/2005 06:16:36Copy HTML


Nice to hear the Skinzwear rio worked out well for you.  I'm heading to Costa Rica on Monday and then to Fiji in May.  The fitted rios I got from Skinz a few months ago will definately be in the luggage as well as a few choice thongs!!

JM_Runs #86

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/07/2005 09:07:25Copy HTML

I just got a skinny sided fitted rio with seams front and rear, in wet-look black. While fit and quality are first rate, I think I may have prefered the unseamed version in skinny side.

I also got a skinny sided thong in black, and it is fantastic in every way. This may just be my new favourite style.

I will back up anyone who says that Skinz service, fit, and quality are all first class!

beachbumbill #87

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/12/2005 03:14:42Copy HTML

For those who remember the '70s rigid nylon "speedos' -- try aussiebum 1.5" Loose style. 
Dennis at Thong Beach #88

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/18/2005 09:44:19Copy HTML

Finally, I have some good news to report about Skinz.  As I mentioned earlier, I was very disappointed with the Riviera (low rise competition suit).  However, I decided I would try one more thing.  I ordered a size smaller than I would expect to fit, and AMAZINGLY....it fits perfect!  The fit is very reminiscent of the rigid nylon Speedo's of the seventies, but actually a little lower in the front.  Perfect fit, with just a hint of butt cleavage in the back, depending on whether tor not the glutes are flexed.

Normally, I wear a 30-31, so Skinz calls that a Medium.  I ordered a Small...and its perfect!  Highly recommended for the occasions when this suit is appropriate, like lap swimming.

Pomegranates #89

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/19/2005 06:26:10Copy HTML

Dennis, you might be talking me into taking another chance on Skinz. I've grown fixated on wearing something different this year than my usual string sided thong or skimpy bikini. No, I'm not a thong traitor!  I just can't wear thongs at most of the beaches around here, but I still need to satisfy my exhibitionist side. I think the g.f. would like me to try something different too, although she likes whatever I wear. I've been picturing myself in a wider side, super low-rise sui, with a super straight line at the hips (instead of rising at the hips as nearly all suits do), and straight across the back with a hint of rear cleavage.  I want to dress at 3 o'clock instead of the usual 6 or 12 for maximum effect. Ideally, I'd like a suit with a "boy short" back, but the M36 is the closest I've seen. 

Dennis, how much room is there inside the M36 for the equipment? Can you fit everything in at 6 o'clock? There doesn't appear to be a front seam, so I'm guessing its pretty snug.  I have no faith in skinz to shape a pouch properly. 

And did you consider trying the M19 hot shorts? I'm not sure what to make of them . . . they have a sortof boy short look, but skinz advertises them as some sort of underwear-swimwear hybrid.  There's no leg elastic, so I wonder how well they would work in the water. 

Dennis at Thong Beach #90

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/20/2005 02:53:11Copy HTML

Pomegranates, the Riviera has plenty of room in the front for the equipment at 6 o'clock.  However, just like the original nylon Speedos there is no shaped pouch.  So, it is a snug fit.  However, because it stretches, the fit in the front is better than the old rigid nylon suits.  I was quite surprised, it was snug, but not tight, and it looks good.  Just remember order one size too small.  I think you will be pleased with the fit.

As for the hot shorts, I would say forget it.  They look like they would be very disappointing.  All the things you and I don't like about Skinz fits, would, I'm afraid be amplified in these things.

However, I do have a pair of the short short gym shorts, which I purchased several years ago.  They're perfect for working out in the gym.

Good luck.  I have a feeling you're going to try the Riviera.  Let me know how you like them.  Remember, they're not skimpy and daring.  They ARE, however, a very minimal competition style suit.  I am very pleased with mine.

taninind #91

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/05/2005 12:01:01Copy HTML

Dennis & Pomegranates Sorry I just saw this discussion you should try N2N the raider and Ultra are both low on the hips swimwear.  I have the Ultra sport racer and love it.
JM_Runs #92

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/08/2005 08:36:52Copy HTML

For those who like to skinz g-strings, the M1R has a new addition the M1R1 & the M1R2. The M1R1 is cut 1" lower on the front for less coverage and the M1R2 is a 2" lower cut on the front giving you max sun exposure. They just put samples on the site over the weekend.I am lucky in that I live 20 mins from the store so I can try on my suites before I purchase. This past week I went in to get fitted for a new M1R1, in a yellow with a red/pinkish tropical print. This suite is gonna be nice. Take a look athttp://www.skinzwear.com/. You can see some of the new materials they have. It seems that skinz is listening to our request for different styles.I must tell you that the staff at skinz is awesome. when I was in the store this week they brought out new patterns of material for me to view and decide on. I guess you could living in Florida has its advantages! See you at the Fort!
Dennis at Thong Beach #93

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/13/2005 05:03:29Copy HTML

Taninind, thanks for the suggestion.  I went to the N2N website and checked out the suits.  They definitely look low cut, but I was disappointed that they are only available in mesh.  To me, that defeats the purpose.  I would only want one to wear when I can't wear a thong.  If it is a see-thru mesh then it doesn't work.  If I'm at a pool or beach where the mesh would be acceptable, then so would a thong.  And I'd rather be in a thong.
roberto_tores #94

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

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Can someone tell me the email address for customer support on Skinz? On the site they have an email but is is for web site issues.

I would like to buy a custom thong from them with the MR1 back but a non adjustable front like the y back.

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Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

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roberto_tores, the e-mail address is skinz@skinzwear.com

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Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

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I have wrote to skinz@skinzwear.com various times, but no never got an answer
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Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

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Does anyone knows if Skinz has a g-string with a non-adjustable front, like the front in the y back?
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Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

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has anyone tried the m19 men's hotpants from skinwear? i'm considering getting some, along with the fitted rio
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Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

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Skinz offers a new M1R2 G-string and love it.

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Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/30/2005 04:15:26Copy HTML

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to put further good vibes in toward Skinz products... I know some of you have had bad luck with them, but I've been surprised by how well made the ones I've bought from Skinz have been. I've previously bought 2 of the Y-backs (M31), which I love and a cutaway rio (M21). In the summer here in AZ as we've heard from azcraig, I end up living out of these suits and they've held up nicely. I do some yard work mostly in my backyard in them and lay out in the sun, and hit the pool. I've been really impressed as of late with Skinz. I got 3 new suits within the last few weeks and love every one of them... I ordered another M31 in their cosmic wave green.

Let me interject that I agree with most of you that their color selections this year are not the best... but anyway... I also got another M21 custom made in the wet-look Mars cir?and I ventured out and got a super low rio (M29) custom made in royal blue hipster stretch vinyl. The last 2 suits took ~4weeks to make but was well worth the wait. I tried out the M21 tonight in the pool and hope to try the M29 tomorrow. I followed their advice on ordering the vinyl suit a size larger than normal for me and it fits perfect. I response to a few of the more recent posts here... I just filled out their form on-line and sent it basically via email through their site and got a prompt response from the auto-responder. I think that email (skinz@skinzwear.com) is only for orders... I don't think they actually take questions there...

Having said that I think there is another email listed on their online help section that is meant for questions (skinzwear@skinzwear.com). Slightly different and easily confused I think.

Anyway... Enjoying the AZ sun everyday I can! (darn work keeps getting in the way!)

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