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beachfolks #151

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/27/2007 08:52:29Copy HTML

Lots of good suits on sale at $9, Perhaps that's 9.99. The current model Roman string I was interested in was $29-Too high for the little piece of Fabric.
JM_Runs #152

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/09/2007 12:17:41Copy HTML

Got my Skinz 2007 print catalog.  All I can say is are they color blind?   In the past I have purchsed both dark and bright colored thongs from skinz, but this years selections are for the most part appaling.  The color and style compbos are either tacky or just un appealing.  Marbled Yellow is a good example of stuff most people just wont purchase.  I would not even wear it if they give it to me for free.

The clasic cut of the M14 thong, a thong that is even shown on the cover, is almost non-existant on the inside, with no more pictures of M14's.

Just how many guys are going to wear colors like Lavender-Sand-Ice-Velvit, I kid you not that's what it's called.  They do have some good fabrics, both plain and in print.  If you want some of the more normal colors on a M14 or M1/M2 type thong you have to pay extra.  Because some idiot thinks that Hot-Prink-Rubber will be this years popular color for men.  While we are on the M1 / M2 subject, how confusing is the M1R2U type naming system.   

I could only find one thong in a clolor I liked in a cut I liked.  With shipping that one thong works out to be around $40, too much.   So in the bin goes this years skinz wear catalog.

scthngbttm #153

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/11/2007 09:35:02Copy HTML

If the Skinz prices put you off (like they did me), order some from Prevailsport.com, also known as AdonisThongs.Com. I have some thong underwear I like, and plan on ordering some of their swimsuits too. The only bad thing I I think they sold my address. I was put on their catalong, and now I am getting Undergear too..... I like the internet...I could care less about getting paper catalogs.
sarasotajt #154

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/15/2007 09:31:40Copy HTML

I have to agree with the recent opinions of Skinz suits for "men".
Since I live only an hour south, I always buy my thongs at their store where I can try on to ensure a good fit. I only buy one or two a year - and only from the sale racks as the prices of suits on the regular racks are just too high.
I too agree with JM's comments on colors and styles. They're way too wierd, feminine, unattractive and just impractical. I'm realizing that they're selling the male stuff primarily as fetish apparel. It is actually difficult to find a thong style suite in a normal, opaque solid color in a cut that sufficiently covers everything. It's really depressing that you can't walk in and buy a regular cut canary yellow or pumpkin orange or navy blue thong. They've got racks filled with transparent or lace thongs/G-strings. I just don't know who wears them. Further, I believe that men who would wear some of this wierd stuff on public beaches do no service to the rest of us thongers who simply want to get something close to an all-over tan.

Also, in response to the comment about "how can Skinz sell thongs in Clearwater where they are illegal". The city limits of Clearwater span across the Pinellas pinensula from the Gulf of Mexico to Tampa Bay. The store is located on Gulf-to-Bay Blvd and is closer to the bay than to the Gulf. They probably sell more to the strippers of Tampa/St. Pete than to beachgoers. When I bought my first three Skinz suits their store was located near downtown Clearwater - much closer to the beach. This was before the city passed the ordinance banning thong swimwear; when the female hot dog vendors used to stand next to the roadways (on Clearwater Beach island) wearing only thong suits. Ahhh, the good old days. But this illustrates how things can change. People wearing excessively revealing suits or engaging in inappropriate sexual activites on public beaches will generate a public outcry and the elected officials will respond with heavy-handed ordinances. Case in point: Brevard County.

Just my 2 cents - I'm sure others will disagree...

beachfolks #155

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/15/2007 10:58:38Copy HTML

A City Ordinance usually only prohibits wearing thongs, not selling them. Skinz sells in their shop and by mail order. You can be sure Skinz makes and advertises what's selling well (hot). I expect lots of their sales of products which are unwearable in public are only worn once in the bedroom. Fredricks of Hollywood products seem to keep in business, but you never see many of the Fredricks items worn in public.
Dennis at Thong Beach #156

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2007 04:15:45Copy HTML

Has anyone tried the new suit from Skinz called "Stuffit"?  It seems like it might be a suit smilar to Dore's Very Low Cut Thongs.  It's only available on the website.  It's not in the catalog.   If it lives up to the name, it could be a great suit.


Pete01 #157

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2007 11:35:00Copy HTML

I'd say that this thong looks bigger than Dore VLC - the VLC string thongs I have bought from Dore (medium size) sit pretty low - right at the base of the equipment, whereas the Skinz photo suggests their 'stufft' sits an inch or so above. 


pjmodel2002 #158

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/21/2007 10:44:33Copy HTML

I own three Skinz suits (Thong (M32), Skinny Side thong and the skinny side rio).  My experience with them is that the suits are of good construction.  The Skiinz suits wear well and do well after swimming in the pool or the ocean.  However, I do take the precaution of rinsing them in fresh water at the end of the day and press dry them in a towel.

The best thing about them is the fit.  Sexual, but definitively masculine.  I love wearing them when others wear their dork shorts.  I have to admit, American men - even with incredible physiques - somehow insist on wearing big, boxy suits when their bodies will let them demonstrate.  Besides, I love watching them freeze in waterlogged box suits while I am warm and dry in my thong/speedo.

The Skinz suits are - in my opinion - better than similar suits from Undergear/Braun, Suitsyou.  The Undergear PocketThong is fun to wear, but difficult to keep on (great for nude beaches though).


mrever_ready #159

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/22/2007 01:34:11Copy HTML

Obviously the City of Clearwater can make any laws they want to.     And as a consumer, I can spend my money anywhere I want to.     To date, we have never stayed in Clearwater and never plan on doing so in the future.     The only time I would go to Clearwater is to visit the skinz store.     Other than that, we steer clear of Clearwater.     My rant for the day, thank you.
srqthong #160

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/23/2007 12:50:00Copy HTML

The 2007 Skinzwear catalog shows a new item called the Sling Thong, M48. This design makes a lot of sense because no tugging at side straps, as I constantly do with conventional thongs, and it will stay in place when swimming, diving etc. Does anyone have this new suit and where do you wear it?

To bad about the color choices as expressed in other Skinzwear feedback. Different color choices and ultra light weight fabric would be better for this suit.



srqthong #161

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/25/2007 09:04:40Copy HTML

JM_Runs #162

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/26/2007 02:30:09Copy HTML

IMO it looks silly and uncomfortable.
Rover109 #163

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/26/2007 04:13:24Copy HTML

They may be a little silly but it looks interesting and I've never had one. There was even a picture of a guy wearing a one piece thong in the National Geographic. The place was Key West. I've actually been looking for something like that but I've never seen one in person and I prefer to buy in real stores when I can.

nadathing #164

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/06/2007 08:45:45Copy HTML

The Stuffit looks to be a nice cut, but at $36.00 a pop, I'll stick with Dore for that style.

skinzthong #165

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/09/2007 09:37:13Copy HTML

A couple of very hot new additions from Skinz, pricey as usual, but last a long time, high quality

Performer bikini, although not thong, very nice front, and rio back...makes a very nice statement in an environment where thong would be forbidden...easy to hike the rio back up for temporary thong also


General link for colors:  http://www.skinzwear.com/shoppingcart/product_search.cfm?user_category=Men%27s%20Performer%20Bikini

Then the new kilt addition...I like it for tease, and to temporarily cover up skimpy thong pouches...also good for quick cover when bronzing the exposed package.  Quite an attention getter, I've noticed, by both genders!


General link, then click on one for close up.

Endo_Rowe #166

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/22/2007 12:23:53Copy HTML

Are Skinz properly sized according to the chart? I had heard they run big, so I was thinking moving one size down.
Jman71 #167

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/22/2007 11:53:58Copy HTML

Back in 2004 I ordered a smooth bikini and an M3 thong customized with button release sides. Both items were ordered Large, I have a waist that hovers between 34" to 36". The thong fit great. But the bikini was a bit too loose for my taste. It wasn't so loose that it drooped while walking or swimming. I like my swim wear on the snug (not tight) side. If your waist borders between two suggested sizes and if you like a more snug fit, I think going one size down wouldn't hurt.

As for the quality and price. My thong shows signs of stretching and deterioration even though I've only worn it swimming a handful of times. Needless to say I'm pretty disappointed. If Skinz started using straight seams vs. zigzag seams AND if they lowered their prices a bit, I might consider buying from them again in the future.
JM_Runs #168

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/22/2007 09:07:15Copy HTML

Reply to Endo_Rowe:  Regarding Skinz' sizing, for my 34" waist, I always specify Small, and it generally works out perfectly.  I like my suits snug, but not tight.  I've found their Medium just too big!
beachfolks #169

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/22/2007 10:53:12Copy HTML

I've found Skinz quality to be very good, just very over-priced. The sizing mostly is a matter of coverage preference. If you purchase at the store, they have lots of low cost $9 to $19 sale items on the rack and you can try them on. The longevity is mostly a matter of using little oil and washing promptly after use. I use dish detergent to soak and wash them and the suits last for years.
Jman71 #170

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/24/2007 07:53:49Copy HTML

Oil on your swimwear? I thought petroleum products deteriorated synthetics. One thing that I doing for all my new swimwear is to store them in airtight ziploc bags after washing. I'll see in a year or two whether or not this works.
beachfolks #171

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/24/2007 10:28:30Copy HTML

Jman-That's tanning oil. Keep it to a minimum around swimsuits. Another reason not to wear a swimsuit.
Your suits may last longer, but you'll want to get the new style anyway.
JM_Runs #172

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/01/2007 11:48:37Copy HTML

Just bought the Roman G-string in the Cheetah Cub print.  The best fit suit I own, I have owned many!


beachfolks #173

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/02/2007 12:13:09Copy HTML

Have Skinz brought the price down or is the Roman still $29?
Sometimes they put them on the sale reck.
beachfolks #174

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/02/2007 12:22:21Copy HTML

Is the coverage enough to walk along the beach in public areas?
beachfolks #175

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/02/2007 04:39:48Copy HTML

Ski--I tried on the "Roman" style thong at the Skinz store and it fit very well with 3 sizes fitting me, only varying in the front coverage. The string back is also the more preferable "V" style. My feeling is that the Skinz "Roman" style thong will adequately meet the posted Pinellas FL county legal coverage requirements allowing beach walking nearly anywhere on the beach, while still being a really micro coverage gstring for sunning.

I did not purchase the suit because of the high $29 pricetag and it was then only in stock in a semi-tranparent pink flesh color material.
jn9195 #176

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/02/2007 11:48:55Copy HTML

Skinz has a new M29, which is a Men's Super Low Rio with this description:

"The front features a small dart for comfort and fit, yet it appears seamless.
Skinny side straps...but this baby is low..... Butt clevage is a distinct possibility."

Skinz' site is terrible to navigate. I HATE IT. You have to spent hours trying to get to all the suits. You select a year of catalog and you seem to come back to the same list every time. I don't know how I found this suit on their site, but I did and can't find it again.

I just received two of these (after my most recent Florida trip) and can't wait to wear them down the Hollywood Broadwalk.

beachfolks #177

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/03/2007 01:10:01Copy HTML

JN-Yes,the M29 Rio is low, but not any lower than the Roman, likely both meet the Pinellas coverage regulations. The M29 Rio is way too much coverage. If I wear more than a Baggie for walking around, I like to opt for a micro Gstring.
JM_Runs #178

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/03/2007 12:15:30Copy HTML

It would be nice to have paid the sale price from $12 to $21 bucks but no luck.  It's funny how less cost more when they price suits.  A full bikini is $26 and my little string was $29.  Like I stated earlier, the best suit I have owned yet!



JM_Runs #179

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/03/2007 01:09:09Copy HTML

BeachFolks - The Roman suit covers the front just fine. I have seen women on the beach in less and this suit is small but what I liked was the fit.  When I tried it on in the store I new right away how well it fit.  I really haven't tried it out other than the other day at the Fort and the beach was very quiet.  The ranger drove by once but I was laying down and as long as I am covered, which this suit does, I can see why there would be a problem. ? about the Fort. Does anyone layout near the concession stand on the Southern end of the west beach?  It's so obvious to all at the Fort that the west beach north end is the unofficial thong beach. Have you ever been to the South East Beach, East of the flag pole?


JM_Runs #180

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/03/2007 08:33:49Copy HTML

Ski696969, based on your account of Skinz' Roman g-string, I took a look and am inclined to get one just like yours. I've always liked Skinz suits for the modest designs of their pouches, even when very brief, most particularly the M1/Cutaway String Thong.  Their designs don't rely on thrusting your package up and out for some sort of display effect.  

The lack of a center seam on the Roman is appealing, a main reason I choose Arena 1" bikinis over the Speedo Solar, for instance.  My question is on sizing:  my waist is 34", yet I've found over time that Skinz suits in 'small'  are what work best for me.  In your opinion, is this likely to hold true for the Roman, as well?  Thanks.       

beachfolks #181

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/04/2007 01:02:00Copy HTML

SKI-I agree, the Roman string back thong appears to cover OK to meet the Pinellas county regulations 100%. You should not have any trouble with DeSoto rangers or the Pinellas deputys wearing the Roman.

I wear a Skinz banded M14 or a similar but lower stringback "pocket thong" which I believe are both conservative thongs to walk the beach at DeSoto and elsewhere along the Florida west coast wherever thongs are allowed. I frequently drive to the beach wearing it and have filled my car in a beach gas station wearing it.

My M14 is very similar to the M1 except for the contrasting string and the unnecessary little rear triangle. I get some stares and usually compliments on the swimsuit. Quite often I walk through the Fort complex down to the dog beach, and frequently do encounter single women young and old out sunning in their thong swimsuits near the Fort or on the unpopulated west end of the Dog beach.   I wear the M14 where I wouldn't want to offend someone by wearing a baggie, anywhere there are lots of kids. A suit with a bare rear view is also a worry that someone will report that I am walking fully naked.

Now that the Roman is available in a range of unlined and mesh tan-thru materials, I intend to cough up the cash and buy one too.

beachfolks #182

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/04/2007 01:07:09Copy HTML

Do you suppose Skinz will make the Roman in fishnet?
JM_Runs #183

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/04/2007 01:39:06Copy HTML

In fishnet?  I doubt it.  Even with the patterned mesh, they warn that's it's somewhat see-thru, and not for public beaches.  To my mind, they still remain on the conservative side, compared to what many other manufacturers are offering, and although their statements are probably just a disclaimer even while knowing that of course we'll wear it in public places, fishnet would be a major step beyond mesh along the path to full exposure.  I love the idea, though.  Orange fishnet in size medium, from a distance might  look like decent coverage.  I'd be judicious in choosing where to wear it, though. 
beachfolks #184

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/04/2007 03:21:38Copy HTML

Skinz doesn't show an orange fishnet on their website. The Skinz black fishnet #7524 on the net looks to be less see-thru than Dore's fishnet material.  I'll check their fishnet material on my next visit to Skinz.
JM_Runs #185

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/06/2007 11:51:25Copy HTML

SlidingG - The skinz suits I buy are all med and I am usally a 35+ depending on the water intake. I prefer the comfort of a med suit as small for me is just to tight.  I would love to wear a small and I am currently reducing my waist size with much more exercise and sit ups but for now the med in the Roman suit is my choice.


JM_Runs #186

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/06/2007 09:08:35Copy HTML

Thanks, Ski696969 -- your response suggests to me the small may work out for me, for my guess is that it is your waist size that demands a medium, not the size of the pouch, and my waist seems to handle the waist straps on Skinz' small suits fine. 

Beachfolks, I look forward to hearing your appraisal of Skinz' black fishnet once you see it in their shop.  For me, it sounds better than Dore's.  My reference above to orange fishnet was a hypothetical wish.  I note Dore does offer that.  Any suggestions from among her many styles of what might be comparable to the Skinz Roman?  I just wouldn't want a pouch as small as those on her VLC sliding g-strings, the suits I've favored in the past, usually in a patterned mesh.   I'd probably have to ask her for a larger pouch when done up in fishnet. 

beachfolks #187

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/30/2007 10:15:52Copy HTML

Sliding-Today I visited Skinz and found a brown unlined Roman on sale at about $20. It was marked small, but the strings fit OK and I'm usually XL. It was also marked defective, but if there is any defect it's that someone put a small pouch in a bigger string back. It's really small coverage, not for the timid, but likely will met the Pinellas County ordinances and pass the ranger test at DeSoto where I plan to wear it.
The larger sizes are too big.
beachfolks #188

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/31/2007 09:31:38Copy HTML

Today I wore the small Skinz Roman gstring suit walking North beach from just South of the mid beach concessions area down to the Fort and back, then to the car parked alongside the road. A few looks from some beachgoers, but no comments. Even my wife likes it.
I find the little pouch is stretchy enough to cover all the essentials when I'm wearing my Traffic orange fishnet baggie.

Lots of "lovebugs" today in the thonging area . the Fort beach was OK, though. If the weather is good tomorrow, We'll go to the beach by the fort.
beachfolks #189

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/01/2007 11:10:10Copy HTML

Sliding-The Skinz counter lady says they are out of the black fishnet material and most of their associated types of net material. Their supplier cannot furnish more, but she said that she didn't know why. They will have a replacement material, but it will not be the same.

I saw lots of suits on the sale rack in several colors made from a netting/lace which looks to have been OK from a visibility and tanning need, but delicate and not very stretchy. My feeling is that the customers did not like it.

rockys01 #190

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/01/2007 11:50:03Copy HTML

My favorite Skinz Suit is the M44 Bravura Thong. I like the fit & I can wear it all day as underwear with no problem.  The M44 are one of my favorites & I do wear them often as underwear and to sun in. I do wish it had a slightly larger or deeper pouch but even so they still fit well. 
tbck1000 #191

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/03/2007 06:51:42Copy HTML

I've always liked the "skinny side thong" in turquois or suntan color. The suit is minimal and comfortable with no lining

beachfolks #192

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/03/2007 10:58:26Copy HTML

My Skinz unlined M46 is now my favorite little gstring now after the baggies I wear for tanning on the beach. Today I walked several miles in it on well populated beach and walked through Fort DeSoto with my wife wearing my M46. The M46 is plenty small, nice y-back string yet the coverage (barely) meets the Pinellas regulations and the rangers drive right by. Today I wore it for driving to the beach, walking to and from the car, and driving home. Don't expect to wear it in public unless you are into wearing the little gstring suits.
tbck1000 #193

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/03/2007 12:32:08Copy HTML

Beachfolks: What color is your M46. That's a nice suit.

I like Skinz wet-look colors. Do you?

The FLA regs are pretty easy to meet: just cover your "genitals and anus," I believe.
tbck1000 #194

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/03/2007 12:36:31Copy HTML

Has anyone tried the sling thong?

I think it's new for skinz, but I have tried others for fun. It doesn't really work for me but it is fun to try and feels good to wear - at first, anyway....
srqthong #195

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/03/2007 09:40:06Copy HTML

I have a Dore sling that is similar to the Skinz Sling. I find it very comfortable and I am not constantly tugging at the straps like I do with traditional thongs. It is not for the timid thonger. I have worn it at Siesta Beach access 7 area, but am more comfortable at the south end of Siesta's Turtle Beach past the condos. This area is little more secluded.


beachfolks #196

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/03/2007 11:28:01Copy HTML

tbk- My m46 is dark brown. nice color. Yes, I hink it's a wet look material. It's nice and stretchy. Pinellas ordinance requires covering the "pubic area". Generally the pubic area coverage requirement is disregarded because it's not well defined when shaved, and lots of current style low women's suits do not fully cover this area either.
The M46 is not real low, and that area is mostly covered, although the coverage is narrow and incomplete.
I don't think any beach patrol will object to the M46 even though you are quite bare when wearing it and can get a good tan.
tbck1000 #197

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/04/2007 09:41:00Copy HTML

Beach: Brown and olive are becoming two of my favorite thong colors. Your post makes me want to pick upan M46, probably in power net fabric.
tbck1000 #198

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/04/2007 09:45:33Copy HTML

I really like the skinz micro triangle thong bottom for women - does skinz make a men's g-string or thong with tie sides? I haven't had one in a while, but I get a rush out of wearing tie side g's and thongs in public.
txflscorpio #199

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/08/2007 10:17:39Copy HTML

I have a ton of M14's as I thought it was the ultimate when it came out in 2002, but I really wish I would have gotten more of the M44 when they came out last year instead of ordering another M14. IMO, it's the perfect thong. Unfortunately, I'm moving to the panhandle, so I'm going to have to figure out where I can thong there.
magnus67t #200

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/17/2007 01:10:37Copy HTML

  Skinz makes an M41 that is a tie side thong.  It was made in 2006.  It is discontinued, but you can get it on its sale page.  i bought the Maui Pineapple and love it.
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