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solargod #251

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/29/2008 06:31:03Copy HTML

I got an order from Skinz today.  I have a sunseeker in chocolate brown chamois that is a truly tiny bikini.  The front is low and ample enough to hold the equipment and the back is narrow but not quite a thong although it won't take much to convert it to one.  Love the fabric, soft and stretchy.  I also got a skiny side rio in wet look black.  Fits perfectly, but the sunseeker is my favorite.  Not sure when I will be able to wear it but I will try to plan a vacation that I will have a opportunity to to enjoy it.
sheerdelight #252

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:05/31/2008 11:49:07Copy HTML

Yes solargod they are small. I got one in wet look turquoise. Very skimpy rear. Not sure if I will wear to beach or pool. I also got a wet lookskinny side in wet look blue -yes it fits great.
However I tried a wet look titanium packman. I am not overendowed but it is only with difficulty that I can fit things in at the front and it is all to easy to display bits! It has proved a bit impractical. a cold shower is needed to shrink things in before trying to squeeze into it! Perhaps large may cover more but sides would probably be may be too loose.
JM_Runs #253

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/03/2008 12:36:06Copy HTML

I was in the skinz store the other day an purchased a few new suits for the summer.  I did not see any twin sisters working.  I usually see a couple of women working the front counter and they are always very helpful, they have been there for years.  But this past week I had two guys working the counter, very friendly and helpful even though I did not need help.  I like it better when the ladies are working because they will come over and chat and even help pick out a suit.  And when trying on a suit they will offer to get me another size or color, makes it fun when I open the door when I am in a suit and I they hand me another one to try on and they will comment on one I have on.  Anyway, I am going back to the store this week to get another suit, hopefully I will get a chance to see these twin sister I hearing about!
ukessexbob #254

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/11/2008 07:29:28Copy HTML

I've bought some skinz swimwear, and I've been very disappointed with the fit. Far to much material under the crotch, and they aren't as brief as the catalogue picture. Luckily, I've someone who is a dab hand with a sewing machine, and she cut out a slice from under the crotch, re-sewed them back together, and they now fit fine. Except for the bikini, where the undercrotch seem is to far up my bum, and is dam uncomfortable. JS capri bikini is a much better cut and fit, Skinz ought to buy one, and copy it for size and pattern.
nadathing #255

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:06/14/2008 02:32:39Copy HTML

I did get a sunseeker in the wet look turquoise.  That back is indeed narrow.  It is the narrowest back I've ever without a design to fit into the crack that that didn't slip into a thong when swimming laps.  I've worn it already a couple of times at my usual pool.  I'd like to see it ride down a little lower in front and back (more like a Super Low Rio), but it's a great suit.
french_tanga #256

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/08/2008 07:58:53Copy HTML


Looking for the skimpiest skinz g-string... So I need advice.  A few questions :

- is there a difference in the coverage of the pouch between M1R2 (deepest) , M14 (banded thong), M55 (stuffit) and M46 (roman) ? In other terms, is the M1R2 really smaller than the others ?

- is the stuffit's pouch smaller than the sunseeker's (or is the sunseeker's front a copy/paste of the stuffit) ?

 Thanks a lot guys !!!
JM_Runs #257

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/08/2008 12:31:11Copy HTML

I've got both the M1R2 and the Roman.  The pouch coverage is about the same, but I prefer the M1R2's sliding top --  narrow when lying down, spread wider when up for swimming.  I also often replace the waist band with something narrower for better overall tanning, so I wear the M1R2 at the beach a lot more than the Roman. 
swflaguy #258

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/08/2008 01:01:29Copy HTML

 I have the M55U. It is very skimpy and just barely covers the plumbing. It has non adjustable string sides, it is very comfortable - in spite of being very small. I no experience with any of the other styles.
beachfolks #259

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/16/2008 02:38:01Copy HTML

 Has anyone worn the M55 micro gstring on Tampa or St Pete area beaches? What was the reaction?

sheerdelight #260

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/18/2008 10:14:25Copy HTML

I haven't worn the stuffit range( M55) but I have the sunseeker and packman outfits. The sunseeker (wet look turquoise without liner) is very accommodating up front in the pouch. You shouldn't have any problems unless you are very big. It has a really tiny rear but not small enough to be classed a thong.It really is like a tiny rio bikini on the rear.
The packman by contrast has an incredibly small front and looks to me about the same size as the stuffit- mine is tianium wet look with lining..Yes it really is difficult to get it to cover everything and while some people might like this it I have found that it is almost an inconvenience to make sure that nothing is showing. Perhaps some materials such as rubber type may be more accommodating but I have no experience.
It might be better to go one size up as suggested on the web site when looking at particular styles.

swflaguy-what material is/are your M55suit(s)

I was thinking of going for a M55 (blue rubber)vmyself but with my experience of the packman I am not so sure. plus I usually have worn nothing smaller than a rio back.
swflaguy #261

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/18/2008 11:34:33Copy HTML

Mine is not the rubbery material but more of a cotton/spandex blend. Very comfortable and easily stretches to cover the essentials...
beachfolks #262

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/19/2008 04:45:46Copy HTML

Sheer-The M55 is a string back, much smaller compared with the sunseeker and packman.. My M46 Roman is also string back and narrower,but deeper.-I'd like to stay with a narrow suit, just not so deep-less coverage..
sheerdelight #263

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/19/2008 07:01:58Copy HTML


I note your comments. Yes I know the M55 has a string back with a tiny detail where the straps meet but is the front pouch smaller than a packman? I didn't think it could be! If it is how on earh do you fit things in?

beachfolks #264

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/19/2008 10:06:34Copy HTML

 Much smaller-That's why they call it stuffit. At the store all the coverage is the same for various sizes, just a difference in the length of the strings. I was able to fit in. Do not purchase if you are well endowed.
sheerdelight #265

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/20/2008 07:07:51Copy HTML

Beach folks.Re stuffit . I thought the larger size may have a larger pouch but if that is not the case it is not worthwhile. The mind boggles as to how to get it to cover everything! I have trouble with the packman but if the stuffit is smaller again I don't know if it would be a worthy purchase or not. I would hate to spend the money and not be able to wear it. Perhaps some fabrics might be better suited than others. My wetlook packman with lining does stretch much whereas blue rubber / spandex material might be more accommodating though that does not help life of the fabric
TucsonChad #266

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/28/2008 01:37:57Copy HTML

I am expecting my first Skinz shipment today. I started with the Y- back g string and the skinny side thong. I usually order from Prevailsport, but i'm hoping Skinz works as well.
TucsonChad #267

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/29/2008 05:37:47Copy HTML

I recieved my first Skinz order. The Y back  fits great and the skinny side thong is quite comfortable too. I will be ordering more from this company.
french_tanga #268

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/08/2008 07:58:56Copy HTML

Hi! New question about the stuffit g-string : the specific "push up" shape seems to consist of a very short (up and down) pouch. So, does the pouch end right under the "package" ? In oher terms, is the anus covered, or is there only a string at this place ?
beachfolks #269

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/16/2008 08:56:57Copy HTML

 Only string at the back. My complaint is the m55 is too wide at the top strings, should be narrower top like the Roman
shaved_thong_lover #270

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/28/2008 06:10:36Copy HTML

Stuffit is awesome, and i wear a Sunseeker rio over it when I have to goto the car or on beaches where they dont allow tbacks.  Stuffit is a great micro fit, very close to the Koala level of revealing suits.
ukessexbob #271

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/29/2008 07:52:57Copy HTML

Does anyone know if Skinz have sorted out the terrible fit of their suits. I've only ever place one order, it was for £80 ($160), and i had to get a friend with a sewing machine to alter them to make them fit. I e-mailed skinz, and never got a reply. Pity, because the styles and fit look good in the catalogue, although the website is awful to navigate. Also, it would make more sense for the standard to be no lining, and charge for a lining if wanted.
JM_Runs #272

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/29/2008 12:43:05Copy HTML

 Bob, I agree.  Website a mess.  I have not experenced the same problem with the thongs, but than I normaly only purchase the ones with string or banded sides, you can't get that too wrong.  I have purchesed a couple of rio backed Skinz suits from ebay, and they did not fit well, but that may have been beause they were a bit to small for me.
french_tanga #273

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:10/15/2008 10:15:08Copy HTML

Hi !New question, this time about the fabric. I own many Skinz suits but only a few are unlined. And, getting confident (?), I'm heading now to semi-see-thru suits... for micro-G-string (roman, stuffit), for a Sunseeker and also for an "all purpose suit" (cutaway rio).My question is : are the dark powernet fabrics really see-thru ? I understand that white or yellow can easily become see-thru when wet (and even when dry...), but black, cobalt blue and others dark fabrics ? The photos on the website don't show anything... On the other way, my wet look turquoise, not known as "mesh", becomes slightly see-thru when wet...Have you experienced the dark powernet fabrics ? I prefer to avoid to order "unwearable" suits (see-thru micro for private tanning, OK, but see-thru suit on a public beach or in full view of neighbors or passers-by, too bad...).Thanks a lot.
lovemythong #274

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:10/15/2008 02:15:31Copy HTML

I too have plenty have Skinz items, all my outfits are unlined, as they both feel more comfortable to wear, and, look superb on as you are not flatend by the fabric and linning together.  I have about a dozen thongs/g-strings in semi see through fabrics, my favourite is the 8505 and 8506 fabrics, they are simply beautiful to look at, and I don't think the website or catalogue photos do that fabric justice, because in sunlight the costume in that material is stunning.  Other fabrics I think you should have a look at are 7517, 7518, 5500, 5507 and also check out 7505 which is a "foil" type of fabric.  As far as the style of costume that you are thinking of having in a see through type of material is concerned, well, the choice is yours, you have plenty to choose from, so have fun and take your time in choosing what is right for you, but I reckon you will not be dissapointed in the end result.
zonneman #275

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/04/2008 07:14:15Copy HTML

This spring I bought a few suits from Skinz.
Among those, a Fitted Bikini in Burgundy Powernet and a Fitted Rio in Merlot Powernet. Quite disappointing, these colours are exactly the same - one was a 2007 sale suit, they apparently changed the name!
This fabric is absolutely not see-through, neither wet nor dry. Skinz is far too cautious on their product pages. The fabric is less transparent then some (Solar) tan-through fabrics, both to the eye and to tanning rays. However, still being a mesh, it is very comfortable and quick drying.
I also bought a Pacman Rio in Tropical Paradise Tan-Thru. This is an excellent tan-through fabric. It feels lighter and thinner than Solar's, more like those He Swimwear offers (though somewhat irregularly). The suit is unlined and It really feels like wearing nothing at all, yet the bright (screaming) colours and busy pattern make it opaque to the eye. But it does a job of drawing attention ...
JM_Runs #276

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/05/2008 01:45:12Copy HTML

 Thanks for your report.  
beachfolks #277

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/08/2008 02:12:25Copy HTML

I've been wearing a small size yellow/Chartruse Skinz M1L (Lined) at Madera and other West Florida beaches this fall season. The tan is good, the suit stays in place well tanning and walking too, but you must be shaved because the coverage is really minimal and quite narrow-at the base of your shaft- and only the essentials are covered-no more.
Likely, this pattern does not fully meet Pinellas beach coverage regulations, but close enough that the sheriffs patrols pass by and do not stop. Compared to occasional women in WW's on the beach, I'm covered.

The light colored material picks up dark sand and looks a bit dirty after some use.  I'm impressed with the suit, but would select a darker material next time.
zonneman #278

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:11/13/2008 04:58:54Copy HTML

Skinz appear to have launched a new website: http://www.sexyunderwear4men.com

Perhaps they are responding to criticism, this site is laid out a lot better and easier to navigate. However, it's men's only. Did not search a women's counterpart site.

Contenst are basically the same as Its traditional skinzwear.com site. Luckily, the same holds for the prices. Not much underwear, but the full range of men's swimwear. For some swimwear styles, the colour choices do not fully match those on skinzwear.com. The banded thong may be a new style.

T_for_2 #279

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/02/2009 05:53:02Copy HTML

I just received a stuffit-G from Skinz and found the pouch to be smaller than expected. While I am only average in the endowment department, I found it difficult to get everything inside the pouch and be totally covered.

Over the years I have ordered a number of suits from Skinz and their sizes always seem to run a little smaller than those of most other manufacturers. Although I wear waist size 32 to 33 pants,  I ordered a size Large stuffit based on my prior experience with Skinz suits. Even in a Large, the stuffit I received seems a little tight around the waist and I am now thinking that maybe I should have ordered an extra large. (And no, I have not gained any weight!)

I am wondering if others have had similar experiences with the stuffit-G or Skinz sizes in general.
french_tanga #280

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/03/2009 03:48:52Copy HTML

Hi !In my "quest for the skimpiest suit", I asked Tanya (at Skinz) if it was advisable to order a smaller size than normal (I wear "M", so I should order "S"...) to get a smaller pouch. So, Tanya measured the pouches ;-))) and replied that no difference was noticeable between the sizes. Width of stuffit's pouch : 5'' (any size S, M, L)Width of roman's pouch : 3'' (any size S, M, L)Hope this helps...PS : Which fabric did you order ?
T_for_2 #281

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:01/04/2009 08:34:04Copy HTML

Thanks french_tanga.  The fabric of stuffit-G that I ordered was "Merlot PowerNet." Athough the powernet fabric does have some degree of stretch, it would seem that the pouch of the suit is so small that there is not much to actually stretch. 
Based on your comments, apparently even ordering an XL would not have affected the pouch size. I do like the stuffit-G but, again, it is difficult to keep all of the goods comfortably inside.

BTW, the PowerNet fabric is claimed to be semi see-through when dry and see-through when wet. The merlot color that I ordered seems to be quite opaque when both wet and dry and, frankly, this is OK with me. Perhaps a fuller suit such as a regular bikini might be somewhat more transparent particularly in the butt area.
JM_Runs #282

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/12/2009 12:58:27Copy HTML

Wow as soon as I saw this subject I had to say something. I have been buying Skinzwear for quite a few years now, I absolutely love their Vinyl/Latex suits. I must get around to taking more pictures.
mrhb2008 #283

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/21/2009 02:03:43Copy HTML

 I bought a sling thong just for laffs, but I wanted to keep it so I changed it into a regular thong with some scissors and needle and thread.  I suprised myself with my success and I like the pouch because it allows plenty of room.  Too bad they dont have a suit with this design.  Any other alterers out there?
lovemythong #284

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:02/28/2009 11:08:02Copy HTML

Skinz have re-vamped their website, far easier both on the eye, and to navigate.
jn9195 #285

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/01/2009 12:49:44Copy HTML

I just placed another order with Skinz today.  I had avoided their site because of how terrible it had been.
The whole site had been a nightmare to navigate for several years.

It now operates in an easy, logical way.  
JM_Runs #286

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2009 03:20:16Copy HTML

Email from SkinzWear:

If you tried to place an order on our web-site late Saturday, Sunday or Monday
you may have run into some problems accessing our site.
  For this, I apologize.
To make it up to you, I am giving you $5.00 off your next order.
All you have to do is type SSD5 in the Special Instructions box on the order form.
(see photo).
We will take $5.00 off your product total (pre-tax).
beachfolks #287

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2009 02:11:02Copy HTML

 Skinz had a big "$18 bikinis" sign on their store window when we drove by yesterday. Likely the slow economy has had an effect on their sales. Their suits have always been good, but high priced unless on sale.
adware1977 #288

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/20/2009 02:58:56Copy HTML

beach I went in there in feb, and even the 18 dollar thongs are those loud colored ones, that should not be worn, with all that is going on in Pinellas. The comfortable ybacks, are still 28  
thonglife #289

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/28/2009 04:04:10Copy HTML

I needed a new non-thong bikini for the local beach this summer and bought a Skimpy-sided Rio, unlined in black from Skinzwear. I always liked my Skimpy-sided thong. It fits great and should be fun to wear around others in their bored shorts.
ukessexbob #290

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/29/2009 08:45:55Copy HTML

I've just received the Skinz 2009 catalogue through the post. I see they are now saying they've re-designed their swim with less material under the crotch to stop bunching!! Taken them long enough to realise that guys legs aren't 3" apart at the top!! Still very confusing regarding linings. Some have them as standard, others don't. If they are are 'standard', it's cost extra to have it left out!!! Amazing! Incidentaly, does anyone on the USA know where they source their material from, as I'd like to purchase some for my own swimwear I make? I'm sure they aren't a big enough company to have unique material made for them.
JM_Runs #291

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/29/2009 04:06:45Copy HTML

Sometimes Skinzwear sells off several yards of their extra fabric on ebay.  This is normaly the stuff that is not moving well or for colors and styles that have been discontinued.
tnline #292

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:03/31/2009 03:47:03Copy HTML

I also saw the new updates at Skinzwear.  Glad to see that they are offering more revealing suits for men. Has anyone purchased the Spartan suit which is a teardrop cut ? 
rockys01 #293

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:04/03/2009 05:40:17Copy HTML

Was in Florida the past 2 weeks on vacation with the family & was able to stop by Skinz & purchase some suits, & even the wife got a new suit.  The women working there was very nice, & helpful. It was real nice to see the store & meet the people I have been purchasing my suits from for many years.  Got a few Bravia thongs that were on sale & a few others. There was a few suits that I was hesitant to purchase on line not knowing what the fit was, but being able to see the suits & try them on I purchased a few & on my next order I will purchase a few more styles knowing how they will fit me. We stayed in Orlando at Disney & made the drive out to Clearwater to Skinz & to the beach. The drive is only about a 1.5 hrs from Disney & if going that way may as well make it a day see Clearwater beach, Pinellas beach & Apollo beach. Unfortunately for us the day we picked was raining so we were not able to sun, had a few thongs I wanted to sun in but the weather didn’t cooperate. We are from Hawaii so we don’t make it out to Fl. often so this was something I wanted to do, last trip to Fl. in 2007 we ran out of time & didn’t get out to Skinz.    If in Clearwater it is a shop you should stop by!
underguy1 #294

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/06/2009 12:46:28Copy HTML

Personally I don't like the powernet material so much. I have a smooth bikini in sun yellow which is OK and a sunseeker rio in white. The white goes very see through when wet but the yellow not so much. I think I'll stick to the lycra fabrics from now on.
Has anyone tried the new Shear Graphite or Sheer Turquoise fabrics?
g_stringmelbboy #295

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:07/07/2009 10:11:47Copy HTML

Received two suits from skinz yesterday(Sunseeker rio S and a adjustable micro string S) it was the first time I have purchased skinz suits. I am very pleased with the quality and fit of the suits. I was wondering  if anyone has purchased the swimsuit sticker or tape? and how well it works? I find the rio looks great when it stays in the right spot but as soon as I move around it ends up riding up in to a thong.
jtanguy #296

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:08/24/2009 01:52:34Copy HTML

I Made a visit to the Skinz store this weekend for the first time. They were very helpful and very nice as people have commented on the board. There were two woman working the store the time I arrived and the store was busy with men and woman shopping.

For my preference I like 1" side T-Back cuts and for some reason the material styles were just not what I wanted - even in their newer style selections. Skinz tends to go often with that Shiny Glossy look style suit which is not the type of material I am looking for to go to the beach. I'd rather the Spandex / Lycra type material with a nice full front pouch.

They did mention that they are going to start making their male suits more without having the liner inside. As for new styles of fabrics- she said they should be releasing some new fabrics within the next couple of months. Hopefully they'll have some better style materials come in then.

They certainly had lots of things to choose from in the store. The advantage of going to the store is you get to see first hand the material - and also the cuts of the suits. I did like some of their skimpier string suits, but the front pouches for me would need to be adjusted so they would have to be custom ordered.
mack_back #297

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/02/2009 12:50:32Copy HTML

Sizes for suits would it matter?  I have 32" waist bought some skinz suits in the past in a large. Could i fit in a small size suit, would feel more tight, but the streachy material would beable to handle it. Have AC posing suit in a large and small find they both fit well.
clubthongs #298

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/08/2009 04:14:38Copy HTML

Has anyone tried the Spartan G String?

I like the look but I am wondering if the pouch might be too tny to fit into. I am also wondering if this may be too skimpy to wear on a public beach? I would appreciate your thoughts.
stanpuppy #299

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/08/2009 06:50:54Copy HTML

I have seen them before but dont own one....... No way in hell would I ever wear it on a public beach (at least in NJ....south beach is a different story).
mack_back #300

Re:SkinzWear.com - Skinz Wear - Florida

Date Posted:09/08/2009 07:29:10Copy HTML

Don't have any information on the spartan suit by skinz. I own skinny side low rio and that suit is surprisingly low in the front then i thought. I have to shave almost all my pubes down towards my shaft maybe inch of hair left because it shows alot upfront when lying on my back but wide enough for it to fit correctly and not having your balls falling out. 
 The g-string are very skimpy to begin with. Like the look of the Y back strings for less tanlines or a change from triangle back thongs. Sometimes people don't look good in them because the string in the back rides up making it look funny, unless you fit exactly on the butt crack without any streaching your fine. As to wear spartan g-string to a public beach i personally wouldn't try it. If you go into the water or get wet showering down on the beach or doing a lot of walking you will definitly be showing a lot and maybe constantly adjusting. if you wear a c-ring it could solve the problem. On a nude beach your okay to wear no problem, ordinary beach's anywhere where thongs are few and far between it would be a little shocking for other people they maybe thinking your nude already.

Personally i own push-up g-string from dore unless i shave totally my pubes i couldn't consider wearing it to a beach. I'm looking into buying the skinny side thong m25 thats perfect coverage for the front like my skinz rio and side strings are narrow enough to adjust constantly for non-tanlines sides if i want. This thong suit less then 1/4" sides giving the back waist line coverage just enough. For taking a resort vacation where nudity is not allowed this suit would be ideal even if i was the only thonger on the beach or pool. If i were more daring later on my vacation i might try on y-back g-string for a day to even out my tanlines on my rear, untill my pubes started to grow back, but thats if more people were wearing thongs and were topless at the beach.

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