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tiggerix #51

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/20/2018 09:57:31Copy HTML

sorry to drag an old topic, but a few recent observations...

I asked a younger male co-worker if he knew why guys wore underwear/boxers under their boardshorts - his response 'they are worried that someone might cack them' (pull the shorts down) and they would be embarrassed by 'not having much down there'.

I mentioned I had grown up wearing speedos and stuck with them - he really didn't respond much to that so I left it there.  He certainly wasn't negative about it - but as a topic at work you quickly move on to other things.

He says he doesn't like to wear shorts in the warmer weather as he thinks his legs are thin.  I had teased him about him getting a farmer tan in his shorts.   He is generally fairly confident so it seems there is a massive issue around the 'body beautiful' image.

Separately I mentioned to a middle aged female co-worker about turning up to a beach wedding with the groom sweating in a white tux and I would turn up in speedos - she said 'oh the comedy element, hey?'.

Speaking to a number of friends generally about summer holidays etc. it is fairly common for them to mention seeing someone in speedos and how funny/strange that was.  

One couple mentioned an older speedo guy in the Philippines who they thought looked really funny - he turned out to be a great help to them in finding accommodation.  They were totally bemused that this guy was wearing speedos.  My OH and I didn't respond as it wasn't the time to mention I go nude or wear something much smaller than a speedo and my OH wears a thong bikini.  We were both aware that by responding, either  me or her, would be opening up more than either of us might like at that point.   

It will undoubtedly come up in conversation again and I am a bit more prepared to open up and see what happens - I don't think many will be that surprised.

pkthong #52

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/20/2018 03:14:14Copy HTML

 At this point of modern society the few guys who are associated with “speedo” type swimwear are male strippers. Those guys are in pretty good shape to say the least, even for those of us who workout regularly and eat reasonably it’s a very hard look to attain. Therefore anything less than a perfect body on men is met with ridicule and body shaming. Imagine that you’re an average guy who wants to wear a conservative bikini for the first time in public and you had that similar conversation with fellow colleagues like theFilipno male that was described in the above post. Would you be encouraged or the opposite?
I think women are subject to this ridiculous standard as well BUT since they are expected to show more skin in general they are given much more leeway .
Cloydene #53

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/21/2018 02:28:41Copy HTML

 Speedos are tight, revealing swimwear. Guys for the most part, even in-shape ones, don't want the size of their genitals being evaluated from the side. Even today, most women don't like visibly seeing what a man is packing, based on many other forums with comments regarding this subject.
It also could be blamed on circumcised guys being extra modest, worrying about their "line" showing through. In Europe, Speedos aren't nearly as uncommon (although no longer a majority) as most everyone has a smooth, streamlined look compared to about nearly half of the guys in the U.S.A.
I wish Speedos and less were the swim attire norm, as like virtually every person on this forum, I find "dork shorts" to be incredibly lame looking, as well as uncomfortable. The only time I see any photos these days of a large percentage of men together wearing Speedos are at gay pool events.
CKWonderer #54

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/22/2018 12:54:09Copy HTML

 In the last couple of years I’ve been wearing Speedo type swimsuits when with friends or at the club pool that I am a member at, as well as on vacation. My preference overall is a thong or G but since a lot of places like pools won’t allow them, at least where I’m going, or when I’m with  my teenage kids since they don’t want to be with me in one, yet.  

When wearing a Speedo type I have never received any type of negative feedback. In one case one of my neighbors family had come over to my wife and I while we were at the pool. They are definitely more of the conservative type of couple. We chatted for a long period time and no one said anything about my suit. It is all about confidence and just going for it.   

Last year I went on a cruise for a week with another family and their extended family, with their kids as well as mine. All I wore was a Speedo type at the pool or when hitting the beaches along the trip. I also took my time a few days on the top deck and wore my thongs to get a little bit extra sun and relaxation. Unfortunately nobody else joined me thonging but plenty of people were around on the top deck. 

I’m over the fact that in the US I’m one of the select few that has the courage to wear a bikini or thong out in public. From a bikini standpoint I don’t care who sees me, and definitely won’t hide my preference. When it comes to thongs, I’m out in public frequently, just not in my more normal spaces. This is because either they’re not allowed or where they are my kids wouldn't want me to be out there with the local kids or acquaintances. So we have an agreement of where I can pull out the bikinis or less.
pkthong #55

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/22/2018 02:13:59Copy HTML

 @CK, I too have been wearing “Speedo” type suits more often around friends or other public places. It takes an extremely uncomfortable situation for me to wear more than squares.

Although I would like to wear more minimal suits more often; opportunities to wear thongs or even rio’s or bikinis are not that common. I have two teenage daughters who are loath to be seen with me in anything less than squares.

On our recent trip to Tulum for our friends wedding this was my personal conflict. Do I just go with the flow and not draw attention to myself? Or do I wear what I want without getting too crazy?

For me the biggest factor would be the loss of my hard earned thong tan-line LOL! So I wore a koala g string under the tan thru rio. Most people would probably refer to my rio as a “thong” anyway. It will be interesting to find out what the real reactions were, but I still have my tan-line and I didn’t sell out.
John Howard #56

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/23/2018 07:02:27Copy HTML

I'm going through the same stage I think;  my two boys tolerate me wearing a thong when we go to the beach together, but they would freak out if their mates found out.      
I also hate the idea of wearing anything with more coverage than a thong and ruin the tan line.    What I do is the same thing I do when I hit the nudist beach:   to keep the tan line I use a lot, but a lot of the strongest sun protection lotion that I can find,   all over the tan line.   I apply it many times;  and it works.   
Your idea of wearing a koala g string under your tan thru rio shows a lot of ingenuity, good on ya mate.
Haven't gone through the situation of having to wear a speedo, but if it came I would probably use a lot of the sun protection lotion on my legs and abdominal area.   

yeah I know how annoying it is;  and  I also understand that sometimes it's not worth to wear what you want so you don't draw a lot of unwanted attention on yourself.      In my case I already stand out for being a bit more muscular than average, especially my legs,  therefore I reckon I would stick to a pretty ordinary pair of board shorts, and count the minutes until the bloody thing is over.

I go through something a bit similar at work;  Fridays are casual days, so people wear t-shirts and jeans.   But I stick to a long sleeve shirt and pair of business black pants, no tie.  Yeah they might criticise me for being conservative, but I prefer that than being noticed for having thick veins popping out my forearms..  . (I already got a 'Mr Muscle' mug as kris kringle present at work for Xmas)   I prefer to look at work  100% boringly- professional the 100% of the time,  that's me.       Unlike a colleague at work who is much younger and buffer, he doesn't mind to wear tight black t=shirts with all muscles on display plus a tribal tattoo along his arms;   he looks very impressive,   good on him,   he is a good kid and he is young,  people should wear whatever they want!!   .   But I 've heard comments after he came out of the lift, and were not very flattering;  surprisingly from some women who laughed at him and said 'he reckons he is hot but he doesn't know that even if he was the only guy on a desert island I wouldn't look at him, he is a dick head and looks disgusting'......Don't understand why some people have such negative vibes.     
Mary0826 #57

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/23/2018 02:57:27Copy HTML

Stacking swimwear is something we often do when we think we might now find the environment to be thong friendly.  My guys sometimes will wear three or even four layers.  They start with pushing-the-limit board shorts.  Something with short legs which sometimes they have the seamstress at the cleaners take up to make them shorter than anything they buy.  Usually, this layer passes inspection without comment.  Next is the full-Speedo.  They make sure it is a true Speedo but also have a few other major brands. On the beach or at the pool, they change.

Their shorter than average board shorts are something they wear to the place, hang around in as they get set up and maybe keep on for a half-hour or so to see what reactions are and also what others are wearing.  But when it comes time to swim (or otherwise get soaked) the board shorts slip off, and they are now showing their Speedos. Usually, these are accepted okay too, although they sometimes hear little comments but these are mostly positive since they keep in pretty good shape as farm-hands. 

After swimming, they lounge in their Speedos, take in a couple more laps, and then if they still don't have any resistance, move on to the next step.  Most of their tanning to this point is on the front side -- rarely or never sunning their backs.  After another swim, the hop out of the pool and slip off the Speedos, revealing a Rio or other suit much smaller than their Speedo.  Surprisingly, most people take this in stride, and while they get positive comments and the occasional "look what that guy is wearing" type comments, they rarely get any negative comments.  
If the area is crowded, and someone is jammed up right next to them, they will either ask something like "Would it bother you if I worked on my tan" or make a statement "I think I will work on my tan some, unless you have an objection".  They say this before stripping down to the Rio and because they get permission, those nearby have never complained when the Speedos fall to the ground.  Half their butts are exposed, but they concentrate on sunning their front sides again, as well as their bottoms.  And again they swim, drink stuff from their coolers, wander around the pool or along the beach, and otherwise act just like everyone else would.  

The last step is transitioning to a true thong or G-string.  Again, if there are people close by, they make a statement and try to force a positive or at least neutral comment on their Rio -- unless the person has already said something showing some acceptance.  They might say "I was hoping to get some sun today, and Mother Nature is cooperating" or sometimes they are a little more direct and say something like "I have been trying to get as close to an all-over tan as I can".  They then "fish" if necessary for a comment from those close by if the person does not comment immediately.  The boys might comment on how much they appreciate their neighbors not being uptight about their Rio suits, or say they often wear suits like this.  They might ask if the person has spent time in an area when guys normally wear skimpier swimwear to force a comment.  Again, people in general will be positive or at least neutral in their comments -- especially if the guys make some flattering or positive comments to them in their earlier discussions.  

The positive or neutral comments are the "permission" they need to go to the next step -- wearing even less.  At some time after the discussion (if they are near people) or just later in the day (if they are someplace where they do not have close company), they peal off the Rio and get down to the G-string or thong.  Again, they act like it is the most common swimwear on the beach, but now spend as much sunning time as possible laying on their fronts and exposing their buns to the sun and the others on the beach or at the pool.  

By this time, the people who have been to there for about as long as the guys have seen the boys are no threat to them, and are not bothered by their choice of swimwear.  Those who come later see that others on the beach or at the pool do not have issues with whatever level of exposure they area at, and don't make an issue of it either.  

If another man comes along in a Rio or thong, they simply peal off extra layers as needed to join in the same level of exposure, and move their show to a faster lane.  And speaking of shows, the guys make sure everyone nearby can see it when they strip each layer off.  They don't do this laying down, or in the bathrooms, but simply stand near their stuff, and peal each layer off.  

At a more opened beach like some of those in Florida, North Carolina, or California (as well as other places) they might go an extra step and wind up with a missile style, or even partial shaft exposing suit.  

When I go with them, I usually start in my G-string and the only thing I can strip off is my top, which I try to do at the earliest occasion.  I guess men have it harder, in more ways than one, but we have always found that the gradual transitions are more accepted than simply walking out in a minimal thong or G-string.  

If someone does object, they will say/ask "I really was planning on wearing this today to work on  my tan.  Would you mind if I kept it on?  I will cover up to my (last lever) if this swimsuit bothers you."  A surprisingly great number of objectors will back down when the choice of swimwear is left to them and when the reason minimal swimwear is being worn (tanning) is explained to them.  

All in all, out of maybe 80 - 100 beach/pool days each year, the guys get true resistance only two or three times where the people ask them to put on what they had on before.  They don't get mad or leave immediately since this would make them (and the thong cause) seem not as friendly or sincere in what they are wearing and their reasons for wearing it. 
RapidBlue #58

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/24/2018 12:56:02Copy HTML

 Having lived in a part of the world where there is a high judgement of those who do not fit the norm I can understand why some people are more fearful of wearing speedo’s, bikini briefs or something more minimal. Even before I started wearing thong swimwear I had been wearing only speedo/bikini style swimwear as my only swimwear choice. I’ve had more than my share of negative comments, threats and nasty encounters from young men, middle age women with children and a few others. Somehow I stayed true to myself and continued to wear what I like. If others don’t like it too bad. I’m going to wear nothing more than a bikini style suit. I wear thongs most places - beaches and pools. I have a trip with extended family coming up. I will be respectful of their wishes that I not wear a thong, but I’m also not wearing boring shorts. I have a small square cut and several bikini/Rio style suits that I will wear. By myself either at my local places or on my travels I will wear nothing more than a Rio cut.
pkthong #59

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/24/2018 01:27:20Copy HTML

@JH, Thanks but I don't think I'm the first person to come up with the thong under a tan thru suit.
With regards to the young/buff bloke at your place of work: I have noticed some generalizations over the years.A) People don't like show offs, especially if they act like douchebags.B)Women seem to appreciate a guy who is in shape but overly muscular guys seem to be a turn offC) Most of my male peers don't really care what kind of shape that are in(sad but true) and when they see me in decent shape wearing clothes that fit me well then come the "metro, homo" remarks in a ribbing manner. " what are you working out for so much? you're married"D) Women dress to impress each other more than men eg: During our recent trip when I revealed my rio the one woman who was brave enough to wear a g-string revealed at the same time coincidentally. She was given positive compliments from other women about her suit and butt. Me, zilch,zip,nada,bupkis, squadoosh!
tiggerix #60

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/24/2018 01:17:29Copy HTML

I was wondering when things changed - then figured that for the US and UK, it might have been at this point:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q56M5OZS1A8 
ithongit #61

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/25/2018 01:55:29Copy HTML

 I think it mostly is peer pressure.  A guy resists doing something that is not what others in his group are doing.  The more people (men) who do or not do something, the more pressure there is to follow the lead.  Guys think that a groups of men can get away with wearing Speedos at the beach as long as they stick together.  I see this a few times a year.  Guys will nervously slip out of whatever cover up they are wearing and actually seem to be enjoying themselves.  As a girl in a G-string and topfree, they let me talk to them.  Many say they like the male bikinis, but are uncomfortable wearing them in a setting where they don't have the support of other men.  I always try to assure them that they look cute, etc.  A few times one of the guys will wear a thong (but never a G-string) when in these groups, and nobody in the group says a word or seems to care.  But the minute they must leave their little safe area (to go back to the car, go to the bathroom, or even walk a hundred feet away go take something to the trash can) they cover up goes back on. 

Once a few years ago I saw this type group that had a shelter and they were making food and hanging around.  They all stripped down to their Speedos up at the shelter and ventured maybe 20 feet away without a cover up.   When it was time to go to the beach, all but one went and they all wore their bikinis to the water and even played some volleyball.  But the guy left up at the shelter to keep an eye on the food slipped his shorts back on before the others left.

I have also noticed that public beaches and pools near schools where mandatory swim lessons are taught, seem to have more guys in bikinis.  I think it is because the guys all have to wear Speedos at school, in front of their friends.  Nobody makes a big deal about it since they all have to do it at school anyway, so they feel more comfortable at nearby locations where at least some of the others are kids they know and have already seen in their speedos.

My dad, has talked about the late 1960's and early 1970's when he was in high school.  He says that at the public parks and at the lake, almost anything was okay -- jean shorts, Bikinis, boxer cut shorts, and even underwear and early thongs.  At the pools, only true swimwear was usually acceptable, but again all types of men's swimwear was common.  He said there was no pressure on guys what to wear in these locations.  Everyone wore what they wanted.  They had peer pressure with things like drinking, drugs, and sex, but not on trivial things like what swimwear or other clothing was appropriate at any location.  Maybe we have made things more trivial than they used to be.  Kids don't seem to have as much peer pressure on the drinking, drugs, and sex.  All are common and acceptable to that age group.  So they have moved their peer pressure to other things like swimwear and gym shoe styles.

JM_Runs #62

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:04/25/2018 03:14:15Copy HTML

I am old. When young I was at a all boys boarding school until I was almost 14. We had an unheated pool. We all wore the same school uniforms every day. When the water and day was warm enough to swim we wore all speedo type suits, except when the teacher in charge allowed us to go nude, then everyone swam naked.

We had bath nights. Different groups of kids on different nights. Baths were overseen by the Matron and her younger female staff.  So for us it was normal to be naked in front of young women. Some boys would be embarrassed if they got excited, others were showing off. The female staff would sometimes tease, but that was it.   

Between boarding school and summer holidays we were mostly comfortable in our own skins.  Ones formative years in early and middle teens has a lot to do with later attitudes and prejudices.  

If we let more kids and teens run around naked they would be more comfortable in their own skins.  As are most kids who were brought up by nudist parents, or who regularly attended nudist camps, or just vacationed on more relaxed beaches.

There is a good argument for taking your kids to the nude beach when they are little, so it is no big deal when they become teens.   

jackk #63

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:05/03/2018 08:51:07Copy HTML

My parents had a philosophy similar to what you suggest. When my sister and I were young, they frequently had us swim nude. "They're too young to wear bathing suits," I remember my mom saying once. It never seemed to be an issue at beaches we visited. We wore a mix of suits and nude until about 10, when we started wearing suits more full time.

After that, they still encouraged us to be comfortable with our bodies. We visited the occasional nude beach and if we ever had a hot tub to ourselves, always went nude.
NudeNArizona #64

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:05/03/2018 02:52:42Copy HTML

 Jackk, my parents were very similar where my mom would rather I run thru the sprinkle in the yard naked as a kid so I would have wet clothes lying around the house. So usually in the summer living in the country when I was naked most of the time playing up until my teen years. Then I started wearing bikini underwear when I would be outside unless I was sunbathing and my parents never had an issue. We didn’t have AC so it would get hot so even into my late teens I would walk around the house nude but would wear a Speedo to go swimming. But in 1988 I had a gf who bought my first thong to match hers and I have never wore a Speedo since. But even if I tanned at home in my early 20’s my mother never said a word if I woke up and walked outside nude unless my gf came over she would tell me to get dressed and I would wear a G-string but usually ended up taking it off after I cooled off with the hose.
pikeman #65

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:05/13/2018 01:07:56Copy HTML

 Last month we were in Thailand for two weeks at Kata Beach. The "speedo" swimsuit was worn by at least half the men. You could identify the 'Muricans by their stupid swimming trousers, i.e. board shorts, dork shorts.
leo40 #66

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:06/16/2018 12:23:13Copy HTML

Guys not wearing Speedos for fear of snide remarks shouldn't worry.  I have been swimming laps daily in speedos, some of them "euro cut" at a very conservative YMCA for years with only a very occasional remark (maybe once per year) from some ignorant teen.  Then, the reply "Michael Phelps disguise -- trick or treat" sends them off in silence.
JM_Runs #67

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:06/17/2018 12:14:05Copy HTML

 Leo40 - Love that response :)
Comfythong1 #68

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:06/17/2018 12:07:12Copy HTML

 I think there are several reasons. 
1. Guys don’t want to stand out and look different. Herd mentality of a sort.2. They’re been conditioned that male body is somehow either ugly or offensive.3. Rising levels of obesity. Guys are more self-conscious about their bodies.4. Perhaps for some it is a comfort thing?
Reactions to minimal swimwear are probably location dependent.  But I’ve never had an issue wearing thongs, much less bikinis in public. I was at the outside pool with my family wearing my Rufskin thong and one really cared. And i wear a thong to the inside pool as well when I swim laps. I don’t make a big deal about it and neither do others. It’s more about attitude and confidence. But I think if more guys start wearing smaller styles, others will follow. Yesterday there were a few guys in square cut  trunks and a couple of bikinis. . I was the only one in a thong but I didn’t feel out of place at all.
ithongit #69

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:06/17/2018 08:17:16Copy HTML

 RE Point 2 above.  Why do men have "Junk" and women "Pussies"?  Men used to have "Family Jewels" a term I used in the last week and a young man had no knowledge of what I was talking about?  Which is nicer?  Family Jewels and Pussy Cats, or Junk?
abczyxabczyx #70

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:06/18/2018 04:41:14Copy HTML

 I wear whatever I want, including speedos and thongs.  That's all that matters.
pikeman #71

Re:Slate: Why Are Guys Afraid to Wear Speedos?

Date Posted:06/27/2018 08:40:53Copy HTML

 I was at Phuket. Thailand a month ago and standard garb for men was "speedo" type bikinis. Didn't see any guys in thongs, that would be at Patong, but plenty of women with sunburned buns!This is a pretty stupid 'Murican thing I think. But no dork shorts were in evidence in Thailand!
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