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Date Posted:05/25/2003 09:05:10Copy HTML

Just was curious what some of you use to kep the hair away down there.  I use an epilator on my chest, thighs, and most of my pubic hair.  Yes, I know it hurt but you do get used to it.  I use a razor for the rest of the hair down there.
Anonymous #1

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/26/2003 03:29:08Copy HTML

$%*'`[Electric trimmer]%*'`@

An electric trimmer, looks like a small version of the one the barba had when you were a kid.  It is sold for beards and mustashes.  About 1" wide and comes with a of plastic clipon lenth guide.

Remove guide, keep foot flat with skin.  DO keep the back end of head, the heal,  pressed down. Don't let the back end up or the front end of the foot will dig in and cut.  Don't use on face of lips or sack, it is easy for the inexperanced to nick the skin.

Gives trim surface but does not cut hairs quite as close as a rasor.  Looks bair but if you run your hand across you feel the tops of the hair sticking out.  This is good because the slightly longer hairs dont get stuck in the skin and cause red bumps.  NO RED BUMPS.  

You can snap the hair depth guide back on and use it for trimming the sack and fethering the edges.

NO RED BUMPS meens you can do it every other day and not have to have recovery days.  I find it is best to do it several hours or the day before. 

1Monte #2

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/27/2003 09:47:36Copy HTML

I use a trimmer on my backside and trim real short so the hair isn't visible, and taper it to my legs which I let grow. Pubes and crack I usually use just tweeze or use an epilator and I always loofah the areas to inhibit ingrown hair.  I've found that continuous loofah treatments toughened my skin to the point that an 8 minute Nair treatment doesn't hurt the skin anymore, so that is another option for me. If you always get the Red Bumps, rub or spray deodorant on immediately after shaving/epilating and they won't appear. Generally I take all the hair off below Mr. Happy, and trim the Happy Trail  down to him in the so-called "Eiffel Tower" shape. 

Anonymous #3

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/28/2003 10:28:41Copy HTML

$%*'`[Anan]%*'`@Could you go into more detail about a loofa?  What is it and how do you use it to get your skin so tough so you can stand a 8 minute nair application?
1Monte #4

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/30/2003 12:49:09Copy HTML

A loofah is a rather coarse sponge used to remove loose skin.  It also helps prevent ingrown hair.  I have also used a sponge called a Buff Puff, which is synthetic and doesn't tend to accumulate "stuff" and it stays cleaner.  You can get either at a drug store.  As I said, after using these several times, your skin can tolerate Nair or EpilStop.

The key to using either in the pube area is to be sure your skin is BONE DRY. If there is perspiration or water, the chemicals will work like acid on your skin.  When you rinse, use lots of cool or cold water, and get it off fast.  This has worked for me for over a year now, and is smoother and lasts longer than epilating.

Anonymous #5

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/30/2003 12:15:24Copy HTML


Thanks for the info!  I'm thinking about trying the Nair routine.  When you started, how long did you leave the Nair on your skin?  Did you have any problem with the skin turning red?


Do you use the Loofah while int he shower or do you use it dry?

Sorry to bombard you with all of these questions....  I'd like to try something a little less painful than an epilator.



1Monte #6

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/31/2003 09:26:57Copy HTML

I always loofah with it wet and soapy so it doesn't irritate the skin. The first time with Nair I would only go 4 minutes. If you feel any burning at all, rinse it right away and try again in a few days. My skin didn't turn red, except the one time I left it on too long and DID feel it burning. Looked like a rash for about 3 days,--felt best with a little vaseline rubbed on it. Good luck!
miamifred50 #7

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/19/2015 09:00:19Copy HTML

For years -- at least 30 -- I have been looking for devices for making skin smooth. The epilator? Pure torture. Waxing, yes, if you can find a waxer who will spend the day with you -- say, $300. Shaving? Works fine for a day or two, but then you have to do it again. I've found that a depilatory -- like Nair or Nads -- is the easiest way. I've found that over the years, the legs below the knees are those hairs that disappear over numerous chemical assaults. For the pubs, Nair works fine, but having a no-no helps the growth from coming back faster without the no-no. I love the no-no, but damn, it takes time, and unless you are dedicated, then just go for the Nair and a more frequent treatment. Waxing, no. Too painful and too expensive. Love chemical treatment as it works and doesn't hurt.
I also use Nair/Nads for arms, under armpits, and butt.
JM_Runs #8

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/20/2015 02:55:20Copy HTML

I'm not sure who's charging $300 for waxing, but I get a brazilian every 5-6 weeks for about $65.
gocal #9

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/20/2015 03:32:14Copy HTML

 I have been waxing my chest, stomach and pubic area for the past 5 years.  I go in about every five weeks and am charged $70.  I don't think I would ever want to let my body hair grow back.
amethyst2513 #10

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/20/2015 05:17:34Copy HTML

I'll be going to get it all lasered off from face to toes starting in a couple months.  I discovered I can laser my entire body for about the same price it'd cost to maintain just a Brazillian waxing over a 2 year span.  That just makes sense in a no duh kinda way now doesn't it?
miamifred50 #11

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/20/2015 06:45:17Copy HTML

 To gocal. The $300 wax takes a few hours, and goes from your toes to your armpits and chest -- and everything in-between. A wax lasts four to six weeks, and the hair grows back finer than before the wax. Nads or Nair is a good way to stay smooth ALL OVER. /f
2xist #12

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/21/2015 11:47:52Copy HTML

 Just got my first legs and arms wax two nights ago.  If feels awesome.  will go back in 4 weeks for the next waxing including a full brasilian...
AussieExPoser #13

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/22/2015 06:08:43Copy HTML

 Do these No-No things work ?
Their site smacks strongly of "Scam"
It has all the trick words and methods used to sell things that aren't what are expected.
eg Not explaining anywhere just HOW it works
SolarOne #14

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/22/2015 11:31:09Copy HTML

 My educated guess is the no-no can and will burn up the hair follicles of any color as long as the root is near the surface. People have two types of hair on their body, the ones brought on by puberty and chemical changes in your body(androgenic), and the ones near the surface you have always had(vellus). The pubic area has both types, but you probably won't ever see the vellus hairs. You can feel them, if you happen to pluck out all the androgenic hairs, they will be left. So if you hate your arm hair, I think the no-no would eventually get them all, maybe not forever though. If it's the legs you are worried about, it's more doubtful. Leg hair roots are deeper. The same goes for all extra hairy areas you managed to grow. It should have no chance at all for the deep rooted armpit, pubic, and facial hairs.

Simply put, it takes a LOT of heat to be able to travel down a hair blade and get to the root. That's why lasers are better suited, they can only target the pigment of the hair, and get to the root, at least damaging it if it's in the right phase. The same is true for vellus hair you hope to remove, it needs to be in the right phase for hopes the surrounding tissue that develops the hair root gets damaged. Since some hairs can have these phase cycles in really long periods, it could take 2 to 6 years of use or more.

No-no, will try to sucker you in with lotions and new tips. Ever notice how quick hairs are to burn? That could be a reason no-no has issues. It needs to make contact with a hair and then burn it. Not sure if it uses heat or electricity, but either way the contact with the hair will be lost, and only that initial energy got used. That's the reason people are left with stubble, it just burned the hair to a point still above the surface of the skin. .If you really want to try something at home, start with a Tria or something similar and be patient. Then you can hopefully expect percentage losses, not 100% removal from any area.
JM_Runs #15

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/23/2015 01:43:52Copy HTML

I like keeping my groin bald and smooth, and also my stomach, because I got the Sean Connery look there instead of on my chest.  Over the years, I have used regular razors, my regular Norelco electric shaver, Remington i-Light, and an epilator.  Here is my take on these:
-  Regular razor and Norelco:  Effective but require daily use to prevent feeling prickly.  If I use a regular razor with the grain, I don't get smooth.  If I use it against the grain, I get smooth but I get ingrown hairs very badly.  The Norelco gives results that are somewhere in between but if I do it daily, it stays pretty smooth.
-  Remington i-Light:  The new models say they remove hair permanently, whereas mine says six months.  Mine never removes hair even for six months, partially because my hair is too light.  HOWEVER, I have started using it again because it nevertheless gets rid of the hair for a while, and thus is more of a supplement to my other removal tools.  For example, it can be effective on ingrown hairs, apparently because when they get ingrown, they darken up and that lets the i-Light do its thing.
-  Epilator:  The epilator gets the best, smoothest **one-time** results, and I'm doing everything but a portion of the sack (if you can pull the skin tight, you can epilate no matter what they say).  I can't understand why anyone would wax but not epilate.  It's the same result except you can do it yourself.  I don't find there is much pain at all, certainly nothing a man can't handle.  The one drawback to the epilator is that you have to let the hair grown out for at least a week or two before you can epilate it again, and that time can get really prickly.
The drawback to the razor, the Norelco, and the epilator is nasty ingrown hairs.  I was getting these so deep that I'd end up digging my skin and finally pulling an inch out, and then I'd have nasty scars that take forever to heal.  Having hair down there was beginning to look like a better option.  After suffering with this for years, I finally got a two-part solution that has eliminated the ingrown hairs.  First, I scrub that area with Lava soap in the shower every day.  Yes, the same rough Lava soap that you use to get grease off your hands, the idea is to remove the outer layer of skin that causes the hairs to get ingrown.  Make sure the bar itself is smooth and don't rub too hard, especially if there are already ingrown hairs.  The Lava helps prevent the ingrown hairs, but will make a mess of existing ones.  Second, after showering AND after shaving, I use "PFB Vanish," which is a product I found on Amazon that is made for this purpose.  I'm putting this stuff on every time after I shower OR after I shave.  It stings for a minute or two but it really works.  Put it on at night and in the morning the hairs are sticking up and ready to be shaved.
After a month or so of using this regimen, ALL my ingrown hairs are gone and the old scars are lightening up, almost unnoticeable especially with my tan.  Therefore I am finding it quickest and easiest to simply run the Norelco over the groin in the morning when I shave my face, then apply the PFB Vanish and I'm done.  Smooth and free of ingrown hairs, mission accomplished for the first time in years.
ozarkG #16

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/23/2015 05:29:39Copy HTML

 I shave, use a razor. I just recently found a new one bt Gillette, Body, engineered for the body. It has three blades and three glid strips top and bottom. The blade cartridge is rounded.   I just used it, and unlike my usuall razor, i didnt get any nicks or cuts on my legs with a new blade. My usual brand i would shave my face a couple times first then do the rest of my body because i would get a few nicks on my legs with a new blade. I like the "Body", other than the blade doesnt flex like my other razor, it worked very well.    Even shaving blind down below i didnt get any cuts or irritation. 
JM_Runs #17

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/23/2015 02:57:21Copy HTML

 On my thighs and butt I always get red bumps and in grown hairs which are very painful and leave scars which has made my skin look not very appealing making me a bit self conscience about thonging in public exposing that scared and now hairy skin. I've tried shaving, trimming and hair removal creams and all give me red bumps (folliculitis). Any of you can give me some advice on hair removal without the bumps and removing those nasty scars?
SolarOne #18

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/25/2015 02:24:24Copy HTML

 novicethonger, you left out a few bits of info that could shed more light on what's happening. The in-grown hairs, do you get them from shaving or the hair removal creams? If it's shaving, something is wrong. The hair depilatories cleave the hair off of it's root, which can lead to a thick hair trying to get back out. It's very essential to exfoliate in that case. The red bumps, are you allergic to something you are applying to your skin or are you shaving in a cold room? Try shaving in a warm humid room, like during a shower. Also try shaving with an unscented vitamin E glycerin soap. In problem areas shave with the direction of the hair, not against it. Also, if that skin is normally dry, set some time to lay on your stomach, and apply some good butter to the areas, like Cocoa or Shea, and give it time to be absorbed.

If you pluck the hairs it could be better. Not sure an epilator would not inflame your skin as well. You can try getting a waxing or sugaring, or do those two things on your own. If you have a good sticky tape, and the hair is long enough, just use tape to pull lots of hairs at once if you want. Tape is easily something a person can use on any part of this body they can reach. Just keep the tape free of the skin, and grab the hair with both the tape and your thumb or a finger securely, then pull quickly, and keep repeating. However, not all kinds of tape work good. Waxing and sugaring, I'm thinking would be difficult to do alone on the backside of the body. A mirror and tape is all I need. Nothing will get rid of scarring other than time, but those butters or vitamin E should speed it up.
JM_Runs #19

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:05/25/2015 09:18:33Copy HTML

Novicethonger, get some PFB Vanish.  This is specifically made for your problem, which is the same as mine.  I got PFB Vanish from Amazon, but I don't know if you can get Amazon in Dominican Republic (?).  Also, there is a type of PFB Vanish that is also designed to reduce spots like you describe.  I agree with everything SolarOne said, except that epilating is no different from plucking, waxing, or sugaring, in that all these methods yank the entire hair out, root and all.  Therefore one won't cause more irritation than another.  After you epilate (or pluck/wax/sugar), use the PFB Vanish, and then gently use Lava soap in the shower followed by more PFB Vanish, and do this every day for the next few days.  This gets rid of the top layer of skin where the hairs become ingrown.  If you remove that outermost layer of skin, the hairs can make their way to the surface, you won't get bumps, and you won't have a problem ... no matter what hair removal method you choose.
JM_Runs #20

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:09/01/2015 03:17:15Copy HTML

 Thanks guys for the tips. I'm recently have gone under laser hair removal to finally remove all unwanted hairs, after the first session I noticed less red bumps and minimal irritation, so I guess its working.
amethyst2513 #21

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:09/02/2015 12:37:44Copy HTML

I just had my second laser session yesterday and boy oh boy is it smooth!  Granted I'm doing all my hair, face, arms, armpits, chest, stomach, groin, legs, hands, feet, etc...

I definitely recommend it if you've never done it before, or even if you did it years ago and didn't have stellar results.  The technology has come a LONG way in the last 5 years and it works ohhh so much better now than it did before.
bmicro #22

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:09/08/2015 12:22:03Copy HTML

 I have tried most everything except laser removal and always have gone back to shaving. I do it in the shower every morning and shave top (face) then bottom. Easy, takes a few minutes extra in the shower. I don't have to let it grow back to be waxed or use an epilator, incur the extra expense of waxing or laser, poison my skin with harsh chemicals or violently rip hairs out. Laser might be cool but I prefer to spend the money on new and unique suits.
NudeNArizona #23

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:09/09/2015 12:46:34Copy HTML

 I have my complete pubic area professionally laser hair removaled and have a treatment once a month or so
Sarah_Thong #24

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:01/29/2018 09:17:38Copy HTML

You wont beat laser treatment :)
Had a few sessions to get it started and then bought my own off the internet once I knew the process
packiest #25

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:01/29/2018 10:16:32Copy HTML

 I use magicshave powder. Gentle enough for face but works down there, too. Used hair a long time ago, but too hard on my skin,
modelnude4u #26

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:02/24/2018 02:02:34Copy HTML

 Shave everything on the dangly bits, and trim everything else.  I just did shave yesterday again, and really did a nice job!  Properly shaved genitals are so damn smooth & soft!
Beachlover492000 #27

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:02/24/2018 03:33:17Copy HTML

 I do it the old fashioned way, I shave everything in the shower. I know that a lot of people think it's a lot of trouble, but I actually enjoy doing it. 
Thongmad #28

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:02/26/2018 11:56:51Copy HTML

 Although I have been waxed completely a few times, I used a hair removal cream on the hard-to-get places, where shaving isn’t really an option, and shave the rest of my body completely (including my head these days). Use a good lather to shave with, and a loofah afterwards, and your skin will be fine with ingrown hairs kept to a minimum,
fordrs #29

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:03/07/2018 10:04:05Copy HTML

 @sarah which laser device did you get and how much? also how easy is it to use?
as i get waxed and want to try laser treatment
del x
modelnude4u #30

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:03/21/2018 02:06:59Copy HTML

 I shave the scrotum & penis, but only trim around the top.  Thin the happy trail up a bit, and thin the chest way back.
OS777 #31

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:03/21/2018 05:12:22Copy HTML

Got you MN4U.  I been shaving both sac and shaft for 35 years since I used to work out at Holiday Spa (formerly Bally Fitness) in Mission Valley, San Diego.  Being that Blacks Beach was only 5 miles,away and I visited that beach often over the 10 years of living in SD it was a natural thing and many guys at the gym did also.
wackymac #32

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:03/31/2018 04:35:31Copy HTML

Shave from "nose" to "toes".
pikeman #33

Re:So how do you do it?

Date Posted:04/05/2018 02:46:55Copy HTML

 I use a blade on the shaft, scrotum and a border. I wear a c ring a lot, and it's more comfortable on bare flesh border. The pubic hair above is mowed with a beard trimmer. Using a blade resulted in too many ingrown hairs, and I'm a bit hairy so it matches my thighs and abs. The only parts that are completely bare are my c&b.
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