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Date Posted:12/09/2018 05:49:58Copy HTML

It seems that many men prefer one solid color over multi color design.  Others like the multiple colors over the solids.  This topic could address shear when wet vs. never shear, mesh, partly mesh (like but crack only) etc.

I tend to prefer solid colors.  I also prefer a suit with little or no shear or mesh areas except those that normally would not be covered by a more common swimwear design (like the sides of legs).

navythong #1

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:12/09/2018 05:59:41Copy HTML

I also prefer the solid colors. Most thongs I have are black and navy. Once or twice I bought royal blue and red. The darker colors are not sheer when wet at all, which I prefer. I think the black and navy suit me best. The royal and red are only a little bit sheer when wet. Only some outlines are visible. I find that acceptable and I like royal and red fabrics on swimwear.
LoveMyThongs #2

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 03:12:58Copy HTML

I was a solid color for years but this summer went prints for the beach and also underwear. I can go either way but the prints are really hot says my wife
sxmthonger #3

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 04:11:25Copy HTML

I have always gone for solids, but I've gotten more and more interested in prints. I'm especially fond of animal prints.
bmicro #4

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 02:46:05Copy HTML

I like solids, prints, opaque, sheer, net, etc in a mixture of styles. Variety is the spice of life!
32189 #5

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 04:58:13Copy HTML

I go either solid or pattern. Just depends on my mood. I have many of each. So I just wear whatever thong catches my interest. Generally when I exercise in a thong it usually a solid color. Laying out can be either.
RapidBlue #6

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 05:19:18Copy HTML

I have multiple things of solid color and of prints. Depending on my mood, my location and who I might be with will determine what I wear, print or solid color. If I let one of my women friends choose for me, then I get a surprise. Most of the time they will choose a print over a solid. I’m not sure why, but I roll with it. :)
wr1944 #7

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 08:43:27Copy HTML

Most of my swimgear is of solid color. I have a few with mesh panels. I also have a few with a pattern, mostly a camo. Most colors are black, blue, red, white, greenish blue, purple and green.
a_lex #8

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/18/2019 11:27:50Copy HTML

I only wore opaque solid colours so far, both for my thong/string underwear and swimwear. With every summer that passes, I find myself wondering about trying patterns and prints - or maybe a semi-sheer design. Who knows, maybe I'll try something new this year.
gog5150 #9

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/18/2019 05:07:55Copy HTML

I prefer solid patterns. All Skinz Thinskinz fabrics.
tnline #10

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/19/2019 11:52:00Copy HTML

The majority of the thongs I own for the beach are solid colors and depending on the color are opaque to nearly see through when wet. I have recently bought more patterns for bikinis and gstrings from Skinz.
tiggerix #11

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/19/2019 03:43:08Copy HTML

solid mid-dark gray for me, most of the time. camo pattern if I don't want my outline to show.
johny_b #12

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/19/2019 06:39:57Copy HTML

both, i like solids and patterns, gotta have variety, especialy when it comes to my undies and bathing suits.
MrFalcon #13

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/19/2019 07:15:23Copy HTML

I love solids, cause I like when you can make out the outline of my junk. My favorite thongs are red, orange, yellow, or light blue. If there's any question of opacity then patterns become the name of the game. I have some pattern ones too, because pouch shape and size is more important to me than color. I find too many thongs constraining - I like the ones that give me room to hang and move naturally.
JayByrd #14

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/20/2019 02:05:16Copy HTML

Solids or patterns in my swimwear. Basic black or a dark gray in my leggings/running tights. Also for the record, no shorts over my leggings. I will never feel I have to hide the fact that I'm male, (or apologize for it either)
pikeman #15

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/23/2019 10:22:06Copy HTML

The patterned fabrics are more modest if you're wearing very thin material. Someone would have to be very close to notice, and it's likely they won't care!. :-)
seohioguy #16

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/24/2019 04:05:00Copy HTML

Both: I really like the classic black, navy, but also have a couple prints I like. I don't know why, but the color does make a difference in comfort. Black and the 'green lightning bolts' the favorites.
hiker2 #17

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/24/2019 07:23:48Copy HTML

I bought a yard each of navy and red lycra and have been sewng my own suits with a fairly conservative front and T back for the last several years, but after reading this discussion I have ordered a yard each of a black and a green color with different abstract patterns and am going to give them a try for this summer.  I wear the same thongs for swimwear and/or underwear through the warmer months of the year, so I need to make two or three new ones a year to keep up with them wearing out.  

JM_Runs #18

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/27/2019 12:35:27Copy HTML

I have thongs in many colors and patterns. I have also discussed this issue with people who sew thongs. The general rule is you can never go wrong with solid colors. Obviously unlined suits in lighter colors tend to go transparent when wet. Stripes work, so long if there is a center seam on the thong the stripes on each side are matched. (not easy) Prints are more difficult to get right. As a general rule the smaller the suit the smaller the print pattern or texture needs to be. Almost always successful prints for thongs are VERY small and regularly recurring, (with the exception if camouflage). When a print is to large it makes the thong look haphazard and destroys any styling or charm in the cut. The smaller a suit the smaller the pattern needs to be. That may sound obvious but one sees far to many "hand crafted" thongs on sites like ebay that don't sell well because the print is too large for the cut of the thong. Regularly recurring patterns can include things like spots, stars or just texture. They can be uniform or fade in color or size, but when a fade is used it must be positioned so the thong is symmetrical. Most straight men tend to stay away from pinks, pale yellows, fuschia and purple. Thongs with those colors don't sell well at all, unless intended for underwear in the gay market. People who select pattens should avoid these in the mix of colors. Also, one should look at the fabric in the distance. People are often sitting on the beach without their glasses on. Assume half the viewers either see from a distance or see fuzzy. Narrow red and white stripes look sharp close up, but fades to a general pink at a distance. Some other pattern combinations have the same problem. Textures is also a consideration. Some of the newer spandex fabrics come with a surface texture, this can look very sharp. Some have a texture printed on to flat fabric, like some of the current compression exercise wear. I have thongs where the fabric is more of a knit. Knitts make good thongs and wear well. As a general rule textured thongs, be it texture from a knit, woven in the fabric, stamped or printed texture, they all look good. Textures and knits tend to wear well and look good. I would like to see more of them. Here I should mention fabrics that have glitter, shiny threads, or sparkling dots. Most of these have closely recurring patterns that look fab. In some ways siny threads or sparkles are a form of textured fabric. Then sparkes are woven in, there is not much problem, but when dots or foil is applied to the surface you have to be very careful with care, wear and avoid repeated chafing, like running in a thong. Textures to avoid are ANYTHING that looks like man made artificial fur. These can have glorious and iridescent colors, but the manmade strands will embed themselves in your upper thighs around the swimsuit line. A bit like fiberglass. A mild case will just itch, a bad case will burn !! I have some really hot printed patterned thongs: Old skinzwear yellow, red and orange flames. Printed water drops pattern. Tiny stars. Sparkle disks. etc. All of these have smaller prints, so they don't look like they were cut from used curtains. Skinzwear has some good bright prints, the better ones are a smaller pattern, that look good on smaller suits. Patterns can also hide the fact that the thong is not totally opaque, although choice of pattern is key. Here a larger irregular pattern and bright colors help. Some things to stay away from: (a) Floral prints, because they are almost always to big a pattern to look good on tiny suits. (b) Animal skin prints on men, unless you are actually pulling off the tarzan loincloth look. On men they tend to look to desperate for attention, and that is somewhat true for older women too. However young women can often pull off an animal print just fine.
hiker2 #19

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/27/2019 03:24:21Copy HTML

JM Runs, thank you for your insights and for all your work to keep this board going, I really appreciate it.  I will try to put in links to the two patterns I bought, and I will be interested to hear your opinion about them if you have time.  



JM_Runs #20

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:02/28/2019 02:44:25Copy HTML

hiker2 - I like the first print a lot.
nadathing #21

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:03/04/2019 01:44:42Copy HTML

JM_Runs notes a lot of considerations reguarding prints

I like patterns (as well as solids) and they allow more variety in one's wardrobe than solid colors alone.  

I have long felt some fustration in some of the patterns offered by various suppliers that were too large a "repeat" or "object" size for a very small suit, in my case a men's small bikini or thong.  Same applies to very small women's suits. Larger "repeats" can work well is women's one piece suits.

It's also worth noting that solid colors in suits that are form fitting (tight-fitting) will tend to highlight the small variation detais in the body underneath and make the suit appear "painted on"  to a greater extent than a pattern would. 

Similarly, solid colors will reveal more 'transparency" than will prints of similar colors. 

I note that Muscleskins has a strong preference for solids and offers a limited selection of prints.  I seem to recall years back a reluctance to offer prints, and suspect that some of what he does offer in prints may be due to customer pressure.  He also seems to prefer very thin fabrics.  All that is speculation on my part, but suggests a preference to offer a product that enhances display of the body underneath, which makes a good looking product.

masmicro #22

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:03/04/2019 03:16:01Copy HTML

Solid colors or or something simple like stripes are my favorite. I really don't care for the patterned ones that seem to be on sale more now. Prevail Sport makes my favorite suits by far, but the last couple of years they keep discontinuing some of my favorite colors and adding in patterned looks.
J_R_365 #23

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:03/04/2019 06:14:06Copy HTML

I mostly wear light color solids since I like the "painted on" look, but I have several in patterns that I like. I have a couple in stripes from iSwim, and they do a really good job of lining them up on each side of the seam. A larger pattern can work if it is very busy, like ome of the more "Abstract" patterns that Skinzwear offers. One problem with selecting a fabric from swatch pictures is not really being able to tell the scale of the print. some makers put a tag, hand, or ruler in the shot, which helps, but I still prefer being able to see what it looks like in actual use. Of course, some makers, like Jovana, have so many different prints that would be impractical. One type of pattern I try to avoid is Tie-dye style. When reduced to a small pouch, it stops looking Tie-dyed, and instead looks like someone spilled bleach on it. Although neither solid nor prints, I really like the suits I got from Dubio in their "Big hole mesh" fabrics, particularly the bright colors like orange and green. Since I try to avoid tan lines, the bright network contrasts with the dark skin underneath, so it looks like a pattern of checks from a distance.
wr1944 #24

Re:Solid color or pattern?

Date Posted:03/04/2019 06:52:03Copy HTML

I like prints for the reason it reduces the see-thru effect of mesh fabrics. My favorite was the fish print of Dore Gabriel (Beachndance).
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