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J_R_365 #51

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:06/19/2018 03:16:32Copy HTML

 Val is having a birthday sale this week - 20% off everything, both SWIC and Rubber Tree Latex. Time to stock up.
J_R_365 #52

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:07/08/2018 05:18:02Copy HTML

 Got my latest from Val yesterday, a teardrop with the waistband attached to the pouch with a small ring. This is actually the second suit of this design I have from her. The first is in orange fishnet, and I love it, but wanted something a little more public beach friendly, so I got one in  a Spandex solid. Both of them are Y-backs.

I like the teardrop design, but many of the ones I have "tall" pouches. This poses two problems for me: I have to wear the waistband very high to get the pouch to look right, and I don't like the extra coverage and the tan line it produces [I prefer as close to no tan lines as I can get at the public beach]. Val's design is pretty much the most minimal one could get. The ring sits only about one centimeter above the base of the shaft, and the pouch is extremely narrow. Those who find the Skinzwear "Stuffit" pouch too small would definitely have a problem with these. As it is, I'm sure I'll be checking periodically to make sure everything's still in there.

And as others have said, Val is wonderful about making  adjustments to your specifications.
sailor250 #53

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:07/08/2018 07:54:34Copy HTML

 that sounds like a good design.  There are really two types of teardrop suits- I call them "tear up " and "tear down" (say tear like from your eye not from tearing paper".   I have a "tear down" that's nice too from Dore many years ago, has a rounded contour on the front seam.

I also like the no tan lines look but realize if you're going to point up and have some length that waistband has to be high or somehow you have to have a "strut" at the top where you protrude above the waistline like the Dore Horizon suits.  This suit will allow me to point above the waistline - ahem at the right locations - allowing me to lower the waistband.
J_R_365 #54

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:10/03/2018 02:41:08Copy HTML

There's a message from Val on her Rubber Tree Latex site, which is "her" place ("Captain Camo" now handles SWIC), expaining the reasons for some recent delays. As she says, she is a one-woman operation, and sometimes "real life" intrudes into business. My most recent order took about a week and a half longer than usual, but, as usual, it was worth it. In spite of the delays in production, she is still very responsive to inquiries, unlike all too many vendors (and not just with thongs). I'm curious if anyone here has ordered from both SWC and RTL. I have only bought SWIC from Captain Camo's eBay store, not directly from the SWIC site. Val suggests that Captain Camo has less of a workload, so may be somewhat faster. I note that the two sites have slightly different fabric selections, too. I'm wondering how much difference, if any, in terms of workmanship and customer support.
csnipwb #55

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:10/04/2018 01:36:51Copy HTML

I have bought from both.

I found that I like the strings from Val more as they are a bit slimer than the one I got from Capt. Camo.  Although he might also have the same if I ask for it.

Val is 5 weeks out on an order for me but it is worth the wait!  Prices are great and she make a suit that fits me.

My last order took a while but she explained that her machine had broke and she was backed up.

Give them a try. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.


bmicro #56

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:10/05/2018 08:12:36Copy HTML

Val and "Captain Camo" used to run SWIC when they lived together and would make the items together. Val now lives in PA and he lives in FL. They are both super nice and very customer oriented. Val is dedicated to rescuing and caring for stray cats and will frequently have sales to support that venture. They will do custom work and stand behind their products. I have ordered a lot of suits from both SWIC and TRT and highly recommend them both. Val also produces suits made from unusual materials (stockings, plastic, etc.).
J_R_365 #57

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:10/06/2018 01:06:27Copy HTML

Yeah, I have bought stuff from Val with specified sizing adjustments (includung so stocking fabric), and have been very pleased with her responsiveness. I'm glad to hear that Captain Camo has the same level of service (as I said, I've only bought from his eBay store).
bmicro #58

Re:Something Wild in California SWIC

Date Posted:01/03/2019 09:09:47Copy HTML

Val just moved her site. The new one is: leatherlatexandlaces.com. Steve is currently operating out of swicthongs.com. The compliments to Val here are absolutely spot on. She is my favorite seamstress and easier to deal with than Dore was. Highly recommended!
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