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Date Posted:07/12/2014 12:00:51Copy HTML

Any parents out there allow their sons to wear thongs at a young age? If so did they approach you about it or did you suggest they start wearing them. 
koenig3456 #1

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/12/2014 01:04:22Copy HTML

When my son was six years old, we went swimsuit shopping in Florida. He begged me to get him a thong, but we couldn't find any small enough to fit him. I ended up getting him the smallest bikini we could find. These days, the only time he wears a bikini is under a wetsuit.

Sharon73 #2

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/12/2014 01:05:57Copy HTML

 My son had seen me in my thong quite often so he wanted one for himself as well.  Started around age 7 or 8 and we both still thong together
johny_b #3

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/12/2014 05:27:20Copy HTML

 thats so cool that a mother and son can thong together.
thongboyuk #4

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/14/2014 08:02:05Copy HTML

My dad encouraged me for quite a while before I started wearing thongs,  it didn't happen overnight. We now spend most of our free time thonging together though and I've never look back!
Ex_Member #5

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/14/2014 08:18:20Copy HTML

I don't have any children but when I do and any of them want to wear thongs I'll let them but passed an age where they can defend themselves because I would be concerned about there well being and that there are a lot of perverted people out there and they could see my (future) pre-teens in a thong and they could be the next target of this pervert.Yes it sounds extreme but I prefer to be careful and let them thong freely when they demonstrate that they're at an age where they can defend themselves from these type of people.
Just my two cents.
sagitaurus2000 #6

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:05/24/2018 03:51:42Copy HTML

 I'm single but I think there is no problem for kids wo wear thongs, but not in school, there are other rules.

Most parents need a lot of time to find a shop with very small sizes of thongs. Where do you buy the thongs in the small sizes for your sons and daughters?
JM_Runs #7

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/12/2018 02:44:33Copy HTML

Almost any seller that does custom work will also do any size you want. Some regular thong vendors do down to XXS, ror example SinzWear.com

AliExpress is a good source of Chinese suits, and these run very very small.  As a man with a 32/33 inch waist I often have to wear XL or XXL in some of the chinese sized mens thongs. 

Some of the chinese mens thongs are also ridiculously small in the pouch. Some examples of mens thongs that are really too small for men because the front pocket is better sized for a kid:




Most of the Chinese women's swimsuits and thongs are even smaller in sizing.  Finding a swimsuit for an extra small person is not a problem. 

I recommend people buy bikinis with tie-sides for girls. It means the suit is more likely to be a good fit to start, and easily to adjust the size as they grow. 

LoveMyThongs #8

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/13/2018 01:22:37Copy HTML

 My kids and I thong together as they grew up with us in thongs at the beach and pool. Around 12 we got them their fist thongs 
ioannis #9

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/13/2018 05:50:34Copy HTML

 this is great Lobemythongs, this is something i want also for my kids....so ...what is the gender of your kids? are they full time thongers?
LoveMyThongs #10

Re:Son's Thongs

Date Posted:07/29/2018 07:42:08Copy HTML

One boy and one girl. Both are in high school and so comfortable on thongs. My boy was beyond well endowed so we got him thongs to keep things right. When my daughter found out she wanted in so we got her set up. They both knew we wore thongs and it’s just a style. Fast forward a few years and it’s a bit funny to see my son and his gf together in thongs. My daughter is trying to convert her bf. 

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